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The index now has nearly 8,000 place names in Alberta including cities, towns, villages, hamlets, localities, school districts, reserves, railway points, lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, etc.

Various sources were used for this index including the Post Office Database, Place Names of Alberta Series, Local History Books and maps. The index is not a complete listing. If you can add a place name or find an error please contact the Alberta GenWeb Coordinator.

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Kahwin; 8-58-16-w4; Lamont; Locality

Kakenokamaksik Lake; 24-99-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Kakina Lake; 24-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Kakisa River; 25-126-11-w6; Mackenzie; River

Kakut Creek; 9-76-2-w6; Birch Hills; Creek

Kakut Lake (a.k.a. Kakout Lake); 34-76-4-w6; Birch Hills; Lake

Kakwa Mountain (a.k.a. Mount Cross); 2-59-14-w6; Greenview; Mountain

Kakwa River (a.k.a. Porcupine River); 64-4-w6; Greenview; River

Kaleland (a.k.a. Island Lake); 10-55-13-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Kamisak Lake; 22-71-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Kamistikowik Lake; 34-82-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Kananaskis; 25-24-9-w5; Kananaskis;

Kanata; 17-40-20-w4; Stettler; Former Locality

Kansas (a.k.a. Westcott); 2-31-3-w5; Mountainview; Former Post Office

Kapasiwin (a.k.a. Kapasiwin, Wabamun Beach); 53-3-w5; Parkland; Summer Village

Karr Creek; 5-64-2-w6; Greenview; Creek

Karr Lake; 9-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Katchemut Creek; 3-51-18-w4; Strathcona; Creek

Kathleen (a.k.a. Doussal); 35-76-19-w5; Smoky River; Hamlet

Kathleen Lake; 23-56-15-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Kathleen S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Kathryn (a.k.a. Kathyrn); 16-26-27-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Kathryn Lake; 30-66-6-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Kavanagh; 36-48-25-w4; Leduc; Hamlet

Kaybob; 1-62-20-w5; Greenview; Railway Point

Kaydee (a.k.a. Gregg River); 28-47-24-w5; Jasper;

Kayow (a.k.a. Bonanza); 9-8-12-w6; Saddle Hills; Former Post Office

Keane Creek; 2-109-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Kearl Lake (a.k.a. Muskeg Lake); 33-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Keeblo Hill; 12-66-6-w6; Greenview; Hill

Keephills; 17-51-3-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Keeping Lake (a.k.a. Hay Lake); 3-75-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Keg River; 25-102-20-w5; Northern Lights; River

Keg River; 9-101-23-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Keg River; 21-101-24-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Keg River; 23-101-24-w5; Northern Lights; Railway Point

Kehiwin Indian Reserve; 28-59-6-w4; Bonnyville; Indian Reserve

Kehiwin Lake; 36-58-7-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Keho; 7-11-22-w4; Lethbridge;

Keho Lake; 11-22,23-w4; Lethbridge; Lake

Keith; 5-25-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Keith Lake; 15-64-8-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Keiver's Lake; 25-31-26-w4; Kneehill; Lake

Kelly Creek; 24-33-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Kelly Lake; 27-100-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Kelly Lake; 34-56-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Kelsey; 4-45-18-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Kelvindale S.D.; Majestic; Special Area 2; School District

Kemp River; 8-101-22-w5; Northern Lights; River

Kemp River; 34-98-22-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Kempton; 25-72-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Former Locality

Kenee Island; 32-86-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Kenex; 22-11-24-w4; Lethbridge;

Kenilworth District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Kenilworth Lake; 21-50-4-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Kenmaul (a.k.a. Sunnydale); 24-26-5-w4; Special Area 3;

Kennedy Coulee (a.k.a. Canada Coulee, Canadian Coulee); 2,3-1-6-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Kennedy Creek; 2-1-6-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Kennedy Creek; 4-61-22-w4; Thorhild; Creek

Kennedy Lake; 30-120-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Kennedy's Coulee; 16-23-2-w4; Acadia; Coulee

Kenning Slough; 27-36-28-w4; Red Deer; Slough

Kenny Woods; 14-105-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Kent S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Kenzie; 29-75-18-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Keoma; 13-26-27-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Keoma Rural Municipality; ; Rockyview;

Keppler Creek; 35-94-20-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Kerensky; 13-58-22-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Kerfoot Creek; 10-27-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Kerndale; 13-83-25-w5; Peace; Former Locality

Kern's Lake; 14-50-8-w4; Minburn; Lake

Kerr Lake (a.k.a. Shit Lake); 11-64-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Kerralta Mine; West Lethbridge; Lethbridge; Mine

Kersey (a.k.a. The English Colony); 9-28-27-w4; Rockyview; Locality

Kessler; 26-38-8-w4; Paintearth; Former Post Office

Kessler Hall; ; Provost; Hall

Ketchum (a.k.a. Liliendale); 24-82-1-w6; Fairview;

Ketchum Creek (a.k.a. Catchem Creek); 21-4-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Ketchum Lake; 13-82-1-w6; Fairview; Lake

Kettle Lake; 34-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Kettle River; 28-80-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Kettles Creek; 25-6-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Kevisville; 25-35-4-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Kew; 30-20-3-w5; Foothills;

Keyes S.D.; Colinton; Athabasca; School District

Keystone (a.k.a. Breton); 1-48-4-w5; Brazeau; Former Post Office

Keystone Hills; 29-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Hill

Khahago Creek; 36-95-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Kidney Lake; 2-90-4-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Kidney Pond; 6-109-23-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Kiew (a.k.a. New Kiew); 20-53-13-w4; Minburn;

Kiew S.D.; Brosseau; Two Hills; School District

Kikino; 18-53-14-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Kikino Metis Settlement (a.k.a. Beaver River Metis Settlement); 19-63-15-w4; Lakeland; Metis Settlement

Kilini Creek; 31-53-1-w5; Parkland; Creek

Killam; 17-44-13-w4; Flagstaff; Town

Killarney Lake; 23-41-1-w4; Provost; Lake

Killarney Lake; 34-41-1-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Kilo S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Kilome Lake; 6-126-1-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Kilpatrick Creek; 27-116-18-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Kilsyth; 1-65-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Kilsyth Creek; 18-65-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Kilsyth Lake; 8-65-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Kimball (a.k.a. Colles); 25-1-25-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Kimiwan Lake (a.k.a. Round Lake); 8-78-19-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Kimowin Lake; 16-83-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Kimowin River; 24-83-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Kimura Lake; 29-57-22-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Kinbrook Island; 19-17-14-w4; Newell; Island

Kinbrook Island Provincial Park; 19-17-14-w4; Newell; Provincial Park

Kinear S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

King Lake; 26-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Kingman; 8-49-19-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Kingston S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

Kingsway; Flatbush; Lesser Slave River; District

Kinikinik; 5-65-20-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Kinikinik Lake; 31-64-20-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Kininvie; 29-16-11-w4; Newell; Railway Point

Kinmundy; 28-24-8-w4; Special Area 3; Post Office

Kinnaird Lake; 6-67-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Kinnondale; 22-17-18-w4; Vulcan;

Kinnoul (a.k.a. Kinoull, Colinton); 10-65-22-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Kinokamau Lake; 16-53-25-w4; Edmonton; Lake

Kinosis; 1-85-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Kinosis Creek; 8-85-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Kinosis Lake; 36-84-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Kinosiu Lake (a.k.a. Long Lake); 17-66-16-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Kinsella; 27-46-11-w4; Beaver; Hamlet

Kinuso (a.k.a. Swan River); 23-73-10-w5; Big Lakes; Village

Kipeecheechagum Lake; 36-91-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Kipp (a.k.a. Prairie View); 29-9-22-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Kipp Coulee; 5-19-w4; Warner; Coulee

Kipp Lake; 35-59-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Kippenville; 2-2-12-w4; Warner; Post Office

Kirby Lake; 6-74-5-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Kirby S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

Kirk; 24-53-10-w5; Yellowhead;

Kirk Lake; 17-53-25-w4; Edmonton; Lake

Kirkcaldy; 9-16-24-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Kirkness Island; 21-124-5-w6; Mackenzie; Island

Kirkpatrick; 24-29-21-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Kirkpatrick Lake; 35-33-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Kirkpatrick S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Kiron; 33-45-19-w4; Camrose; Locality

Kirriemuir; 13-34-3-w4; Special Area 4; Hamlet

Kiskatinaw Lake; 14-87-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Kitchener S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Kitscoty; 26-50-3-w4; Vermilion River; Village

Kitsim; 27-17-16-w4; Newell; Former Locality

Kitsim S.D.; Bow City; Newell;

Kitto Lake; 29-50-5-w5; Brazeau; Lake

Kitty Lake; 9-50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Klemme; 14-41-19-w4; Stettler;

Kleskun Creek; 28-73-2-w6; Greenview; Creek

Kleskun Hill; 24-72-4-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Kleskun Hill; 28-72-4-w6; Grande Prairie; Hill

Kleskun Lake Ranch; ; Grande Prairie; Ranch

Klondyke Trail S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie;

Knappen; 10-1-11-w4; Warner; Former Locality

Knee Hill Valley; 6-35-26-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Knee Hills; 19-32-25-w4; Kneehill; Hills

Kneehill; 9-29-20-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Kneehill Municipal District; (28to34)-(22to26)-w4; Kneehill; Municipal District

    When this area was homesteaded (1900-1914) local improvement Districts were formed. In 1944 the Municipal Districts of Carbon, Norquay, Stauffer and Roach (later named Ghost Pine) joined together to form Kneehill Municipal District.

    Towns and Villages and Development Areas: Three Hills, Acme, Linden, Trochu, Carbon, Huxley, Hesketh, Torrington, Swalwell, Drumheller

    Kneehill is bordered by
    West- County of Mountain View
    East- Red Deer River
    North County of Red Deer
    South County of Wheatland
    Southeast by the City of Drumheller

    Land area in the M.D. of Kneehill
    Township 28, part or all of Ranges 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
    Township 29, part or all of Ranges 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
    Township 30, part or all of Ranges 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
    Township 31, part or all of Ranges 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
    Township 32, part or all of Ranges 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
    Township 33, part or all of Ranges 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
    Township 34, part or all of Ranges 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
    Township 35, 8 sections in Ranges 25, 26

Kneehills Creek; 24-29-21-w4; Kneehill; Creek

Knight; 1-60-18-w5; Woodlands; Railway Point

Knight Creek; 20-2-20-w4; Cardston; Creek

Knights Creek; 7-116-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Knob Hill; 22-46-3-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Knoll S.D.; Michichi; Starland; School District

Knolton (a.k.a. Strome); 6-45-15-w4; Flagstaff;

Kohler Coulee; 29-13-29-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Kohler Coulee S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Koknee; 27-49-5-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Kolomea; 18-53-15-w4; Minburn;

Konah Lake; 11-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Koney Island; 30-51-21-w4; Strathcona; Island

Kopernick (a.k.a. Koperville); 20-47-15-w4; Beaver;

Koperville (a.k.a. Kopernick); 20-47-15-w4; Beaver;

Kora; 6-29-25-w4; Kneehill;

Krakow; 15-55-17-w4; Lamont; Locality

Krause Creek; 7-116-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Krause Lake; 3-66-10-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Kress Lake; 31-103-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Ksituan; 34-79-7-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Ksituan Lake (a.k.a. Anna Lake); 36-78-10-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Ksituan River; 14-80-5-w6; Saddle Hills; River

Kuntz Creek; 11-14-30-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Kurth Lake; 32-32-20-w4; Starland; Lake

Kuusamo; 26-38-2-w5; Red Deer; Railway Point

Kyiskap Creek; 11-10-27-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

La Biche River; 28-69-17-w4; Athabasca; River

La Butte; 23-120-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hill

La Butte Creek; 15-120-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

La Calmette; 24-58-26-w4; Westlock;

La Corey; 7-63-5-w4; Bonnyville; Hamlet

La Crete; 9-106-15-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

La Glace; 7-74-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Hamlet

La Glace Lake; 1-74-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

La Madeleine; 34-60-10-w4; St. Paul;

La Pearl; 26-41-3-w4; Provost;

Labuma (a.k.a. Harrison); 10-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Labyrinth Lake; 5-48-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Lac Bellevue; 7-56-9-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Lac Canard; 3-57-9-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Lac Cardinal (a.k.a. Bear Lake); 12-84-25-w5; Northern Lights; Former Locality

Lac Des Ares; ; Bighorn;

Lac La Biche (a.k.a. Lac La Biche Station, Lac La Biche Mission); 6-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Town

Lac La Biche Mission (a.k.a. Lac La Biche, Lac La Biche Station); 29-67-14-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Lac La Biche Settlement; 1-67,68-14,15-w4; Lakeland; Settlement

Lac La Biche Station (a.k.a. Lac La Biche, Lac La Biche Mission); 62-67-14-w4; Lakeland;

Lac La Nonne; 12-57-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Lac Magloire; 9-79-21-w5; Smoky River; Former Locality

Lac St. Vincent; 32-59-9-w4; St. Paul;

Lac Ste. Anne; 30-54-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Lac Ste. Anne County; 59-1-9-w5; Lac Ste Anne; County

Lac Ste. Anne Settlement; 19-54-4,5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Settlement

Lachan S. D.; Entwistle; Parkland;

Lacombe (a.k.a. Barnett); 30-40-26-w4; Lacombe; Town

Lacombe County; (39to41)-(23to4)-w4/w5; Lacombe; County

Lacombe Lake; 10-40-27-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Lacroix, Lac (a.k.a. Cross Lake); 26-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Ladybank; ; Edmonton;

Laelholme; 10-44-1-w4; Wainwright;

Lafond; 6-57-10-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Lafond Creek; 17-93-7-w5; East Peace; Creek

Lafont Island; 12-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Laggan (a.k.a. Lake Louise); 28-28-16-w5; Banff;

Lahaieville; 14-67-24-w4; Athabasca;

Lake de May; 14-47-19-w4; Camrose;

Lake Eliza; 5-56-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Lake Geneva; 28-52-8-w4; Minburn; Former Locality

Lake Isle (a.k.a. Shearwater); 8-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Lake Louise (a.k.a. Laggan); 28-28-16-w5; Banff;

Lake Louise, Chateau; 28-16-w5; Banff;

Lake Majeau; 19-56-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Lake McGregor; 10-18-22-w4; Vulcan; Former Locality

Lake Saskatoon (a.k.a. Beaverlodge); 2-72-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Lake Thelma; 9-35-12-w4; Paintearth;

Lake Thomas (a.k.a. Phillips); 24-47-12-w4; Beaver; Former Post Office

Lake View; 35-24-w4; Red Deer; District

Lake Whitney S.D.; Heinsburg District; St. Paul; School District

Lakedell; 23-46-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Lakefield S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Lakesend (a.k.a. Airways); 26-39-8-w4; Provost; Locality

Lakeview; 15-35-24-w4; Red Deer;

Lakeview; 12-53-4-w5; Parkland; Summer Village

Lakeview Lake; 10-35-24-w4; Kneehill; Lake

Lakeview Lake; 29-63-26-w4; Westlock; Lake

Lalby Creek; 20-78-22-w5; Birch Hills; Creek

Lambert Creek; 2-51-21-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Lambert Creek; 6-106-2-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Lambert Park; 25-52-24-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Lambert Pond (a.k.a. Laurence's Lake, Keeler's Pond); 12-53-17-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Lamerton; 33-40-22-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Lamont; 17-55-19-w4; Lamont; Town

Lamont Creek; 16-55-19-w4; Lamont; Creek

Lamont Island; 22-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

Lamoral; 2-40-11-w5; Clearwater; Former Locality

L'Amoureux; 22-55-22-w4; Sturgeon;

Lampburg S.D.; Ranfurly; Minburn; School District

Lampley Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Lancaster Park (a.k.a. Guthrie Park); 21-54-24-w4; Edmonton; Canadian Forces Base

Landels River; 28-80-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Landonville; 2-55-6-w4; Two Hills; Former Post Office

Landry Heights; 15-70-6-w6; Greenview; Hamlet

Landry Lake; 25-60-5-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Land's End S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Landseer S.D.; Rockyford; Wheatland; School District

Lane Creek (a.k.a. Coon Creek); 6-14-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Lane Lake; 18-66-6-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Lane Lake; 3-121-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Lanes Lake; 30-37-14-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Lanfine; 7-28-5-w4; Special Area 3; Hamlet

Lang Lake; 29-50-10-w4; Minburn; Lake

Langdon; 23-23-27-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Langevin (a.k.a. Alderson); 20-15-10-w4; Cypress; Former Railway Point

Langford Park; 16-53-4-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Lanuke; 20-54-12-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Lapworth Point; 32-116-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Larch Tree; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Lariat Cross; 3-25-w4; Cardston; Ford

Larkspur; 30-53-19-w4; Lamont;

Larkspur; 5-63-25-w4; Westlock; Summer Village

Larmour; 30-11-1-w4; Cypress; Station

Larne Creek; 8-119-23-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Larocque Lake; 7-105-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Larry Lake; 2-50-21-w4; Leduc; Lake

Larvert S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Lassiter Project; Rycroft; Spirit River; District

Last Lake; 25-83-26-w5; Peace; Locality

Last Lake; 36-83-1-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Last West; Eckville; Lacombe;

Lathom; 29-20-17-w4; Newell; Locality

Lathom Lake; 21,28-20-17-w4; Kneehill; Lake

Lathrop Creek; 28-86-10-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Latornell; 14-65-3-w6; Greenview; Railway Point

Latornell River (a.k.a. Moose River); 14-69-27-w5; Greenview; River

Latta Ravine; ; Edmonton;

Lattice Creek; 10-70-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Lauderdale; ; Edmonton;

Laura Lake; 32-61-11-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Laura S.D.; Richmond Park; Athabasca; School District

Laurence; 13-15-26-w4; Vulcan;

Lauretta Island; 16-64-10-w4; Lakeland; Island

Laurier Lake; 22-56-4-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Laurier Park; ; Edmonton;

Lavada District; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River;

Lavesta; 20-43-3-w5; Ponoka; Locality

Lavoy (a.k.a. Dinwoodie); 4-52-13-w4; Minburn; Village

Lawndale; 24-16-22-w4; Vulcan;

Lawrence Lake; 23-69-25-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Lawrence Lake S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Lawrence River (a.k.a. Horse Creek); 24-108-7-w5; Mackenzie; River

Lawrence S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Lawson Lake; 13-50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Lawsonburg; 14-29-16-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Lawton; 27-58-4-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Layden S.D.; Rockyford; Wheatland; School District

Layton Creek; 25-5-26-w4; Cardston; Creek

Lazar Lake; 10-98-25-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Le Goff (a.k.a. Legoff, Beaver River); 17-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Former Post Office

Lea Meadow (a.k.a. Veillette); 28-59-13-w4; Smoky Lake;

Lea Park; 14-54-3-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Lea Park Provincial Recreation Area; 14-54-3-w4; Vermilion River; Recreation Area

Leach Lake S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Leachville S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Leafland; 31-40-4-w5; Clearwater;

Leahurst; 26-39-19-w4; Stettler; Locality

Lealholme; ; Wainwright;

Leaman (a.k.a. Chip Lake); 32-53-10-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Leane Lake; 27-41-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Leasowe (a.k.a. Middleton); 10-51-26-w4; Parkland; Former Locality

Leavings (a.k.a. Granum); 31-10-26-w4; Willow Creek; Former Locality

Leavitt; 31-2-26-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Lebanon S.D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Lebeaus Lake; 6-61-25-w4; Westlock; Lake

Leddy; 11-85-23-w5; Northern Lights; Railway Point

Leddy Lake (a.k.a. St. Germain Lake); 30-85-22-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Leduc; 26-49-25-w4; Leduc; City

Lee Creek; 23-3-25-w4; Cardston; Creek

Lee Heights S.D.; Perryvale; Athabasca; School District

Lee Lake; 7-35-18-w4; Stettler; Lake

Lee Lake; 6-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Leech Lake; 23-59-9-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Leedale (a.k.a. Wittenburg); 35-4-4-w5; Pincher Creek; Locality

Leedale; Eckville; Lacombe;

Leeds S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Leeshore; 13-58-20-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Leeson & Scott Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Legal; 24-57-25-w4; Sturgeon; Village

Legend; 19-6-12-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Legend Coulee; 24-5-12-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Legend Lake (a.k.a. Red Water Lake); 7-97-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Leggett Creek; 31-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Leggo Lake; 4-124-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Legoff (a.k.a. Le Goff); 17-62-2-w4; Bonnyville;

Lehigh; 31-27-18-w4; Badlands; Hamlet

Leicester; 3-78-16-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Leicester Lake; 11-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Leighmore; 5-71-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Leighton; 10-53-1-w4; Vermilion River; Former Post Office

Leighton; Barrhead; Barrhead;

Leismer; 17-78-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Leith River (a.k.a. Little Burnt River); 7-80-1-w6; Fairview; River

Leith S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Leithead Lake; 29-35-15-w4; Stettler; Lake

Leland Lakes; 126-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Leming Lake (a.k.a. Island Lake); 2-65-4-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Lemiseau Lake; 35-70-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Lemon Island; 21-123-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Lemp Lake; 33-44-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Lemsford S.D.; ; Cypress; School District

Lenarthur; 9-87-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Lennard Creek; 22-96-12-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Lenox S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

Lenzie; 10-9-22-w4; Lethbridge; Former Locality

Leo; 34-35-17-w4; Stettler; Locality

Leopoldville; 6-40-11-w4; Flagstaff;

Leo's Creek; 25-89-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Leslieville; 26-39-5-w5; Clearwater; Hamlet

Lessard; 1-63-5-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Lessard Creek; 28-124-17-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Lessard Lake (a.k.a. Jackfish Lake); 27-55-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Lesser Slave Lake (a.k.a. Grouard); 19-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Post Office

Lesser Slave Lake; 75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park; 74-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Provincial Park

Lesser Slave Lake Settlement; 21-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Settlement

Lesser Slave River; 22-71-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Lesser Slave River, Municipal District of; 65to80-25to6-W5&6; Lesser Slave River; Municipal District

Letendre, Lac; 29-47-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Lethbridge (a.k.a. Coal Banks, Coalhurst); 3-8-21-w4; Lethbridge; City

Letour Lake; 20-50-5-w5; Parkland; Lake

Letts S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Level Hill S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Level Land S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Levellers Creek; 25-103-13-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Levering Lake; 16-49-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Lewiston S.D.; Perryvale; Athabasca; School District

Lewisville; 1-45-23-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Lexden S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Lexion; 23-8-21-w4; Lethbridge; Former Rail Point

Leyland; 8-47-23-w5; Yellowhead;

L'Hirondelle (a.k.a. Little Buffalo); 11-86-14-w5; East Peace; Hamlet

Liberal (a.k.a. Erskine); 28-39-20-w4; Stettler; Former Post Office

Liberty (a.k.a. Major); 30-19-20-w4; Vulcan;

Lick Creek; 11-38-9-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Liege River (a.k.a. Prairie River); 30-90-24-w4; Opportunity; River

Lightbulb Lake; 11-68-16-w5; Big Lakes; Intermittent Lake

Lightning Creek; 34-87-2-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Lignite (a.k.a. Bullocksville); 4-39-23-w4; Lacombe;

Lignite Creek; 28-69-3-w6; Greenview; Creek

Liliendale (a.k.a. Ketchum); 24-82-1-w6; Fairview; Former Locality

Lillabo Lake; 1-114-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Lille; 18-8-3-w5; Ranchlands;

Lillian Lake; 21-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Lillico (a.k.a. Craigmyle); 31-31-16-w4; Starland;

Lily Creek; 14-74-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Lily Lake; 34-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Lily Lake; 7-75-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Lily Lake; 20-57-23-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Lily Lake S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Lime Kiln Lake; 28-5-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Limestone Creek; 4-57-16-w4; Lamont; Creek

Limestone Lake; 4-57-17-w4; Lamont; Lake

Limon Lake; 31-108-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Linaria; 19-61-1-w5; Westlock; Locality

Lincoln; 36-65-24-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Lincoln S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Lindale; 21-49-5-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Lindale; 11-53-22-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Lindbergh (a.k.a. Tyrol, Mooswa); 34-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Lindbrook; 12-51-20-w4; Beaver; Locality

Linden; 20-30-25-w4; Kneehill;

Lindgren Lake; 35-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Lindsville (a.k.a. Bulwark); 34-37-12-w4; Paintearth; Former Post Office

Line Island; 16-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

Line Lake (a.k.a. Reid Lake); 34-100-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Lineham; 24-19-3-w5; Foothills;

Linfield; 36-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Former Locality

Link Lake; 34-32-17-w4; Starland; Lake

Linn Valley (a.k.a. Valleyview); 6-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Hamlet

Linquist Coulee; 7-12-10-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Linton Lake (a.k.a. Long Lake); 6-106-15-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Lisburn (a.k.a. Merebeck); 23-56-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Lister Lake; 30-123-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Litchfield S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Little Bear Lake (a.k.a. Hasse Lake); 19-64-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Bear Lake; 34-70-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Beaver Creek; 19-41-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Little Beaver Lake (a.k.a. Little Sandy Lake); 24-71-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Beaver Lake; 2-65-16-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Beaver Lake; 9-44-21-w4; Camrose; Lake

Little Blue Lake; 18-69-16-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Little Bow; 24-14-24-w4; Vulcan;

Little Bow Lake; 28-14-20-w4; Vulcan; Reservoir

Little Bow Provincial Park; 2-15-22-w4; Vulcan; Provincial Park

Little Bow River; 12-11-19-w4; Lethbridge; River

Little Brule Creek; 35-53-11-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Little Buffalo; 11-86-14-w5; East Peace; Hamlet

Little Buffalo Lake; 3-86-14-w5; East Peace; Lake

Little Buffalo River (a.k.a. Livock River); 12-86-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Little Buffalo River; 34-126-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Little Buffalo River; 7-107-12-w6; Mackenzie; River

Little Cadotte River; 34-88-20-w5; East Peace; River

Little Cascade Rapids; 35-87-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Little Clear River; 21-85-10-w6; Clear Hills; River

Little Dogpound Creek; 33-28-4-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Little Driftpile River; 12-72-13-w5; Big Lakes; River

Little Egg Creek; 12-55-24-w4; Sturgeon; Creek

Little Elk Buttes; 20-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Little Fish Lake (a.k.a. Bloodsucker Lake); 2-75-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Little Fish Lake (a.k.a. Lake of the Little Fishes); 8-28-16-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Little Fish Lake Provincial Park; 9-28-16-w4; Special Area 2; Provincial Park

Little Fishery; 1-112-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Little Fishery River; 18-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Little Flag Lake; 18-41-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Little Fox Hill; 20-19-w4; Vulcan; Hill

Little Garner Lake; 34-60-12-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Little Gem; 18-32-7-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Little Goose Lake; 17-69-24-w5; Greenview; Lake

Little Hay Lake; 5-49-21-w4; Camrose; Lake

Little Hay Lakes (a.k.a. New Sarepta); 34-49-22-w4; Leduc; Former Village

Little Hay River; 28-112-9-w6; Mackenzie; River

Little Horse Creek; 27-79-12-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Little Horse Lake; 13-79-12-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Little Island Lake (a.k.a. Burnt Lakes); 24-95-25-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Little Island Lake; 7-55-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Little Johnson Lake; 19-65-17-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Jumping Pound S.D.; Springbank; Rockyview;

Little Lake; 36-71-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Little Long Lake (a.k.a. Big Chief Lake); 16-72-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little McLeod Lake; 31-61-11-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Little Mountain; 29-72-16-w5; Big Lakes; Hill

Little Muskeg Lake; 27-71-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Musreau Lake; 22-64-5-w6; Greenview; Lake

Little Paddle River; 20-57-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; River

Little Pine Creek; 13-65-22-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Little Plume; 14-9-5-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Little Poplar Island; 21-111-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Little Prairie; 10-81-19-w5; East Peace;

Little Prairie Creek (a.k.a. Sawridge Creek); 5-73-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Little Prairie Creek; 23-70-16-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Little Puskwaskau Lake; 11-71-22-w5; Greenview; Lake

Little Puskwaskau River; 25-74-1-w6; Greenview; River

Little Rapids; 19-114-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Little Rapids Creek; 21-120-19-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Little Rat Lake; 11-69-17-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Little Red Deer River; 16-35-1-w5; Red Deer; River

Little Red River (a.k.a. Fort de la Riviere Rouge, Little Red River Fort); 28-108-5-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Little Rock Island Lake; 33-58-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Little Rocky Point; 20-87-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Little Rolling Hills; 15-14-w4; Newell; Hill

Little Round Lake S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Little Sandhill Creek; 7-21-11-w4; Newell; Creek

Little Smoky; 25-66-22-w5; Greenview; Locality

Little Smoky; 29-74-19-w5; Smoky River; Hamlet

Little Smoky River; 15-77-24-w5; Birch Hills; River

Little Snuff Lake; 5-97-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Little Strawberry Creek; 11-48-3-w5; Leduc; Creek

Little Sundance Creek; 31-53-18-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Little Sundance Lake; 11-55-21-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Little Tawayik Lake; 16-53-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Little Volga (a.k.a. Sundance); 28-52-5-w5; Parkland;

Livingston; Verdant Valley; Starland; District

Livingston Trading Post; Priddis; Foothills; Trading Post

Livingstone (a.k.a. North Fork, Gillingham); 9-9-1-w5; Pincher Creek;

Livingstone; 36-8-2-w5; Pincher Creek;

Livock River (a.k.a. Little Buffalo River); 12-86-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Liza Lake; 23-61-6-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Lloyd Creek; 31-43-2-w5; Ponoka; Creek

Lloyd George M.D.; ; Camrose; Municipal District

Lloydminster; 1-50-1-w4; Vermilion River; City

Lloyds Hill; 22-37-6-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Lloyds S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Lobe Lake; 14-97-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Loblaw Creek; 24-28-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Lobley; 6-34-5-w5; Mountainview;

Lobstick; 30-53-8-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Lobstick Creek; 16-89-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Lobstick Creek; 24-39-5-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Lobstick Island; 5-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Lobstick River; 33-53-9-w5; Yellowhead; River

Lobstick Settlement; 15-58-18-w4; Lamont; Settlement

Loch Sloy; 2-18-2-w5; Foothills;

Lochear; ; Clearwater;

Lochearn; 21-39-7-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Lochend; 26-27-3-w5; Rockyview; Former Locality

Lochend Lake; 26-27-3-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Lochinvar; 30-42-27-w4; Ponoka; Locality

Lochvale (a.k.a. Slave Lake Station, Slave Lake); 31-72-5-w5; Lesser Slave River;

Lockerbie; Barrhead; Barrhead;

Lockhart; 19-41-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Lodge Creek; 24-3-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Lodge Lake (a.k.a. Bobtail Lake, Pearson Lake); 13-66-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Lodgepole; 31-47-9-w5; Brazeau; Hamlet

Lofty Lake (a.k.a. Line Lake); 22-66-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Logan; 6-52-18-w4; Beaver;

Logan Lake; 70-9-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Logan Lake; 23-126-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Logan River; 13-71-12-w4; Lakeland; River

Logan's Hall; Olds; Mountainview; Hall

Lois Lake; 9-66-9-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Loma (a.k.a. Hicksburg); 30-18-24-w4; Vulcan;

Lombell; 5-59-9-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Lomond (a.k.a. Brunetta); 14-16-20-w4; Vulcan; Village

Lone Butte; Hanna; Special Area 2;

Lone Eagle Butte; 17-6-w4; Cypress; Butte

Lone Pine; 19-31-27-w4; Mountainview;

Lone Pine; 27-61-7-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Lone Pine Lake; 9-63-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Lone Pine S.D.; ; Mountainview; School District

Lone Pine Stopping House; ; Mountainview; Stopping House

Lone Pine Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping House

Lone Rock S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Lone Star; 20-89-23-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Lone Star Ranch; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Lonebutte (a.k.a. Lonbutte); 4-28-15-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Lonely Valley Creek; 28-2-20-w4; Cardston; Creek

Lonepine Creek; 4-31-26-w4; Starland; Creek

Lonepine Lake; 6-38-18-w4; Stettler; Lake

Lonesome Coulee; 7-20-4-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Lonesome Lake; 21,28-16-17-w4; Newell; Lake

Long Beach S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Long Bottom S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Long Coulee; 8-15-22-w4; Vulcan; Creek

Long End Lake; 34-64-3-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Long Island; 12-80-1-w6; Fairview; Island

Long Island; 54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

Long Island; 29-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Long Island Lake; 24-63-26-w4; Westlock; Lake

Long Island Point; 22-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Point

Long Lake (a.k.a. Linton Lake); 6-106-15-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Long Lake (a.k.a. Rainbow Lake); 16-107-8-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Long Lake (a.k.a. Schuman Lake); 36-61-8-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Long Lake; 26-103-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Long Lake; 34-62-6-w6; Greenview; Lake

Long Lake; 18-89-4-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Long Lake; 22-68-24-w5; Greenview; Lake

Long Lake; 20-65-22-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Long Lake; 36-85-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Long Lake; 20-78-20-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Long Lake; 36-64-25-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Long Lake; 25-63-19-w4; Thorhild; Hamlet

Long Lake; 30-56-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Long Lake; 14-47-27-w4; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Long Lake; 27-84-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Long Lake Provincial Park; 14-63-19-w4; Athabasca; Provincial Park

Long Rapids; 34-87-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Long Ridge; 17-49-15-w4; Beaver;

Longhurst Lake (a.k.a. Dog Lake); 36-51-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Long's Lake; 12-1-17-w4; Warner; Lake

Longview; 30-18-1-w5; Foothills;

Lonira (a.k.a. Blue Ridge); 6-59-10-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Looking Back Lake; 15-50-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Lookout Butte; 11-9-27-w4; Willow Creek; Butte

Looma (a.k.a. Looma Vista); 35-50-23-w4; Leduc; Locality

Looma Vista (a.k.a. Looma); 35-50-23-w4; Leduc; Former Locality

Loon Creek; 33-84-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Loon Lake; 21-122-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Loon Lake; ; Opportunity;

Loon Lake; 17-87-9-w5; Opportunity; Hamlet

Loon Lake; 10-44-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Loon Lake; 7-87-9-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Loon River; 3-94-7-w5; East Peace; River

Loop Creek; 2-123-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Loranger, Lac; 14-48-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Lorna Island; 31-99-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Lorraine; 24-38-13-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Loseman Lake; 20-68-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Lost Creek; 4-1-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Lost Creek; 14-55-14-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Lost Creek; 12-79-26-w5; Birch Hills; Creek

Lost Hope Creek; 2-70-16-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Lost Lake (a.k.a. Enchant); 10-14-18-w4; Taber; Former Post Office

Lost Lake; 31-28-5-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Lost Lake; 6-14-17-w4; Taber; Lake

Lost River; 2-1-4-w4; Cypress; River

Lostpoint Lake; 36-56-23-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Lothian S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Lothrop; 21-80-1-w6; Opportunity; Locality

Lott Creek; 33-23-2-w5; Calgary; Creek

Lottie Lake; 33-58-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Lottie Lake; 33-58-11-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Lougheed (a.k.a. Holmstown); 33-43-11-w4; Flagstaff; Village

Lougheed Coulee; Airdrie; Rockyview; Coulee

Louis Bull First Nations; ; Wetaskiwin;

Louis Lake (a.k.a. Landon Lake); 3,4-55-6-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Louis Lake; 25-48-22-w4; Camrose; Lake

Louis Lake; 5-40-8-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Louise Creek; 6-64-11-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Louise Park; Chestermere; Rockyview; Subdivision

Louise River; 21-100-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Louisiana Lakes; 18-12-w4; Newell; Lake

Lousana; 23-36-23-w4; Red Deer; Hamlet

Loutit Lake; 18-115-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Loveland (a.k.a. Galahad); 32-40-14-w4; Flagstaff;

Lovet Creek; 21-91-2-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Lovettville (a.k.a. Fergie); 10-47-19-w5; Yellowhead;

Low Water Lake; 4-56-27-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Lowden Lake; 33-36-19-w4; Stettler; Lake

Lowe; ; Provost/Special Area 4; District

Lowe Lake; 16-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Lowen Lake; 33-71-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Lower Mann Lake; 6-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Lower Stony Creek (a.k.a. East Stony Creek); 12-35-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Lower Therien Lake (a.k.a. Three Mile Lake); 19-57-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Lowland Heights; ; Pincher Creek;

Loyalist (a.k.a. Vallejo); 9-35-7-w4; Special Area 4; Hamlet

Loyalist Creek; 6-36-7-w4; Special Area 4; Creek

Loyalist Creek Reservoir; 6-35-7-w4; Special Area 4; Reservoir

Lubicon Lake; 22-85-13-w5; East Peace; Lake

Lubicon Lake; 17-85-12-w5; East Peace; Hamlet

Lubicon River; 2-87-10-w5; East Peace; River

Lucas Island; 23-113-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Lucerne S.D.; Coronation; Paintearth; School District

Lucia Lake; 27-45-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Lucky Lake (a.k.a. South Twin Lake); 10-62-18-w4; Thorhild; Lake

Lucky Lake; 20-61-7-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Lucky Strike; 30-3-11-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Lucky Tree S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie;

Lumba Lake (a.k.a. Birch Lake); 26-63-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Lumni Hill; 2-32-22-w4; Kneehill; Hill

Lumni S.D.; 2-32-22-w4; Kneehill; School District

Lumpy Butte (a.k.a. Bald Hill); 24-3-24-w4; Cardston; Butte

Lundbreck; 26-7-2-w5; Pincher Creek;

Lundemo; 30-48-20-w4; Camrose; Former Locality

Lunnford; 1-59-3-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Lure; 9-37-11-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Luscar; 23-47-24-w5; Wetaskiwin;

Lusignan; 12-57-24-w4; Sturgeon;

Lutose; 18-120-19-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Lutose Creek; 6-120-19-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Luxemburg S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Luzan; 36-55-16-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Lyall (a.k.a. Lyalta); 8-25-26-w4; Wheatland; Former Locality

Lyalta (a.k.a. Lyall); 8-25-26-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Lyle Lake; 11-72-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Lyle S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Lylich Lake; 5-78-4-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Lymburn; 21-73-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Lynass Mine; Forestburg; Flagstaff; Mine

Lynch Lakes; 22-5-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Lyncot S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Lyndon; 27-12-29-w4; Willow Creek; Locality

Lyndon Creek; 11-12-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Lynn Lake; 13-41-20-w4; Camrose; Lake

Lynton; 8-88-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Railway Point

Lynx Lake; 34-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Lynx Lake; 7-119-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Lyseng S.D.; Armena; Camrose; School District

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Mabel Creek; 7-71-11-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Mac Lake; 9-50-20-w4; Beaver; Lake

Macbeth; 14-18-14-w4; Newell; Former Locality

MacBeth; ; Lacombe;

MacBeth Lake; 34-58-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

MacDonald Creek; 14-2-11-w4; Warner; Creek

MacDonald Creek; 11-58-3-w5; Barrhead; Creek

MacDonald Crossing; 10-58-3-w5; Barrhead; Former Locality

Macdonald Lake; 17-52-9-w4; Minburn; Lake

MacEwan; 10-15-29-w4; Willow Creek;

MacHenry S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

MacIntosh Lake; 30-61-7-w5; Woodlands; Lake

MacKay; 8-54-11-w5; Yellowhead; Hamlet

MacKay Creek; 12-12-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

MacKay River; 24-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Mackenzie, Municipal District of; 90to128-1to12-W5&6; Mackenzie; Municipal District

    Located in northwest Alberta, Muncipal District of Mackenzie No. 23 is rich in history, heritage and resources. M.D. #23 includes the area from the B.C. border to the Wood Buffalo National Park and from the Buffalo Head Hills to the N.W.T. border including the hamlets of Fort Vermilion, La Crete, and Zama.

    M.D. #23 offers a broad range of municipal services to its residents. Some points of interests include; many trophy lakes, campground facilities, Tompkins Landing Ferry, Eleske Shrine, Fort Vermilion Historical Sites, La Crete Historical Mennonite Village and much more.

    Communities in NORTHWEST COUNTRY: Assumption (Chateh) * Beaver Ranch * Blumenort * Boyer River * Buffalo Head Prairie * Bushe River Carcajou * Child Lake * Fort Vermilion * Fox Lake * Garden River * Habay * High Level * Indian Cabins * John D'Or Prairie * Keg River * La Crete * Meander River * North Tall Cree * Paddle Prairie * Rainbow Lake * Rocky Lane * South Tall Cree * Steen River * Tompkins Landing * Zama

Mackie Creek; 19-2-18-w4; Warner; Creek

Macklin Lake; 24-1-16-w4; Warner; Lake

Macleod (a.k.a. Fort McLeod, Fort Macleod); 12-9-26-w4; Willow Creek;

Macleod Island; 19-9-25-w4; Willow Creek; Island

MacMillan Creek; 8-17-29-w4; Foothills; Creek

Macson; 10-12-5-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Madden (a.k.a. Sampsonton); 31-28-2-w5; Rockyview; Hamlet

Magee Lake; 27-41-24-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Magin; 12-49-12-w4; Beaver;

Magliore, Lac; 26-79-21-w5; Smoky River; Lake

Magnolia; 30-53-6-w5; Parkland; Locality

Magnolia Bridge; 19-53-6-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Magnussen Lake; 30-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Magrath; 26-5-22-w4; Cardston; Town

Mahaska; 5-57-13-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Maher Coulee; 1-6-6-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Mahigun Lake; 20-97-20-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Main Point; 7-87-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Majeau Lake; 7-57-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Majestic; 31-21-6-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Major (a.k.a. Liberty, Majorville); 30-19-20-w4; Vulcan; Former Post Office

Majors Lake; 28-67-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Majors Lake; 25-9-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Majorville (a.k.a. Liberty, Major); 27-19-20-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Makaoo Indian Reserve; 23-54-1-w4; Vermilion River; Indian Reserve

Makepeace; 8-23-19-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Maleb; 24-8-10-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Mallaig; 25-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Mallow; 16-22-16-w4; Newell; Locality

Malmo; 13-44-23-w4; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Maloney Lake; 29-63-3-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Maloy; 18-62-8-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Mamaestle S.D.; Brosseau; Two Hills; School District

Mamawi Creek; 30-110-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Mamawi Lake; 4-111-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Ma-Me-O Beach; 14-46-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Ma-Me-O Beach Provincial Park; 15-46-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Provincial Park

Mami Creek; 19-3-27-w4; Cardston; Creek

Manatokan Creek; 34-62-7-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Manatokan Lake (a.k.a. Jackfish Lake, Bonanza Lake); 23-63-7-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Manawan; 20-56-15-w4; Two Hills;

Manawan Lake; 5-57-25-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Mance; 9-47-14-w4; Beaver;

Mandy Lake; 10-50-21-w4; Beaver; Lake

Manfred; 10-42-22-w4; Ponoka;

Manir; 4-78-4-w6; Spirit River; Station

Manly; 27-53-2-w5; Parkland; Locality

Manly Corner; 16-53-2-w5; Parkland; Locality

Manning (a.k.a. Aurora); 28-91-23-w5; Northern Lights; Town

Mannville; 25-50-9-w4; Minburn; Village

Manola; 16-59-2-w5; Barrhead; Hamlet

Many Creeks; 29-73-12-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Many Creeks S.D.; Bonanza; Saddle Hills; School District

Many Island (a.k.a. Tarves); 7-13-1-w4; Cypress;

Many Island Lake; 13-1-w4; Cypress; Lake

Many Islands; 27-84-8-w6; Saddle Hills; Islands

Many Springs S. D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

Manyberries; 24-5-6-w4; Forty Mile; Hamlet

Manyberries Creek; 8-5-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Maple Hill S.D.; New Sarepta; Camrose; School District

Maple Leaf (a.k.a. Sittok-Spagkway); 32-19-29-w4; Foothills; Hill

Maple Leaf Mine; Lehigh; Badlands; Mine

Maple Leaf S.D.; Okotoks; Foothills; School District

Maple Ridge; 20-52-23-w4; Strathcona; Former Locality

Mapova (a.k.a. Thorhild); 25-61-21-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Marconi S. D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Margaret Lake (a.k.a. Fish Lake); 3-115-9-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Margaret Lake; 1-4-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Margie; 33-74-9-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Marguerite Lake; 18-65-5-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Marguerite River; 16-99-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Maria Lake (a.k.a. Trout Lakes); 21-86-4-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Mariana Lake; 19-80-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Mariana Lake; 19-80-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Mariana Settlement; 80-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Marianne; ; Red Deer;

Marie Creek; 1-63-3-w4; Bonnyville; Creek

Marie Lake; 16-65-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Marie Reine; 6-82-21-w5; East Peace; Hamlet

Marigold Lake; 32-65-11-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Marina; 2-87-8-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Marion Lake; ; Stettler;

Marion Lake; 24-37-18-w4; Stettler; Lake

Markerville; 26-36-2-w5; Red Deer; Hamlet

Marlboro; 6-53-19-w5; Yellowhead; Hamlet

Marlow Creek; 1-125-1-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Marne S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

Marquis S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Marr Lake; 28-4-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Marsh Head Creek; 35-59-18-w5; Greenview; Creek

Marten Beach; ; Lesser Slave River;

Marten Creek; 18-75-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Marten Lakes; 28-76-4-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lakes

Marten Mountain; 8-75-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Mountain

Marten River; 33-86-14-w5; East Peace; Locality

Marten River; 13-86-16-w5; East Peace; River

Martin Lake; 26-74-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Martineau River; 14-65-1-w4; Lakeland; River

Martins; 15-50-15-w4; Beaver;

Marwayne; 26-52-3-w4; Vermilion River; Village

Marwayne Creek; 21-52-3-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Mary Lake; 12-1-25-w4; Cardston; Lake

Mary Lake; 13-86-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Mary Lake; 36-53-7-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Maryland Junction S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Maryland S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Masinasin; 15-2-13-w4; Warner; Post Office

Maskawau Creek; 26-51-19-w4; Beaver; Creek

Maskwa Creek; 27-46-25-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Massacre Butte; 27-7-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Butte

Mastin Lake; 7-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Matchayaw Lake (a.k.a. Little Manito); 33-54-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Mather Reservoir; 36-37-13-w4; Paintearth; Reservoir

Matthews Crossing; 24-54-7-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Matthews Crossing S. D.; Entwistle; Parkland;

Matthews Lake; 28-66-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Mattoyekiu Lake; 16-25-18-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Matts Creek; 30-36-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Matzhiwin; 32-21-15-w4; Newell; Locality

Matzhiwin Creek; 1-22-14-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Maughan; 34-52-7-w4; Vermilion River; Former Post Office

Maunders (a.k.a. Spondin); 27-33-12-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Maunsell; 4-7-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Former Locality

Maurice Lake; 36-74-19-w5; Smoky River; Lake

Maurice Lake; 22-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Maxwell Lake; 22-59-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Maxwell Lake; 19-102-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

May Creek; 4-24-2-w5; Calgary; Creek

May Hill; 3-76-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hill

May Lake; 16-66-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

May River; 29-77-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

May, Lake; 3-126-12-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Mayatan Lake; 13-52-3-w5; Parkland; Lake

Maybelle River; 19-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Maybridge; 25-57-23-w4; Sturgeon;

Maybutt (a.k.a. New Town); 32-6-19-w4; Warner; Former Locality

Maycroft; 17-10-2-w5; Pincher Creek;

Mayerthorpe; 28-57-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Town

Mayflower S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Mayme Coulee; 13-29-6-w5; Bighorn; Coulee

Maypole S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Mayton; 25-33-27-w4; Mountainview; Locality

Mayview S.D.; Eastway; Vulcan; School District

Mayvrille; 34-38-18-w4; Stettler;

Maywood S.D.; Buck Lake; Wetaskiwin; School District

Mazeppa; 25-19-28-w4; Foothills; Locality

Mazy Lake; 12-42-20-w4; Camrose; Lake

McAllister Creek; 23-82-23-w5; Peace; Creek

McAlpine Creek; 2-11-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

McArthur S.D.; Bondiss; Athabasca; School District

McBernie Lake (a.k.a. Latik's Lake); 2-66-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

McBride Lake; 21-7-26-w4; Willow Creek; Lake

McBride Lake S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

McBride Reservoir; 28-27-10-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

McCafferty Lake; 33-42-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

McCarthy Lake; 22-66-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

McClelland Creek; 1-99-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

McClelland Lake (a.k.a. Thirty Minute Lake); 12-98-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McConachie Lake; 7-79-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

McConnell Coulee; 23-28-18-w4; Starland; Coulee

McCowan Lake; 18-126-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McCrea Hill; Airdrie; Rockyview; Hill

McCullough; 36-56-12-w4; Two Hills;

McCullough Lake; 20-60-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

McDermott Island; 23-96-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

McDonald Ford; 36-43-9-w4; Flagstaff; River Crossing

McDonald Hills; 11-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Hill

McDonald Island; 21-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

McDonald Lake; 2-26-29-w4; Rockyview; Lake

McDonaldville; 36-47-3-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

McDougall Flats (a.k.a. Bearberry Prairie, Sundre Flats); 31-32-5-w5; Mountainview; Flats

McDougall Lake; 1-65-4-w4; Lakeland; Lake

McEwan; 3-15-29-w4; Willow Creek;

McFadden Lake; 15-51-22-w4; Strathcona; Lake

McGowan Creek; 10-72-17-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

McGregor Lake; 19-15,16-21,22-w4; Vulcan; Reservoir

McGuffin Lake (a.k.a. Island Lake); 3-67-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

McInnes Lake; 27-123-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McIntyre Lake; 16-44-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

McIvor River; 25-107-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

McKay Lake; 5-43-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

McKee Lake; 31-32-19-w4; Starland; Lake

McKercher's Hall; Olds; Mountainview; Hall

McKinley Creek; 34-70-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

McLaughlin; 25-46-2-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

McLean Creek; 91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

McLean Creek; 13-86-12-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

McLeans Creek; 22-74-20-w5; Smoky River; Creek

McLelland Lake; 26-123-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McLennan; 32-77-19-w5; Smoky River; Town

McLennan Creek; 5-26-4-w5; Rockyview; Creek

McLennan Lake; 23-106-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McLeod Lake (a.k.a. Carson Lake); 24-61-11-w5; Woodlands; Lake

McLeod Lake (a.k.a. Long Lake); 32-80-1-w5; Opportunity; Lake

McLeod Lake; 7-104-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McLeod River; 35-59-12-w5; Yellowhead; River

McLeod Valley (a.k.a. Peers); 2-55-14-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

McMillan Lake; 23-74-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

McMillan Lake; 24-78-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

McMillar Creek; 30-67-4-w6; Greenview; Creek

McMullen Lake; 16-79-1-w5; Opportunity; Lake

McMurray (a.k.a. Fort McMurray); 89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo;

McMurray Settlement (a.k.a. Fort McMurray); 89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

McNab; 1-5-18-w4; Warner; Locality

McNab Coulee; 29-8-25-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

McNally; 3-26-12-w4; Special Area 2;

McNaught Lake; 15-71-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

McNeil; ; Cypress;

McNeil Lake; 36-121-15-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

McNeill; 12-20-1-w4; Cypress; Locality

McNeill Lake (a.k.a. Hay Lake); 35-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

McPherson Coulee; 25-27-1-w5; Rockyview; Coulee

McPherson Coulee S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

McPhillamey Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

McRae; 10-62-12-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Meadow Creek; 7-11-28-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Meadow Creek; 4-84-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Meadowbrook; 36-63-25-w4; Westlock; Locality

Meadowlands S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Meadowside S.D.; Crossfield; Rockyview; School District

Meadowview; 33-57-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Meander River; 8-116-24-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Meander River; 32-115-22-w5; Mackenzie; River

Meander River Station; 14-115-22-w5; Mackenzie; Station

Meanook; 31-64-22-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Mearns; 28-56-26-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Mearon Creek; 1-92-13-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Mecheche (a.k.a. Michichi); 2-31-19-w4; Starland;

Medicine Flats; 7-36-1-w5; Red Deer; Flats

Medicine Hat; 31-12-5-w4; Cypress; City

Medicine Hat Junction; 8-31-13-w4; Special Area 2; Former Railway Point

Medicine Lake; 36-43-6-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Medicine Lodge; ; Yellowhead;

Medicine Lodge Coulee; 7-3-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Medicine Lodge Hills; 40-2-w5; Lacombe; Hill

Medicine River; 5-36-1-w5; Red Deer; River

Medicine Valley; Alhambra; Clearwater;

Medley; 5-63-2-w4; Bonnyville; Post Office

Medley River; 11-65-2-w4; Lakeland; River

Meekwap Lake; 34-65-18-w5; Greenview; Lake

Meeting Creek (a.k.a. Edensville, Edenville); 5-43-19-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Meeting Creek; 25-41-17-w4; Stettler; Creek

Mega River; 22-113-7-w6; Mackenzie; River

Meikle River; 19-94-21-w5; Northern Lights; River

Mekastoe; 9-26-w4; Willow Creek; Former Locality

Melba; ; Rockyview;

Melita; Benalto; Red Deer;

Melito Creek; 11-108-19-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Mellom; ; Special Area 3;

Mellowdale; 21-60-3-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Mellstrom Lake (a.k.a. Woycenko's Lake); 10-64-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Melville S.D.; Rosalind; Lamont; School District

Melvin River; 28-117-21-w5; Mackenzie; River

Melvin S. D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Menaik; 35-43-25-w4; Ponoka; Locality

Mercoal; ; Yellowhead;

Mercredi Lake; 18-126-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Mercury S.D.; Richmond Park; Athabasca; School District

Mercury S.D.; Turner Valley; Foothills; School District

Mere; ; Special Area 3;

Mere Lake; 32-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Merebeck (a.k.a. Lisburn); 23-56-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Former Post Office

Merganser Bay; 14-86-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Meridian Lake; 36-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Meridian Lakes; 17-122-5-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; Lakes

Merino Ranch; Cochrane/Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Merl Bluff; ; Wainwright;

Merlin Creek; 21-82-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Merna; ; Flagstaff;

Merryland; ; Special Area 3;

Merryweather Lake; 22-119-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Mesekum; 2-17-12-w4; Newell; Former Locality

Metis; 11-106-21-w5; Mackenzie; Station

Metiskow; 3-40-5-w4; Provost; Hamlet

Mewassin; 31-51-2-w5; Parkland; Locality

Mewatha Beach; 12-65-19-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

Meyer Lake; 15-69-24-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Miami; ; Warner;

Mica S.D.; Bow City; Newell; School District

Michael Coulee; 3-10-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Coulee

Michael Lake; 22-101-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Michaud Lake (a.k.a. Honk Lake); 25-55-7-w5; Parkland; Lake

Michel Lake; 33-58-5-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Michel Reservoir; 5-7-3-w4; Cypress; Reservoir

Michener; 34-31-18-w4; Starland;

Michichi (a.k.a. Mecheche); 19-30-18-w4; Starland; Hamlet

Michichi Creek; 11-29-20-w4; Starland; Creek

Michigan Centre; 35-48-26-w4; Leduc; Locality

Mickel Lake; 15-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Middle Coulee; 36-4-18-w4; Warner; Coulee

Middle Creek (a.k.a. Middle Fork); 25-5-1-w4; Cypress;

Middle Creek; 13-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Middle Creek; 7-56-4-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Middle Creek Reservoir; 24-5-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Reservoir

Middle Rapids; 30-87-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Middle Sand Hills, The; 18,19-3,4-w4; Cypress; Hill

Midland; Eckville; Lacombe;

Midland Provincial Park; 29-20-w4; Starland; Provincial park

Midlandvale (a.k.a. Midlandville); 10-29-20-w4; Starland; Former Locality

Midnapore (a.k.a. Fish Creek); 34-22-1-w5; Calgary; Locality

Midvale S.D.; Coronation; Paintearth; School District

Miette Hot Springs; 8-48-26-w5; Jasper;

Mikkwa River; 28-108-5-w5; Mackenzie; River

Mikwan Lake; 14-36-23-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Mildred Lake; 6-93-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Mildred Lake; 8-93-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Mildred Lake; ; Lakeland;

Miles Lake; 24-64-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Military Point; 12-52-21-w4; Strathcona; Point

Military Point; North Cooking Lake; Strathcona; Resort

Milk River; 1-1-5-w4; Cypress; River

Milk River; 28-2-16-w4; Warner; Town

Milk River Lake; 8-1-2-w4; Cypress; Lake

Milk River Ridge; 3,4-19-w4; Warner; Ridge

Milk River Ridge Reservoir; 4,5-19-w4; Warner; Reservoir

Mill City; Turner Valley; Foothills; Camp

Mill Coulee; 1-12-30-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Mill Creek; 33-52-24-w4; Edmonton; Creek

Mill Creek S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Mill Lake; 35-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Millard Lake; 24-45-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Millarston S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie; School District

Millarville; 3-21-3-w5; Foothills;

Millburn Creek; 17-24-3-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Miller Creek; 28-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Millerfield; 35-27-18-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Miller's Crossing (a.k.a. Grimshaw); 17-83-23-w5; Peace; Former Locality

Millers Lake; 8-53-19-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Millet; 32-47-24-w4; Wetaskiwin; Town

Millicent; 20-20-13-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Mills Island; 18-95-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Millward; ; Calgary;

Milne Lake; 21-77-13-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Milnerton; 12-35-26-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Milo; 36-18-22-w4; Vulcan; Village

Milton S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Milton's Creek; 10-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Milton's Lake (a.k.a. Gunner's Lake, Mud Lake); 10-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Minaret (a.k.a. Rosebud); 18-32-1-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Minburn; 14-50-10-w4; Minburn; Village

Minburn, County of; (53to56)-(7to15)-w4; Minburn; County

Minda; 7-6-5-w4; Forty Mile; Former Post Office

Minda Coulee; 27-5-6-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Miner's Coulee; 2-11-w4; Warner; Coulee

Ministik Lake; 34-50-21-w4; Beaver; Lake

Ministik Lake; 10-51-21-w4; Strathcona; Former Locality

Mink Creek; 32-59-10-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Mink Creek; 3-46-6-w5; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Mink Creek; 27-52-3-w5; Parkland; Creek

Mink Island; 22-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Island

Mink Lake; 22-91-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Mink Lake; 19-108-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Mink Lake; 28-52-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Mink Lake; 14-81-11-w5; East Peace; Lake

Mink River; 9-80-11-w5; East Peace; River

Minnehik (a.k.a. Buck Lake); 11-46-6-w5; Wetaskiwin;

Minnie Lake; 23-61-8-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Minnow Lake; 31-50-14-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Minor Lakes; 12-16,17-11,12-w4; Newell; Lake

Minott; 33-9-17-w4; Taber;

Mintlaw; 34-37-28-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Miquelon Lake; 30-49-20-w4; Camrose; Lake

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park; 20-49-20-w4; Camrose; Provincial Park

Miquelon S.D.; Kingman; Camrose;

Mirage Lake (a.k.a. Moonshine Lake); 31-79-8-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Mirror; 28-40-22-w4; Lacombe; Village

Mirror Bay; 23-40-22-w4; Lacombe; Bay

Mirror Lake; 3-47-20-w4; Camrose; Lake

Mirror Landing (a.k.a. Smith); 23-71-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Former Post Office

Misery Mountain; 34-64-2-w6; Greenview; Hill

Mishow Creek; 21-50-6-w5; Brazeau; Creek

Missawawi Lake; 21-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Missing Lake; 14-48-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Mission Beach; 30-47-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Mission Creek; 8-74-13-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Mission Point (a.k.a. Colin Fraser's Point); 7-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Mission Valley Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview;

Misson Beach; ; Leduc;

Mistanusk Creek; 5-64-13-w6; Greenview; Creek

Mistatim Lakes; 22-53-25-w4; Parkland; Lake

Mistehae Lake; 18-80-2-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Misty Lake; 16-33-3-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Mitchell Creek; 3-14-5-w4; Cypress; Creek

Mitchell Lake; 3-57-5-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Mitford; 18-26-4-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Mitsue; 30-72-4-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Mitsue Creek; 34-72-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Mitsue Lake; 30-72-4-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Mizpah; 2-26-14-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Moberly Rapids; 17-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Modere Creek; 2-109-15-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Modeste Creek; 29-49-5-w5; Brazeau; Creek

Mokowan Butte; 1-28-w4; Waterton Park; Hill

Mokowan Ridge; 29-6-24-w4; Cardston; Ridge

Molstad (a.k.a. Bawlf); 14-46-18-w4; Camrose; Former Post Office

Mona Ranch; Airdrie; Rockyview; Ranch

Mona S. D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Monarch; 7-10-23-w4; Lethbridge; Hamlet

Monarch Coal Mine (a.k.a. near Monarch Hill); ; Lethbridge; Mine

Monarch Hill; 19-29-20-w4; Starland; Hill

Monette S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District

Monitor (a.k.a. Sounding Lake); 6-35-4-w4; Special Area 4; Hamlet

Monitor Creek; 14-35-4-w4; Special Area 4; Creek

Monkman (a.k.a. Peguis, Derwent); 10-54-7-w4; Two Hills; Former Post Office

Monogram; 11-16-11-w4; Newell; Former Locality

Mons Lake (a.k.a. Bear Lake); 17-60-16-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Mons Lake; 5-65-12-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Montagnais Lake; 19-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Montagneuse Lake; 31-86-3-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Montagneuse River; 6-84-6-w6; Clear Hills; River

Montambeault Lake; 7-39-9-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Montana; 4-9-21-w4; Lethbridge; Railway Point

Montana Bobtail First Nations; ; Ponoka;

Montana Indian Reserve; 28-43-24-w4; Ponoka; Indian Reserve

Montgomery (a.k.a. Elkwater); 24-8-3-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Montgomery; 25-24-2-w5; Calgary; Former Locality

Monticello S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Montrose S.D.; Rosalind/Daysland; Camrose; School District

Monument Hill; 29-25-23-w4; Wheatland; Hill

Monument Hill; Rockyford; Wheatland; Hill

Monvel (a.k.a. Monval); 12-41-20-w4; Camrose; Former Locality

Moody Creek (a.k.a. Muskeg Creek); 1-114-5-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Moody Crossing (a.k.a. Goodwin Crossing); Goodwin; Greenview; Crossing

Moon Lake; 34-51-7-w5; Parkland; Locality

Mooney Creek; 2-73-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Moonshine Lake (a.k.a. Mirage Lake); 32-79-8-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Moonshine Lake; ; Saddle Hills;

Moonshine Lake; 17-58-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Moonshine Lake Provincial Park; 32-79-8-w6; Saddle Hills; Provincial Park

Moore's Hill (a.k.a. Noble Hill); 27-32-3-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Moose Bay; 1-86-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Moose Creek (a.k.a. Asplund Creek); 25-68-22-w5; Greenview; Creek

Moose Creek (a.k.a. Moosewallow Creek); 19-35-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Moose Creek; 19-65-7-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Moose Creek; Glendon; Bonnyville; District

Moose Creek; 11-68-22-w5; Greenview; Creek

Moose Creek; 1-53-17-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Moose Creek; 30-99-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Moose Hill S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Moose Hills; 57-7-w4; St. Paul; Hills

Moose Horn S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Moose Island; 26-114-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Island

Moose Island; 31-104-16-w5; Mackenzie; Island

Moose Lake (a.k.a. Fawcett Lake); 73-25-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Moose Lake (a.k.a. Moon Lake, Lac d'Orignal); 18-61-6-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Moose Lake; 14-67-23-w5; Greenview; Lake

Moose Lake; 26-106-3-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Moose Lake Provincial Park; 14-61-7-w4; Bonnyville; Provincial Park

Moose Mountain; 9-35-3-w5; Red Deer; Hill

Moose Point; 21-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Moose Portage; 14-72-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Moose Portage; 12-72-26-w5; Greenview; Former Post Office

Moose Ridge (a.k.a. Mountain House); 2-35-3-w5; Red Deer; Former Locality

Moose River (a.k.a. Fawcett River); 27-72-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Moose River (a.k.a. Latornell River); 14-69-27-w5; Greenview; River

Moose River; 1-64-1-w6; Greenview; River

Moose S.D.; Brosseau; Two Hills; School District

Moose Wallow; 22-60-7-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Moosehills; ; St. Paul;

Moosehills Creek; 23-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Moosehills Lake; 22-57-6-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Moosehorn River; 21-68-9-w5; Big Lakes; River

Mooselake River; 4-62-7-w4; Lakeland; River

Moosewallow Creek (a.k.a. Moose Creek); 29-37-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Mooswa (a.k.a. Tyrol, Lindbergh); 26-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Mooswa Creek; 26-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Morecambe; 18-54-10-w4; Two Hills; Hamlet

Morinville; 33-55-25-w4; Sturgeon; Town

Moritz's Lake; ; Mountainview;

Morley; 25-25-7-w5; Bighorn;

Morleyville Settlement; ; Bighorn;

Morning Lake; 8-44-3-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Morningside; 35-41-26-w4; Lacombe; Hamlet

Morrin (a.k.a. Blooming Prairie); 15-31-20-w4; Starland; Village

Morris Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Morrison Island; 31-97-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Morse Lake; 9-66-10-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Morse River; 36-63-8-w5; Woodlands; River

Mortimer Lake; 28-32-20-w4; Starland; Lake

Morton Island; 21-93-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Mortonmoor; 7-59-14-w4; Smoky Lake;

Moscow S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Mosquito Creek; 7-15-25-w4; Vulcan; Creek

Mosquito Creek; 29-16-28-w4; Willow Creek;

Moss Lake; 28-62-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Mosside; 32-58-25-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Mossleigh; 30-25-24-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Mother Mountain; 33-29-17-w4; Starland; Hill

Mott Lake; 26-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Moujies Hill; Rosebud; Wheatland; Hill

Mound; 33-33-4-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Mount Carmel S.D.; Michichi; Starland; School District

Mount Hope S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District

Mount Olive S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Mount Pleasant S. D.; Elnora; Red Deer; School District

Mount Royal Ranch; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Mount Star S.D.; Sexsmith; Grande Prairie; School District

Mount Valley; 24-70-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Mount Vernon S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Mount Zion S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Mountain Grove; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Mountain House (a.k.a. Moose Ridge); 2-35-3-w5; Red Deer; Former Locality

Mountain Lake; 36-74-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Mountain Mill; 18-6-1-w5; Pincher Creek;

Mountain Park; 33-45-23-w5; Yellowhead;

Mountain Peak S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Mountain Rapids; 33-88-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Mountain Rapids; 35-126-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Mountain S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Mountain Trail; ; Grande Prairie;

Mountainview; 19-2-27-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Mountainview County; (29 to 33)-(27 to 28)-w4 & (29 to 33)-(1 to 6)-w5; Mountainview; County

Mouse Creek; 20-30-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Mouse Island; 5-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Mowers S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Moyerton; 30-47-3-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Mud Creek (a.k.a. Muskeg Creek); 3-37-6-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Mud Creek; 32-65-3-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Mud Creek; 24-75-15-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Mud Lake; 19-68-23-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Mud Lake; 8-113-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Mud Lake; 24,25-9-27-w4; Willow Creek; Lake

Mud Lake; 23-53-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Mud Lake; 36-59-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Mud Lake S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Mud Lake S.D.; Lamont; Lamont; School District

Muddy River; 24-98-10-w5; Mackenzie; River

Muddylake Creek; 27-9-27-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Muddypound Creek; 7-11-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Muddyshore Lake (a.k.a. Mud Lake); 19-74-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Mudhen Lake; 24-41-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Mudspring Lake; 16-33-20-w4; Starland; Lake

Muhlbach; 6-30-2-w4; Special Area 3;

Muir Lake; 32-53-27-w4; Parkland; Lake

Muir Lake; 8-77-13-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Muirhead; 22-16-1-w5; Willow Creek;

Mulga; 13-49-8-w4; Minburn; Former Locality

Mulhurst Bay (a.k.a. Mulhurst); 15-47-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Mulligan Creek; 34-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Mulligan Creek; 12-81-7-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Mulligan Lake; 35-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Mundare; 19-53-16-w4; Lamont; Town

Munro Lake; 18-64-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Munson; 15-30-20-w4; Starland; Village

Munyass Lake; 2-63-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Murchison Lake; 3-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Murdock Creek; 9-120-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Muriel; 10-57-6-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Muriel Creek; 19-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Creek

Muriel Lake; 25-60-5-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Muriel Lake; 33-59-5-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Murray Creek; 1-69-11-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Murray Island; 13-65-1-w4; Lakeland; Island

Murray Lake; 1-10-7-w4; Cypress; Lake

Murray Valley; 28-33-2-w5; Mountainview; Valley

Murray Valley; 28-33-2-w5; Mountainview; Former Locality

Musceau Lake; 13-64-5-w6; Greenview; Lake

Mushikitee Island; 22-81-24-w5; Birch Hills; Island

Mushroom Lake; 15-45-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Musidora; 29-54-11-w4; Two Hills; Hamlet

Muskeg Creek (a.k.a. Moody Creek); 1-114-5-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Muskeg Creek; 7-73-4-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Muskeg Creek; 11-45-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Muskeg Creek; 16-65-23-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Muskeg Creek; 4-96-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Muskeg Lake (a.k.a. Kearl Lake); 33-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 15-73-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 25-53-3-w5; Parkland; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 32-104-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 28-93-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 28-93-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 31-84-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 33-74-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 17-62-25-w4; Westlock; Lake

Muskeg Lake; 5-104-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskeg Lakes; 74-19-w5; Smoky River; Lakes

Muskeg River; 32-78-20-w4; Opportunity; River

Muskeg River; 6-94-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Muskey River (a.k.a. Grande Cache); 15-57-5-w6; Greenview;

Muskrat Creek; 22-45-5-w5; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Muskrat Lake; 1-98-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskwa Lake; 36-82-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Muskwa Lake; 5-84-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Muskwa River; 1-84-25-w4; Opportunity; River

Mussel (a.k.a. Pioneer); 14-55-15-w5; Yellowhead;

Mustus Lake; 35-105-15-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Mustus Lake; 27-105-15-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Myers Lake; 14-123-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Myleen; 14-29-3-w4; Special Area 3; Post Office

Mylonite Lake; 31-124-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Mynarski; ; Red Deer;

Mynarski Park; 14-37-28-w4; Red Deer; Post Office

Myr Lake; 5-56-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Myriad Lake; 31-47-23-w4; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Myrnam; 35-53-9-w4; Two Hills; Village

Myroslaw S. D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Myrtle Creek; 14-58-20-w4; Thorhild;

Mystery Lake; 33-85-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Mystery Lake; 1-60-7-w5; Barrhead; Locality

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Nacmine (a.k.a. Monarch); 8-29-20-w4; Badlands; Hamlet

Naco; 30-31-6-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Nadeau Lake; 32-64-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Nakamun; 21-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Nakamun Lake; 34-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Nakamun Park; 34-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Namaka; 16-23-24-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Namaka Lake; 12-23-23,24-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Namao; 33-54-24-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Namepi Creek (a.k.a. Carp Brook); 19-59-20-w4; Thorhild; Creek

Namepi River S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Nampa (a.k.a. Tank); 19-81-20-w5; East Peace; Village

Namur Lake; 15-97-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Namur Lake Indian Reserve; 24-97-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Namur River; 18-98-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Namur River Indian Reserve; 11-98-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Nanaki; ; Wheatland;

Nanton; 15-16-28-w4; Willow Creek; Town

Nanton Creek; 21-16-28-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Nanuche Creek; 11-107-1-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Nanuche Lake; 23-107-1-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Naphtha; 28-19-2-w5; Foothills; Hamlet

Naples; 20-60-2-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Napoleon Lake; 29-35-28-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Narrow Lake; 17-65-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Narrow Lake S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Narrows Creek; 27-95-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Narrows Creek; 10-75-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Narrows, The (a.k.a. Salmon Narrows); 16-41-20-w4; Stettler; Narrows

Narrows, The; 21-53-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Narrows

Narrows, The; 14-98-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Narrows

Narrows, The; 36-74-10-w5; Big Lakes; Narrows

Nash Lake; 2-105-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Nash Lake; 24-118-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Nateby; 13-23-13-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Nathella; 24-26-1-w4; Acadia;

National Park (a.k.a. Banff); ; Banff;

Naughton Glen; 32-53-10-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Navarre; 22-45-24-w4; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Naylor Hills; 27-99-24-w5; Northern Lights; Hills

Neapolis; 15-31-28-w4; Mountainview; Locality

Neath Creek; 13-73-1-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Needmore (a.k.a. Orion); 6-6-6-w4; Forty Mile; Former Post Office

Neerlandia; 33-61-3-w5; Barrhead; Hamlet

Negus Creek; 28-113-2-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Neilson Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Nelson Creek; 27-39-11-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Nelson Lake; 8-38-9-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Nelson Lake; 2-43-24-w4; Ponoka; Lake

Nelson Lake; 8-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Nemiskam (a.k.a. Bingen); 22-6-10-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Nestor (a.k.a. Torlea); 12-48-14-w4; Beaver; Former Post Office

Nestow; 31-60-24-w4; Westlock; Hamlet

Netherby S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Netook; 34-33-1-w5; Bighorn; Locality

Neuchatel; 30-40-11-w4; Flagstaff;

Neutral Hills; 18-37-6-w4; Special Area 4; Hills

Neutral Hills; 28-37-7-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Neutral Valley; 5-37-6-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Neville Lake; 2-60-3-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Nevis; 1-39-22-w4; Lacombe; Hamlet

Nevis Junction; 31-38-21-w4; Stettler; Railway Point

New Bergthal S. D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

New Berlin S. D.; Duhamel; Camrose; School District

New Brigden; 34-31-4-w4; Special Area 3;

New Dayton; 33-5-18-w4; Warner; Hamlet

New England S.D.; Independence; Sturgeon; School District

New Fish Creek; 12-73-22-w5; Greenview; Locality

New Hill; 17-37-3-w5; Red Deer; Former Locality

New Home; Manyberries; Forty Mile;

New Hope S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

New Kiew (a.k.a. Kiew); 20-53-13-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

New Lindsay; 30-47-1-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

New Lunnon; 4-56-23-w4; Sturgeon; Former Locality

New Moose Hill; Breton; Brazeau;

New Norway; 11-45-21-w4; Camrose; Village

New Oxley (a.k.a. The Leavings); 13-24-w4; Vulcan;

New Pine Creek S.D.; Perryvale; Athabasca; School District

New Rockport; ; Warner;

New Sarepta; 18-49-21-w4; Camrose; Village

New Springvale S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

New Valley S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

New West; 19-14-16-w4; Taber;

New World; Rycroft; Spirit River; District

Newbraska Colony; ; Mountainview; Colony

Newbrook; 5-62-20-w4; Thorhild; Hamlet

Newburg; 12-10-3-w4; Forty Mile;

Newby River; 22-81-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Newcastle Mine; 10-29-20-w4; Badlands; Locality

Newcomen Point; 30-86-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Newell, Lake; 24-17-15-w4; Newell; Reservoir

Newlands S.D.; Monarch; Lethbridge; School District

Newton Creek; 11-58-3-w5; Barrhead; Creek

Newton Lake; 11-58-2-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Newton S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Ney Lake; 12-124-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Niar Lake; Airdrie; Rockyview; Lake

Nice Creek; 2-94-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Nicholls Creek; 12-74-20-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Nicolls S.D.; Michichi; Starland; School District

Nicot Lake; 29-68-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Nier; 23-28-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Nier Lakes; 22,23-28-2-w5; Rockyview; Lakes

Nier Siding; ; Rockyview;

Niggli Lake; 25-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Nightingale; 30-25-24-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Nikik Lake; 2-94-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Nilrem; 1-41-9-w4; Provost; Locality

Nina Lake; 14-97-21-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Ninastoko (a.k.a. Chief Mountain); 24-3-26-w4; Cardston; Locality

Nine Mile Coulee; 5,6-21-w4; Cardston; Creek

Nine Mile Creek; 25-8-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Ninemile Point; 26-73-7-w5; Lesser Slave River; Point

Ninishith Hills; 124-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Hills

Niobe; 3-36-28-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Niobe; 13-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Niobe Creek (a.k.a. Buffalo Creek); 7-73-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Nipisi Lake; 23-78-6-w5; East Peace; Lake

Nipisi River; 36-82-5-w5; Opportunity; River

Nisbet; 10-34-28-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Nisbet Lake; 34-73-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Nisku; 26-50-25-w4; Leduc; Hamlet

Nitchi Creek; 13-31-7-w5; Special Area 3; Creek

Niton; 18-54-12-w5; Yellowhead; Hamlet

Niton Junction; 31-53-12-w5; Yellowhead; Hamlet

Nixon Lake; 11-72-16-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Nizir S.D.; Brosseau; Two Hills; School District

No Name Creek; 20-42-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

No Name Ridge; 11-65-9-w6; Greenview; Ridge

No Outlet Lake; 33-55-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Noble (a.k.a. Nobleford); 3-11-23-w4; Lethbridge;

Nobleford (a.k.a. Noble); 3-11-23-w4; Lethbridge; Village

Noel Lake; 7-62-7-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Noelton; 30-30-26-w4; Kneehill;

Nojack; 29-53-11-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Nolan; 30-9-26-w4; Willow Creek; Former Railway Point

Nonne, Lac la; 24-57-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Noon Creek; 32-74-18-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Nora Lake; 28-86-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Noral; 28-65-16-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Norberg Lake; 16-61-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Norbo; 28-42-18-w4; Stettler;

Norbuck; 35-46-4-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Nordegg; 27-40-14-w5; Clearwater;

Nordegg River; 13-45-10-w5; Brazeau; River

Norfolk; 16-24-27-w4; Rockyview; Locality

Norfolk Siding; ; Rockyview;

Norglenwold; 6-39-1-w5; Red Deer; Summer Village

Norma (a.k.a. Spring Creek); 31-54-14-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Norman Lake; 23-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Normana S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

Normandeau; 34-64-12-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Normandeau Lake; 25-64-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Normandin Lake; 30-43-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Normandville; 15-79-22-w5; Smoky River; Locality

Norris Beach; 13-46-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Norris Creek; 16-53-19-w4; Lamont; Creek

North Branch House; Lodgepole; Brazeau;

North Buck Lake (a.k.a. Buck Lake); 6-66-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

North Caroline S.D.; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

North Cooking Lake; 6-52-20-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

North Delton; ; Edmonton;

North Easy Coulee; 19-7-w4; Cypress; Coulee

North Edmonton; 23-53-20-w4; Edmonton; Locality

North End; Breton; Brazeau;

North Equity S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

North Fork (a.k.a. Livingstone, Olin Creek); 9-9-1-w5; Pincher Creek;

North Goodwin S.D.; Goodwin; Greenview; School District

North Heart River; 15-82-19-w5; East Peace; River

North Island; 23-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

North Junction; 11-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Former Railway Station

North Kleskun; Sexsmith; Grande Prairie; District

North Kotzman; 7-60-16-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Post Office

North Milk River; 20-2-18-w4; Warner; River

North Muskeg Creek; 30-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

North Paddle S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

North Park S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

North Prairie Creek; 32-38-9-w5; Clearwater; Creek

North Raven; Craig; Red Deer;

North Raven River (a.k.a. Stauffer's Creek); 30-36-4-w5; Red Deer; River

North Saskatchewan River; 34-53-1-w4; Vermilion River; River

North Sexsmith S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

North Star; 32-90-23-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

North Star; Alix; Lacombe;

North Steepbank River (a.k.a. Dugout Creek); 32-90-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

North Vermilion Settlement (a.k.a. Buttertown); 25-108-13-w5; Mackenzie; Settlement

North Wabasca Lake; 1-80-25-w4; Opportunity; Lake

North Watchusk Lake; 23-83-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Northbank; 23-58-18-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Northcliff; 20-3-26-w4; Cardston; Former Railway Point

Northern (a.k.a. Bardo); 6-50-18-w4; Beaver; Former Post Office

Northern Heights; Richmond Park; Athabasca; School District

Northern Light S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Northern Valley; 33-55-6-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Northland S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Northland Sun; ; Lesser Slave River;

Northleigh; 6-51-6-w5; Parkland; Locality

Northmark; 20-76-6-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Northstar; ; Northern Lights;

Northville; 25-53-10-w5; Yellowhead; Former Post Office

Norton (a.k.a. Gros Ventre); 9-11-4-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Norway Valley; 16-55-3-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Norwood S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Nose Creek; 13-24-1-w5; Calgary; Creek

Nose Creek S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Nose Hill; 12-37-9-w4; Paintearth; Hill

Nose Hill; 5,8-25-1-w5; Calgary; Hill

Nose Hill S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Nosehill Creek; 35-55-20-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Notikewin (a.k.a. Battle River Prairie); 16-92-23-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Notikewin Provincial Park; 33-94-20-w5; Northern Lights; Provincial Park

Notikewin River (a.k.a. First Battle River); 35-95-20-w5; Northern Lights; River

Notre Dame de Savoie; 18-40-15-w4; Paintearth;

Noyes Crossing; 8-55-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Nugent; 2-44-3-w5; Ponoka; Locality

Nuorison Creek; 10-39-3-w5; Lacombe; Creek

Nuttborough S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Oakland Lake; 13-28-14-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Oakland S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Oakley Lake; 18-67-18-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Oakley Lake; 7-100-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Obed; 6-53-22-w5; Yellowhead;

Obed Lake; 11-53-22-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Obelisk; 4-31-15-w4; Special Area 2;

Oberlin; 23-38-21-w4; Stettler; Locality

O'Brien Provincial Park; 15-70-6-w6; Greenview; Provincial Park

Observation Hill; 32-42-6-w4; Wainwright; Hill

O'Chiese First Nations; ; Clearwater;

Ochre Creek; 29-87-15-w5; East Peace; Creek

Ockey Ridge; 9-2-26-w4; Cardston; Ridge

Octopus Lake; 36-52-19-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

O'Dellville; 2-39-15-w4; Paintearth;

Odessa S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Odin; 16-47-22-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Odisque Lake; 14-94-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

O'Donnell Lake (a.k.a. Robertson Lake); 35-120-18-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Ogden; 23-29-w4; Rockyview; Railway Point

Ohaton; 14-46-19-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Ohrnville; 36-49-28-w4; Leduc;

Oil City; 30-1-30-w4; Waterton Park;

Okanes Lake; 33-48-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Okotoks (a.k.a. Dewdney); 28-20-29-w4; Foothills; Town

Okwanim Creek; 20-39-14-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Old Baldy Hill; 23-8-3-w4; Cypress; Hill

Old Bear Lake Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Old Canoe Island; 23-66-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Old Fort (a.k.a. Old Pond Fort, Old Establishment); 16-108-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Former Locality

Old Fort Bay; 22-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Old Fort Point; 21-111-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Old Fort River; 4-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Old Man Creek; ; Strathcona; Creek

Old Man Lake; 22-90-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Old Post S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

Old Red Willow S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Old Skandia; Armena; Camrose;

Old Wives Lake; 13-101-14-w4; Peace; Lake

Old Wives' Lake Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Old Women's Buffalo Jump; 29-17-29-w4; Foothills; Buffalo Jump

Oldman Creek; 13-53-23-w4; Edmonton; Creek

Oldman Lake; 32-31-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Oldman River (a.k.a. Old Man River, Arrow River); 27-11-13-w4; Taber; River

Olds (a.k.a. Lone Pine, Sixth Siding, Hay City); 32-32-1-w5; Mountainview; Town

Olds Creek; 34-33-2-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Ole Lake; 30-84-12-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Olin Creek (a.k.a. North Fork); 14-9-1-w5; Pincher Creek;

Oliphant Mines; 23-48-21-w5; Yellowhead;

Oliva Lake; 30-47-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Olive; Hanna; Special Area 2;

Oliver; 5-54-23-w4; Edmonton; Railway Point

Oliver Lake; 9-50-21-w4; Leduc; Lake

Oliver S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Olsen Creek; 15-9-28-w4; Willow Creek;

Olsen S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Olson Ridge; 32-29-7-w5; Bighorn; Ridge

Olson Ridge; ; Bighorn;

Olympic Lake (a.k.a. Island Lake); 12-64-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Omaktai; 34-3-27-w4; Cardston; Former Locality

O'Mara; 15-48-26-w4; Leduc;

Omega River; 16-113-5-w6; Mackenzie; River

One Week Lake; 29-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Onefour; 15-2-4-w4; Cypress; Locality

O'Neil S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Onetree Creek; 14-21-12-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Onetree Reservoir; 19-14-w4; Newell; Reservoir

Onion Creek; Breton; Brazeau;

Onion Lake; 19-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Onoway; 35-54-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Village

Onstad's Lake; Airdrie; Rockyview; Lake

Ooho Lake; 2-83-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Opal; 9-58-22-w4; Thorhild; Hamlet

Open Creek; 31-42-6-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Optic; 26-14-22-w4; Vulcan;

Orangedale S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Oras; 28-39-6-w5; Clearwater;

Orbindale; 16-47-8-w4; Wainwright; Former Locality

Ord Lake; 23-49-24-w4; Leduc; Lake

Orion (a.k.a. Needmore); 7-6-6-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Orkney Hill; 4-30-21-w4; Kneehill; Hill

Orloff Lake; 32-73-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Orton; 13-9-25-w4; Willow Creek; Hamlet

Orvilton; 14-57-8-w4; St. Paul;

Osborn River; 16-90-13-w6; Clear Hills; River

Osborne Creek; 35-63-7-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Osborne Lake; 5-64-6-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Osi Creek; 18-92-21-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Osi Lake (a.k.a. Big Lake); 25-94-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Oster Lake; 32-53-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Otasan Lake; 27-100-15-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Otauwau Lake; 5-70-7-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Otauwau River; 33-72-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Otoskwan S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Otter Lake; 110-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Otter Lake; 33-86-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Otter Lake; 26-73-24-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Otter Lakes; 18-89-13-w5; East Peace; Lakes

Otter Lakes; 33-95-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Otter River; 33-86-16-w5; East Peace; River

Otway; 15-39-7-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Ouelletteville; 3-23-21-w4; Wheatland;

Outer Rainy Hill; 17,18-10-w4; Cypress; Hill

Outlet Creek; 15-64-19-w5; Greenview; Creek

Outlet Lake; 21-66-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Outlet S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Outline Lake; 31-65-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Outpost Lake; 7-1-26-w4; Cypress; Lake

Owen Lake; 29-50-20-w4; Beaver; Lake

Owendale (a.k.a. Jefferson); 36-1-24-w4; Cardston; Locality

Owl Creek; 33-101-8-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Owl Creek; 23-28-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Owl Lake; 23-94-12-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Owl River; 19-68-13-w4; Lakeland; River

Owl River; 23-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Owlseye; 4-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Owlseye Lake; 35-58-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Owlseye Lake; 4-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Former Post Office

Owlseye S.D.; Ashmont; St. Paul; School District

Owre S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Oxbow Lake; 30-53-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Lake

Oxford S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Oxley Creek (a.k.a. Beaver Creek); 32-13-28-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Oxley Ranch; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; Ranch

Oxville; 10-46-2-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Oxyoke Lake; 3,4-37-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Oyen; 34-27-4-w4; Special Area 3; Town

Ozada; ; Bighorn;

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Paddle Prairie; 19-103-21-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement (a.k.a. Keg River Metis Colony); 18-103-21-w5; Northern Lights; Metis Settlement

Paddle River; 15-59-3-w5; Barrhead; River

Paddle River Dam; 18-57-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Dam

Paddy Creek; 19-49-10-w5; Brazeau; Creek

Paddy Springs S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Padstow; 14-56-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Pageant; 5-18-21-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Paine Lake; 10-2-28-w4; Cardston; Lake

Paintearth County; (35to39)-(9to16)-W4; Paintearth; County

Paintearth Creek; 25-39-14-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Pair Lakes; 4-110-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Pakan (a.k.a. Victoria); 12-58-17-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Pakan Creek; 2-58-11-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Pakan Lake; 23-57-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Pakashan Indian Reserve; 28-76-15-w5; Big Lakes; Indian Reserve

Pakawtew Ministik; 17-110-3-w5; Mackenzie; Island

Pakkwaw Lake; 15-36-27-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Pakowki (a.k.a. Fourways, Glassford); 13-6-8-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Pakowki Lake; 34-4-7-w4; Forty Mile; Lake

Pakwanutik River (a.k.a. Garden River); 1-112-24-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Palm Bay; 34-39-2-w5; Lacombe;

Palmer S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Pancras (a.k.a. Cavendish); 26-21-4-w4; Special Area 2;

Pandora; 12-24-13-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Panima; 4-21-1-w5; Foothills;

Panny River; 2-94-6-w5; Opportunity; River

Pans Lake; 18-124-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Pansy; ; Provost; District

Papachase Indian Reserve; South Edmonton; Leduc; Indian Reserve

Papineau Hill; 18-40-23-w4; Lacombe; Hill

Paradise Valley; 7-47-2-w4; Vermilion River;

Parallel Creek; 19-78-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Paraskevia S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Parflesh Creek; 25-23-21-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Park; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Park Berd; ; Cardston;

Park Court; 3-55-7-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Park Grove S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Park Hill S.D.; 15-43-11-w4; Flagstaff;

Park Lake; 9-10-22-w4; Lethbridge; Lake

Park Lake Provincial Park; 10-22-w4; Lethbridge; Provincial Park

Parker Creek; 26-69-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Parker Lake; 25-70-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Parkerville S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Parkhurst S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Parkland (a.k.a. Parkhill); 16-15-27-w4; Willow Creek; Hamlet

Parkland Beach; 10-42-1-w5; Ponoka; Summer Village

Parkland County; 53-1-10-w5; Parkland; County

Parks Creek; 10-25-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Parks Ridge; 25-5-w5; Rockyview; Ridge

Parkway S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Parlby Creek; 16-40-23-w4; Lacombe; Creek

Parlby Lake; 15-40-23-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Parma Creek; 2-108-20-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Parr; 36-28-15-w4; Special Area 2; Post Office

Parrish S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District

Parsons Creek; 7-90-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Parsons Lake; 35-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Parson's Lake; Crossfield; Rockyview; Lake

Parting Lake; 22-58-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Partridge Hill; 13-54-22-w4; Strathcona; Former Locality

Partridge Lake; 3-63-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Parvella; 33-22-8-w4; Special Area 2;

Pasatchaw Lakes; 29-52-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Pashley; 7-12-3-w4; Cypress; Station

Pass Creek; 35-60-20-w5; Greenview; Railway Point

Pass Creek; 1-61-16-w5; Greenview;

Passburg; 16-7-3-w5; Pincher Creek;

Passed Away Creek (a.k.a. Dead Man's Creek); 26-85-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Pastecho Lake; 16-80-3-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Pastecho River; 21-82-2-w5; Opportunity; River

Patenaude Lake; 23-117-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Patenaude, Lac; 16-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Paterson Lake; 30-55-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Pathfinder; 16-53-8-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Patience; 18-47-26-w4; Wetaskiwin; Former Locality

Patricia; 13-20-13-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Patricia Hill; 19-42-5-w4; Provost; Hill

Pats Creek (a.k.a. Wesley Creek); 31-83-21-w5; East Peace; Creek

Patterson Lake; 28-106-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Paul Lake; 4-54-20-w4; Lamont; Lake

Paul Lake; 28-72-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Paul's Corner Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Pauls Corners; 18-82-24-w5; Peace;

Paulson S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Paxson; 6-66-20-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Paxton Lake; 2-107-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Payndale; 24-48-9-w4; Minburn;

Peace Athabasca Delta; 112-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Delta

Peace Butte; 7-9-6-w4; Cypress; Butte

Peace Grove; 27-84-5-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Peace Heights S. D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Peace Hills (a.k.a. Grosses Buttes); 28-46-24-w4; Wetaskiwin; Hills

Peace Point; 35-116-15-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Peace Prairie S. D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Peace River (a.k.a. Peace River Crossing, Peace River Landing Settlement); 31-83-21-w5; Peace; Town

Peace River; 23-115-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Peace River Crossing (a.k.a. Peace River, Peace River Landing Settlement); 31-83-21-w5; Peace; Town

Peace River Crossing Indian Reserve (a.k.a. Duncan's Indian Reserve); 16-82-23-w5; Peace; Indian Reserve

Peace River Landing Settlement (a.k.a. Peace River, Peace River Crossing); 32-83-21-w5; Peace; Town

Peace View S.D.; Grimshaw; Peace; School District

Peace, Municipal District of; 82-23-w4; Peace; Municipal District

Peaceful S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Peacock; 9-13-23-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Peanut Lake; 15-58-3-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Pear Lake; 36-65-22-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Pearce; 1-10-25-w4; Willow Creek; Locality

Pearl Lake; 29-32-15-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Pearson; ; Provost; District

Pearson Lake (a.k.a. Sandy Lake); 22-103-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Pearson Lake; 16-50-10-w4; Minburn; Lake

Peat; 2-56-7-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Peavey; 34-56-25-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Peavine (a.k.a. Peavine Prairie); 1-59-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Peavine Creek; 16-76-22-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Peavine Metis Settlement (a.k.a. Utikuma Lake Metis Colony); 79-15-w5; Big Lakes; Metis Settlement

Peckham; 2-39-7-w4; Provost;

Pecten; 21-4-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Railway Point

Peden's Point; 28-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Pedersen Ranch; Lodgepole; Brazeau; Ranch

Pedley; ; Yellowhead;

Peel Creek; 8-107-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Peerless; 20-19-8-w4; Cypress;

Peerless Lake; 33-88-4-w5; Opportunity; Hamlet

Peerless Lake; 13-88-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Peers; 16-54-14-w5; Yellowhead; Hamlet

Pegasus Lake (a.k.a. Little McLeod Lake); 31-61-11-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Peguis (a.k.a. Monkman); 10-54-7-w4; Two Hills;

Peigan; 35-8-27-w4; Pincher Creek; Former Locality

Peigan Creek; 4-8-8-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Peigan Indian Reserve; 29-7-27-w4; Willow Creek; Indian Reserve

Peigan Indian Reserve; 11-9-30-w4; Willow Creek; Indian Reserve

Peighan (a.k.a. Ranchville); 10-7-5-w4; Forty Mile;

Pekisko; 13-17-2-w5; Foothills;

Pekse Creek; 23-34-6-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Peleck Lakes; 20-58-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Lakes

Pelican Island; 36-6-14-w4; Forty Mile; Island

Pelican Island; 2-17-15-w4; Newell; Island

Pelican Island; 36-97-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Pelican Lake; 20-45-3-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Pelican Lake; 30-78-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Pelican Lake; 28-99-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Pelican Lake; 1-70-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Pelican Mountain (a.k.a. Sandy Lake); 5-79-22-w4; Opportunity; Hamlet

Pelican Mountain; 76-24-w4; Lesser Slave River; Mountain

Pelican Narrows; ; Bonnyville;

Pelican Point; 16-41-20-w4; Camrose; Point

Pelican Portage; 30-78-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Pelican Rapids; 79-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Pelican Rapids; 16-126-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Pelican River; 7-79-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Pelican Settlement; 36-78-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Peltier Creek; 25-116-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Pembina; 20-48-8-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Pembina; 24-60-1-w5; Westlock;

Pembina Crossing; 10-58-3-w5; Barrhead; Former Locality

Pembina Heights; 24-60-2-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Pembina River; 29-66-2-w5; Yellowhead; River

Pembina River Provincial Park; 29-53-7-w5; Parkland; Provincial Park

Pembridge; 10-57-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Pemburton Hill; 20-50-2-w5; Leduc; Locality

Pemmican Creek; 6-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Pemukan; 1-35-4-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Pendant d'Orielle; 15-3-7-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Pendryl; 15-46-5-w5; Wetaskiwin;

Penhold; 36-36-28-w4; Red Deer; Town

Peninsula Lake (a.k.a. Pendleton's Lake); 11-45-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Peninsula, The; 15-41-20-w4; Camrose; Peninsula

Penningston Lake; 34-36-28-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Peno; 18-57-18-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Peno Creek; 13-57-19-w4; Lamont; Creek

Peno Lake; 24-57-19-w4; Lamont; Lake

Pentland Lake; 1-79-14-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Peoria; 36-73-3-w6; Birch Hills; Hamlet

Perbeck; 30-34-22-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Percy Lake; 18-34-3-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Percy Lake; 4-49-10-w4; Minburn; Lake

Perfume Lake; 5-93-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Perry Creek; 16-123-16-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Perryvale; 22-63-23-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Pert Creek; 2-125-1-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Pert Lake; 14-123-1-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Petapiece Coulee; Airdrie; Rockyview; Coulee

Pete Lake; 34-73-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Peter Lake; 31-72-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Peters Creek; 24-1-23-w4; Cardston; Creek

Peters Lake; 1-121-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Peterson Lake; 34-42-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Peterson Pond; 14-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Pond

Peterson's Place; 24-99-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Petitot River; 9-122-12-w6; Mackenzie; River

Petro; ; Rockyview;

Phelps Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping Place

Phidias; 8-22-22-w4; Wheatland; Former Locality

Phillips (a.k.a. Lake Thomas); 12-47-12-w4; Beaver; Locality

Philomena; 27-71-11-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Philp Coulee (a.k.a. Police Coulee); 22-2-8-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Phoenix; 30-39-10-w5; Clearwater; Former Locality

Phyllis Lake; 17-36-7-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Pibroch (a.k.a. Debney); 5-61-26-w4; Westlock; Hamlet

Pibroch; 7-6-26-w4; Willow Creek;

Pibroch; Linaria; Westlock;

Piche Lake; 3-70-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Piche River; 36-69-13-w4; Lakeland; River

Pickardville (a.k.a. Picardville); 36-58-27-w4; Westlock; Hamlet

Picture Butte; 2-11-21-w4; Lethbridge; Town

Pidler; ; Yellowhead;

Pierre au Calumet; 13-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Former Fur Trade Post

Pierre Lake; 30-119-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Pierre River; 30-97-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Pigeon Hills (a.k.a. Woodpecker Hills); 23-47-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Hills

Pigeon Lake (a.k.a. Woodpecker Lake); 4-47-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Pigeon Lake Creek; 15-46-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Pigeon Lake Indian Reserve; 23-46-28-w4; Wetaskiwin; Indian Reserve

Pigeon Lake Provincial Park; 6-47-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Provincial Park

Pikes Lake; 27-35-12-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Pile of Bones Creek; 24-25-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Pilling Lake; 4,5-2-25-w4; Cardston; Lake

Pilot Bluff (a.k.a. Pilot Knob); 29-40-19-w4; Stettler; Hill

Pilot Knob S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Pincher (a.k.a. Pincher Station); 1-7-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Hamlet

Pincher Creek; 22-6-30-w4; Pincher Creek; Town

Pincher Creek; 17-7-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Pincher Station (a.k.a. Pincher); 1-7-30-w4; Pincher Creek;

Pine Bluff; 32-83-23-w5; Peace;

Pine Canyon; 13-21-27-w4; Foothills;

Pine Coulee; 17-15-28-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Pine Coulee S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Pine Creek (a.k.a. Grande Prairie Creek); 10-72-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Pine Creek; 27-13-28-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Pine Creek; 4-22-29-w4; Calgary; Creek

Pine Creek; 34-58-19-w4; Lamont;

Pine Creek; 3-69-17-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Pine Creek; 11-22-1-w5; Foothills;

Pine Creek; 25-59-18-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Pine Hill; ; Red Deer;

Pine Island; 23-54-20-w4; Lamont; Island

Pine Island; 4-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Pine Lake; 13-36-25-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Pine Lake; 22-36-25-w4; Red Deer; Hamlet

Pine Lake; 27-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Pine Lake; 30-121-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Pine Ridge; 15-3-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Ridge

Pine Valley S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Pinedale; 22-53-15-w5; Two Hills; Hamlet

Pinehurst Lake; 27-65-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Pinepound Creek; 5-5-23-w4; Cardston; Creek

Pineview S.D.; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

Piney Ridge; 6-2-26-w4; Cardston; Ridge

Pingle; 8-80-6-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Pinhorn; 16-1-8-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Pinto Creek; 16-69-10-w6; Greenview; Creek

Pinto Mountain; 11-67-10-w6; Greenview; Mountain

Pioneer (a.k.a. Mussel); 13-55-15-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Pioneer; 17-40-17-w4; Stettler;

Pipe Creek; 14-70-16-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Piper Creek; 9-38-27-w4; Red Deer; Creek

Pipestone; 18-47-26-w4; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Pipestone Creek; 25-46-23-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Pipestone Creek; 11-70-8-w6; Greenview; Creek

Pipestone Creek; 14-70-8-w6; Greenview; Locality

Pirmez Creek; 18-24-3-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Pitchimi Lake; 28-115-5-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Pitcox (a.k.a. Hespero); 2-39-4-w5; Clearwater;

Pitlochrie; 2-70-12-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Pivot; 11-17-1-w4; Cypress; Locality

Piyami; 30-10-21-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Piyami Coulee; 10-21-w4; Lethbridge; Coulee

Plain Lake; 15-53-12-w4; Two Hills; Former Post Office

Plain Lake; 27-53-12-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Plainview S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

Plamondon (a.k.a. Plamondville); 2-68-16-w4; Lakeland; Village

Plamondon Creek; 19-67-16-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Plante Lake; 2-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Plante S. D.; Beaumont; Leduc; School District

Pleasant Range S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Pleasant Ridge S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Pleasant Valley; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Pleasant View (a.k.a. Windy Ridge); 31-8-9-w4; Forty Mile;

Pleasant View; 31-20-28-w4; Foothills;

Pleasant View; 31-68-20-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Pleasantview; ; Strathcona;

Pleasington; 32-42-14-w4; Flagstaff;

Ploegsteerte S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Plover Lake; 18-29-10,11-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Plover Lake; 35-49-3-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Plum Lake; 25-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Plum Lake S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Plume Creek S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Plunger Lake; 28-60-6-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Pluvius Lake; 28-87-23-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Poacher's Creek; 34-88-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Pocahontas; 6-49-27-w5; Jasper;

Podola S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Poe; 30-49-16-w4; Beaver; Locality

Point Alison; 2-53-4-w5; Parkland; Summer Village

Point aux Trembles (a.k.a. Poplar Point); 33-102-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Point Brule; 13-104-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Point Brule; 23-104-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Point Thirteen; 12-41-21-w4; Camrose; Point

Pointe au Pins Creek; 36-53-23-w4; Strathcona; Creek

Poison Creek; 36-54-11-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Poitras, Lac; 24-56-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Pokehasset; 2-50-3-w5; Leduc;

Pokotilo's Hall; Olds; Mountainview; Hall

Police Creek; 35-1-13-w4; Warner; Creek

Police Outpost Provincial Park; 6-1-26-w4; Cardston; Provincial Park

Police Point; 32-12-5-w4; Cypress; Point

Police Point; 6-76-14-w5; Big Lakes; Point

Pollockville; 3-25-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Pollux; 24-36-15-w4; Paintearth;

Polly Lake; 7-31-1-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Polska S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Polska S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Ponder Creek (a.k.a. Sanderson Creek); 26-114-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Ponita Lake; 19-75-12-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Ponoka (a.k.a. Siding 14); 4-43-25-w4; Ponoka; Town

Ponoka County; 42-44-22-5-w4&w5; Ponoka; County

Pontmain S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Ponton River; 12-109-14-w5; Mackenzie; River

Pony Creek; 15-79-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Poole Creek; 12-12-2-w5; Ranchlands;

Poplar Bay; 32-46-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Poplar Creek; 30-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Poplar Creek; 25-46-3-w5; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Poplar Grove (a.k.a. Innisfail); 20-35-28-w4; Red Deer;

Poplar Grove S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Poplar Hill; 22-73-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Poplar Island; 20-90-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Poplar Lake; 4-104-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Poplar Lake; Namao; Sturgeon;

Poplar Point; 33-102-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Poplar Point Lake; 31-110-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Poplar Ridge; 11-80-7-w6; Saddle Hills;

Poplar Ridge; 11-80-7-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Poplar S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Poplar Valley S.D.; Alder Flats; Wetaskiwin; School District

Porcupine Hills; 10,11-1-w5; Ranchlands; Hill

Porcupine Hills S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Porcupine S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Portage Lake; 33-114-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Portage River; 15-114-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Porter Lake; 13-44-3-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Porters Butte; 3-30-23-w4; Kneehill; Lake

Porter's Hill; 28-12-5-w4; Cypress; Hill

Porto Bello; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Posthill Lake; 35-37-21-w4; Stettler; Lake

Potato Island; 6-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Pothole Creek; 18-7-21-w4; Lethbridge; Creek

Potter Creek; 23-42-3-w5; Ponoka; Creek

Potts Creek (a.k.a. Little Fishery River); 18-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Potts Lake; 3-124-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Potts Lake; 31-25-5-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Pouce Coupe River; 26-82-13-w6; Saddle Hills; River

Poulin (a.k.a. Vegreville); 34-51-15-w4; Yellowhead;

POW Hill; 1-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Powder Creek; 35-116-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Powder Lake (a.k.a. Rudman Lake); 35-66-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Powell Lake; 5-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Power House (a.k.a. Drayton Valley); 7-49-7-w5; Brazeau;

Pozerville; 28-54-13-w4; Two Hills;

Prague; 28-46-13-w4; Beaver;

Prairie Blood Creek; 26-7-22-w4; Cardston; Creek

Prairie Creek (a.k.a. Hinton); 4-51-25-w5; Yellowhead;

Prairie Creek (a.k.a. Prairie River); 9-38-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Prairie Creek; 27-88-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Prairie Dell S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Prairie Echo; 22-76-16-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Prairie Grange; 16-39-7-w5; Clearwater;

Prairie Grove S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Prairie Lake; 11-56-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Prairie Lake; 11-96-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Prairie Point; 5-107-15-w5; Mackenzie; Point

Prairie River (a.k.a. Hay River); 14-111-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Prairie River (a.k.a. Liege River); 30-90-24-w4; Opportunity; River

Prairie View (a.k.a. Kipp); 20-9-22-w4; Lethbridge;

Prairieville S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Preble Creek; 32-126-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Preble Lake; 29-126-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Prefontaine Lake (a.k.a. Berry Island Lake); 32-55-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Prentice Creek; 18-40-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Prentiss; 24-39-26-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Preston Lake (a.k.a. Wolf Lake); 34-73-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Prestville; 8-78-4-w6; Spirit River; Locality

Pretty Hill (a.k.a. Dinant); 14-48-20-w4; Camrose; Hill

Prevo; 1-39-1-w4; Provost; Locality

Price Creek; 16-65-23-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Price Lake; 17-64-23-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Priceton S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Prichuk Hill; 24-73-9-w5; Big Lakes; Hill

Priddis; 22-22-3-w5; Foothills; Hamlet

Priddis Creek; 22-22-3-w5; Foothills; Creek

Primrose; 10-57-4-w4; St. Paul; Former Post Office

Primrose Lake; 13-67-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Primula; 4-56-5-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Prince Island; 21-24-1-w5; Calgary; Island

Princess; 11-20-12-w4; Newell; Locality

Proot; ; Cypress;

Prospect Hill; 13-40-23-w4; Lacombe; Hill

Prospect Valley; 6-45-2-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Prosperity; 19-67-19-w4; Athabasca; Former Locality

Prospy; 5-8-9-w4; Forty Mile; Post Office

Prosvita Hall; Boyle; Athabasca; Hall

Providence, Point; 12-115-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Mountain

Provost (a.k.a. Lakeview); 17-39-2-w4; Provost; Town

Provost, Municipal District of; (36to42)-(1to9)-w4; Provost; Municipal District

Pruden; 32-65-13-w4; Lakeland;

Pruden Lake; 13-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Pruden's Crossing (a.k.a. Watino); 35-77-24-w5; Smoky River; Former Post Office

Pryor S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Puffer; 28-39-10-w4; Paintearth;

Pullar Lake (a.k.a. Crooked Lake); 18-66-9-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Pulteney; 15-13-27-w4; Willow Creek; Locality

Pultorey; ; Willow Creek;

Punk Creek; 23-64-9-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Purdy Lake; 4-109-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Purple Springs; 18-10-14-w4; Taber; Hamlet

Pushup Lake; 12-83-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Pushup Lake; 19-85-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Pushup Lake; 15-113-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Puskiakiwenin Indian Reserve; 27-57-4-w4; St. Paul; Indian Reserve

Puskwaskau Lake; 20-72-24-w5; Greenview; Lake

Puskwaskau River; 12-75-2-w6; Greenview; River

Pythagoras Lake; 35-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

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