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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Labastida, soldier-teacher at S. Jos‚ '22. ii. 603. Labra (Juan Ant.), soldier, sentenced to death at Mont. for robbery 1781. Lacousse, 1848, Canadian at Bear River and Mormon Diggings. Brooks. Lacy (Sam.), 1839, mr of a Peruv. brig at S.F. Ladd (Milton), 1845, one of the men lost on the Warren's launch '46. iv. 384, 587. L. (Sam.), 1846, one of the Mormon colony, who went by the name of Johnson; formerly a soldier, being a teacher of tactics on the Brooklyn; went to Utah, where he still lived in '84. v. 546, 550. L. (S. G.), 1847, at Benicia. Laez (Mazario), claimed to have been grantee of land in Sta Clara Co. 1785. 

Lafleur (Louis), 1846, Canadian in Co. G, Cal. Bat., enlisting at S. Jos‚ Nov.; went east with Com. Stockton '47. v. 454; but returned, and in Dec. '48 was drowned in the Yuba. Laframboise (Michel), 1832 (?), chief of the H. B. Co. hunters in Cal., making half a dozen or more visits in '32-46, espeeially in '35-42. The date of the 1st visit is uncertain. iii. 392-3, 408; iv. 135, 213, 220. Lafrenz (C. F.), 1847, from Hon. on the Xylon. L. (J. H.), [p.212]1848, passp. from Hon. Lagos (J. B.), 1848, ditto. Lagrace (Fran.), 1840, perhaps one of the arrested foreigners. iv. 17. 

Laidlaw (Geo.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Laighton (John B.), 1835, lieut in Mex. navy stationed at Mont.; went to S. Blas to join his corps in '36. He was an American. Laine (Thos H.), 1847, nat. of Mo., who came to Cal. at the age of 15, and became a prominent lawyer of Sta Clara; memb. of the state senate '74-7, and of the constit. convention of '78. Laird (John W.), 1847, nat. of Pa and overl. immig. with his family. In Feb. '48 he kept a ferry on the Sac. Riv. at Montezuma. v. 674; acc. to the newspapers Mrs L. had a son born on the Amer. Riv. in May, '47, but it was prob. in '48. Laird kept a store at Angels, living also at Stockton and other places; but in '50 settled in Stanislaus Co., where he died in '78, leaving a widow-a sister of Thos Pyle-and 3 children. 

Lajeunesse (Basil), 1845, Canadian trapper and member of Fr‚mont's exploring party, who was killed by Ind. on the Or. frontier in the night attack on Fr‚mont's camp, April '46. iv. 583, 587; v. 24. L. (François), 1833 (?), probably brother of Basil, said to have visited Cal. either in the Walker party or in one of the H. B. Co. parties. He was one of Fr‚mont's men in '44, but did not reach Cal. iii. 391. Lake (John), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). 

Lamanon, 1786, with La P‚rouse. i. 435. Lambaren (Juan), 1842, adj. of the batallon fijo, who died '44. iv. 289. Lambdon, 1847, at N. Helv. Lambert (John A.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Lamoine, 1847, mr of the François. Lamoreux (Louis), 1840, Canadian carpenter, age 37, at Los Ang. with a N. Mex. passport; perhaps his name was Lamoreau, still at Los Ang. '48. Lamotte (François), 1845, negro deserter from the H‚roine at Mont. Lamplicie (Wm), 1824, mate of the Rover. Lampman (Wm L.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in Mexico '82. Lance (Wm), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl. 

Lancey (Thomas Crosby), 1846, nat. of Me., born in '24, and a sailor from '42; a coxswain on the U.S. Dale in '46-9. After his discharge from the navy in '49 he took charge of a store at Mormon Isl., and later was drayman, teamster, and stage-driver in the Sac. region till '51, when he came to S. F., and has since resided here as mining agent and painter. For 4 or 5 years, in '85, he has been confined to his room, and much of the time to his bed. He kept a journal during his service in the navy, supplemented with many items obtained from later observations, reading, and association with pioneers, with a view to publication in book form as material for history. Being prevented by failing health from carrying out his purpose, he furnished a part of his historical gleanings to the S. J. Pioneer for publication in '79-81. The result, Lancey's Cruise of the Dale, preserved in my Library in scrap-book form, v. 190, is in many respects the most complete collection extant of data on the conquest of Cal. The author has shown not only indefatigable zeal, but marked ability in his researches. The matter is not always systematically arranged; the effect is marred by typographic errors, resulting chiefly from the newspaper medium of publication; the author is often in error respecting matters resting on Spanish documentary evidence; and he is, in my opinion, excessively American in his views; but with all its faults, the work merits praise, and justifies me in placing the author high in the list of those who have done faithful work on Cal. history. Lancey also wrote a sketch of the N.Y. Volunteers, published in Clark's First Regiment. (Died in '85.) 

Landaeta (Martin), 1791, Span. friar, who served chiefly at S.F., and died at S. Fern. in 1810. Biog. ii. 115-16; mention i. 510, 514, 576-7, 706, 712, 721; ii. 130-1, 159-60. Landers (Ebenezer), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Salem, Utah, '82. L. (Wm), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); sheriff in '48; died at S. F. '50. Lane, 1848, sutler in Graham's battalion (v. 522). L. (Emmeline A.), 1846, one of the Mormon colony. v. 546. L. (Joseph), 1848, passed through Cal. on his way from Sta F‚ to Or.; a prominent man in the north. See Hist. Or. L. (Lewis), 1847, sergt Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). L. (Samuel), 1846, one of the men lost on the Warren's launch. v. 384. Lan‚, 1842, doubtful name of a ranch owner near S. Luis Ob. 

Lang (Charles), 1828, Amer. smuggler at S. Diego '28-9; ii. 551; iii. 139, 168. L. (Chas), 1848, from Boston on the Sabine. L. (John P. and Willis), 1848, brothers from Mo., at Sutter's Fort and in the mines. Langdon (Maurice), 1846, came with Kearny. Lancey. Langenberger (A.), 1848, German miner on the Yuba and Stanislaus '48-9; later a trader at S. Gabriel and Anaheim, where he lived in '80 with 7 children by his 1st wife, a daughter of Juan P. Ontiveros, married in '50. Langle, 1786, with La P‚rouse. i. 428, 431-3. Langlois (A.), 1848, passp. from Hon. Langlois (William), 1840, Canadian, exiled with the Graham party, who returned in '41; perhaps the Laingles named at Sonoma in '50. iv. 18, 33, 37, 120. Langsdorff (G. H. von), 1806, German naturalist with Rezat S.F., and author of a book of Voyages and Travels, containing a narrative of the author's visit and observations in Cal. ii. 46-7, 65-76, 115, 128, 130, 138-40, 164, 176. Lanman (Joseph), 1847, lieut U. S. N., com. of the Warren '47-8. v. 581. L. (Stephen), 1846, sailmaker on the U.S. Dale. Lansing, 1847, mr of the Citizen. v. 577. Lanson (J.), 1847, blacksmith at S. Diego. 

La P‚rouse (Jean F. G.), 1786, French navigator, the first foreign voyager to touch the coast of Cal. after Span. occupation; and author of a Voyage which contains much valuable information about Cal. See account of his visit and book in i. 428-40; also ment. i. 282, 475, 509, 512, 519, 527, 619; ii. 23, 131, 616. Lapierre (Louis), 1845, Canadian boat-maker of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583. He is said to have built a schooner for Sainsevain at Sta Cruz in later years. Laplace (Cyrille P. T.), 1839, com. of the French man-of-war Art‚mise, and author of a Campagne de Circumnavigation. iv. 152-5; ment. iii. 695, 700; iv. 93, 101, 165. Lappeus (James H.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot; trader at Sac. '48; married in '49 to Ann Hitchcock. He went later to N.Y. and Idaho, and in '82 lived at Portland, Or., where he had been city marshal, and for 12 years chief of police. 

Lara, sentinel at Los Ang. '37. iii. 519. L. (Antonio), alguacil at Mont. '36. iii. 675. L. (Casimiro), invof Sta B. comp. '32. L. (Fran.), soldier of S. F. comp. '39-42. L. (Fran.), killed at S. Pascual. v. 347. L. (Jos‚), one of the 1st settlers at Los Ang. 1781; Span., with an Ind. wife. L. (Juan), soldier and corp. S.F. comp. '37-42. L. (Julian), soldier at Sta B. before '37. L. (Romualdo), 1837, Mex. of the H. & P. colony, implicated in the troubles of '35, and sent to Mex. under arrest. iii. 281, 286, 288. 

Lard (Fielding), 1846, overl. immig. with his family. The marriage of his daughter (Mary to R. S. Moultrie) on the trip is mentioned by Bryant; at Sutter's Fort in '47, and owner of a S.F. lot, but settled in Sta Clara Val., where he still lived in '60; often called Wm. L. (Joseph A.), 1846, came to Sta Clara; prob. son of Fielding. Lardner, 1842, lieut U.S.N., with Jones at Mont. iv. 308. La Reintrie (Henry), 1842, commander's sec. on the York-town. 

Larios (Gracia), sent to Mex. as a prisoner '30. iii. 85. L. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), Mex. sold. who came between 1780 and '90; from '91 a settler at S. Jos‚, and later at Las Aromas, near S. Juan B. He was a blacksmith and builder of mills, but was chiefly noted as a bear-hunter, being killed by a grizzly in 1818. i. 642, 716, 718; ii. 135, 170, 387. His first wife was Juliana Linares, and the 2d Eusebia Alvarez; his children were Antonio, Manuel, Jos‚ Dolores, Justo, Mar¡a del Pilar, Antonia, and Antonina. L. (Justo), son of Jos‚ M., b. at S. Jos‚ 1808; soap-maker and ranchero who served as miltia artilleryman in the war against Micheltorena '44-5, and for a short time under Castro in '46; grantee of Ca¤ada de los Capitancillos in '42. iv. 671; all his horses were taken by Fr‚mont. He made two successful visits to the mines in '49-50, but in later years lost all his land and other property, through no fault of his own, as he believes. In '78, living at Gilroy, he gave me an interesting narrative called Convulsiones en California. His wife was Cecilia, daughter of Joaquin Castro, married in '33; children '41, Adelino b. '34, Juan '36, Olivero '39, Soledad '38. L. (Manuel), son of Jos‚ M., b. at S. Jos‚ 1798. He seems to have served as a soldier in '15-29, and was later an alf‚rez. of militia, serving in Gov. Alvarado's time. In '39 he was grantee of Sta. [p.214]Ana rancho near S. Juan B., which was finally confirmed to him. iii. 679, 713. In '40 he was juez at S. Juan, and took part in the arrest of the foreigners. iii, 693; iv. 20. He was, like his father, a famous bear-hunter, took part in various exped., and his rancho suffered much from Ind. depredations. iv. 362; v. 662. He died in '65. His wives were successively Mar¡a A. Pacheco, Guadalupe Castro, and Rosario Armas, by whom he is said to have had 22 children. In '78 his son (or grandson), Estolano Larios, gave me some information on the Vida y Adventures of Don Manuel. 

Larkin (Thomas Oliver), 1832, nat. of Mass., b. at Charlestown in 1802, in business at Wilmington, N.C., from '21 to '30, and in '31 accepting an invitation from Capt. Cooper, his half-brother, to join him at Monterey. His mother was then married to a 3d husband, Mr Childs, L.'s passport from the gov. of Mass. is dated Sept. 2, '31, and he came on the Newcastle via Honolulu, arriving in April '32. iii. 364, 408. In '32 he was employed by Cooper as clerk, or accountant; in Feb.-Sept. '33 he did a small commission business, and then with a capital of $500 he opened a little store at Mont. for the sale of groceries, grog, produce, and dry goods, starting a flour-mill the next year, and dealing to a considerable extent in lumber. In '33 he was also married on board the Volunteer at Sta B., by Consul Jones of Honolulu, to Mrs Rachel Holmes, n‚e Hobson, his fellow-passenger on the Newcastle, who had come to join her husband, Capt. John C. Holmes, but on arrival had found herself a widow. iii. 365, 408, 652. She was the 1st Amer. woman to live in Cal., and her son Thomas O., born in April '34, was the 1st child born of Amer. parents in Cal. Having the proverbial Yankee shrewdness in trade, with no inconvenient veneration for the revenue laws, Larkin prospered from the first. In his ledgers he has left careful memoranda of his wealth on Jan. 1st of each year as follows: '35, $2,650; '36, $4,708; '37, $5,626 (chiefly in house and mill, for he had spent all his money on the house and had no goods); '38, $11,013; '39, $13,788; '40, $15,895; '41, $21,493; '42, $37,958; '43, $49,147; '44, $46,505; '45, $60,175; '46, $66,644. He did not seek to become a Mex. citizen, but in '36 obtained a carta, which was renewed from year to year. He took no part openly in politics, but quietly supported Alvarado's movement in '36. iii. 461; iv. 141. I have much of his business corresp. from the first. In '39 he made a special effort to induce whalers to touch at Mont. iv. 92. In '40 he did all that he could for the comfort of the arrested foreigners, but because he did not join in the loud protests and absurd threats of Graham and his gang he was the subject of some unfavorable criticism at the time and later. iv. 8, 9, 24, 32-3. He visited Mex. in '40-1 on business. iv. 102, 207; on his return took a contract to build the Mont. custom-house; and in '42 did good service in maintaining friendly relations between Com. Jones and the Californians. iv. 307, 310, 329. The same year he established a branch store at Sta Cruz in charge of Josiah Belden; but an incendiary fire destroying $6,000 worth of lumber in '43 made this part of his business unprofitable. In '43-4 he had somewhat intimate business relations with Gov. Micheltorena, making loans to the govt, and doubtless was induced by personal interests to look with too much favor on the cholo cause, making also another visit to Mex. on govt business, and bringing back the small-pox, among other results. iv. 364, 366, 401-3, 405, 473, 478-9, 558-9, 563, 651. On his return he assumed the position of U.S. consul at Mont., his appointment having been made at Wash. in '43 and renewed in '44, and from the first was active in sending accurate information to his govt respecting Cal. affairs, as well as in the routine duties of his office. iv. 385, 408, 428, 430, 450, 454, 561, 589-98. Larkin's closeness in money matters, in contrast with the reckless prodigality affected by many, prevented his ever reaching in a certain sense the highest popularity, but he was always respected by the better classes of natives and foreigners as a man of honorable conduct, of sound judgment, and of conservative though not selfish views on general topics. He was a man of slight education, but of much tact and practical good sense. Duly devoted to the interests of his govt and of the Amer. immigrants, he had no sympathy with filibusterism, and did not ignore the rights and prejudices of the Californians. He fully believed that, either in [p.215]the event of war with Mex. or by purchase, the people and local rulers might be induced voluntarily to transfer their allegiance to the U.S. At the end of '45 he was formally appointed a secret and confidential agent of the administration at Wash. to bring about this result; and from the beginning of '46, turning over his private business to Talbot H. Green, he worked earnestly, and as he believed with good prospects of success, to make friends for the U.S. and to counteract the effects of the few who favored an English protectorate. v. 4-28, 54-76, 109, 142, 219-20. Fr‚mont's foolish bravado at Gavilan, and the still more foolish and criminal Bear revolt, were wellnigh fatal blows to his plans; but still he did not despair, and having used his influence with Com. Sloat successfully in favor of a conservative policy, v. 224-54, he went south with Stockton, hoping with the aid of his associate, Abel Stearns, to induce Castro and Pico, with the people of the south, to submit without resistance, artfully presenting to them the danger that the U.S. forces, in case the report of war should prove unfounded as in '42, would retire and leave Cal. at the mercy of the Bears. That Stockton took effective and dishonorable steps to prevent the success of these plans, fearing that the submission of the gov. and general would interfere with the immediate prospects of himself and his associate filibusters, is no discredit to Larkin, whose course throughout is worthy of all praise, his statesmanship being incomparably superior to that of the opera-bouffe 'conquerors' of Cal. v. 271-2, 281. Returning to Mont., L. was appointed acting U.S. naval agent, interesting himself also in the release of the Bears' captives at N. Helvetia. v. 281, 298-9, 304. In '45-6 he was a correspondent of the N.Y. Herald and Sun. In Nov., while on his way to visit a sick daughter at S.F., L. was captured by the Californians under Manuel Castro, became a witness of the fight at Natividad, and was carried south to be retained as a captive till the end of the war. He was kindly treated, there being no ill-will toward him, and the intention being to utilize the possession of so prominent a man either in exchange or in making favorable terms of capitulation. v. 358, 364-5, 367-70, 402. Returning north in '47, he served as naval store-keeper, and his appointment as naval agent was confirmed in Wash. v. 614. He was also a member of the legislative council which never met. v. 433. He took, however, but slight part in public affairs. v. 443, 448, 455, 571; being notified in June '48 that his functions as counsel and confidential agent terminated in May with the treaty of peace. He had become the owner of various S.F. lots, and in partnership with Semple, the founder of Benicia in '47. v. 653, 660, 671-4. In '49 he was a member of the constit. convention, and his naval agency was discontinued by orders from Wash. In '50-3 he resided with his family in N.Y., but returned to S.F. and gave his attention to the care of his property. Though unable to sustain his title to a S.F. grant and the Sta Clara orchard, he was the successful claimant for the Flügge and Jimeno ranchos in the Sac. Val. v. 665-6, 670-1; and these, with his possessions in S.F., Mont., and Benicia, made him a very rich man. His sons had also been the grantees in '44 of a rancho in Colusa. iv. 671. Larkin died at S.F. in '58. He was a man to whom nothing like just credit has hitherto been given for his public services in '45-6. Portraits are given in Colton's Three Years in Cal., Annals of S.F., and there are photographs in the library of the Soc. Cal. Pion. A street in S.F. bears his name. Mrs L. died in '73, at the age of 66. The children were Thos O. b. in '34; an infant son who died in '36; Fred. H. b. in '37, d. '69; Adelaide who died at S.F. in '46; Francis R. b. '40, d. '74; Alfred O. born in '48; and a daughter who married Sampson Tams. Thomas, Alfred, and Mrs Tams are still living, I think, in '85. The Larkin manuscripts furnished for my use as material for history by representatives of the family have been named in my list of authorities, with some comments, in i: 49-50. They constitute a most magnificent and unequalled contribution to the history in which the father of the donors took so prominent and honorable a part. L. (Wm M.), 1843, on the roll of the Soc. Cal. Pion. iv. 400. Larragoyli (Rafael), 1822, mr of the S.F. de Paula. ii. 474. La Roche (Eugene), 1846, witness in the Santillan case '55, age 33. La Rocque (Geo.), 1848, Canadian miner from Or. on the [p.216]Henry; went back in '49 to Or., where he died in '77, leaving a widow and 4 children. Laskey (Alex. B.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); killed by Ind. '48. 

Lassen (Peter), 1840, Danish blacksmith who came to Amer. in '19, to Or. overland in '39, and to Cal. by the Lausanne, landing at Bodega, and thence proceeding to Sutter's Fort, S.F., and S. Jos‚, where he worked at his trade though the winter of '40-1. iv. 117, 120-1, 136. In the spring of '41 he built a saw-mill near Sta Cruz, which he sold to Graham early in '43. Dr Sandels describes him this year as a travelling blacksmith and hunter between S.Jos‚ and Sac.; he had a hut on the Cosumnes in Nov.; applied for naturalization, and selected a rancho. In '44 he got his papers and his land-grant of Bosquejo on Deer Cr., Tehama Co. iv. 670-1. His place is often mentioned in '45-6. iv. 229, 580; v. 22, 24-5, 102; he was with Gillespie and Fr‚mont and probably one of the Bears in '46; but is said to have gone east in the Stockton party of '47, returning, prob. with Chiles, in '48; but I think there may be an error in this, and that L. went no farther east than Fort Hall, his mission being to divert immigration into the Lassen route to the upper Sac. Val. He was owner of a S.F. lot in '47. In '50 he sold half of his rancho and stock, engaging in unfortunate steamboat speculation at Sac. which soon ruined him financially. In '51 he settled in Indian Val., Plumas Co.; and in '55, as miner and farmer in Honey Lake Val., Lassen Co. In '59, while on a prospecting tour in the region north of Pyramid Lake, he was killed by Ind., or possibly white man disguised as Ind., being then 59 years old. Portrait in Plumas, Lassen, and Sierra Co. Hist., 56. His memory is preserved in the name of Lassen peak and county. 

Lasso de la Vega (Ramon), 1781, Mex. alf‚rez of the S.F. comp., and sometimes habilitado; retired on half pay in '94; later a teacher at S. Jos‚; died in 1821, at the age of 64. Biog. i. 470-1; ment. 340, 342-3, 385, 584, 642, 693, 716. Lasuen (Fermin Francisco), 1773, Span. friar who served as missionary, chiefly at S. Diego till 1785, when he was chosen president of the missions, a position held until his death at S. Cin 1803. In all the annals of the Fernandinos there is presented no more admirable character than that of Padre Fermin. Biog. ii. 8-10; ment. i. 122, 194-6, 248-9, 266-7, 300, 302-4, 316, 328, 388, 398-406, 417, 422-5, 432, 439, 441, 454-9, 469, 471, 474, 476, 489, 491-3, 498-9, 512-13, 522, 531, 537, 542, 544, 553-5, 557, 559-64, 568, 573-4, 576, 578-99, 600-23, 626, 655, 686, 689, 709-11, 727-8; ii. 3, 146, 159, 165, 378, 623. 

Lataillade (Ces1842, Span. of French descent, and member of a Mex. trading firm, who came as sup. of the Trinidad. iv. 341, 569. He became well known as a man of business, making Sta B. his home. From '46 he was viceconsul of Spain at Mont., being allowed to reside at Sta B. from '47, and being the grantee of Cuyamas rancho in '46. iv. 590; v. 218, 615, 632. His name often appears in official commun. during the mil. r‚gime of '47-8; he was mentioned in connection with idle rumors of revolts. v. 586; and took a prominent part in arresting the murderers of the Reed family. v. 640. He accidentally shot and killed himself at Sta B. in '49. His wife was Mar¡a Antonia de la Guerra, who was claimant for several ranchos, iii. 655; iv. 642, became the wife of Gaspar de Ore¤a, and is still living in '85. Latham, 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Lathrop (Geo. W.), 1847, Co. H. N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Lauber (Matthew), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Lauff (Chas August), 1844, German sailor on the Whaler Warren, transferred to the Tasso, and making a trip to Callao with Capt. Cooper. iv. 453. In '45-6, he worked as a lumberman in Marin; in '46-7 served in the Cal. Bat., Co. B, artill. (v. 358); went to the mines in '48-9; and in '49 was pilot on the bay and S. Joaquin. From '50 he lived at different places in Marin Co., being in '80 on a rancho near Bolinas, with wife-Mar¡a J. Cibrian, daughter of Gregorio Briones, married in '62-and 9 children. Portrait in Marin Co. Hist., 64. Laughlin, 1827, see iii. 160. L. (James), 1848, nat. of S.C., who came from Or. to the mines; died in Stanislaus Co. '78. L. (Richard), 1828, Amer. trapper who came from N. Mex. with Pattie's party, with a passport dated [p.217]Paso del Norte, Apr. 18, '27. iii. 163, 178. He settled at Los Ang. as a carpenter. ii. 558; got a carta in '31; and later owned a vineyard, perhaps marrying a native. He is named in various records of '34-43, took part in the Micheltorena campaign of '45. iv. 495; and is said to have had a garden near S. Buen. in '46. He died at the end of that year, at the age of 44. Laure, 1830, drowned at S. Luis Ob. in attempting to land from a ship. iii. 180. Laurend (M.), 1848, passp. from Hon. Laurencel (Henry), 1848, roll of Soc. Cal. Pion. Lavallette (Eric A. F.), 1847, com. of the U.S. XXXndependence. Lavin (Thos), 1844, Engl. who received a pass. 

Lawlor (John), 1827-8, mr of the Karimoko, in trouble in the south by reason of his smuggling operations. ii. 551, 564; iii. 94-5, 134-5, 147. He was lost on a voy. from Hon. to Australia in '34, as mr of the Alpha. Lawrence, 1848, sailor on the Isaac Walton. L. (Henry), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). L. (J. C.), 1848, died in Utah before '77. L. (John), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). L. (Joseph Vicente), 1821, nat. of N.Y. who landed from the Blackwood at Bodega and came to S.F. in a boat. ii. 478. In '23 he went to Los Ang., where he was baptized in '24, married Mar¡a Arriola, and in '29 was still there with wife and son, age 32. ii. 496, 526, 558; iii. 179. 

Lawrey (Amos G.), 1846, Amer. mason and perhaps overl. immig., who in '47 worked on the 1st brick house built at Mont. for G. D. Dickenson, whose daughter Margaret he married a little later. In the Salinas Index, Oct. 26, '76, 'Jack the Pioneer' (Swan) tells how the young man went to Hon. for a wedding outfit, and attempting to smuggle the goods ashore, had to purchase them anew at a round price; and indeed his arrival at Hon. on the Charles in Feb. '48 is recorded. L. died at S. Jos‚ in '81, having been blind for many years. He left a widow and 3 grown children, one of them Mrs Hollenbach. Lawson (Henry), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). L. (John), 1847, Co. B, ditto; died at Mont. '49. L. (John), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Lawton, 1848, overl. immig. with Johnson. L., 1848, of Kilborn, L., & Co., S.F. L. (Benj. H.), 1834, mr of the S. Feighton. iii. 384. 

Layden (Wm), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died at Honolulu '54. Layton (Chas), 1847, ordnance sergt Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. v. 519. A nat. of Eagl. who had served in the British army; in the mines '49-52; later lighthouse keeper at Pt Pinos; died at Mont. '55, being fatally wounded while attempting to capture the outlaw Garc¡a. His widow-n‚e Charlotte Wade, and mar. in '43-was in '78 the wife of Geo. C. Harris at S.F., where a daughter, Mrs Amos Burr, also lived. One son was a sailor and another lived in N. South Wales. Swan. L. (Christopher), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in '82 at Kaysville, Utah. Lazaref (Andrew), 1815, mr of the Suv, and of the Ladoga in '23. iii. 307, 492. L. (Michael), 1823, mr of the Creiser. ii. 492, 519. L(Nicol1805, Span. friar who served for a brief term at S. Fern. and S. Diego, where he died in 1807. ii. 115; iii. 159-60. 

Leach (Kendrick N.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in '83 at Fountain Green, Ill. Leahy (Dan.), 1845, Irish cooper at Sutter's Fort '45-6, and prob. an overl. immig. iv. 578, 587. In '47 owner of a lot at S.F., where he still lived in '48-54. He died in Nevada '75, leaving a family in Or. Leandry (Juan B.), 1827, Ital. who came by sea at the age of '23. iii. 176. In '32 he joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iv. 221; in '36 kept a store at Los Ang.; was naturalized in '39. Juez de paz '40-1, holding other local offices; owner of part of S. Pedro, and grantee of Los Coyotes, where he died in '43. iii. 614, 633, 637; iv. 629, 633. Leary (Wm), 1844, deserter from the Warren near Mont.; perhaps at Sonoma '48. 

Leavens (Wm), 1846, one of the men captured with Alcalde Bartlett by Sanchez at S.F. (v. 377). Leavenworth (Thaddeus M.), 1847, nat. of Conn., physician and episcopal clergyman, who came as chaplain of the N.Y. Vol. v. 504, 511. He took some part in matters pertaining to church and schools, and was alcalde of S.F. in '47-9. v. 648-52, 657. He was also owner of town lots, and a street in the city bears his name. His official acts have been severely criticised, but I find no data for a just estimate of his character. In '50 he went to Sonoma Co., where he was claimant for a part of Agua Caliente rancho, [p.218]iii. 711, and where he still lived in '82. Leavy (Owen), 1847, corp. Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. The name was perhaps Leary. v. 529. Lebeau (Joseph), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Lecky (Wm C.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons, killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. Lecointe, 1845, com. of the H‚roine. iv. 566. Lecoq (Martin), 1834, Frenchman in a Mont. list. Leddy (Michael), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died in Mendocino Co. bef. '83. Ledesma (Jos‚), grantee of land at S. Gabriel. v. 628. 

Lee, 1847, a son said to have been born to Mrs Lee in Jan., at N. Helv. L., 1847, of L. & Reily, bakers, Mont. L., 1848, flogged and imprisoned for attempt at murder near S. Jos‚. L. (Barton), 1848, nat. of N.Y., who came from Or. to the mines; member and successor of the Sac. firm of Priest, L., & Co.; prominent also in local politics. He failed for a large amount in '50, and went to live in the Sandwich Isl., but returned to Cal., and died at Sac. in '56. L. (Cornelius R.V.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); presid. of the regulators at S.F. '49; died at Sta B. in '63. L. (Elisha), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. L. (James R.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Vallejo in '82. L. (John C.), 1847, Co. F, ditto. L. (Lawton), 1845, one of the men lost on the Warren's launch in '46. iv. 587; v. 384. L. (Milton), 1847, trader at Mont. L. (Sam.), 1846, mate of the Euphemia '46-8. L. (Theodore), 1846, mid. on the Congress; act. lieut Co. A, Stockton's naval bat., '46-7. v. 386. Levy (Wm), 1848, miner on the Yuba. 

Leese (Jacob Primer), 1833, native of Ohio, b. in 1809, and engaged in the Sta F‚ trade from '30, who seems to have come from N. Mex. late in '33, but perhaps went back and came again in July '34, engaging in trade at Los Ang. iii. 388, 409. In '36 he came to Mont. with Gov. Chico, whose good-will he succeeded in gaining, formed a partnership with Nathan Spear and Wm S. Hinckley, obtained a lot at S.F., and on it built the 1st solid structure in town before July 4th, being naturalized in Sept. iii. 421, 431, 705, 709; iv. 86, 116; v. 680. The next year he erected a larger store on the beach, and married Rosal¡a, sister of Gen. Vallejo, much against the general's wishes. He had a lighter, the Isabella, running on the bay and rivers, and the business of the firm, in exchanging goods for rancho products, was profitable; but he quarrelled with Spear and Hinckley about the division of the $13,000 profits, and the partnership was dissolved in '38, though L. continued the business for several years, failing to get the appointment of receptor in '39, and getting another town lot in '40. iii. 700, 705-6, 709-10; iv. 98; v. 679. In '41 he was grantee of the Ca¤ada de Guadalupe, Visitacion, y Rodeo Viejo rancho at S.F., and of Huichica at Sonoma; and this year he sold out his store to the H. B. Co. iv. 37, 179, 217, 671. He also transferred his residence and place of business to Sonoma, owning one lighter in comp. with Wm Johnson, and another, the Rosalia, with Salv. Vallejo. In '43 he went to Or. with a drove of cattle. iv. 377, 390; and in '44-5 he was alcalde at Sonoma, having serious quarrels with Victor Prudon. iv. 445, 448, 678-9. In '46 he was to a certain extent a sub-agent for the carrying-out of Larkin's plans. v. 63; and for this reason, perhaps, having accompanied the Bears to Sac. as interpreter, was thrown into prison by Fr‚mont with the Vallejos and Prudon. v. 112, 119-21, 298-9. His Bear Flag Revolt, an original MS. in my col., is one of the best narratives extant on the subject. v. 187. He had a 'Cal. claim' of $6,189, besides a claim for the construction of a wharf at Mont. v. 467; i. list auth. In '47 he is named as a member of the Sonoma council. v. 668; and is said to have made considerable money in the mines '48-9. He made a voyage to China in '49 on the Eveline, under an arrangement with Larkin; and subsequently resided at Mont., holding some local offices; being the claimant for several ranchos. iii. 678-9; iv. 671; and in '55 vice-president of the Soc. Cal. Pion. He was an uneducated and not very intelligent man, active and enterprising in business, whose many speculations were marked by boldness rather than ability; and his large property, with that of his wife, all disappeared. In '63 he obtained, in company with others, a concession of lands for colonization in L. Cal., but the scheme was a failure; and about '65 he left Cal. for the east. I have no definite record of his subsequent career, but in [p.219]Feb. '85 an apparently reliable newspaper report represents him as living at S. Antonio, Texas, in good health, but extreme poverty, an appeal being made to pioneers in his behalf. Portrait in Annals of S. F. and Hesperian. Mrs Leese lives at Mont. in '85, and has 7 grown children. She furnished for my use a History of the Osos, of no special value. A daughter, Rosal¡a, born at S.F. in '38, and the 1st child born at Yerba Buena, iii. 710, died, and her name was given to a younger daughter. The oldest son, Jacob, was born in '39, and resides in '85 at Salinas, where he has been county clerk and deputy sheriff, his wife being an Estrada, a niece of Gov. Alvarado. One of Leese's daughters married a son of Jos‚ Ábrego. (L. returned to Cal. in '85.) 

Lefèvre (Minard J.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Lefort (Geo.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Le Fourri (François), 1831, from N. Mex. with Wolfskill or Jackson. Legar (Miguel), 1602, sergt in Vizeaino's exped. i. 98. Legarda (Jos‚), 1841, mr of the J¢ven Carolina. iv. 566. Legare (Burnett), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died at sea '66. L. (Wm H.), 1847, ditto; died at Los Ang. '47. v. 625. Legendre (Louis), 1847, Fr. settler in Russ. Riv. township, where he was murdered after '52. Son. Co. Hist., 358-60. Legge, 1844, officer in the Modeste. Leggett (Wm), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Lehigh, 1847, son said to have been born to Mrs L.; perhaps 'Leahy,' q. v. Leicer, 1844, Walla Walla chief. iv. 545; see 'Elijah.' Leick (Chas), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Leidesdorff (Wm Alex.), 1841, nat. of the Danish West Indies, son of a Dane by a mulattress, who came to the U.S. as a boy, and became a master of vessels sailing from N.Y. and N. Orleans. He came to Cal. as mr of the Julia Ann, on which he made later trips to the Islands down to '45. iv. 279, 566. Engaging in trade at S.F., he got a lot in '43 at the cor. of Clay and Kearny streets, and in '44 or '45 built a warehouse on the beach at Cal. and Leidesdorff streets. iv. 669, 678; in '46 building the City Hotel on his 1st lot, and in '47 buying from Ridley the cottage at the cor. of Montgomery and Cal. streets, where he passed the rest of his life. iv. 678, 680. In '44 he obtained naturalization papers and a grant of the Rio de los Americanos rancho. iv. 673; and from Oct. '45 served as U.S. vice-consul by Larkin's appointment. iv. 188, 557, 589-90, 665. His corresp. of these years, especially with Larkin, is a most valuable source of historical information. In '46 he had controversies with Forbes, Ridley, and Hinckley, who were not intensely American enough to suit this Danish citizen of Mex.; visiting N. Helv. and Monterey; and in this and the following years becoming owner of many city lots. v. 3-4, 28, 136, 178, 239, 295, 648-9, 678, 680. In '47, having a Cal. claim of $8,740 (v. 462), and launching the 1st steamer that ever sailed on S.F. bay, v. 577-8, 646, he was not only one of the town's most prominent business men, but a member of the council, treasurer, and member of the school committee, taking an active part in local politics. v. 455, 648-52, 656. He died in May '48, at the age of 38. He was an intelligent man of fair education, speaking several languages; active, enterprising, and public-spirited; honorable for the most part in his transactions; but jealous, quick-tempered, often quarrelsome, and disagreeable. His estate, burdened by heavy debts at the time of his death, after the gold excitement became of immense value. It was administered by W. D. M. Howard, with the assistance of C. V. Gillespie, and was for years the subject of complicated litigation; but the title of Capt. Folsom, who had found the mother and other heirs of Leidesdorff at St Croix Isl., and had bought their interests, was finally adjudged to be valid. 

Leigh (Isaac), 1846, one of the Mormon Col. with his wife. v. 546; never went to Utah. Leighton (James C.), 1848, at S.F. from Tahiti; lieut of S. F. guards; of firm L., Swasey, & Co. v. 681. L. (Nathaniel S.), 1840, Amer. carpenter who got a carta at S F. in Oct.; at Mont. in '42. iv. 120. L. (Peter), 1838, named in Larkin's accts. Leinhard (J. H.), 1847, in Sutter's employ '47-8. Leister (Thomas), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Leiva, maj. of Jamul near S. Diego, killed by Ind. '37. iii. 614; iv. 68. L. (Antonio), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 23. L. (Francisco), soldier at Sta B. '32; wife Mar¡a C. Valencia; at Sta B. '50. L. (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. [p.220]comp. '39-42; at Los Ang. '46. L. (Juan), corporal at Sta B. before '37; at Los Ang, '46. L. (Miguel), soldier at Sta B. '33. L. (Ramon), ditto. L. (Rufino), corp. of Sta B. comp., in com. of escolta at S. Buen., where he was killed by Ind. in '19. ii. 333. L. (Santiago and Teodoro), at Los Ang. '46. Lelland (John M.), 1847, owner of S.F. lot; perhaps McLelland. Lelong (Martin), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Lem (Wm), 1828, Engl. sailor who deserted from a Fr. whaler at Todos Santos and came to S. Diego; or perhaps left drunk at S. D. by the General Sucre. Leman (John), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), enlisting at S. Jos‚ Nov. Lemoine (G. D.), 1846-7, mr of the Francisca and pass. on the Elizabeth; owner of S.F. lot. v. 578, 679. Lemon (Geo. F.), 1847, lieut Co. A, N.Y. Vol. v. 503; S.F. assessor '51; lieut-col N.Y. Vol. in the war of the rebellion; killed in battle '62. L. (James W.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl.; at Weston, Utah, '81. 

Le Netrel (Ed.), Fr. lieut on the H‚ros. iii. 129. Lenoir, 1845, Fr. hatter from Or. in the McM.-Clyman party; prob. returned to Or. '46. iv. 572, 526. Lenox (E. H.), 1848, Kentuckian in Sta Clara '68-76. L. (John A.), 1846, overl. immig. with his parents at the age of 2 years. The family settled at Sonoma, where John died in '74. Sac. Union. L. (J. W.), 1848, nat. of Ind.; in Sonoma Co. '48-77. Son. Co. Hist. L. (T.), 1847, in Sutter's employ '47-8; had a family; prob. came in '46. All the preceding are prob. vague ref. to the same family. Leon (Andr‚s), in the Mont. revolt of '29; sent as prisoner to Mex. '30. iii. 69, 71, 85. Leon y Luna, 1793, mr of the Activo. i. 544. Leonard (Geo. W. M.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); a colonel under Walker in Nicaragua; in N.Y. city '82. L. (Louis), 1846, overl. immig. with Hoppe and Harlan; went back east and died. Balhaus. Leonardo (Pedro B.), sirviente at Soledad 1791-1800. i. 499. 

Lepage (François), 1842, Frenchman who got a carta at S.F.; owner of a lot in '45, which he sold to James Lick in '48. iv. 341, 669. L. (Nicholas), 1842, brother of François, who also got a carta. Lequez (J. V.), 1831, doubtful name of a Scotchman permitted to marry. Lerma, soldier killed by Ind. in '21. ii. 550. Leroux, 1847, guide to Morm. Bat. v. 483. Leroy (Joseph), 1836, Frenchman, aged 29, at the Verjeles rancho near Mont.; perhaps the same man was an otter-hunter with Nidever in '39-40. iv. 119. L. (R.), 1839, Fr. surgeon at Sta B. and Mont. Lester (Thomas), 1817, Engl. sailor baptized as Jos‚ TomIgnacio, and living at S. Jos‚ '29-33. ii. 284, 286, 393, 602; perhaps the same who went to Hon. on the Mary Ann in '47. Letterman (Henry), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). 

Levelain (Chas), 1843-4, Fr. boy who left the Ferdinand (?), and lived with Capt. Richardson at Sauzalito. iv. 400; at S.F. from '49; married a daughter of Eusebio Soto in '50; at Butte City '60; at S.F. '64-7. Levitt, 1848, mr of the Eagle. v. 577. Levick (Isaac), 1845, at S.F.; also in '54. L. (John), 1837, deserter from an Engl. schr with a man named Morgan. They built a cabin at what became the cor of Dupont and Broadway, S.F. (?), and acquired a large fortune. He left Cal. in '57, and was lost on the Central America. Herald, Oct. 31, '57. iv. 118. Levin (Louis), 1835, at Los Ang. Levy (Thos), 1848, overl. immig. to Or. in '46, and came from Or. to the mines; found dead at Mosquito '74, age 49. Sac. Union. 

Lewis, 1847, of firm of L. & Lynch, Mont. '47-8. L. 1846, deserter from an Engl. man-of-war, who on pretence of having great wealth married an orphan who left him when she learned the truth; so wrote Leidesdorff. Perhaps Wm Lewis of '40. L., 1846, overl. immig. with Stephen Cooper. L., 1848, from Honolulu. L. (Abraham), 1848, nat. of N.Y.; in Sta Clara Co. '76. L. (Allen), 1830, Amer. blacksmith, age 25, who came on the Planet. iii. 180; at Sta B, '36. L. (F. W.) 1847, mate of the Elizabeth; perhaps at Sta B. '50. L. (Geo W.), 1846, nat. of Mo., said to have come with his father's family and to have settled at Sonoma, where his mother lived in '80, and he was candidate for county assessor. L. (Henry), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). L. (H. E.), 1847, Co. E, ditto; at S. Jos‚ '71-4; not in Clark's latest list. L. (Henry H.), 1847, lieut on the U.S. Independence. L. (J.), 1848, [p.221]passp. from Hon. L. (James), 1845, doubtful name of the McM.-Clyman party. iv. 573. L. (James D.), 1843, sailor on the Admittance, disch. in '45. Peterson's Diary. L. (John B.), 1845, overl. immig. of the Swasey-Todd party. iv. 576, 587; one of the committee representing new-comers in the treaty with Castro in Nov. iv. 606; at Sonoma and Napa '46-8, and member of the Sonoma council '47. v. 668; at S. Jos‚ '50. L. (John), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Sta B. '48. L. (John), 1834, at Los Ang.; doubtful name. L. (Joseph), 1847, commander's clerk on the Columbus. L. (Joseph B.) 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. in Texas '82. L. (Louis), 1835, nat. of Pa, trader at Los Ang., age 25; accused of complicity in the Apalrevolt (iii. 282). L. (Sam.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Panguich, Utah, '82. L. (Thomas), 1833, Amer. from S. Blas, accused of illegal otterhunting in Sept. In '36 he was at Los Ang., a single carpenter, aged 25. In '40 one of the Graham exiles, who returned in '41 and worked at Sta Cruz as a lumberman in '42-3. He may have been the Tom Lewis who accompanied John Brown on his famous ride of '46. iii. 393, 409; iv. 18, 33; v. 304. L. (Thomas), 1844, Engl., age 30, at S.F. L. (Wm), 1840, naturalized this year and named on Larkin's books. iv. 120. At S.F. and S. Jos‚ in '41; in '45 at N. Helv., where he was married in Dec. His wife may be the Mrs L. who married Perry McCoon in Feb '46, and died in June. 

Libbey (Elliott), 1845, mr of the Tasso '45-8; also of the Com. Shubrick in '47. iv. 569; v. 577, 580. For assault on him and Spear at S.F., see iv. 589, 665-6. According to Thomes there was a 'woman in the case.' Capt. L. was the owner of a town lot in '46 (v. 685), and in 54 lived at S. Rafnel. It is possible that he visited Cal. on some vessel from Hon. earlier than '45. Lichtenstein, see 'Lightstone.' Lick (James), 1848, nat. of Pa, a piano-maker by trade, who had lived for over 20 years in Buenos Aires, Chile, and Peru, and who came to S.F. from Callao on the Lady Adams, arriving Jan. 7, '48. He had already a small fortune, which he invested in S.F. lands (v. 678), and patiently waited for the increase in the value of his real estate to make him immensely wealthy. Among his enterprises of later years were a grand flouring mill at S. Jos‚, finished with mahogany in the interior, and the Lick House, in which some of the fine decorations in wood are the work of his own hands. He was an honest, industrious man, of much common sense, though noted for his many eccentricities and whims, and in his later years of irritable and thoroughly disagreeable temperament. He had no family, except an illegitimate son, who was recognized by him and spent some years with him in Cal. He took a deep interest from the first in the Society of Cal. Pioneers, to which he made liberal gifts. His great and well-merited fame rests on the final disposition of his millions, which, after provision for his relatives, were devoted to various scientific, charitable, and educational enterprises, for the benefit of the donor's adopted state. He died in '76, at the age of '80; and after the usual delays caused by financial and legal complications, the results of Lick's bequests are beginning, in '85, to assume practical shape. 

Light (Allen B.), 1835, negro, who deserted from the Pilgrim, or some other vessel, and became an otter-hunter. iii. 413. He was known as Black Steward, his encounter with a grizzly bear in the Sta B. region being mentioned by Alfred Robinson, and other adventures by Nidever. He was one of Graham's men in '36-8; and in '39, being a naturalized resident of Sta B., was appointed by the govt agent to prevent illegal otter-hunting. iv. 91; at Los Ang. in '41, and in '46-8 at S. Diego, still a hunter. L. (James), 1846, nat. of Me, and one of the Mormon Col., with wife and child, though sometimes accredited to the N.Y. Vol. v. 546. He lived in S. Joaq., and later at Sauzalito; but from '50 was a resident of Humboldt Co., where he died at Arcata in '81. His wife, Mary J., died in '75. Lightstone (Frank), 1845, German soap-maker and chandler; original name Franz Lichtenstein, who came from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman party, and settled at S. Jos‚ '46. iv. 572, 487; still living in Sta Clara Co., I think, in '85. 

Lillie (Leonard G.), 1846, nat. of N. Y., prob. overl. immig. from Ill., and settler in Napa Val. He died at Calistoga in '72, age 48, leaving a widow and [p.222]6 children. Limantour (Joseph Yves), 1841, Fr. trader in Mex., who came to Cal. as sup. of the Ayacucho. iv. 279, 563. The schr was wrecked near Pt Reyes, and L. opened a store at S.F. to dispose of the cargo '41-2. He came back in '43-4, '47, and '52-3. v. 449, 576. During the visit of '43-4 he furnished aid to Gov. Micheltorena, and received in return, as there seems to be no reason to doubt, several grants of land. In '52-3 he presented his claims before the land commission. iv. 352, 386, 402, 511, 559, 634, 655, 671-4. Hischief claim, to about half the site of San Francisco, was at first confirmed by the commission; but in '58 was rejected by the district court, the grant being pronounced a forgery supported by false testimony. This famous case is more fully noticed elsewhere (see vol. vi.). The truth would seem to be that L. had really obtained grants of land at S.F. and elsewhere; but that in later years, by forged papers and with the aid of Ex-gov. Micheltorena, he overreached himself by attempting to improve the location and extent of his grants. He is still, in '85, a wealthy resident of the City of Mexico. Limcante (Blas), 1806, sailor on the Peacock, arrested at S. Juan Cap. ii. 38. Limon (Cayetano), 1781-2, Mex. alf‚rez, who came to Cal. in com. of escort to Rivera's colony. i. 342-4, 361, 364-5. Limon (Fran.), criminal at S. Fern. '39. iii. 638. L. (Fran.), apparently a lieut.; at Mont. '46; went to Mex. with Flores '48. v. 41, 407-8. L. (Jos‚ M.), 1842; sub-lieut of the batallon fijo; suspended in '43. iv. 289, 354, 364. 

Linares (Fran.), at Los Ang. '46. L. (Ignacio), settler at S. Jos‚ 1786. i. 477. In 1793 invwife Gertrudis Rivas, child. Salvador, Marcela, Francisco, Mariano, Nicolasa, Santos, Antonia, and Rosa. L. (Jos‚), llavero, at Sta In‚s '39. iii. 664. L. (Jos‚ de la Cruz), grantee of Nogales '40. iii. 633; at S. Gabriel '46. L. (Juan Jos‚), soldier of the guard at S. Jos‚ mission 1797-1800. i. 556. L. (Margarito), Mex. soldier at Mont. '36. L. (Mar¡a Ant.), grantee of Los Carneros '42. iv. 655. L. (Miguel), at Los Ang. '46. L. (Ramon), soldier at Sta Cruz and S. Jos‚ 1795-1800. i. 496, 556; invof the S.F. comp. 1819-21. L. (Rafael), at the Natividad fight (v. 363). L. (Rosa), had a son in the Mont. school '46. L. (Santiago), shot for murder at Los Ang. '41. iv. 630. L. (Vicente), grantee of rancho at S. Luis Ob. '42. iv. 656. L. (Victor), soldier at S. Diego '26. ii. 549; in '37 grantee of Tinaquaic. iii. 656, 557; in 39-40 maj. at S. Luis Ob., and militia alf‚rez. iii. 683; iv. 13; in '42 grantee of Ca¤ada de los Osos. iv. 655; in '46 juez at S. Luis, v. 638, where he still lived in '51. Linch, see 'Lynch.' 

Lincoln (John), 1822, mr of the John Begg. ii. 474. L. (Jonas), 1847, son of Seth, who came at the age of 10, born in Engl. He was later a member of the Pac. Stock Exchange, S.F., and died, as did his wife, in '76, leaving 7 children. L. (J. S.), 1847, candidate for the S.F. council. v. 650; prob. same as the following. L. (Seth S.), 1847, from Hon. with wife and 2 children on the Francesca. He was the owner of several town lots in '47-8, and by some is said to have been a Mormon preacher. v. 547. All the family except Jonas left S.F. for Australia and were lost at sea. 

Linder (Francis), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Lindsay, 1848, mr of the TassXXX. L. (J. H.), 1845, at S.F. June '46. Terr. Pion., 1st An. L. (Thomas), 1841, immig. from N. Mex. in the Workman-Rowland party, called a 'mineralogist' in the Rowland list. iv. 278-9. In '44 he settled at what was later Stockton, building a tule hut. He went south-as the entire pop. of Stockton-with Sutter in the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 486; and soon after his return, in the spring of '45, was killed by Indians, his body being burned with the hut. iv. 516, 543, 674. Lineda (Arcadio), 1789, lieut in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. Linel (Joseph), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. Link, 1848, from S. Jos‚ to the mines. Linn (James S.), 1847, owner of S. F. lot; also at N. Helv., Sta Clara, and in the mines '47-8; had a family. Lino, neoph. at Sta Cruz 1817. ii. 388. L., sacristain at Sta B. '38. iii. 656. Linson (Fran.), a litigant in Los Ang. district '39. Linton (James), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Linty (J.), 1846, Cal. Bat., Co. B, artill. v. 358. 

Lipp (Carl), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Vallejo '71-82. Lipper (Augustus), 1847, Co. G, ditto. Lippincott (Benj. S.), 1846, nat. of N.Y. [p.223]who came overland with Bryant, being wounded on the way by Ind. v. 528. He was active in raising recruits for the war, and served as lieut of Co. H, Cal. Bat., acting also as asst Q. M. v. 359, 361. In this connection he is often called Geo. M. Lippincott, but I find no evidence that there were two of the name. In '47-8 he lived at S.F., being a gambler by profession, owner of town lots, v. 678, and a candidate for the council. v. 650. He was a member of the constit. convention of '49, representing S. Joaq. Co. in the 1st legislature, and Calaveras in those of '55 and '61. He was a popular man as trader, politician, and 'one of the boys.' He died in N.J. '70, at the age of 55. Lippett (Francis J.), 1847, nat. of R. I., capt. Co. F, N.Y. Vol., and in com. of the garrison at Sta B. v. 504, 514, 584, 631; owner of a town lot, v. 685, and from '48 a lawyer at S.F. to '52 or later. v. 686; member of the constit. convention of '49; col of 1st Cal. infantry in war of '61-5; at Providence, R. I., '71; Boston, '74, and Washington, D.C., '82. Lisa (Dan.), 1816, nat. of Mass. who came on the Lydia, and was baptized at Sta B. in '18 as Daniel MJos‚ de Sta Rosa. The name was prob. Daniel Eleazer, the surname being unknown. L. (Jos‚ Manuel), 1816, brother of Dan., bapt. at Sta B. '16. ii. 277. Lis(Jos‚ M.), 1842. iv. 642. 

Little, 1837, mr of the Griffon. iv. 104; perhaps Wm C. iv. 141. L. (August), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. L. (John), 1848(?), trader and postmaster at Coloma. L. (Milton), 1843, nat. of N. Y. and overl. immig. of the Walker-Chiles party, being wounded by Ind. on the trip. iv. 392, 394, 400. He settled at Mont. as a trader in '44, and from that time his name constantly appears in various records. He got a carta in '44, was a partner of Belden in '45, was 2d alcalde in '46, serving on the 1st jury, and having a Cal. claim. v. 289, 637 (462). In '48 he married Mary Eagar, also visiting the gold mines, After '49 he continued to trade at Mont., holding several county offices, being claimant for lands, iv. 656, and dying in '79 at the age of '67. He left a widow and several children. Littlefield (Geo.), 1845, mr of the Hopewell. iv. 566. 

Littlejohn (David), 1824, Scotch farmer and carpenter from Callao on one of Hartnell's vessels. ii. 526; baptized in '25 at S. Cas Francisco Javier David; joined the comp. extranjera in '32. iii. 221; naturalized in '33, being then 40 years old, married to a native, and owner of some cattle. In '34 he was grantee of Carneros rancho, Mont. Co., later confirmed to his heirs. iii. 677; named often in Larkin's accounts and other records '34-46. Being partially insane (?), he objected to the plundering of his rancho by Fr‚mont's men and narrowly escaped with his life. He died a little later, and his widow married Jos‚ M. Castro before '50. Littleton (John), 1826, Engl. sailor who landed sick at Mont. from the Rover. iii. 176; ii. 609. In '29, being 22 years old, he worked at the inn when able: lived with Larkin in '36; and is last mentioned in '37. 

Livermore (Robert), 1822, nat. of London, b. 1799, apprenticed to a mason, from whom he ran away in '16 and went to sea. After serving in the U.S. navy he left that service on the S. Amer. coast, and joined the allied fleet under Lord Cochrane, taking part on the Esmeralda in the naval operations at Callao (which were in '20-1), and perhaps joining an exped. to the north (though he could not apparently have been in the Gulf of Cal. in '22. See Hist. N. Mex. St., ii.). Leaving the naval service, he shipped on the Colonel Young, a trading craft, from which he deserted in Cal., probably in '22, the date of her arrival, ii. 478, but possibly later on another trip of '25. iii. 29. There is a strange confusion in records of his coming, the date being given by different writers all the way from '16 to '29. He is understood to have lived some years on the Laguna, or Alvires, rancho, spending some time in the south at S. Gabriel, and working in the Sta Clara redwoods; but this was prob. later, as Geo. Frazer, of '33, is named as his comrade. The earliest original record is in '29, when, being maj. on the rancho of Torre and Mulligan, he claimed to be 23 years old, and to have come in '19, intending to remain and marry, St. Pap. Sac., xiii. 3, both of which statements must be erroneous. In another record of '29, being a resident of S. Jos‚, 'Roberto' said he had deserted [p.224]from the Conoliango about '21, was 22 years old, and had been baptized at Sta Clara (as Juan Bautista Roberto). Dept. St. Pap., xix. 3. I have a receipt of money from L., dated Los Pozitos, in '25. Alviso, Doc., 6; but this may be a slip of the pen for '35. He is mentioned at S. Jos‚ in '30 and '31, but as intending to quit the place. Vallejo, Doc., xxx. 61, 313. In '42 he writes of a cattle-brand that he had used for 15 years (since '27). Estudillo, Doc., ii. 54. Soon after '30 he went to the Tularcitos rancho, where he married Josefa Higuera, widow of Fuentes Molina, as early as '34, if we follow the padron of '41, which makes his daughter Casimira 6 years old, though the date is generally given as later; and before '37-when Edwards visited him-he had established himself on the Pozitos rancho, in what was later called Livermore Valley, and where he spent the rest of his life. iv. 86, 117. In '39 he was apparently granted the rancho on Apr. 8th. Leg. Rec., iii. 61; but 2 days later it was granted to Salvio Pacheco, prob. as a formality, L. not being a citizen. He at once bought the property in partnership with Jos‚ Noriega, whose interest he purchased later. In a list of foreigners of '40-when L. was perhaps arrested, iv. 17-as per extract furnished by J. A. Forbes for my use, L. is said to be 36 years old, and to have come with Mancisidor on the Coronel Yon 20 years ago. In '40-1 he had some dealings with Sutter, iv. 134, 233, being called 39 years old in a padron; and in all these years he had much trouble with the Ind., being wounded in one of his exped. In '44 he was naturalized, being a resid. for 'over 20 years,' and having a large family. In '46 he rendered some service in carrying despatches. v. 246-7; about this time purchased the Ca¤ada de los Vaqueros of the Alvisos; and his place was a well-known station on the route from Mont. and S. Jos‚ to Sac. The two ranchos were later confirmed to him. iii. 712; iv. 671; and the former sailor became a rich man. His reputation is that of a hospitable and honest man, a good representative of his class. In '51, through the medium of a neighbor named Strickland, who had a sister living in England, L. resumed commun. with his relatives after 35 years of silence. The original corresp., Livermore Papers, MS., chiefly of his brother, Wm C., in London, has been furnished to me by Valentin Alviso, his son-in-law. The corresp. extended from '51 to '57, showing L.'s father to have died in '26 and his mother in '48, but several brothers, sisters, and other relatives still survived; and the English builder's views and advice respecting Cal. ranchero life must have been more amusing than instructive to Don Roberto. One suggestion was to surround his rancho with a ditch, and another to brand his cattle. Livermore died in '58. Portrait in Halley's Centen. Year-Book, 563. He left a widow and 8 children. His son Robert, b. in '40, still resides, '85, in Livermore Valley with wife, Teresa Bernal, and 6 children. Portrait in Alam. Co. Hist., 16. One of the daughters, Josefa, is the wife of Valentin Alviso. 

Livingstone (John W.), 1846, lieut U.S.N., com. of the Congress '46-8. v. 253, 577; rear-admiral living in N.Y. '77. L. (Peter F.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); I have his letter of Apr. '48, at S.F., in which he expresses his desire to buy a tract of land near the presidio as soon as discharged; alcalde at S. Jos‚ '49. He died at Sonora '73. Lizalde (Ignacio), at Sta B. '37, wife Mar¡a Ign. Arellanes, 3 children. L. (Juan), soldier of S.F. comp. '39-42. L. (Pedro), corporal of S. Diego comp. 1797. i. 562; settler at Los Ang. 1808. ii. 349. Llanos (Wm), 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. Llepe (Jerome), 1834, doubtful name of an Engl. hatter at Mont., age 27. Lloyd (Horace), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); perhaps the L. in Alameda Co. '55-78. Lobar (Juan), 1831, from N. Mex. in the Wolfskill party. iii. 387. Lobato (Miguel Garc¡a), Mex. lieut. of engineers, who perhaps came with Echeand¡a in '25. He is mentioned in connection with the trial of P. Martinez in '29-30. iii. 84, 99; and was sent to Mex. in '30 as a comisionado by the junta de guerra. L. (Diego), at S. Gabriel '46. Lobo (Juan), resid. of Los Ang. '46; prominent at the fight of S. Pascual. v. 352. L. (Juan Jos‚), settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461. L. (Juan Jos‚ and Santiago), at Los Ang. '46. L. (Marcial), at S. Diego '26. L. (Pedro), sergt at S. Diego '25-8. ii. 543. 

Locke, 1795, mr of the Resolution. i. 538, 625. L. (James O.), 1829, mr [p.225]of the Brookline '29-30. iii. 146. In '40, at Boston, he jumped from a 3d-story window and fractured his skull. Lockwood (Isaac), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. Jos‚ '50. L. (Wm A.), 1842, prof. of mathematics on Com. Jones' fleet. iv. 308. 

Lodge (Michael), 1822, Irish carpenter, who, in '29, was living at Mont., age 30, married to Martina Castro. ii. 479. I have his autograph letter of May '28. His name appears on Larkin's books in '33-47, his business being that of lumberman, and from about '37 owner of a rancho near Sta Cruz. In '40 he was arrested but not exiled (iv. 17), though in '41 fined $20 for applying an opprobrious epithet to the Mex. govt. In '45 he is named in the Branciforte padron as 50 years old, wife 39, children Refugio, b. '32, Mar¡a Ant. 35, Miguel '39, Joaquin '41, and Mar¡a '42. In Nov. '47 he was still a lumberman at Soquel, but I have no later record of him, or of his family, except that one of his daughters married Thos Fallon. Loesa, chaplain of the S. Blas transports, 1791-1800. i. 655. Loeser (Lucien), 1847, lieut Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. v. 518; sent east with despatches '48. 

Logan (Joseph B.), 1847, sergt Co. I, N. Y. Vol. v. 504; died at Spring-field, Tuol. Co., '57. L. (L. L.), 1846, from Mich.; a soldier in N. Mex. '61-4, when he was fatally wounded by the Ind. Watsonville PTimes. L. (Wm), 1824, owner of a vineyard at Los Ang. '31. ii. 526; prob. same as Wm Lobe, named in '40 as an Amer. carpenter from N. Mex., who had been 14 years in Cal., married, and 38 years old. iii. 176. Loker (Wm N.), 1845, Amer. trader from Mo., and overl. immig. of the Hastings party. iv. 586-7; clerk in Sutter's employ from Jan. '46; in charge of the Bear prisoners. v. 125, 80; lieut Co. A, Cal. Bat., and later adjutant; had a Cal. claim (v. 462); went east with Fr‚mont, and testified at the court-martial. v. 453-456. In '76 he is named as a broker at St Louis. Lomer, 1848, Mont. firm of Copman & L. '48-9. 

Londerman, 1848, at N. Helv. Long (Dr), 1847, at N. Helv.; mining at Parks Bar '48, with his brothers. L. (A. K.), 1841, com. of the Relief, U.S. ex. iv. 271. L. (A. R.), 1848, capt U.S.N., on the Warren; com. of marine guard at S.F. L. (David), 1847, came on the Fama, perhaps earlier, and worked at S.F., '47-8, for Ward & Smith, and for Leidesdorff; at N. Helv., on Leidesdorff's launch, '48. L. (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). L. (John P.), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), enlisting at Mont. Oct.; had a Cal. claim for quarters and clothing (v. 462); in the mines at Park and Long bars '48. L. (Wm or Willis), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); living in Vaca Valley '74. Longdeau (Maurice), 1846, with Kearny from N. Mex. v. 337. Longley (Wm Rufus), 1846, came from Hon. on the Euphemia, as clerk for Davis, '46-7; clerk at Mont. for naval store-keeper, and agent for McClurg & Co.; 2d alcalde at Mont. '48; also trading in the mines. v. 637. Look, 1843, doubtful name of a saloon-keeper at Mont. acc. to newspapers. Loper (Andrew J.), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat., enlisting at Sonoma Oct. (v. 358). 

Lopez, sailor sirviente at Sta Cruz. i. 496. L.(Alejandro), at Los Ang. '46. L. (Antonio), settler at Los Ang. '13. ii. 359; in '32 invof the Sta B. comp., wife Gertrudis F‚lix, child. Josefa, Filomena, Juan Jos‚, Bernardino, and Jos‚ Mar¡a. L. (Baldomero), 1791, Span. friar; founder of Sta Cruz, where he served till his retirement in '96; guardian of S. Fernando College '18-25. Biog. i. 497-9; ment. i. 494, 576; ii. 397-8, 402, 431-2; iii. 21. L. (Bernardino), son of Antonio; regidor at Los Ang. '37-8. iii. 509, 636; encargado of S. Gabriel '47. v. 628; had a Cal. claim (v. 462); still at Los Ang. '48. L. (Bonifacio), juez del campo at S. Diego '35. iii. 615; in charge of the mission '43. v. 620. L. (Capistrano), at S. Juan B. '44; mentioned in connection with the Fr‚mont-Gavilan affair of '46. v. 18; in later years a noted desperado finally hanged at Sta Cruz. L. (Cayetano), artisan-instructor 1792-5; i. 615, 725. L. (Claudio), settler at Los Ang. '11; maj. at S. Gabriel '21-30; alcalde at Los Ang. '26. ii. 349, 560, 568. L. (Cornelio), resid. of Los Ang. '36-48. L. (Est‚van), 1602, corp. in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98. L. (Est‚van), at Los Ang. '28-39. L. (Francisco), at S. Fern. '39; sec. in the juzgado at Los Ang. '41. iv. 641; named as discov. of the southern gold mines [p.226]in '42. iv. 630-1; grantee of Los Álamos '46. v. 627; clerk in governor's office '45; juez de campo '48. v. 626. L. (Francisco), corp. of Sta B. comp. '32; wife Mar¡a Ant. F‚lix; grantee of Temescal '43. iv. 643; living on his rancho '45. L. (Ger¢nimo), at Los Ang. '46. L. (Gregorio), at Sta B. before '37; wife Antonia Mar¡a Ortega, and one child; in '46 maj. of S. Julian rancho. v. 282. L. (Ignacio), soldier of S. Diego comp.; partido elector of S. Diego '22, and elected to legislature. ii. 454, 462, 543; took part in revolution of '31. iii. 201; juez de campo '36. iii. 616. L. (Jacinto), 1799, Span. friar who served for brief terms at S. Antonio and S. Juan B., retiring in 1801. i. 558, 577; ii. 153, 159. L. (Joaquin), soldier killed on the Colorado 1781. i. 363. L. (Jos‚), brother of Ignacio, at S. Diego, engaged in the revolution of '31. iii. 201; owner of land at S. Juan Cap. '41-3. iv. 371, 624, 626; killed by Ind. at Puma '46. v. 617; but another of the same name was regidor at S. Diego '49. L. (Jos‚ Ant.), Mex. convict '29-34. L. (Jos‚ de Jesus), soldier of the S.F. comp. '39-42. L. (Jos‚ M.), at Sta Cruz 1794. i. 496. L. (Jos‚ M.), soldier of Sta B. comp. before '37; at Los Ang. '39-48, being zanjero in '44. iv. 633. L. (Juan), settler at Los Ang. 1798-9; i. 606; ii. 349. L. (Juan), at S. Diego, engaged in revolt of '31. iii. 200-1; grantee of Ca¤ada de S. Vicente '46. v. 619; iii. 612. L. (Juan Jos‚), 1842, Mex. cornet in batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289. L. (Juan B.), killed at Mont. '25. iii. 26. L. (J. B.), otter-hunter '30. iii. 145. L. (Leandro), at Los Ang. '46. L. (Manuel), ex-llavero S. Antonio '40. iii. 687. L. (M. J.), owner of Jesus rancho, S. Diego, '36. iii. 611-12. L. (Mar¡a Ign.), wife of Joaq. Carrillo; grantee of Sta Rosa '41. iv. 673. She was a half-sister of Pio Pico's mother, Ignacio and Jos‚ being her brothers. Her sisters were Josefa, wife of V‚jar, Juana, wife of Juan Osuna, and Mar¡a Ant., wife of Jos‚ M. Aguilar. L. (Nicolowner of a house at Sta B. '48. v. 632. L. (Pedro), sirviente at S.F. 1777. i. 297. L. (Pedro), at S. Fern. '39, age 28; grantee of Tujunga '40. iii. 634; still at S. Fern. '56. L. (Rafael), soldier at Sta B. '32, wife Mar¡a Ortega. L. (Ramon), Dominican friar from L. Cal., at S. Diego occasionally. 1791-1800. i. 655. L. (Tiburcio), soldier of Sta B. comp. before '37; at Los Ang. '46. L. (Theodore), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in Tuol. Co. 77. Lord (Joseph M.), 1847, owner of boats on bay and river '48-9; in S.F. after '70. 

Lorenzana (Apolinaria), 1800, one of the foundlings sent from Mex. to Cal., who lived at Sta B. and S. Diego, never married, and became known as La Beata, devoting her life to charity and teaching, a favorite godmother at baptisms. i. 606; ii. 169. She was at S. Luis Rey '21-30. ii. 553; and was grantee of Jamacho and Ca¤ada de los Coches in '40, '43, iii. 611, 621, the former being confirmed to her by the land commission, but taken from her by some legal hocus pocus that the old woman never understood. In '78 she was living at Sta B., entirely blind and supported by friends and the county. Her Memorias de La Beata, dictated for my use, contains many interesting items on early times. Her name of Lorenzana is that of the archbishop of Mex. given to all foundlings from that asylum. L. (Felipe), at Sta B. before '37, wife Natividad Ruiz, 4 children; ranchero in '45. L. (Inocente), juez de polic¡a at Sta B. before '48. v. 631. L. (Jacinto), at Sta B. '37, wife CRodriguez, 3 children; s¡ndico in '40. iii. 655. L. (Jos‚), at Branciforte '45, age 20, wife Manuela Salazar, child. Josefa b. '36, Prudencio '37, Benita '38, Juan Jos‚ '40, Rosario '42; a man of same name at Sta B. '50-5. L. (Macedonio), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-22; at Brancif. '28, wife Romualda Vasquez, child. Jos‚, Apolinario b. '19, Bernarda, Juana, Arcadio '24, and Pedro. ii. 627; in '35, '39, s¡ndico. iii. 696-7; '38 regidor. iii. 697; '45-6 2d alcalde. iv. 641, 664; in '45, age 53, additional children, Juan b. '25, Matias '26, Fernando '30, Jesus '35, Faustino '36, Jos‚ '37, Ricardo '40, Trinidad '44. L. (Manuel), alguacil at Sta B. '39. iii. 654. L. (Timoteo), killed in '31. iii. 673. L. (Tomsoldier at Sta B. before '37. L. (Vicente), at Los Ang. '12-48, a carpenter, age 50 in '39. ii. 350. 

Loring (Sam.), 1836, Amer. cooper, age 26, in a Sta B. list. iv. 118; died at Los Ang. '43. L. ('Major'), 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. [p.227]Lornes (John), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Losaya (Jos‚ M.), killed a man at Sta B. '40. iii. 655. Loughray (Andrew), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Louis, 1847, mr of the Providence. L. (Henry), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). L. (J. Gros and P. Gros), 1846, Cal. Bat., Co. B, artill. (v. 358). Lount (Seth H.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); killed by Rogue Riv. Ind. '55. Louzade (James), 1840, one of the exiles to S. Blas. iv. 18. 

Love (Harry), 1843 (?), arrived in Oct. acc. to records of the Soc. Cal. Pion. iv. 400. His wife was Mary Bennett, widow of Vardamon B. of '43. She was living in Sta Clara Co. '55. L. (John), 1846, lieut Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons, as per muster-roll; prob. did not come to Cal. Loveall (Stephen), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Lovejoy (A. L.), 1848, Or. lawyer in the mines. Burnett. Lovelain (L. F.), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Loveland (Cyrus C.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in Sta Co. '83. L. (J. B.), 1848, at Monterey. Lovett, 1848, mr of the Eagle. L. (Angeline M.), 1846, a woman of the Mormon colony. v. 546; married to Thos Kittleman in Dec. '47 at S.F. 

Low (James C.), 1847, Q. M. sergt N.Y. Vol. v. 503; acting order. sergt; disch. for physical disability Sept.; owner of S.F. lots; in S.F. '54; d. at S. Rafael before '82. L. (Thomas), 1831, perhaps one of Young's trappers. iii. 388; at S.F. in '40. Lowe, 1847, mr of the Sta Cruz schr '46-8. v. 580. Lowe (Mrs W. H.), 1846, at S. Jos‚ '81. Lowery (Anthony W.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S.F. '74-8. Loy (Horace), 1848, teamster in Sutter's employ. Loze (M. M.), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). 

Lucas (John), 1838, Engl. lumberman in the Sta Cruz region named in Larkin's accounts. iv. 119; one of the exiles of '40, who returned in '41. iv. 18, 33. Luce, 1848, mr of the Tepic. v. 580. L. (S. B.), 1847, mid. on the U.S. Columbus. Luc¡o (Juan Saenz de), 1806, Span. friar who served at S.F., retiring in '16. ii. 374-5, 131, 159-60, 386, 394. Luco (Juan M.), 1847, Chilian and mr of the Natalia '47-8. v. 579; claimant for the Ulpinos rancho. iv. 674; somewhat prominent in land matters, and still in S.F. '85. Ludloff (Charles), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Lugo (Antonio Mar¡a), son of Francisco, nat. of Cal., b. at S. Antonio 1775, and a soldier till 1809, when he settled near Los Angeles. ii. 350, 353. In 1810 he was grantee of S. Antonio rancho, confirmed to him in later years. ii. 112, 352, 565-6, 633, 664. In '16 and '18 he was alcalde at Los Ang. ii. 350; juez del campo '33-4. iii. 635, 257-8; in '37-8 memb. of the ayunt., taking some part as commissioner in the troubles between north and south. iii. 509, 519, 556, 636; grantee of Chino in '41. iv. 634; ment. occasionally in connection with Ind. affairs and other public matters, having a claim of $5,000 against the govt '42-6. iv. 338, 497, 626, 629, 634. He was a wealthy and widely known ranchero, uneducated but of good character. He died in '60. His wife was Mar¡a Dolores Ruiz; and his daughter Merced married Stephen C. Foster. Jos‚ del Cand Felipe were his sons. L. (Bernardino), at Sta B. before '37, wife Isabel Leiva. L. (Felipe), son, I think, of Ant. M., born about 1808; regidor at Los Ang. '32-3, '36-7, '44-5. iii. 635-6; iv. 633; in '39 a lieut. iii. 583; and partido elector. iii. 590; and juez in '40. iii. 637. After the Amer. occupation he was justice of the peace and supervisor, residing at La Mesa; still living in '78. 

Lugo (Francisco), Mex. soldier who came from Sinaloa with his family soon after 1769, living at Los Ang. and Sta B. i. 461; ii. 100. He died at Sta B. in 1805, and may be regarded as the founder of the Lugo family in Cal. His wife was Juana Vianazul (one record seems to say Juana M. Rita Martinez), and he brought four children from Sin., Salvador killed when a boy by being thrown from a horse, Jos‚ Antonio a soldier at Sta B. who left a family, Tomasa who married Capt. Raimundo Carrillo, ii. 100, and Rosa who married Alf‚rez Cota and was the mother of Joaq. de la Torre's wife, dying in 1790. i. 665. Five children were born in Cal., Jos‚ Ignacio, Antonio Mar¡a, and Juan, all soldiers; Mar¡a Antonia who married Ignacio Vallejo, and Mar¡a Ignacia who married Jos‚ Ruiz. L. (Francisco), at Pilarcitos [p.228]rancho '25-6, being juez de campo '35, iii. 674, age 37, wife Juana Briones, child. Cayetano b. '31 (at Sta B. '51), Juan de Mata '34, Francisco '36; in '39 grantee of Paraje de Sanchez, iii. 677, for which his widow was claimant in '52; juez auxiliar '44. iv. 653. 

Lugo (Jos‚), sergt of the Sta B. comp., and alf‚rez '39-46, involved in several revolts and in the affair of the ca¤on perdido of '48. iii. 651; iv. 476, 539, 541, 651; v. 35, 586, 588. Known as El Chato. L. (Jos‚ del Cson of Antonio Mar¡a, b. at Los Ang. '13; regidor at Los Ang. '38-9. iii. 636; grantee of S. Bernardino '42. iv. 635; ju‚z de campo '44. iv. 633; prominent in the chino fight and in several Ind. exped. of '46-7. v. 312-14, 408, 566, 617, 625; alcalde of Los Ang. '49. About '51 he sold his rancho to the Mormons, and from that time has lived at Los Ang., in good circumstances till about '63, when he lost his property. In '78 he dictated his Vida de un Ranchero for my use. He had a wife and 4 daughters. L. (Jos‚ Ignacio), son of Francisco, soldier at San Juan B. before 1800, and later settler at Los Ang. i. 558; ii. 350; maj. at S. Fern. '17; in '32 inval. of Sta B. comp.; wife Rafaela Romero, child. Magdalena and Luis; at Los Ang. '46. L. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), juez del campo at Los Ang. '36, '38. iii. 636; one of the grantees of S. Bernardino '42; a son of Ant. Mar¡a; still living at S. Bern. '50. L. (Juan), corp. at Sta B. before '37; at Los Ang. '48. L. (Luis), at Sta B. 1790, when his wife died in giving birth to twins. L. (Mar¡a Guadalupe), wife of Sergt Verdugo, d. 1780. i. 663. L. (Miguel), at Sta B. '37, wife Isabel Fernandez, 2 children. L. (Nicanor), had a Cal. claim for horses $1,970 (v. 462). L. (Rafael), soldier at Sta B. before '37. L. (Santiago), appraiser at Pur¡sima '35. iii. 665; regidor at Sta B. '37. iii. 654; juez de paz '41. iv. 641. L. (Seferino), soldier in 1777; one of the earliest settlers at S. Jos‚. i. 312, 477-8; wife Gertrudis Pacheco. L. (Trinidad), soldier at Sta B. '32, wife Rosario Dominguez, 6 children. L. (Vicente), one of the grantees of S. Bern. '42, son of Antonio M.; justice at S. Gabriel '50; supervisor Los Ang. Co. '62-3. 

Luis, 1836, Ital. fisherman at Mont., age 26. Luis, Ind. in Sutter's employ; one of the 1st Donner relief; refused to eat human flesh, and was himself killed and eaten. v. 531-2, 534, 537. Lujan (Jos‚), 1797, Span. alf‚rez of S. Diego comp. to 1806, when he left the country. i. 544, 647; ii. 101. L. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), at Los Ang. '46. Luker (Wm), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Sonora, Cal., '83. Lumsden (Wm), 1834, Engl. pilot on the Mar garita, age 31, registered at S. Blas. iii. 412; in '36-7 at S. Diego. iii. 618; in '40 arrested at Sta B., but released at S. Diego. iv. 14, 17; in '44 at S.F. and in '48 at Mont. Luna, Dominican friar from L. Cal., at S. Gabriel '29 iii. 96. Lunia (Joseph), 1834, Frenchman in a Mont. list. Lunt (Dan.), 1848, mate of the Euphcmia. Lupton (Durah), 1848, at S. Jos‚ '76. Luque (Gabriel), soldier killed by Ind. on the Colorado 1782. i. 359, 362. Lusiano Basilio), zanjero at Los Ang. '47. v. 626. Luskey (Joseph), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died before '80. Luther, 1848, at Sutter's Fort with family. Lutz (Wm D.), 1846, sailor on the Cyane; at Phil '77. 

Lyman (Chester S.), 1847, clergyman who came from Hon. on the Euphemia, with letters to Colton and Larkin. In Sept. he was appointed surveyor for the middle department, and in '48 made surveys at S. Jos‚ and N. Almaden. v. 665. He remained in Cal. till '50, returning in '54 from New Haven to testify in the N. Almaden case. L. (J. H.), 1841, physician from Mass. who came from N. Mex. with the Workman-Rowland party. iv. 278. He returned East in '43, perhaps via Oregon as he had intended. Wilson says he came back with his family and was in S.F. '77; but Given thinks he never returned but is still in Mass., though G. could not find him in '83. 

Lynch, 1838, at Mont. '38-9. L., 1847, of the firm L. & Lewis Mont. '47-8. L. (Ferdinand), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). L. (James), 1847, Co. F, ditto; nat. of Pa, of Irish parentage; on a rancho at Pleito, S. Luis Ob., '71-4; at Jolon, Mont. Co., '82. Quigley tells some very absurd stories about him. L. (John), 1842, Engl. sailor on the J¢ven Guipuzcoana, arrested at S.F. for mutiny; still in S.F. '44, age 30. L. (Joseph Peter), 1847, corp. Co. [p.229]G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); one of the murderers of the Reed family at S. Miguel, executed at Sta B. '48. v. 632, 640. L. (Patrick), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 199); at S.F. '71-82. 

Lyon (Albert G.), 1846, nat. of Va and overl. immig. from Mo.; in Sonoma from '48; died '79, leaving a widow and 9 children. Lyons (Aaron), 1847, sergt Co. D, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; sheriff of Mont. Co.; died '65. L. (Geo.), 1848, at S. Diego; possXXXoly in '42. L. (Peter), 1840, at Mont. '40-1; said to have aided in the arrest of the foreigners. iv. 22, 120; later in Sutter's employ, which he left in '46. L. (R. M.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); at Sonoma '47. Lytle (Andrew), 1847, lieut Co. E, Morm. Bat.; capt. of 100 on the return. v. 477, 493.