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The index now has nearly 8,000 place names in Alberta including cities, towns, villages, hamlets, localities, school districts, reserves, railway points, lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, etc.

Various sources were used for this index including the Post Office Database, Place Names of Alberta Series, Local History Books and maps. The index is not a complete listing. If you can add a place name or find an error please contact the Alberta GenWeb Coordinator.

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For brief historical and legal descriptions of a variety of villages, towns, cities and municipal districts can be found at the Alberta governments Municipal Profiles website:

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

3 Channels Area; 26-89-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Channel

49 Lake; 21-84-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

51 Lake; 30-84-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

54 Lake; (2-11)-85-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

55 Lake; 14-85-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

A La Peche Creek; 34-55-6-w6; Willmore Wilderness; Creek

A La Peche Lake; 33-55-6-w6; Willmore Wilderness; Lake

A7 Ranche; Stavely; Willow Creek; Ranch

Abasand; 17-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Former Post Office

Abbot Pass; 2-28-17-w5; Banff; Pass

Abbott Creek; 8-57-7-w6; Greenview; Creek

Abee; 1-61-21-w4; Thorhild; Hamlet

Abelein S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Aberdeen Glacier; 7-28-16-w5; Banff; Glacier

Aberdeen Mount; 7-28-16-w5; Banff; Mount

Abernathy S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Abilene (a.k.a. Clarksville); 18-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Abilene Junction; 19-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Railway Point

Aboukir Island (a.k.a. Hogue Island); 23-19-9-w5; Kananaskis; Island

Abraham Lake; 21-38-17-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Abram Gates; 3-46-9-w5; Brazeau; Gorge

A-C Ranch; Airdrie; Rockyview; Ranch

Academy; 10-22-1-w5; Foothills; Former locality

Acadia Valley; 27-25-2-w4; Acadia; Hamlet.

    The Municipal District of Acadia Valley is west of the Alberta - Saskatchewan border and north of the Red Deer River. Highway 41 runs from near the southeast corner of the MD to near the northwest corner. The town of Acadia Valley is in the central area. Empress is on the south east corner while Sibbald on highway #9 is on the north. Alsask is located on both sides of the provincial border at the northwest corner of the Municipal District.

Acheson; 4-53-26-w4; Parkland; Locality

Acme (a.k.a. Tapscott); 19-29-25-w4; Kneehill; Village

Acolus Mount; 34-49-1-w6; Jasper; Mount

Acomb S.D.; Heinsburg District; St. Paul; School District

Adair Creek; 1-12-2-w5; Ranchlands; Creek

Adam Joachim Mount; ; Jasper; Mount

Adams Creek; 54-4-w6; Willmore Wilderness; River

Adams Creek; 9-72-9-w5; Big Lakes; River

Adams Landing; 108-7-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Adams Lookout Mountain; 5-55-4-w6; Willmore Wilderness; Mountain

Adams S.D.; Holden; Beaver; School District

Adams S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Adamson Lake; 32-53-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Adelade Creek; 25-59-10-w6; Greenview; Creek

Adelaide S.D.; Coronation; Paintearth; School District

Aden; 8-1-10-w4; Forty Mile; Locality

Adolphus Creek; 24-56-8-w6; Greenview; Creek

Adolphus Lake; 28-48-8-w6; Jasper; Lake

Adonis; ; Cypress;

Adrian Lake; 3-48-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Adskwatim Creek; 12-95-13-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Advance S.D.; Busby; Westlock; School District

Advent S.D.; Beiseker School; Rockyview; School District

Aerial; 28-28-19-w4; Badlands; Locality

Aetna; 23-2-25-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Aetna Creek; 31-2-24-w4; Cardston; Creek

African Lake; 12-63-2-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Afternoon Peak; 30-38-21-w5; Clearwater; Peak

Agar Lake; 19-106-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Agatha; 4-14-10-w4; Cypress; Locality

Aggie; 36-74-18-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Agnes Lake; 19-28-16-w5; Banff; Lake

Agnes Lake; 26-68-7-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Agnes Lake; 35-78-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Agricola; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Aguhway Lake; 22-91-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

A-H Lake; 17-101-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Aiguille Peak; 6-33-19-w5; Banff; Peak

Airdrie; 12-27-1-w5; Rockyview; City

Airways (a.k.a. Lakesend); 34-37-8-w4; Provost; Former Post Office

Akamina Lake; 11-1-1-w5; Waterton; Lake

Akamina Pass; 1-1-w5; Waterton; Pass

Akasu Hill; 10-52-13-w4; Minburn; Hill

Akasu Lake; 22-52-13-w4; Minburn; Lake

Akenside; 25-53-23-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Akuinu River; 23-68-3-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Alba Lake; 6-44-3-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Albeck S. D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Albert Lake (a.k.a. West Lake); 25-48-4-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Albert Park (a.k.a. Calgary); 24-29-w4; Calgary; Locality

Alberta Beach; 22-54-3-w5; Lac Ste. Anne; Summer Village

Alberta Mount; 23-38-25-w5; Red Deer; Mount

Alberta S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Albertine Creek; 36-55-8-w6; Willmore Wilderness; Creek

Albertson S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Albertson S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District

Albion Ridge; 35-11-22-w4; Lethbridge; Former locality

Albion S.D.; Monarch; Lethbridge; School District

Albright (a.k.a. Hommy); 29-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Albright Creek (a.k.a. Goose Creek); 7-75-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Albright Lake (a.k.a. Goose Lake); 8-75-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Albury S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

Alby (a.k.a. Deering); 12-18-w4; Taber;

Alcoma S.D.; Bow City; Newell; School District

Alcomdale; 5-57-26-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Alcove Mountain; 16-42-2-w6; Jasper; Mountain

Alcurve; 27-52-1-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Alder Flats; 4-46-7-w5; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Alderson (a.k.a. Langevin, Carlstadt); 20-15-10-s4; Cypress; Locality

Alderson Creek; 20-1-30-w4; Waterton; Creek

Alderson Lake; 1-30-w4; Waterton; Lake

Alderson Mount; 1-30-w4; Waterton; Mount

Alderson Ranch; Turner Valley; Foothills; Ranch

Aldersyde; 7-20-28-w4; Foothills; Hamlet

Alex Creek; (5-22)-73-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Alex Lake; 14-82-3-w6; Fairview; Lake

Alex Taylor S.D.; ; Edmonton; School District

Alexander Gate; 9-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Gate

Alexander Indian Reserve; 12-56-1-w5; Sturgeon; Indian Reserve

Alexander Island; 7-94-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Alexander Lake; 29-122-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Alexandra Mount; 3-35-23-w5; Banff; Mount

Alexandra River; 3-36-21-w5; Banff; River

Alexis Indian Reserve; 11-55-4-w5; Lac Ste. Anne; Indian Reserve

Alexo; 27-40-13-w5; Flagstaff; Locality

Alford Creek; 13-36-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Alford Lake; 4-36-8-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Alfred Lake; 8-29-14-w5; Banff; Lake

Algar Lake; 33,34-84-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Algar River; 17-87-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Alhambra (a.k.a. Horseguards); 9-39-5-w5; Clearwater; Hamlet

Alice Creek; 24-107-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Alice Lake; 31-17-w5; Banff; Lake

Alice Lake; 16-49-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Alix; 36-39-23-w4; Lacombe; Village

Alix Lake; 35-39-23-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Alix South Junction; 23-39-23-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Alkali Creek; 16-22-4-w4; Special Area 3; Creek

Alkali Lake; 6-53-12-w4; Minburn; Lake

Alkali Lake; 4-24-16-w4; Newell; Lake

Allan Lake; 4-69-14-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Allan Mount; 21-23-9-w5; Kananaskis; Mount

Allan River; 24-68-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Allbush S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Allday Lake; 16-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Alleman Creek; 5-93-4-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Allen Bill Pond; 30-22-5-w5; Special Area 3; Lake

Allen Creek; 1-57-8-w6; Greenview; Creek

Allen Mount; 27-16-w5; Banff; Mount

Allenby Creek; 2-23-12-w5; Banff; Creek

Allenby Mount; 23-11-w5; Banff; Mount

Allenby Pass; 23-23-12-w5; Banff; Pass

Allenfields S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Allerston (a.k.a. Doran); 34-2-14-w4; Warner; Former locality

Alliance (a.k.a. Galahad); 15-40-13-w4; Flagstaff; Village

Alliford Bay; Eastway; Vulcan; Bay

Allingham; 35-31-26-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Allison Creek; 2-8-5-w5; Ranchlands; Creek

Allison Peak; 20-9-5-w5; Ranchlands; Peak

Allsmoke Mountain; 31-20-5-w5; Kananaskis; Mountain

Allstones Creek; 21-38-17-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Allstones Lake; 14/30-38-17-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Alma Creek; 18-55-3-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Alma Lake; 28-55-3-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Alness; 13-31-13-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Alnus Peak; 36-40-1-w6; Jasper; Peak

Alpen; 2-63-20-w4; Thorhild; Railway Point

Alpen Siding; 4-63-20-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Alpha Lake; 22-55-9-w5; St. Paul; Lake

Alpha S.D.; ; Special Area 2; School District

Alpland Creek; 23-45-25-w5; Jasper; Creek

Alpland Creek; 15-33-21-w5; Banff; Creek

Alsike; 36-48-4-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Altario (a.k.a. Wilhelmina); 13-34-2-w4; Special Area 4; Hamlet

Altorado; ; Forty Mile;

Altrude Creek; 32-26-14-w5; Banff; Creek

Altrude Lakes; 21-26-15-w5; Banff; Lake

Alvena Lake; 2-43-2-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Alyth; 24-1-w5; Calgary; Former railway point

Amadou Lake; (16-31)-73-19-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Amber Mountain; 30-44-27-w5; Ponoka; Mountain

Amber River; 33-113-6-w6; Mackenzie; River

Amber River Indian Reserve; 16-114-6-w6; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Amber Valley (a.k.a. Pine Creek); 23-66-20-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Ambler Mountain; 15-57-9-w6; Greenview; Mountain

Amelia; 3-57-21-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Amery Mount; 29-35-21-w5; Clearwater; Mount

Amesbury; 26-70-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Amethyst; ; Vulcan;

Amethyst Lakes; 18-43-2-w6; Jasper; Lake

Amisk; 35-41-8-w4; Provost; Village

Amisk Creek; 34-50-18-w4; Beaver; Creek

Amisk Lake; (2-3)-65-18-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Amisk River; (11-19)-63-14-w4; Lakeland; River

Ammonite Creek; 12-47-27-w5; Jasper; Creek

Amundson; 4-63-3-w6; Greenview; Railway Point

Analta; 11-62-25-w4; Westlock; Locality

Anastasia; 30-20-22-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Anatole; 33-31-3-w4; Special Area 3; Former Railway Station

Ancient Wall; 51-7-w6; Vermilion River; Ridge

Ancona (a.k.a. Pollock); 24-40-12-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Anderson Creek; 15-50-23-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Anderson Creek; 27-44-4-w5; Ponoka; Creek

Anderson Lake (a.k.a. Grass Lake); 24-73-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Anderson Peak; 2-1-w5; Waterton; Peak

Andrew; 32-56-16-w4; Lamont; Village

Andrew; Eckville; Lacombe;

Andrew Lake; 126-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Andromeda Mount; 16-37-23-w5; Red Deer; Mount

Andy Good Peak; 23-7-5-w5; Pincher Creek; Peak

Angel Glacier; 3-43-1-w6; Jasper; Glacier

Angle Lake; 21-55-7-w4; Two Hills; Former Post Office

Angle Lake; 9-55-7-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Angle Peak; 10-42-2-w6; Jasper; Peak

Angling Lake; 23-60-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Angus Ridge; ; Wetaskiwin;

Ankerton (a.k.a. Campbelton); 25-43-17-w4; Camrose; Locality

Anna Lake; 25-66-9-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Anna Lake (Ksituan Lake); 36-78-10-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Annabel Lake; 34-52-19-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Annasheim S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Annette Lake; 26-45-16-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Annette Lake; 5-28-16-w5; Banff; Lake

Anning; 32-58-11-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Ansell; 12-53-18-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Ansell Lake; 3-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Anselmo; 2-57-10-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Anshaw; 20-61-6-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Ante Creek; 12-67-25-w5; Greenview; Creek

Antelope Butte; 28-9-2-w5; Pincher Creek; Butte

Antelope Cut S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Antelope Hill S.D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Antelope Hills; 17-32-14-w4; Special Area 2; Hills

Antelope Lake; 20-31-9-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Antelope Lakes; 7-27-16-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Anthony Creek; 27-53-7-w6; Parkland; Creek

Anthozoan Mountain; 10-29-15,16-w5; Banff; Mountain

Anthracite; 5-26-11-w5; Special Area 2; Locality

Antler Creek; 28-48-23-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Antler Hill; 2-36-28-w4; Red Deer; Hill

Antler Lake; 23-52-21-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Antler Lake; 24-52-21-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Antler Lake; 33-98-21-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Antler Mountain; 4-45-25-w5; Jasper; Mountain

Antoine Lake (Little Egg Lake); 12-67-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Anton Lake; 4-60-23-w4; Westlock; Locality

Antonio; 14-10-14-w4; Taber; Locality

Antross; 22-47-4-w5; Vermilion River; Locality

Anzac; 7-86-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Apetowun Creek; 12-54-23-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Apex Mountain; 33-37-27-w5; Banff; Mountain

Aplomb S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Apparition Mountain; 2-28-11-w5; Banff; Mountain

Appleton; ; Grande Prairie;

Appleyard Coulee; 13-10-29-22-w4; Kneehill; Coulee

Aquila Mountain; 29-43-1-w6; Jasper; Mountain

Arbogast S.D.; Dalemead; Rockyview; School District

Arbordale; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Arbutus; Alhambra; Clearwater;

Arcadia; 9-74-14-w5; Big Lakes; Locality

Arcadia Creek; 22-74-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Arcand Lake; 2-48-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Arch Lake; 21-125-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Archer Creek; (16-32)-104-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Archer Island; 23-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Island

Archer Lake; 13-105-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Archie Hill; 33-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Archie Lake; 2-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Archie Lake; 1-66-8-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Arcs, Lac des; 22-24-9-w5; Bighorn; Lake

Arctomys Creek; 8-35-20-w5; Banff; Creek

Arctomys Peak; 23-24-22-w5; Banff; Peak

Arcturus Peak; 34-51-5-w6; Jasper; Peak

Ardenode (a.k.a. Hawick); 21-25-25-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Ardens Slough; 9-114-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Marsh

Ardenville; 10-7-26-w4; Willow Creek; Locality

Ardley (a.k.a. Coal Banks); 16-38-23-w4; Red Deer; Hamlet

Ardmore; 1-62-4-w4; Bonnyville; Hamlet

Ardrossan; 2-53-22-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Arete, Mount; 27-40-21-w5; Jasper; Mountain

Arethusa, Mount; 18-19-7-w5; Kananaskis; Mountain

Argentia Beach (a.k.a. Silver Bay); 13-47-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Aries Peak; 33-32-19-w5; Banff; Peak

Arm Lake; 36-43-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Armada; 12-17-21-w4; Vulcan; Locality

Armelgra; 29-13-13-w4; Taber; Former Railway Station

Armena (a.k.a. Thodenskjold); 12-48-21-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Armistice; 7-57-7-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Armstrong Coulee; 1-18-8-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Armstrong Hill; 28-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Armstrong Lake; 26-62-25-w4; Westlock; Lake

Armstrong Spring; 26-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Spring

Armstrong, Mount; 16-6-w5; Kananaskis; Mountain

Arnault Lake; 31-54-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Arneson; 4-26-1-w4; Acadia; Locality

Arnica Lake; 14-26-15-w5; Banff; Lake

Arris Mountain; 8-44-2-w6; Jasper; Mountain

Arrowhead Lake; 17-123-21-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Arrowhead Lake; 21-42-2-w6; Jasper; Lake

Arrowsmith Coulee; 27-11-19-w4; Lethbridge; Creek

Arrowwood; 32-20-23-w4; Vulcan; Village

Arrowwood Creek; Rosebud; Mountainview; Creek

Arthur Lake (a.k.a. Little Jackfish Lake); 22-55-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Arthur Lake; 17-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Arthur Municipal District; (28-34)-(21-27)-W4; Kneehill; Municipal

Arthurvale; 36-34-25-w4; Kneehill; Former Post Office

Arthurville S.D.; Trochu; Kneehill; School District

Arty Hill; 9-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Arvilla; 12-58-1-w5; Westlock; Locality

Ashburner Creek; 34-43-18-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Ashlar Creek; 2-49-27-w5; Jasper; Creek

Ashlar Ridge; 36-48-27-w5; Jasper; Ridge

Ashmont; 27-59-11-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Ashton Lake; 3-125-3-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Asker; 4-14-43-23-w4; Ponoka; Former Post Office

Aspelund S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Aspen Beach (a.k.a. Wiesville, Moore's Beach); 22-40-28-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Aspen Beach Provincial Park; 21-40-28-w4; Lacombe; Provincial Park

Aspen Dale S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie; School District

Aspen Ridge S.D.; SW of Grande Prairie; Grande Prairie; School District

Asphalt Creek; 30-98-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Asplund; 27-69-22-w5; Greenview; Former Post Office

Asplund Creek; (3-25)-68-22-w5; Athabasca; Creek

Asquith Municipal #52; (36-42)-(1-9)-W4; Provost; Municipal

Assineau; 32-73-8-w5; Grande Prairie; Locality

Assineau River (a.k.a. Sinew River); 8-74-8-w5; Grande Prairie; River

Assineau River Indian Reserve No. 150F; 5-74-8-w5; Grande Prairie; Indian Reserve

Assiniboine Pass; 23-12-w5; Banff; Pass

Assiniboine, Mount; 22-12-w5; Banff; Mountain

Association Peak; 36-25-9-w5; Bighorn; Peak

Assumption; 1-112-5-w6; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Aster Creek; 16-19-9-w5; Kananaskis; Creek

Aster Lake; 5-19-9-w5; Kananaskis; Lake

Astleyville (a.k.a. Battenburg, Gibbon); 23-56-23-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Astoria Pass; 13-42-2-w6; Jasper; Pass

Astoria River; 13-44-1-w6; Jasper; River

Astotin Creek; 12-56-21-w4; Strathcona; Creek

Astotin Lake; 22-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Athabasca (a.k.a. Athabaska, Athabaska Landing); 20-66-22-w4; Athabasca; Town

Athabasca County #12; (62-69)-(17-24)-W4; Athabasca; County

Athabasca Falls; 31-42-27-w5; Jasper; Falls

Athabasca Glacier; 20-37-23-w5; Banff; Glacier

Athabasca Hall; Peace River; Peace; Hall

Athabasca Landing; 21-66-22-w4; Athabasca; Historic Site

Athabasca Pass; 26-39-2-w6; Jasper; Pass

Athabasca River (a.k.a. Great Arabuska, Athapsco, Elk River, Arthapescow, Athapaskan, Big River); 12-69-19-w4; Athabasca; River

Athabasca River; 37-24-w5; Banff; River

Athabasca River; 6-109-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Athabasca, Lake (a.k.a. Lake of the Hills, Great Arabuska, Athapaskow Lake); 116-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

Babb's Cold Spring Ranch; Cypress Hill; Cypress; Ranch

Babette Creek; 26-65-21-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Bachelor's Corners; Three Hills; Kneehill; Corners

Bad Heart; 9,17-75-2-W6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Bad Heart River; 2-76-2-w6; Birch Hills; River

Bad Land Hills; 13-13-w4; Taber; Hills

Bad Rapids; 30-93-4-w5; Opportunity; Rapids

Badger Flat S.D.; Granum; Willow Creek; School District 

Badger Hill; 14-34-16-w4; Stettler; Hill 

Badger Hill; 29-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Hill 

Badger Lake; 30-16-18-w4; Vulcan; Lake

Badger Lake; 19-16-18-w4; Vulcan; Former Locality

Badland Hills; 20-19-w4; Vulcan; Hills

Badlands, Improvement District of; 29-18-20-w4; Badlands; Improvement District

Bailey; 13-53-24-w4; Edmonton; Railway Point

Bailey Lake; 18-126-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bailey Lakes; 4-53-20-w4; Elk Island; Lakes

Bailey's Bottom; 9-8-22-w4; Cardston; Bottom

Bain; 6-4-3-w4; Cypress; Locality

Baintree (a.k.a. Wagontree); 35-25-24-W4; Wheatland; Locality

Baird Lake; 5-62-3-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Baker; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Baker Lake; 9-47-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Baker Lake; 5-86-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bald Mountain Creek; 16-68-5-w6; Greenview; Creek

Baldenstein S.D.; Armena; Camrose; School District 

Balermo; 37-24-w4; Red Deer;

Balfour S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District 

Balham; 58-21-w4; Thorhild;

Balkan (a.k.a. Robb); 49-21-w5; Yellowhead;

Ball Lake (a.k.a. Wood's Lake); 26-52-23-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Ballantine (a.k.a. Wild Horse); 17-57-5-W5; Lac Ste. Anne; Locality

Ballater (a.k.a. Guy); 9-76-21-w5; Smoky River; Former Locality

Ballina; 6-23-24-w4; Wheatland; Station

Ballyhamage S.D.; Millarville M.D.; Foothills; School District 

Balm; 10-57-9-w5; Lac Ste. Anne; Locality

Balmoral (a.k.a. College Park); 23-38-27-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Balquidder S.D.; Granum; Willow Creek; School District 

Balsam Grove; 19-62-19-w4; Thorhild; Former Locality

Balsam S.D.; Alder Flats; Wetaskiwin; School District 

Balzac (a.k.a. Beddington); 13-26-1-w5; Rockyview; Hamlet

Bamill S.D.; Independence; Sturgeon; School District 

Banana Lake; 22-66-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Banff (a.k.a. National Park); 35-25-12-W5; Banff

    Banff National Park extends along the Alberta British Columbia border. On the south is Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. On the British Columbia side of the border is Kootenay National Park and Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Jasper National Park is located north of Banff. On the East side of the park part of the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve is located. The Municipal District of Bighorn is located east of Banff National Park and north of the Improvement District of Kananaskis.

    Banff National Park was the first National Park in Canada. Each year about four million people visit the park. In the summer the come to see the abundant wild animals and to take pictures or paint the beautiful mountains and lakes. In the winter some of the worlds best skiing sites are always busy.

    Although there is a lot of history here there hasn't been a lot of people live permanently in this area. Therefore there isn't a lot of genealogical information available.

    Town Village Sites: Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Exshaw, Seebe, Ghost Lake, Waiparious

Banff; 26-12-w5; Banff;

Bangs Lake; 5,6-60-7-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Bank Bay; 34-64-2-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Bankhead; 26-11-w5; Banff;

Banko Junction; 17-55-24-w4; Sturgeon; Railway Point

Bantry; 5-18-13-w4; Newell; Locality

Bantry Reservoir (a.k.a. Timko Lake); 33-17-13-w4; Newell; Reservoir/Lake

Baptiste Creek; 4-67-23-w4; Athabasca; Creek

Baptiste Lake; 17-66-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Baptiste River; 36-42-10-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Baraca (a.k.a. Wharranton); 4-27-11-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Barbara Lake; 16-64-6-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Barbeau; 57-10-w4; St. Paul;

Barber Lake; 11-105-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bard Lake; 1-56-1-w5; Lac Ste. Anne; Lake

Bardo (a.k.a. Northern); 10-50-18-w4; Beaver; Locality

Bare Creek; 25-3-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Bargrave; 8-30-25-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Barich; 16-60-18-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Baril Lake; 112-10-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Baril River; 23-114-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Barkenhouse Lake; 30-17-22-w4; Vulcan; Lake

Barlee Junction; 14-47-20-w4; Camrose; Railway Point

Barlow; 23-29-w4; Calgary; Railway Point

Barlow Junction; 23-1-w5; Calgary; Former Station

Barnegat; 8-67-12-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Barnes Lake (a.k.a. Clear Lake); 1-44-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Barnett; 40-26-w4; Lacombe;

Barnett Lake; 25-24-24-w4; Wheatland; Lake

Barnett Lake; 13-38-19-w4; Stettler; Lake

Barnett Lake; 31-40-26-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Barney (a.k.a. Retlaw); 34-12-17-w4; Taber; Former Post Office

Barnwell (a.k.a. Woodpecker, Bountiful); 28-9-17-w4; Taber; Village

Baronet; 17-1-w5; Foothills;

Barons (a.k.a. Blayney); 16-12-23-w4; Lethbridge; Village

Barr Creek; 34-71-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Barreyre Lake; 16-61-5-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Barrhead; 59-3-w5; Barrhead;

Barrhill; 12-21-w4; Lethbridge;

Barrow Lake; 13-118-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Barry Creek; 25-33-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Bartlettville; 50-23-w4; Leduc;

Bartman Dam; 25-11-w4; Special Area 2; Dam

Bartman Reservoir; 25-11-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

Barton Lake; 29-58-4-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Bartsch Creek; 12-74-20-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Bartstow; 20-22-23-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Base Lake; 8-77-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Baseline Lake; 35-88-21-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Bashaw; 4-42-21-w4; Camrose; Town

Basin S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District 

Basing (a.k.a. Sterco); 47-20-w5; Yellowhead;

Bassano; 17-21-18-w4; Newell; Town

Basse Pointe; 10-113-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Basset Lake (a.k.a. Rainbow Lake); 30-107-3-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Bat Lake; 25-65-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Bat Lake; 16-49-4-w5; Brazeau; Lake

Bat Lake; 24-84-7-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Bateman Creek; 8-24-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Bateman Ridge; 25-5-w5; Rockyview; Ridge

Bateman S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District 

Bates Lake; 24-60-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Bathgate; 10-51-17-w4; Beaver; Former Post Office

Battenburg (a.k.a. Astleyville, Gibbons Station); 23-56-23-w4; Sturgeon; Former Post Office

Battensby Lake; 34-44-5-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Batter Junction (a.k.a. Medicine Hat Junction); 8-31-13-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Battle; 5-46-20-w4; Camrose; Former Station

Battle Bend; 7-40-10-w4; Flagstaff; Locality

Battle Butte; 17-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill 

Battle Creek; 21-46-2-w5; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Battle Creek; 13-8-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Battle Hill; Rosebud; Wheatland; Hill 

Battle Lake; 14-46-2-w5; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Battle Lake; 18-46-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Locality

Battle Ridge; 31-39-9-w4; Provost; Former Locality

Battle River; 4-38-14-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Battle River; 1-45-1-w4; Vermilion River; River

Battle River Prairie (a.k.a. Notikewin); 15-92-23-w5; Northern Lights; Former Post Office

Battle River Settlement (a.k.a. Salois, Laboucan Settlement); Bittern Lake; Camrose; Settlement

Battleview; 10-47-6-w4; Wainwright; Former Post Office

Batty Lake; 17-59-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Bauer's Lake; 1-50-8-w4; Brazeau; Lake

Bawlf (a.k.a. Molstad); 31-45-17-w4; Camrose; Village

Baxter Lakes; 30-45-5-w4; Wainwright; Lakes

Bay Tree; 79-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Bayard Lake; 16-101-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Baymar Creek; 4-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Bayonet Lake; 8-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bayview Beach; 26-59-11-w4; St. Paul; Hamlet

Beach Corner; 5-53-1-w5; Parkland; Locality

Beacon Corner; 9-60-8-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Beacon Heights; 13-53-24-w4; Edmonton; Former Post Office

Beacon Mines; 48-21-w5; Yellowhead;

Beamer Junction; 18-56-21-w4; Strathcona; Railway Point

Bear Canyon; 27-83-12-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Bear Creek (a.k.a. Bear River); 32-72-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Bear Creek; 62-14-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Bear Creek; 30-2-9-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Bear Hills (a.k.a. Bear's Hill); 3-44,45-25-w4; Ponoka; Hill 

Bear Lake (a.k.a. Lac Cardinal); 83-24-w5; Northern Lights;

Bear Lake (a.k.a. Raspberry Lake); 13-63-19-w5; Greenview; Lake

Bear Lake; 16-58-2-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Bear Lake; 10-55-15-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Bear Lake; 29-60-6-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Bear Lake; 22-72-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Bear Lake; 4-73-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Bear Lake Settlement; Grimshaw; Peace; Settlement

Bear River (a.k.a. Bear Creek); 32-72-7-w6; Grande Prairie; River

Bear River; 34-107-9-w5; Mackenzie; River

Bear River; 36-70-4-w6; Greenview; River

Bear Valley; 14-31-6-w5; Bighorn; Valley

Bearberry; 27-33-7-w5; Mountainview; Post Office

Bearberry Creek; 3-33-5-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Bearberry Prairie; 27-32-6-w5; Mountainview; Prairie

Bearhead Creek; 18-81-19-w5; East Peace; Creek

Bearhills Lake; 6-46-25-w4; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Bear's Hill; 45-24-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Bearspaw; 14-25-3-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Beartrap Lake; 21-60-4-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Beaton Creek; 1-87-24-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Beaton Creek S.D.; Dixonville; Northern Lights; School District 

Beatty Lake; 14-125-1-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Beaumont; 34-50-24-w4; Leduc; Town

Beaupre Creek; 15-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Beaupre Creek S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District 

Beaupre Hill; 4-27-5-w5; Rockyview; Hill 

Beaupre Lake; 20-26-5-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Beauty Prairie S.D.; Nampa; East Peace; School District 

Beauvais Lake; ; Pincher Creek;

Beauvallon; 14-54-10-w4; Two Hills; Hamlet

Beauvallon Lake; 10-54-10-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Beaver Bay; 15-54-20-w4; Elk Island Park; Bay

Beaver Creek (a.k.a. Whitecourt Creek); 35-59-12-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Beaver Creek; 11-8-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Beaver Creek; 5-36-5-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Beaver Creek; 2-58-20-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Beaver Creek S.D.; Lamont; Lamont; School District 

Beaver Crossing (a.k.a. Cold Lake); 15-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Hamlet

Beaver Dam; 24-60-3-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Beaver Dam Horse Ranch; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Beaver Flat; Alhambra; Clearwater;

Beaver Heights S.D.; Fort Macleod; Willow Creek; School District

Beaver Hills; 54-21-w4; Strathcona;

Beaver Indian River; 3-116-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Beaver Lake (a.k.a. Jean Lake); 12-98-24-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Beaver Lake (a.k.a. Lake Dene); 19-108-20-w4; Wood Buffalo Park;

Beaver Lake; 16-35-6-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Beaver Lake; 18-92-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Beaver Lake; 32-66-13-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Beaver Lake; 14-66-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Beaver Lake; 52-17-w4; Lamont;

Beaver Lake Indian Reserve; 34-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Indian Reserve

Beaver Lake S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District 

Beaver Mines; 6-2-w5; Pincher Creek; Mine

Beaver Ranch; ; Mackenzie; Ranch

Beaver Ranch Creek; 3-109-10-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Beaver Ranch Indian Reserve; 3-109-11-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Beaver River (a.k.a. La Riviere au Castor); 12-66-14-w4; Lakeland; River

Beaver River; 17-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Beaver Valley S.D.; Stavely; Willow Creek; School District 

Beaverdam; 36/24-60-2/3-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Beaverdam Creek; 19-39-12-w4; Flagstaff; Creek

Beaverdam Creek; Airdrie; Rockyview; Creek

Beaverdam Creek; 10-30-3-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Beaverdam Lake; 31-1-27-w4; Cardston; Lake

Beaverdam S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District 

Beaverhill; 35-55-20-w4; Lamont; Locality

Beaverhill Creek; 5-57-20-w4; Lamont; Creek

Beaverhill Lake; 36-51-17-w4; Beaver; Lake

Beaverlodge (a.k.a. Lake Saskatoon); 11-72-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Beaverlodge (a.k.a. Redwillow, Redlow); 2-72-10-w6; Grande Prairie; Town

Beaverlodge River; 18-70-9-w6; Grande Prairie; River

Beaverskin Creek; 25-105-13-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Beavertail Creek (a.k.a. Alex Creek); 22-73-11-w6; Grande Prairie;

Beaverton; Glendon; Bonnyville; District

Beazer; 13-2-27-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Beazer Ridge; 13-2-27-w4; Cardston; Ridge

Becker Coulee; 28-6-11-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Beddington (a.k.a. Balzac); 23-25-1-w5; Rockyview; Former Locality

Beddington Creek; 23-25-1-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Bede Creek; 22-108-18-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Beebe Flats; 16-1-27-w4; Cardston; Flat

Beeman S.D.; Beiseker; Rockyview; School District 

Behan; 35-72-10-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Behan Lake; 1-73-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Behanhouse Creek; 36-26-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Beiseker; 12-28-26-w4; Rockyview; Village

Belfast S.D.; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; School District

Belgian Horse Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Belgravia; ; Edmonton;

Bell Lake; 12-54-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Bell S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Bellcamp; 34-52-2-w4; Vermilion River; Former Post Office

Bellcott (a.k.a. Anstead); 6-12-5-w4; Cypress; Station

Bellerose; Namao; Sturgeon;

Belleville S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Bellevue; 7-3-w5; Pincher Creek;

Bellevue, Lac; 6-56-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Bellgrove; 36-24-w4; Red Deer; District

Bellis; 34-59-15-w4; Smoky Lake; Hamlet

Belloy (a.k.a. Grizzly Bear); 4-78-2-w6; Birch Hills; Locality

Belloy Reservoir; 15-78-2-w6; Birch Hills; Reservoir

Bellrose Lake; 29-70-15-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Bellshill; 33-41-11-w4; Flagstaff; Locality

Bellshill Lake (a.k.a. Goose Lake); 8-42-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Belly River; 27-9-23-w4; Cardston; River

Beltz Lake; 25-37-18-w4; Stettler; Lake

Belvedere; 10-58-3-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Belyea Lake; 14-121-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Ben Kerr Ranch; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Ben Lake; 54-13-w4; Two Hills;

Ben Screen's Point (a.k.a. Peden's Point); 28-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Benachi; 27-9-w4; Special Area 3;

Benalto; 31-38-2-w5; Red Deer; Hamlet

Benaman Slough; 20-25-28-w4; Rockyview; Marsh

Benbow Junction; 14-59-18-w5; Woodlands; Railway Point

Bench Mark Creek; 35-124-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Benchlands; ; Rockyview;

Benjamin; Eckville; Clearwater;

Benjamin Creek; 3-81-19-w5; East Peace; Creek

Bennett; 13-23-28-w4; Rockyview; Locality

Bennett Lake; 35-52-21-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Bennett Lake; 27-56-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Bennett S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District 

Bennett Siding; Chestermere; Rockyview; Siding

Bens Lake; 17-54-13-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Bentley; 26-40-1-w5; Lacombe;

Bentley Lake; 36-58-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Benton (a.k.a. Benton Station); 34-27-3-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Benton Station (a.k.a. Benton); 34-27-3-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Benville (a.k.a. Sexsmith); 25-73-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Village

Berard, Lac; 4-57-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Berdinskies (a.k.a. Point Brule); 23-104-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Bergen; 3-32-5-w5; Mountainview;

Bergen Creek; 13-31-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Bergeron Creek; 17-100-20-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Berkinshaw; 2-40-13-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Berland River (a.k.a. Baptiste River, Baptiste Berland River); 12-58-20-w5; Greenview; River

Berny; 3-67-16-w4; Lakeland;

Berry Creek; 4-22-13-w4; Newell; Creek

Berry Creek; 25-118-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Berry Creek; 36-28-12-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Berry Creek Reservoir; 10-26-12-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

Berry Lake; 12-34-4-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Berry Lake; 17-80-5-w5; Saddle Hills; Lake

Berry Lakes; 32-24-11-w4; Special Area 2; Lakes

Berrydale S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District 

Berrymoor; 1-50-6-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Berrywater Lake; 12-18-23-w4; Vulcan; Lake

Berrywater S.D.; Eastway; Vulcan; School District

Berta Vale S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District 

Berwyn (a.k.a. Bear Lake); 31-82,83-24-w5; Peace; Village

Bessie Creek; 11-60-14-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Beta Lake; 9-55-11-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Bethel Lake; 28-76-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Bethel S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District 

Betts Creek; 6-92-12-w6; Clear Hills; Creek

Betty Lake; 36-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Betula Beach; 4-53-5-w5; Parkland; Summer Village

Beulah S.D.; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River; School District

Beveridge Lake S.D.; Hesketh; Kneehill; School District 

Beverly; 12-53-24-w4; Edmonton; Former Locality

Bewley Island; 6-84-21-w5; East Peace; Island

Bexhill; 51-3-w4; Vermilion River;

Beyette Lake; 2-69-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Beynon; 27-20-w4; Kneehill; Former Locality

Beynon; 27-20-w4; Wheatland; Former Locality

Bezanson; 10-72-3-w6; Greenview; Hamlet

Biche, Lac La; 32-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Biche, Pointe La; 1-86-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Bickerdike; 6-53-18-w5; Yellowhead;

Big Beaver Creek; 11-42-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Big Bend; ; Red Deer;

Big Bend Hutterite Colony; Woolford; Cardston; Colony

Big Bend Land & Cattle Company; Gladys; Foothills; Ranch

Big Chief Lake (a.k.a. Little Long Lake); Cochrane; Rockyview; Lake

Big Coulee; 10-68-22-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Big Coulee Creek; 28-28-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Big Creek (a.k.a. Donald Creek); 29-90-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Big Creek; 31-99-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Big Eddy (a.k.a. Jackfish); 11-109-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Former Locality

Big Eddy; 3-53-18-w5; Yellowhead; Eddy

Big Eddy; 4-53-18-w5; Yellowhead; Railway Point

Big Eddy Bend; 11-109-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; River Bend

Big Gap; 28-37-7-w4; Special Area 4; Gap

Big Gully Creek; 35-51-2-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Big Hay Lake; 29-48-22-w4; Leduc; Lake

Big Hay Lake S.D.; Bittern Lake; Camrose; School District

Big Hill; 25,26-3-w5; Acadia; Hill

Big Hill; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Big Hill Creek; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park; 29-26-3-w5; Acadia; Provincial Park

Big Horn First Nations; ; Clearwater;

Big Horn Ranch; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Big Horn Ranger Station; Turner Valley; Foothills; Ranger Station

Big Horn S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District 

Big Island; 32-51-25-w4; Edmonton; Island

Big Island; 30-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Big Island; 27-99-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Big Island; 26-111-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Island

Big Island Ferry; South Edmonton; Leduc; Ferry

Big Island Lake (a.k.a. Island Lake); 22-99-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Big Jim Creek; 29-14-1-w5; Ranchlands; Creek

Big Johnson Lake; 25-65-17,18-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Big Knife Provincial Park; 34-40-16-w4; Paintearth; Provincial Park

Big Lake (a.k.a. Hotte Lake); 3-115-13-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Big Lake (a.k.a. Osi Lake); 25-94-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Big Lake; 24-53-26-w4; Parkland; Lake

Big Lakes, Municipal of; 72-13-w5; Big Lakes; Municipal

    Big Lakes County includes

    The Towns: High Prairie, Swan Hills

    The Village: Kinuso

    The Hamlets: Canyon Creek, Enilda, Faust, Gift Lake, Grouard, Joussard

    The Localities: Aggie, Arcadia, Driftpile, Gilwood, Grouard Mission Heart River, Kenzie, Leicester, Prairie Echo, Salt Prairie, Sunset House, Swan River, Triangle

    The Settlements: Big Meadows, Big Prairie, Hart River, Lesser Slave Lake Indian Reserves: Halcro, Driftpile, Freeman, Pakashan, Sucker Creek, Swan River

    The Metis Settlements: East Prairie, Gift Lake, Peavine

Big Meadow; 27-62-5-w4; Bonnyville; Locality

Big Moose; Boyle; Athabasca;

Big Mountain Creek; 14-70-5-w6; Greenview; Creek

Big Muskeg Lake; 29-71-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Big Point; 15-111-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Big Point; 12-75-11-w5; Big Lakes; Point

Big Point Channel; 16-111-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Channel

Big Prairie; 4-30-5-w5; Mountainview; Former Post Office

Big Prairie Creek; 13-30-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Big Prairie Settlement; 76-15,16-w5; Big Lakes; Settlement

Big River (a.k.a. Yates River); 31-126-12-w5; Mackenzie; River

Big Rock; 21-20-1-w5; Foothills; Glacial Erratic

Big Rock S.D.; Okotoks; Foothills; School District 

Big Slough; 21-113-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Former Locality

Big Slough; 30-113-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Marsh

Big Snuff Lake; 8-97-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Big Spring; 27-7-w4; Special Area 3;

Big Spring S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Big Stone; 10-26-9-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Big Valley; 26-35-20-w4; Stettler; Village

Big Valley Creek (a.k.a. Mott's Creek); 29-34-21-w4; Stettler; Creek

Bighill Creek; 34-25,26-4-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Bighills Springs; ; Rockyview;

Bigknife Creek; 3-41-16-w4; Flagstaff; Creek

Bignell S.D.; Red Willow; Stettler; School District

Bigoray River; 16-51-8-w5; Parkland; River

Bigspring Creek; 21-26-2-w5; Rockyview; Creek

Bigstone; Wardlow; Special Area 2; District

Bigstone Creek; 12-47-24-w4; Wetaskiwin; Creek

Bilby; 33-54-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Billharte; ; Rockyview;

Billos (a.k.a. Venice); 11-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Former Station

Bindloss; 19-22-2-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Bingen (a.k.a. Nemiskam); 16-6-10-w4; Forty Mile;

Bingley; 22-40-6-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Bingo Lake; 1-83-3-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Bingville; 18-7-w4; Cypress; Former Locality

Biollo Lake; 33-65,66-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Birch Cove; 27-57-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Birch Creek; 10-51-9-w4; Minburn; Creek

Birch Creek; 32-76-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Birch Creek; 19-102-9-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Birch Hills (a.k.a. Fairchild's Birch Hills); 77-2,3-w6; Birch Hills; Hills

Birch Hills S.D.; Ranfurly; Minburn; School District

Birch Island; 7-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Birch Lake (a.k.a. Glover Lake); 15-75-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Birch Lake; 24-58-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Birch Lake; 8-67-21-w5; Athabasca; Lake

Birch Lake; 16-55-4-w5; Vermilion River; Lake

Birch Lake; 23-114-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Birch Lake; 17-50-11,12-w4; Minburn; Lake

Birch Lake; 18-35-6-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Birch Lake; 22-85-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Birch Lake S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Birch Lakes; 18-99-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Birch Mountains (a.k.a. Bark Mountain); 16-98-20-w4; Wood Buffalo; Mountain

Birch River; 28-110-14-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Bircham; 3-29-25-w4; Kneehill; Hamlet

Birchcliff; 19-39-1-w5; Lacombe; Summer Village

Birchwood Creek; 21-91-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Bird Island; 14-99-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Birdseye Butte; 1-2-29-w4; Waterton Park; Hill

Birdsholm; 36-4-11-w4; Forty Mile;

Birkland Lake (a.k.a. Frog Lake Two); 9-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Birston Lake; 34-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Bisbing Lake; 28-72-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Bishop Hill; 23-33-7-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Bismark; 19-43-27-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Bison Flats; 10-63-3-w6; Greenview; Flats

Bison Lake (a.k.a. Buffalo Lake); 34-94-14-w5; East Peace; Lake

Bison Lake; 26-94-14-w5; East Peace; Locality

Bissell; 15-53-25-w4; Edmonton; Railway Point

Bisset Lake; 34-68-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Bistcho Lake (a.k.a. Lac du Gros Ventre, Big Stomach Lake); 31-123-5-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Bistcho Lake Indian Reserve; 33-122-3-w6; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Bittern Lake (a.k.a. Rosenroll, Halley); 36-46-22-w4; Camrose; Village

Bittern Lake; 7-47-21-w4; Camrose; Lake

Bituma; 29-5-w5; Mountainview;

Bitumount; 1-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Bivouac Creek; 24-106-13-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Black Coulee (a.k.a. Dead Horse Coulee); 1,2-11-w4; Warner; Coulee

Black Creek; 11-43-3-w4; Wainwright; Creek

Black Diamon Coal Mine; Black Diamond; Foothills; Mine

Black Diamond; 8-20-2-w5; Foothills; Town

Black Diamond Mine; South Edmonton; Strathcona; Mine

Black Duck Lake; 8-83-3-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Black Fly Creek; 6-95-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Black Fox Island (a.k.a. Cow Island); 4-68-14-w4; Lakeland; Island

Black Spring Ridge; 13-22-w4; Vulcan;

Blackett Lake; 22-66-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Blackfalds (a.k.a. Waghorn, Eleventh Siding); 26-39-27-w4; Lacombe; Town

Blackfalds Lake; 29-39-26-w4; Lacombe; Lake

Blackfoot (a.k.a. Blackfoot Hills); 1-50-2-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Blackfoot Creek; 36-46-1-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Blackfoot Crossing; 9-21-21-w4; Wheatland; Crossing

Blackfoot Hills; 47,48-2-w4; Vermilion River; Hills

Blackfoot Indian Reserve; 21-22-w4; Vulcan; Indian Reserve

Blackfoot Lake; 30-52-19-w4; Beaver; Lake

Blackfoot Trail S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Blackie; 13-19-27-w4; Foothills; Village

Blackmud Creek; 22-52-25-w4; Edmonton; Creek

Blackspring Ridge; 12,13-22-w4; Vulcan; Ridge

Blackstone Mine; 47-19-w5; Yellowhead;

Blacktail (a.k.a. Willows); 26-13-29-w4; Willow Creek; Former Locality

Blacktail Coulee; 27-13-29-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Blades (a.k.a. Joffre); 9-39-25-w4; Lacombe; Former Post Office

Blair S.D.; ; Special Area 2; School District

Blairmore; 7/8-4-w5; Pincher Creek;

Blakesville; 5-17-w4; Warner;

Blanche Lake; 20-108-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Blanchet Lake; 5-89-20-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Blayney (a.k.a. Barons); 16-12-23-w4; Lethbridge;

Bleak Lake; 31-65,66-23-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Blefgen Lake; 34-67,68-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Blind Creek; 21-25-w4; Vulcan;

Blindman District; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Blindman River (a.k.a. Blindman's River); 13-39-27-w4; Red Deer; River

Blindtrail Lake (a.k.a. Blind Trail lake); 22-44-6-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Blizzard Lake; 12-21-28-w4; Foothills; Lake

Block Creek; 25-41-5-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Blondheim; 48-27-w4; Leduc;

Blood Indian Creek; 33-22-8-w4; Special Area 3; Creek

Blood Indian Creek Reservoir; 21-26-9-w4; Special Area 3; Reservoir

Blood Indian Reserve; 6-5-24-w4; Cardston; Indian Reserve

Blood Indian Reserve; 17-1-28-w4; Cardston; Indian Reserve

Bloodsucker Lake (a.k.a. Little Fish Lake); 2-75-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Blooming Prairie (a.k.a. Morrin); 15-31-20-w4; Starland; Former Post Office

Bloomingdale S.D.; Entwistle; Parkland; School District

Bloomsbury; 24-60-4-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Bloor Lake; 2-33,34-12-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Bloxham's Slough (a.k.a. Barrie Lake, Bahmes Slough); 26-32-2-w5; Mountainview; Intermittent Lake

Blue Butte; 25-57-2-w5; Barrhead; Butte

Blue Creek; 15-69-16-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Blue Hawk S.D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District 

Blue Hill S.D.; Flatbush; Lesser Slave River; School District

Blue Jay; 16-68-17-w4; Athabasca; Former Post Office

Blue Lake; 14-69-17-w5; Big Lakes; Lake

Blue Mountain (a.k.a. Blue Hill); 36-69-17-w5; Big Lakes; Hill

Blue Point Coal Mine; South Edmonton; Leduc; Mine

Blue Rapids (a.k.a. Brick Creek, Birck Creek); 47-7-w5; Brazeau;

Blue Rapids; 14-47-9-w5; Brazeau; Rapids

Blue Ridge (a.k.a. Lorina); 26-59-10-w5; Woodlands; Hamlet

Bluebell; Eckville; Lacombe;

Blueberry Creek; 27-39-4-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Blueberry Creek; 5-81-6-w6; Fairview; Creek

Blueberry Hill (a.k.a. Big Hill); 6-30-5-w5; Mountainview; Hill

Blueberry Hill (a.k.a. Blueberry Mountain); 25-79-9,10-w6; Saddle Hills; Hill

Blueberry Mountain; 10-80-8-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Blueberry Ridge S.D.; Rochester; Athabasca; School District

Bluesky (a.k.a. Craddock, Friedenstal); 4-82-2-w6; Fairview; Hamlet

Bluff Centre (a.k.a. Bluffton); 43-2-w5; Ponoka;

Bluffton (a.k.a. Bluff Centre); 31-43-2-w5; Ponoka; Hamlet

Blumenau (a.k.a. Stettler); 4-39-19-w4; Stettler; Railway Point

Blumenort; 26-107-14-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Boag Lake; 30-52-22-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Bobier Lake; 19-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Bocquene Lake; 3-121-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bocquene River; 14-121-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Bodo (a.k.a. Scheck); 4-37-1-w4; Stettler; Hamlet

Boggy Hall; 34-46-9-w5; Brazeau; Trading Post

Boggy Lake; 28-30-6-w5; Bighorn; Lake

Bohn Lake (a.k.a. Sharp-Point Lake); 2-80-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Boian; 15-56-14-w4; Two Hills; Former Locality

Boiler Rapids; 23-87-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Boivin Creek; 26-82-27-w4; Opportunity; Creek

Bolloque Creek; 27-61-26-w4; Westlock; Creek

Bolloque Lake; 11-64-25-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Bolton Creek; 10-107-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Bon Accord; 18-56-23-w4; Sturgeon; Town

Bonanza (a.k.a. Kayow); 9-80-12-w6; Saddle Hills;

Bonar; 8-31-13-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Bond Coulee; 34-3-7-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Bondiss; 6-65-18-w4; Athabasca; Summer Village

Boneyard Coulee; 8-14-28-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Bonlea; 32-45-14-w4; Flagstaff; Locality

Bonn Hill; 21-23-2-w5; Rockyview; Hill

Bonnie Brae Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Bonnie Glen; 17-47-27-w4; Wetaskiwin; Former Post Office

Bonnie Lake; 3-60-13-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Bonnyville (a.k.a. St. Louis de Moose Lake); 7,18-61-5-w4; Bonnyville; Town

Bonnyville Beach; 32-60-6-w4; Bonnyville; Summer Village

Bonnyville Municipal District; 63-8-w4; Bonnyville; Municipal District

Boone Creek (a.k.a. Fish Creek); 13-77-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Boone Lake; 11-76-10-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Bootis Hill; 25-120-10-w6; Mackenzie; Hill

Borden Lake; 20-56-4-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Bordenave; 27-61-9-w4; Bonnyville; Former Locality

Border Lake; 19-42-5,6-w4; Provost; Lake

Bordiss; ; Athabasca;

Borradaile; 29-50-5-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Borszczow; 51-16-w4; Beaver;

Boscombe (a.k.a. Deaver); 4-60-10-w4; St. Paul; Locality

Boss Hill; 2-41-20-w4; Stettler; Hill

Boss Lake; 11-41-20-w4; Stettler; Lake

Boston Hill; 29-40-24-w4; Lacombe; Hill

Botha; 33-38-18-w4; Stettler; Village

Botha River; 29-95-24-w5; Northern Lights; River

Botten; ; Greenview;

Bottrel (a.k.a. Botterel); 21-28-4-w5; Rockyview; Hamlet

Boucan Lake; 14-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Boucher Creek; 9-80-4-w6; Fairview; Creek

Boudin Lake; 20-123-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Boulder Creek; 34-69-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Boulder Creek; 35-72-20-w5; Greenview; Creek

Boundary Creek; 1-1-26-w4; Cardston; Creek

Boundary Creek; 30-1-26-w4; Cardston; Former Locality

Boundary Creek; 4-97-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Boundary Creek; 1-26-w4; Cardston;

Boundary Lake; 6-85-13-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Bourque Lake (a.k.a. Green Jackfish Lake); 33-65-4-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Boutets Lake; 35-38-9-w4; Paintearth; Lake

Bouvier (a.k.a. Egg Lake); 10-67-15-W4; Lakeland;

Bovan; 56-14-w4; Two Hills;

Bow Bridge S.D.; Bow City; Newell; School District

Bow City (a.k.a. Eyremore); 14-17-17-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Bow Fort; Canmore; Bighorn; Fort

Bow Island (a.k.a. Spook Island); 22-11-13-w4; Forty Mile; Island

Bow Island; 36-10-11-w4; Forty Mile; Town

Bow Pass; Canmore; Bighorn; Pass

Bow River (a.k.a. Askow River); 22-11-13-w4; Taber; River

Bow River Horse Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview;

Bow S.D.; Bow City; Newell; School District

Bow Slope S.D.; Bow City; Newell; School District

Bow Valley; 14-25-w4; Willow Creek;

Bow Valley Municipal; ; Wheatland;

Bowden; 23-34-1-w5; Red Deer; Town

Bowden Lake; 22-34-1-w5; Red Deer; Lake

Bowell; 6-14-7-W4; Cypress; Hamlet

Bowen Lake; 31-106-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bowesman Lake; 4-89-24-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Bowfort, Camp; Canmore; Bighorn; Camp

Bowhay Lake; 13-120-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Bowmanton; 4-15-4-w4; Cypress; Locality

Bowness (a.k.a. Critchley); 35-24-2-w5; Calgary; Locality

Bowtell; 45-7-w4; Wainwright;

Bowville; 13-21-w4; Lethbridge;

Box Springs; 14-6-w4; Cypress;

Boxelder Creek; 1-13-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Boyd Creek; 30-42-2-w5; Ponoka; Creek

Boyer; 11-109-13-w5; Mackenzie; Locality

Boyer Indian Reserve; 15-109-14-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Boyer Rapids (a.k.a. Bouille Rapids); 21-117-16-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Rapids

Boyer River (a.k.a. Paddle River, Bouille River); 30-108-12-w5; Mackenzie; River

Boyer Settlement; 12-109-13-w5; Mackenzie; Settlement

Boyle; 4-65-19-w4; Lakeland; Village

Boyle S.D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Boyne Lake; 1-61-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Locality

Braaten; 34-67-5-w6; Greenview; Railway Point

Brabant Lake; 23-122-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Braconnier Reservoir; 20-31-23-w4; Kneehill; Reservoir

Bradbourne (a.k.a. Dog Pound); 29-4-w5; Mountainview;

Bradfield Ranch; Priddis; Foothills; Ranch

Bradshaw; 6-5-22-w4; Cardston; Locality

Braeburn (a.k.a. Surbiton); 29-75-5-w6; Saddle Hills; Locality

Braeburn Creek; 3-77-5-w6; Spirit River; Creek

Braehead S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Bragg Creek; 23-5-w5; Rockyview;

Braim; 18-45-19-w4; Camrose; Hamlet

Brainard; 2-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Brainard Lake (a.k.a. Sinclair Lake); 10-74-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Brander Lake; 2-109-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Brant; 16-18-26-w4; Vulcan; Hamlet

Bratton Coulee; 10-9-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Bratton Spring; 15-9-29-w4; Willow Creek; Spring

Brawford; 25-14-w4; Special Area 2;

Bray Lake; 23-50-21-w4; Beaver; Lake

Brayet Lake (a.k.a. Wobby Lake); 15-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Brazeau Canal; 27-46,45-11,10-w5; Brazeau; Canal

Brazeau Dam; 17-46-9-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Brazeau Dam; 18-46-11-w5; Yellowhead; Dam

Brazeau Forks; 34-45-9-w5; Brazeau; River Junction

Brazeau Reservoir; 24-46-12-w5; Yellowhead; Reservoir

Brazeau River; 11-46-11-w5; Yellowhead;

Breage (a.k.a. Vermilion); 36-50-6-w4; Vermilion River; Former Post Office

Breast Work Hill; 20,21-3-26-w4; Cardston; Hill

Breda; 3-36-22-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Bredin; 25-72-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Breed Creek; 28-2-10-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Breland Lake; 25-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Bremner (a.k.a. Hortonburg); 7-53-22-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Bremner Creek (a.k.a. Swamp Creek); 13-78-4-w6; Spirit River; Creek

Brent Lake (a.k.a. Brett Lake); 26-33-12-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Brereton Lake; 24-67-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Breton (a.k.a. Keystone); 2-48-4-w5; Brazeau; Village

Bretona; 33-51-23-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Bretville Junction; 17-53-23-w4; Edmonton; Railway Point

Brewster Creek; 16-42-10-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Breynat; 13-71-17-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Briant Creek; 13-77-1-W4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Brice; 21-28-w4; Foothills;

Brickburn; 24-24-2-w5; Calgary; Railway Point

Brick's Hill; Berwyn; Peace;

Brick's Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Bridge Lakes; 13-60-23,24-w4; Thorhild; Lakes

Bridgeview; 9-77-6-w6; Spirit River; Locality

Bridle Bit Basin (a.k.a. Willow Flats, Frakes Flat); 6-69-25-w5; Greenview; Basin

Bridle Bit Creek; 32-68-25-w5; Greenview; Creek

Bridstow; 52-3-w4; Vermilion River; Locality

Briereville; 28-63-12-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Bright Bank; 51-2-w5; Parkland;

Brightview; 46-25-w4; Wetaskiwin;

Brightwood; 52-7-w5; Parkland;

Brine Creek; 13-126-14-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Brintnell Lake; 33-78-5-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Britain; 40-15-w4; Paintearth;

British Lake; 31-84-9-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Broadway S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Broche Creek; 1-81-13-w6; Saddle Hills; Creek

Brock Lake (a.k.a. Big Stinking Lake); 4-56-6-w5; Lac Ste. Anne; Lake

Brock Lake; 15-124-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Brocket; 8-7-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Hamlet

Brody S.D.; Mundare; Lamont; School District

Broncho Creek; Rycroft; Spirit River; District

Brook (a.k.a. Tees); 25-40-24-w4; Lacombe; Former Post Office

Brookdale Mines; 47-19-w5; Yellowhead;

Brookfield S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Brooklyn S.D.; Busby; Westlock; School District

Brooks (a.k.a. Brooks Station); 32-18-14-w4; Newell; Town

Brooks Hill; 10-27-6-w5; Bighorn; Hill

Brooksfield District; Blackfalds; Lacombe; District

Brooksley (a.k.a. Brookfield); 25-38-26-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Brookville; Ardrossan; Strathcona;

Brosseau; 35-55-12-w4; Two Hills; Hamlet

Brosseau, Lac; 13-56-12-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Brosten Reservoir; 4-28-8-w4; Special Area 3; Reservoir

Broughton S.D.; Coronation; Paintearth; School District

Brousseau Creek; 23-111-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Brown Creek; 25-31-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Brown Lake; 20-66-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Brownfield; 6-39-10-w4; Paintearth; Hamlet

Brownvale; 19-82-25-w5; Peace; Hamlet

Broxburn; 6-9-20-w4; Lethbridge; Locality

Bruce (a.k.a. Hurry); 30-48-14-w4; Beaver; Hamlet

Bruce Creek (a.k.a. Bruce River); 3-70-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Bruce Creek (a.k.a. Little Driftpile River); 12-72-13-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Bruce Lake; 29-39-7-w4; Provost; Lake

Bruce Lake; 4-69-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Bruderfeld; South Edmonton; Leduc; District

Bruderheim; 32-55-20-w4; Lamont; Town

Brule (a.k.a. Brule Mines); 50-27-w5; Yellowhead;

Brule Creek; 17-54-11-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Brule Point; 10-87-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Brule Rapids; 3-87-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Brule, Point; 23-114-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Brumpton's Hall; Olds; Mountainview; Hall

Brunetta (a.k.a. Lomond); 17-20-w4; Vulcan;

Brunos Hill; 9-42-21-w4; Camrose; Hill

Brush Coulee; 10-19-8-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Brush Flats; 15-5-w4; Cypress; Flat

Brush Hill S.D.; Vegreville; Minburn; School District

Brush Mountain; 35-69-18-w5; Big Lakes; Mountain

Brushy Lake S.D.; Beiseker School; Rockyview; School District

Brushy Ridge S.D.; Cochrane/Springbank; Rockyview; School District

Brutus; 14-17-8-w4; Cypress;

Bryant Coulee; 12-3-9-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Bryant Lake; 118,119-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bryn Mawr S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District

Bryson Lake; 15-50-10-w4; Minburn; Lake

Buchan Lake; 34-126-6-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Buchanan Creek (a.k.a. Bear Creek); 14-91-21-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Buchanan Creek S.D.; Manning; Northern Lights; School District

Buchanan Lake; 34-110-23-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Buck Creek (a.k.a. Blue Rapids); 36-47-7-w5; Brazeau; Hamlet

Buck Lake (a.k.a. Bull Lake); 23-46-6-w5; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Buck Lake (a.k.a. Minnehik); 11-46-6-w5; Wetaskiwin; Hamlet

Buck Lake (a.k.a. Smoke Lake); 19-62-20-w5; Greenview; Lake

Buck Lake House; 17-50-5-w5; Brazeau; Trading Post

Buck Lake Indian Reserve; 17-45-5-w5; Wetaskiwin; Indian Reserve

Buckhorn; 24-43-1-w5; Ponoka; Former Post Office

Buckinghorse Lake; 16-48-27-w4; Leduc; Lake

Bucklake Creek (a.k.a. Sturgeon Creek); 17-50-5-w5; Brazeau; Creek

Buckton Creek; 27-107-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Buena Vista S.D.; Donalda; Stettler; School District

Buffalo; 30-21-5-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Buffalo Bay; 1-76-14-w5; Big Lakes; Bay

Buffalo Bird Hill; 11-26-5-w4; Special Area 3; Hill

Buffalo Coulee; 15-49-9-w4; Minburn; Coulee

Buffalo Creek (a.k.a. Niobe Creek); 7-73-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Buffalo Creek; 33-46-6-w4; Wainwright; Creek

Buffalo Creek; 2-87-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Buffalo Head Hills; 17-97-12-w5; Mackenzie; Hills

Buffalo Head Prairie; 26-104-15-w5; Mackenzie; Hamlet

Buffalo Hill (a.k.a. Wyatt Hill); 8-19-23-w4; Vulcan; Hill

Buffalo Hill; 23-103-14-w5; Mackenzie; Hill

Buffalo Hill; 22-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Buffalo Lake (a.k.a. Bull Lake); 25-40-21-w4; Stettler; Lake

Buffalo Lake (a.k.a. Namur Lake); 15-97-17-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Buffalo Lake (a.k.a. Spitfire Lake); 3-74-7-w6; Grande Prairie;

Buffalo Lake (a.k.a. Spitfire Lake); 4-74-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Locality

Buffalo Lake; 2-8-5-w4; Forty Mile; Lake

Buffalo Lake; 31-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Buffalo Lake; 6-71-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement (a.k.a. Beaver River Metis Colony, Caslan); 63,64-16,17-w4; Smoky Lake; Metis Settlement

Buffalo Lakes S.D.; 74-7-w6; Wood Buffalo; School District

Buffalo Park; 3-43-6-w4; Wainwright; Former Locality

Buffalo Point; 32-108-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Point

Buffalo River; 21-102-19-w5; Mackenzie; River

Buffalo River; 31-126-6-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Buffalo S.D.; Eastway; Vulcan; School District

Buffalo View; 10-42-6-w4; Provost; Locality

Buford (a.k.a. Glen Park); 19-49-27-w4; Leduc; Hamlet

Buhler Creek; 11-97-18-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Bull Creek; 32-38-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Bull Creek; 6-60-9-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Bull Creek S.D.; Provost; Provost; School District

Bull Springs Coulee; 12-17-3,4-w4; Cypress; Coulee

Bulldog Lake; 14-83-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Bullhead Hill; 30-23-2-w5; Rockyview; Hill

Bullhorn Coulee; 12-4-26-w4; Cardston; Coulee

Bullhurst Seed Farm; ; Rockyview;

Bullocksville (a.k.a. Lignite); 39-23-w4; Lacombe;

Bullpound; 35-24-15-w4; Newell; Locality

Bullpound Creek; 25-24-15-w5; Banff; Creek

Bullpound S.D.; Hanna; Special Area 2; School District

Bulls Head; 11-8-7-w4; Forty Mile; Butte

Bulls Head S.D.; Elkwater; Cypress; School District

Bullshead; 22-11-6-w4; Cypress; Locality

Bullshead Creek; 2-12-5-w4; Cypress; Creek

Bullshead Hill; 8-6-w4; Forty Mile; Hill

Bulwark (a.k.a. Lindsville); 1-38-12-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Bunder Lake (a.k.a. Bunter Lake); 23-61-12-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Bunn's Ford; 9-12-19-w4; Lethbridge; Ford

Bunting Bay; 26-87-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Buoyant; 26-29-25-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Burbank; 24-39-27-w4; Lacombe; Former Locality

Burdett; 23-10-12-w4; Forty Mile; Village

Burfield; 12-26-15-w4; Special Area 2; Former Locality

Burgess Lake; 3-72-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Burke Creek; 7-12-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Burkedale S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Burmis; 7-3-w5; Pincher Creek;

Burns Lake; 29-31-27-w4; Mountainview; Lake

Burns Ranch; Olds; Mountainview; Ranch

Burnside S.D.; Didsbury; Mountainview; School District

Burnstick Lake (a.k.a. Burntstick Lake); 35-7-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Burnt Lake (a.k.a. Bayard Lake); 16-101-15-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Burnt Lake; 4-38-1-w5; Red Deer; Former Locality

Burnt Lake; 67-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Burnt Lake; 11-66-16-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Burnt Lakes; 26-96-25-w4; Opportunity; Lakes

Burnt Lea S.D.; Berwyn; Peace; School District

Burnt River (a.k.a. Saddle River); 16-80-1-w6; Peace; River

Burnt River; 19-100-3-w5; Mackenzie; River

Burnt River S.D.; Waterhole; Fairview; School District

Burntwood Island; 33-114-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Burrison Lake; 3-117-22-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Burstall Lake; 13-119-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Burtonsville; 27-50-4-w5; Parkland; Locality

Busby (a.k.a. Independence); 24-57-27-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Busche River First Nations; ; Mackenzie;

Busenius S.D.; New Sarepta; Camrose; School District

Bush Lake (a.k.a. Wilkin Lake); 32-72-9-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Bushe River (a.k.a. Deadhorse Creek); 6-109-17-w5; Mackenzie; River

Bushe River Indian Reserve; 20-109-18-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Bushland; 53-11-w4; Two Hills;

Bushy Head Corner; 21-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Locality

Bushy Head Hill; 21-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Bushy Head Lake; 35-44,45-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Busk S.D.; Armena; Camrose; School District

Bustard Island (a.k.a. McFarlane's Island); 2-113-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Island

Buster Creek; 19-41-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Buster Dixon's Stopping Place; Manning; Northern Lights; Stopping House

Butcher Creek; 32-34-3-w5; Red Deer; Creek

Butler Ranch; Turner Valley; Foothills; Ranch

Butler's Stopping Place; Mayerthorpe; Lac Ste Anne; Stopping House

Butte; 24-37-6-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Butte S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview; School District

Butte, La; 23-120-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Hill

Butze; 10-43-1-w4; Wainwright; Former Locality

Byemoor (a.k.a. Wilson's Siding); 6-35-16-w4; Stettler; Hamlet

Byers Lake; 3-43-11-w4; Flagstaff; Lake

Byers Lake; 33-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Byng S.D.; Grimshaw; Peace; School District

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Place Name; Land Description or District; County; Type

C F B Cold Lake; 5-62-2-w4; Bonnyville; Canadian Forces Base

C X Ranch; Rosebud; Wheatland; Ranch

C X S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Cabin Creek; 34-75-6-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Cabin Lake; 10-24-9-w4; Special Area 3; Lake

Cabin Lake; 20-24-9-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Cabin Lake; 21-54-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Cache Creek; 2-100-18-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Cache Creek; 31-59-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Creek

Cache Creek; 32-91-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cache Lake (a.k.a. Hidden Lake); 20-68-14-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Cache Lake (a.k.a. Spedden); 33-59-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Post Office

Cache Lake; 59-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Lake

Cadogen; 1-39-4-w4; Provost; Hamlet

Cadomin; 46-23-w5; Yellowhead;

Cadotte Lake; 24-86-16-w5; East Peace; Hamlet

Cadotte Lake; 12-86-16-w5; East Peace; Lake

Cadotte River; 18-89-20-w5; East Peace; River

Cadron; 24-25-16-w4; Newell; Former Post Office

Cairn Hill; 24-2-w5; Calgary; Hill

Cairn Hill; 6-11-12-w4; Forty Mile; Hill

Cairns; 8-39-4-w4; Provost; Hamlet

Calahoo; 31-54-27-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Calahoo Creek; 27-68-12-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Calahoo Lake; 6-68-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Calais; 14-70-23-w5; Greenview; Hamlet

Caldbeck; 14-27-5-w5; Rockyview; Former Locality

Calder Lake; 21-57-8-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Calder Lake; 79-5-w5; Opportunity; Lake

Calder River; 1-73-1-w4; Lakeland; River

Caldwell; 35-2-28-w4; Cardston; Former Locality

Caledonia; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Calendula; 17-29-2-w4; Special Area 3; Post Office

Calgary (a.k.a. Fort Calgary); 24-1-w5; Calgary; City

Calgary Junction S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Calhoun Bay; 30-46-6-w5; Wetaskiwin; Lake

Calib Coulee; 25-3-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Calkins Valley S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Calling Lake; 8-72-21-w4; Opportunity; Hamlet

Calling Lake; 16-72-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Calling Lake Provincial Park; 26-71-21-w4; Opportunity; Provinicial Park

Calling River; 35-71-21-w4; Opportunity; River

Calling River; 30-70-19-w4; Opportunity; Locality

Callum Creek; 6-10-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Creek

Calmar; 25-49-27-w4; Leduc; Town

Calthorpe; 13-31-2-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Calumet Lake; 18-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Calumet River; 13-97-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Calwin; 23/24-1-w5; Calgary;

Cambria; 15-28-19-w4; Badlands; Hamlet

Cambridge; Lougheed; Flagstaff;

Cameron Creek; 31-88-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cameron Hills; 23-125-1-w6; Mackenzie; Hills

Cameron Lake; 10-38-19-w4; Stettler; Lake

Cameron Lakes; 2-54-1-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lakes

Camp Batuk; Springbank; Rockyview; Camp

Camp Bay; 14-54-20-w4; Strathcona; Bay

Camp Creek; 14-61-4-w5; Barrhead; Creek

Camp Creek; 6-61-4-w5; Barrhead; Locality

Camp Island; 10-80-26-w5; Peace; Island

Camp Keiver; Rosebud; Wheatland; Camp

Camp Lake; 31-57-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Camp Lake; 10-64-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Camp Modelk; Springbank; Rockyview; Camp

Camp Spring; 32-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Spring

Camp Wainwright; 44-6,7-w4; Wainwright; Canadian Forces Base

Campaign; ; Red Deer;

Campbell; 12-54-25-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Campbell Creek; 1-52-5-w4; Vermilion River; Creek

Campbell Creek; 14-68-6-w6; Greenview; Creek

Campbell Hill; 9-32-8-w4; Special Area 4; Former Locality

Campbell Lake; 19-52-6-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Campbell Lake; 23-88-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Campbell Park (a.k.a. Sherwood Park); 52-23-w4; Strathcona; Town

Campbell Ridge; 32-68-6-w6; Greenview; Ridge

Campbell Siding; 24-17-13-w4; Newell; Railway Siding

Campbellton Heights; 22-53-23-w4; Edmonton; Locality

Campbelltown; 27-52-23-w4; Strathcona; Former Hamlet

Camping Lakes; 35-67-21-w4; Athabasca; Lakes

Campsie; 26-59-5-w5; Barrhead; Hamlet

Camrose (a.k.a. Sparling); 2-47-20-w4; Camrose; City

Camrose County; (17-22)-(41-49)-w4; Camrose; County

Camsell Lake; 36-125-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Canal Creek; 3-4-7-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Canalta Slough; 15-24-16-w4; Newell; Slough

Canard, Lac; 36-56-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Canmore; 24-10-w5; Bighorn;

Cannell; 21-53-25-w4; Sturgeon; Railway Point

Canoe Lake; 16-65-21-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Canoe Lake; 10-69-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Canoe Lake; 15-86-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Canon Smith Lake; 28-71-7-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Canor S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie ; School District

Canuck S.D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie ; School District

Canyon; 39-26-w4; Lacombe;

Canyon Creek (a.k.a. Canyon Creek - Widewater - Wagner); 36-73-8-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Canyon Creek (a.k.a. Field Canyon Creek); 36-73-8-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Canyon Creek; 15-41-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Canyon Creek - Widewater - Wagner; 36-72-8-w5; Big Lakes; Hamlet

Canyon Lake; 31-12-28-w4; Willow Creek; Lake

Canyon S.D.; Blackfalds; Lacombe; School District

Cappon; 2-25-5-w4; Special Area 3; Locality

Caprona; 14-36-20-w4; Stettler; Locality

Captain Eyre Lake; 12-38-5-w4; Provost; Lake

Carbee Ranch; Rosalind; Camrose; Ranch

Carbon (a.k.a. Kneehill); 15-29-23-w4; Kneehill; Village

Carbondale; 8-55-24-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Carbondale Lookout; ; Pincher Creek;

Carcajou; 16-101-19-w5; Northern Lights; Hamlet

Carcajou Indian Reserve; 30-101-19-w5; Northern Lights; Indian Reserve

Carcajou Settlement; 30-101-19-w5; Northern Lights; Settlement

Carcass Hill; 23-26-w4; Wheatland; Hill

Cardiff; 26-55-25-w4; Sturgeon; Hamlet

Cardinal Creek; 4-61-12-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Cardinal Creek; 9-86-23-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Cardinal Indian Reserve; Grimshaw; Peace; Indian Reserve

Cardinal Lake; 21-83-24-w5; Peace; Lake

Cardinal Lake; 30-58-9-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Cardinal Lake; 31-64-11-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Cardston; 9-3-25-w4; Cardston; Town

Carey Lake; 34-58-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Caribou Creek; 23-108-21-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Caribou Horn Lake; 12-87-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Caribou Islands; 29-123-9-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Island

Caribou Lake (a.k.a. Little Fish Lake); 14-116-13-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Caribou Lake; 28-70-6-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Caribou Lake; 15-75-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Caribou Lake; 31-62-9-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Caribou Mountains; 32-117-10-w5; Mackenzie; Mountains

Caribou Range S.D.; Rochester; Athabasca; School District

Caribou River; 13-109-12-w5; Mackenzie; River

Carl Creek; 24-111-12-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Carlo Creek; 63-8-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Carlos; 22-41-5-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Carlson Lake; 16-51-8-w4; Minburn; Lake

Carlson Landing (a.k.a. Point Providence); 9-115-11-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Locality

Carlstadt (a.k.a. Alderson); 15-10-w4; Cypress; Former Post Office

Carlton Hill; 26-59-4-w5; Barrhead; Former Post Office

Carlyle S.D.; Acadia Valley; Acadia; School District

Carmangay; 32-13-23-w4; Vulcan; Village

Carmon Creek (a.k.a. Rat Root Creek); 17-86-20-w5; Northern Lights; Creek

Carmon Lake; 8-85-18-w5; East Peace; Lake

Carn Mor S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Carnforth (a.k.a. Holding); 11-27/28-w4; Willow Creek;

Carnwood; 35-48-5-w5; Brazeau; Locality

Caroline; 14-36-6-w5; Clearwater; Village

Carolside (a.k.a. Jethson); 16-26-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Carolyn Creek; 7-107-16-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Carrier Lake; 28-47-11-w4; Beaver; Lake

Carritt S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Carroll Lakes; 23-59-12-w4; Smoky Lake; Lakes

Carrot Creek; 28-53-13-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Carrot Creek; 35-54-13-w5; Yellowhead; Creek

Carrot Lake (a.k.a. Chipewyan Lakes); 13-92-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Carseland (a.k.a. Griesbach); 7-22-25-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Carson Creek; 36-60-13-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Carson Lake (a.k.a. McLeod Lake); 24-61-11-w5; Woodlands; Lake

Carson Pegasus Provincial Park; 61-11-w5; Woodlands; Provincial Park

Carstairs; 17-30-1-w5; Mountainview; Town

Carstairs Creek; 28-28-27-w4; Rockyview; Creek

Cartier Creek; 36-31-7-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Cartlidge Creek; 25-29-6-w5; Bighorn; Creek

Cartwright Bay; 35-86-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Bay

Caruso (a.k.a. Cheadle); 17-24-25-w4; Wheatland; Locality

Carvel (a.k.a. Carvel Station); 34-52-2-w5; Parkland; Hamlet

Carvel Corner; 4-53-2-w5; Parkland; Locality

Carway; 2-1-26-w4; Cardston; Hamlet

Casa Loma S.D.; Airdrie; Rockyview;

Casavant; 3-58-25-w4; Westlock; Former Post Office

Cascade Portage; 8-89-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Portage

Cascade Rapids; 7-88-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Cascade Rapids; 8-89-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Caseleyville; 37-9-w4; Paintearth;

Cash City; 36-1-w5; Red Deer;

Cash Creek S.D.; Boyle; Athabasca; School District

Caskey (a.k.a. Caskeyville, Hopkins); 56-7-w4; St. Paul;

Caskeyville (a.k.a. Caskey, Hopkins); 56-7-w4; St. Paul;

Caslan; 16-65-17-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Cassell Hill; Verdant Valley; Starland; District

Cassette Rapids; 26-125-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Cassils; 5-19-15-w4; Newell; Hamlet

Castle Island; 35-54-3-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Summer Village

Castle Mountain; 26-14-w5; Banff;

Castle River; 27-7-30-w4; Pincher Creek; River

Castor; 35-37-14-w4; Paintearth; Town

Castor Creek; 2-39-12-w4; Flagstaff; Creek

Catchem; 4-6-w4; Forty Mile;

Cattail Lake; 2-97-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cattail Lake; 25-73-25-w5; Greenview; Lake

Cattalo Bridge; 26-42-6-w4; Wainwright; Bridge

Cattalo Lake; 14-43-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Caul Lake; ; Wetaskiwin;

Cavan Lake; 19-11-3-w4; Cypress; Lake

Cavell S.D.; Barrhead; Barrhead; School District

Cavendish (a.k.a. Pancras); 26-21-4-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Cawes Lake (a.k.a. Sandy Lake); 11-51-24-w4; Leduc; Lake

Cayley; 19-17-28-w4; Foothills; Village

Cecil; 29-13-12-w4; Cypress; Locality

Cemetery Hill; 11-23-2-w5; Rockyview; Hill

Centerville; ; Red Deer;

Central Park; 4-39-27-w4; Red Deer; Hamlet

Centre Point S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Centreview S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Centurion Field; 8-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Plain

Cepeear S.D.; Chestermere; Rockyview; School District

Cereal; 28-28-6-w4; Special Area 3; Village

Cessford (a.k.a. Shandleigh); 36-23-12-w4; Special Area 2; Hamlet

Cessford Reservoir; 24-11-w4; Special Area 2; Reservoir

Chailey; 30-52-9-w4; Minburn; Locality

Chain Lake; 36-122-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Chain Lakes; 11-33-16-w4; Starland; Lakes

Chain Lakes; 18-69-23,24-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lakes

Chain Lakes; 27-83-8-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lakes

Chain Lakes; 6-41,42-24,25-w4; Ponoka; Lake

Chain Lakes; 16-74-13-w6; Grande Prairie; Lakes

Chain Ponds; 17-104-24-w5; Northern Lights; Ponds

Chain S.D.; Fawcett; Westlock; School District

Chalifaux Creek; 7-122-9-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Chalmers Creek; 27-69-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Chalmers Hill (a.k.a. Deer Mountain); 68-8-w5; Big Lakes; Mountain

Chalmers Lake; 11-84-2-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Chambers Creek; 2-41-10-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Champion (a.k.a. Cleverville); 15-23-w4; Vulcan; Village

Champlain S.D.; Brosseau; Two Hills; School District

Chancellor; 35-24-21-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Chandler Coulee; 11-13-30-w4; Willow Creek; Coulee

Chandler Lake; 19-59-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Channel Spring; 29-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Spring

Chap Hill; 27-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Chapel Rock; 8-2-w5; Pincher Creek;

Chapel S. D.; Bentley; Lacombe; School District

Chapelton S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview; School District

Chapman Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Chappell Lake; 15-60-11-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Chappice Lake; 16-14-3-w4; Cypress; Lake

Chard; 17-79-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Railway Point

Charest S.D.; Beaumont; Leduc; School District

Charles Lake; 25-124-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Charleston S.D.; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River; School District

Charlotte Lake; 11-61-5-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Charlton Muskeg; 11-30-6-w5; Bighorn; Muskeg

Charron; 18-68-16-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Charron Lake; 33-67-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Charron S.D.; Grassland; Athabasca; School District

Chasm Creek; 36-105-12-w6; Mackenzie; Creek

Chateau Lake Louise; 28-16-w5; Banff;

Chateh (a.k.a. Assumption); 1-112-5-w6; Mackenzie; Post Office

Chatham S. D.; Buffalo Lake; Grande Prairie; School District

Chatwin Lake; 4-61-6-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Chauvin; 7-43-1-w4; Wainwright; Village

Cheadle; 2-24-26-w4; Wheatland; Hamlet

Cheadle Buttes S.D.; Ardenode; Wheatland; School District

Checker Lake; 5-86-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Chedderville; 17-37-6-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Cheecham; 15-84-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Cheecham Creek; 18-84-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cheecham Lake (a.k.a. Georges Lake); 18-84-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Chelsea Creek (a.k.a. Narrows Creek); 27-95-16-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cherhill; 9-56-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Hamlet

Cherry Coulee; 9-11-11-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Cherry Dale; Namao; Sturgeon;

Cherry Grove; 9-62-1-w4; Lakeland; Hamlet

Cherry Lake; 4-124-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cherry Point; 10-83-13-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Chester Creek; 1-96-18-w5; East Peace; Creek

Chester Lake; 13-55-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Chestermere Lake (a.k.a. Kinniburgh Slough); 23-24-28-w4; Rockyview; Former Post Office

Chestermere Lake; 11-24-28-w4; Rockyview; Lake

Chestermere Lake; 3-24-28-w4; Rockyview; Summer Village

Chesterwold; 31-44-27-w4; Ponoka; Former Locality

Cheviott Hills S.D.; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River; School District

Chickadee Creek; 18-60-13-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Chickakoo Lake; 34-53-1-w5; Parkland; Lake

Chicken Creek; 32-40-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Chicken Hill; Glendon; Bonnyville; District

Chickenhill Lake; 14-59-8-w4; Bonnyville; Lake

Chico Ranches; Bittern Lake; Camrose; Ranch

Chief Mountain; 3-1-28-w4; Waterton; Port of Entry

Chigwell; 33-40-25-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Child Lake; 27-109-16-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Child Lake Indian Reserve; 15-109-16-w5; Mackenzie; Indian Reserve

Chilloneys Creek; 16-113-8-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Creek

Chilmark; 21-24-6-w4; Special Area 3; Former Locality

Chimney Hill; 26-25-23-w4; Wheatland; Hill

Chimney Hill S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Chimney Rock; 13-2-w5; Ranchlands;

Chin; 25-9-19-w4; Lethbridge; Hamlet

Chin Butte; 35-8-18-w4; Lethbridge; Butte

Chin Coulee; 8-17-w4; Taber; Coulee

Chin Lakes; 7,8,9-16,17-w4; Taber; Lake

Chinchaga River; 6-114-2-w6; Mackenzie; River

Chinook; 4-29-7-w4; Special Area 3; Hamlet

Chinook S.D.; Granum; Willow Creek; School District

Chinook Valley; 24-86-24-w5; East Peace; Locality

Chip Lake (a.k.a. Dirt Lake, Bull Dung Lake); 10-53,54-9,10-w5; Yellowhead; Lake

Chip Lake (a.k.a. Leaman); 32-53-10-w5; Yellowhead; Locality

Chipewyan; 16-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 20-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 109-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 4-111-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 16-111-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 34-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 13-104-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 3-103-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Indian Reserve; 27-108-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Chipewyan Lake; 33-91-22-w4; Opportunity; Locality

Chipewyan Lake; 3-92-22-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Chipewyan Lakes; 11-92-22-w4; Opportunity; Lakes

Chipewyan River; 4-90-23-w4; Opportunity; River

Chipewyan Settlement; 17-112-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Settlement

Chipman; 30-54-18-w4; Lamont; Village

Chipman Ranch; Springbank; Rockyview; Ranch

Chirbury S.D.; Daysland; Flagstaff; School District

Chisholm (a.k.a. Chisholm Mills); 26-68-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Hamlet

Chisholm Creek; 26-68-2-w5; Lesser Slave River; Creek

Chisholm Creek; 7-6,8-1-w5; Pincher Creek; Creek

Chokio; 24-7-28-w4; Pincher Creek; Locality

Chornahora S.D.; Tawatinaw; Westlock; School District

Chota Lake; 35-61-12-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Christina Crossing; 6-84-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Locality

Christina Lake; 32-76-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Christina River (a.k.a. Pembina River); 33-87-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Christmas Creek; 12-60-10-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Christmas Lake; 6-73-7-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Christopher Lake; 21-55-2-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Church Hill; 28-40-25-w4; Lacombe; Hill

Cinderella Lake; 19-125-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cipher Lake; 3-43-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Circus Coulee; 4-27-17-w4; Special Area 2; Coulee

Cladonia Lake; 12-119-7-w5; Mackenzie; Lake

Claire River; 27-114-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Claire, Lake; 110-13-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Clairmont; 25-72-6-w6; Grande Prairie; Hamlet

Clairmont Lake; 30-72-5-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Clancy S. D.; Duchess; Newell; School District

Clandonald (a.k.a. Wellsdale); 17-53-5-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Clare S.D.; Lloydminster South; Vermilion River; School District

Claresholm; 26-12-27-w4; Willow Creek; Town

Claresholm View S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Clarinda; 17-1-13-w4; Warner; Former Locality

Clark Lake; 6-61-18-w5; Greenview; Lake

Clark Manor; 1-46-8-w4; Wainwright; Former Post Office

Clark S.D.; Bonanza; Saddle Hills; School District

Clarke Creek; 5-90-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Clarke Lake; 14-48-3-w4; Vermilion River; Lake

Clarkson Valley; 3-71-25-w5; Greenview; Locality

Clarkville (a.k.a. Abilene); 18-59-10-w4; St. Paul; Former Post Office

Claude Lake (a.k.a. Frog Lake); 15-67-13-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Claussen Creek; 36-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Clawhammer Flats; ; Greenview;

Claysmore; 30-50-7-w4; Vermilion River; Hamlet

Clayton Lake; 29-104-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Clear Brook; 12-14-26-w4; Willow Creek; Brook

Clear Creek; 27-37-6-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Clear Creek S. D.; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

Clear Hills; 10-87-25-w5; Northern Lights; Locality

Clear Hills; 34-88-10-w6; Clear Hills; Hills

Clear Hills Indian Reserve; 12-87-5-w6; Clear Hills; Indian Reserve

Clear Hills, Municipal District of; (82-96)-(1-12)-w6; Clear Hills; Municipal District

Clear Lake (a.k.a. Three Mile Lake); 6-13-25-w4; Vulcan; Lake

Clear Lake; 36-32-16-w4; Starland; Lake

Clear Lake; 6-101-13-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Clear Lake; 35-60-6-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Clear Lake Municipal Park; Stavely; Willow Creek; Municipal Park

Clear Lake S.D.; Claresholm; Willow Creek; School District

Clear Prairie; 28-87-10-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Clear Range S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Clear River; 8-83-11-w6; Clear Hills; River

Clear Water Lake; 36-12-3,4-w4; Cypress; Lake

Clearbrook; 36-60-23-w4; Westlock; Locality

Cleardale; 1-85-11-w6; Clear Hills; Locality

Clearview; 16-72-11-w6; Grande Prairie; Post Office

Clearwater Creek; 7-50-24-w4; Leduc; Creek

Clearwater Creek; 10-63-4-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Clearwater Indian Reserve; 22-88-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Indian Reserve

Clearwater Lake; 6-91-23-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Clearwater River; 28-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Clearwater River; 15-39-7-w5; Clearwater; River

Clearwater S. D.; Beaumont; Leduc; School District

Clemens; 26-6-w4; Special Area 3;

Clement Lake; 34-34-13-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Clements Creek; 2-113-4-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Clements Hill S.D.; Springbank; Rockyview; School District

Cleverville (a.k.a. Champion); 15-23-w4; Vulcan;

Cliffdale S.D.; Dorothy; Special Area 2; School District

Clinton S.D.; Coronation; Paintearth; School District

Clinworth R.M.; Lemsford; Cypress; Rural Municipality

Clivale; 26-16-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Clive (a.k.a. Valley City); 31-40-24-w4; Lacombe; Village

Cloakey's Lake; ; Mountainview;

Clodford; 59-19-w4; Smoky Lake;

Clouston Creek; 11-75-22-w5; Smoky River; Creek

Clover Bar (a.k.a. Clover's Bar); 53-23-w4; Strathcona; Bar

Clover Bar; 8-53-23-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Clover Lawn; 10-48-23-w4; Leduc; Locality

Clover Park; 28-54-22-w4; Strathcona; Locality

Cloverdale; ; Edmonton;

Cloverview S.D.; Athabasca; Athabasca; School District

Cluny (a.k.a. Cluny Station); 5-22-21-w4; Wheatland; Village

Cluny Station (a.k.a. Cluny); 5-22-21-w4; Wheatland; Village

Clyde; 35-59-25-w4; Westlock; Village

Clyde Lake; 9-73-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Clyde Lake S.D.; Fawcett; Westlock; School District

Clyde River; 24-71-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Clymont; 32-51-27-w4; Parkland; Former Post Office

Clystie; 29-18-w4; Starland;

Coal Banks (a.k.a. Ardley); 38-23-w4; Red Deer;

Coal Coulee; 9-18-2-w5; Foothills; Coulee

Coal Creek; 30-3-6-w4; Forty Mile; Creek

Coal Creek; Turner Valley; Foothills; Creek

Coal Hill S.D.; Kingman; Camrose; School District

Coal Lake (a.k.a. Long Lake); 27-46,48-23-w4; Leduc; Lake

Coal Lake; Millet; Wetaskiwin; School District

Coal Mine Coulee; 22-1-25-w4; Cardston; Coulee

Coal Mine Creek; 1-73-9-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Coal Trail; Longview; Foothills; District

Coal Valley; 47-20-w5; Yellowhead;

Coal Valley S.D.; Rosalind; Camrose; School District

Coalbanks (a.k.a. Ardley); 16-38-23-w4; Red Deer; Former Locality

Coalcamp Creek; 6-32-6-w5; Mountainview; Creek

Coaldale; 11-9-20-w4; Lethbridge; Town

Coalhurst (a.k.a. Coalbanks); 21-9-22-w4; Lethbridge; Village

Coalmine Lick Creek; 16-72-17-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Coalspur; 48-21-w5; Yellowhead;

Coates Lake; 26-32-6-w5; Mountainview; Lake

Coburn Ranch; Olds; Mountainview; Ranch

Coburn S.D.; Olds; Mountainview; School District

Cochrane (a.k.a. Mitford); 2,3-26-4-w5; Rockyview; Town

Cochrane Hill; Cochrane; Rockyview; Hill

Cochrane Lake; 30-4-27-w4; Cardston; Lake

Cochrane Lake; 27,34-26-4-w5; Rockyview; Lake

Cochrane Lake S.D.; Cochrane; Rockyview;

Cochrane Mine; Canmore; Bighorn; Mine

Cochrane Ranche; Cochrane; Rockyview; Ranch

Cockscomb Lake; 28-121-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Codesa (a.k.a. Rahab); 22-78-1-w6; Birch Hills; Locality

Codner (a.k.a. Oras); 33-39-6-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Coffey Lake; 4-100-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Coghill; 8-39-23-w4; Lacombe; Locality

Colchester Parkland S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Colchester S.D.; South Edmonton; Leduc; School District

Cold Creek; 25-38-10-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Cold Lake (a.k.a. Beaver Crossing); 24-63-2-w4; Bonnyville; Town

Cold Lake (a.k.a. Coldwater Lake); 20,28-63,64-1-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Cold Lake; 31-38-19-w4; Stettler; Lake

Cold Lake Indian Reserve; 61-2-w4; Lakeland; Indian Reserve

Cold Nose Creek; Springbank; Rockyview; Creek

Cold Springs (a.k.a. Griffin Creek); Berwyn; Peace;

Cole Lake; 31-62-12-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Coleman; 8-4-w5; Pincher Creek;

Coleman Lake; 29-51-20-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Coleman Lake; 28,29-14-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Coleraine S.D.; Nanton; Willow Creek; School District

Coleridge (a.k.a. Dunmore, Dunmore Junction); 12-5-w4; Cypress; Post Office

Colin Lake; 16-122-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Colin River; 13-121-1-w4; Wood Buffalo; River

Colinton (a.k.a. Kinnoul); 15-65-22-w4; Athabasca; Hamlet

Colinton Creek; 10-65-22-w4; Athabasca; Creek

College Heights; 14-40-26-w4; Lacombe; Hamlet

Colles (a.k.a. Kimball); 20-2-24-w4; Cardston; Former Post Office

Collette Lake (a.k.a. Folkin Lake, Pelican Lake); 9-43-1-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Collholme; 27-8-w4; Special Area 3;

Collicutt; 26-28-1-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Collicutt Junction; ; Rockyview;

Collingwood Cove; 34-51-21-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Collins; 36-23-w4; Red Deer; District

Collins Lake; 30-126-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Collynie S. D.; Entwistle; Yellowhead; School District

Colquhoun Creek (a.k.a. Fish Creek); 2-73-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Creek

Columbine; 28-61-8-w4; Bonnyville; Former Locality

Columbine Creek; 14-62-8-w4; Lakeland; Creek

Comet; 7-33-14-w4; Special Area 2; Locality

Commerce; 12-10-22-w4; Lethbridge; Former Locality

Community Creek; 2-32-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Compeer (a.k.a. Sleepy Hollow); 25-33-1-w4; Special Area 4; Hamlet

Comrey; 12-2-6-w4; Forty Mile; Former Locality

Condor; 5-39-4-w5; Clearwater; Hamlet

Congresbury; 32-37-7-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Conibear Lake; 7-122-19-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Conjuring Creek (a.k.a. Ecapotte's Creek); 31-50-26-w4; Leduc; Creek

Conjuring Creek; 1-49-27-w4; Leduc; Locality

Conklin; 31-76-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Hamlet

Conn Creek; 29-89-9-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Conn Lake (a.k.a. Tiwn Lake); 10,11-64-8-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Connelly; 11-49-6-w4; Vermilion River; Former Post Office

Connemara (a.k.a. Silver City); 32-16-28-w4; Willow Creek; Locality

Connolly Ranch; Rosalind; Camrose; Ranch

Connor Creek; 15-58-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Creek

Connor Creek; 15-59-8-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Connorsville; 25-14-w4; Special Area 2;

Conrad; 32-6-15-w4; Warner; Locality

Conrich; 5-25-28-w4; Rockyview; Hamlet

Consort (a.k.a. Sanderville); 15-35-6-w4; Special Area 4; Village

Content; 34-38-22-w4; Red Deer; Former Post Office

Contracosta Lake (a.k.a. Brainard Flat, Badger Lake, Richdale Flat); 25-31-11,12-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Control; 6-24-14-w4; Special Area 2; Railway Point

Cooking Lake; 20-51-21-w4; Strathcona; Lake

Cooking Lake; 13-51-22-w4; Strathcona; Hamlet

Cooking Lake; 14-51-22-w4; Strathcona; Station

Cooking Lake Recreation Area (a.k.a. Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife & Recreation Area); 52-19-21-w4; Vulcan; Provincial Recreation Area

Cookville; 57-21-w4; Sturgeon;

Coolidge; 5-65-24-w4; Athabasca; Locality

Cooper Creek; 12-37-9-w4; Paintearth; Creek

Cooper Hall; Springbank; Rockyview; Hall

Cope Creek; 14-25-14-w4; Special Area 2; Railway Point

Cope Ridge; 25-5-w5; Rockyview; Ridge

Copeley Lake; 14,23-32-2-w5; Mountainview; Lake

Copeville (a.k.a. Hanna); 33-30-14-w4; Special Area 2; Former Post Office

Copithorne Ridge; 25-4,5-w5; Special Area 3; Ridge

Copley Ranch; Beiseker; Rockyview; Ranch

Copley's Lake; ; Mountainview;

Copp River; 31-126-1-w5; Wood Buffalo Park; River

Coppice Hill; 17-53-21-w4; Strathcona; Former Post Office

Coralynn (a.k.a. Red Willow); 40-18-w4; Stettler;

Corbett Creek; 8-61-7-w5; Woodlands; Creek

Corbett Creek; 7-61-8-w5; Woodlands; Locality

Corbetts; 1-63-9-w4; Lakeland; Former Post Office

Cordel; 19-40-15-w4; Paintearth; Locality

Cordwood Lake; 1-65-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Corey Creek; 34-112-4-w5; Mackenzie; Creek

Corinne S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Cork; 35-58-11-w4; St. Paul; Former Post Office

Corn Lake; 19-88-25-w4; Opportunity; Lake

Corner Lake; 31-64,65-17-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Corner Lake; 30-55-4-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Lake

Cornish Lake; 16-32-20-w4; Starland; Lake

Cornucopia; 36-16-w4; Paintearth;

Cornwall Creek; 2-41-1-w6; Jasper; Creek

Cornwall Creek; ; Greenview; Creek

Cornwall Lake; 14-122-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cornwall S.D.; Clarkson Valley; Greenview; School District

Cornwall Valley S.D.; 35-22-w4; Red Deer; School District

Coronado; 36-56-23-w4; Sturgeon; Locality

Coronation; 13-36-11-w4; Paintearth; Town

Corrigall Lake; 14-72-18-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cosmo; 23-57-6-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Locality

Cossack; 29-60-17-w4; Smoky Lake; Former Locality

Cosway; 33-29-25-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Cote, Lac; 5-54-7-w4; Two Hills; Lake

Cottage Grove; 8-12-w4; Forty Mile;

Cottage Lake; 23-52-2-w5; Parkland; Lake

Cottage S.D.; Turner Valley; Foothills; School District

Cotter S.D.; Verdant Valley; Starland; School District

Cotterview; 49-8-w4; Minburn;

Cotton Creek; 23-54-13-w4; Two Hills; Creek

Cotton Lake; 19-42-5-w4; Provost; Lake

Cottonwood Creek; 20-2-29-w4; Waterton; Creek

Cottonwood Creek; 6-82-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cottonwood Grove; 16-6-w4; Cypress; Grove

Cottonwood Grove S.D.; Eastway; Vulcan; School District

Countess; 15-21-17-w4; Newell; Locality

Country S.D.; Lemsford; Cypress; School District

Cousins; 2-13-6-w4; Cypress; Locality

Cousins; 33-37-5-w4; Special Area 4; Locality

Coutts; 4-1-15-w4; Warner; Village

Coutts River; 14-68-4-w5; Lesser Slave River; River

Cow Creek; 16-39-8-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Cow Lake; 8-72-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cow Moose Lake; 20-68-25-w4; Lesser Slave River; Lake

Cowley; 7-1-w5; Pincher Creek;

Cowoki; 2-18,19-13-w4; Newell; Lake

Cowper Creek; 11-81-4-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cowper Lake; 6-80-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Coyote Creek; 15-57-5-w5; Lac Ste Anne; Creek

Coyote Hill; 35-44-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Coyote Lake; 7-28-15-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Coyote Valley; 52-6-w4; Vermilion River;

Craddock; 11-6-19-w4; Warner; Locality

Cradeck Stopping Place; Berwyn; Peace; Stopping Place

Craig; 37-3-w5; Red Deer;

Craig Creek; 2-11-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Craig Lake; 25-34-12-w4; Special Area 2; Lake

Craig Murray; 29-5-w4; Special Area 3;

Craigantler S.D.; Standard; Wheatland; School District

Craigdhu; 12-27-26-w4; Rockyview; Locality

Craigdhu Siding; ; Rockyview;

Craigend; 4-65-13-w4; Lakeland; Locality

Craigmillar; 35-38-7-w4; Provost; Locality

Craigmyle (a.k.a. Lillico); 20-31-16-w4; Starland; Hamlet

Craigower; 32-4-4-w4; Cypress; Former Station

Crammond; 29-35-5-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Cranberry Creek; 15-44-7-w5; Clearwater; Creek

Cranberry Lake; 21-44-6-w5; Clearwater;

Cranberry Lake; 32-83-7-w5; East Peace; Lake

Cranberry Lake; 16-99-10-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Crane Island; 54-20-w4; Elk Island; Island

Crane Lake; 5-118-12-w4; Wood Buffalo Park; Lake

Crane Lake; 2-64-2-w5; Westlock; Lake

Crane Lake; 64-4-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Cranes Lake; 5-58-2-w5; Barrhead; Lake

Cranford (a.k.a. Jamieson); 27-9-18-w4; Taber; Locality

Cranmer; 39-12-w4; Flagstaff;

Cravath Corners; 21-11-w4; Newell;

Craven Lake; 31-85-23-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Craven Lake S.D.; Dixonville; Northern Lights; School District

Craven S.D.; Barrhead; Barrhead; School District

Crawford Creek; 7-71-14-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Crawford Plateau; 36-25-4,5-w5; Rockyview; Plateau

Crawling Creek; 4-(24-26)-17-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Crawling Valley; 24,25-17-w4; Wheatland; Valley

Crawling Valley Reservoir; Gem; Newell; Reservoir

Crazy Lake; 4-85-7-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Crazy Man Creek; 30-73-19-w5; Big Lakes; Creek

Cree Creek; 26-88-6-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Cree Hill; ; Special Area 4;

Creekland; 12-50-4-w5; Leduc; Locality

Creekside S.D.; Three Hills; Kneehill; School District

Creighton Lake; 13-126-9-w6; Mackenzie; Lake

Cremona; 3-30-4-w5; Mountainview; Village

Crescent Island (a.k.a. Brown's Island); North Cooking Lake; Strathcona; Resort

Crescent Lake; 16,17-14-28-w4; Willow Creek; Lake

Cressday; 31-3-2-w4; Cypress; Locality

Crestomere; 6-43-27-w4; Ponoka; Locality

Crestomere Lake; 6-43-27-w4; Ponoka; Lake

Crimson Lake; 24-40-8-w5; Clearwater; Locality

Crimson Lake; 23-40-8-w5; Clearwater; Lake

Crimson Lake Provincial Park; 40-7,8-w5; Provost; Provincial Park

Cripple Creek; 9-3-3-w4; Cypress; Creek

Cripple Creek; 1-12-29-w4; Willow Creek; Creek

Crippsdale; 19-59-22-w4; Thorhild; Locality

Critchley (a.k.a. Bowness); 24-2-w5; Calgary;

Crocodile Lake; 7-13-28-w4; Willow Creek; Lake

Croker Lakes; 7-73-17-w5; Big Lakes; Lakes

Cronkhite Coulee; 15-6-7-w4; Forty Mile; Coulee

Crooked Creek; 26-71-26-w5; Greenview; Hamlet

Crooked Creek; 8-2-29-w4; Waterton; Creek

Crooked Creek; 31-35-3-w5; Red Deer; Creek

Crooked Creek S.D.; Chedderville; Clearwater; School District

Crooked Lake; 26-68-24-w4; Athabasca; Lake

Crooked Lake; 15-98-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Crooked Lake; 15-99-11-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Crooked Lake; 32,33-40-2-w5; Lacombe; Lake

Crooked Lake; 63-22-w5; Greenview; Lake

Crooked Rapids; 5-88-12-w4; Wood Buffalo; Rapids

Crooked River; 28-78-21-w4; Opportunity; River

Crookedheel Creek; 19-57-7-w4; St. Paul; Creek

Cross Creek; 15-16-1-w5; Willow Creek; Creek

Cross Lake; 11-64-12-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Cross Lake Provincial Park; 25-65-26-w4; Lesser Slave River; Provincial Park

Cross Lake S.D.; Fawcett; Westlock; School District

Cross, Mount (a.k.a. Kakwa Mountain); 2-59-14-w6; Greenview; Mountain

Crosscut Lake; 6-66-15-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Crossfield; 26-28-1-w5; Rockyview; Town

Crossfield Creek; 27-27-26-w4; Rockyview; Creek

Crossing Lake; 20-44-7-w4; Wainwright; Lake

Crossroads; Elnora; Red Deer;

Crow Hill S. D.; Hanna North; Special Area 2; School District

Crow Indian Lake; 11-5-13,14-w4; Forty Mile; Lake

Crow Lake; 32-78-14-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Crowchild; 17-23-2-w5; Rockyview; Locality

Crowell; 6-79-20-w5; Smoky River; Railway Point

Crowfoot; 25-21-20-w4; Wheatland; Former Loca

Crowfoot Creek; 22-21-20-w4; Wheatland; Creek

Crowlodge Creek; 8-8-27-w4; Pincher Creek; Creek

Crown Creek; 7-111-3-w4; Wood Buffalo; Creek

Crown Hill S.D.; Marwayne; Vermilion River; School District

Crude Hill; 14-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Crummy Lake; 19-94-20-w5; Northern Lights; Lake

Crump; ; Mountainview;

Crystal Lake; 29-50-10-w4; Minburn; Lake

Crystal Lake; 31-71-5-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Crystal Springs; 23-46-1-w5; Wetaskiwin; Summer Village

Cub Lakes; 34-90-1-w6; Clear Hills; Lake

Cucumber Creek; 11-57-14-w4; Two Hills; Creek

Cucumber Lake; 1-57-15-w4; Lamont; Lake

Culham; 37-23-w4; Red Deer;

Cullen Creek; 7-24-2-w5; Calgary; Creek

Culp; 17-78-23-w5; Smoky River; Former Locality

Cumberland S.D.; 37-25-w4; Red Deer; School District

Cummings; 12-48-7-w4; Wainwright; Former Locality

Curlew; 2-33-25-w4; Kneehill; Locality

Curly Hill; 30-43-8-w4; Wainwright; Hill

Currant Island; 5-68-13-w4; Lakeland; Island

Currant Lake; 19-33-3-w4; Special Area 4; Lake

Currie Lake; 27-104-5-w4; Wood Buffalo; Lake

Cushing Lake; 31-58-3-w4; Lakeland; Lake

Custer; ; Provost; District

Cut Bank; 11-27-w4; Willow Creek;

Cut Bank Lake; 20-54-24-w4; Sturgeon; Lake

Cut Bank Lake; 72-8-w6; Grande Prairie;

Cut Bank Point; 23-75-13-w5; Big Lakes; Point

Cutbank Creek (a.k.a. Cutbank Coulee); 4-1-1-w4; Cypress; Creek

Cutbank Creek; 9-50-27-w4; Leduc; Creek

Cutbank Lake; 35-35-17-w4; Stettler; Lake

Cutbank Lake; 26-72-8-w6; Grande Prairie; Lake

Cutbank Lake; 34-77-12-w6; Saddle Hills; Lake

Cutbank River; 16-66-4-w6; Greenview; River

Cut-Off Coulee; 16-30-17-w4; Starland; Coulee

Cutting Lake; 24-19-15-w4; Newell; Lake

Cygnet; 16-38-28-w4; Red Deer; Locality

Cygnet Lake; 25-38-1-w5; Red Deer; Lake

Cynthia; 5-50-10-w5; Brazeau; Hamlet

Cypress Hills (a.k.a. Les Montagnes des Cypres); 7,8-1,2-w4; Cypress; Hills

Cypress Hills Provincial Park; 15-8-2-w4; Cypress; Provincial Park

Cypress Point (a.k.a. Big Fir Point); 36-117-2-w4; Wood Buffalo; Point

Cypress S.D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Cypress View S.D.; Cypress Hills; Cypress; School District

Cyr, Lac; 17-57-10-w4; St. Paul; Lake

Czar; 20-40-6-w4; Provost; Village

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