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Government Gazette, vol.11, 6 Jan 1872 to 28 Dec 1872

(British Columbia)

extracted by Hugh Armstrong
Rev. Oct 2003 MRP

6 Jan 1872 Land Grants William Parsons SAYWARD in Chemainus District
James Douglas WARREN in Chemainus District.
Edward Davis HEATLEY in New Westminster District
George CAMPBELL in New Westminster District.
6 Jan 1872 Expenses of Candidates: T.J. SKINNER & Edwin PIMBURY in Cowichan District
13 Jan 1872 George Anthony WALKEM, Esq. appointed Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works in B.C
13 Jan 1872 Expenses of Candidates: Hon. A.R. ROBERTSON, Henry LOGAN, 
             David CAMERON, William FISHER, H.S. CAULIER,
             C.B. BROWN & W.W. GIBBS in Esquimalt District.
13 Jan 1872 Expenses of Candidates: Amor de COSMOS & Arthur BUNSTER in Victoria District
13 Jan 1872 Cattle Exemption Act: John PARKER, Metchosin District, farmer & 
James SIMPSON, New Westminster District, farmer
20 Jan 1872 Expenses of Candidates: Hon. H. HOLBROOK, W.J. ARMSTRONG, 
            J.C. HUGHES & Hugh MCROBERTS in New
           Westminster District and New Westminster City.
20 Jan 1872 Expenses of Candidates:  John ROBSON & John CAREY in Nanaimo District.
27 Jan 1872 Expenses of Candidates: C.A. SEMLIN & James ROBINSON in Yale District.
27 Jan 1872 Appointments: W.C. SIFFKEN to be Collector of Road Tax for the road
            districts of Esquimalt Town, Metchosin, Esquimalt, 
            Victoria, Lake & Saanich Districts.
W.C. SIFFKEN to be a Trustee of the Victoria Cemetery.
Robert WILLIAMS to be a member of the Court of Appeal 
            under the Road Amendments Ordinance, 1870.
3 Feb 1872 Appointments: Hon. Henry HOLBROOK to be an unoffical member of the
            Executive Council of B.C. 
Alfred J. LANGLEY to be a Commissioner of Savings Banks. 
3 Feb 1872 Land Grant: Joseph WEBB in Newcastle Town
10 Feb 1872 Appointments:  William Fraser TOLMIE to be a member of the Municipal Court
            of Revision.
Charles GOOD to be Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Thomas HARRIS to be Sergeant-at-Arms of the Legislative 
17 Feb 1872 Application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of B.C. to confirm John Robertson STEWART in the possession of certain 
lands held by him at Quooquemo, Vancouver Island.
24 Feb 1872 Expenses of Candidates:  A. de COSMOS & Henry NATHAN in Victoria Distict.
24 Feb 1872 Expenses of Candidates:  H. NELSON in New Westminster District.
24 Feb 1872 Expenses of Candidates: George COXON in Yale District.
24 Feb 1872 Expenses of Candidates: Andrew T. JAMISON & T.B. HUMPHRES in Lillooet District. 
30 Mar 1872 Expenses of Candidates: John EVAN in Cariboo District.
30 Mar 1872 Land Grants: Gerand PROMIS in Lake District.
Henry SAUNDERS in Esquimalt District.
6 Apr 1872 Land Grants: John BRYDEN in Cedar District. 
Henry BONSALL in Comiaken District.
13 Apr 1872 Appointments: Arthur George John PINDER to be Private Secretary.
James Judson YOUNG to be Clerk to the Executive Council.
William H. FITZGERALD to be Gold Commissioner & 
            Stipendiary Magistrate in the Omineca District.
Arthur VOWELL to be Gold Commissioner & Stipendiary
            Magistrate in the Kootenay District.
Henry Berkeley GOOD to be Clerk of the Bench, Victoria.
David F. BALLANTYNE to be Clerk of the Records, Omineca.
13 Apr 1872 Land Grant:  William Parsons SAYWARD in Chemainus District.
20 Apr 1872 Appointents:  William Christopher BERKELY to be Clerk of the Bench, 
            Yale District.
Cornelius BOOTH to be Constable & Clerk of Records, 
            Kootenay District.
John JESSOP to be superintendent of Education for B.C.
John CONNELL to be Assistant Clerk to the Executive 
            Council, without salary
27 Apr 1872 Appointments to 
Commission of the Peace:
Roderick FINLAYSON & Alfred James LANGLEY, 
             both of Victoria;
Frederick W. FOSTER of Clinton; 
Philip Houghton CLARKE of New Westminster;
James A. RAYMUS & Josiah Charles HUGHES, 
             both of Burrard Inlet;
Allen Casey WELLS of Sumass; 
John CLAPPERTON of Nicolas Valley;
Thomas R. BUIE of Lytton;
Jacob Hunter TODD & Robert Henry BROWN 
              both of Cariboo District;
Robert MCLEESE of Soda Creek; and
Joseph Claypole MEESON of Sooke.
27 Apr 1872 Appointments: Hon. Henry HOLBROOK to be President of the Executive
H.B.W. AIKMAN to be Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
27 Apr 1872 Appointments: to be Registrars under the Marriage Ordinance Amendment
          Act, 1872:
4 May 1872 Appointments: A Board of trustees of certain lands at Ogden Point to be appropriated for the purposes of a cemetery: 
           R.P. RITHET, J.H. TURNER, J.E. MCMILLAN, 
           P. MCTIERNAN, B.W. PEARSE.
A Board of Education for B.C.: 
          W.F. TOLMIE, M.W.T. DRAKE, A. MUNRO, 
          A.J. LANGLEY, R. WILLIAMS and E. MARVIN.
11 May 1872 Appointments: John Roland HETT to be a Notary Public.
C.E. POPE to be a Clerk of the Bench and Constable at 
1 Jun 1872 Appointment: Frederick W. FOSTER to be Coroner in Lillooet District
8 Jun 1872 Appointments: W.H. FITZGERALD to be Registrar of Voters in the Omineca
           portion of Cariboo District.
W. MCCOLL to be Collector of Votes for the Barkerville 
           Polling Division.
Alexander LINDSAY to be Collector of Votes for the
           Quesnelmouth Polling Division.
8 Jun 1872 Land Claim: Henry WAIN, North Saanich District
15 Jun 1872 Appointment:  William SMYTHE of Cowichan placed on the Commission of
            the Peace
29 Jun 1872 Appointment:  Henry Valentine EDMONDS of New Westminster to be a 
            Notary Public. 
13 Jul 1872 Appointments: To be Collectors for the respective polling divisions in the 
            Lillooet Electoral District
S.W. SMITH, Lillooet Polling Division
C.E. POPE, Clinton Polling Division
R.P. RITCHIE, Canoe Creek Polling Division
20 Jul 1872 Appointment:

Land Grant:

Olivier HARE to be a Coroner for that portion of the Cariboo 
          District known as the Folks of Quesnel.
George DUNBAR and Thomas SCHOOLEY applying for a 
          Crown Grant of land in compliance with the Mineral 
          Ordinance Act, 1869 - signed 10 Jul 1872, Yale, BC.
27 Jul 1872 Appointments: William DUNCAN to be a Coroner for the north-west coast 
          of BC.
Charles A. VERNON and John A. MARA to be on the 
          Commission of the Peace.
Josiah Charles HUGHES to be a Notary Public.

Under the 'Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act, 1872' has devived the province into districts and appointed District Registrars.

10 Aug 1872 Land Grant: George DIETZ applying for a Crown Grant of land in 
      compliance with the Mineral Ordinance Act, 1869 - 
      signed 20 Jul 1872, Yale, BC.
District No.1, Victoria City and District, and Esquimalt and 
                      Cowichan Districts: no District Registrar listed,
District No.2, Nanaimo and Comox Districts: F. TREVOR,
District No.3, New Westminster City and District: 
                               F.G. CLAUDET
District No.4, Yale District: W.C. BERKELEY,
District No.5, Clinton and Canoe Creek in Lillooet District: 
                           C.E. POPE
District No.6, Lillooet in Lillooet District: E. TYNON,
District No.7, Cariboo District, except Omineca: H.M. BALL
District No.8, Omineca in Cariboo District: W.H. FITZGERALD,
District No.9, Kootenay District: A. VOWELL.
10 Aug 1872 Appointment: Henry SLYE, solicitor to be Deputy Registrar during the absence,
          on leave, of the Registrar General
17 Aug 1872 Bankruptcy: Samuel WALKER of Barkerville, saloon keeper, free miner and late restaurant keeper
17 Aug 1872 Bankruptcy: Joseph Foster HIXSON of One Hundred and Fifty Mile House, trader, Lillooet-Alexander Wagon Road.
31 Aug 1872 Administrators Notices: In the matter of the estates and effects of: Giaccomo                AMORETTI, John GUTHRIE and C.H. PETTER, deceased intestates.
7 Sep 1872 Issue of a duplicate certificate of title under the Land Registry
Ordinance, 1870 for lots 150 and 151, Victoria City in the name
of Samuel Miletich.
21 Sep 1872 Appointment: Daniel LINDSAY placed on the Commission of the Peace.
28 Sep 1872 Land Grant: Charles MURPHY, J.W. MCKAY and James MURPHY for 
a piece of land on the right bank of the Fraser about 2 miles 
above Hope.
12 Oct 1872 Bankruptcy: Henry STEEL of Soda Creek, trader.
26 Oct 1872 Dissolution of Partnership: between John SWITZER and William SMYTH.
2 Nov 1872 Appointment: J.H. SULLIVAN to be Registrar of Births, Deaths and 
Marriages for the District of Cariboo. 
9 Nov 1872 Appointments: Reginald Heber PIDCOCK of Comox; Robert Cameron 
         COLMAN of Comox and Benjamin DOUGLAS of Yale
          to be placed on the Commission of Peace. 
B.P. GRIFFIN to be Clerk of the Bench, Yale vice 
        W.C. BERKELEY,  resigned.
B.P. GRIFFIN to be Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages,
        Yale vice W.C. BERKELEY, resigned.
23 Nov 1872 Appointment: Frederick FOORD of Salt Spring Island placed on the Commission of Peace.
Bankruptcy: Joseph Foster HIXON (on 17 Aug HIXSON) of 150 Mile House, trader
Land Grant: Application of Messrs. DUNSMUIR, Diggle & Co., owners of
Wellington Colliery, near Departure Bay, Vancouver Island to acquire a strip of land to build a railway or tramway to convey coal from the mine to the place of shipment.
30 Nov 1872 Appointment: Benjamin Pitt GRIFFIN to be Coroner of Yale District.
7 Dec 1872 Bicknell Gould CONEY of Chilcotin Valley to be placed on 
          the Commission of the Peace.
14 Dec 1872 Bankruptcy: between Andrew William PIPER of Government St., Victoria, baker and confectioner; and Charles Thomas MILLARD, Wharf St, Victoria and Jules RUEFF,  Wharf St, Victoria both merchants.
21 Dec 1872 Registrar of Medical Practitioners: John Sebastian HELMCKEN, Victoria, a diploma from the
          Royal College of Surgeons, England, dated 
          17 Mar 1848 and a diploma from the Court of 
          Examiners, Apothecaries' Hall, London, dated 
          29 Apr 1847;
John C. DAVIE, Victoria, a diploma from the College of
          Medicine, San Francisco, California, dated 7 Mar 1865;
Thomas BELL, Williams Creek Hospital, Cariboo a diploma 
          from the Master Wardens and Assistants of the Society 
          of the Art and Mystery of Apothecaries, London, 
          England, dated 16 Jan 1840 and a diploma from the 
          Royal College of Surgeons, England, dated 10 Apr 
John CHIPP, Barkerville, Cariboo, a diploma from the Royal 
          College of Surgeons, England, dated 15 May 1857 and 
          a diploma from the Master Wardens and Assistants of 
          the Society of the Art and Mysteryof Apothecaries, 
          London, England, dated 5 Nov 1857;
Robert John FOSTER, Yale, a certificate from Queen's 
          University, Kingston, dated 20 Mar 1872.
28 Dec 1872 Appointments: J.H. SULLIVAN, Warden of the Gaol and Superintendent of 
          Police, Victoria.
John BOWRON to be Clerk of Records, Cariboo, 
          vice J.H. Sullivan, resigned.
John BOWRON to be District Registrar of births, deaths and 
          marriages Cariboo, vice J.H. Sullivan, resigned.
Amor de COSMOS to be President of the Executive Council
John ASH to be Provincial Secretary 
Hon. George Anthony WALKEN to be Attourney General
Robert BEAVEN to be Chief Commissioner of Lands and 
William James ARMSTRONG to be a member of the 
           Executive Council
G.F. DRABBLE to be Returning Officer for the Electoral 
           District of Comox.
Phiilip Haughton CLARKE, New Westminster, to be Justice 
           of the Peace.
Daniel LINDSAY, Cowichan, to be Justice of the Peace.
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