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Alberta vital statistics date from about the 1850s to present day. Availability is dependent upon the year, which record is needed, and where that record is kept.

Note that Alberta vital statistics are currently NOT available on the internet!

Service Alberta (Vital Statistics Office)
  • Births: c1850-present day
  • Marriages: c1890-present day
  • Deaths: c1890-present day

    Birth, marriage & death records held by Service Alberta are NOT public record. In order to access these records you must submit a paid application and meet specific criteria.

    Anyone can apply for registrations of:

  • Births that occurred 100+ years ago
  • Marriages that occurred 75+ years ago
  • Deaths that occurred 50+ years ago

    To obtain a copy of a birth, marriage or death that occurred more recently than 100/75/50 years ago you must be either the person in question (ie. Your own birth or marriage registration), next-of-kin, or have a legal reason for access (see Service Alberta for complete list of those eligible to apply).

    Tip: Request a photocopy of the registration for genealogy purposes as it holds the most information.

  • Provincial Archives
    The Provincial Archives holds birth, marriage & death records from c1870 through to the 1980s but the collection is incomplete. Indexes are available for the records they do hold - records up to 1905 are alphabetized by name of person, records after 1905 are alphabetized by place name.

    Vital statistics not available at the archives can be requested from Service Alberta

    The index to pre 1905 records have been published as the following and are available in most Alberta public libraries:

    • Alberta, formerly a part of the North-West Territories : an index to birth, marriage and death registrations prior to 1900
    • Alberta, formerly the Northwest Territories : index to registration of births, marriages and deaths, 1870 to 1905


    Alternate Resources
  • AFHS Civil Records
  • AFHS Newspapers list
  • Lutheran Church Records (excerpt)
  • Alberta Co-ordinator: Leanne Thompson
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