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The index now has nearly 8,000 place names in Alberta including cities, towns, villages, hamlets, localities, school districts, reserves, railway points, lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, etc.

Various sources were used for this index including the Post Office Database, Place Names of Alberta Series, Local History Books and maps. The index is not a complete listing. If you can add a place name or find an error please contact the Alberta GenWeb Coordinator.

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

D.D.'s Creek; 17-89-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Dabbs Lake; 12-67-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Dagmar Lake; 33-108-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Daigle Lake; 14,23-5-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Lake

Dakin; 17-67-17-w4; Athabasca; Former Locality

Dakin Lake; 15-67-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Dalehurst (a.k.a. Prairie Creek, Hinton); 52-24-w5; Yellowhead;

Dalemead (a.k.a. Needmore, Strathmead); 14-22-27-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Dalemead Lake; 35,36-22-27-w4; Rockyview; Lake

Daley Creek S.D.; Granum; Willow Creek; School District

Dalkeith S D; ; Special Area 2; School District

Dalkin Island (a.k.a. Lorna Island); 31-99-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Dalmuir; 8-58-20-w4; Thorhild; Former Locality

Dalroy; 14-25-27-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Dalum; 17-27-19-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Daly Lake; 29-122-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dana S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Dancing Lake; 28-69-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Danube; 22-62-21-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Daphne Island; 25-95-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Dapp (a.k.a. Eunice); 12-62-27-w4; Westlock; Hamlet

Dapp Creek; 9-62-27-w4; Westlock; Creek

Dapp Lake; 12-62-25-w4; Westlock; Lake

Daresbury S.D.; Heather Brae; Camrose; School District

Darling; 30-61-19-w4; Thorhild; Former Locality

Darling Creek; 23-95-5-w5; Opportunity; Creek

Darough Creek; 19-119-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Dartique S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Darwell; 13-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Darwin Lake; 5-119-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Darwin S.D.; Debolt; Greenview; School District

Dauntless; 35-11-6-w4; Cypress; Former Station

Davenport S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Davey Lake; 21-34-27-w4; Red Deer; Lake

David Lake; 4-42-5-w4; Provost; Lake

Davidson Lake; 35-114-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Davidson Lake; 36-73-23-w5; Greenview; Lake

Davis Bottom; 24-9-22-w4; Lethbridge; Bottom

Davisburg; 21-28-w4; Foothills;

Davy Coulee; 6-11-21-w4; Lethbridge; Creek

Dawes Lake; 36-84-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dawson Lake; 14-25-w4; Willow Creek; Lake

Dawson Lake; 21-125-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dawson's Hill; 9-33-1-w5; Mountainview;

Day Lake; 4-60-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Daysland; 9-45-16-w4; Flagstaff; Town

De Manville Lake; 36-119-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

De Sota; 56-6-w4; St. Paul;

De Winton; 36-21-1-w5; Foothills; Hamlet

Dead Bull Lake; 12-34-17-w4; Stettler; Lake

Dead Calf Lake; 12-90-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Dead Man's Creek; 26-85-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Deadfish Creek; 21-23-13-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Deadhorse Creek; 30-24-19-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Deadhorse Lake; 24-24-19,20-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Deadlodge Canyon; 10-21-11-w4; Special Area 2; Canyon

Deadman Creek; 23-84-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Deadman Gulch; 17-5-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Deadman Lake (a.k.a. Berland Lake); 25-56-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Deadman's Flats; Canmore; Bighorn; Flats

Deadman's Lake; 4-38-4-w4; Provost; Lake

Deadrick Coulee (a.k.a. Baker Coulee); 11-30-29-w4; Mountainview; Coulee

Deadrick Creek; 33-31-1-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Deadwood; 21-89-22-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Deadwood; 34-89-23-w5; Northern Lights; Station

Dean's Hall; Olds; Mountainview; Hall

Death River; 15-56-7-w4; St. Paul; River

Deaver (a.k.a. Boscombe); 9-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Former Post Office

Debney (a.k.a. Pibroch); 5-61-26-w4; Westlock; Former Railway Point

DeBolt; 12-72-1-w6; Greenview; Hamlet

DeBolt Creek; 23-71-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Dechaine Lake; 17-56-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Decrene; 8-72-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality / Railway Station

Deep Coulee S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Deep Creek (a.k.a. Saprae Creek); 32-88-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Deep Creek; 17-69-22-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Deep Creek; 26-69-22-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Deep Creek; 13-54-9-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Deep Creek; 23-73-20-w5; Greenview; Creek

Deep Creek; ; Strathcona; Creek

Deep Lake (a.k.a. Athabina Lake); 6-65,66-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Deep Lake (a.k.a. Grew Lake); 19-91-20-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Deep Lake (a.k.a. Utamik Lake); 7-109-12-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Deep Lake; 24-72-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Deep Lake; 10-89-7-w6; Opportunity; Lake

Deep Valley Creek; 20-64-25-w5; Greenview; Creek

Deer Creek; 2-2-12-w4; Warner; Creek

Deer Creek; 14-52-4-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Deer Hill; 14-84-3-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Deer Mound; 52-22-w4; Strathcona;

Deer Mountain; 68-8-w5; Lakeland; Mountain

Deer Run S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Deerdale; 20-4-w4; Cypress;

Deering (a.k.a. Alby); 12-18-w4; Taber;

Deerland; 2-57-20-w4; Strathcona; Former Locality

Deerlodge S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Deermound; 18-52-22-w4; Strathcona; Former Locality

Del Bonita; 18-1-21-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Delacour; 24-25-28-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Delano; 23-10-w4; Special Area 2;

Delburne (a.k.a. Gaetz Valley, Delbourne); 21-37-23-w4; Red Deer; Village

Delburne Lakes; 27-37-23-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Deleware S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview;

Delia (a.k.a. Highland); 5-31-17-w4; Starland; Village

Delia's Stopping House; 31-17-w4; Starland; Stopping House

Delmas Coulee; 36-6-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Delnorte (a.k.a. Innisfree); 10-51-11-w4; Minburn; Former Post Office

Delorme Lake; 26-70-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Delorme, Lac; 5-57-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Delph; 18-58-18-w4; Lamont; Locality

Delta Lake; 1-55-11-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Delusion Lakes; 15-44-9-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Demay; 8-48-19-w4; Camrose; Locality

Demay Lake; 10-48-19-w4; Camrose; Lake

Demers S. D.; Beaumont; Leduc; School District

Demicharge Rapids; 11-119-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Demmitt; 35-74-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Dempsey Creek; 4-115-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Dempster Coulee; 22-8-4-w4; Cypress; Creek

Denard; ; Greenview;

Dene, Lake (a.k.a. Beaver Lake); 19-108-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Denhart (a.k.a. Rainy Hills); 2-20-11-w4; Cypress; Locality

Denisville (a.k.a. St. Vincent); 60-9-w4; St. Paul;

Denning Lake; 28-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Dennis; 17-14-9-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Dent Lake; 12-34-11-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Denwood (a.k.a. MPO Wainwright, Wainwright); 25-44-6-w4; Wainwright; Post Office

Derby S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Derbytown; James River; Clearwater;

Deroches, Lac; 15-47-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Derwent (a.k.a. Monkman, Peguis); 9-54-7-w4; Two Hills; Village

Deserters Creek; 31-42-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Desjarlais; 9-57-14-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Desmarais (a.k.a. Wabasca-Desmarais); 14-80-25-w4; Opportunity; Hamlet

Desmaw Lake (a.k.a. Matthew's Lake); 1-64-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Devenish; 33-75-8-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Devil Creek; 35-71-15-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Devil Lake; 16-108-17-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Devil Rapids; 6-80-23-w4; Opportunity; Rapids

Deville; 32-51-20-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Devils Elbow; 12-109-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; River Bend

Devon; 34-50-26-W4; Leduc; Town

Devonia Lake; 19-49-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Devonshire Beach; 19-73-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Beach

Dewar; 3-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Former Locality

Dewberry; 21-53-4-w4; Vermilion River; Village

Dewdney (a.k.a. Okotoks); 28-20-29-W4; Foothills; Former Post Office

Dewdrop Lake; 28-32-17-w4; Starland; Lake

Diamond City; 6-10-21-w4; Lethbridge; Hamlet

Diamond Dick Creek (a.k.a. Sylvester Creek, Fish Creek, Sheep Creek); 20-70-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Diamond Valley; Eckville; Lacombe;

Diana (a.k.a. Gwynne); 24-46-23-w4; Wetaskiwin; Former Post Office

Dianne Lakes; 4-103-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Diaper Lake; 12-86-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Dick Lake; 9-44-1-w5; Ponoka; Lake

Dickins Lake; 24-123-12-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Dickinson Creek; 25-1-12-w4; Warner; Creek

Dickson; 1-36-3-w5; Red Deer; Hamlet

Dickson Creek; 24-36-2-w5; Red Deer; Creek

Dickson Lake; 24-75-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Dickson's Stopping House; Airdrie; Rockyview; Stopping House

Didsbury; 18-31-1-W5; Mountainview; Town

Diligence; 57-24-w4; Sturgeon;

Dillberry Lake; 36-41-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Dillberry Lake Provincial Park; 41,42-1-w4; Wainwright; Provincial Park

Dillon River; 1-78-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Dimsdale; 15-71-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Dimsdale Lake (a.k.a. Spring Lake); 16-71-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Dina; 33-45-1-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Dinant (a.k.a. Pretty Hill); 12-48-20-w4; Camrose; Locality

Dinner Lake; 15-84-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lkae

Dinosaur; 14-30-20-w4; Starland; Railway Point

Dinosaur Provincial Park; 9-21-11,12-w4; Newell; Provincial Park

Dinton; 28-20-26-w4; Foothills; Former Locality

Dinwoodie (a.k.a. Lavoy); 4-52-13-w4; Minburn; Former Post Office

Dion Lake; 1-58-5-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Dip Creek; 18-25-16-w4; Newell; Creek

Diplomat Mine; Forestburg; Flagstaff; Mine

Dipping Vat Lake; 7-4-27-w4; Cardston; Lake

Dirleton; 16-61-4-w4; Bonnyville; Former Post Office

Disappointment Lake; 15-120-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dishpan Lake; 7-19-4,5-w4; Cypress; Lake

Dismal Creek; 29-47-11-w5; Brazeau; Creek

Diss; ; Yellowhead;

Dixon Lake; 2-42-6-w4; Provost; Lake

Dixonville; 18-87-23-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Dixonville; 14-87-24-w5; Northern Lights; Station

Dizzy Creek; 23-122-19-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Dnipro; 48-1-w5; Leduc;

Doan; 35-34-1-w5; Red Deer; Locality

Dobson; 20-29-8-w4; Special Area 3; Former Stagtion

Dochart S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Dodds; 15-49-18-w4; Beaver; Lake

Dodds Lake; 28,29-54-28-w4; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Dodgson Lake; 7-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Doe Creek; 15-81-13-w6; East Peace; Creek

Dog Eating Prairie; 24-67-22-w5; Greenview; Flat

Dog Head; 1-112-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Dog Island; 14-73-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Island

Dog Lake; 15-98-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dog Pound (a.k.a. Bradbourne); 5-29-4-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Dog Pound Creek (a.k.a. Edge Creek); Cochrane; Rockyview;

Dog Rib Island (a.k.a. Inglis Island); 31-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Dog River; 19-125-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Dog Rump Creek (a.k.a. Atimoswe Creek); ; Parkland; Creek

Dog Town; Turner Valley; Foothills;

Dogpound Creek; 21-32-3-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Doig River; 3-92-13-w6; East Peace; River

Dokeville S.D.; Rochester; Athabasca; School District

Dolberg Lake; 1-60-7,8-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Dolcy; 42-4-w4; Wainwright;

Dolcy Lake; 26-42-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Dollar Lakes; 18-73-21-w5; Greenview; Lakes

Dolo Lake; 21,28-57-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Donald Creek; 29-90-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Donalda (a.k.a. Harker, Eidswold); 6-42-18-w4; Stettler; Village

Donaldson Lake; 16-100-14-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Donatville; 33-66-19-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Dongray; 36-59-19-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Post Office

Donna Creek; 14-122-9-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Donnelly; 1-78-21-w5; Smoky River; Village

Donnelly Creek; 36-67-7-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Donnelly Island (a.k.a. Drilling Island); 4-108-8-w5; Mackenzie; Island

Donovan Lake; 36-126-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dora; 38-16-w4; Paintearth;

Doran (a.k.a. Allerston); 2-14-w4; Warner;

Dore Lake; 29-66-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Dorenlee; 14-43-21-w4; Camrose; Locality

Doris; 10-63-5-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Doris Creek; 27-63-4-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Doris Island; 10-64-4-w4; Lakeland; Island

Dorothy; 4-27-17-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Dorothy Island; 2-87-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Dorris; 36-23-w4; Red Deer;

Dorscheid; 5-67-4-w6; Greenview; Railway Point

Dougan Ranch; Crossfield; Rockyview; Ranch

Douglas; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Douglas Creek; 18-23-14-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Douglas Lake; 2-32-2-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Douglas River; 12-108-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Doussal; 35-76-19-w5; Smoky River; Former Post Office

Dover River; 19-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Dover S.D.; Colinton; Athabasca; School District

Dovercourt; 12-38-6-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Dowling; 25-32-15-w4; Special Area 2; Railway Point

Dowling Lake; 34-32-16-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Dowling Lake; 32-14-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Downing; 17-58-14-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Post Office

Doze Lake; 13-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Drader; 6-46-2-w5; Wetaskiwin; Station

Dragon Lake; 31-1-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Draper (a.k.a. Draper's Landing); 31-88-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Drayton Valley (a.k.a. Power House); 7-49-7-W5; Brazeau; Town

Dreamer's Lake; 30-77-3-w6; Birch Hills; Lake

Dreau; 11-78-22-w5; Smoky River; Locality

Dried Meat Lake (a.k.a. Kihumoo Lake, Driedmeat Lake); 13-44,45-19-w4; Camrose; Lake

Driedmeat; 27-45-20-w4; Camrose; Railway Point

Driedmeat Creek; 6-45-19-w4; Camrose; Creek

Driedmeat Hill; 17-45-19-w4; Camrose; Hill

Drifting Sand Hills; 21-22-w4; Wheatland; Hills

Driftpile; 22-73-12-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Driftpile Indian Reserve; 34-73-12-w5; Big Lakes; Indian Reserve

Driftpile Inlet; 19-73-11-w5; Big Lakes; Inlet

Driftpile River; 32-74-11-w5; Big Lakes; River

Driftwood Lake; 8-88-22-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Driftwood River; 21-72-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Drilling Island (a.k.a. Donnelly Island); 4-108-8-w5; Mackenzie; Island

Drink Lake (a.k.a. Mud Lake); 6-63-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Drinnan; 51-24-w5; Yellowhead;

Drolet Creek; 3-112-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Dropoff Creek; 11-80-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Drowned Horse Creek; 29-79-24-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Drowning Ford; 23-17-5-w4; Cypress; River Crossing

Drumheller; 11-29-20-w4; Badlands; City

Dry Coulee; 13-12-1-w5; Ranchlands; Coulee

Dry Creek S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Dry Fork; 4-30-w4; Pincher Creek;

Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park; 24,29-34-21,22-w4; Kneehill; Provincial Park

Dry Stick Lake; 31-71-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Dryden Creek; 33-97-1-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Drygrass Lake; 21-53-19-w4; Lamont; Lake

Drysdale Lake; 27-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Drywood; 24-4-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Former Railway Point

Drywood Creek; 15-4-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Duagh (a.k.a. Sunny Glyde); 5-55-23-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Dubois Hill; 32-16-7-w4; Cypress; Hill

Dubuc S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Duchess; 32-20-14-w4; Newell; Village

Duck Creek; 25-65-27-w4; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Duck Lake; 32-94-19-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Duck Lake; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Duck Lake; 25-65-27-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Duffield; 26-52-3-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Duff's Hall; Olds; Mountainview; Hall

Dufrance, Lac; 22-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Dufresne, Lac; 5-57-6-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Duggans Lake; 30-60-23-w4; Thorhild; Lake

Dugout Creek; 32-90-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Duhamel (a.k.a. Battle River Crossing, Laboucan Settlement); 27-45-21-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Duhamel Lake; 15-54-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Dumbell Lake; 26-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Dummy Creek; 2-110-4-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Dunbar; 14-53-23-w4; Strathcona; Railway Point

Dunbar Coulee (a.k.a. Big Coulee); 16-21-11-w4; Special Area 2; Coulee

Dunbou; 21-28-w4; Foothills;

Dunbow S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Duncan Creek; 15-73-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Duncan's Indian Reserve (a.k.a. Peace River Crossing Indian Reserve); 16-82-23-w5; Peace; Indian Reserve

Dundee S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Dundee S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Dunington S.D.; Lodgepole; Brazeau; School District

Dunkirk River; 31-89-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Dunmore (a.k.a. Dunmore Junction, Coleridge); 3-12-5-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Dunmore Junction (a.k.a. Dunmore, Coleridge); 12-5-w4; Cypress;

Dunn (a.k.a. Ribstone); 43-3-w4; Wainwright;

Dunphy; 14-29-21-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Dunshalt; 20-25-24-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Dunstable; 26-57-2-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Dunvegan; 7-80-4-w6; Fairview; Locality

Dunvegan Creek; 7-80-4-w6; Fairview; Creek

Dunvegan Settlement; 7-80-4-w6; Fairview; Settlement

Dunvegan Yards; 23-53-25-w4; Edmonton; Former Railway Point

Durham S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Durlingville; 14-61-5-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Durward; 30-15-27-w4; Willow Creek; Railway Point

Dussault Lake; 4-54-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Dusseldorf (a.k.a. Freedom); 2-60-2-w5; Barrhead; Former Locality

Dusty Lake; 7-48-17-w4; Beaver; Lake

Dutch Flats; 28-43-22-w4; Ponoka; Flats

Duvernay (a.k.a. South Bend); 26-55-12-w4; Two Hills; Hamlet

Duxbury (a.k.a. Forestburg); 27-41-15-w4; Flagstaff; Former Post Office

Dyke Lake; 19-55-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Dymott Lake; 22-44-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Eagle Butte; 36-7-4-w4; Cypress; Locality

Eagle Creek (a.k.a. Bowden Creek); 18-35-1-w5; Red Deer; Creek

Eagle Creek; 5-35-3-w5; Red Deer; Creek

Eagle Hill; 21-23-24-w4; Wheatland; Hill

Eagle Hill; 33-3-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Eagle Hill; 6-34-3-w5; Mountainview; Hamlet

Eagle Lake; 32-23-24-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Eagle Lake; 1-125-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Eagle Point S.D.; James River; Clearwater; School District

Eagle S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Eagle Springs; 36-16-9-w4; Cypress; Springs

Eagle Valley S.D.; Eagle Hill; Mountainview; School District

Eaglenest Lake; 13-101-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Eagles Nest Ranch; Cypress Hills; Cypress; Ranch

Eaglesham; 25-78-26-w5; Birch Hills; Village

Earlie; 24-48-3-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Earlie Lake; 31-48-3-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Earling; 48-17-w4; Beaver;

Earlstone; 25-13-w4; Special Area 2;

Earltown S.D.; Hanna; Special Area 2; School District

Earlville; 12-42-24-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Early Gardens; 6-82-23-w5; Peace; Locality

East Arrowwood Creek; 9-21-23-w4; Vulcan; Creek

East Berry Creek; 26-22-12-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

East Berry Reservoir; 26,27-11-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

East Bittern Lake S.D.; Bittern Lake; Camrose; School District

East Burnt S.D.; Waterhole; Fairview; School District

East Chester Creek; 6-96-17-w5; East Peace; Creek

East Clover Bar; 53-22-w4; Strathcona;

East Coulee; 28,29-27-18-w4; Badlands; Hamlet

East Crest; Turner Valley; Foothills;

East Doe S.D.; Bonanza; Saddle Hills; School District

East Edmonton; 6-53-23-w4; Edmonton; Former Railway Point

East Fork McAlpine Creek; 3-10-2-w4; Cypress; Creek

East Jackpine Creek; 28-94-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

East Lake; 31-49-7-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

East Lobstick Creek; 2-41-6-w5; Clearwater; Creek

East Lorraine; 39-12-w4; Flagstaff;

East Lynne S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

East Mahaska; ; Yellowhead;

East Park S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

East Peace, Municipal District of; 96-22-w5; East Peace; Municipal District

East Prairie Metis Settlement; 71-15-w5; Big Lakes; Metis Settlement

East Prairie River; 2-76-16-w5; Big Lakes; River

East Ridge S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District

East Shaftesbury Settlement; Grimshaw; Peace; Settlement

East Smoky S.D.; Goodwin; Greenview; School District

East Soldar Creek S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

East View S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

East Wabamun; 53-3-w5; Parkland;

Eastbank; ; Yellowhead;

Eastburg; 16-59-1-w5; Westlock; Locality

Eastervale; 34-39-8-w4; Provost; Former Post Office

Eastgate; 15-57-22-w4; Sturgeon; Former Locality

Eastway; 19-23-w4; Vulcan;

Easy Coulee; 19-6,7-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Easy Lake; 17-18-6-w4; Cypress; Lake

Easyford; 6-50-8-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Eating Creek; 34-72-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Eaton Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Echo Hill (a.k.a. Echohill); 6-58-26-w4; Westlock; Former Post Office

Echodale; 18-3-w4; Cypress;

Eckville; 16-39-3-w5; Lacombe; Town

Economy Creek; 10-71-2-w6; Greenview; Creek

Economy Lake; 29-68-2-w6; Greenview; Lake

Edberg; 14-44-20-w4; Camrose; Village

Eddy Lake; 33-53-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Eden Lake; 13-53-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Eden Valley Indian Reserve; ; Foothills; Indian Reserve

Edensville (a.k.a. Meeting Creek); 10-43-20-w4; Camrose; Former Locality

Edgerton (a.k.a. Edgerton Station); 1-44-4-w4; Wainwright; Village

Edgerton Station (a.k.a. Edgerton); 44-4-w4; Wainwright;

Edison (a.k.a. Westlock); 5-60-26-w4; Westlock; Former Post Office

Edith Creek; 13-67-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Edith Lake; 13-67-10-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Edmonton (a.k.a. Edmonton House, Fort Edmonton, Fort Augustus); 53-24-w4; Edmonton; City

Edmonton Beach; 30-52-1-w5; Parkland; Summer Village

Edna (a.k.a. Star); 55-19-w4; Lamont;

Edna Lake; 1-86-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Ednaville (a.k.a. Iola); 44-3-w5; Ponoka;

Edouardville; 27-57-8-w4; St. Paul; Former Station

Edra Creek; 28-106-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Edson (a.k.a. Heatherwood, Staff); 53-17-w5; Yellowhead; Town

Edson River; 19-54-16-w5; Yellowhead; River

Edson Trail S.D.; Debolt; Greenview; School District

Edwand; 36-59-16-w4; Smoky Lake; Hamlet

Edwand Creek; 22-59-16-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Edward Lake (a.k.a. Rat Lake); 16,17-63-4-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Edwards Lake; 4-107-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Edwards Lake; 13-75-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Edward's Lake; 34-103-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Edwell; 36-26-w4; Red Deer;

Edwin Creek (a.k.a. Swan Lake River); 15-89-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Edwin Parr S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Egg Creek; 12-58-17-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Egg Island; 9-115-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Egg Lake (a.k.a. Bouvier); 5-67-15-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Egg Lake; 56-26-w4; Sturgeon;

Egg Lake; 31-81-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Egg Lake; 15-114-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Egges Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Egremont (a.k.a. Egremont Station); 25-58-22-w4; Thorhild; Hamlet

Eidswold (a.k.a. Harker, Donalda); 41-19-w4; Stettler; Former Post Office

Eight Lake; 26-98-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Eight Mile Lake; 31-9-20-w4; Lethbridge; Lake

Eighteen, Lake; 18-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Eladesor; 12-28-19-w4; Badlands; Locality

Elba S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Elbow Park Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Elbow River (a.k.a. Hokaikshi, Moose River, Swift Creek); 14-24-1-w5; Calgary; River

Elbow River; 17-24-2-w5; Calgary; Post Office

Elbow Valley Hall; Springbank; Rockyview; Hall

Elbridge; 22-60-22-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Elcan; 4-10-17-w4; Taber; Former Locality

Elder Creek; 4-33-7-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Eldon Mines; Calgary; Calgary; Mine

Eldorena; 35-57-20-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Eleanor Creek; 2-105-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Election Lake; 26,35-64-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Eleske (a.k.a. Aleskay); 11-109-16-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Elford's Field; 19-68-8-w6; Greenview; Meadow

Elford's Hill; 24-68-9-w6; Greenview; Hill

Elgin S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Elinor; 20-12-24-w4; Lethbridge;

Elinor Lake; 31-65-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Eliza, Lake; 6-56-8,9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Elizabeth; 57-2-w4; Smoky Lake; Metis Settlement

Elizabeth Lake; 31-94-22-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Elk Butte; 19-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Butte

Elk Butte Lake; 21-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Elk Island; 15-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Island

Elk Island; 22-55-21-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Elk Island National Park (a.k.a. Cooking Lake Forest Reserve); 53-18-w4; Elk Island; National Park

Elk Lake; 34-104-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Elk Point; 1-57-7-w4; St. Paul; Town

Elk River; 8-46-12-w5; Yellowhead; River

Elkton; 17-31-4-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Elkton Creek; 17-31-4-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Elkwater (a.k.a. Montgomery); 24-8-3-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Elkwater Lake; 23,25-8-3-w4; Cypress; Lake

Ellazga; 36-109-15-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Ellenwood Lake; 30-69-2-w6; Greenview; Lake

Ellerslie; 29-51-24-w4; Leduc; Railway Point

Elliott River; 11-99-1-w5; Mackenzie; River

Ells Lake; 12-123-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Ells River; 2-96-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Ellscott (a.k.a. Glenshaw); 1-64-20-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Ellswick S.D.; Bittern Lake; Camrose; School District

Elm Park (a.k.a. West Edmonton); 19-53-24-w4; Edmonton;

Elm Park; 19-53-24-w4; Edmonton;

Elmer S D; ; Special Area 2; School District

Elmer's Creek; 31-88-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Elmspring; ; Warner;

Elmworth; 9-70-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Elnora; 10-35-23-w4; Red Deer; Village

Elsa Lake (a.k.a. Running Beaver Lake); 33-120-4-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Elspeth Siding; 33-38-2-w5; Red Deer; Locality

Eltham; 4-19-26-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Embarras; 15-106-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Former Locality

Embarras; 8-50-20-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Embarras Portage; 8-109-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Embarras River; 36-111-7-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Embarras River; 5-52-18-w5; Yellowhead; River

Emerald Lake; 4-54-19-w4; Elk Island; Lake

Emerald S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Emerson Lake; 5-19-28-w4; Foothills; Lake

Emilien, Lac; 4-53-8-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Empress; 13-23-1-w4; Special Area 2; Village

Empress Creek; 24-23-1-w4; Acadia; Creek

Empress View S.D.; Acadia Valley; Acadia; School District

Emsburg; 4-38-15-w4; Paintearth;

Emslie Lake; 23-64-2-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Ena; 12-29-28-w4; Mountainview;

Ena S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District

Enchant (a.k.a. Lost Lake); 17-14-18-w4; Taber; Hamlet

End Lake; 33-54-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Endiang; 26-34-16-w4; Stettler; Hamlet

Endon (a.k.a. Etzikom); 2-7-8-w4; Forty Mile; Former Post Office

English Bay; 21-64-2-w4; Lakeland; Bay

English Creek; 21-32-3-w5; Mountainview; Creek

English Island; 6-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Engstrom Lake; 17-83-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Enilda; 18-74-15-w5; Big Lakes; Hamlet

Enran; ; Yellowhead;

Ensign; 31-17-25-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Ensleigh; 36-33-9-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Enterprize Valley; Verdant Valley; Starland; District

Entice; 14-29-24-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Entrance; 1-51-26-w5; Parkland;

Entwistle; 20-53-7-w5; Parkland; Village

Epler Lake; 5-109-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Equisetum Lake; 15-89-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Equity (a.k.a. Ghost Pine); 10-50-17-w4; Beaver; Locality

Equity S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

Eric Creek; 16-73-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Eric Lake; 3-44-3-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Erickson Coulee; 9-5-7-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Erickson Lake; 1-63-6-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Erin Lodge; 28-80-2-w6; Fairview; Locality

Erith; 14-51-19-w5; Yellowhead;

Ermineskin Indian Reserve; ; Wetaskiwin; Indian Reserve

Ernest Lake; 27-47-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Ernestina Lake; 6-61-3-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Ernie, Lake; 19,24-39-6-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Ernsted; 36-52-20-w5; Yellowhead;

Erskine (a.k.a. Liberal); 6-39-20-w4; Stettler; Hamlet

Erskine Lake; 35-38-21-w4; Stettler; Lake

Ervick; 1-47-21-w4; Camrose; Locality

Esher; 17-77-5-w6; Spirit River; Former Station

Esk Lake; 21-126-24-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Eskith; ; Kneehill;

Esmond Creek; 36-125-1-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Ess Bend; 8-109-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; River Bend

Esther; 29-31-2-w4; Special Area 3; Hamlet

Estonian; Eckville; Lacombe;

Estridge Lake; 6-45-3-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Eta Lake; 12-51-12-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Etham; ; Foothills;

Ethel Creek; 26-67-7-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Ethel Lake; 7-67-7-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Ethel Lake; 30-55-6-w5; Lac Ste. Anne; Lake

Ethel Lake; 14-64-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Ethel Lake; 34-63-3-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Ethelwyn; 15-54-5-w4; Vermilion River; Former Post Office

Etzikom (a.k.a. Endon); 14-6-9-w4; Forty Mile;

Etzikom Coulee; 19-6-16-w4; Warner; Coulee

Eula Creek; 31-73-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Eunice (a.k.a. Dapp); 12-62-27-w4; Westlock; Former Post Office

Eureka Ranch; Airdrie; Rockyview; Ranch

Eureka River; 21-85-10-w6; Clear Hills; River

Eureka River; 17-86-5-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Eureka Valley S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Eva; 27-19-1-w4; Cypress;

Eva Lake; 24-114-8-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Evansburg (a.k.a. Evansburgh); 30-53-7-w5; Yellowhead; Village

Evarts; 7-38-2-w5; Red Deer; Locality

Eveland; 36-29-11-w4; Special Area 2;

Evergreen; 5-38-4-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Evergreen S.D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Ewelme; 7-6-26-w4; Willow Creek; Former Post Office

Ewing; 28-36-21-w4; Stettler; Former Locality

Ewing Lake; 12-37-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Excel; 13-28-5-w4; Special Area 3; Hamlet

Excelsior; 27-55-24-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Excoffin Bottom; 16-8-22-w4; Lethbridge; Bottom

Expanse Coulee (a.k.a. Rocky Coulee, Perry Coulee); 12-16-w4; Taber; Coulee

Exshaw; 22-24-9-w5; Bighorn;

Eye Hill; 14-37-3-w4; Provost;

Eyehill Creek; 1-38-1-w4; Provost; Creek

Eymundson Creek; 9-98-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Eyremore (a.k.a. Bow City); 9-17-17-w4; Newell; Former Post Office

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Fabyan; 18-45-7-w4; Wainwright; Hamlet

Fair Creek; 5-31-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Fairacres; 22-29-4-w4; Special Area 3;

Fairacres; 32-89-22-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Fairbanks; 36-24-w4; Red Deer; District

Fairbanks S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Fairhaven S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Fairmount S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Fairview; 34-81-3-w6; Fairview; Town

Fairview S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Fairview, Municipal District of; 80-2-w6; Fairview; Municipal District

Fairwood S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Fairy Bank (a.k.a. Ferrybank); 36-43-27-w4; Ponoka;

Fairydell; 17-58-24-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Fairydell Creek; 14-59-24-w4; Westlock; Creek

Faith; 5-4-9-w4; Forty Mile; Post Office

Falher; 4-78-21-w5; Smoky River; Town

Fallentimber Creek; 9-32-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Fallingsand Point; 21-118-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Fallis; 23-53-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Fallow, Lake; 31-72-24-w5; Greenview; Lake

Falun; 10-47-27-w4; Leduc; Hamlet

Falun Creek; 30-46-26-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Fareham (a.k.a. Whiskey Gap); 16-1-23-w4; Cardston; Post Office

Faria Creek; 3-105-1-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Farming; ; Lac Ste Anne;

Farming Island; 3-55-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Island

Farmington S.D.; Kingman; Camrose; School District

Farrant; 31-39-26-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Farrell Creek; 35-33-18-w4; Starland; Creek

Farrell Lake (a.k.a. Long Lake); 34-33-17-w4; Stettler; Lake

Farrell Lake; 30-80-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Farrell Lake S.D.; 23-33-18-w4; Starland; School District

Farrier Creek; 25-70-1-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Farrow (a.k.a. Glenview, Randle); 9-20-25-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Faust; 16-73-11-w5; Big Lakes; Hamlet

Favor; 10-25-14-w4; Special Area 2;

Fawcett (a.k.a. French Creek); 16-64-1-w5; Westlock; Hamlet

Fawcett Lake (a.k.a. Moose Lake); 73-25-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Fawcett River (a.k.a. Moose River); 27-72-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Fawn Lake; 23-58-1-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Federal; 30-36-11-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Fedorah; 14-57-23-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Felix Lake; 11-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Fenham S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Fenn; 35-36-20-w4; Stettler; Locality

Fenner; 4-33-10-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Fergie (a.k.a. Lovettville); 12-47-19-w5; Yellowhead;

Ferguson Flats; 3-58-5-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Ferguson Lake; 26-72-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Ferguson S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Ferguson Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Ferintosh; 3-44-21-w4; Camrose; Village

Ferlow Junction; 5-46-20-w4; Camrose; Locality

Fern Creek; 32-47-2-w5; Vermilion River; Locality

Fernand Lake; 27-59-24-w4; Westlock; Lake

Ferrier; 22-39-8-w5; Clearwater;

Ferry Hill S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Ferry Point; 33-43-18-w4; Camrose; River Crossing

Ferrybank (a.k.a. Fairy Bank); 31-43-26-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Fertile Valley S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Fertility; 28-33-13-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Fescue (a.k.a. Gold Creek); 33-57-14-w4; Smoky Lake;

Fidler Point (a.k.a. Big Point); 34-116-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Field Lake (a.k.a. Long Lake, Le Petit Lac de Biche); 2-66-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Fieldholme (a.k.a. Hutton); 6-24-14-W4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Fifteen Lake; 15-48-4-w5; Brazeau; Lake

Fifteen Mile Butte; 20-6-20-w4; Warner; Butte

Fifth Meridian; 24-111-1-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Fifth Meridian S.D.; Fawcett; Westlock; School District

Fighting Creek; 33-87-23-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Fighting Lake; 2-88-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Figure Eight S.D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Figure Lake; 11-63-18-w4; Thorhild; Lake

Filion Creek; 20-100-19-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Fincastle; 7-10-15-w4; Taber; Locality

Fincastle Lake; 16-10-15-w4; Taber; Lake

Finches Stopping House; Barrhead; Barrhead; Stopping Place

Finley S.D.; Monarch; Lethbridge; School District

Finn Coulee; 9-6-5-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Finn Hall; Trochu; Kneehill; Hall

Finnegan; 18-25-15-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Finnegan Ferry; Gem; Newell; Ferry

Fire Creek; 9-112-10-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Fire Point; 34-85-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Firebag River; 11-101-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Fireguard Coulee; Turner Valley; Foothills; Coulee

First Creek; 3-100-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

First Lake; 4-104-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Firtle S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Fish Creek (a.k.a. Clouston Creek); 11-75-22-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Fish Creek (a.k.a. Colquhoun Creek); 2-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Fish Creek; 8-28-16-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Fish Creek; Priddis; Foothills; Creek

Fish Creek Provincial Park; 3-23-1-w5; Calgary; Provincial Park

Fish Lake (a.k.a. Margaret Lake); 3-115-9-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Fish Lake; 13-89-10-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Fish Lake; 2-43-10-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Fish Lake; 36-4-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Lake

Fish Lake; 23-60-9-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Fish Lake District; ; Special Area 2; District

Fishburn; 29-5-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Former Locality

Fisher Creek; 36-66-8-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Fisher Home; 14-47-2-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Fishing Creek; 21-117-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Fishing Lake; 3-57-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Fishing Lake; 57-2-w4; Bonnyville; Metis Settlement

Fitger Crossing; Stavely; Willow Creek; Crossing

Fitz Creek; 34-111-1-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Fitzallen; 6-53-14-w4; Minburn; Locality

Fitzgerald (a.k.a. Smith Landing); 14-125-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Fitzgerald; 7-11-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Fitzgerald Lake; 3-33-8-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Fitzgerald Settlement (a.k.a. Smith Landing Settlement); 14-125-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Fitzhugh (a.k.a. Jasper); Jasper Park; Jasper;

Fitzsimmons; 22-73-3-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Five Kill Hill; 12-49-4-w4; Vermilion River; Hill

Five Mile Creek; 10-9-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Five Mile Island; 23-60-8-w5; Woodlands; Island

Five Mile S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Flag Hill; 12-33-17-w4; Starland; Hill

Flag Lake; 27-11-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Flagon Lake; 24-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Flagpole Hill; 20-29-20-w4; Badlands; Hill

Flagstaff; 4-41-12-w4; Flagstaff; Former Post Office

Flagstaff Hill; 16-41-11-w4; Flagstaff; Hill

Flagstaff, County of; (39/46)-(10/17)-w4; Flagstaff; County

Flammand, Lac; 11-57-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Flat Cabin Lake; 6-103-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Flat Creek; 35-64-20-w4; Lakeland;

Flat Creek; 18-66-19-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Flat Creek S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Flat Lake; 28-59-8-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Flat Lake; 7-59-8-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Flat Lake; 25-65-19-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Flatbush; 1-66-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Flatbush Creek; 10-66-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Flatgrass Lake; 24-124-16-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Flaxland; 13-26-10-w4; Special Area 2;

Fleeinghorse Lake; 10-39-2-w4; Provost; Lake

Fleet (a.k.a. The Hub); 1-37-13-w4; Paintearth; Hamlet

Fleming Lake; 34-112-9-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Fleming Slough; 35-36-28-w4; Red Deer; Marsh

Fletcher Channel; 29-111-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Channel

Fletcher Lake; 32-116-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Flett Lake; 33-114-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Floating Stone; 9-61-11-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Floatingstone Lake; 31,32-60-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Flood Lake; 36-86-25-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Floral S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Florann; 2-4-11-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Florence Creek; 17-69-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Florence Lake; 35-118-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Florence S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Florida Creek; 13-72-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Florida Lake; 24-71-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Flower Dale S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Flowerdale; 1-28-12-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Flowerpot Island; 3-89-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Fly Lake; 17-8-3-w4; Cypress; Lake

Flying E Ranch; Stavely; Willow Creek; Ranch

Flying Shot S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie; School District

Flyingcamp Lake (a.k.a. Patenaud Lake, Lebeuf Lake); 8-67-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Flyingshot Lake; 2-53-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Flyingshot Lake; 9-71-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Flyingshot Lake Settlement; 9-71-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Settlement

Flyingshot Lake Settlement; ; Grande Prairie;

Foisy; 4-57-11-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Foley Lake; 14-65-6-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Fontas River; 13-103-13-w6; Northern Lights; River

Foothill Creek (a.k.a. Dryfork Creek); 29-5-27-w4; Cardston; Creek

Foothills; 24-47-20-W5; Yellowhead;

Footner Lake; 5-111-19-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Footner Lake; 8-111-19-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Footner Settlement; 111-19-w5; Mackenzie; Settlement

Forbesville; 30-54-1-w4; Vermilion River;

Forcina (a.k.a. Rose Lynn); 23-28-14-w4; Special Area 2; Former Post Office

Fordville S.D.; Priddis; Foothills; School District

Foreman; 21-40-16-w4; Paintearth; Foreman

Foremost (a.k.a. Webber); 17-6-11-w4; Forty Mile; Village

Forest Heights; ; Edmonton;

Forest Lawn; 24-29-w4; Calgary; Locality

Forest S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Forest View; 19-75-20-w5; Smoky River; Former Locality

Forestburg (a.k.a. Duxbury, Highmore); 2-42-15-w4; Flagstaff; Village

Forestville S.D.; Bow City; Newell; School District

Forfar S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Fork Creek; 6-63-10-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Fork Lake; 20-63-11-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Fork Lake; 21-63-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Forks, The; 29-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Confluent

Formby Lake; 2-84-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Forshee; 25-41-2-w5; Lacombe; Railway Point

Forster Reservoir; 28-23-13-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

Forsyth Lake; 6-62-6-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Forsythe; ; Bonnyville;

Fort Assiniboine; 1-62-6-w5; Woodlands; Hamlet

Fort Chipewyan; 8-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Fort Creek; 12-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Fort Edmonton; ; Edmonton; Trading Post

Fort Fork; Berwyn; Peace;

Fort Hills; 12-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hills

Fort Island; 17-55-8-w4; Two Hills; Island

Fort Kent; 25-61-5-w4; Bonnyville; Hamlet

Fort Kipp; Monarch; Lethbridge;

Fort MacKay; 25-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Fort MacKay Indian Reserve; 24-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Fort MacKay Settlement; 25-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Fort MacLeod (a.k.a. Fort McLeod, Macleod); 12-9-26-w4; Willow Creek; Town

Fort McMurray (a.k.a. Waterways); 21-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; City

Fort Pitt Ranch; Rosebud; Wheatland;

Fort Saskatchewan; 33-54-22-w4; Strathcona; City

Fort Smith Settlement; 33-126-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Fort Vermilion (a.k.a. North Vermilion); 24-108-13-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Fort Vermilion Settlement; 18-108-12-w5; Mackenzie; Settlement

Forth; 8-38-27-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Forty Four S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Forty Mile Coulee; 7-10-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Foster Creek; 29-78-13-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Foster Creek; 19-29-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Foster Hills; 7-29-5-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Foulwater Creek; 23-103-13-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Fountainstown; ; Lacombe;

Four Forks Lake; 24-112-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Four Mile Creek (a.k.a. Empress Creek); 8-24-1-w4; Acadia; Creek

Fourth Creek; Blueberry Mountain; Saddle Hills; District

Fourth Creek; 30-81-6-w6; Fairview; Creek

Fourways (a.k.a. Pakowki); ; Forty Mile;

Fourways Creek; 35-6-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Fowel Lake; 32-71-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Fox; 20-7-1-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Fox Coulee; 4-30-20-w4; Starland;

Fox Creek (a.k.a. Iosegun Lake); 29-62-19-w5; Thorhild; Town

Fox Creek; 9-29-20-w4; Badlands; Creek

Fox Creek; 30-79-1-w6; Birch Hills; Creek

Fox Lake (a.k.a. Muskeg Lake); 3-108-3-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Fox Lake; 18-31-14-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Fox Lake; 14-109-4-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Fox Lake Indian Reserve; 36-109-4-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Foxall Lakes; 28-37-21-w4; Stettler; Lakes

Frains (a.k.a. Black Loam); 35-66-18-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Frakes Flat; 23-68-26-w5; Greenview; Flat

Franchere; 8-61-7-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Francis Lake; 11-69-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Francis Lake; 20-64-25-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Frank; 31-7-3-w5; Pincher Creek;

Frank Lake (a.k.a. Begg Lake, Green Lake, Windsor Lake, Big Lake); 25-18,19-27,28-w4; Foothills; Lake

Frank Lake; 4-80-19-w5; Smoky River; Lake

Frank Lake; 20-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Frankburg; 21-18-27-w4; Foothills; Former Locality

Fraser Bay; 16-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Fraser Flats; ; Edmonton;

Fraserton; 27-27-14-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Fraspur; 10-47-4-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Fraternity S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Freda; 7-33-7-w4; Special Area 4; Former Locality

Freedom (a.k.a. Dusseldorf); 2-60-2-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Freeman Creek; 26-64-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Freeman Indian Reserve; 31-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Indian Reserve

Freeman Lake; 11-66-11-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Freeman River; 35-61-6-w5; Barrhead; River

Freeman River; 34-62-6-w5; Woodlands; Locality

French Creek; 16-64-1-w5; Westlock; Former Hamlet

French Creek; 3-64-1-w5; Westlock; Creek

French Creek S.D.; Fawcett; Westlock; School District

French Lake; 13-111-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Frenchman Lake; 16-64-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Frenchman's Creek; 1-39-12-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Freshfield; 6-26-28-w4; Rockyview;

Freshwater Lake; 12-42-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Fresnoy; 2-61-6-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Frezie Lake; 32-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Fribourg; 18-55-9-w4; St. Paul; Former Locality

Fricke Creek; 21-28-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Friedenstal (a.k.a. Bluesky, Westphalia, St. Louis); 25-81-3-w6; Fairview; Locality

Friock Creek; 1-97-1-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Frog Creek; 18-55-3-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Frog Creek; 19-108-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Frog Lake; 28-48-4-w5; Brazeau; Lake

Frog Lake; 10-67-21-w5; Greenview; Lake

Frog Lake; 12-56,57-2,3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Frog Lake; 16-56-3-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Frog Ponds; 15-6-w4; Cypress; Pond

Frozenman Coulee; 19-29-6-w5; Bighorn; Coulee

Fulton Creek; 11-53-24-w4; Edmonton; Creek

Funell Lake; 33-71-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Funnell; Breton; Brazeau;

Furlough Island; 32-99-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Furman; 2-12-30-w4; Willow Creek; Former Locality

Furman Lake; 34-1-26-w4; Cardston; Lake

Fyten Reservoir; 4,9-30-24-w4; Kneehill; Reservoir

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Gabriel Lake; ; Lacombe;

Gadois Lake; 19-57-4-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Gadsby; 27-38-17-w4; Stettler; Village

Gadsby Lake; 22-41-23-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Gaetz Creek; 2-38-24-w4; Red Deer; Creek

Gaetz Lakes; 22-38-27-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Gaetz Valley (a.k.a. Delburne); 1-38-24-w4; Red Deer; Former Post Office

Gage (a.k.a. Gage Siding); 26-82-4-w6; Fairview; Locality

Gahern; 30-4-8-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Gainer; 16-52-24-w4; Edmonton; Railway Point

Gainer Ranch; South Edmonton; Leduc; Ranch

Gainford (a.k.a. Seba); 14-53-6-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Galahad (a.k.a. Alliance, Loveland); 10-41-14-w4; Flagstaff; Village

Galarneau Creek; 3-25-15-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Galarneauville; 23-25-15-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Galloway; 34-52-20-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Galoot Lake; 28-110-7-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Galt Island; 7-13-6-w4; Cypress; Island

Gamble S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Gambling Lake; 20-50-20-w4; Beaver; Lake

Gambling Point; 12-112-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Gamefield S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Gamma Lake; 15-55-11-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Gap; ; Bighorn;

Garden; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Garden Creek; 7-112-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Garden Creek; 6-112-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Garden Heights; Chestermere; Rockyview;

Garden Plain; 1-34-14-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Garden Prairie; Barons; Lethbridge; District

Garden River; 1-112-24-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Gardenview; 32-57-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Gardiner Lakes (a.k.a. Moose and Willow Lakes); 9-98-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Gardner Springs; 5-8-14-w4; Taber; Springs

Garfield; 19-30-3-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Garfield Lake; 23-85-23-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Garneau; ; Edmonton;

Garner Lake; 20-60-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Garner Lake Provincial Park; 16-60-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Provincial Park

Garnier Lakes (a.k.a. Big Garnier Lake, Little Garnier Lake, Bluet Lake); 8-58-4-w4; St. Paul; Lakes

Garrett S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

Garrington; 24-34-4-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Garson Lake (a.k.a. Whitefish Lake, Swan Lake); 26-84-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Garson Lake; 3-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Garth; 16-64-7-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Garth; 13-39-8-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Gartly; 11-30-19-w4; Starland; Locality

Gascony S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Gassy Island Lake; 1-61-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Gat Lake; 3-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Gatine; 7-29-21-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Gayford (a.k.a. Swastika); 28-26-25-w4; Rockyview; Locality

Geall Lake; 16-62-27-w4; Westlock; Lake

Gedeon Lake; 4-56-7-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Geikie Lake; 36-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gem; 9-23-16-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Genesee; 27-50-3-w5; Leduc; Locality

Genesee Lake; 26,27-50-3-w5; Leduc; Reservoir

Genest Lake; 2-39-9-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Geneva Lake; 13-52-9-w4; Minburn; Lake

Geoffrey Lake; 32-56-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

George Lake (a.k.a. Island Lake); 28-83-4-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

George Lake (a.k.a. Trap Lake); 28-57-1-w5; Barrhead; Lake

George Lake; 21-41-15-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

George Lake S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Georges Creek; 18-84-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Georges Lake; 18-84-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gerard Creek; 12-98-1-w6; Northern Lights; Creek

Gerharts Lake; 22-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Gerry Lake; 20-84-2-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Ghent; 5-9-21-w4; Lethbridge; Former Locality

Ghost Dam; Cochrane; Rockyview; Dam

Ghost Lake; 10-26-6-w5; Bighorn; Summer Village

Ghost Lake; 26-6-w5; Bighorn; Reservoir

Ghost Lake; 16-68-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Ghost Pine (a.k.a. Equity); 31-32-23-w4; Kneehill; Former Railway Point

Ghost Pine Creek; 34-31-22-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Ghost River (a.k.a. Dead Man River); 13-26-6-w5; Rockyview; River

Ghostpine Creek; 14-30-22-w4; Kneehill; Creek

Gibbons (a.k.a. Gibbons Station, Astleyville, Battenburg); 10-56-23-w4; Sturgeon; Town

Gibbs Lake; 12-51-11-w4; Minburn; Lake

Gifford; Glendon; Bonnyville; District

Gift Lake; 28-79-12-w5; Big Lakes; Hamlet

Gift Lake; 32-79-12-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Gift Lake Metis Settlement; 33-79-12-w5; Big Lakes; Metis Settlement

Gilbert; 32-26-10-w4; Special Area 2;

Gilbert Lake; 6-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Gilby; 20-40-3-w5; Lacombe; Locality

Gillespie Lake; 11-39-2-w4; Provost; Lake

Gillingham (a.k.a. North Fork, Livingstone); 34-7-2-w5; Pincher Creek;

Gilliston; 15-45-8-w4; Wainwright;

Gilmore Lake; 2-73-22-w5; Greenview; Lake

Gilpatrick Creek; 5-39-2-w5; Lacombe; Creek

Gilpin; 19-49-12-w4; Beaver;

Gilt Edge; 21-46-5-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Gilwood; 6-74-17-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Gimle; ; Grande Prairie;

Gimlet; Eckville; Lacombe;

Gipsy Creek; 2-87-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Gipsy Lake; 34-85-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Giroux Bay; 73-11-w5; Big Lakes; Bay

Giroux Lake; 9-65-20-w5; Greenview; Lake

Girouxville; 16-78-22-w5; Smoky River; Village

Gladu Lake; 9-54-27-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Gladys; 29-20-27-w4; Foothills; Locality

Glass Lake (a.k.a. Valhalla Lake); 3-74-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Glassford (a.k.a. Pakowski); 34-4-7-w4; Forty Mile;

Gleddie Marsh; 36-17-13-w4; Newell; Marsh

Gleichen; 13-22-23-w4; Wheatland; Town

Gleichen Siding; ; Wheatland;

Glen Bank S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

Glen Banner; 16-7-6-w4; Forty Mile;

Glen Leslie; 1-72-4-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Glen Leven S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Glen Park (a.k.a. Buford); 5-49-27-w4; Leduc; Locality

Glen Park S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Glen Rock S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Glen Willow S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Glenbow; 29-25-3-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Glenbow Lake; 7-25-3-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Glencurrie; 24-25-13-w4; Special Area 2;

Glendale S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Glendon; 5-61-8-w4; Bonnyville; Village

Glenellen S. D.; Elnora; Red Deer; School District

Glenevis; 34-55-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Glenford; 1-56-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Glengarden; 1-52-22-w4; Strathcona;

Glenglow; 32-66-21-w4; Athabasca;

Glenhewitt; 32-42-28-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Gleniffer; 34-35-2-w5; Red Deer; Former Locality

Gleniffer Lake; 24-35-2,3-w5; Red Deer; Reservoir

Glenister; 20-58-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Glen-Mead Park; Turner Valley; Foothills; Park

Glenmede S.D.; Turner Valley; Foothills; School District

Glenmore Reservoir; 23-1-w5; Calgary; Reservoir

Glenreagh; 36-59-4-w5; Barrhead;

Glenrose S.D. (a.k.a. Tudor); Rockyford; Wheatland; School District

Glenshaw (a.k.a. Ellscott); 1-64-20-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Glenview (a.k.a. Farrow); 9-20-25-w4; Vulcan;

Glenville S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Glenwood (a.k.a. Glenwoodville); 1-5-27-w4; Cardston; Village

Glenwoodville (a.k.a. Glenwood); 1-5-27-w4; Cardston; Former Hamlet

Glevennah; 2-25-1-w4; Acadia;

Glidehurst; 28-50-26-w4; Leduc;

Glory Lake; 22-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Glover Lake (a.k.a. Birch Lake); 15-75-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Glover's Lake; 19-29-1-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Goddard; 27-4-12-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Godfrey Lake; 24-35-13-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Godin Lake; 11-82-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gods Lake; 20-90-2-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Godson Lake; 10-49-10-w4; Minburn; Lake

Goffit Creek; 29-95-23-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Gold Creek (a.k.a. Fescue); 28-57-14-w4; Two Hills;

Gold Creek; 31-67-5-w6; Greenview; Creek

Gold River; 19-69-15-w4; Lakeland; River

Gold Spring; 2-23-6-w4; Special Area 3;

Gold Spur; 1-23-6-w4; Special Area 3; Former Locality

Golden Creek; 14-71-17-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Golden Days; 15-47-1-w5; Leduc; Summer Village

Golden Glow; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Golden Hill; 14-30-15-w4; Special Area 2;

Golden Lake; 30-87-15-w5; East Peace; Lake

Golden Ridge S.D.; Dixonville; Northern Lights; School District

Golden Rod S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Golden Spike (a.k.a. Worley); 21-51-27-w4; Parkland; Locality

Golden Sunset S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Goldschidt Lake (a.k.a. Inkster Lake); 36-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Goldschmidt Lake; 26-125-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Goldsmith Creek; 9-68-12-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Good Hope; 18-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Former Locality

Goodfare; 25-72-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Goodfish Lake (a.k.a. Lac Bon Poisson); 24-61-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Goodfish Lake (a.k.a. White Fish Lake, Whitefish Lake); 26-61-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Goodfish Lake; 9-89-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Goodlands S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Goodridge; 24-62-10-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Goodridge Lake; 9-63-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Goodwin (a.k.a. Goodwin's Crossing); 12-72-2-w6; Greenview; Locality

Goodwin Crossing (a.k.a. Moody Crossing); Goodwin; Greenview; Crossing

Goodwin Lake; 20-74-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Goodwin Lake; 8-59-13-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Goose Creek (a.k.a. Albright Creek); 7-75-12-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Goose Creek; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Goose Creek; 13-70-24-w5; Greenview; Creek

Goose Creek; 32-61-6-w5; Barrhead; Creek

Goose Island; 23-111-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Goose Island Channel; 17-111-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Channel

Goose Lake (a.k.a. Albright Lake); 8-75-12-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Goose Lake; 32-5-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Goose Lake; 34-31-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Goose Lake; 12-53-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Goose Lake; 33-64-11-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Goose Lake; 33-61-8-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Goose Lake; 14-69-24-w5; Greenview; Lake

Goose Lake S.D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Goose River; 7-69-21-w5; Greenview; River

Goose River; ; Greenview;

Gooseberry lake; 12-34-12-w4; Special Area 2;

Gooseberry Lake; 26-36-6-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Gooseberry Lake Provincial Park; 26-36-6-w4; Special Area 4; Provincial Park

Goosegrass Lake (a.k.a. Equisetum Lake); 9-91-3-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Goosequill Lake; 1-36-23-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Gopher Head; 12-35-19-w4; Stettler; Former Locality

Gopher Head; 32-33-18-w4; Starland; Hill

Gopher Lake; 3-32-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Gordon Creek; 27-90-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Gordon Lake (a.k.a. Swan Lake); 33-86-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gordon River; 17-85-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Gordondale; 17-79-10-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Gore S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Gosling Lake; 23-44-6-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Gough Lake; 21-35-18-w4; Stettler; Lake

Gould S.D.; Grimshaw; Peace; School District

Gouldsboro; 30-59-20-w4; Thorhild;

Gourin; 23-67-17-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Governor Lake; 32-122-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gowanbrae S.D.; Entwistle; Yellowhead; School District

Graburn Creek; 13-8-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Graburn S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Grace Creek; 5-41-9-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Graham Creek; 25-71-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Graham Creek; 9-80-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Graham Creek; 19-30-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Graham Lake; 22-87-4-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Grain Belt S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Grainger (a.k.a. Grainger Station); 20-29-24-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Grainland; 28-41-14-w4; Flagstaff;

Grainview S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Graminia; 1-51-27-w4; Parkland; Former Locality

Granada; 25-53-10-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Grand Centre; 34-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Town

Grand Centre S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Grand Court; 35-21-w4; Red Deer; District

Grand Forks, The (a.k.a. The Forks, The Bow); 27-11-13-w4; Taber; River Junction

Grand Island; 34-84-17-w4; Opportunity; Island

Grand Rapids; 33-84-17-w4; Opportunity; Rapids

Grand Valley Creek; 13-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Grand Valley S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District

Grand View; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Grandcourt S.D.; Elnora; Red Deer; School District

Grande Cache; 56-57-8-w6; Greenview;

Grande Prairie; 71-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Prairie

Grande Prairie; 26-71-6-w6; Grande Prairie; City

Grande Prairie County; 2/14-67/75-w6; Grande Prairie; County

Grande Prairie Creek (a.k.a. Pine Creek, Spruce Creek); 19-72-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Grandeur Lake; 5-64-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Grandin; 27-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Grandview; 27-46-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Granlea; 15-8-9-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Grant Creek; 29-5-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Grant Island; 32-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Grant Lake; 28-94-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Grant Lake; 21-39-7-w4; Provost; Lake

Granta; 13-22-19-w4; Newell; Former Station

Grantham; 8-13-15-w4; Taber; Locality

Granum (a.k.a. Leavings, Leavings Switch); 31-10-26-w4; Lethbridge; Town

Granville S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Grass Creek; 33-100-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Grass Lake (a.k.a. Anderson Lake); 24-73-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Grass Lake; 12-42-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Grass Lake; 1-64-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Grassland; 28-67-18-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Grasswold S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Grassy Island; 15-17-17-w4; Vulcan; Island

Grassy Island Lake; 15-33-3-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Grassy Lake (a.k.a. Wild Horse Lake); 3-1-2-w4; Cypress; Lake

Grassy Lake; 24-67-23-w5; Greenview; Lake

Grassy Lake; 15-10-13-w4; Taber; Village

Grassy Lake; 12-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Grassy Plains S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Grassy Slope S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Grattan Creek; 11-45-8-w4; Wainwright; Creek

Gratz; 15-56-6-w4; St. Paul; Former Post Office

Gravel Creek; 31-117-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Gravelhurst S.D.; Acadia Valley; Acadia; School District

Gravina Creek; 30-94-21-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Gray, Lake; 31-67-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Grayling Creek; 10-104-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Grayling Creek S.D.; Dixonville; Northern Lights; School District

Grayling Lake; 3-103-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Grays Lake; 28-32-7-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Grayson Ranch; Priddis; Foothills; Ranch

Graystones; 14-33-14-w4; Special Area 2;

Grease Creek; 35-28-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Greasy Lake; 9-45-4-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Great Bend; 38-22-w4; Red Deer; District

Green Court; 14-58-9-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Green Glade; 18-41-1-w4; Provost; Locality

Green Grove; Heather Brae; Camrose; School District

Green Island; Berwyn; Peace;

Green Lake (a.k.a. Egg Lake); 13-6-1-w4; Cypress; Lake

Green Lake; 16-68-17-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Green Pine S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Green Stockings Creek; 6-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Green Valley; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Greenan Lake (a.k.a. Montgomerie Lake); 23-17-1-w4; Cypress; Lake

Greenbank S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Greene Valley Game Preserve; Nampa; East Peace; Game Preserve

Greenfield S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District

Greenlaw; 13-38-28-w4; Red Deer;

Greenlawn; 36-54-5-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Greenleaf S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Greenock S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Green's Lake; 33-27-2-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Greenshields (a.k.a. Holmstead); 14-44-6-w4; Wainwright; Hamlet

Greenstreet Lake; 14-60-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Greenswarth; 12-52-12-w4; Minburn;

Greenview, Municipal District of; 53-77-14-14-w5-6; Greenview; Municipal District

Greenway S.D.; Rycroft; Spirit River; School District

Gregg River (a.k.a. Kaydee); 28-47-24-w5; Yellowhead;

Gregoire Lake (a.k.a. Willow Lake); 14-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gregoire Lake Indian Reserve; 35-85-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Gregoire Lake Provincial Park; 27-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Provincial Park

Gregoire River; 25-86-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Gregory Lake; 33-60-18-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Grenier Lake; 15-67-17-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Gretna; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Grew Lake (a.k.a. Deep Lake); 19-91-20-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Grey Eagle S.D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Greyhurst S.D.; Rockyford; Wheatland; School District

Greyville S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Greywillow Point; 35-118-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Grierson (a.k.a. Rosebud); 18-27-21-w4; Wheatland; Former Post Office

Grierson Hill; ; Edmonton;

Griesbach (a.k.a. Carseland); 12-22-25-w4; Wheatland; Former Post Office

Griesbach (a.k.a. Griesbach Barracks); 9-54-22-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Griesbach Island; 23-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Island

Griffin Creek; 16-81-25-w5; Peace; Locality

Griffin Creek; 2-81-25-w5; Peace; Creek

Griffiths Creek; 1-120-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Grim Lake; 11-42-2-w5; Ponoka; Lake

Grimshaw (a.k.a. Miller's Crossing); 17-83-23-W5; Peace; Town

Grist Lake; 1-74-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Grizzly; 10-61-22-w5; Greenview; Railway Point

Grizzly Bear (a.k.a. Belloy); 15-78-2-w6; Opportunity; Former Post Office

Grizzly Bear Creek; 25-47-5-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Groat Creek; 22-58-13-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Groat Ravine; ; Edmonton;

Gros Cape; 15-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Cape

Gros Ventre (a.k.a. Grouse Cape); 20-10-4-w4; Cypress;

Gros Ventre Creek; 14-11-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Grose Lake; 3-39-21-w4; Stettler; Lake

Grosmont; 10-68-24-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Gross Creek; 8-105-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Grossmont S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Grosvenor Park; 19-52-23-w4; Edmonton; Edmonton

Groton; 5-3-10-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Grouard (a.k.a. Stoney Point, Lesser Slave Lake); 19-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Hamlet

Grouard Mission; 1-75-14-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Grouroches Chere; 10-111-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Hill

Grouse Cape; 15-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Cape

Grovedale; 4-70-6-w6; Greenview; Hamlet

Groveland; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Grygus Lake; 8-68-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Guilbault; Namao; Sturgeon;

Gull Creek; 3-69-12-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Gull Creek; 25-108-13-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Gull Lake; 40-28-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Gull Lake; 3-69-12-w4; Lacombe; Summer Village

Gull Lake; 5-109-13-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Gull Point; 27-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Point

Gumbo Lake; 36-31-8-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Gumbo S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Gumboot Lake; 24-73-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gummer Lake; 34-73-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Gun Creek; 15-113-5-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Gun Hill; 28-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Gunn; 2-55-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Gunner Hill; 31-42-5-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Gunner's Lake; 10-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Gunns Creek; 21-74-20-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Gurneyville; 31-59-5-w6; Greenview; Locality

Guthrie Park (a.k.a. Lancaster Park, Edmonton MPO); Edmonton; Edmonton;

Guy (a.k.a. Ballater); 9-76-21-w5; Smoky River; Hamlet

Guy Lake; 28-56-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Gwynne (a.k.a. Diana); 24-46-23-w4; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Habay; 14-113-5-w6; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Hacke (a.k.a. Twin River); 14-1-20-w4; Cardston; Former Post Office

Hackett; 36-36-18-w4; Stettler; Locality

Hackmatack Lake (a.k.a. Tamarack Lake); 32-71-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Haddington S.D.; Patricia; Newell; School District

Haddock; 2-56-14-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Haig Lake; 13-91-14-w5; East Peace; Lake

Haig River; 1-104-1-w6; Northern Lights; River

Haight; 30-50-16-w4; Beaver; Locality

Haight Island; 36-94-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Hail Lake; 32-32-10-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Hainstock S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Hair Lake; 16-123-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hairy Hill (a.k.a. Soda Lake); 23-55-14-w4; Two Hills; Village

Halach; 20-61-25-w4; Westlock;

Halcourt; 6-71-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Halcreek; 4-62-25-w4; Westlock; Locality

Halcreek S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Halcro Indian Reserve; 24-76-15-w5; Big Lakes; Indian Reserve

Haley Lake; 29-59-25-w4; Westlock; Lake

Half Moon Bay; 11-39-2-w5; Lacombe; Summer Village

Half Moon Lake; 6-52-21-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Half-Breed Ford; 8-43-5-w4; Wainwright; Bridge

Halfway Creek; 13-86-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Halfway Lake; 2-90-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Halfway Lake; 3-60-24-w4; Westlock; Lake

Halfway Lake; 25-59-24-w4; Westlock; Lake

Halfway Lake; 1-74-19-w5; Smoky River; Lake

Halifax Coulee; 35-5-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Coulee

Halifax Lake; 7-6-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Halkirk; 24-38-16-w4; Paintearth; Village

Halladay; 7-28-12-w4; Special Area 2; Station

Hallcroft S.D.; Colinton; Athabasca; School District

Halley (a.k.a. Bittern Lake); 16-47-21-w4; Camrose;

Halsbury; 18-21-8-w4; Special Area 2; Former Railway Point

Halverson Ridge; 10-93-9-w6; Clear Hills; Ridge

Hamburg S.D.; Ranfurly; Minburn; School District

Hamelin Creek; 16-81-6-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Hamilton Coulee; Rosebud; Wheatland; Coulee

Hamilton Hill; 35,36-23-1-w4; Acadia; Hill

Hamilton Lake (a.k.a. Throne); 30-35-9-w4; Paintearth; Former Post Office

Hamilton Lake; 1-59-14-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Hamilton Lake; 12-35-9-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Hamlet; 26-25-24-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Hamlin; 5-58-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Hamlin Lake; 13-65-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Hammer Creek; 1-67-11-w6; Greenview; Creek

Hammer Hill; 15-23-23-w4; Wheatland; Hill

Hammer S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Hammond S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Hampton S.D.; Heather Brae; Camrose; School District

Hanbury; ; Westlock;

Hand Hills; 5-30-16-w4; Special Area 2;

Hand Hills; 28,29-18-w4; Badlands; Hills

Hand Hills Lake S.D.; ; Special Area 2; School District

Hand Hills S.D.; ; Special Area 2; School District

Handhills Creek; 35-29-16-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Handhills Lake; 13-29-15,16-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Haneyville; 6-37-11-w4; Paintearth;

Hangingstone River; 10-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Hanlon; ; Yellowhead;

Hanmore Lake (a.k.a. Little Whitefish Lake); 30-61-17-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Hanna (a.k.a. Copeville); 9-31-14-w4; Special Area 2; Town

Hannaford S.D.; Dorothy; Special Area 2; School District

Hansen Lake; 27-68-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Hansman Lake; 32-39-3-w4; Provost; Lake

Hanson Creek; 20-4-6-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Hanson Ford; 5-44-8-w4; Wainwright; River Crossing

Hants; 22-21-19-w4; Vulcan; Former Station

Happy Hill; Craig; Red Deer;

Happy Hollow; 33-63-4-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Happy Valley; Stavely; Willow Creek;

Hardieville; 18-9-21-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Harding's Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping House

Hardisty; 6-43-9-w4; Flagstaff; Town

Hare Island; 23-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Island

Hargwen; 36-52-22-w5; Yellowhead; Railway Point

Harker (a.k.a. Eidsvold, Donalda); 24-41-19-w4; Stettler; Former Post Office

Harker Lake; 34-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Harland (a.k.a. Viking); 25-47-13-w4; Beaver;

Harland Lake; 22-4-29-w4; Pincher Creek; Lake

Harlech; 9-41-14-w5; Clearwater;

Harmattan; 24-32-4-w5; Mountainview; Hamlet

Harmon; 15-36-11-w4; Paintearth; Former Locality

Harmon River (a.k.a. Heart River); 29-83-21-w5; East Peace; River

Harmon Valley; 12-82-19-w5; East Peace; Locality

Haro River; 30-103-2-w6; Northern Lights; River

Harold Creek; 18-71-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Harold Lake (a.k.a. Whitewood Lake); 29-63-4-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Harold Lakes; 22-47-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lakes

Harper Creek; ; Greenview; Creek

Harper Creek; 32-106-24-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Harper Creek; 15-71-1-w6; Greenview; Creek

Harper Creek S.D.; Debolt; Greenview; School District

Harper S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District

Harrell; ; Foothills;

Harrisboro; 35-21-29-w4; Foothills;

Harrison (a.k.a. Labuma); 10-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Former Railway Point

Harrison River; 36-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Harrisview S.D.; Forestburg; Flagstaff; School District

Harrow S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Harry's Snye; 22-100-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Harsch - Skyline S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Hart Hill; 26-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Hart Lake; 13-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Hartcliffe (a.k.a. Royton); 6-31-22-w4; Kneehill;

Hartell; 17-19-2-w5; Foothills;

Hartland S.D.; Heather Brae; Camrose; School District

Hartley Creek (a.k.a. Jackpine Creek); 24-95-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Hartleyville; 5-5-27-w4; Cardston; Locality

Hartshorn; 15-34-17-w4; Stettler; Locality

Hartsiding Elevator; Rosebud; Wheatland; Elevator

Harvest Home S.D.; Bittern Lake; Camrose; School District

Harvey Creek (a.k.a. Shadow Creek); 13-74-18-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Harvey District; Vulcan; Vulcan; District

Harvey Ranch; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Harvie Heights; ; Bighorn;

Harwood Lake; 35-104-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hasell S.D.; Dixonville; Northern Lights; School District

Hash River (a.k.a. Iosegun River); 30-66-21-w5; Greenview; River

Hasse Lake; 12-52-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Hasse Lake Provincial Park; 14-52-2-w5; Parkland; Provincial Park

Hastings Coulee; 23-41-16-w4; Flagstaff; Coulee

Hastings Creek; 18-51-18-w4; Strathcona; Creek

Hastings Lake; 20-51-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Hat Lake; 24-97-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hatcher Lake; 33-67-3-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Hatfield Hill; 3,4-28-w4; Cardston; Hill

Hatfield Lake; 36-41-22-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Hathersage; 11-58-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne;

Hattie Lake; 18-46-11-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Hattonford; 27-55-12-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Haunted Lakes; 31-39-22-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Haven; 9-26-3-w4; Acadia; Former Locality

Haverigg (a.k.a. Hoadley); 33-44-3-w5; Ponoka;

Havet Creek; 22-96-25-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Hawick (a.k.a. Ardenode); 21-25-25-w4; Wheatland; Fromer Locality

Hawk Hills; 13-95-22-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Hawk Hills; 33-98-24-w5; Northern Lights; Hills

Hawk Hills S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Hawkeye; 34-29-28-w4; Mountainview;

Hawkins; 9-45-8-w4; Wainwright; Former Station

Hawkins Lake; 3-81-12-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Hawksdale; 15-25-10-w4; Special Area 2;

Hay Camp; 22-121-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Hamlet

Hay Creek; 16-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Hay Creek; 10-59-25-w4; Westlock;

Hay Lake (a.k.a. McNeill Lake); 32-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Hay Lake; 29-113-5-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Hay Lake; 35-82-4-w6; Fairview; Lake

Hay Lake; 3-75-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Hay Lake Indian Reserve; 112-5-w6; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Hay Lakes; 6-49-21-w4; Camrose; Village

Hay Marsh; 1-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Marsh

Hay River (a.k.a. Prairie River); 14-111-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Hay River; 6-126-17-w5; Mackenzie; River

Hayfield; 27-71-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Hayhurst; 28-45-26-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Haynes; 4-39-24-w4; Lacombe; Railway Point

Haynes Creek; 32-38-23-w4; Red Deer; Creek

Hays; 24-13-14-w4; Taber; Hamlet

Haystock's Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping House

Hayter; 17-39-1-w4; Provost; Hamlet

Hazel; ; Pincher Creek;

Hazel Bluff; 21-59-27-w4; Westlock;

Hazel Grove S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Hazeldell S.D.; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

Hazeldine; 18-53-3-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Hazelmere; 3-70-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Hazelmere S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Hazelnut Hill; 8-71-14-w5; Big Lakes; Hill

Hazelwood Lake (a.k.a. Mud Lake); 29-35-28-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump; 8-9-28-w4; Willow Creek; Buffalo Jump

Hearnleigh; 18-18-23-w4; Vulcan;

Heart Lake; 9-70-10-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Heart Lake; 18-34-16-w4; Stettler; Locality

Heart Lake; 1-34-17-w4; Stettler; Lake

Heart Lake Indian Reserve; 17-70-10-w4; Lakeland; Indian Reserve

Heart River (a.k.a. Harmon River); 29-83-21-w5; East Peace; River

Heart River; 13-76-17-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Heart River Settlement; 23-76-15-w5; Big Lakes; Settlement

Heart Valley; 16-76-3-w6; Birch Hills; Locality

Heatburg (a.k.a. Bullocksville); 3-39-23-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Heath; 23-44-5-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Heath Creek; 15-10-1-w5; Pincher Creek;

Heathdale; 22-26-8-w4; Special Area 3; Post Office

Heather Brae; 10-45-19-w4; Camrose;

Heatherdown; 1-54-2-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Heatherwood (a.k.a. Edson); 15-53-17-w5; Yellowhead; Former Post Office

Heaton Moor; 16-58-2-w5; Barrhead;

Heavysound Creek; 29-62-18-w5; Greenview; Creek

Hebert Lake; 19-37-18-w4; Stettler; Lake

Heckla; Craig; Red Deer;

Hector; 10-52-7-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Hedin Creek; 18-59-11-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Heimthal; South Edmonton; Leduc; District

Heins Cattle Dip; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Heinsburg; 22-55-4-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Heisler; 2-43-16-w4; Flagstaff; Village

Heldar; 22-58-7-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Helen Lake (a.k.a. Slimson Lake); 18-87-24-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Helena Lake; 7-66-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Helene Lake; 3-106-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Helina; 31-63-10-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Helliwell Lake; 1-61-25-w4; Westlock; Lake

Helm; 7-29-12-w4; Special Area 2; Station

Helmer; 33-27-20-w4; Wheatland; Former Locality

Helmer Creek; 29-31-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Helmsdale; 36-25-6-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Helmsdale; 2-28-1-w5; Special Area 3; Locality

Helps Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping House

Hemaruka (a.k.a. Zetland); 28-32-8-w4; Special Area 4; Hamlet

Henday; 25-34-1-w5; Red Deer; Locality

Henderson Creek; 17-79-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Henderson Creek; 15-115-23-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Henderson Lake; 32,33-8-21-w4; Lethbridge; Lake

Henderson Lake; 24-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Henderson S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Heningers Reservoir; 16-3-12-w4; Warner; Reservoir

Henrietta Lake; 7-108-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Henry Creek; 16-69-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Henson Lake; 2-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hercules; 33-51-23-w4; Strathcona; Former Post Office

Heritage Park; ; Calgary;

Hermit Lake; 32-71-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Hermit Lake; 2-72-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Heron Island; 13-108-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Island

Heron Island; 10-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Island

Herronton; 20-19-25-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Hervey S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District

Hesketh; 12-29-22-w4; Kneehill; Hamlet

Hespero (a.k.a. Pitcox); 1-39-4-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Hickey Flats; ; Greenview;

Hicklon Lake; 29-30-2-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Hicksburg (a.k.a. Loma); 30-18-24-w4; Vulcan;

Hidden Lake; 34-50-5-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Hidden Lake; 2-98-13-w6; Northern Lights; Lake

Hiding Creek; 36-67-14-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

High Bank (a.k.a. High Rock); 28-114-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Rock

High Hill Lake; 8-91-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

High Hill River; 26-89-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

High Island; 23-4-20-w4; Warner; Island

High Island; 9-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

High Level; 16-110-19-w5; Mackenzie; Town

High Point S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

High Prairie; 23-74-17-w5; Big Lakes; Town

High River; 6-19-28-w4; Foothills; Town

High Rock; 28-111-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Hill

Highland Creek; 28-31-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Highland Park; 20-44-21-w4; Camrose;

Highland Park; 16-82-6-w6; Fairview; Locality

Highland Park Hill; 29-44-21-w4; Camrose; Hill

Highland Ranch; 34-33-24-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Highland Ridge; 23-31-6-w5; Bighorn; Ridge

Highlow S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Highridge; 30-58-1-w5; Westlock; Locality

Highvale; 34-51-4-w5; Parkland; Locality

Highway; 31-56-10-w5; Woodlands; Hamlet

Highwood River; 26-21-28-w4; Foothills; River

Hilda; 35-17-1-w4; Cypress; Hamlet

Hilda Lake; 8-64-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Hilda Lake; 22-110-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Hill End (a.k.a. Hillend); 36-35-27-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Hill Spring (a.k.a. Spring Hill); 18-4-27-w4; Cardston; Village

Hill Twelve; 10-33-7-w5; Clearwater; hill

Hillcrest Mines; 30-7-3-w5; Pincher Creek;

Hilliard; 5-54-17-w4; Lamont; Hamlet

Hilliard's Bay Provincial Park; 24-75-13-w5; Big Lakes; Provincial Park

Hillock S.D.; Ranfurly; Minburn; School District

Hillsdown; 6-38-25-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Hillside; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Hillside Coulee; 34-12-29-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Hind Lake; 11-49-5-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Hindville; 2-49-5-w4; Vermilion River; Former Locality

Hines Creek (a.k.a. Muddy Creek, Island Creek); 7-80-4-w6; Fairview; Creek

Hines Creek; 21-83-4-w6; Clear Hills; Village

Hinton (a.k.a. Prairie Creek, Dalehurst); 4-51-25-w5; Yellowhead;

Hinton Trail; 18-70-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Hiram; 12-34-11-w4; Special Area 2;

Hivon, Lac; 27-53-8-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Hoadley (a.k.a. Haverigg); 34-44-3-w5; Ponoka;

Hobart S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Hobbema; 29-44-24-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Hodgins Creek; 32-64-25-w5; Greenview; Creek

Hoenig's Hill; 19-28-1-w4; Special Area 3; Hill

Hogsback, The; 16-6-w4; Cypress; Ridge

Hokenheim S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Hola; Craig; Red Deer; School District

Holborn; 33-50-1-w5; Leduc; Locality

Holden (a.k.a. Vermilion Valley); 14-49-16-w4; Beaver; Village

Holding (a.k.a. Camforth); 6-11-27-w4; Willow Creek;

Holland Ranch; Rosebud; Wheatland; Ranch

Hollbroke; 34-43-25-w4; Ponoka;

Hollies Creek; 30-88-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Hollis Coulee; 20-9-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Hollondale S.D.; Granum; Willow Creek; School District

Hollow Lake; 10-61-19-w4; Thorhild; Lake

Hollow Lake; 4-61-19-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Hollowood Ranch; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Holly Springs S. D.; Entwistle; Yellowhead; School District

Holmdene S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Holmes Crossing; 31-61-5-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Holmes Lake; 35-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Holmstead (a.k.a. Greenshields); 14-44-6-w4; Wainwright; Former Post Office

Holmstown (a.k.a. Lougheed); 16-43-11-w4; Flagstaff; Former Post Office

Holyoke (a.k.a. Holy Oak); 36-59-5-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Home Coulee; 8,9-28-19-w4; Badlands; Coulee

Home Valley S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Homeglen; 16-44-1-w5; Ponoka; Railway Point

Homestead; 20-75-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Homestead Coulee S.D.; Hanna; Special Area 2; School District

Homestead Creek; 33-25-16-w4; Special Area 2; Creek

Hommy (a.k.a. Albright); 29-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Former Post Office

Hommy Provincial Park; 16-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Provincial Park

Hondo; 23-70-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Locality

Honey Lake (a.k.a. Sandy Lake); 28-65-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Hoohey Creek; 18-125-10-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Hook Lake; 5-57-7-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Hook Lake; 23-81-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hooker Lake; 31-121-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hoole Creek; 19-80-24-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Hooper Creek; 20-4-6-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Hooper S.D.; 20-4-6-w4; Forty Mile; School District

Hoople Lake; 28-52-7-w5; Parkland; Lake

Hoosier S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Hope Creek; 24-62-14-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Hope Lake; 28-65-18-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Hope Lake; 35-56-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Hope Valley; 28-46-4-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Hopeful Lake; 6-97-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Hopewell S.D.; Acadia Valley; Acadia; School District

Hopkins (a.k.a. Caskeyville, Caskey); 28-56-7-w4; St. Paul;

Hopkins; 15-56-7-w4; St. Paul;

Horberg Lake; 1-126-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Horburg; 6-40-9-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Horen; 18-52-5-w5; Parkland; Locality

Horicon S.D.; Heather Brae; Camrose; School District

Hornaday River; 21-120-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Hornbeck; 2-53-19-w5; Yellowhead; Hamlet

Horne Lake; 23-65-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Horne Lake; 35-58-13-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Hornpile Lake; 15-59-8-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Horse Creek; 31-84-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Horse Creek; 33-61-5-w5; Barrhead; Creek

Horse Hill (a.k.a. Horse Hills); 16-54-23-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Horse Island; 28-54-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Island

Horse Island Creek; 26-112-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Horse Lake; 13-55-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Horse Lake; 28-90-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Horse Lake; 24-73-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Horse Lake; 27-82-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Horse Lake; 10-68-16-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Horse Lake; 30-84-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Horse Lakes Indian Reserve; 73-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Indian Reserve

Horse River; 17-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Horsefly Lake Reservoir (a.k.a. Rocky Lake); 11,12-9-16-w4; Taber; Reservoir

Horseguard Creek (a.k.a. Lasthill Creek); 10-39-3-w5; Lacombe; Creek

Horseguards (a.k.a. Alhambra); 1-39-6-w5; Clearwater; Former Post Office

Horsehills Creek; 4-54-23-w4; Sturgeon; Creek

Horseshoe Bay; 25-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Summer Village

Horseshoe Canyon; 3-29-21-w4; Kneehill;

Horseshoe Canyon; 28,29-21-w4; Badlands; Canyon

Horseshoe Coulee; Rosebud; Wheatland; Coulee

Horseshoe Hill; 35-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Horseshoe Lake; 19-53-25-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Horseshoe Lake; 36-63-26-w4; Westlock; Lake

Horseshoe Lake; 26-88-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Horseshoe Lake; 9-65-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Horseshoe Lake; 20-34-27-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Horseshoe Slough; 2-114-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Slough - Marsh

Horsetail Lake; 32-81-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Hortonburg (a.k.a. Bremner); 12-53-23-w4; Edmonton; Former Post Office

Hoselaw; 25-59-7-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Hoselaw Lake; 23-59-7-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Hoskin (a.k.a. Tripola); 7-18-8-w4; Cypress;

Hospital Creek; 14-84-3-w5; Opportunity; Creek

Hotchkiss; 13-93-23-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Hotchkiss River (a.k.a. Second Battle); 5-93-22-w5; Northern Lights; River

Hotchkiss Station; 26-93-23-w5; Northern Lights; Station

Hotte Lake; 3-115-13-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

House Creek; 26-91-25-w4; Opportunity; Creek

House Mountain (a.k.a. Whitecourt Mountain); 21-58-12-w5; Woodlands; Hill

House Mountain; 10-70-11-w5; Big Lakes; Mountain

House River (a.k.a. Waskahigan River); 18-83-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

House River Indian Cemetery; 16-83-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Howard Creek; 22-73-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Howard Creek; 19-79-5-w6; Spirit River; Creek

Howard Lake; 25-73-1-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Howe S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Howell's Lake; Elnora; Red Deer;

Howie; 25-22-10-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Howie; 2-23-9-w4; Special Area 3;

Howie Lake; 32-68-23-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Huallen; 22-71-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Huard Lake; 31-46-23-w4; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Hubalta; 14-24-29-w4; Calgary; Railway Point

Hubbles Lake; 9-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Hubert Lake; 14-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Hudson Bay Camp; Cessford; Special Area 2; District

Huggard Creek; 23-69-22-w5; Greenview; Creek

Huggett; 18-50-1-w5; Leduc; Locality

Hughenden; 8-41-7-w4; Provost; Village

Hughenden Lake; 7-41-7-w4; Provost; Lake

Hughes Lake (a.k.a. Dry Stick Lake); 31-71-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Hulbert Crescent; 21-52-23-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Humbolt S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District

Hume Creek; 22-72-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Hummock Lake; 35-35-23-w4; Red Deer; Lake

Hump, The; 21-65-10-w6; Greenview; Hill

Humphrey's Coulee; 25-1-13-w4; Warner; Coulee

Hungry Hills; Hathersage; Lac Ste Anne;

Hunka (a.k.a. Sniatyn); 18-57-16-w4; Lamont; Former Locality

Hunt Creek; 16-93-7-w5; East Peace; Creek

Hunt Lake; 27-34-15-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Huntcliff S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Hunter Ranch; Olds; Mountainview; Ranch

Hunterville; 12-32-27-w4; Mountainview;

Hunting Creek; 4-79-23-w5; Birch Hills; Creek

Hunting Hill; 22-13-w4; Special Area 2; Hill

Hunts Lake; 32-70-9-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Huppie Lake (a.k.a. Duck Lake); 24-64-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Hurdy; 30-60-14-w5; Woodlands; Railway Point

Hurry (a.k.a. Bruce); 25-48-15-w4; Beaver; Former Post Office

Hurstbourne S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Hurstwood Park; 20-52-23-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Hussar; 14-24-20-w4; Wheatland; Village

Hutch Lake; 23-112-20-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Hutch Lake; 29-112-20-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Hutton (a.k.a. Fieldholme); 6-24-14-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Hutton Lake; 13-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Huxley; 17-34-23-w4; Kneehill; Hamlet

Hylo; 4-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Hythe; 13-73-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Village

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Ibsen S. D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Ice Lake; 26-56-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Idamay; 22-33-7-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Iddlesleigh; 34-20-10-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Ideal S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Ille Lake; 32-44-5-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Illingworth; 21-13-11-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Immigration Gap; 1-1-24-w4; Cardston; Gap

Imperial Colony; ; Newell; Colony

Imperial Mills (a.k.a. Blefgen); 26-69-12-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Imperial S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Imrie (a.k.a. Styal); 28-53-8-w5; Yellowhead;

Independence (a.k.a. Busby); 14-57-27-w4; Westlock; Former Post Office

Indian Cabins; 15-125-18-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Indian Flats; Canmore; Bighorn; Flats

Indian Lake; 22-21-20-w4; Vulcan; Lake

Indian Lake; 8-51-7-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Indiana (a.k.a. Joussard Station); 34-73-13-w5; Big Lakes; Former Railway Station

Indianfarm Creek (a.k.a. Chipman Creek); 6-29,30-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Indus; 35-22-28-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Infantry Hill; 28-42-6-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Inga; 35-51-1-w5; Parkland;

Ingersol S.D.; Peace River; Peace; School District

Ingleside S. D.; ; Thorhild; School District

Ingleton; 28-38-14-w4; Paintearth;

Inglis; 5-28-3-w5; Rockyview;

Inglis Island (a.k.a. Dog Rib Island); 31-91-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Ings Island; 13-95-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Inkster Lake; 36-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Inland; 20-51-15-w4; Minburn; Locality

Inland S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Inner Rainy Hill; 20-10-w4; Cypress; Hill

Innis Lake; 27-32-2-w5; Mountainview; Lake

Innisfail (a.k.a. Poplar Grove); 28-35-28-w4; Red Deer; Town

Innisfree (a.k.a. Delnorte); 3-51-11-w4; Minburn; Village

Inverlake; 13-24-27-w4; Rockyview; Locality

Inverlake Siding; ; Rockyview;

Inverlea S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Inverness River; 21-70-9-w5; Big Lakes; River

Inversnay; 9-11-10-w4; Forty Mile; Station

Iola (a.k.a. Ednaville); 12-44-4-w5; Ponoka;

Iosegun Lake (a.k.a. Fox Creek); 29-62-19-w5; Greenview; Hamlet

Iosegun Lake; 19-63-19-w5; Greenview; Lake

Iosegun River; 30-66-21-w5; Greenview; River

Iowalta; 4-42-27-w4; Ponoka;

Ipiatik Lake (a.k.a. Christmas Lake); 6-73-7-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Ipiatik River; 5-71-7-w4; Lakeland; River

Iquelon Beach; 2-49-20-w4; Camrose; Former Locality

Ireland Hill; 36-27-6-w4; Special Area 3; Hill

Ireton; 30-49-25-w4; Leduc; Locality

Irish Creek; 32-53-3-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Irish Creek S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Irma; 27-45-9-w4; Wainwright; Village

Irma Island; 1-87-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Iron Creek; 22-43-9-w4; Flagstaff; Creek

Iron Point; 6-75-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Iron River; 18-63-6-w4; Bonnyville;

Iron Springs; 21-11-20-w4; Lethbridge; Hamlet

Ironstone Lookout; ; Pincher Creek;

Iroquois Creek; 14-75-17-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Iroquois Creek; 33-69-9-w6; Greenview; Creek

Iroquois Lakes; 35-74-18-w5; Big Lakes; Lakes

Irricana; 21-27-26-w4; Rockyview; Village

Irrigation Creek; 9-5-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Irvine; 31-11-2-w4; Cypress; Town

Irwin Hill (a.k.a. Beaupre Hill); 33-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Hill

Irwinville; 6-53-3-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Isadore's Lake; 8-95-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Isidore Lake; 28-119-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Island Creek; 31-67-23-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Island Creek; 8-71-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Island Creek; 18-81-4-w6; Fairview; Creek

Island Lake (a.k.a. Calling Lake); 16-72-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Island Lake (a.k.a. Eva Lake); 24-114-8-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Island Lake (a.k.a. Islay); 10-51-4-w4; Vermilion River;

Island Lake (a.k.a. Kaleland); 18-55-13-w4; Two Hills;

Island Lake (a.k.a. Rat Lake); 30-74-9-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Island Lake; 9-65-7-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Island Lake; 34-89-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Island Lake; 35-79-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Island Lake; 36-67-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Island Lake; 26-67-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

Island Lake; 21-84-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Island Lake South; 25-67-24-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

Islay (a.k.a. Island Lake); 10-51-4-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Isle Lake (a.k.a. Lac des Isles); 31-53-5-w5; Parkland; Lake

Islet Lake; 2-52-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Ispas; 36-56-13-w4; Two Hills; Locality

Itaska Beach; 28-47-1-w5; Leduc; Summer Village

Iyinimin Creek; 28-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Jack Creek; 23-83-5-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Jack Fish Lake; 20-53-9-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Jack Fish Lake; 16-52-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Jack Knife Springs; Lodgepole; Brazeau;

Jackass Canyon; 31-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Canyon

Jackfish (a.k.a. Big Eddy); 34-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Jackfish Bay; 8-17-14-w4; Newell; Bay

Jackfish Creek; 34-63-5-w4; Bonnyville; Creek

Jackfish Creek; 34-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Jackfish Creek; 1-115-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Jackfish Lake; 23-67-21-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Jackfish Lake; 25-66-27-w5; Greenview; Lake

Jackfish Lake; 14-76-11-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Jackfish Lakes; 31-120-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lakes

Jackfish Point; 15-123-4-w6; Mackenzie; Point

Jackfish Point Indian Reserve; 10-123-4-w6; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Jackfish River; 31-77-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Jackfish River; 18-115-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Jackfish River; 8-116-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Jackpine Creek; 24-95-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Jackpine Creek; 14-57-20-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Jackpine Creek; 14-90-18-w5; East Peace; Creek

Jackpine Lake; 19-91-16-w5; East Peace; Lake

Jackpine S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District

Jackpot Creek; 15-125-18-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Jackson Coulee (a.k.a. Junkins, Jarrow); 24-45-11-w4; Flagstaff; Former Post Office

Jackson Creek; 4-46-10-w4; Beaver; Creek

Jackson Hill; 29,30-23-1-w4; Acadia; Hill

Jackville; 36-29-3-w5; Mountainview; Locality

Jaillante, La Petite Riviere; 35-71-19-w4; River;

Jalna; 36-55-8-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Jalna S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Jame Creek; 25-124-18-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

James Lake; 1-44-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

James River; 13-34-5-w5; Mountainview; River

James River Bridge; 27-34-5-w5; Clearwater; Locality

James River S.D.; ; Clearwater; School District

James Short S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Jamieson Creek; 27-26-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Jamieson Lake; 16-19-14-w4; Newell; Lake

Jamieson Lake; 3-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Jane Lake; 11-68-8-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Janet; 5-24-28-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Janet S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

January Creek; 16-54-14-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Janvier Indian Reserve; 80-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Jarrow (a.k.a. Jackson Coulee, Junkins); 4-46-10-w4; Wainwright; Hamlet

Jarrow (a.k.a. Junkins); 26-53-9-w5; Yellowhead;

Jarvie (a.k.a. Jarvis); 15-63-27-w4; Westlock; Hamlet

Jarvis Bay; 20-41-21-w4; Red Deer; Bay

Jarvis Bay Provincial Park; 9-39-1-w5; Lacombe; Provincial Park

Jarvis S.D.; Rockyford; Wheatland; School District

Jasper (a.k.a. Fitzhugh); 16-45-1-w6; Jasper;

Jasper Park Lodge; 14-45-1-w6; Jasper;

Jasper Place; 13-52-25-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Jaydot; 33-3-1-w4; Cypress; Former Station

Jean Baptiste Gambler Indian Reserve; 30-72-21-w4; Lesser Slave River; Indian Reserve

Jean Cote; 36-79-22-w5; Smoky River; Hamlet

Jean Lake (a.k.a. Beaver Lake); 12-98-24-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Jefferson (a.k.a. Owendale); 36-1-24-w4; Cardston; Former Locality

Jeffrey; 18-59-24-w4; Westlock; Locality

Jemis Lake; 28-111-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Jenkins Hill; 32-42-23-w4; Ponoka; Hill

Jenner (a.k.a. Websdale); 33-20-9-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Jennings; 16-25-11-w4; Special Area 2;

Jenny Lind S.D.; Scandia; Newell; School District

Jerry Creek; 33-70-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Jessie Lake; 7-61-5-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Jessie Lake; 68-7-5-w5; Pincher Creek; Lake

Jethson (a.k.a. Carolside); 34-26-12-w4; Special Area 2;

Jewett S.D.; Veteran; Special Area 4; School District

Jim Creek; 15-91-24-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Jim Creek S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Jimmys Slough; 9-113-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Marsh

Joarcam Oilfield; Armena; Camrose;

Jodoin Creek; 21-116-17-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Joe Oswald Ranch; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Joe's Lake; 21-85-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Joffre (a.k.a. Blades); 9-39-25-w4; Lacombe; Hamlet

John Bull Slough; 21-112-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Marsh

John D'Or Prairie; 30-109-7-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

John D'or Prairie Indian Reserve; 15-110-7-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

John Lake; 11-55-1-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Johnnys Lake; 31-52-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Johnson Lake; 14-124-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Johnson Lake; 1-108-18-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Johnson Lake; 10-100-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Johnston's Lake; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Joli Fou, Rapides du; 5-82-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Jones Creek; 11-38-25-w4; Lacombe; Creek

Jones Lake (a.k.a. Buffalo Lakes); 9-74-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Jones Valley S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Jordan Lake; 2-54-20-w4; Elk Island; Lake

Joseph Lake; 6-50-21-w4; Camrose; Lake

Josephburg (a.k.a. Josefsberg); 32-54-21-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Josephine Creek; 3-81-7-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Josephsburg; 7-10-2-w4; Cypress;

Joslyn Creek; 34-95-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Joussard; 8-74-13-w5; Big Lakes; Hamlet

Joussard Station (a.k.a. Indiana); 34-73-13-w5; Big Lakes; Railway Point

Judah; 36-82-22-w5; East Peace; Locality

Judson; ; Warner;

Judy Creek; 25-64-10-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Jumbo Hill S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Jumbo Valley; Granum; Willow Creek; School District

Jumping Pound; 30-24-4-w5; Rockyview; Post Office

Jumpingpound Creek; 4-26-4-w5; Rockyview; Creek

June; 36-40-26-w4; Lacombe; Railway Point

Juniper Flats; 17-5,6-w4; Cypress; Flat

Junkins (a.k.a. Jackson Coulee, Jarrow); 24-45-11-w4; Flagstaff; Former Post Office

Junkins (a.k.a. Jarrow, Wildwood); 26-53-9-w5; Yellowhead;

Juno; 18-10-12-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Jutland S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

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