Lorne Returned
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.6

Had She Not Got Water at San Juan She Would Have Been Here.

Had the tug 'Lorne' returned to Victoria from Cape Flattery, when Capt. Cutler thought of coming, she would have been here on Friday and ready to render the much needed succor to the steamer 'Clallam'. The 'Lorne' was at the Cape, riding the terrific seas which swung her high up on a mountain of waters, and then dropped her in valleys between like a duck. She ran short of water and Capt. Cutler decided to run back to Victoria for water on Thursday afternoon. Soon after he stopped though, he decided that he would not come in without a tow unless the company ordered him home. He went into San Juan harbor for water, and then returned into the storm on Friday afternoon. She got the German ship 'Octavia' on Sunday, and towed her to Port Townsend. The 'Lorne' arrived at the ocean dock yesterday with Thos. Sullins and W.H. La Plant, both of whom had lost their wives in the 'Clallam' disaster, and both of whom spoke bitterly regarding the condition of the vessel. They were straining their eyes on the voyage to Victoria in the hope of sighting the remains of their loved ones.