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The index now has nearly 8,000 place names in Alberta including cities, towns, villages, hamlets, localities, school districts, reserves, railway points, lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, etc.

Various sources were used for this index including the Post Office Database, Place Names of Alberta Series, Local History Books and maps. The index is not a complete listing. If you can add a place name or find an error please contact the Alberta GenWeb Coordinator.

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Q Ranch; Turner Valley; Foothills; Ranch

Quail Coulee; 36-12-30-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Quail Creek; 13-12-30-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Quarrel; 22-46-16-w4; Flagstaff; Former Locality

Quatre Fourches; 20-111-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Quatre Fourches, Chenal des; 16-114-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Channel

Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park, Lac Cardinal (a.k.a. Lac Cardinal Provincial Park); 22-83-24-w5; Peace; Provincial Park

Queenie Creek; 14-53-7-w4; Two Hills; Creek

Queensdale Place; 15-53-22-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Queenstown; 26-19-22-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Qui Barre, Riviere; 36-54-27-w4; Sturgeon; River

Quigley; 27-82-6-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Quitting Lake; 35-88-3-w5; Clear Hills; Lake

Quorn Ranch; Turner Valley; Foothills; Ranch

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Rabbit Hill S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Rabbit Lake (a.k.a. Gull Lake); 2-93-20-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Rabbit Lake S.D.; Rosebud; Wheatland;

Rabbit Ridge (a.k.a. Blue Hark); Berwyn; Rockyview;

Racing Creek (a.k.a. Hunting Creek); 4-79-23-w5; Birch Hills; Creek

Radford's Hill; 15-32-2-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Radial Lake; 21-40-9-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Radnor; 18-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Radnor Plateau; 26-5-w5; Rockyview; Plateau

Radway (a.k.a. Radway Centre); 32-58-20-w4; Thorhild; Village

Raft Lake; 5-54-5-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Raft Lake; 36-85-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Rahab (a.k.a. Codesa); 22-78-1-w6; Birch Hills; Former Station / Post Office

Rainbow; 1-29-18-w4; Starland;

Rainbow Creek; 31-88-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Rainbow Creek; 1-65-9-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Rainbow Lake; 16-107-8-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Rainbow Lake; 34-109-9-w6; Mackenzie; Town

Rainier; 26-16-16-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Rainy Creek; 33-40-2-w5; Lacombe; Creek

Rainy Hills (a.k.a. Denhart); 31-19-10-w4; Cypress; Former Post Office

Rainy Lake; 4-44-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Raley; 8-4-24-w4; Cardston; Locality

Ralston; 10-15-9-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Rambling Creek; 31-91-3-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Ramsay Coulee; 22-1-12-w4; Warner; Creek

Ranch; 27-70-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Ranche Creek; 25-26-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Ranche Hill; 1-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Hill

Ranchers' Hall; Priddis; Foothills; Hall

Ranching; 2-37-17-w4; Stettler;

Ranchville (a.k.a. Peighan); 27-7-22-w4; Cardston; Post Office

Randall Lake; 4-81-7-w5; East Peace; Lake

Randor; ; Bighorn;

Ranfurly; 15-51-12-w4; Minburn; Hamlet

Range Coulee S.D.; Gem; Newell; School District

Rangeland; Grand Centre; Bonnyville;

Rangeton; 19-55-7-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Rangeview S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Rannock S.D.; Brosseau; Two Hills; School District

Rapid Narrows; 30-17-4-w4; Cypress; Narrows

Raspberry Creek; 14-13-2-w5; Ranchlands; Creek

Raspberry Island; 23-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

Raspberry Lake (a.k.a. Bear Lake); 13-63-19-w5; Greenview; Lake

Raspberry Lake; 16-62-10-w6; Greenview; Lake

Rat Creek (a.k.a. Howard Creek); 19-79-5-w6; Spirit River; Creek

Rat Creek; ; Brazeau;

Rat Creek; 21-64-6-w6; Greenview; Creek

Rat Creek; 16-102-9-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Rat Lake (a.k.a. La Glace Lake); 1-74-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Rat Lake (a.k.a. Updike Lake); 29-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Rat Lake; 23-63-4-w4; Bonnyville; Former Post Office

Rat Lake; 30-74-9-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Rat Lake; 23-125-18-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Rat Lake; 11-63-6-w6; Greenview; Lake

Rathwell S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Rattail Lake; 9-71-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Rattlepan Creek; 12-89-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Rattlesnake Lake; 11-12-8-w4; Cypress; Lake

Raup Lake; 22-123-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Raven; 14-36-4-w5; Red Deer; Locality

Raven River; 15-36-4-w5; Red Deer; Locality

Ravine; 20-54-9-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Ravine Lake; 3-49-3-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Rawdonville (a.k.a. Swalwell); 22-30-24-w4; Kneehill;

Rawlinson Ranch; ; Rockyview;

Ray; 34-54-26-w4; Sturgeon;

Ray Lake (a.k.a. Rays Lake); 26-74-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Ray Lake; 25-88-8-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Raymond; 8-6-20-w4; Warner; Town

Raymond Creek; 3-103-24-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Raymond Hill; 15-28-19-w4; Badlands; Hill

Raymond Reservoir; 29-5-20-w4; Cardston; Reservoir

Read Creek; 34-6-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Rearville; 20-25-7-w4; Special Area 3;

Reco; 19-47-19-w5; Yellowhead;

Red Clay Creek; 21-100-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Red Creek; 35-1-15-w4; Warner; Creek

Red Deer; 16-38-27-w4; Red Deer; City

Red Deer County; (34-39)-(21-28)-w4 to (34-39)-(1-4)-w5; Red Deer; County

Red Deer Junction; 15-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Red Deer Lake; 30-15,16-3-w4; Cypress; Lake

Red Deer Lake; 4-43-21-w4; Camrose; Lake

Red Deer River; 24-23-1-w4; Special Area 2; River

Red Earth Creek; 18-87-8-w5; Opportunity; Hamlet

Red Fox Island; 17-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Red Lake; 32-54-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Red Lodge; 22-34-2-w5; Mountainview; Former Locality

Red Lodge Provincial Park; 29-34-2-w5; Red Deer; Provincial Park

Red Raven; Craig; Red Deer;

Red River (a.k.a. MacKay River); 24-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Red Rock Coulee; 28-8-8-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Red Rock Coulee; 8-7-w4; Forty Mile; Natural Area

Red Rock Coulee Provincial Park; 15-8-7-w4; Forty Mile; Provincial Park

Red Star; 8-81-2-w6; Fairview; Locality

Red Water Lake (a.k.a. Legend Lake); 7-97-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Red Willow (a.k.a. Coralynn); 14-40-18-w4; Stettler; Hamlet

Red Willow Creek; 25-41-18-w4; Stettler; Creek

Redbeaver Creek; 32-70-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Redclay Creek; 29-58-14-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Redcliff; 8-13-6-w4; Cypress; Town

Redearth Creek; 13-88-9-w5; Opportunity; Creek

Redland; 10-27-22-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Redlow (a.k.a. Beaverlodge); 1-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie;

Redspring Creek; 22-59-1-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Redspring Lake; 16-59-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Redwater; 30-57-21-w4; Sturgeon; Town

Redwater River; 1-57-21-w4; Sturgeon; River

Redwillow River; 4-70-9-w6; Grande Prairie; River

Redwillow River; ; Grande Prairie;

Reed Lake; 31-2-21-w4; Cardston; Lake

Reed Lake; 4-61-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Reed Lake S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Reed Ranch; Olds; Mountainview; Ranch

Reed Ranch S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Reeder Coulee; 2-26-w4; Cardston; Coulee

Reesor Lake; 20-8-1-w4; Cypress; Lake

Reflex Lakes; 36-42-1-w4; Wainwright; Lakes

Reid Creek; 18-100-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Reid Hill; 31-16-22-w4; Vulcan; Former Locality

Reid Lake (a.k.a. Line Lake); 34-100-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Reid Lake (a.k.a. Scot Lake); 25-107-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Reid Lake; 34-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Reilly Lake; 24-52-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Reist; 14-32-10-w4; Special Area 2;

Reita Creek; 4-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Creek

Reita Lake; 32-59-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Reliance; 3-10-16-w4; Taber; Former Locality

Rene Creek; 26-92-23-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Rene Lake; 13-104-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Rennie Creek; 1-111-3-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Reno; 1-81-20-w5; East Peace; Hamlet

Reno S. D.; Entwistle; Yellowhead; School District

Reserve Hill; 35-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Hill

Reserve S.D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Retlaw (a.k.a. Barney); 9-13-17-w4; Taber; Locality

Revenna; ; Greenview;

Revillon Coupe; 22-114-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Channel

Reward S. D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Reward S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Rexboro; 18-53-4-w5; Parkland;

Reyda S.D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Rhodes Creek; 15-27-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Ribstone (a.k.a. Dunn); 30-43-2-w4; Wainwright; Former Post Office

Ribstone; 17-43-2-w4; Wainwright; Hamlet

Ribstone Creek; 33-43-2-w4; Wainwright; Creek

Ribstone Lake; 3-44-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Ricardo Ranch; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Rice; 10-14-2-w5; Ranchlands;

Rice's Coulee; 31-32-2-w5; Mountainview; Coulee

Rice's Hill; 35-32-3-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Rich Hill; Craig; Red Deer; School District

Rich Lake; 14-64-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Rich Lake; 5-64-11-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Rich Valley (a.k.a. Onion Prairie); 14-56-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Richardson Lake; 22-108-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Richardson River (a.k.a. Whitefish River, Silva Creek); 34-108-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Richdale; 34-30-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Richmond Lake; 31-58-4-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Richmond Park; 20-68-21-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Ricinus; 15-36-7-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Riddellvale; 22-30-6-w4; Special Area 3;

Ridge Valley S.D.; Crooked Creek; Greenview; School District

Ridgeclough; 2-46-1-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Ridgepark S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Ridgevalley; 23-71-26-w5; Greenview; Hamlet

Ridgeview S.D.; Gladys; Foothills; School District

Ridgewood; ; Red Deer;

Riel; 4-56-4-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Rife; 7-60-7-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Rifles Ridge; 22-42-6-w4; Wainwright; Ridge

Rimbey (a.k.a. Kansas Ridge); 28-42-2-w5; Ponoka; Town

Rinard; 18-1-22-w4; Cardston;

Ring Lake; 30-64-23-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Rings Creek (a.k.a. Ring Creek); 8-81-4-w6; Fairview; Creek

Ringwall; 2-44-22-w4; Ponoka;

Rio Grande; 1-71-12-w6; Grande Prairie;

Ripley; ; Lacombe;

Rishaug Lake; 10-32-20-w4; Starland; Lake

Rising Sun; 28-48-1-w4; Vermilion River;

Ritson Island; 33-88-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

River Bend (a.k.a. Little Philadelphia); Turner Valley; Foothills;

River Course; 34-46-1-w4; Vermilion River;

Riverbend; 15-54-23-w4; Strathcona; Railway Point

Riverbow; 28-15-16-w4; Taber; Former Locality

Rivercourse; 34-46-1-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Riverdale; ; Edmonton;

Riverton; 18-54-3-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Rivertop S.D.; Sexsmith; Grande Prairie; School District

Riverview (a.k.a. Carlson Landing); 9-115-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Riverview; 23-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Riviere Castor; 14-63-4-w4; Bonnyville;

Riviere Qui Barre; 30-55-26-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Robb (a.k.a. Balkan); 15-49-5-w5; Brazeau;

Robb Lake; 34-34-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Robert Creek; 4-104-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Robertson; 4-25-1-w5; Calgary; Former Station

Robertson Lake; 35-120-18-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Robinson; 14-9-3-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Robinson; 34-56-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Robinson Creek; 5-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Roche Lake; 67-6-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Roche, Pointe de; 16-108-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Rochers, Riviere des; 23-115-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Rochester (a.k.a. Ideal Flat); 24-62-24-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Rochfort Bridge (a.k.a. Wanekville); 7-57-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Rochon Sands (a.k.a. New Switzerland); 19-40-20-w4; Stettler; Summer Village

Rochon Sands Provincial Park; 24-40-21-w4; Lacombe; Provincial Park

Rock Corral; Rockyford; Wheatland;

Rock Island Lake; 18-56-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Rock Island Lake; 75-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Rock Lake; 11-20-15-w5; Kananaskis; Lake

Rock Rapids (a.k.a. Stony Rapids); 27-87-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Rock Springs; 31-25-22-w4; Wheatland; Spring

Rock Valley; Glendon; Bonnyville; District

Rocke Island; 28-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Rockeling Bay; 27-41-20-w4; Camrose; Bay

Rockland S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Rockville S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Rockwood S.D.; James River; Clearwater; School District

Rocky Children's Pond; 33-39-7-w5; Clearwater; Pond

Rocky Coulee; 10-11-24-w4; Lethbridge; Creek

Rocky Ford; 9-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Rocky Hill S D; ; Special Area 2; School District

Rocky Island Lake; 4-117-7-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Rocky Lane; 12-109-15-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Rocky Mountain House; 22-39-7-w5; Clearwater; Town

Rocky Mountain Polo Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Rocky Point; 15-114-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Rocky Rapids; 4-50-7-w5; Brazeau; Hamlet

Rocky View; 36-24-29-w4; Rockyview; Locality

    The Municipal District of ROCKY VIEW encompass an area which is approximately bordered on the north by highway 27 (6 miles north), on the west about 12 miles west of highway 22, on the southwest by the Elbow River, in the south central area by the city of Calgary, in the southeast by the Bow River, in the east (Rocky View) along a line 6 miles east of highway 26, in the east of (Mountain View) by Range Road 2506. The County of Red Deer is to the north, the M.D. of Knee Hill and the County of Wheatland are on the east side, the M.D. of and the Sarcee Indian Reservation are our neighbors to the south, The Stoney Indian Reservation and local Improvement Districts 8, 10, 50 are between our district and the Rocky Mountains. The Local Improvement Districts are included in our area for ALBERTA GEDCOM. The settlement in this area began just over 100 years ago with the central area (Carstairs - Crossfield) mostly homesteaded about 1905.

Rockyford; 22-26-23-w4; Wheatland; Village

Rockyview Municipal; ; Rockyview;

Rockyview S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Rod Creek; 26-91-21-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Rod Lake; 35-91-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Rodef; 6-57-17-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Roderick Lake; 7-121-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Rodgers Chapter S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Rodino; 20-48-10-w4; Wainwright; Former Locality

Rodney S.D.; Crossfield; Rockyview; School District

Roe River; 36-117-21-w5; Mackenzie; River

Rogers Coulee; 11-6-7-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Rolf Creek S.D.; Woolford; Cardston; School District

Rolling Hill S.D.; Monarch; Lethbridge; School District

Rolling Hills; 6-15-13-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Rolling Hills Lake; 16-14,15-w4; Newell; Lake

Rolling Plains S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Rollinson; 3-32-7-w4; Special Area 4;

Rolly Point; 23-16-3-w4; Cypress;

Rolly View; 29-49-23-w4; Leduc; Hamlet

Rolph Creek (a.k.a. Willow Creek); 29-2-24-w4; Cardston; Creek

Rom Hill; 29-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Roma; 21-83-22-w5; Birch Hills; Locality

Roma Junction; 24-83-23-w5; Peace; Locality

Romeo Creek; 28-59-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Creek

Romeo Lake; 31-58-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Romeo's Creek; 19-89-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Ronald Lake; 25-103-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Ronalene; 9-13-12-w4; Taber; Former Locality

Ronan; 15-56-9-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Roros; 10-45-2-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Rosalind; 17-44-17-w4; Camrose; Village

Rose Butte S.D.; Monarch; Lethbridge; School District

Rose Lynn (a.k.a. Forcina); 26/30-28-13-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Rose Ridge; Namao; Sturgeon;

Rose View S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Rosebeg; 10-10-6-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Rosebud (a.k.a. Grierson, Rosebud Creek); 18-27-21-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Rosebud Heights S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Rosebud River; 28-28-19-w4; Rockyview; River

Rosebud S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Rosebud Valley S.D.; Rockyford; Wheatland; School District

Rosebush Creek; 29-112-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Rosedale (a.k.a. Rosedale Station); 28-28-19-w4; Badlands; Hamlet

Rosedale Ranch; Bittern Lake; Camrose; Ranch

Rosedale S.D.; Peace River; Peace; School District

Roseglen; 25-15-3-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Roseland Lake; 21-66-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Roselawn S.D.; Granum; Willow Creek; School District

Roselea; 1-59-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Rosemary; 1-21-16-w4; Newell; Village

Rosemead; 22-14-19-w4; Taber;

Rosenheim; 14-37-2-w4; Provost; Locality

Rosenheim, Municipal District of; ; Provost; Municipal District

Rosenroll (a.k.a. Bittern Lake); 19-46-21-w4; Camrose; Railway Point

Rosenthal; 28-52-1-w5; Parkland;

Rosevear; 15-54-15-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Rosinan Lake; 8-57-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Ross Coulee; 28-12-5-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Ross Creek; 33-12-5-w4; Cypress; Creek

Ross Creek; 12-53-19-w4; Lamont; Creek

Ross Depression; 18,19-4-w4; Cypress; Hollow

Ross Haven; 8-55-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Ross Lake; 11-56-4-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Ross Lake; 30-2-22-w4; Cardston; Lake

Rossbear Creek; 30-97-13-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Rossbear Lake; 19-96-11-w5; East Peace; Lake

Rosscarrock; 13-24-2-w5; Rockyview;

Rosse Lake; 18-38-9-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Rossington; 4-60-1-w5; Westlock; Locality

Rosyth; 22-42-9-w4; Provost; Hamlet

Roth; 14-42-15-w4; Flagstaff;

Rough Creek; 27-39-11-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Rough Lake (a.k.a. Wilcox Lake); 27-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Rouleau Lake; 27-5-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Round Hill; 30-48-18-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Round Lake (a.k.a. Kimiwan Lake); 8-78-19-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Round Lake; 34-89-4-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Round Lake; 36-53-7-w5; Parkland; Lake

Round Lake; 2-89-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Round Lake; 12-36-6-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Round Lake; 30-36-19-w4; Stettler; Lake

Round Mound S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Round Up; 16-10-28-w4; Willow Creek;

Round Valley; 28-50-7-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Rourke Creek; 27-69-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Rousseau Creek; 13-91-22-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Rowde; 28-52-3-w4; Vermilion River;

Rowley (a.k.a. Rowley Station); 21-32-20-w4; Starland; Hamlet

Roxana; 23-78-20-w5; Smoky River; Locality

Royal; 16-12-5-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Royal George S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Royal Park; 31-52-15-w4; Minburn; Locality

Royalties; 28-18-2-w5; Foothills;

Royalton S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Royalview; 32-9-21-w4; Lethbridge;

Royce; 27-83-6-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Roycroft (a.k.a. Spirit River, Rycroft); 16-78-5-w6; Spirit River;

Roydale; 23-57-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Royemma Lake; 8-75-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Roytal; 16-12-5-w4; Cypress; Locality

Royton (a.k.a. Hartcliffe); 2-31-23-w4; Kneehill;

Ruby S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Ruddington; 25-21-2-w4; Cypress;

Ruff S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Rugby S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Ruis Creek; 21-107-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Ruis Lake; 32-108-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Ruke Lake; 18-61-17-w4; Smoky Lake;

Rumsey; 24-33-21-w4; Starland; Village

Rumworth; 14-29-27-w4; Mountainview;

Rundle Heights; ; Edmonton;

Running Beaver Lake (a.k.a. Elsa Lake); 32-108-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Running Lake; 34-88-7-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Rush Lake; 10-3-24-w4; Cardston; Lake

Rush Lake; 10-3-24-w4; Cardston; Locality

Rush Lake; 29-8-5-w4; Cypress; Lake

Rushmere Lake; 18-33-8-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Rushmere S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Russell Creek; 19-96-13-w5; East Peace; Creek

Russell Lake; 10-93-12-w5; East Peace; Lake

Russenholt Bay; 10-87-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Russet Creek; 26-119-23-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Rusylvia; 28-53-6-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Ruth Lake; 16-92-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Rutherford; ; Thorhild;

Rutherford Lake; 32-13-2-w4; Cypress; Lake

Rutledge Lake; 11-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Ruttan Lake; 9-65-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Ryan Creek; 36-118-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Ryan Island; 31-124-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Island

Ryan Lake; 23-117-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Rycroft (a.k.a. Spirit River, Roycroft); 16-78-5-w6; Spirit River; Village

Ryley (a.k.a. Equity); 4-50-17-w4; Vermilion River; Village

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

S Bend; 33-89-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bend

Sabine; 26-37-19-w4; Stettler; Locality

Sacred Heart; 26-57-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Locality

Saddle Hills; 76-(6-8)-w6; Saddle Hills; Hills

Saddle Hills, Municipal District of; (75to84)-(5to13)-w6; Saddle Hills; Municipal District

Saddle Lake; 35-57-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Hamlet

Saddle Lake; 13-58-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Saddle Lake Indian Reserve; 26-58-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Indian Reserve

Saddle Ridge; Chestermere; Rockyview; Subdivision

Saddle River (a.k.a. Burnt River); 6-80-1-w6; Fairview; River

Saddlelake Creek; 10-58-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Sage Creek; 4-1-2-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Saima; Eckville; Lacombe;

Saint Cyr, Lac; 1-57-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Sakayo Lake (a.k.a. Blackbird Lake); 17-67-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Sakwatamau River; 3-60-12-w5; Woodlands; River

Saline; ; Stettler;

Saline Creek; 10-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Saline Lake (a.k.a. La Saline); 22-93-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Salisbury; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Salisbury Corner; 20-52-23-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Sall River; 5-111-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Salmond's Flat; 25-68-5-w6; Greenview; Flat

Saloman; ; Yellowhead;

Salt Creek; 35-87-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Salt Creek; 12-76-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Salt Lake; 5-31-2-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Salt Prairie; 2-77-14-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Salt Prairie Settlement; 28-76-14-w5; Big Lakes; Settlement

Salt River; 33-126-14-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Saltaux; 10-48-8-w4; Wainwright;

Salter Creek (a.k.a. Rabbit Creek); 30-28-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Salter Lake (a.k.a. Rabbit Lake); 30-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Lake

Salter Ridge; ; Bighorn;

Salter's Lake; 26-54-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Sam Howe S. D.; Duchess; Newell; School District

Sam Lake; 6-14-2-w4; Cypress; Lake

Samis S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Sampsonton (a.k.a. Madden); 31-28-2-w5; Rockyview; Former Locality

Samson Indian Reserve; 4-44-24-w4; Ponoka; Indian Reserve

Samson Indian Reserve; 32-43-23-w4; Ponoka; Indian Reserve

Samson Lake (a.k.a. Battle River Lake); 27-43-23-w4; Ponoka; Lake

Samuel Lake; 33-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

San Francisco Lake; 11-19-16-w4; Newell; Lake

Sand Creek; 33-45-9-w5; Brazeau; Creek

Sand Hill Lake; 32-82-4-w6; Fairview; Lake

Sand Lake; 3-100-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sand Point; 36-114-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Sand River; 29-64-8-w4; Lakeland; River

Sand River; 7-99-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Sander Lake; 13-80-2-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Sanderson Creek (a.k.a. Ponder Creek); 26-114-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Sanderville (a.k.a. Consort); 34-34-6-w4; Special Area 4;

Sandhill Lake; 3-67-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Sandholm Beach (a.k.a. Golden Days); 22-47-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Former Hamlet

Sandstone; 2-21-1-w5; Foothills;

Sandstorm S. D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Sandstrom S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Sandy Beach; 24-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Former Locality

Sandy Beach; 35-55-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Sandy Lake (a.k.a. Pearson Lake); 22-103-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sandy Lake; 9-79-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Sandy Lake; 5-79-22-w4; Opportunity; Hamlet

Sandy Lake; 19-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Sandy Lake; 26-55-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Sandy Lake S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Sandy Point; 34-20-1-w4; Cypress; Point

Sandy Rapids; 24-63-8-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Sandy Ridge; Grassland; Athabasca;

Sandy View S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Sandybeach Lake; 1-52-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Sang Lake; 9-53-15-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Sangro S.D.; Eagle Hill; Mountainview; School District

Sangudo; 36-56-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Village

Sapper Hill; 36-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Saprae Creek (a.k.a. Deep Creek); 32-88-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Sara Lake; 15-65-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Sara, Lake; 15-65-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Sarah Creek; 22-64-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Sarah Lake; 25-65-10-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Sarcee Butte (a.k.a. Sarcee); 6-31-21-w4; Kneehill; Butte

Sarcee Indian Reserve; 6-24-2-w5; Rockyview; Indian Reserve

Sarcee Junction; 23-1-w5; Calgary; Railway Point

Sargeant; Alix; Lacombe;

Saron; 1-49-25-w4; Leduc;

Sarrail; 32-62-18-w4; Thorhild; Former Post Office

Sarrail S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Saskalta; 21-32-1-w4; Special Area 4;

Saskatoon Hill; 10-72-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Hill

Saskatoon Island Provincial Park; 1-72-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Provincial Park

Saskatoon Lake (a.k.a. Serviceberry Lakes); 24-72-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Sass Lake; 16-126-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Satinwood S.D.; Alix; Lacombe;

Saturday Lake (a.k.a. Hay Lake); 29-62-18-w4; Thorhild; Lake

Sauer Lake; 33-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Saulteaux (a.k.a. Saulteaux Landing, Norris Landing); 13-72-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Saulteaux River; 25-72-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Saunders; 19-40-12-w5; Clearwater;

Saunders Lake; 32-49-24-w4; Leduc; Lake

Saunders West; 23-40-13-w5; Clearwater;

Sausage Lake (a.k.a. Doze Lake); 13-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Saville Farm; 6-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Saville Ford; 6-44-8-w4; Wainwright; River Crossing

Savouye Lake; 16-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Sawdy; 2-68-23-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Sawdy Creek; 35-67-22-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Sawle Lake; 29-80-6-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Sawmill Hill; 32-32-6-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Sawmill Island; 21-114-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Island

Sawn Lake; 17-92-12-w5; East Peace; Lake

Sawridge (a.k.a. Slave Lake); 73-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Former Post Office

Sawridge Creek; 5-73-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Sawridge Hill; 4-72-7-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hill

Sawridge Indian Reserve; 73-5,6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Indian Reserve

Sawyer S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

Saxon Creek; 61-14-w6; Greenview; Creek

Scabby Butte; (3-19)-11-22-w4; Lethbridge; Butte

Scandia; 19-15-15-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Scandia Draw; 27-16-15-w4; Newell; Bay

Scandia S.D.; Daysland; Camrose; School District

Scapa; 31-33-14-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Scarlett Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Sceptre; Lemsford; Cypress;

Schaffer S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Scheck (a.k.a. Bodo); 20-36-1-w4; Provost;

Scheltens Lake; 27-70-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Schmidt Creek; 8-90-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Schneider Lake; 12-41-13-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Scholten Hill; 9,10-12-5-w4; Cypress; Hill

Schott's Lake; 14-33-7-w5; Mountainview; Lake

Schrader Creek; 34-34-4-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Schrader's Hill; 5-33-3-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Schuler; 9-16-1-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Schuler Lake; 7-16-1-w4; Cypress; Lake

Schultz Lake; 3-41-12-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Schultz Lake; 30-49-23-w4; Leduc; Lake

Schuman Lake; 36-61-8-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Science Mound S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Scollard; 19-34-20-w4; Stettler; Locality

Scona; 12-48-16-w4; Beaver;

Scooter Lake; 8-90-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Scope; 17-13-14-w4; Taber; Former Station

Scot Lake (a.k.a. Reid Lake); 25-107-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Scotfield; 10-30-10-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Scotford; 20-55-21-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Scotia S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Scots Lake; 20-16-12-w4; Newell; Lake

Scotsdale; Millet; Wetaskiwn; School District

Scotswood; 13-82-5-w6; Fairview; Locality

Scott Lake; 21-38-4-w4; Provost; Lake

Scott Lake; 7-55-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Scotts Coulee; 35-5-27-w4; Cardston; Creek

Scottsdale; 12-47-27-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Scovil Lake; 36-46-9-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Scow Channel; 10-116-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Channel

Scully Creek; 25-100-20-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Seaforth Creek; 2-91-24-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Seal; 25-30-5-w4; Special Area 3;

Seal Lake; 30-82-14-w5; East Peace; Lake

Seba (a.k.a. Gainford); 12-53-6-w5; Parkland; Former Post Office

Seba Beach; 7-53-5-w5; Parkland; Summer Village

Second Battle River (a.k.a. Hotchkiss River); 5-93-22-w5; Northern Lights; River

Sedalia; 30-31-5-w4; Special Area 3; Hamlet

Sederholm Lake; 3-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sedgewick; 9-44-12-w4; Flagstaff; Town

Seebe; 33-24-8-w5; Kananaskis;

Seibert Lake; 21-66-9-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Seiu Creek; (7-25)-25-18-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Seiu Lake; 23-25-18-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Selwyn Lake; 20-126-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Semo Lake; 30-113-6-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Senex Creek; 22-99-9-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Sentinal Ranger Station; Turner Valley; Foothills; Ranger Station

Sentinel Hill S.D.; Majestic; Special Area 2; School District

September Lake; 16-67-25-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Sergeant Creek; 17-79-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Serviceberry Creek (a.k.a. Crowfoot Creek, Prickly Pear Creek); 10-27-22-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Serviceberry Creek S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District

Seven Persons; 4-11-7-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Seven Persons Coulee; 8-8-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Seven Persons Creek; 29-12-5-w4; Cypress; Creek

Seven Persons Lake; 29-10-7-w4; Cypress; Lake

Severn Creek (a.k.a. Rosebud Creek); 7-27-21-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Severn Creek S.D.; Rosebud; Wheatland; School District

Sexsmith (a.k.a. Benville); 25-73-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Town

Sexton Creek; 20-7-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Seymour; 6-57-27-w4; Westlock;

Shadow Creek (a.k.a. Harvey Creek); 13-74-18-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Shady Lane; Hespero; Clearwater;

Shady Nook; ; Red Deer;

Shaftesbury; 13-82-24-w5; Peace; Former Post Office

Shaftesbury Settlement; 83-22-w5; Peace; Settlement

Shaganappee Corner; Manning; Northern Lights; Corner

Shakespeare S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Shalka; 13-56-14-w4; Two Hills; Former Post Office

Shalka Lake; 14-56-14-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Shallow Lake; 3-64-3-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Shamrock Valley; 29-58-7-w4; St. Paul;

Shandleigh; 13-22-12-w4; Special Area 2;

Shandro; 20-57-15-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Shanks Creek; 18-2-20-w4; Cardston; Creek

Shanks Lake; 26-1-27-w4; Cardston; Lake

Shannon Coulee; 6-24-2-w5; Calgary; Coulee

Shannon Creek; 17-71-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Shantz; 27-31-4-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Sharp Hill; 16-26-29-w4; Rockyview; Hill

Sharples; 17-29-22-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Sharrow; 35-22-2-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Shaughnessy; 30-10-21-w4; Lethbridge; Hamlet

Shaver; 23-70-5-w6; Greenview; Railway Point

Shaver River; 26-69-1-w4; Lakeland; River

Shaw; ; Yellowhead;

Shaw Creek; 16-75-11-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Shaw Lake; 5-67-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Shaw Point; 12-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Point

Sheardown S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Shearwater (a.k.a. Lake Isle); 7-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Former Post Office

Sheep Coulee; 35-29-29-w4; Kneehill; Coulee

Sheep Creek S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

Sheep River; 32-20-28-w4; Foothills; River

Sheerness; 18-29-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Shekilie River (a.k.a. Rabbit Creek); 16-119-12-w6; Mackenzie; River

Shelburne S.D.; Heather Brae; Camrose; School District

Shelley Creek; 33-95-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Shelter Point; 19-113-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Shepard; 18-23-28-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Shepenge; 14-56-13-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Sherburne Lake (a.k.a. Grassy Lake); 20-9-13-w4; Taber; Lake

Shercliffe Creek; ; Provost;

Sherlock Lake; 12-44-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Sherring Lake; 14-64-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Sherritt Lake; 4-59-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Sherwood Park (a.k.a. Campbell Park, Campbelltown); 27-52-23-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Shetler Creek; 2-63-11-w6; Greenview; Creek

Shilo S.D.; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

Shining Bank; 3-57-14-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Shiningbank Lake (a.k.a. Steepbank Lake); 12-75-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Shiningbank Lake; 29-56-14-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Shipyard Lake; 7-92-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Shirley Lake; 5-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Shoal Creek; 28-61-2-w5; Westlock; Locality

Shoal Creek; 23-62-1-w5; Westlock; Creek

Shoal Lake; 19-83-6-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Shoal Lake; 7-61-3-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Shoal Lake Creek; 6-51-4-w5; Parkland; Creek

Shoal River; 16-83-6-w5; Opportunity; River

Shonts; 21-50-18-w4; Beaver; Locality

Shooting Lake; 15-37-17-w4; Stettler; Lake

Shorncliffe Creek; 6-40-7-w4; Provost; Creek

Shorncliffe Lake; 25-40-7-w4; Provost; Lake

Shortt Lake; 27-86-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Shott Island; 34-100-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Shouldice; 22-20-22-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Shuckburgh Slough; 2-39-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Shuttler Flats; 2-67-11-w6; Greenview; Flats

Sibbald; 13-28-2-w4; Special Area 3; Hamlet

Sick Hill Lake; 23-94-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sidcup; 30-46-3-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Side Lake; 5-68-26-w5; Greenview; Lake

Sides Lake; 2-69-14-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Sideview; 26-61-11-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Sidney Creek; 2-69-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Siebertville; 24-30-28-w4; Mountainview;

Siegel Hill; Alder Flats; Wetaskiwin; Hill

Siegner Lake; 30-44-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Siewert Flat; 23-32-26-w4; Kneehill; Flat

Sifton S.D.; Bittern Lake; Camrose; School District

Signal Hill; 20-42-5-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Signal Valley; Lemsford; Cypress;

Silbernagel S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Siler Creek; 24-56-8-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Silver Beach; 11-47-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Silver Creek; 35-29-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Silver Creek; 29-60-16-w5; Woodlands; Railway Point

Silver Creek; 29-60-16-w5; Woodlands; Railway Point

Silver Creek; 2-69-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Silver Creek S. D.; Duhamel; Camrose; School District

Silver Fox S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Silver Heights; 3-39-9-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Silver Lake; 32-17-28-w4; Foothills; Lake

Silver Lake; Provost; Provost; District

Silver Sands; 3-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Silver Springs; 1-25-2-w5; Calgary; Locality

Silver Springs; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Silver Valley; 24-81-11-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Silver Valley S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Silver Willow S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Silverleaf Creek; 14-71-17-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Silverwood; 17-77-5-w6; Spirit River; Locality

Silvestre (a.k.a. Sylvester); 19-69-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Former Locality

Simmo Lake (a.k.a. Simmie Lake, Simmons Lake); 6-57-5-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Simmons; 23-54-22-w4; Strathcona; Former Station

Simon Lakes; 20-86-17-w5; East Peace; Lakes

Simon Lakes; 29-86-17-w5; East Peace; Locality

Simonette River; 21-71-2-w6; Greenview; River

Simonette S.D.; Crooked Creek; Greenview; School District

Simon's Valley; 2-26-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Simpson S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Sinclair Creek; 20-73-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Sinclair Lake (a.k.a. Brainard Lake); 10-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Sinclair Lake (a.k.a. Spring Lake); 23-66-5-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Sinkhole Lake; 20-50-9-w5; Brazeau; Lake

Sinking Lake; 4-60-6-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Sion; 36-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park; 30-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Provincial Park

Sisib Lake; 13-51-21-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Sister's Corner; Berwyn; Peace;

Sittingstone Lake; 35-41-21-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Skafse; 14-46-20-w4; Camrose;

Skaro; 20-57-19-w4; Lamont; Locality

Skaro Lake; 24-57-19-w4; Lamont; Lake

Skeleton Lake; 19-65-18-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Skiff; 26-6-14-w4; Forty Mile; Hamlet

Skukum Lake; 33-68-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Skunk Creek; 13-38-11-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Skunk Lake; 35-90-3-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Skybo S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Skyhill S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Slave Lake (a.k.a. Sawridge, Slave Lake Beach); 7-73-5-w5; Lesser Slave River;

Slave Lake (a.k.a. Slave Lake Station, Lochvale); 31-72-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Town

Slave Lake Beach (a.k.a. Sawridge, Slave Lake); 7-73-8-w5; Lesser Slave River;

Slave Lake Station (a.k.a. Lochvale); 31-72-5-w5; Lesser Slave River;

Slave River; 35-126-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Slavey Creek; 27-117-21-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Slavey Creek; 33-117-21-w5; Mackenzie; Station

Slawa; 21-54-8-w4; Two Hills; Railway Point

Slawa Creek; 17-55-8-w4; Minburn; Creek

Sled Island; 2-98-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Sled Island; 13-108-11-w5; Mackenzie; Island

Sleepy Hollow (a.k.a. Compeer); 28-33-1-w4; Special Area 4; Former Post Office

Sleepy Valley; Alhambra; Clearwater;

Slick-up Lake; 21-18-21-w4; Vulcan; Lake

Slims Creek; 13-94-22-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Slim's Lake; 4-87-9-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Sloan Creek; 33-69-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Sloat Creek; 25-98-7-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Slough Creek; 28-40-16-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Slough Lake; 36-89-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Slough Valley; 7-62-24-w4; Athabasca;

Slow Lake; 5-43-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Slug Lake; 34-99-23-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Small Creek; 16-108-10-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Small Sandy Lake; 5-100-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Smeaton Creek; 12-101-23-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Smith (a.k.a. Mirror Landing); 23-71-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Smith Coulee; 3-11-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Smith Creek; 19-32-7-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Smith Creek; 9-69-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Smith Lake; 18-61-3-w4; Bonnyville; Former Locality

Smith Lake; 2-59-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Smith Landing Settlement (a.k.a. Fitzgerald Settlement); 13-125-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Smithfield; 10-53-11-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Smithmill; 19-86-24-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Smoke Lake (a.k.a. Buck Lake); 19-62-20-w5; Greenview; Lake

Smoky Creek; 4-59-17-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Smoky Heights; 13-74-2-w6; Greenview; Locality

Smoky Lake; 22-59-17-w4; Smoky Lake; Town

Smoky Lake; 23-59-18-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Smoky Lake Centre (a.k.a. Warspite); 25-59-19-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Post Office

Smoky Lake County; (62-69)-(17-24)-w4; Smoky Lake; County

Smoky River; 34-72-3-w6; Grande Prairie;

Smoky River; 12-83-22-w5; Peace; River

Smoky River, Municipal District of; 78-21-w5; Smoky River; Municipal District

Smoky S.D.; Nampa; East Peace;

Smuland Creek; 22-65-2-w6; Greenview; Creek

Snail Lake; 12-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Snake Creek; 36-17-22-w4; Vulcan; Creek

Snake Hills; 24-57-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Hills

Snake Lake; 27-34-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Snake Lake; 7-123-1-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Snakes Head, The; 9-33-5-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Sneddon Creek; 5-83-11-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Sniatyn (a.k.a. Hunka); 29-57-16-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Snipe Creek; 13-93-19-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Snipe Creek; 2-73-20-w5; Greenview; Creek

Snipe Hills; 34-56-13-w4; Two Hills; Hills

Snipe Lake; 12-71-19-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Snowfall Creek; 13-104-13-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Snowshoe Lake; 14-94-13-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Snuff Mountain; 3-66-24-w5; Greenview; Hill

Snug Cove; 20-65-9-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Snye, The (a.k.a. Tokyo Snye); 21-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Channel

Soars Lake; 31-59-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Social Plains; 34-20-2-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Sock Lake; 13-99-13-w6; Northern Lights; Lake

Soda Creek; 20-89-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Soda Lake (a.k.a. Hairy Hill); 30-55-14-w4; Two Hills; Former Station

Soda Lake; 19-55-14-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Soft Creek; 21-49-5-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Solberg; 18-26-10-w4; Special Area 2;

Soldan Lake; 19-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Soldar Creek S.D.; 20-92-22-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Soldar Creek S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Solheima; 22-37-1-w5; Red Deer;

Sollman; 14-54-19-w4; Lamont;

Solon; 18-32-13-w4; Special Area 2;

Sommerville S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Sonia Lake; 34-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Sorenson Lake; 26-32-11-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Sounding Creek; 25-34-11-w4; Paintearth; Former Locality

Sounding Creek; 14-35-11-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Sounding Creek Reservoir; 13-30-6-w4; Special Area 3; Reservoir

Sounding Lake (a.k.a. Monitor); 16-36-4-w4; Special Area 4; Former Post Office

Sounding Lake; 21-36-4-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Sounding Lake; 5-37-4-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Sousa Creek; 15-113-5-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

South Athabasca S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

South Baptiste; 21-66-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

South Bay; 14-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Bay

South Bear Lake S.D.; Grimshaw; Peace; School District

South Bend (a.k.a. Duvernay); 26-55-13-w4; Two Hills; Former Hamlet

South Bittern Lake S.D.; Bittern Lake; Camrose; School District

South Busenius S.D.; New Sarepta; Camrose; School District

South Carrot Creek; 19-52-13-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

South Cooking Lake; 13-51-22-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

South Drywood Creek; 16-4-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

South Easy Coulee; 18-6,7-w4; Cypress; Coulee

South Edmonton (a.k.a. Strathcona); 29-52-22-w4; Strathcona;

South End; Turner Valley; Foothills;

South Ferriby; 2-54-2-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

South Fork; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

South Gem S.D.; Gem; Newell; School District

South Heart River (a.k.a. Heart River, Harmon River); 12-76-15-w5; Big Lakes; River

South Junction; 17-38-27-w4; Red Deer; Railway Junction

South Manyberries Creek; 11-5-6-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

South Saskatchewan River; 25-22-1-w4; Special Area 2; River

South Shekilie River; 29-116-12-w6; Mackenzie; River

South Valley S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

South View; 9-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

South Wabasca Lake; 6-80-24-w4; Opportunity; Lake

South Wapiti S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie;

South Watchusk Lake; 6-83-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

South Whitemud Lake; 27-88-6-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

South Whitemud River; 2-89-3-w6; Clear Hills; River

Southesk; 33-19-16-w4; Newell; Locality

Spankie Lake; 15-66-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Spark Plug Creek; 31-89-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Sparling; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Spawn Lake; 32-126-3-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Spear Lake; 30-66-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Spedden (a.k.a. Cache Lake, Ashmont); 34-59-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Hamlet

Spencer Creek; 17-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Spencer Creek Ranch; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Spencer Hills; 25-26-6-w5; Bighorn; Hill

Spencer Lake (a.k.a. Mosquito Lake); 14-67-9-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Spicer Mine; Kingman; Camrose; Mine

Spider Lake; 14-48-22-w4; Camrose; Lake

Spider Lake; 14-124-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Spilsted; 30-50-20-w4; Beaver;

Spirit Creek; 24-73-22-w5; Greenview; Creek

Spirit Ridge; 17-77-7-w6; Saddle Hills; Ridge

Spirit River (a.k.a. Spirit River Station, Roycroft); 22-78-6-w6; Spirit River; Town

Spirit River; 3-79-3-w6; Birch Hills; River

Spirit River Settlement; 12-78-5-w6; Spirit River; Settlement

Spirit River, Municipal District of; 22-78-6-w6; Spirit River; Municipal District

Spitfire Lake (a.k.a. Buffalo Lake); 35-73-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Former Post Office

Split Lakes; 25-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Spondin (a.k.a. Maunders); 22-33-12-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Spoon Lake; 7-93-19-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Spotted Creek; 22-42-23-w4; Ponoka; Creek

Spotted Horse Lake; 27-68-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Spotted Lake; 32-40-22-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Spotted Lake; ; Lacombe;

Spring Coulee; 33-4-23-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Spring Coulee Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping Place

Spring Creek (a.k.a. Norma); 31-54-14-w4; Two Hills;

Spring Creek; 18-25-15-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Spring Creek; 27-68-26-w5; Greenview; Creek

Spring Creek; 24-70-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Spring Creek Mine; Gem; Newell; Mine

Spring Creek Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Spring Hill; 21-17-w4; Newell; Hill

Spring Hill Canal; 16-20-16-w4; Newell; Canal

Spring Lake; 16-71-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Spring Lake; 2-44-16-w4; Flagstaff; Former Locality

Spring Lake; 30-52-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Spring Point; 10-9-29-w4; Willow Creek; Former Locality

Spring Valley; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Spring View Colony; Gem; Newell; Colony

Spring View S.D.; Busby; Westlock; School District

Springbank; 22-24-3-w5; Rockyview;

Springbank Creek; 11-24-3-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Springburn; 16-80-19-w5; East Peace; Locality

Springdale; 35-44-2-w5; Ponoka; Locality

Springfield Ranch; Rosebud; Wheatland; Ranch

Springhill; ; Newell;

Springhill Creek; 7-16-28-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Springland S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Springpark; 23-57-6-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Springridge; 12-6-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Former Locality

Springside Hutterite Colony; Millicent; Newell; Colony

Springside S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Springwater S.D.; Majestic; Special Area 2; School District

Springwood S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District

Spruce Corner Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping Place

Spruce Coulee; 8-42-17-w4; Stettler; Coulee

Spruce Coulee Reservoir; 26-8-2-w4; Cypress; Reservoir

Spruce Coulee S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Spruce Creek (a.k.a. Grande Prairie Creek); 19-72-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Spruce Creek; 16-32-26-w4; Kneehill; Creek

Spruce Creek; 8-71-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Spruce Grove; 3-53-27-w4; Parkland; City

Spruce Grove Centre; 6-53-26-w4; Parkland;

Spruce Hill S.D.; Alder Flats; Wetaskiwin; School District

Spruce Island; 15-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

Spruce Island; 66-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Spruce Island Lake; 4-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Spruce Island Lake; 1-64-26-w4; Westlock; Lake

Spruce Lake; 18-90-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Spruce Lodge S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Spruce Park S.D.; Perryvale; Athabasca; School District

Spruce Point; 14-110-15-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Spruce Vale; Springbank; Rockyview;

Spruce Valley; 2-68-19-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Spruce View (a.k.a. Spruceview); Craig; Red Deer; Hamlet

Sprucefield; 16-60-19-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Spruceview (a.k.a. Dickson Corner); 11-36-3-w5; Red Deer; Hamlet

Spruceville; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Spur Lake; 12-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Spurfield; 8-72-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Sputina River; 33-99-2-w5; Mackenzie; River

Sputinow; 8-57-2-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Spy Hill; 24,25-25-3-w5; Rockyview; Hill

Spy Hill; Airdrie; Rockyview; Hill

Square Butte S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

Square Creek; 8-93-8-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Square Lake; 35-58-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Square Lake; 25-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Square Lake; 10-116-15-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Squirrel Mountain; 11-86-2-w6; Clear Hills; Mountain

St. Agnes Lake; 11-123-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

St. Albert (a.k.a. Big Lake Settlement); 4-54-25-w4; Sturgeon; City

St. Albert Settlement; 4-54-25-w4; Sturgeon; Settlement

St. Ann Ranch; Trochu; Kneehill; Ranch

St. Brides; 10-58-11-w4; St. Paul; Locality

St. Edouard; 4-58-8-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

St. Elmo S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

St. Francis; 2-50-3-w5; Leduc; Locality

St. George Island; 14-24-1-w5; Calgary; Island

St. George S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

St. Germain Lake; 24-85-23-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

St. Isidore; 21-83-20-w5; East Peace; Locality

St. Ives Lake; 4-52-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

St. Kilda; 2-1-12-w4; Warner; Post Office

St. Lawrence Lake; 11-39-1-w4; Provost; Lake

St. Leo S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

St. Lina; 29-61-10-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

St. Lina Creek; 20-62-10-w4; St. Paul; Creek

St. Louis de Moose Lake (a.k.a. Bonnyville); 12-61-6-w4; Bonnyville;

St. Louis Lakes (a.k.a. Hanalta Lake); 17-31-14-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

St. Mary Dam; 12-5-24-w4; Cardston; Dam

St. Mary Resrvoir; 20-4-24-w4; Cardston; Reservoir

St. Mary River; 11-8-22-w4; Cardston; River

St. Michael; 9-56-18-w4; Lamont; Hamlet

St. Patrick; Alix; Lacombe;

St. Patrick Island; 14-24-1-w5; Calgary; Island

St. Patrick Lakes; 13-44-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

St. Paul (a.k.a. St. Paul de Metis); 9-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Town

St. Paul County; (55-62)-(4-13)-w4; St. Paul; County

St. Paul Junction; 31-53-23-w4; Edmonton; Railway Point

St. Pierre Lake; 31-58-5-w4; St. Paul; Lake

St. Thomas Lake; 20-55-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

St. Vincent (a.k.a. Denisville); 3-60-9-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Stafford Lake; 4-19-14-w4; Newell; Lake

Stafford Reservoir (a.k.a. Stafford Channel); 6-9-18-w4; Taber; Reservoir

Stafford Village; 7-9-21-w4; Lethbridge;

Stafne Ridge; 29-32-7-w5; Mountainview; Ridge

Stainsleigh; 24-40-2-w4; Provost;

Stand Off (a.k.a. Fort Stand Off); 9-6-25-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Standard (a.k.a. Dana, Danaview); 3-25-22-w4; Wheatland; Village

Standish Lake (a.k.a. Eagle Lake); 18-68-7-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Stanger; 22-55-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Stanislowow S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Stanley Creek; 23-96-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Stanley Lake; 14-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Stanley Road; 14-50-20-w4; Beaver;

Stanmore; 20-30-11-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Stanton; Alix; Lacombe;

Staplehurst; 6-51-1-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Star (a.k.a. Edna, Beaver Creek); 9-56-19-w4; Lamont; Hamlet

Star Lake; 20-52-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Star Ridge S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Starland Municipal District; (29-34)-(17-22)-w4; Starland; Municipal District

Starlight; 23-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Starline S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Starvation Butte; 4-31-2-w4; Special Area 3; Butte

Stauffer; 14-37-5-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Staunton; 16-10-24-w4; Willow Creek;

Stavely (a.k.a. Oxley); 8-14-27-w4; Willow Creek; Town

Ste. Anne, Lac (a.k.a. Devil's Lake, Manitou, Divine Lake, Manito Lake); 32-54-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Stebbing Creek; 36-69-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Stebbing Lake; 5-63-7-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Steele Lake; 29-65-25-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Steen River; 27-122-19-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Steen River; 3-122-19-w5; Mackenzie; River

Steen River; 22-122-19-w5; Mackenzie; Station

Steep Creek; 20-72-19-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Steep Creek; 21-66-6-w6; Greenview; Creek

Steep Hill (a.k.a. Jeep Hill); 25-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Steepbank Lake (a.k.a. Shiningbank Lake); 12-75-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Steepbank River; 36-92-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Steepbank River; 22-107-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Steeper; ; Yellowhead;

Steephill Creek; 10-105-16-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Steeprock Creek; 3-73-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Stegund Siding; Armena; Camrose;

Stephenson S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Sterco (a.k.a. Basing); 35-47-20-w5; Yellowhead;

Sterlingville; 10-30-27-w4; Mountainview;

Stern; 22-30-25-w4; Kneehill;

Sterner Lake (a.k.a. Kirby Lake); 6-75-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Stettin; 9-56-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Stettler (a.k.a. Blumenau); 5-39-19-w4; Stettler; Town

Stettler County; (33-40)-(16-22)-w4; Stettler; County

Stevenson Hill; Airdrie; Rockyview; Hill

Stevenson Ranch; Airdrie; Rockyview; Ranch

Stevenson Stopping House; Airdrie; Rockyview; Stopping House

Steveville; 4-22-12-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Steveville Ferry; ; Newell; Ferry

Stewart; 13-8-21-w4; Lethbridge; Railway Point

Stewart Depression; 18-7,8-w4; Cypress; Hollow

Stewart Lake; 1-32-27-w4; Mountainview; Lake

Stewart S.D.; Peace River; Peace; School District

Stewartfield; 19-58-4-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Stewartwyn; 4-38-20-w4; Stettler;

Still Lake; 24-49-5-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Stirling; 29-6-19-w4; Warner; Village

Stirling Lake; 31-6-19-w4; Warner; Lake

Stirlingville; 14-30-27-w4; Mountainview; Locality

Stobart (a.k.a. Bartstow); 28-22-23-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Stobart Lake; 31-22-23-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Stocks; 22-65-21-w4; Athabasca;

Stokkeville; 28-49-5-w4; Vermilion River;

Stomach Lake; 13-91-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Stone; Alix; Lacombe;

Stone Lake; 5-95-19-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Stone Plain; 23-23-2-w5; Rockyview; Plain

Stone Point; 32-113-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Stonelaw; 2-34-18-w4; Stettler; Locality

Stonepile Hill; 22-27-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hill

Stoneridge; Flatbush; Lesser Slave River; District

Stones Corners (a.k.a. Sunnybrook); 6-49-2-w5; Leduc;

Stoney Creek; 21-70-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Stoney Creek S.D.; New Sarepta; Camrose; School District

Stoney First Nations; ; Bighorn;

Stoney Island; 8-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Stoney Lake (a.k.a. Clear Lake); 6-101-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Stoney Lake; 12-84-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Stoney Lake; 13-99-21-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Stoney Point (a.k.a. Lesser Slave Lake, Grouard); 19-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Former Locality

Stony Creek; 29-58-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Stony Creek; 26-29-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Stony Creek; 30-59-13-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Stony Creek; 36-73-20-w5; Greenview; Creek

Stony Creek; 28-67-9-w6; Greenview; Creek

Stony Islands; 13-122-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Islands

Stony Lake; 34-56-8-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Stony Lake; 26-56-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Stony Plain; 36-52-1-w5; Parkland; Town

Stony Plain Indian Reserve; 15-52-26-w4; Parkland; Indian Reserve

Stony Rapids; 31-79-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Stony Slope S.D.; Acadia Valley; Acadia; School District

Stony Woman Creek; 23-68-26-w5; Greenview; Creek

Stony Woman Lake; 20-68-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Stop Mine; Airdrie; Rockyview; Mine

Stoppington; 7-29-10-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Stormy Creek; 3-31-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Stornham; 35-10-8-w4; Forty Mile; Station

Stornham Coulee; 29-10-7-w4; Cypress; Creek

Stouffers Lake; 5-67-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Stove Lake; 19-50-20-w4; Beaver; Lake

Stovel Lake; 18-111-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Stowe; 31-8-26-w4; Willow Creek; Former Locality

Stowe Creek; 7-92-22-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Stowe Creek S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Strachan (a.k.a. Vetchland); 7-38-8-w5; Paintearth; Locality

Strand S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Strangmuir; 25-22-26-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Strathcona County; 50-55-21-26-w4; Strathcona; County

Strathcona Heights; 11-57-23-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Strathmartine; 36-7-3-w4; Cypress;

Strathmead S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Strathmore; 14-24-25-w4; Wheatland; Town

Strawberry Creek; 17-73-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Strawberry Creek; 12-48-3-w5; Leduc; Creek

Strawberry Hills; 12-44-7-w5; Clearwater; Hill

Strawberry Lake; 5-4-27-w4; Cardston; Lake

Streamstown; 26-51-2-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Stretton Creek (a.k.a. Stretton Brook); 5-51-2-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Stretton S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Strome (a.k.a. Knollton); 23-44-15-w4; Flagstaff; Village

Stronach Lake; 23-64-19-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Strong Creek; 4-83-22-w5; Peace; Creek

Strong Creek; 36-83-23-w5; Peace; Former Post Office

Strong Creek S.D.; Peace River; Peace; School District

Stry; 27-58-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Stubno; 6-53-10-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Stuckky S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Stump Lake; 18-71-21-w5; Greenview; Lake

Sturgeon; 19-55-22-w4; Sturgeon; Railway Point

Sturgeon Creek; 2-71-21-w5; Greenview; Creek

Sturgeon Heights; 25-70-25-w5; Greenview; Hamlet

Sturgeon Lake Indian Reserve; 69to71-23-w5; Greenview; Indian Reserve

Sturgeon Municipal District; (54-57)-(20-27)-w4; Sturgeon; Municipal District

Sturgeon River; 32-55-22-w4; Sturgeon; River

Sturgeon Valley; 24-54-25-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Sturgeonville; 18-56-21-w4; Strathcona;

Sturgis Lake; 18-50-9-w4; Minburn; Lake

Styal (a.k.a. Imrie); 28-53-8-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Sucker Creek; 18-74-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Sucker Creek; 2-124-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Sucker Creek Indian Reserve; 30-74-14-w5; Big Lakes; Indian Reserve

Sucker Lake; 25-71-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Sucker Lake; 34-85-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sucker Lake; 18-53-20-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Suds Lake; 27-5-18-w4; Warner; Lake

Suffield (a.k.a. Suffield Station); 34-14-9-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Suffield Station (a.k.a. Suffield); 34-14-9-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Sugden; 15-62-11-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Suiste Creek (a.k.a. Greasewood Coulee); 3-6-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Sullivan Lake; 25-35-14-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Sullivan Lake; 11-50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Sullivan Lake; 21-35-14-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Sulphur Lake; 12-89-3-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Sulphur Springs; 7-41-2-w4; Provost; Former Post Office

Summerview; 27-7-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Locality

Summit Hill S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District

Sun Creek; 10-45-6-w5; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Sun Prairie S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Sun Ray S.D.; Perryvale; Athabasca; School District

Sunbeam; 22-31-19-w4; Starland;

Sunberry S.D.; Bearberry; Mountainview; School District

Sunbreaker Cove; ; Lacombe;

Sunchild First Nations; ; Clearwater;

Sundance (a.k.a. Little Volga); 26-52-5-w5; Parkland; Locality

Sundance Beach; 29-47-1-w5; Leduc; Summer Village

Sundance Creek; 9-53-19-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Sundance Lake; 6-55-20-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Sunday Creek; 3-76-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Sundial; 18-13-19-w4; Lethbridge;

Sundial Butte; 13-21-w4; Lethbridge; Butte

Sundre; 4-33-5-w5; Mountainview; Town

Sunken Lake; 22-39-5-w4; Provost; Lake

Sunland; 35-57-16-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Sunniebend; 22-61-27-w4; Westlock;

Sunny Lake; 29-49-5-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Sunny Range S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Sunnybrook (a.k.a. Stones Corners); 3-49-2-w5; Leduc; Hamlet

Sunnybrook Creek; 28-49-2-w5; Leduc; Creek

Sunnydale (a.k.a. Kenamul); 1-26-5-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Sunnyglyde (a.k.a. Duagh); 12-53-24-w4; Edmonton;

Sunnynook; 8-27-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Sunnyside; Namao; Sturgeon; Former Locality

Sunnyside Ranch; Airdrie; Rockyview; Ranch

Sunnyside S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Sunnysite; ; Warner;

Sunnyslope; 13-31-26-w4; Kneehill; Hamlet

Sunrise Beach; 35-55-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Sunset Beach; 26-66-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

Sunset Hill; 21-40-2-w5; Lacombe; Hill

Sunset Hill S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Sunset House; 5-71-19-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Sunset Lake; 15-54-8-w4; Minburn; Lake

Sunset Lake; 9-55-12-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Sunset Point; 26-54-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Sunset S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Sunset Valley S.D.; Eastway; Vulcan; School District

Sunshine S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Supertest Hill; 25-91-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hill

Surbiton (a.k.a. Braeburn); 29-75-5-w6; Saddle Hills; Former Railway Point

Surette Lake; 1-108-17-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Surmont Creek; 11-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Surmont Lake; 27-84-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Surprise Hill; 28-31-17-w4; Starland; Hill

Surprise S.D.; Majestic; Special Area 2; School District

Survey Hill; 23-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Susan Lake; 19-97-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sutherland Creek; 35-69-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Sutherland Island; 14-96-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Sutton Creek; 30-90-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Sutton Lake; 27-78-14-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Swallowhurst; 36-59-27-w4; Westlock;

Swalwell (a.k.a. Rawdonville); 9-30-24-w4; Kneehill; Hamlet

Swamp Creek (a.k.a. Bremner Creek); 13-78-4-w6; Spirit River; Creek

Swan Hills; 14-66-10-w5; Big Lakes; Town

Swan Hills; 67-12-w5; Big Lakes; Hills

Swan Lake (a.k.a. Gordon Lake); 33-86-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Swan Lake; 15-89-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Swan Lake; 19-70-24-w5; Greenview; Lake

Swan Lake; 31-126-16-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Swan Lake River (a.k.a. Edwin Creek); 15-89-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Swan Landing; ; Yellowhead;

Swan Point; 22-74-9-w5; Big Lakes; Point

Swan River (a.k.a. Drolet Creek); 3-112-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Swan River (a.k.a. Kinuso); 23-73-10-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Swan River; 10-112-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Swan River; 9-74-9-w5; Big Lakes; River

Swan River Indian Reserve; 73-10-w5; Big Lakes; Indian Reserve

Swanson Creek; 18-28-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Swanson Hills; 28-5-w5; Rockyview; Hill

Swartz Creek; 6-52-17-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Swartz Lake; 6-66-11-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Sweathouse Creek; 69-19-w5; Greenview; Locality

Sweathouse Creek; 15-70-21-w5; Greenview; Creek

Sweeney Creek; 18-86-11-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Sweet Valley (a.k.a. Travers); 27-15-19-w4; Vulcan; Former Post Office

Sweetgrass Landing; 26-114-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Sweetheart Lake; 31-83-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sweezy Creek; 16-79-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Swift Current Creek; 11-108-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Swift Lake; 33-42-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Swinnerton Lake; 24-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Sycamore; 36-42-16-w4; Flagstaff;

Sylvae S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Sylvan Creek; 19-38-28-w4; Red Deer; Creek

Sylvan Glen; 27-64-26-w4; Westlock; Locality

Sylvan Lake (a.k.a. Methy Lake, Swan Lake, Snake Lake); 27-39-2-w5; Lacombe; Lake

Sylvan Lake; 32-38-1-w5; Red Deer; Town

Sylvester; 19-69-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Former Locality

Sylvester Creek (a.k.a. Diamond Dick Creek); 20-70-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Sylvester Creek; 36-43-12-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Sylvester Creek; 27-68-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Symington S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Syson Lake; 25-35-13-w4; Paintearth; Lake

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

T. H. Ranch; Forestburg; Flagstaff; Ranch

Taber; 32-9-16-w4; Taber; Town

Taber Lake; 10-10-16-w4; Taber; Lake

Taber Provincial Park; 7-10-16-w4; Taber; Provincial park

Table Butte; 8-14-28-w4; Willow Creek; Butte

Table Butte S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Taerum Lake; 25-110-24-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Tail Creek; 23-39-22-w4; Lacombe; Creek

Tailor Lake; 6-64-22-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Taimi; Alhambra; Clearwater;

Tait Lake; 20-41-23-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Talbot; 6-38-9-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Talbot Lake; 33-97-11-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Talbot S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Tall Cree Indian Reserve; 103-9-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Tamarack Lake (a.k.a. Hackmatack Lake); 8-72-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Tamarack Lake; 30-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Tangent; 32-78-24-w5; Birch Hills; Hamlet

Tanghe Creek; 24-96-12-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Tanglefoot Lake; 13-40-23-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Tank (a.k.a. Nampa); 19-81-20-w5; East Peace; Railway Point

Tanner Butte; 34-8-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Butte

Tannis (a.k.a. Briggs); 10-39-28-w4; Lacombe; Former Railway Point

Tan-y-Bryn S.D.; Crossfield; Rockyview; School District

Taplow; 15-30-13-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Tapscot (a.k.a. Acme); 32-29-25-w4; Kneehill; Former Post Office

Tar Island; 26-92-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Tar River; 14-96-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Tarves (a.k.a. Many Island); 7-13-1-w4; Cypress;

Tate Creek; 22-119-23-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Tattum Lake; 35-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Tawakwato Lake (a.k.a. Hylo Lake); 3-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Tawatchaw Creek (a.k.a. Seaforth Creek); 2-91-24-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Tawatchaw Valley; 25-93-23-w4; Opportunity; Valley

Tawatinaw; 26-61-24-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Tawatinaw Lake; 12-62-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Tawatinaw River; 12-64-22-w4; Athabasca; River

Tawayik Lake; 21-53-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Taylor; 23-46-24-w4; Wetaskiwin; Station

Taylor; 33-27-20-w4; Wheatland; Railway Point

Taylor Lake; 20-59-23-w4; Westlock; Lake

Taylor Siding; Rosebud; Wheatland;

Taylorville; 15-1-247-w4; Cardston; Locality

Tea Kettle Creek; 2-93-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Tea Lakes; 8-67-7-w5; Woodlands; Lakes

Teepee Creek; 4-74-3-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Teepee Lake; 22-49-3-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Tees (a.k.a. Brook); 25-40-24-w4; Lacombe; Hamlet

Telegraph Creek; 15-55-5-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Telephone Lake; 29-94-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Telford; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Telford Lake; 36-49-25-w4; Leduc; Lake

Telfordville; 36-49-2-w5; Leduc; Hamlet

Tempest; 21-9-19-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Tempest; 19-37-3-w4; Provost;

Temple Creek (a.k.a. Pearce Creek); 13-33-7-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Templeton; 16-50-2-w5; Leduc;

Ten Mile Creek; 36-31-29-w4; Kneehill; Creek

Tennessee Creek; 25-7-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Tennion; 31-11-19-w4; Lethbridge; Former Locality

Tent Lake; 2-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Tepee Creek; 9-86-24-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Tepee Creek; 18-125-14-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Tepee Lake; 34-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Tepee Lake; 36-85-26-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Terrace (a.k.a. Cecil); 29-13-12-w4; Cypress; Former Railway Point

Terrace Heights; 2-53-24-w4; Edmonton;

Terrow; 34-58-25-w4; Westlock;

Test Lake; 15-97-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Tethul River (a.k.a. Hanging Ice River); 33-126-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Thatchwood; Nampa; East Peace; District

The Gap; 24-24-10-w5; Bighorn;

The Hub (a.k.a. Fleet); 30-36-12-w4; Paintearth; Former Post Office

The Leavings (a.k.a. New Oxley); 13-24-w4; Vulcan;

Thelma; 25-7-3-w4; Cypress; Post Office

Thelma Creek; 22-6-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Therien; 34-60-9-w4; Bonnyville; Hamlet

Thickwood Hills; 33-88-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hills

Thigh Hill; 20-16-23-w4; Vulcan; Hill

Thin Lake; 19-60-7-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Thinatea Creek; 34-125-12-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Thinlake River; 8-61-7-w4; Bonnyville; River

Third Battle River (a.k.a. Meikle River); 19-94-21-w5; Northern Lights; River

Third Lake; 4-21-27-w4; Foothills; Lake

Thirlmere S.D.; Heather Brae; Camrose;

Thirty Mile Coulee; 1-10-8-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Thomas Dimma Ranch; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Thomas Lake; 4-48-12-w4; Beaver; Lake

Thomasville District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Thompson; 7-8-6-w4; Forty Mile;

Thompson Lake; 25-40-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Thompson Lakes; 3-60-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Thordarson; ; Greenview;

Thordarson Creek; 7-101-5-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Thordenskjold S. D.; Armena; Camrose; School District

Thorhild; 5/10-60-21-w4; Thorhild; Village

Thorhild County; (58-63)-(21-23)-w4; Thorhild; County

Thornbury Lake; 34-76-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Thorntonville S.D.; Fawcett; Westlock; School District

Thorsby; 14-49-1-w5; Leduc; Village

Three Creeks; 15-85-20-w5; East Peace; Locality

Three Hills; 36-31-24-w4; Kneehill; Town

Three Hills; 8-32-23-w4; Kneehill; Hills

Three Lakes S.D.; Grimshaw; Peace; School District

Threehills Creek; 3-30-21-w4; Kneehill; Creek

Throne (a.k.a. Hamilton Lake); 31-35-9-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Thronson S.D.; Armena; Camrose; School District

Thultue Lake; 24-122-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Thumb Hill; 10-28-17-w4; Special Area 2; Hill

Thunder Lake; Barrhead; Barrhead;

Thunder Lake; 29-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Hamlet

Thunder Lake; 30-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Thunder Lake Provincial Park; 29-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Provinicial Park

Thurston Lake; 9-126-1-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Tide Lake; 25-18-10-w4; Cypress; Lake

Tieland; 14-67-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Tiger Lily; 13-60-6-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Tiger Lily Lake; 31-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Tillebrook-Trans-Canada Provincial Park; 18-14-w4; Newell; Provinicial Park

Tilley (a.k.a. Tilley Station); 19-17-12-w4; Newell; Village

Tilley Slough; 29-17,18-12-w4; Newell; Marsh

Tilley Station (a.k.a. Tilley); 19-17-12-w4; Newell; Former Post Office

Timber Coulee; 22-14-1-w5; Ranchlands; Coulee

Timber Creek; 28-5-6-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Timber Creek; 35-14-3-w5; Ranchlands; Creek

Timeu (a.k.a. Timue); 31-63-4-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Timeu Creek; 19-63-3-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Timko Lake (a.k.a. Bantry Reservoir); 33-17-13-w4; Newell; Reservoir

Tinchebray; 10-40-14-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Tindastoll; 20-36-1-w5; Red Deer; Former Post Office

Tindastoll Creek; 29-36-1-w5; Red Deer; Creek

Tipper Lake; 25-32-20-w4; Starland; Lake

Tit Willow Lake; 2-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Toad Creek; 17-55-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Creek

Toad Hill; 14-69-8-w6; Greenview; Hill

Toad Lake; 28-55-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Tobermar S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Tod Creek; 25-9-3-w5; Pincher Creek;

Todd Lake; 36-32-7-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Tofield; 1-51-19-w4; Beaver; Town

Togo Lake; 6-29-8-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Togo S. D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Tokyo Snye Channel; 29-110-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Channel

Toles S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Tolland; 22-48-5-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Tollerton; 32-52-17-w5; Yellowhead;

Tolman; 24-33-22-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Tolstad; 33-69-4-w6; Greenview; Railway Point

Tomahawk; 12-51-6-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Tomahawk Creek; 5-51-5-w5; Parkland; Creek

Tomato Creek; 11-71-24-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Tongue Creek; 14-19-2-w5; Foothills;

Tongue Creek; 30-19-28-w4; Foothills; Creek

Tony Creek; 23-62-21-w5; Greenview; Creek

Toodles Lake; 1-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Topland; 23-62-7-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Torlea (a.k.a. Nestor); 14-48-14-w4; Beaver; Locality

Torrington; 34-32-26-w4; Kneehill; Village

Tothill; 23-9-4-w4; Cypress; Locality

Touchwood Lake (a.k.a. Trout Lake); 24-67-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Tough Creek; 1-27-w4; Cardston; Creek

Tourangeau Creek; 35-126-9-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Tourangeau, Lake; 17-106-15-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Tower Hill (a.k.a. Observation Butte); 11-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Tower Hill; 15-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Hill

Tower Lake; 12-90-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Towers Creek; 20-25-4-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Towers Ridge; 25-4-w5; Rockyview; Ridge

Towes; 21-20-w4; Wheatland; Former Locality

Town Lake (a.k.a. Township Lake); 32-45-3-w5; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Town Lake; 32-45-3-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Trading Post Lake; 18-93-11-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Trail Coulee; 12-1-w5; Ranchlands; Coulee

Trail Creek; 33-33-2-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Trail Lake; 17-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Trail's End S.D.; Busby; Westlock; School District

Tranquility S.D.; Sexsmith; Grande Prairie; School District

Trap Lake; 25-66-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Trapeze Lake; 22-65-16-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Trappers Lake; 36-53-21-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Trappers Lake; 13-58-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Traung Lake; 28-14-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Travers (a.k.a. Sweet Valley); 9-15-19-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Travers Reservoir; 31-14,15-21,22-w4; Vulcan; Reservoir

Traverse Creek; 24-75-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Traverse Creek; ; Big Lakes;

Treasure Loch; 10-126-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Trefoil; 26-16-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Tremblay Lake; 3-67-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Tremble, Lac; 30-52-4-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Trenville; 32-36-22-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Trevithick; 34-51-23-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Triangle; 28-74-18-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Trident Creek; 1-113-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Tring; 14-53-3-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Tripola (a.k.a. Hoskin); 7-18-8-w4; Cypress;

Tristram; 10-42-23-w4; Ponoka; Locality

Trivett Ridge; 7-1-28-w4; Waterton Park; Ridge

Trochu (a.k.a. Trochu Valley); 17-33-23-w4; Kneehill; Town

Trout Creek; 3-40-11-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Trout Creek; 5-12-27-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Trout Creek Ridge; 13-1-w5; Ranchlands; Ridge

Trout Creek S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Trout Lake; 29-96-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Trout Lake; 34-86-3-w5; Opportunity; Hamlet

Trout Mountain; 28-89-3-w5; Opportunity; Mountain

Trout River; 24-84-25-w4; Opportunity; River

Trowel Lake; 24-48-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Truman; 19-63-8-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Trumpeter; 10-72-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Post Office

Tucker Lake (a.k.a. Little Jackfish Lake); 18-64-4-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Tudor; 33-25-23-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Tudor S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Tulabi Lake; 14-55-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Tulip Lake; 33-125-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Tulliby Lake; 2-55-2-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Turin; 4-12-19-w4; Lethbridge; Hamlet

Turnbow S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Turnbull Creek; 17-29-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Turner; 23-1-w5; Calgary; Railway Point

Turner S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District

Turner Valley; 12-20-3-w5; Foothills; Town

Turner Valley; 23-20-3-w5; Foothills; Valley

Turnip Lake; Namao; Sturgeon;

Turtle Lake; 35-119-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Turtle S.D.; Three Hills/Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Tuttle; 30-37-27-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Tweedie; 17-68-12-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Twelve Mile Coulee; 2-14,15-12,13-w4; Newell; Coulee

Twelve Mile Creek; 13-15-13-w4; Newell; Creek

Twin Butte; 4-4-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Hamlet

Twin Island Lake; 10-52-22-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Twin Lake; 35-50-4-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Twin Lake; 18-76-19-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Twin Lakes; ; Northern Lights;

Twin Lakes; 27-69-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 21-39-4-w4; Provost; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 10-84-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 8-102-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 6-40-7-w5; Clearwater; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 35-58-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 29-97-22-w5; Northern Lights; Lakes

Twin Lakes; 10-26-28-w4; Rockyview; Lake

Twin Lakes Creek; 25-91-4-w5; Opportunity; Creek

Twin Peaks; 32-16-5-w4; Cypress; Peak

Twin River (a.k.a. Hacke); 17-1-20-w4; Cardston; Former Locality

Twin Rocks; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Twin Spruce S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Twining; 2-31-24-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Two Bar Lake (a.k.a. Twobar Lake); 2-27-19-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Two Bar Ranch; Rosebud; Wheatland; Ranch

Two Creeks; 12-61-16-w5; Greenview; Creek

Two Creeks; 28-61-16-w5; Greenview; Locality

Two Guns; 23-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Two Hills; 32-54-12-w4; Two Hills; Town

Two Hills County; (53-55)-(6-15)-w4; Vermilion River; County

Two Hills Lake; 7-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Two Lakes; 36-60-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Locality

Two Lakes; 12-73-25-w5; Greenview; Lakes

Two Pine S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

Two Round Lakes; 21-101-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Twomey; 29-46-19-w4; Camrose; Locality

T-woods S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Tyler Lake; 35-50-3-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Tyler's Hill; 1,2-24-1-w4; Acadia; Hill

Tyne Lake; 4-109-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Tyrol (a.k.a. Mooswa); 28-56-5-w4; St. Paul;

Tyrrell Lake; 19-5-17-w4; Warner; Lake

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Ueland Reservoir; 10-19-21-w4; Vulcan; Reservoir

Ukalta; 34-57-17-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Ukraina S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Ullin; ; Clearwater;

Ulster; 6-49-16-w4; St. Paul;

Uncas; 22-52-21-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Underwood Lake; 5-73-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Uneeda District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Unipaumeos First Nations; ; St. Paul;

Unipouheos Indian Reserve; 33-56-2-w4; Lakeland; Indian Reserve

Unity S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Updike Creek; 9-75-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Updike Lake; 29-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Upland Lake; 12-123-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Upper Hay River Indian Reserve; 6-116-22-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Upper Mann Lake; 31-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Upper Stony Creek; 24-34-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Upper Therien Lake; 33-57-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Upper Wells; ; Wood Buffalo;

Up-To-Date S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Uptonburgh (a.k.a. Yarrow); 18-4-28-w4; Cardston;

Urquhart; 2-41-25-w4; Lacombe;

Usly; ; Vermilion River;

Usona; 32-44-26-w4; Ponoka; Locality

Uswell Slough; 36-71-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Marsh

Utamik Lake (a.k.a. Deep Lake); 7-109-12-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Utikoomak Indian Reserve; 80-11-w5; East Peace; Indian Reserve

Utikuma Lake; 79-10-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Utikuma River; 2-83-7-w5; East Peace; River

Utikumasis Lake; 5-80-11-w5; East Peace; Lake

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Vader Creek; 18-100-5-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Val Quentin; 16-54-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Val Soucy; 34-57-21-w4; Sturgeon; Former Locality

Vale; 27-14-3-w4; Cypress; Settlement

Valhalla; 2-75-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Valhalla Centre; 18-74-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Hamlet

Valhalla Lake (a.k.a. Glass Lake); 3-74-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Vallejo (a.k.a. Loyalist); 16-35-6-w4; Special Area 4; Former Post Office

Valley; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Valley City (a.k.a. Clive); 31-40-24-w4; Lacombe;

Valley lake (a.k.a. Briar Lake); 6-62-18-w4; Thorhild; Lake

Valley Lake (a.k.a. Long Valley); 8-42-21-w4; Camrose; Lake

Valley Spring Ranch; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River; Ranch

Valley View; Springbank; Rockyview;

Valleyview (a.k.a. Linn Valley); 6-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Valleyview (a.k.a. Red Willow Creek); 22-70-22-w5; Opportunity; Town

Van Cleeve Coulee; 1-13-w4; Warner; Coulee

Van Dyne (a.k.a. Vandyne); 14-24-3-w4; Acadia; Former Locality

Vandersteene Lake; 5-88-3-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Vanesti; 28-47-4-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Vanrena; 26-81-4-w6; Fairview; Locality

Vardie River; 20-113-7-w6; Mackenzie; River

Vaughn Meadows; 3,10-1-24-w4; Cardston; Meadow

Vauxhall; 10-13-16-w4; Taber; Town

Vega; 33-62-3-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Vegreville (a.k.a. Poulin); 18-52-14-w4; Minburn; Town

Veillette (a.k.a. Lea Meadow); 28-59-13-w4; Smoky Lake;

Veinerville; ; Cypress;

Veldt; 7-38-14-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Venice; 11-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Verdant Valley; 6-29-18-w4; Starland; Former Locality

Verdigris Coulee; 9-4-16-w4; Warner; Coulee

Verdigris Lake; 25-3,4-15,16-w4; Warner; Lake

Verdun S. D.; Duhamel; Camrose; School District

Verger; 34-22-15-w4; Newell; Locality

Vermilion (a.k.a. Breage); 32-50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Town

Vermilion Chutes; 108-6-w5; Mackenzie; Former Locality

Vermilion Chutes; 11-108-6-w5; Mackenzie; Chutes

Vermilion Lake; 4-126-6-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Vermilion Lakes; 32-54-12-w4; Two Hills; Lakes

Vermilion Park Lake; 50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Vermilion Provincial Park; 1-51-7-w4; Vermilion River; Provincial Park

Vermilion River; 2-112-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Vermilion River; 5-54-3-w4; Vermilion River; River

Vermilion River County; (45-55)-(1-7)-w4; Vermilion River; County

Vermilion Valley (a.k.a. Holden); 20-49-16-w4; Beaver; Former Post Office

Vermillion S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Vermillion Springs S.D.; Busby; Westlock; School District

Vernon Lake; 10-46-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Verte Island; 6-80-3-w6; Fairview; Island

Vesela; 26-54-9-w4; Two Hills;

Vesta Creek; 10-101-1-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Vesta S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Vetchland (a.k.a. Strachan); 5-38-8-w5; Clearwater; Former Locality

Veteran (a.k.a. Wheat Belt); 17-35-8-w4; Special Area 4; Village

Victor; 4-33-17-w4; Starland; Locality

Victor Creek; 36-71-1-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Victor Lake; 3-63-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Victor S.D.; Majestic; Special Area 2; School District

Victoria (a.k.a. Pakan); 1-58-17-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Victoria Lake; 33-32-16-w4; Starland; Lake

Victoria Settlement; 10-58-17-w4; Lamont; Settlement

Victory S. D.; Entwistle; Yellowhead; School District

Victory S. D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Vie Lake; 16-50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Vienna S.D.; Lamont; Lamont; School District

Viewpoint; 23-45-20-w4; Camrose; Locality

Viking; 18-48-12-w4; Beaver; Town

Villeneuve (a.k.a. St. Peter's, St. Pierre); 18-54-26-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Vilna; 20-59-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Village

Vimy; 33-58-25-w4; Westlock; Hamlet

Vimy Ridge; 28-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Ridge

Vinca; 28-56-21-w4; Strathcona;

Vincent Lake; 19-59-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Vincent S.D.; Colinton; Athabasca; School District

Violet Grove; 24-48-8-w5; Brazeau; Hamlet

Virginia Ranch; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Vixen Creek; 20-79-1-w6; Birch Hills; Creek

Vladimyr S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Vokes Lake; 18-117-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Volin S.D.; Rycroft; Spirit River; School District

Volmer (a.k.a. Vollmer); 32-54-25-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Vulcan; 5-17-24-w4; Vulcan; Town

Vulcan, County of; ; Vulcan; County

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

W. R. Hull Ranches; Stavely; Willow Creek; Ranch

Wabamun; 11-53-4-w5; Parkland; Village

Wabamun Creek; 25-51-3-w5; Parkland; Creek

Wabamun Indian Reserve; 29-52-3-w5; Parkland; Indian Reserve

Wabamun Indian Reserve; 6-53-3-w5; Parkland; Indian Reserve

Wabamun Lake (a.k.a. White Lake); 1-53-5-w5; Parkland; Lake

Wabamun Lake Provincial Park; 7-53-3-w5; Parkland; Provincial Park

Wabasca (a.k.a. Wabasca-Desmarais); 32-81-25-w4; Opportunity; Hamlet

Wabasca Indian Reserve; 79to82-23-w4; Opportunity; Indian Reserve

Wabasca River; 6-108-8-w5; Mackenzie; River

Wabasca Settlement; 5-81-25-w4; Opportunity; Settlement

Wabasca/Desmarais; 27-80-25-w4; Opportunity; Hamlet

Wabash Creek; 15-61-27-w4; Westlock; Creek

Wabatanisk Creek; 24-75-22-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Waddell Creek; 9-79-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Waddington; 34-15-4-w4; Cypress;

Wadlin Lake; 4-101-10-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Wager Coulee; 12-1-w5; Ranchlands; Coulee

Waghorn (a.k.a. Blackfalds); 14-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Former Post Office

Wagner (a.k.a. Canyon Creek - Widewater - Wagner); 27-73-7-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Wagon Creek; 15-87-1-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Wahstao; 5-59-15-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Post Office

Wainwright (a.k.a. Denwood); 31-44-6-w4; Wainwright; Town

Wainwright Municipal District; (41to47)-(1to10)-w4; Wainwright; Municipal District

Wainwright Regional Training Area; 44-6,7-w4; Wainwright; Canadian Froces Regional Training Area

Waiparous; ; Bighorn;

Waiparous Creek; 6-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Wakemans Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping Place

Wakinagan Creek; 11-52-19-w4; Beaver; Creek

Wakomao Lake; 5-60-24-w4; Westlock; Lake

Waldo Creek; 13-111-2-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Wall Lake (a.k.a. Ross Lakes); 1-38-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Wallaby Lake; 17-42-5-w4; Provost; Lake

Wallace Creek; 29-95-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Wallace Island; 33-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Wallace Mountain; 69-13-w5; Big Lakes; Mountain

Wallace River; 33-69-14-w5; Big Lakes; River

Wally Lake; 21-120-8-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Walsh; 35-11-1-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Walter Lake; 31-52-20-w4; Beaver; Lake

Walton Creek; 31-32-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Waltondale-Pearce S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Wanda; 6-42-16-w4; Flagstaff;

Wandering River; 21-70-17-w4; Lakeland; River

Wandering River; 6-72-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Wanekville (a.k.a. Rochfort Bridge); 23-57-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Former Post Office

Wang; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Wanham; 4-78-3-w6; Birch Hills; Village

Waniandy Creek; 3-103-4-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Wanisan Lake; 8-52-20-w4; Beaver; Lake

Wapasu Creek; 31-96-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Wapiti; 4-69-8-w6; Greenview; Locality

Wapiti River; 7-71-2-w6; Greenview; River

Wappau Lake; 11-75-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Warburg; 35-48-3-w5; Leduc; Village

Ward Creek; 14-13-2-w5; Ranchlands; Creek

Ward Lake; 14-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Ward Lake; 19-66-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Warden Junction (a.k.a. Warden); 13-38-20-w4; Stettler; Locality

Wardlow; 25-22-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Warner (a.k.a. Brunton); 10-4-17-w4; Warner; Village

Warren Peers S.D.; Acadia Valley; Acadia; School District

Warren S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Warrensville; 36-84-24-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Warrensville Centre; 30-84-23-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Warspite (a.k.a. Smoky Lake Centre); 10-59-18-w4; Smoky Lake; Village

Warwick; 31-53-14-w4; Minburn; Locality

Warwickville S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Wasagamu Lakes; 11-56-3-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Wasel; 34-57-15-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Wash Creek; 21-76-15-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Wash Lake; 27-55-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Washing Lake; 1-48-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Washout Creek; 7-47-7-w5; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Waskahigan River; 35-66-22-w5; Greenview; River

Waskasoo Creek; 8-38-27-w4; Red Deer; Creek

Waskatenau (a.k.a. Waskatenow); 16-59-19-w4; Smoky Lake; Village

Waskatenau Creek; 28-58-19-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Waskwei Creek; 2-52-16-w4; Lamont; Creek

Wastina; 10-31-8-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Wat Lake; 36-50-21-w4; Beaver; Lake

Watching Hill; 17-5-w4; Cypress; Hill

Watchusk Lake (a.k.a. South Watchusk Lake); 6-83-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Watelet Lake; 11-47-26-w4; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Water Glen; 21-43-22-w4; Ponoka;

Water Hen Lake; 3-74-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Water Valley; 27-29-5-w5; Mountainview; Hamlet

Waterglen; 21-43-22-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Waterhole (a.k.a. Fairview); 8-81-3-w6; Fairview; Locality

Water-Lily Lake; 4-100-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Waters Hill; 3-35-16-w4; Stettler; Hill

Waterstreet Lake; 21-30-5-w5; Mountainview; Lake

Waterton Mills; 8-2-29-w4; Waterton Park;

Waterton Park; 23-1-30-w4; Waterton Park; Park

Waterton Reservoir; 4-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Reservoir

Waterton River; 1-7-25-w4; Willow Creek; River

Waterton S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Waterways (a.k.a. Fort McMurray); 10-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Town

Watino (a.k.a. Prudens Crossing); 35-77-24-w5; Smoky River; Hamlet

Watkins Slough; 13-4-w4; Cypress; Marsh

Watson District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Watson Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Watt Lake; 14-34-10-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Watt Lake; 36-54-14-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Watt, Mount; 20-111-21-w5; Mackenzie; Mountain

Watts; 17-31-15-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Watts Lake; 22-34-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Wattsford; 30-54-13-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Waugh; 19-58-23-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Waugh Lake; 36-124-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Waverly District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Waverly Island; North Cooking Lake; Strathcona; Resort

Wavy Lake; 5-46-14-w4; Flagstaff;

Waybrook; 19-57-23-w4; Sturgeon; Former Locality

Wayetenaw Lake; 34-61-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Wayne (a.k.a. Rosedeer); 7-28-19-w4; Badlands; Hamlet

Wayward; 4-52-24-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Weaki; ; Yellowhead;

Weald; 7-51-19-w5; Beaver; Locality

Wealthy; 4-52-9-w4; Minburn; Former Locality

Weasel Creek; 15-60-20-w4; Thorhild; Creek

Weasel Creek; 9-60-20-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Weasone Creek; 10-61-10-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Weaver Lake; 27-80-1-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Webber; 32-5-11-w4; Forty Mile;

Webber Creek; 7-74-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Webber Creek; 2-10-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Creek

Webbs S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

Weberville; 25-84-22-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Websdale (a.k.a. Jenner); 21-20-9-w4; Special Area 2; Former Post Office

Webster; 27-74-5-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Webster Lake; 22-78-14-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Webster Trail S.D.; Sexsmith; Grande Prairie; School District

Weed Creek; 26-49-28-w4; Leduc; Creek

Weed Creek; 10-48-1-w5; Leduc; Locality

Weedon S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District

Weekes Lake; 25-123-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Weeks Lake; 34-48-7-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Welch Creek; 15-41-4-w5; Lacombe; Creek

Well Hill; 22-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Welling; 17-6-21-w4; Warner; Hamlet

Wellington S.D.; Sexsmith; Grande Prairie; School District

Wellman S.D.; Duchess; Newell; School District

Wells Lake; 35-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Wellsdale (a.k.a. Clandonald); 17-53-5-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Wellsville; 16-7-25-w4; Willow Creek;

Welstead Lake; 32-107-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Wembley; 15-71-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Town

Wenham Valley; 10-47-3-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Weno; 13-24-29-w4; Calgary;

Wentzel Lake; 32-115-3-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Wentzel River; 13-110-4-w5; Mackenzie; River

Wernerville; 27-51-24-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Werniuk Creek; 10-96-10-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Wesley Creek; 31-83-20-w5; East Peace; Locality

Wessex; 26-29-1-w5; Mountainview; Railway Point

Wessex Siding; ; Rockyview;

Wessington; 10-41-17-w4; Stettler;

West Arrowwood Creek; 9-21-23-w4; Vulcan; Creek

West Athabasca S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

West Baptiste; 3-67-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

West Brook S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District

West Calgary S.D.; Springbank; Rockyview; School District

West Carseland; 8-22-26-w4; Wheatland; Railway Point

West Centre District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

West Cove; 34-54-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

West Creek; 8-71-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

West Cypress S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District District

West Duchess S.D.; Duchess; Newell; School District

West End; ; Grande Prairie;

West Golden Creek; 10-70-18-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

West Haven S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

West Iroquois Creek; 33-69-9-w6; Greenview; Creek

West Jasper Place; 35-52-25-w4; Edmonton;

West Liberty; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

West Lynne S.D.; Elnora; Red Deer; School District

West Macleod; 9-9-26-w4; Willow Creek;

West Michichi Creek; 29-29-19-w4; Starland; Creek

West Nose Creek; 14-25-1-w5; Calgary; Creek

West Paddle S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

West Peace River; 83-22-w5; Peace; Hamlet

West Point S.D.; Alder Flats; Wetaskiwin; School District

West Prairie River; 14-75-17-w5; Big Lakes; River

West Salisbury; 29-52-23-w4; Strathcona;

West Whitemud Creek; 36-47-26-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

West Wingham; 25-32-11-w4; Special Area 2; Former Post Office

Westcott (a.k.a. Kansas); 35-30-3-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Westerdale; 14-32-3-w5; Mountainview; Former Locality

Westerdale S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Western Monarch; 21-27-18-w4; Starland; Hamlet

Western Ridge S.D.; Hayter; Provost; School District

Westerose; 9-46-28-w5; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Westholm; ; Red Deer;

Westlock (a.k.a. Edison); 5-60-26-w4; Westlock; Town

Westlock Municipal District; 63-24-27-w4; Newell; Municipal District

Westminster S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Westoe S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

Weston Lake; 35-4-17-w4; Warner; Lake

Westvale; 30-76-3-w6; Birch Hills; Former Post Office

Westward Ho; 33-32-4-w5; Mountainview; Hamlet

Wesukemina Creek; 27-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Wetaskiwin; 14-46-24-w4; Wetaskiwin; City

Wetaskiwin County; (45to47)-(22to7)-w4&5; Wetaskiwin; County

Whaleback Lake; 24-123-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Wharranton (a.k.a. Baraca); 28-26-11-w4; Special Area 2;

Whatcheer; 27-33-11-w4; Special Area 2;

Wheat Centre; 3-16-18-w4; Vulcan; Former Locality

Wheatbelt (a.k.a. Veteran); 18-35-8-w4; Special Area 4; Former Post Office

Wheeler; 13-97-24-w4; Wood Buffalo;

Wheeler Island; 24-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Whelp Brook; 7-41-26-w4; Lacombe; Brook

Whey Lake; 9-27-19-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Whiskey Creek; 7-16-3-w5; Foothills; Creek

Whiskey Creek; 9-33-7-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Whiskey Gap (a.k.a. Fareham); 16-1-23-w4; Cardston; Locality

Whiskey Jack Creek; 19-90-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Whiskey Jack Lake; 17-90-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Whiskeyjack Lake; 32-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Whispering Hills; 34-66-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

Whistwow Lake; 20-89-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Whitburn; 21-79-8-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Whitby Lake; 31-59-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

White Clover S.D.; Rochester; Athabasca; School District

White Cow Lake; 30-88-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

White Creek (a.k.a. Spring Creek); 10-35-3-w5; Red Deer; Creek

White Earth Creek (a.k.a. White Earth Brook); 6-59-15-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

White Elk; 23-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

White Fish Lake (a.k.a. Goodfish Lake); 62-13-w4; Smoky Lake;

White Gull; 11-67-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

White Horse Lake; 4-20-4-w4; Cypress; Lake

White Lake S.D.; Monarch; Lethbridge; School District

White Mud; 16-51-25-w4; Edmonton;

White Mud S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc;

White Rock Coulee; 18-17-3-w4; Cypress; Coulee

White Rose Station; ; Rockyview; Station

White Sands; 27-40-20-w5; Clearwater; Summer Village

White Star Coal Mine; South Edmonton; Leduc; Mine

White Swan; Berwyn; Peace;

Whitebrush; 1-42-21-w4; Camrose;

Whitebrush Lake; 18-42-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Whitecourt (a.k.a. White Court); 35-59-12-w5; Woodlands; Town

Whitecourt Creek (a.k.a. Beaver Creek); 35-59-12-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Whitecroft; 23-52-23-w4; Edmonton; Hamlet

Whitefish Creek; 12-63-14-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Whitefish Lake; 14-62-13-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Whitefish Lake Indian Reserve; 36-61-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Indian Reserve

Whitefish River (a.k.a. Richardson River); 34-108-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Whitehay River (a.k.a. Roe River); 36-117-21-w5; Mackenzie; River

Whitelaw; 15-82-1-w6; Fairview; Hamlet

Whitemud Creek (a.k.a. Eymundson Creek); 9-98-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Whitemud Creek; 24-52-25-w4; Edmonton; Creek

Whitemud Creek; 1-75-23-w5; Smoky River;

Whitemud Creek; 1-75-23-w5; Smoky River; Former Post Office

Whitemud Falls; 3-89-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Falls

Whitemud Hills; 17-85-25-w5; Northern Lights; Hills

Whitemud River (a.k.a. Roe River); 36-117-21-w5; Mackenzie; River

Whitemud River; 30-88-20-w5; East Peace; River

Whitesand Point; 1-117-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Whitesand River; 36-126-10-w5; Mackenzie; River

Whitewater Lake; 11-45-13-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Whitewood Lake; 20-53-4-w5; Parkland; Lake

Whitford; 30-56-15-w4; Two Hills; Hamlet

Whitford Creek; 20-55-17-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Whitford Lake; 26-56-16-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Whitham Lake; 13-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Whitla; 5-11-8-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Whitla Coulee; 3-10-8-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Whitney; 18-10-22-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Whitney Lake; 17-56-4-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Whittaker S.D.; Coronation; Paintearth; School District

Whitton; 34-35-5-w4; Special Area 4;

Whyetnow Lake; 11-98-21-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Wiau River; 18-73-9-w4; Lakeland; River

Widewater; 32-73-7-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Wien; 32-57-23-w4; Sturgeon;

Wiesenthal; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Wiesville (a.k.a. Aspen Beach); 22-40-28-w4; Lacombe; Former Post Office

Wilcox S.D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Wild Horse (a.k.a. Sage Creek); 4-1-2-w4; Cypress; Port of Entry

Wild Horse; 4-1-2-w4; Cypress;

Wild Rose S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Wild Turnip Hill; 18-8-24-w4; Cardston; Hill

Wildcat; 16-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Wildcat Hills; 26,27-5-w5; Rockyview; Hills

Wildhay River; 58-23-w5; Yellowhead; River

Wildhorse (a.k.a. Ballantine); 26-57-4-w5; Barrhead; Former Locality

Wildmere; 18-48-5-w5; Vermilion River; Locality

Wildunn; 18-30-13-w4; Special Area 2;

Wildwood (a.k.a. Jarrow, Junkins); 27-53-9-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Wildwood District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Wilhelmina (a.k.a. Altario); 13-34-2-w4; Special Area 4; Former Post Office

Wilkin Lake (a.k.a. Bush Lake); 32-72-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Wilkins Lake; 9-42-8-w4; Provost; Lake

Willesden Green; 1-43-5-w5; Clearwater; Locality

William Mackenzie Indian Reserve; 11-81-19-w5; East Peace; Indian Reserve

William Smith Lake; 36-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Williams Coulee; 15,16-16-29-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Williams Lake; 17-90-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Williams' Stopping House; Airdrie; Rockyview; Stopping Place

Williamson Lake; 36-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Williamson Lake Provincial park; 23-70-24-w5; Greenview; Provincial Park

Williamson's Hall; Berwyn; Peace; Hall

Willingdon; 11-56-15-w4; Two Hills; Village

Willingdon Hill; 24-2-w5; Calgary; Hill

Williscroft Island; 24-99-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Williston; 26-37-14-w4; Paintearth;

Willow Creek; 29-49-27-w4; Leduc; Creek

Willow Creek; 12-28-19-w4; Badlands; Locality

Willow Creek; 7-28-18-w4; Badlands; Creek

Willow Creek; 29-9-25-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Willow Creek Mine; Verdant Valley; Starland; Mine

Willow Creek Municipal District; ; Willow Creek; Municipal District

Willow Creek Provincial Park; 28-13-28-w4; Willow Creek; Provincial Park

Willow Flat S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Willow Glen; Hayter; Provost; District

Willow Island; 34,35-21-25-w4; Vulcan; Island

Willow Island; 6-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Willow Island; 8-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Willow Lake (a.k.a. Gregoire Lake); 14-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Willow Lake; 11-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Willow Lake; 10-61-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Willow Opening; 20-71-15-w5; Big Lakes; Meadow

Willow Opening Creek; 35-71-15-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Willow Park S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Willow Point; 6-109-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Willow Point; 19-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Point

Willow Ridge S.D.; Perryvale; Athabasca; School District

Willow River; 31-80-25-w4; Opportunity; River

Willow S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Willow Springs Ranch; Airdrie; Rockyview; Ranch

Willow Trail; 2-64-7-w4; Lakeland; Former Locality

Willowbend Reservoir; 1-31-13-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

Willowlea; 18-52-1-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Willows (a.k.a. Blacktail); 3-14-29-w4; Willow Creek;

Willows; 12-14-1-w5; Ranchlands;

Wilson; 33-7-20-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Wilson Coulee; 21-1-w5; Foothills; Coulee

Wilson Creek; 31-43-4-w5; Ponoka; Creek

Wilson Creek; 11-68-7-w6; Greenview; Creek

Wilson Lake; 31-68-7-w6; Greenview; Lake

Wilson Ridge; 26-68-7-w6; Greenview; Ridge

Wilson Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Wilton Park; 12-50-1-w5; Leduc;

Wimbledon S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Wimborne; 26-33-26-w4; Kneehill; Hamlet

Winagami; 31-77-19-w5; Smoky River; Railway Point

Winagami Lake; 33-76-18-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Winagami Provincial Park; 36-76-18-w5; Big Lakes; Provincial Park

Winchell Coulee; 29-5-w5; Mountainview; Coulee

Windfall; 18-60-15-w5; Woodlands; Hamlet

Windfall Creek; 19-60-15-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Windfall Lake; 33-65-16-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Windfall Lake; 18-66-5-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Winding Trail S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Windsor Creek; 31-71-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Former Locality

Windsor Creek; 5-72-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Windsor Lake; 10-42-22-w4; Camrose; Lake

Windy Lake; 9-40-9-w4; Provost; Lake

Windy Lake; 31-49-4-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Windy Lake; 1-65-18-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Windy Point Mine; Turner Valley; Foothills; Mine

Windyridge (a.k.a. Pleasant View); 5-9-9-w4; Forty Mile;

Winefred Lake; 75-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Winefred River; 20-81-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Winfield; 18-46-3-w5; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Winfield S.D.; ; Yellowhead; School District

Wingami; ; Smoky River;

Winniandy; ; Greenview;

Winnifred; 17-11-9-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Winnifred Lake; 11-118-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Winnington; 15-24-11-w4; Special Area 2;

Winterburn; 31-52-25-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Wintering Hills; 26-19-w4; Wheatland; Hills

Winters S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Wisdom; 1-9-6-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Wisla S.D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Wiste; 35-32-7-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Withrow; 28-39-4-w5; Clearwater; Hamlet

Wittenburg (a.k.a. Leedale); 2-42-4-w5; Ponoka; Former Post Office

Wizard Lake; 5-48-27-w4; Leduc; Lake

Woking; 19-76-5-w6; Saddle Hills; Hamlet

Wolf; 23-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Wolf Coulee; 20-11-w4; Newell; Coulee

Wolf Creek (a.k.a. Rose Creek); 26-46-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Wolf Creek; 8-32-16-w4; Starland; Creek

Wolf Creek; 4-41-26-w4; Lacombe; Creek

Wolf Creek; 2-54-16-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Wolf Hill; 24-34-18-w4; Stettler; Hill

Wolf Island; 20-11-14-w4; Taber; Island

Wolf Lake (a.k.a. Calumet Lake); 18-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Wolf Lake; 24-17-w4; Newell; Lake

Wolf Lake; 2-66-7-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Wolf River; 16-66-7-w4; Lakeland; River

Wolf River Ranch; 1-46-8-w5; Clearwater; Ranch

Wolfe Lake; 20-74-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Wolfe S.D.; Withrow; Clearwater; School District

Woltan Coulee; 14-7-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Wolverine Lake; 5-69-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Wolverine River; 14-101-19-w5; Northern Lights; River

Wolyn; 18-63-18-w4; Athabasca; Former Locality

Wonderland; Blueberry Mountain; Saddle Hills; District

Wood Buffalo Lake; 32-84-20-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Wood Buffalo National Park; 116-16-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; National Park

Wood Buffalo River; 23-86-24-w4; Opportunity; River

Wood Creek; 20-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Wood Lake (a.k.a. Gabriel Lake, Gabriel's Hill Lake); 12-40-4-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Wood Lake; 15-71-5-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Wood Lake; 29-37-22-w4; Red Deer; Lake / District

Wood River; 1-43-24-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Woodbend; 19-51-25-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Woodbine; Grand Centre; Bonnyville;

Woodburn S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Woodenhouse River; 7-88-23-w4; Opportunity; River

Woodenpan Lake; 3-52-22-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Woodglen; 2-47-15-w4; Beaver; Former Locality

Woodgrove; 20-58-21-w4; Thorhild; Railway Point

Woodhouse; 30-11-26-w4; Willow Creek; Locality

Woodman Lake; 29-121-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Woodmore S.D.; Rossington; Westlock; School District

Woodpecker Creek; 31-70-22-w5; Greenview; Creek

Woodpecker Island; 18-10-16-w4; Taber; Island

Woodridge Heights; Bittern Lake; Camrose;

Woody Nook; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Woolchester; 12-10-5-w4; Cypress; Locality

Wooler S.D.; Cheddarville; Clearwater; School District

Woolf Coulee; 31-14-21-w4; Vulcan; Coulee

Woolford (a.k.a. Woolford Station); 4-3-24-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Woolford Ford; 3-24-w4; Cardston; Ford

Woolford Provincial Park; 5-3-24-w4; Cardston; Provincial Park

Woolford Station (a.k.a. Woolford); 4-3-24-w4; Cardston;

Worley (a.k.a. Golden Spike); 30-51-27-w4; Parkland; Former Locality

Worm Lake; 3-62-27-w4; Westlock; Lake

Worry Lake; 30-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Worsley; 36-86-8-w6; Clear Hills; Hamlet

Wostok; 16-56-17-w4; Lamont; Hamlet

Wrentham; 36-6-17-w4; Warner; Hamlet

Writing Creek; 25-27-1-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Writing On Stone Provincial Park; 35-1-13-w4; Warner; Provincial Park

Wye; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Wyechi; ; Strathcona;

Wyeclif; 19-52-22-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Wylie Lake; 12-119-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Wyncote S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Wynder Coulee; 12-2-27-w4; Cardston; Coulee

Wyndham S.D.; Elnora; Red Deer; School District

Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park; 31,32-21-25-w4; Vulcan; Provincial Park

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Y, The; 18-99-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Y. T. Ranch; Stavely; Willow Creek; Ranch

Ya Ha Tinda Ranch; ; Clearwater;

Yagraw Lake; 4-67-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Yak Lakes; 14-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Lakes

Yankee Flats; 16-36-2-w5; Red Deer; Flat

Yankee Valley; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Yarrow (a.k.a. Uptonburgh); 18-4-28-w4; Pincher Creek;

Yarrow Creek; 15-4-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Yates; 17-54-16-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Yates River (a.k.a. Big River); 31-126-12-w5; Mackenzie; River

Yekau Lake; 15-52-26-w4; Parkland; Lake

Yelling Creek; 14-60-9-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Yellow Lake; 13-9-12-w4; Forty Mile; Lake

Yellowstone; 9-55-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Yellowstone Creek; 3-71-13-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Yeoford; 30-46-2-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Yetwood; 6-15-20-w4; Vulcan;

Yoke Lake; 7-72-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Yorkville; ; Strathcona;

Young Creek; 26-38-13-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Young's Point Provincial park; 11-71-24-w5; Greenview; Provincial Park

Youngstown; 33-29-9-w4; Special Area 3; Village

Youngstown; 6-45-13-w4; Flagstaff; Former Post Office

Youngville S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Ypres Valley; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Yule Meadow; 16-48-23-w4; Leduc;

Yule S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Zama City; 13-117-5-w6; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Zama Lake; 1-113-7-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Zama Lake Indian Reserve; 22-112-8-w6; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Zama River; 31-113-5-w6; Mackenzie; River

Zaporoze S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Zawale; 6-56-16-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Zeer Lake; 12-64-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Zella S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Zenith; 4-37-18-w4; Stettler;

Zeta Lake; 29-48-12-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Zetland (a.k.a. Hemaruka); 28-32-8-w4; Special Area 4;

Zig Zag Lake; 8-95-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Zoldovara; 2-48-9-w4; Minburn; Former Locality

Zumbusch Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

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