Members Missed Boat
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 10 Jan 1904, pg.8

R.F. Green and Messrs. Wright and Fraser Arrived by Rosalie

Hon. R.F. Green, chief commissioner of lands and works; Harry Wright, M.P.P. for Ymir, and E.A. Fraser, M.P.P. arrived in the city yesterday by the steamer 'Rosalie', which arrived (from the Sound about 5 o'clock. The minister and the two members had intended to come to Victoria by the ill-fated steamer, and there were many rumors current that they were on board yesterday morning. It seems, though, that they had missed connection by half an hour, and fortunately for them, remained over to come by the steamer 'Rosalie', which came to Victoria yesterday.

The 'Rosalie' did not sight any wreckage, nor did her officers sight any life rafts, boats or any bodies of the victims of the 'Clallam' wreck on the way to Victoria.