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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Vaca (Manuel), 1841, nat. of N. Mex., prob. of the prominent N. Mex. family of that name-descended from Capt. Vaca, one of the conquerors of 1600, and often absurdly connected with Cabeza de Vaca-who came with his family in the Workman party, settling in Solano Co., where with Pe¤a he obtained a grant of the Putah rancho, where he spent the rest of his life, dying, I think, before '60. iv. 278, 516, 672; v. 119. Don Manuel was a hospitable man of good repute, whose name is borne by the valley and by the town of Vacaville. Of the family there is not much definite information. Juan was killed by Ind. on the Moquelumne-in '45. Marcos is named in N. Helv. records from '45; had a Cal. claim of $4,967 (v. 462); and was perhaps grantee of a rancho. iv. 671; being 2d alcalde at Sonoma '45. iv. 678. Nepomuceno is named in a Sonoma list of '44; age 26; perhaps the same as Juan. Te¢filo was 19 in '44, and died at the rancho in '77, leaving a family. These [p.362]I suppose were all sons of Manuel. In '30 Jos‚ Ant. Vaca had visited Cal. from N. Mex. iii. 173. Vail (James M.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); killed by Ind. in El Dorado Co. '48. Vaillant (Jean), 1830, trapper of Young's party from N. Mex. iii. 174. 

Valdes (Antonio), settler at Los Ang. '15. ii. 350. V. (Antonio Mar¡a), at Los Ang. '36; age 25 in '39 (another Antonio '47); zanjero in '44. iv. 633. V. (Basilio), regidor at Los Ang. '36-7; s¡ndico '40-1, '45. iii. 481, 509, 631-2, 634, 636, 638; still at Los Ang. '48. V. (Cayetano), 1791, lieut of Malaspina's exped. i. 490; com. of the Mexicana 1792. i. 506-7; killed at Trafalgar. V. (Crescencio), soldier of Sta B. comp. before '37; at Los Ang. '39, age 40. V. (Dorotea), an old woman, aged 81, living at Mont. '74, who gave me her Reminiscences of very early times. ii. 232. She was a daughter of Juan B. Vald‚s, one of the early settlers of S. Diego, where she was born in 1793. V. (Eugenio), settler at Los Ang. 1800. ii. 349. V. (Felix), 1843, Mex. officer of the batallon fijo, who seems to have come later than the main body; is named in several transactions of '43-5, and was the grantee of Tem‚cula rancho in '44. iv. 406, 470, 509, 621, 639. V. (Francisco), at S. Bern. '46, age 25. V. (Gervasio), sub-deacon at the Sta In‚s seminary '44. iv. 426. V. (Jesus), Sonoran killed at Sta B. '40. iii. 655. V. (Jos‚), soldier of Sta B. comp. '32; at Los Ang. '46-8. V. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), at Los Ang. and S. Bern. '39-46. V. (Jos‚ Ramon), b. at Los Ang. 1803; a soldier of '21-32; later ranchero and trader Sta B.; in '38 s¡ndico. iii. 654; in '42-3 juez de paz. iv. 642; in '45 maj. at S. Buen., iv. 645, where in '78 he gave me his Memorias. ii. 240; wife Dar¡a Ortega, 3 child. in '37. V. (Juan B.), an old settler who left some hist. mem. i. 175. V. (Julian), at Los Ang. '39-48. V. (Luciano), teacher at Los Ang. '30. ii. 564. V. (Mar¡a Rita), grantee of S. Antonio rancho '31. V. (Melecio), settler at Los Ang. 1789. i. 461. V. (Miguel), at Los Ang. '48. V. (Rafael), soldier of Sta B. comp. '32; wife Rafaela Pico; 5 child. in '37. V. (Rodrigo), shoemaker at Mont. '41. V. (Salvador), fifer of the S.F. comp. '39-42. V. (Simplicio), arrested in '45 for conspiracy. iv. 522. V. (Urita), in revolt at Los Ang. '46. v. 308. 

Valencia (Antonio), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-28; hanged in '49 for murder of Pyle near S. Jos‚ in '47; perhaps 2 men. V. (Antonio), soldier of Sta B. comp. before '37; arrested in '37, and executed for murder at Los Ang. '42. iii. 638; iv. 632. V. (Antonio), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Ascencio), shot for murder at Los Ang. '41. iv.630. V. (Bruno), soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-27; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 39, wife Bernarda Duarte, child. Francisco b. '31, Mar¡a Concepcion '30, Meliton '35, Jos‚ Ramon '38; owner of S.F. lot '43. iv. 669; v. 684; juez de campo '43. iv. 685. He apparently lived at S. Mateo. V. (Candelario), soldier of the S.F. comp. '23-33; in '34 grantee of Acalanes rancho, Contra Costa. iii. 711; S.F. elector '35. iii. 704; owner of lot at S.F. mission '40. iii. 706; juez de campo '42, iv. 665, being named on the S.F. padron as 38 years old, wife Paula Sanchez, child. Eustaquio b. '28, Jos‚ Ramon '29, Mar¡a '32, Luc¡a '43, Tom'37, Josefa '41. Sergt of defensores '44. iv. 667; juez de campo '46. v. 648; witness in the Santillan case '54. His wife was a cl. for Buri-buri rancho. V. (Dolores), wife of Lieut Grijalva 1776. ii. 104. V. (Eustaquio), son of Candelario, resid. at S.F. mission from '37, witness in the Santillan case '55. Grantee and cl. of a mission lot '45-52. iv. 673. V. (Francisco), regidor at S. Jos‚ 1802. ji. 134; still at S. Jos‚ '41, age 68, nat. of Sonora, widower. He was perhaps the father of the S.F. Valencias. The family name is borne by a leading street in S.F. V. (Gregorio), at S. Bern. '46. V. (Guadalupe), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 26, wife Ramona Martinez, child Miguel b. '40. V. (Ignacio), settler at Los Ang. 1808. ii. 349; at S. Bern. '46, age 25, prob. a son. V. (Jos‚ de Jesus), soldier of the S.F. comp. '27-37; in '42 at S.F., age 35, wife Julia Sanchez, child. Catarina b. '35, Riso '37, and Francisco; corp. of defensores '44. V. (J. M.), his wife the 1st person buried at S.F. '76. i. 296. V. (Jos‚ Ramon), b. at S.F. '28, grantee and cl. of mission lots. iv. 673; in Marin Co. '65-76. V. (Julio), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 35, wife Concepcion Alviso, child. Cirilo b. '28, Guadalupe '33, Magdalena '45, Manuel '39; in '44 of the S. Jos‚ guard. iv. 685. V. (Manuel), settler [p.363]at S. Jos‚ 1788, died. i. 477. V. (Manuel), grantee of Ca¤ada de Pinole, Contra Costa. iv. 672. V. (Manuel), at Los Ang. '37 in jail; known as 'El Chino.' V. (Miguel), 2d alcalde at Sta B. '29; soldier before '37, wife Prisca Olivera; alcalde '31-2, iii. 653, 212; maj. at Sta In‚s '39. iii. 664. V. (Ramon), grantee of land at S. Gabriel. iv. 637. V. (Ritillo), arrested '38. iii. 638; a leader in Los Ang. tumult '45. iv. 523. V. (Vicente), s¡ndico at Sta B. '27, '39. ii. 572; iii. 52, 654; wife Margarita Valenzuela, 4 child. before '37. 

Valentin, at Soledad '26. ii. 623. Valentino, at N. Helv. '47-8. Valenzuela (Antonio), at Sta B. before '37, wife Mar¡a Ant. F‚lix; grantee of land at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626; land at S. Gabriel '43. iv. 637; at S. Gabriel '46. V. (Desiderio and Dolores), at Los Ang. '46-8. V. (Estanislao), soldier of the S.F. comp. '27-31; at Los Ang. '46. V. (Felipe and Francisco), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Gaspar), zanjero at Los Ang. '44. iv. 633; resid. '39-48. V. (Ignacio), invat Sta B, '32, wife Felipa Fernandez, child Juana. V. (Ignacio), named in '46. v. 162. V. (Joaquin), at Los Ang. '39, age 29; at S. Gab. '46-7 as juez de campo. v. 628; at Sta B. '50. V. (Jos‚), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), at Los Ang. '15. ii. 350; soldier at Sta B. '32; alcalde at Sta B. '35. iii. 654; maj. at Sta B. mission '38. iii. 656-7; admin. at Pur¡sima '38-41. iii. 666; iv. 648; still at Sta B. '51. His wife was Josefa Cota, with 4 children before '37. V. (Jos‚ Sabas), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Luis), soldier at Sta B. '32, wife Josefa Rocha; at Los Ang. '46-8. V. (Manuel), soldier of Sta B. 1799; settled at Los Ang. 1800. ii. 349. V. (Manuel), corp. at Mont. '36, age 22. V. (Mjuez de campo at Los Ang. '38. iii. 636; still there '48. V. (Pedro), settler at Los Ang. 1798. ii. 350; at Los Ang. '46; d. S. Juan Cap. '68. V. (Pr¢spero), owner of land at S. Gab. '43. iv. 637. V. (Ramon), at Los Ang. '46-8. V. (Salvador), ranchero at Sta B. '45. V. (Secundino), at Los Ang. '39-46. V. (Segundo), settler at Los Ang. 1800-19. ii. 349, 354. 

Valle (Antonio del), 1819, Mex. lieut of the S. Blas infantry comp., stationed at S.F. for a few years. ii. 253, 265, 371; in '22 accompanied the can¢nigo to Ross, ii. 464, and from that year was in com. of the inf. comp. at Mont. ii. 534, 536, 583, 609, 675, 549; iii. 26. In '23-4 he was in trouble, was tried by a military court for breaches of discipline, and once ordered to S. Blas, but was finally permitted to remain. His troubles seem to have sprung from the hostility of Gov. Arg ello, against whom he made many complaints; and he was not released from arrest till '26. Robinson describes him in '31 as 'a little dried-up piece of vanity.' In '32 he supported Zamorano, going to Los Ang. with Ibarra. iii. 227; ment. in '34. iii. 271; in '34-5 he was comisionado for the secularization of S. Fern., where he served also as majordomo to '37. iii. 346, 353, 646-7. He opposed Alvarado in '36, was arrested in '37, and supported CCarrillo in '38. iii. 488, 504, 545. In '39 he was grantee of S. Francisco rancho, iii. 633, where he died in '41, the same year that gold was discovered on his place. V. (Antonio), soldier of the Hidalgo batallon at Mont. '36, age 14; juez de paz at Sonoma '46. v. 668. V. (Ignacio), 1825, son of the lieut and nat. of Jalisco, who came to Cal. with Echeand¡a, and in '28 became a cadet in the Sta B. comp., going to S. Diego with the gov. and serving as ayudante de plaza. ii. 572, 549. In '31-2 he joined the pronunciados against Victoria and Zamorano, though his father served on the other side, being made alf‚rez in '31, and attached to the Mont. comp. from '32. iii. 201, 204, 227, 671. He was comisionado to secularize S. Gabriel '33, Sta Cruz '34, and S.F. '35. iii. 289, 326, 346, 354, 644, 694-5, 714-15. Don Ignacio supported Gutierrez against Alvarado in '36, going south after G.'s downfall, supporting Carrillo, and being sent to Sonoma as a prisoner in '38. iii. 463, 545, 449, 555, 566, 578. In '39 he is named as alf., habilitado, and supl. vocal of the junta; but was mustered out of the mil. service the same year, iii. 583, 590, 592, 641, 651, though still ment. as habil. in '40-1. On the death of his father in '41 he settled on the S. Francisco rancho, where in '42 he was appointed juez of the new mining district. iv. 297, 315, 630-1; in '43 elector, suplente of the junta, and grantee of Tejon. iv. 361, 635; in 45-6 still memb. and sec. of the junta, memb. elect of the consejo, and treasurer [p.364]of the civil govt by Pico's appointment. iv. 519, 521, 547, 558, 631; v. 35. He was alcalde at Los Ang. in '50, recorder in '50-1, member of the council and of the legisl. '52. His record throughout his career is that of a faithful officer and excellent citizen. In '77, living at his rancho of Camulos, he dictated for me his recollections of Lo Pasado de California, and gave me a col. of Doc. Hist. Cal., which contains some important papers. He died in '80 at the age of 72. Of his family I know only that a son, R. F., is in '85 prominent in Cal. politics, having been member of the assembly and state senator. V. (Luis), 1834, com. of the Morelos. iii. 269, 383. V. (Rafael), teacher at S. Jos‚ '21. ii. 379. 

Vallejo (Ignacio Vicente Ferrer), 1774, nat. of Jalisco, Mex., son of Ger¢nimo V. and Antonia Gomez, b. in 1748, of pure Span. blood, and of a family which included many persons of education, especially several priests, friars, and nuns of some prominence, as is proved by a certificate of limpieza de sangre founded on testimony taken in Jalisco 1806 at the petition of Juan Jos‚ V., a priest and brother of Ignacio. The latter, however, had no inclination for education or the church; nothing definite is known of his early life; but in '73, at the age of 25, he enlisted at Compostela under Rivera for Cal. service, and arrived at S. Diego in Sept. '74 with Lieut Ortega. He was a somewhat unmanageable soldier, often in trouble; but was praised for bravery in connection with the Ind. rising at S. D. in '75. i. 255; and in '76 was given leave of absence from mil. service to become an employ‚ at S. Luis Ob. i. 299, 428; being formally discharged, I suppose, at the expiration of his enlistment term. From '81 he was employed at S. Chaving, it seems, much skill and energy in directing agric. and irrigation works, though by no means a model of regular conduct, as is shown by occasional charges and reprimands. In '85 he was appointed comisionado of S. Jos‚; re‚nlisted in '87 for 10 years in the Mont. comp.; was promoted to corporal '89; and in '95 was removed from his position at S.Jos‚ on complaint of the citizens; being corp. of the escolta at Soledad in '93-5; returning to S. Jos‚ as superintendent of flax culture '95-6, and holding again the post of comisionado, or perhaps corp. of the guard, in '97-9. i. 439, 478-9, 499, 543, 552, 587, 620, 710-11, 716-19, 725. In 1799 he was made comisionado at Branciforte, holding that place for several years, or more than once, the records not being quite clear. i. 571; ii. 156; in 1805 was promoted to sergt, and in 1807-having obtained the certificate of gentle blood in 1806, as mentioned above-was declared sargento distinguido. ii. 140-1, 182; iii. 451. I have his hojas de servicio of dif. dates, showing him to have been engaged in several Ind. campaigns, and to have been recommended for promotion, which-prob. on account of his intractability and early irregularities-he did not get. In '18 he is ment. in connection with the Bouchard affair, subsequently being employed on certain public works at Mont. ii. 230-1, 339, 379, 381, 609. In '24 he was sent to S. Luis Ob. on service connected with the Ind. revolt of that year; asking the same year for retirement, which was apparently not granted, though he got a grant of the Bolsa de S. Cayetano rancho, on which his cattle had been for some years. ii. 536-7, 615-16, 619, 664; iii. 43, 678; ment. in '30. iii. 83. He died at Mont. in '31 at the age of 83. Don Ignacio is described in his enlistment papers as 5 ft 5 1/2 in. in height, with brown hair, gray eyes, short nose, full beard, and fair complexion. He was a rough, coarse-grained, uneducated man; proud of his Spanish blood and family; haughty in manner, insubordinate and unmanageable as a soldier, and often in trouble with his superiors; careless in his morals; but endowed with considerable force and executive ability, and honorable and straightforward, I think, in his dealings with other men. His wife was Mar¡a Antonia, daughter of Francisco Lugo, married in 1790, who died in '53. There were 13 children, 5 sons-4 of whom survived their father, and are named in this register-and 8 daughters-3 of whom, including Magdalena b. 1833, Isidora, and the wife of Mariano Soberanes, died before 31. The survivors were Prudenciana, who married Jos‚ Amesti, and died after '77. Encarnacion, who married Capt. J. B. R. Cooper, and still lives in '85; Rosal¡a, Mrs J. P. Leese, living in '85; [p.365]Josefa, wife of Alvarado (ii. 141), Estrada, and Madariaga successively; and Mar¡a de Jesus, still living in '53. 

Vallejo (Jos‚ de Jesus), son of Ignacio, b. at S. Jos‚ in 1798; 1st named in records of the Bouchard affair of 1818, when he perhaps commanded a battery at Mont. ii. 229-32, 234. From about '24 he seems to have lived at the Bolsa de S. Cayetano, belonging to his father and after '31 to himself, till '36, being suplente of the diputacion in '33, regidor at Mont. in '35, and capt. of militia artill. under Alvarado in '36-8. ii. 615; iii. 82, 246, 430, 457, 474, 511, 525, 567, 673, 678, 732. From '36 he was comisionado and admin. of S. Jos‚ mission. iii. 725; iv. 47, 194; in '39 suplente of the junta. iii. 590; in '40 engaged in an Ind. campaign. iv. 76, 138; and in '40-2 grantee of the Arroyo de la Alameda, for which in later years he was the successful claimant. iii. 711; iv. 670. He was mil. com. at S. Jos‚ '41-2, and is ment. in '44. iv. 201, 465, 684, 686; delegate to the consejo general '46. v. 45; Cal. claim of $2,825 '46-7 (v. 462). He spent the rest of his life at Mission S. Jos‚, where he was postmaster in '52, and in '75 dictated for my use his Reminiscencias Hist¢ricas. He died in '82 at the age of '84. His wife was Soledad Sanchez, and two daughters, Teresa and Guadalupe, survived him. V. (Juan Antonio), son of Ignacio, owner of S.F. lot '40. iii. 706; v. 681; suplente juez at Mont. '43. iv. 653; aux. de polic¡a '46. v. 637. He was later a ranchero in the PValley, having but little to do with public affairs at any time. Died at Mont. '57. Larkin describes him as the most popular of the brothers. 

Vallejo (Mariano Guadalupe), son of Ignacio, b. at Mont. in 1808, and educated at the same town. ii. 429; see a sketch of his life to '36 in iii. 471-3. He entered the mil. service in '23 (or from Jan. 1, '24) as cadet of the Mont. comp., and in '27 was promoted to alf‚rez of the S.F. comp., though remaining at Mont. till '30 as habilitado and sometimes acting com., being in '27 a suplente of the dip., and in '29 a prisoner of the Solis revolters, besides making a somewhat famous exped. against the Ind. ii. 583-4, 608; iii. 36, 65, 69, 73, 89, 112-14. From '30 he served at S.F., being com. from '31; but as memb. of the dip. during the revolution against Victoria, of which he was an active promoter, and the Zamorano-Echeand¡a r‚gime of '32, he was absent in the south much of the time. iii. 50, 99, 187, 189, 192-3, 200, 212, 216-19, 365, 399, 701. In '33, though denied a place in the dip. on account of his mil. rank, V. was sent to the northern frontier to select a presidio site and to inspect the Russian establishment, on which he made a report; and was also occupied by troubles with his soldiers and with the missionaries. iii. 245-8, 254-5, 321-4, 393, 631, 699, 716; iv. 161-2. In '34 he was promoted to lieut, sent as comisionado to secularize Solano mission, and was grantee of the Petaluma rancho, besides being intrusted with the preliminary steps toward establishing a civil govt at S.F., and being elected a substitute member of congress. iii. 256-8, 279, 292, 712, 719-20. In '35 he was the founder of Sonoma, being made com. mil. and director of colonization on the northern frontier, engaging also in Ind. campaigns. iii. 286-7, 294, 354, 360, 363, 721-3; and from this time was indefatigable in his efforts to promote the settlement and development of the north, efforts that were none the less praiseworthy because they tended to advance his own personal interests. From '35 he was the most independent and in some respects the most powerful man in Cal. The year '36 brought new advancement, for though Lieut V. took no active part in the revolution, yet after the first success had been achieved, such was the weight of his name, that under Alvarado's new govt he was made comandante general of Cal., taking the office on Nov. 29th, and was advanced to the rank of colonel by the Cal. authorities; and in the sectional strife of '37-9, though not personally taking part in mil. operations, he had more influence than any other man in sustaining Alvarado, being advanced by the Mex. govt in '38 to the rank of capt. of the comp. and colonel of defensores, his position as comandante militar being recognized by Mex. from '39. iii. 423, 429-30, 440-3, 456-7, 471-4, 488-9, 511-14, 523-5, 531-4, 541-4, 546-7, 561-2, 567, 570,-4, 579-83, 590-2, 594, 670, 718; iv. 47, 67, 70-4, 86-7, 145. The new admin. [p.366]being fully established, Gen. V. gave his attention not only to the development of his frontera del norte, but to an attempted reorganization of the presidial companies in anticipation of foreign invasion, and to the commercial interests of Cal.; but insuperable obstacles were encountered, the general's views being in some respects extravagant, the powers at Mont. not being in sympathy with his reforms, and a quarrel with Alvarado being the result. Meanwhile no man's name is more prominent in the annals of '39-42, space permitting special reference here only to his relations with Sutter and with the Russians. iii. 595-604; iv. 11-12, 61, 92, 121, 128-9, 133-4, 165, 171-8, 196, 198-206, 208, 213-14, 218-20, 237-9, 249-52, 273-5. After several years of controversy with the gov., and large sacrifices of private means in fruitless efforts to serve his country, the general induced the Mex. govt to unite the mil. and civil commands in one officer from abroad, and turned over his command to Micheltorena in '42. There is no foundation for the current charge that he sought the governorship and overreached himself. Under the new admin. he was promoted to lieut-colonel and made com. mil. of the linea del norte, his jurisdiction extending south to Sta In‚s. iv. 281-93, 312-17, 338. In '43 he was granted the Soscol rancho for supplies furnished the govt, his grant of Petaluma being extended; and was engaged in '43-4 not only in his routine duties and efforts for progress, but in minor controversies with Micheltorena, Mercado, and Sutter. iv. 351-3, 356-7, 373, 386-8, 396, 402, 407-8, 423, 444-5, 672, 674. From this time the general clearly foresaw the fate of his country, and became more and more satisfied with the prospects, though still conscientiously performing his duties as a Mex. officer. In the movement against Micheltorena in '44-5 he decided to remain neutral, unwilling and believing it unnecessary to act against a ruler appointed through his influence, and still less disposed to engage in a campaign, the expense of which he would have to bear, in support of a treacherous governor; but he discharged his soldiers to take sides as they chose, and warmly protested against Sutter's villany in arming foreigners and Ind. against his country, the only phase of the affair likely to give a serious aspect to the expulsion of the cholos. Meanwhile he was a faithful friend to the immigrants. iv. 459-60, 462-5, 481-2, 486, 516, 519, 530, 561, 603, 608. In the spring of '46 he was an open friend of the U.S. as against the schemes for an English protectorate, though his famous speech on that subject must be regarded as purely imaginary. v. 17, 28, 36, 41, 43, 46, 59-63, 66, 105-6; and in June-Aug., perhaps because of his devotion to the cause of the U.S. in its more legitimate form, he was cast into prison at Sutter's fort by the Bears, being rather tardily released by the U.S. authorities, and even awarded some slight honors, and a considerable amount of his 'Cal. claim' being later allowed as partial recompense for his losses. v. 111-21, 123-6, 157, 297-300, 467-8. Commissions of brevet colonel and colonel were issued to him in Mex. in July and Sept. Still mindful of the interests of his section, he gave the site on which Benicia was founded, the town being named for his wife. v. 670-1; and in '47 he received the appointments of legislative councillor and Ind. agent. v. 433, 539, 568, 610, 667-8. In '49 Vallejo was a member of the constit. convention, in '50 a member of the 1st state senate; from that time he was engaged in brilliant and financially disastrous schemes to make Benicia the permanent capital of Cal., of which more will be found in vol. vi. of this work; and in '52 et seq. the claimant for several ranchos, with varying success. In later years Gen. V. has continued to reside at Sonoma to '85, often called upon to take part in public affairs, though reduced financially to what, in comparison with the wealth that once seemed secure in his grasp, must seem like poverty. That he has been from 1830 one of the leading figures in Cal. annals is clearly shown in the records to which I have referred above; and in connection with the narrative thus referred to will be found much of comment on his acts and character. Here it must suffice to say that without by any means having approved his course in every case, I have found none among the Californians whose public record in respect of honorable conduct, patriotic zeal, executive ability, and freedom from petty prejudices of race, religion, or sectional politics [p.367]is more evenly favorable than his. As a private citizen he was always generous and kind-hearted, maintaining his self-respect as a gentleman and commanding the respect of others, never a gambler or addicted to strong drink, though by no means strict in his relations with women. In the earlier times he was not in all respects a popular man by reason of his haughty, aristocratie, overbearing ways that resulted from pride of race, of wealth, and of military rank. Experience, however, and long before the time of his comparative adversity, effected a gradual disappearance of his least pleasing characteristics, though the general still retained a pompous air and grandiloquence of speech that unfavorably impress those who know him but slightly. He is in a sense the last survivor of old-time Californians of his class; and none will begrudge him the honor that is popularly accorded, even if praise sometimes degenerates into flattery. He is a man of some literary culture, and has always taken adeep interest in his country's history. Many of bis writings are named in my list of authorities. His services to me in this connection have been often and most gladly acknowledged. His collection of Doc. Hist. Cal. is a contribution of original data that has never been equalled in this or any other state. His MS. Historia de Cal., while of course not to be compared with the original documents, is not only the most extensive but the most fascinating of its class; and while, like the works of Bandini, Osio, Alvarado, Pico, and the rest, it is a strange mixture of fact and fancy, yet to a student who has the key to its cipher, it is a most useful aid; and moreover it should be stated that its defects are not all fairly attributable to the author. In '32 Vallejo married Francisca, daughter of Joaquin Carrillo of S. Diego, who still lives in '85. They had 13 children. None of the sons has ever been prominent in public life; one of them, Platon, is a well-known physician of Vallejo-a town that, like a street in S.F., bears his father's name; and two others still reside in Cal. Two of the daughters married the Frisbie brothers and two others the Haraszthys all well-known men, and four or five I think still live in Cal. 

Vallejo (Salvador), son of Ignacio, b. in '14. His early years were passed as a ranchero, but in '36 his brother established him at Sonoma, where he ranked as capt. of militia, was often in com. of the post, engaged in many Ind. campaigns, went south to serve Alvarado in the Las Flores campaign of '38, served as juez de paz in '39, when he also had an appointment as admin. of Solano mission; was capt. of defensores from '44. iii. 511-12, 522, 547, 552, 529, 561, 591, 720-3, 71-2, 163, 197, 252, 355, 362-3, 407, 444, 465, 678. He was grantee of the Napa rancho in '38, of Salvador's rancho in '39, and of Lupyomi in '44. iii. 705, 712; iv. 671. In '46 he was a prisoner of the Bears. v. 112-21, 298-9; is named in connection with the Walla Walla affair. v. 302; and had a Cal. claim, $11,000 of which was paid. v. 467. He is said to have made a large amount of money in '48-9 by the aid of Ind. miners; but his lands passed gradually out of his possession, though he was a successful cl. for Llajome. iv. 671. In '63 he was commissioned major of the native Cal. cavalry, going to Ariz., but engaging in no active service. He died at Sonoma, where he had long lived with the general, in '76. Don Salvador was a rough, hard-drinking, unprincipled fellow; recklessly brave, and often inhumanly cruel in his Ind. warfare; very popular among his countrymen, though easily provoked to quarrel; generous and hospitable to the early immigrants, though hostile to Americans and to all foreigners as a rule. He dictated some Notas Hist¢ricas for my use, but his good qualities as a historian did not include truthfulness. His wife was Mar¡a de la Luz Carrillo, but I have no further information about his family. Vallely (John), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Vallivode (Stephen), 1839-40, doubtful name, mr of the Elena. iv. 103. Vallobodski (Stephen), 1837, mr of the Sitka. iv. 106; doubtful name, prob. same as preceding. Valois (Antoine), 1846, Frenchman at Los Ang. Valverde (Agustin), tailor at Los Ang. '39, age 27. V. (Jos‚ M.), Mex. tailor at Los Ang. '36, age 29, wife Francisca, child Jos‚. 

Vanallen (John), at Sta Cruz. Vanaken (Paul), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Vanauken (Philander), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Vanbussum (J.V.), 1847, Co. B, ditto; d. before '82. Vance (Robert), 1847, [p.368]Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); living in '64. Vancoeur (Francis), 1846, from N. Mex. with Kearny. Lancey. Vancouver (Geo.), 1792, English navigator who accompanied Capt. Cook in his famous voyages; and in 1792-4 three times visited Cal. in com. of an exploring exped. to the N. W. coast and round the world. His Voyage contains much of interest on Cal., and is a standard work on the regions farther north. Capt. V. died in 1798. For his visits to Cal. and his book, see i. 510-29; ment. i. 503, 506, 533, 538, 602, 619, 623, 645-6, 649, 653, 658-9, 667-9, 674-5, 681-2, 685-6, 696, 698, 702-5, 714, 724; ii. 23, 121-2, 206; see also Hist N.W. Coast, i., this series. Vanderbeck (J), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. Vandussey, 1847, at Sutter's fort. Vanegas (Cosme), invat Sta B. '32, wife Bernardina Álvarez, child Estefana; ranchero at Sta B. '45. V. (Jos‚), Ind. settler at Los Ang. 1781; alcalde '88, '96. i. 345, 348, 461, 661. V. (Pablo), at Sta B. before '37, wife Rita Rodriguez, and 4 children. Vanhorn (Barnett), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); d. before '64. Vankensen (Jeremiah), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Aroca, N.Y., '55. Vanness (Henry), 1848, nat. of N.J., who came from the Society Isl., became a pilot on S.F. Bay, and was lost in '67 on the pilot-boat Caleb Curtis, age 47, leaving a widow and 3 children. Vanpelt (Jacob), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot; d. at S.F. '49. Vanriper (Abraham), 1847, sergt Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. on the Mokelumne '48-9. Vanvechten (Geo.), 1847, Co. H, ditto; at New Brunswick, N.J., '74-82. Vanzandt (R. H.), 1847, mid. on the U.S. Columbus. 

Varela, 1818, mr of the S. Ruperto. ii. 291-2. V. (Casimiro), one of the 1st settlers at S.F. 1777. i. 297. V. (Hilario), ringleader with his brother in a Los Ang. revolt. '44-5; also in '46. iv. 476, 538, 540-1; v. 308. V. (Manuel), killed by Pomponio before '24. ii. 537. V. (S‚rbulo), brother of Hilario, a turbulent character at Los Ang. '38-9, age 26; engaged in revolts of '45-6; and taking part in the last campaigns against the U.S. iii. 564, 589; iv. 540-1; v. 307-14, 325. Varelas (Casimiro), settler at Los Ang. 1790; d. before 1816. V. (Cayetano), settler at Los Ang. 1809-19; still there in '46. ii. 349, 354. V. (Ignacio), settler at Los Ang. '15. ii. 349. Vargas (Francisco), Los Ang. trader '39, age 37; alf‚rez of Mont. comp. '43, and appointed instructor of the S. Juan comp. of defensores '44. iv. 652, 407. V. (Josefa Rodriguez de), wife of Capt. Soler. i. 398. V. (Jos‚ Manuel), 1828, Mex. convict, liberated in '34. V. (Julian), 1831, perhaps of Young's party from N. Mex. iii. 388. V. (Manuel), 1781, soldier of the Mont. comp.; cabo distinguido in 1787; sergt of the comp. from about '87 to '94, being generally employed by Gov. Fages as a clerk. On retiring from the service he taught school at S. Jos‚, S. Diego, and Sta B. down to 1800 or later. i. 468, 484, 642-4, 680, 688. His wife, married at S.F. 1783, was Mar¡a Gertrudis Linares, and in '95 there was a daughter named Micaela. V. (Mariano), friar named for Cal. 1801; did not come. ii. 159. Vargas Machuca, 1834, named by Janssens as a Mex. alf‚rez who came with the colony. Varney, 1841, mr of the Thos Perkins. iv. 569. V. (Sam.), 1846, mr of the Angola. v. 576; and trader at S.F. '46-8. 

Vasquez, at Mont. '28. ii. 615. V., at S.F. '44, age 48. V., mr of the Flecha '48. V. (Antonio), soldier of the Mont. comp. '36, age 20; perhaps the man killed at Los Ang. '45. iv. 492. V. (Atanasio), settler at S. Jos‚ 1786. i. 477. V. (Felipe), of the Mont. polic¡a '33. iii. 673; grantee of Chamizal '35. iii. 677; in '36 at Pilarcitos, age 54, wife Mar¡a Nicanor Lugo, child. Jos‚ Ant. b. '20, Pedro '22, Dionisio '24, Sinforosa '26, and Manuel '32. V. (Hermenegildo), soldier at Mont. 1809; regidor at S. Jos‚ '27. ii. 605; grantee of land '35. V. (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-24; at Mont. '48; S. Luis Ob. '51. V. (Jos‚ Ign.), settler at S. Jos‚ 1777. i. 312. V. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), 1829, Mex. convict set a liberty '33; at S. Jos‚ '41, age 31, wife Andrea Garc¡a, child Susana b. '36. V. (Julio), at Mont. '36, nat. of Cal., age 40, wife of Brigida German, child. Ambros¡a b. '16, Apolonia '18, Ramon '23, Gregorio '26, Domingo '28, Mar¡a Guad. '30, Altagracia '32, Perseverancia '33, Juan '34, Marcos '35. V. (Pedro), applic. for land '45. iv. 656; cl. for Sonlajule '52. iv. 674; Cal. claim $3,375 '46-7 (v. 462). Vasquez (Tiburcio), [p.369]Mex. settler at S.F. 1777, and at S. Jos‚ '83. i. 297, 350 (another named as a convict of '98. i. 606); named in the S. Jos‚ padron of '93, wife Mar¡a Bohorques, child. Felipe, Mar¡a, Hermenegildo, Rosal¡a, Faustino, and F‚lix; alcalde 1802, 1807. ii. 134, 192; s¡ndico '24. ii. 605. He seems to have died in '27. The famous bandit of later years was prob. his grandson. V. (Tiburcio), prob. son of the preceding; soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-25; in '39 regidor at S.F., and grantee of Corral de Tierra rancho. iii. 705, 711; in '40-6 admin. and maj. of S.F. mission. iii. 715; iv. 675; v. 660; named in the padron of '42, b. at S. Jos‚, age 49, wife Alvira Hernandez, child. Juan Jos‚ b. '25, B'27, Josefa '29, Siriaca '31, Jos‚ Mar¡a '32, Purificacion '33, Luciano '34, Francisco '36, Francisca '38, and Pablo '40. He was still at S.F., a witness in the Santillan case, '55. V. (Timoteo), at Branciforte 1803. ii. 156. Vassilief, 1820, com. of Russ. vessels. ii. 319. 

Vealy (John), 1829, Amer. cooper, age 34, who landed at S. Pedro ill from a Hon. vessel. Vedder (Peter G.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. in Nicaragua '56. Vega (Jos‚), sergt killed by Ind. at the Colorado Riv. pueblos. i. 359-62. V. (Mat¡as), soldier at S. Juan Cap. 1776; killed at Colorado Riv. pueblos 1781. i. 303, 359-62. V. (Victoriano), 1834, came from Mex. in the H. & P. colony at the age of 24; in '77 at S. Gabriel gaining a living by making cigarettes. He gave me a MS. dictation of 62 p. on Vida Californiana. His real name was Esparza. V. (Jos‚ M.), 1769, Span. arriero killed by Ind. at S. Diego. i. 138. V. (Emigdio), juez de campo at Los Ang. '38; juez de paz at S. Juan '44-5; grantee of Boca de la Playa '46. iii. 636; iv. 627. In '46 living at S. Juan Cap. He was 35 years old, wife Rafaela Ávila, child. Mar¡a de Jesus b. '38, Jesus '43, Ramon '45. V. (Emilio), aided in taking Los Ang. '37. iii. 519. V. Enrique), juez de campo at Los Ang. '40. ii. 637. V. (Francisco), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-5. i. 716-17; man of same name, son of Ricardo, at Los Ang. '46-77. V. (Juan Cris¢stomo), regidor at Los Ang. '39, age 25. iii. 636; member of the council '65-70. V. (Land Manuel), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Pablo), son of Salvador, b. at S. Diego in 1802; soldier of the S. D. comp. from '21, but soon sent to Mont. for an attempt to desert. In '28-9 he was a leader in the revolt, and was sent to Mex. in '30, but returned in '33. iii. 66-7, 69, 74, 85; again ment. in '37. iii. 519; and in a revolt of '46, being taken prisoner at S. Pascual. v. 308, 347. His wife was a daughter of Juan M. F‚lix and Isabel Cota. In '77, living near Spadra with his brother Ricardo, with a large family and in great poverty, he dictated 90 pages of the Recuerdos de un Viejo for my use. V. (Ramon), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Ricardo), son of Salvador; in '33 juez de campo Los Ang. iii. 635; grantee of S. Jos‚, or Azuza, '37-40. iii. 633; age 28 in '39. He became a rich man, but was reduced to poverty, and in '77 lived near Spadra with a large family. V. (Salvador), 1792, Mex. carpenter-instructor at S. Diego '92-5; at Mont. '96. i. 615, 684. His wife was Mar¡a Josefa Lopez. 

Vela (Martin), at Branciforte '28-30. ii. 627; wife Mar¡a de la Luz Fuentes. Velarde (Baltasar), at S. Bern. '46, age 34. V. (Desiderio), Los Ang. hatter, age 38, in '39. V. (Jacobo), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800. i. 716; alcalde in '98. Velasquez (Jos‚), 1781, alf‚rez of the S. Diego comp., engaged in explorations to the Colorado Riv. and in other directions; d. at S. Gabriel 1785. i. 340, 367, 451, 454-5; ii. 44. V. (Jos‚), 1798, convict settler at Branciforte 1798-1803. i. 606; ii. 156. V. (Jos‚), corporal of the S. Diego comp. 1803. ii. 14, 103. Velez (Miguel), sirviente at S.F. 1777. i. 297. V. (Rafael), appointed sec. of the com. gen. '29; did not come. iii. 54. Velsor (Stephen), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. Vendurm, 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. 

Verdia (Jos‚), died in '16, leaving his property to the mission fund. ii. 407; iv. 338. Verdugo (Cris¢stomo), at Los Ang. 46. V. (Francisco), at Los Ang. '39, age 38. V. (Jos‚ Antonio), at S. Bern. '46, age 20. V. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), retired corp. of the S. Diego comp. and S. Gabriel escolta, who was grantee of the S. Rafael rancho in 1784, '98, and is often named down to 1816 in connection with farming operations. i. 553, 609, 612, 661, 664; ii. 111, 185, 350, 353, 663; iii. 634. V. (Juan Diego), at S. Diego 1776; wife Mar¡a Ign. [p.370]de la Concepeion Carrillo, who in '50 was cl. for the F‚lix rancho, granted in '43. iv. 634; daughter Rosal¡a, married to Sergt G¢ngora. V. (Julio), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a; aux. alcalde at S. Rafael rancho '31, '33, '36, and juez de campo '40. iii. 635-7; cl. for the rancho '52. V. (Manuel), juez de campo at S. Diego '41. iv. 619; soldier, retired with rank of lieut '44. iv. 408. V. (Mariano), 1769, soldier of the 1st exped., serving in the S. Diego comp.; sergt at Mont. '81-7; settler at Los Ang. 1787-1819 or later, being alcalde in 1790-3, 1802; grantee of Portezuelo rancho 1795. i. 252-3, 461, 468, 661-2; ii. 110, 350, 353-4, 663. V. (Miguel), at Sta Ana rancho Los Ang. '39, age 26; at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626. V. (Pedro and Teodoro), at Los Ang. '46. Verduzco (Francisco), 1834, Mex. ex-capt., who was connected with the H. & P. colony; but being implicated in the alleged revolt of '35 was sent to Mex. as a prisoner. iii. 281, 286, 288. Vergara (Quirino), 1842, cornet in the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289. 

Vermeule (Thomas L.), 1847, lieut Co. E, N.Y. Vol. v. 504, 511; nat. of N.J.; memb. of the constit. convention '49; lawyer, politician, and writer for the newspapers. He died at S. Jos‚ before '67. Vermilion (John), 1840, one of the exiles not known to have returned. iv. 18. Vernon (Richard), 1848, overl. immig. with Allsopp. Verrot (Joseph), 1844, Canadian of Fr‚mont's party, remaining in Cal. iv. 437, 439, 453; named in the N. Helv. Diary, '46-8; an early settler of Yuba Co.; connected with the Donner relief. v. 537; married Mary Luther in '48, and a son, Charles, was born in '50. Usually called 'Vero' or 'Varro.' Vevis (Joseph), 1847, chief musician of N.Y. Vol. v. 503; d. before '82. Vhor (Christopher), 1836, Arabian, age 49, at Mont. 

Viader (Jos‚), 1796, Span. friar who served for 37 years at Sta Clara, leaving Cal. in '33. Biog. iii. 726-7; ment. i. 577, 719-20, 723; ii. 56-7, 135, 137, 153, 159, 168, 218, 387, 394, 577, 585, 600, 623, 655; iii. 20, 88-9, 96, 318, 338, 365, 727. Viana (Francisco), 1791, lieut in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. Vice (James), 1846, sailor on the Dale. Vicente, corp. at Sta B. '38. iii. 656. Vich (Chris.), 1845, Amer. at Branciforte, age 20; doubtful name. Vichilman, 1823, mr of the Buldakof. ii. 492. Victoria (Manuel), 1830, Mex. lieut-colonel, who came in '30 as gov. and com. gen. of Cal.-appointment March 8th, arrival Dec.-and held that office from Jan. 31, '31, to Dec. 9th, when he yielded to a successful revolutionary movement, and sailed for Mex. Jan. 17, '32. He was an honest and energetic officer, who as general forgot that he was also governor; ignored the diputacion and all civil authorities and precedents; and by his well-meant short cuts to justice by military methods soon provoked a revolution that overwhelmed him. All that is known of the man is contained in the narrative of his rule and downfall. iii. 181-212. See also ment. in ii. 549, 551, 594; iii. 26, 54, 216-17, 233, 306-8, 364, 367-8, 374-6, 647, 652, 669-70; iv. 160. Vidal (Francisco), 1602, corp. in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98. V. (John A.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); settled at Sta B., where in '53 he was killed in a fight over the possession of a rancho. See Sta B. Co. Hist., 82. V. (Mariano), 1776, purveyor of Anza's exped. to Cal. i. 258, 266. 

Vigil (Francisco Est‚van), 1841, in com. of a trading caravan from N. Mex. '41-2, and again in '48. iv. 207, 343; v. 625. Vignes (Jean), 1834, nephew of Louis, age 22, who came from Hon. on the D. Quixote to join his relatives at Los Ang. V. (Jean Louis), 1831, Fr. cooper and distiller, who came from Hon. on the Louisa at the age of 48. iii. 405. His Fr. passp. was dated Bordeaux '26. He at once applied for naturalization; in '32 joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221; but soon settled at Los Ang., where he was in a sense the pioneer vineyardist and wine-maker, being joined by his nephew in '34. His name is occasionally mentioned in '36 et seq., he being one of the vigilantes in '36, an applicant for Sta Catalina Isl. in '40, and aiding in the campaign against Micheltorena '45. iii. 417, 634; iv. 117, 495, 629; v. 49, 283, 365; had a Cal. claim of about $1,000 '46-7 (v. 462). He was founder of the wine-making firm of Sainsevain & Co.; was the cl. for Tem‚cula-of which he had been in reality the grantee in '45, and of Pauba; and died at Los Ang. '62 at the age of 79 (or 82). He had no family in Cal., was [p.371]an excellent and popular citizen, and was familiarly known as Don Luis del Aliso, from an immense sycamore, or cottonwood, on his land at Los Ang. V. (Pierre E.), Fr. at Branciforte '45, age 50; at S. Jos‚ '47. 

Vila (Vicente), 1769, com. of the S. C in the 1st exped. '69-70. i. 116, 128-9, 136, 165-8. Villa (Antonio M.), prob. son of Joaquin; cl. for Tequepis rancho, Sta B. iv. 643. V. (Buenaventura), soldier of the Mont. comp. '36, age 26. V. (Demetrio), at Los Ang. 39-48. V. (Diego), colegial at Sta In‚s '44. iv. 426. V. (Eleuterio), invsoldier '44-5. iv. 408. V. (Francisco), at Los Ang. 19. ii. 354; in charge of S. Jos‚ del Valle '36. iii. 612; zanjero at S. Gabriel '47. v. 628; juez de campo at S. Luis Ob. '49; still at S. Luis '51. V. (Joaquin), soldier at Sta B. before '37; maj. at Sta. In‚s '39. iii. 664; grantee of Tequepis '45. iv. 643. V. (Jos‚), settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461. V. (Luis), at Los Ang. '46. V. (Mar¡a del Rosario), executed by vigilantes at Los Ang. '36. iii. 417-19. V. (Manuel), soldier of S.F. comp. '32-3. V. (Mariano), at Los Ang. '39, age 22; also in '46. V. (Mariano), 1842, Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo '42-5; remained in Cal. '46. iv. 289, 513; v. 41. V. (Miguel), settler for Los Ang., who deserted before reaching Cal. i. 345. V. (Rafael), cabo inv1793 at S. Jos‚, wife Ildefonsa, child. Pascual, Eleuterio, Rafael Gertrudis, Mar¡a Ign., and Juana. The full name was prob. 'Villavicencio,' q.v. V. (Rafael), son of preceding, at S. Luis Ob. '42-60. V. (Vicente), at Los Ang. '19; regidor in '27. ii 354, 560. 

Villagrana (Jos‚ F‚lix), Mex. at S. Jos‚ '41, age 52, wife Bernardina Martinez, child. Guadalupe b. '26, Juana '31, Lucia '36, Dolores '38; d. in '47. V. (Manuel), regidor at Branciforte '32. iii. 696. V. (Miguel), Mex. resid. of Branciforte from '28, alcalde '36, grantee of Aguagito '37, juez de campo '38. ii. 637; iii. 676, 697. In the padron of '45 named as 66 years old, wife Francisca Juarez, child. Carpio b. '25, Eugenio '27, Dorotea '29, Ignacia '31, Leandro '31, Jos‚ Ign. '34. Andr‚s '38, Ponciana '40. V. (Miguel), at Branciforte '45, age 23, wife Concepcion, child. Julian b. '40, Jos‚ '44. Villalba (Nicolas), settler of the Colorado Riv. pueblos, killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359-62. Villalobos (Jos‚), at Los Ang. '48. Villapando (Juan de J), mule-thief '33. iii. 396. Villarasa (Francis S.), 1848, said to have preached at Stockton. Villaroel (Francisco), 1777, com. of the S. Antonio. i. 310. Villaverde (Alonso), lieut for Cal. 1779; did not come. i. 340. V. (Jos‚), 1782, chaplain on the Favorita. i. 378. Villavicencio (F‚lix), Span. settler of Los Ang. 1781-6. i. 345, 348. V. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), resid. of Mont. '36, age 36, wife Rafaela Rodriguez, child. Jos‚ Ant. b. '34, Jos‚ Ramon '35; being at the time juez de campo. iii. 675. As capt. in Alvarado's force, and at times com. at Sta B., he was prominent in the operations of '36-8. iii. 460, 481, 505, 524-5, 546, 550, 552-3, 561, 565, 651, 672; also admin. of S. Antonio and S. Fernando '37-8, '40-3. iii. 647-8, 688; iv. 61, 638; acting prefect at Mont. '40. iii. 675; grantee of Corral de Piedra, S. Luis Ob., '41, '46. iv. 655; in '44 juez de paz at S. Luis Ob., and capt of defensores. iv. 407, 462, 658-9; also serving against the U.S. at S. Diego '46. v. 267. Still at S. Luis '51-2, and later a prosperous ranchero. Often called by himself and others 'Villa.' V. (Rafael), weaver at S. Jos‚ 1791-1811. i. 716, 718; ii. 378. V. (Rafael), grantee of S. Ger¢nimo, S. Luis Ob., in 42. iv. 655; and cl. in '52. Villela (Felipe), soldier at Sta B. before '37; at Los Ang. '39, age '35. V. (Juan M. M.), settler at S. Jos‚ 1777; did not remain. i. 312. V. (Marcos), soldier at Soledad 1791 et seq.; invat Branciforte '99. i. 499, 511. 

Vi¤als (Jos‚), 1798, Span. friar who served at S. Cretiring in 1804. Biog. ii. 146-7; ment. i. 577, 686; ii. 159-60, 166. Vincent, 1848, mr of the Zach Taylor, built at Sta Cruz. Fresno Co. Hist., 51. V. (Calvin), 1846, came to Sta Clara. Hall. V. (E. C.), 1848, passp. from Hon. V. (Geo. W.), 1826, nat. of Mass. and mate of the Courier. He came back as mr of the Monsoon '39-40; and in '44-6 com. the Sterling; owner of a S.F. lot and of a Cal. claim '46-7. In '48 he was mr of the Sabine, and remained at S.F., where he was killed in the fire of '51. iii. 146, 176; iv. 105, 568; v. 296, 580. A son, Geo. W., lives, I think, in S.F. '85. V. (Joshua S.), 1847, sergt Co. I, [p.372]N.Y. Vol. v. 504; at L¡n Creek, Mo., '82. Vincenthaler (L. C.), 1846, in Cal. during the war of '46-7; prob. went east with Fr‚mont or Stockton. v. 454; one of Fr‚mont's men '48. Vines (Bartlett), 1843, overl. immig. of the Walker-Chiles party with his wife, who was a daughter of Geo. Yount. iv. 393, 400, 448. He settled in Napa Val., and still lived there in '81. A daughter was born in '45. Vinson (Wm), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Vioget (Jean Jacques), 1837, Swiss sailor and surveyor who came as mr of the Delmira '37-9. iv. 103, 117-18. He settled at S.F., where he made the 1st town survey, owned a lot, and built a house in '39-40. iii. 706, 710; v. 679. In '40 he was naturalized, and from that time appears in various records as a trader, keeping also a billiard-saloon, and being employed by Sutter in '41 to make a survey of his N. Helvetia grant, having of course much trouble to collect his pay. iv. 179, 229-30, 237, 668. In '44-5, renting his saloon or hiring a man to keep it, he was mr of the Clarita; was employed to carry Micheltorena to Mex., and was grantee of the Blucher rancho, Sonoma Co. iv. 480, 564, 670. In '46-7 he made a trip to Hon. and back on the Don Quixote; and in '47-8 was mr of the Euphemia, running to the Islands, being judge of election, and advertising his hotel-The Portsmouth House-for sale. v. 578, 650, 680. He lived at S. Jos‚ '49, and in '54 at S.F., age 55. I find no later record of him. His wife was apparently a Benavides. Vioget was a jolly, musical sort of fellow, speaking several languages, a sailor and surveyor and hotel-keeper of some skill. Virgen (Leonardo), soldier at Sta B. '24. ii. 532. Virgin (Thomas), 1827, Amer. at S. Diego. 

Virmond (Henry), 1828, German merchant of Acapulco and the city of Mex., who did a large business with Cal., where he was well known to nearly everybody before he visited the country in '28-30. He was a skilful intriguer, had extraordinary facilities for obtaining the ear of Mex. officials, and was always the man first sought to solicit any favor, commercial, military, civil, or ecclesiastical, for his many Cal. friends. He owned the Leonor, Mar¡a Ester, Catalina, Clarita, and many other vessels well known in the Cal. trade. He was the tallest man ever seen here till the coming of Dr Semple; was a business man of great enterprise; had many accomplishments and a Mex. wife; and had, also, his leg broken by the kick of a mule while in Cal. ii. 594; iii. 58, 141-3, 147, 149, 233, 313, 398, 572; iv. 249, 285. Vischer (Edward), 1842, Ger. clerk in Virmond's employ at Acapulco, who came to Cal. on the schr California. iv. 341, 349. After '49 he became a resident, being an artist, and his Pictorial of Cal. was a series of photographs from pencil sketches, with descriptive matter, published under the title of Missions of Upper Cal. His drawings, however, were all made after '65. He died at S.F. after '70. 

Victoria (Marcos Antonio Saizar de), 1805, nat. of the province of Álava, Spain, b. in 1760; became a Franciscan in '76; came to Mex. in 1804. His missionary service was at Sta B. 1805-6, S. Buen. 1805-17 and '20-24, S. Fernando '18-20, Pur¡sima '24-35, and Sta In‚s '35-6. His death occurred on July 25, '36, at Sta In‚s. Padre Vitoria was a most virtuous and exemplary man, always in feeble health, not accredited by his superiors with great ability, but beloved by his neophytes. Autobig. Autog. de los Padres, MS.; Arch. Sta B. iii. 48-50, 128; Sta In‚s Lib. Mis., 19-21. See mention in ii. 109, 121-2, 357, 490, 530, 578-9; iii. 96, 661-2, 664; iv. 63. Vivaldo (Feliciano), 1842, sublieut of the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289. Vivero, 1800, com. of the Princesa. i. 546. Vizcaino (Juan), 1769, Span. friar who served for a brief term at S. Diego; was wounded by the Ind. in Aug.; and retired on account of illness in '70. i. 127, 136, 138, 164-5. V. (Sebastian). 1602, Span. navigator in com. of an exped. that explored the Cal. coast 1602-3. See complete record of his visit, and mention of a later one of 1613, in i. 97-105, 111, 151-2, 158, 169; ii. 1. Vizcarra (Jos‚), soldier at Sta Cruz 1795. i. 496. 

Vonks (Stephen), 1837, doubtful name of mr of the Baical. iv. 101. Vorhees (John), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Vorhies (Wm Van), 1848 (?), postal agent for the govt; memb. of the 1st senate, and sec. of state under Gov. Burnett and his successors; prominent in later years as politician, lawyear, [p.373]and editor, residing many years in Oakland. He died at Eureka in '84. Vrandenburg (Adna), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Vyer (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336).