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Index to Newspaper Articles DL - articles from the Democrat Leader,
Port Angeles, WA added 3 Aug 02

  6 Feb 1903 New Steamer For Sound Route
16 Apr 1903 Clallam Launched
 3 May 1903 Building Another Sound Steamer
2 Jun 1903 Clallam To Be Commissioned (Photo of ship)
8 Jan 1904 Weather Bulletin and Tidal Table
9 Jan 1904 Clallam Helpless In The Straits

10 Jan 1904
Fifty-Six Find Watery Graves
Unfortunate Circumstances
Tale of Disaster
A Survivor's Story (Wm. Grimes)
A Superstition
The Victims
Members Missed Boat
Were Not Asked
A Fatal Week
The Lost Ship
Relatives Notified
Captain Roberts' Story Of Wreck
A Passenger's Story (R. Case)

12 Jan 1904
The Sea Gives Up Victims of Wreck
A Sad Incident
Scenes Were Trubulent
Praised Crew's Work
Peter Lawson's Account
Stevedore's Story
The Rescue Work
Superstitious Tales
Rudder Was Faulty
Reached His Neck
Hewett's Story
Board of Trade
Was A Mistake
His Bride No More
Victoria Boy's Story
Capt. Lawrence's Death
The Lorne Returned
The Inquest
The Sad Rites
Body From The Wreck
Capt. Livingston Thompson
A Sad Incident
Will Continue Search
Bodies Recovered

13 Jan 1904
Gathering the Dead of Clallam Horror
Saved Upper Works
From Every Direction
To Save Property
Was Poor Judgement
He Died Fighting
Saved the Chinaman
A Sad Ending
They Were Saved
A Brave Girl
Boarding of Windows
Met With Accident
Saved A Blanket
A Sad Scene
Purser's Account
The Holyoke's Cruise
Sea Lion's Search
Main Decks Slippery
Late Henry Sears
Funerals Today
Yesterdays Funerals
Sends Sympathy
Whatcom Will Take Sound Run

14 Jan 1904
No Distress Signals Were Displayed
The Coroner's Inquest
"Searching Enquiry"
Makes a Statement
Large Action
Caused Receivership
Appeals To President
Found Wreckage
The Freight List
Refused Upper Berth
Search for Wife
Lost Bride Elect
Funerals of Wreck Victims
Resolution of Condolence
Mrs. and Miss Galletly
Funeral of N.P. Shaw
Funeral of A. Hudson
Today's Funerals

15 Jan 1904
Passed Clallam When SinkingDay of Vain Search
"Clallam's Inspection"The Inquest
C.P.R. Gets Sound Service 
16 Jan 1904
Asked For Warrents
For Captain's Arrest

The Callam Disaster DL

17 Jan 1904
Sea Gives Up More Dead The Inquest Praises The Captain "Billy" Had a Hunch

19 Jan 1904
More Bodies from the Sea Clallam Disaster Homer H. Swaney The Mind Affected

20 Jan 1904 Captain Roberts Was Not Notified
20 Jan 1904 The Inquest
20 Jan 1904 The Examination
20 Jan 1904 Another Body Found
20 Jan 1904 Rudder Not Good
20 Jan 1904 The Grant's Cruise
21 Jan 1904 Shifting Blame For Disaster
21 Jan 1904 The Inquest
22 Jan 1904 Engineer Will Not Accept Blame Meekly
22 Jan 1904 The Inquest
22 Jan 1904 Funeral Of Miss Harris
23 Jan 1904 Says He Will Not Get A Fair Show
23 Jan 1904 Filled Through the Pumps
23 Jan 1904 Victorians Wanted
23 Jan 1904 Another Body Found
23 Jan 1904 Recover Body Of H.H. Swaney DL
23 Jan 1904 Gruesome Fund Off The Spit DL
23 Jan 1904 New Victoria Steamer DL
23 Jan 1904 Probably Body of Mrs. Bolton DL
23 Jan 1904 Another Body Found On Spit DL
23 Jan 1904 May Lose Mind DL
24 Jan 1904 De Launay To Give Evidence
24 Jan 1904 A Lifeboat for Victoria
24 Jan 1904 Steamers Could Have Seen Signals
26 Jan 1904 No Lives Lost Had Steamer Been Insured
30 Jan 1904 Life Saving Committee
30 Jan 1904 Evidence of Capt. Troup

30 Jan 1904 Delaunay's Version DL

  3 Feb 1904 Clallam Inquest Again Adjourned
  4 Feb 1904 Lifeboat Committee Discuss Project
  6 Feb 1904 Seattle Inquiry Now Completed
  6 Feb 1904 Are To Assist Lifeboat Scheme

  6 Feb 1904 C. Brown Drowned DL
  6 Feb 1904 The Clallam Inquiry DL
10 Feb 1904 Coroner's Jury Examine Witnesses
12 Feb 1904 Continuation Of Clallam Inquest
13 Feb 1904 The Clallam Investigation
14 Feb 1904 Captain Roberts is Suspended
16 Feb 1904 Seattle Inquiry Into Clallam Wreck
17 Feb 1904 Seattle Is Far From Satisfied
17 Feb 1904 Clallam Inquest Is Nearly Over
18 Feb 1904 The Clallam Disaster
18 Feb 1904 Clallam Inquest
19 Feb 1904 Delaunay Will Appeal
20 Feb 1904 Nanaimo Also Indignant
20 Feb 1904 Sound - Victoria Run
20 Feb 1904 Verdict Of Jury Is Manslaughter
24 Feb 1904 Another Clallam Victim
24 Feb 1904 A Clallam Survivor

  8 Mar 1904 Blame For Clallam Disaster
15 Mar 1904 Last Of The Clallam
16 Mar 1904 Wreckage Sold
10 Apr 1904 The Clallam Wreck
16 Apr 1904 Clallam Case Being Reviewed
22 Apr 1904 Relic Of Disaster
15 Jun 1904 Another Clallam Suit
20 Jul  1904 Clallam Wreck Suit
11 Aug 1904 Freed Of Claims
11 Aug 1904 Rehearing for DeLaunay
13 Aug 1904 Clallam Suits
17 Aug 1904 Rehearing In The Clallam Case
22 Sep 1904 Clallam Disaster
13 Jun 1952 Archie King And Tragedy Of The Clallam