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Can you give me research advice?
Yes! That’s what we’re here for. We’re happy to give pointers on where to look. If you have questions about a specific area in Alberta please direct your question to the regional host that covers that area.

Can you look something up for me in a local library or archives?
No... unless it’s stated on a GenWeb site that the host will do lookups. Very few county hosts actually live in the county they have the web page for. Many are just very experienced in researching the area and are happy to pass along their gained knowledge.

Who can do lookups for me?
Check your local library or Family History Centre and see if they have what you’re seeking or if you can request what you need through inter-library loan.

If your local facility doesn’t have what you need or the lookup you want is something that isn’t found in a library, seek out lookup offers. Some GenWeb sites offer a lookups page where persons who have access to specific records or local resources can offer to fulfill your requests. If the GenWeb site that covers your area of interest does not have a lookups page utilize one of the lookup websites available elsewhere.

Will you do my research for me?
Giving advice is one thing, doing the work for you is another matter. We are not obligated to do research for anyone, and many of us feel that by giving our free time to maintain the web site (and to put the information online in the first place) we are doing our part.

Where can I find information on a certain town, township or county of Alberta?
AlbertaGenWeb covers information on a provincial level only. For information specific to a place in Alberta, you need to go to the specific County GenWeb site. Those currently available are linked from the main page. If you are unsure of which County the place you're looking for belongs to, see Alberta Place Names

Have you heard of my surname? Can you tell me where my ancestor came from?
Instead of asking the coordinator this, why not place a query where everyone can see it?

Who owns Alberta GenWeb?
AlbertaGenWeb as a whole isn't owned by anyone. Each GenWeb page however is maintained by whomever is hosting the page you're viewing.

Alberta Co-ordinator: Leanne Thompson
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