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Government Gazette, vol.10, 5 Jan 1871 to 30 Dec 1871

(British Columbia)

extracted by Hugh Armstrong
Rev. Oct 2003 MRP

7 Jan 1871 Bankruptcy John GOODACRE
14 Jan 1871 Bankruptcy Thomas GOLDEN, Victoria, hotel and saloon keeper
21 Jan 1871 Bankruptcy 
In Chancery: 
David CAMERON, Belmont, BC
Charles Edward REDFERN, Dallas St., Victoria, jeweller, a contributary, in the matter of winding up the Queen Charlotte Coal Mining Company
28 Jan 1871  Bankruptcy Vinzent BARANOVITZ, late of Cashing, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska Territory but now of Victoria, BC, Indian trader
18 Feb 1871  Land Grant Edward VINE, Metchosin District
11 Mar 1871 John PARKER appointed Postmaster of Metchosin
11 Mar 1871 Land Grant William John MACDONALD, Lake District
11 Mar 1871  Land Grant Jerome HARPER, Lytton District
11 Mar 1871 Albert Norton RICHARDS, Brockville, ON, esquire, applying to be a barrister-at-law in BC
18 Mar 1871 Land Grant William Curtis WARD, grant in the Esquimalt, Lake and South Saanich Districts
25 Mar 1871 Edwin JOHNSON appointed a Notary Public
25 Mar 1871 Edgar DEWDNEY appointed a Justice of the Peace
1 Apr 1871 John CONNELL appointed Registrar of Medical Practitioners
15 Apr 1871 Anthony MUSGRAVE appointed Governor of the Colony of BC
15 Apr 1871 John Sebastion HELMCKEN, Victoria, listed in the Register of Medical Practitioners - he had a diploma from the Court of Examiners, Apothecaries Hall, London, dated 29 Apr 1847 and a diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons, England, dated 17 March 1848
15 Apr 1871 John C. DAVIE, Victoria, listed in the Register of Medical Practitioners - he had a diploma from the College of Medicine, San Francisco, California, dated 7 March 1865
15 Apr 1871 James DICKSON, Doctor of Medicine, having left BC had his name erased from the Register of Medical Practitioners
29 Apr 1871 Hon. Mr. Justice CREASE, 
The Hon. George PHILLIPPO and 
E. Graham ALSTON were appointed as Commissioners
13 May 1871 E. Graham ALSTON appointed Attourney General of the Colony of BC
13 May 1871 Henry S. MASON appointed Register General of the Colony of BC
20 May 1871 Land Grant William BOOTH, Saanich District
3 Jun 1871 Land Grant Arthur PEATT, Esquimalt District
3 Jun 1871 Land Grant Pattrick GILLIGAN, Comiaken District
10 Jun 1871 R.H. YOUNG appointed Postmaster of 150 Mile House
10 Jun 1871 John Roland HETT, Victoria, applying to be allowed to practice as an attourney and solicitor in BC
1 Jul 1871 George JAY and James Chestney BALES, nurserymen and seedsmen dissolve their partnership
8 Jul 1871 Land Grant Robert WHITE, Cowichan District
15 Jul 1871 John Hamilton GRAY, St. John, NB, applying to be a barrister-at-law in BC
29 Jul 1871 Bankruptcy Marvin P. ELMORE
29 Jul 1871 Land Grant George Herbert LEWIS, Comox District
19 Aug 1871 Anthony MUSGRAVE appointed Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor
19 Aug 1871 Charles GOOD appointed Colonial Secretary
19 Aug 1871 Edward Graham ALSTON appointed Attourney General
19 Aug 1871 Benjamin William PEASE appointed Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
9 Sep 1871 Thomas Lett STAHLSCHMIDT to represent BC at a conference of delegates from the Dominion and her provinces, in Ottawa
9 Sep 1871 William John MACDONALD appointed Commissioner of Savings Banks
23 Sep 1871 Land Grant Henry ALEXANDER, Somenos District
23 Sep 1871 William H. FITZGERALD of Omineca appointed Justice of the Peace
21 Oct 1871
returning officers:
H.M. BALL, Cariboo; 
E.H. SANDER, Lillooet; 
J.C. HAYNES, Kootenay; 
A.T. BUSHBY, Yale; 
F.G. CLAUDET, New Westminster; 
A.F. PEMBERTON, Victoria City; 
A.C. ELLIOTT, Victoria District; 
W.R. SPALDING, Nanaimo; 
J. MORLEY, Cowichan and 
C.E. POOLEY, Esquimalt 
11 Nov 1871 Francis George CLAUDET appointed coroner, New Westminster District
14 Nov 1871 Alexander Rock ROBERTSON appointed Colonial Secretary for BC
14 Nov 1871 Henry HOLBROOK appointed Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for BC
9 Dec 1871 Hugh Bowlsby Willson AIKMAN appointed Registrar General of Titles for BC
2 Dec 1871 Land Grant William HUNT, Esquimalt District
9 Dec 1871 Abraham Johnson WARD naturalized to be a British Subject
16 Dec 1871 Fred BUTCHER, 
Richard Watson BUTCHER and 
Charles Henry REREY (REAY?) 
naturalized to be a British Subjects
23 Dec 1871 Land Grants William Curtis WARD, Lake District; 
Henry ALEXANDER, South Saanich; 
William Herbert EVANS, Lake; 
John PIERCE, North Saanich; 
Hamilton ANSTRUTHER, Esquimalt; 
William REAY and 
Robert WEIR, Sooke; 
Joseph Westrop CAREY, Lake; 
John ASH, Comox; 
William Parsons SAYWARD, Chemainus; 
James Douglas WARREN, Chemainus and 
Edward Davis HEATLEY.
Rev. Oct 2003 MRP