A Fatal Week
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 10 Jan 1904, pg.8

Disasters at Sea Which Marked Commencement of Past Years
There seems, if one may judge from the records of steamship accidents of the past few years, to be a strange fatal coincidence attached to the first week in the New Year in regard to shipping disasters. Within the past three years the opening week of the years have been marked with shipping disasters which have cost heavily in lives. The steamer 'Walla Walla' which was sunk by the French ship 'Max' off the California coast, foundered on January 2nd, and some forty-six lives were lost, and two days later the steamer 'Bristol' foundered in Dixon Entrance in northern waters, carrying seven men to death. On January 2nd of the following year the Norwegian bark 'Prince Albert' was dashed unto the rocky coast at Ozette, near Cape Flattery, and fourteen of her crew were drowned. And now another year has started with another shipping disaster, involving a heavy toll of human lives at the opening of the year.