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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Babcock (Benj. E.), 1848, on the roll of Pion. Soc., died before '81. B. (J.), 1848, sup. of the Mary. Bacey (James), 1831, one of Young's trappers; perhaps did not come to Cal. iii. 388. Bachelor (Fred.), 1841, Amer. cooper of the Workman-Rowland party from N. Mex.; went east in '42, iv. 278, but ret. to Cal. in later years, living at Noon's rancho, where he died in '76. 

achelot (Alexis), 1832, French missionary prefect of the Sand. Isl. in exile; served at S. Gabriel in '32-7; ret. to the Isl. in '37; died '38 on a voy. to the South Sea Isl. iii. 317-18, 364, 384, 408, 643; iv. 102. Bacon (J.), 1846, [p.47]Co. B, Cal Bat., artillery (v. 358). Badean (Francois), 1844, one of Fr‚mont's Canadians. iv. 437. 

Baden (James Collins), 1847, Co. F, 3d artill. (v. 518); clerk and copyist for the comp., commandant, and dept. to '51, not deserting like most of his comrades; later a teacher; d. at Watsonville '68, aged 50. He was a son of a colonel in U. S. service, and b. at Baltimore. Ment. by Gen. Sherman, Mem., as his clerk; obituary in Sta Cruz Sentinel, Sept. '68. Bader (Christopher), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); a miner at Coloma and elsewhere '48-52; settled later in Butte Co., and lived for many years at Cherokee, where he was in '82, but died before '85, leaving a widow and 9 children, most of them grown. One of the sons, H. F. Bader, writes me from Cherokee April '85. Badger (Wm G. B.), 1848, pass. on the Sabine from Boston; at the Mormon Isl. mines. Badillo (Francisco), 1825, Mex. convict who continued his lawless career in Cal.; wife Rafaela Garcˇa, 4 child.; lynched in '60 with one of his sons. iii. 16, 549, 652. Baewdsxig (?), mr of the Nikolai in '40. iv. 105. Bagley (Alden S.), 1848, part owner of the Coloma mill in Dec. 

Bailey (Addison), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469), re‚nlist. at L. Ang. B. (James), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat.; made bricks at S.F. B. (Jefferson), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat., perhaps same as the Jeff. B. who had a farm in Sta Clara Co. '50-74. B. (Theodorus), 1847, lieut, com. of the U. S. Lexington; rear-admiral in the war of '61-5. v. 578. Portrait in the Century, April '85. B. (Wm J.), 1834, Engl. sailor at Mont., age 25; drove cattle to Or. '37; perhaps the Wm Bailey exiled in '40. iv. 18, 85, 412. Baillie (Thomas), 1844, com. of the Engl. Modeste. iv. 567. Bailon (Pascual), 1782, corporal killed on the Colorado. i. 364. Bails (Jonas), 1836, Amer. tailor at Los Ang. from N. Mex., age 29. 

Baker, 1845-6, mr of the Montezuma. B., 1848, of the firm S. H. Williams & Co. at S. F. B. (Andy), 1846, Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); at Stockton with Weber '47-8; also employed as a builder in '47, at Mont. in '47; called also Antonio B.; ment. at N. Helv. '48; very likely the 'Antonio' employed by Larkin at S. F. B. (Isaac Munroe), 1846, nat. of Md, b. in '20; marine on the U. S. Dale '46-9; one of Marston's men in the Sanchez campaign (v. 379). Being disch. in N.Y. he came to S. F. in '50-65; in the east '65-8; owner of a place at La Honda, Sta Cruz mts, from '64, but in the grocery business at S. F., '75-85. Married Mary A. Smith '75, has 3 children '85. In an interview he gave many items about S. F. in '46-7. B. (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). B. (John F.), 1848. Passport from Honolulu. B. (Wm), 1845; Amer. sailor at Mont. Balderrama (Jos‚), 1798. i. 606, 733. Should be written Valderrama. Baldomero, grantee of Corral de Padilla '36. iii. 677. 

Baldridge (Wm), 1843, Tenn. mill-wright, b. in '11, resid. of Mo. from '20; overl. immig. in the Walker-Chiles party. iv. 392, 399. After working at his trade in different places, in '45 he settled on a Napa rancho as a partner of Chiles; in '46 a member of the Bear organization, v. iii. 179, 189, and later served as lieut of Co. C, Cal. Bat. v. 361, 434. Then he resumed his trade for a time, and I have a contract signed by him in '47 to build a saw-mill for Salv. Vallejo. From '52 Baldridge lived on his rancho at Oakville, always commanding the respect of his neighbors. His Days of'46, written in '77, is an interesting part of my collection; and in the testimony given by him at various times for newspapers and books there is to be noted exceptional accuracy. Never married. Still living in '81, and I think in '85. A good sketch of his life, and portrait, in Napa Co. Hist., 387, 20. 

Baldwin (Alfred), 1846, native of N. Y.; overl. immig. to Or. in '45 and in '46 to Cal. v. 546. Served at S. Jos‚ under Watmough, and went south with the Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Resid. of Sta Cruz '47-85. His wife was Fannie Willard, whom he married in '66. B. (Charles H.), 1846, passed mid. on the U.S. Congress, left by Stockton in com. of a guard at Mont. '46-7, until the coming of the artill. comp. v. 290, 519; lieut in war of '61-5, and com. of a gunboat in the Pacific; later an admiral in com. of North Pac. station at Mare Isl.; in Cal. '83, as was also a son. B. (James M.), 1814, Engl. sailor left at Mont. by the Isaac Todd. ii. 272. B. (James H.), 1847; Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). [p.48]B. (John), 1841, at Los Ang. from the Juan Jos‚, but required to depart. B. (Josiah L.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at S. Jos‚ '50. B. (Timothy), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. 

Bale (Edward Turner), 1837, Engl. surgeon, who landed from a vessel at Mont., age 29. ii. 117-18. For 5 or 6 years he practised medicine at Mont., being in '40-3 surg. of the Cal. forces by Gen. Vallejo's appointment, and having married Marˇa Ignacia Soberanes. Bale was a man of good education, but always more or less in trouble on account of his debts and personal quarrels. In '40 he opened a liquor-shop in a room hired of Larkin for a drug-store, and was arrested in the resulting complications with the authorities. I have many original documents written by and about him; but have no intention of cataloguing his troubles. In '41 he was naturalized and got a grant of the Carne Humana rancho in Napa valley, where he went in '43, though his family lived for a time at S. F. with John Fuller. iv. 669, 671; v. 678-9. In '44, having been whipped by Salv. Vallejo, he attempted to shoot the latter, was put in jail, and narrowly saved his life. iv. 444-5, 678; the rumored intention of the Kelseys and other foreigners to rescue the doctor also caused much excitement. In '46 he built a saw-mill, and in '47-8 did a large business in lumber, the increased value of his land making him a rich man; but he died '49 or '50, leaving a widow-still living in '85—2 sons and 4 daughters. His son Edward was commissioned in '64 capt. of Co. D, 1st Bat. Nat. Cal. cavalry; and in '71 was in business at Napa. Bale (Wm), 1831, Engl. carpenter at Los Ang. in '36, age 29. iii. 405. Possibly Wm 'Bailey,' q.v. 

Ball (Franklin), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); blacksmith at Sta Cruz in Nov. Ballard (John), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. Ballenback (Wm), 1846, marine on the Dale, acting as baker at S. F. in '47; in the mines later. 

Ballesteros (Ckilled at Chino rancho '46. v. 313. B. (Felipe) and B. (Francisco), at L. Ang. '46. B. (Juan), regidor at L. Ang. '23, '32, '38; grantee of Rosa del Castillo rancho '31. ii. 559; iii. 633-6. He was prob. Juan Ant., son of J. de Dios. B. (Juan de Dios), corp. of the Sta B. comp. 1787; com. of escolta at S. Ant., S. Luis Ob., and S. Juan B. 1791-7. Also named at L. Ang. 1796, 1819. His wife was Teresa SepŁlveda, and his sons Juan Antonio, b. '87, and Fran. Javier Ant., b. '97. Before '86 he had been a sergt, but was reduced to the ranks for desertion. i. 557, 718; ii. 349, 354. 

Ballhaus (Fred.), 1846, German immig. (v. 526), with Hoppe and Harlan; in Cal. Bat. (v. 358), at the Natividad fight, and in Co. B artill. in the south; worked at S. F. and N. Helv. '47-8; in the mines much of the time '48-60; married Katrina Franck '53; to Frazer River '58; from '61 at S. F., brewer, vegetable gardener, and man of property; still living in '85, age 69, with wife and 3 children. He has kept a diary, and tells no end of interesting details of his Cal. experiences. Baltasar, 1824, Ind. executed at Purˇsima. Balteco (John), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232). Balygin, 1808, mr of the Nikolai. ii. 80. 

Bancroft (Jerry), 1811, sailor at Drake's Bay. ii. 95. B. (John), 1836, mr of the Convoy. iv. 103, 118. In '37-8, mr of the Loriot and Llama; killed by Ind. at the Sta B. islands. iv. 90, 105; iii. 652-3. His wife, fatally wounded at the same time, was a half-breed Hawaiian, Miss Holmes, a sister of Nathan Spear's wife. 

Bandini (Jos‚), 1819, Span. b. in Andalucˇa 1771; came to Amer. '93; a mariner whose home was at Lima, where he married twice and had 7 children living in '28, only one of them ever known in Cal. In '19 as mr of the Span. Reina de Los Angeles he brought to Cal. fr. S. Blas a cargo of war supplies, making another trip in '21, and doing a little in contraband trade. ii. 253, 261, 439-40. On returning to S. Blas he raised the Mex. flag on the Reina, which, as he claimed, was the 1st vessel to fly independent colors in all the republic. For this and other services Don Jos‚ was made by Iturbide capt. of militia, and in '22 was retired with that rank, the fuero militar, and right to wear the uniform. A few years later, being a widower, and suffering from gout, he came with his son to S. Diego, where he built a house and spent the rest of his life, taking the oath of allegiance required by the law of '27. iii. 51, 176. [p.49]In '27 he wrote a long Carta Hist˘rica y Descriptiva de Cal to Eustace Barron. iv. 151. Erroneously attributed to his son in the 1st ed. of vol. i., list of auth. He died at the Sta Ana rancho in '41. 

Bandini (Juan), 1824, son of Jos‚, b. at Lima in 1800, and educ. there. The exact date of arrival is not known; but in Dec. '28 his father stated that he had 4 child. by his Cal. wife. It is possible that he came with his father in '19 or '21. His public life began in '27-8 as member of the diputacion; '28-32 subcomisario of revenues at S. D.; suplente congressman '31-2. Mention in this part of his career. ii. 543, 546-7, 549, 563-4; iii. 36-42, 50, 61-5, 86, 126, 136, 217, 367, 375-6. In '31 he took a leading part in fomenting the revolution against Gov. Victoria, and in opposing Zamorano's counter-revolt of '32. iii. 188-9, 197, 200-1, 203-4, 206, 210, 225. In '33 he went to Mexico as member of congress, but came back in '34 as vice-president of Hˇjar and Padr‚s' grand colonization and commercial co., supercargo of the co.'s vessel, the Natalia, and inspector of customs for Cal. The disastrous failure of the colony scheme, and the refusal of Cal. to recognize his authority as inspector, were regarded by Don Juan as the most serious misfortunes of his whole life and of his adopted country's history, his failure being rendered the more humiliating by the detection of certain smuggling operations in which he had engaged. iii. 242, 246, 260-7, 297, 365, 370-3, 383, 613, 670. In '36-8 Bandini was in several respects the leading spirit of the southern opposition to Alvarado's govt; at each triumph of the arribe¤os he was lucky enough to escape arrest, and lost no time in fomenting new revolts. His position was a most unwise one, productive of great harm to Cal.; his motive was chiefly personal feeling against Angel Ramirez, whom he regarded as influential in the new administration, for he had been a personal friend of the northern leaders and a supporter of their general views; and his record as a politician throughout the sectional troubles was neither dignified, patriotic, nor in any way creditable. Under Carrillo he was nominally still in charge of the S.D. custom-house. iii. 415, 419-20, 423-4, 480, 482-3, 488-90, 515-21, 539, 548, 556, 558, 564-6, 578, 609, 614; iv. 98. He was the owner of the Tecate rancho on the frontier, which was sacked by the Ind. in '37-8, B. and his family being reduced to poverty and serious want; but Gov. Alvarado made him admin. of S. Gabriel mission '38-40, granting him also in '38 Jurupa, in '39 Rincon and Cajon de Muscupiabe, and land at S. Juan Cap. '41. iii. 612, 633, 644-5; iv. 68, 92, 297, 626. He was appointed fiscal of the tribunal superior '40-2, was comisionado at the new pueblo of S. Juan de Arg ello in '41, and sˇndico at L. Ang. '44, taking but slight part in the troubles with Gov. Micheltorena. iii. 605; iv. 196, 296, 365, 411, 624, 626-7, 633. In '45-6 Don Juan was Gov. Pico's sec., and a zealous supporter of his admin., particularly in mission affairs and opposition to Castro, being also a member of the assembly and originator of the projected consejo general. iv. 511, 519, 530-2, 540, 549; v. 35, 37, 39-40, 44-5, 48, 51, 66, 264, 278, 559. Later, however, he espoused the U.S. cause, furnished supplies for Stockton's battalion, was offered the collectorship, and named as member of the legislative council in '47, and alcalde of S.Diego in '48. v. 282, 328-30, 356, 433, 618-19. In '49 he declined a judgeship; is said to have impaired his fortune by erecting a costly building in '50 at S.D., where he kept a store; and subsequently appears to have gone across the frontier, where the estate of Guadalupe had been granted him in '46, resuming his Mex. citizenship and serving as juez in '52. He still dabbled to some extent in revolutionary politics, and as a supporter of Melendres had to quit the country with all his livestock in '55. He died at Los Angeles in '59. It is evident from the preceding r‚sum‚ of what is for the most part more fully told elsewhere that Juan Bandini must be regarded as one of the most prominent men of his time in Cal. He was a man of fair abilities and education, of generous impulses, of jovial temperament, a most interesting man socially, famous for his gentlemanly manners, of good courage in the midst of personal misfortunes, and always well liked and respected; indeed, his record as a citizen was an excellent one. He also performed honestly and efficiently the duties of his various official positions. In his grander attempts as a would-be statesman, Don Juan was [p.50]less fortunate. His ideas were good enough, never absurd if never brilliant; but when once an idea became fixed in his brain, he never could understand the failure of Californian affairs to revolve around that idea as a centre; and in his struggles against fate and the stupidity of his compatriots he became absurdly diplomatic and tricky as a politician. He was an eloquent speaker and fluent writer, though always disposed to use a good many long words when a few short ones would better serve the purpose. I have hundreds of his original communications, official and private, in various private archives, besides the valuable collection of Doc. Hist. Cal. left by Bandini and given me by his widow. By the kindness of the same lady I also obtained an original MS. Historia de California left by Don Juan at his death, which though brief is important, especially when supplemented and explained by the author's private correspondence. Bandini's 1st wife was Dolores, daughter of Capt. Jos‚ M. Estudillo, whose children were Arcadia-Mrs Abel Stearns and later Mrs Robt S. Baker; Isidora, who married Col Cave J. Coutts; Josefa, the wife of Pedro C. Carrillo; Jos‚ Marˇa, whose wife was Teresa Arg ello; and Juanito. His 2d wife was Refugio, daughter of Santiago Arg ello, whose children were Juan de la Cruz, Alfredo, Arturo, and two daughters, who married Chas R. Johnson and Dr James B. Winston. Bandini's daughters were famous for their beauty; all or most of his children still live in southern Cal. in '85, some wealthy, all in comfortable circumstances and of respectable family connections. 

Bane (C.), 1835, mr of the Primavera. iii. 383. Banks (Archibald), 1833, Scotch carpenter at Mont. '33-6; d. at S. F. '38. 409. B. (J. H.), 1848, passp. fr. Honolulu. Bannard (Geo.), 1847, Co. K, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Bantam (Geo.), 1846, Amer. sailor on the Cyane; in Stockton's bat., wounded at the S. Gabriel Jan. '47. v. 395. Baptiste (Jean), 1846, French fr. N. Mex., survivor of the Donner party perhaps. v. 531-41; at N. Helv. '47-8, and one of the earliest miners. There are several of this name not to be identified. See also 'Bautista.' Barajas, sirviente at Sta Cruz, 1795. i. 496. 

Barber (A. H.), 1848, of N. Y.; vet. of the Mex. war; settled at Sutterville; lived at Chico from '51 to his death in '66, age 51. B. and sons at Mont. '47-8. Consul. Arch.; perhaps the following. B. (John and John, Jr), 1847, at Mont. and in the redwoods '47-8. B. (John), 1848, nat. of Conn., farmer in Napa Val. to '53. Napa Co. Reporter. B. (Matthew), 1847, farmer near Martinez in '60, when he testified in S. F. that he was public admin. in '47-9. Barbosa (Jos‚), settler at Brancif. 1797. i. 569. B. (Mariano), 1818, sailor who taught Cal. boys to make hats. Barbot (M.), 1848, at S. Jos‚ '81. 

Barbour (John), 1847, lot-owner at S. F. Perhaps 'Barber,' q.v. B. (Nathan), 1846, nat. of N. Y., migrating to Ky, La, Mo., and finally overland to Cal. (v. 526), with his wife Nancy, daughter of Landy Alford. He served in Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); had a 'Cal. claim' of $250; and in '47 settled at Benicia, where he built several houses, being in the lumber busincess with Alford. v. 467, 672. His daughter Amelia was the 1st child born at Benicia, and he had 6 others. In '50 the family moved to a farm in Suisun Valley, where the wife died in '68 and the husband in '82, age 69. B. (Roswell), 1846, brother of Nathan, whom he seems to have accompanied in all his Cal. experiences until his death in '71.

Barcelo (Juain), 1826, mr of the Mero, doubtful record. iii. 148. B(Jos‚), 1798. i. 606. Barcenar (Guadalupe), drummer at S. F. '23-31. 

Barcenilla (Isidoro), 1797, Span. friar; founder of the S. Jos‚ mission, who left Cal. in 1804. See biog. ii. 114; mention i. 555-6, 577; ii. 131, 137, 159-60. Bargeman (Augustus), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Barger (Wm W.), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). At Sutter's mill when gold was discovered; said to have been the first man to whom the discoverer showed the metal. Went to Utah later. Often called James B. 

Baric (Charles), 1834, French from Mex. in the H. & P. colony. iii. 263, 412. For 10 years or more a trader at Los Ang., being 27 years old at arrival, and marrying in Cal. In '37 aided Bandini to capture the town. iii. 518; in '40 had charge of Aguirre's business; interested in the S. Francisquito mines '42; iv. 297, 631; in '44 owner or mr of the Primavera. iv. 468. 

Barker, 1838, mr of the Rasselas. iv. 105. Barker (perhaps Vaca), 1846-7, mr of the J˘ven Guipuzcoana. v. 578. Barker, 1848, on the Sagadahoc fr. Honolulu. B. (John S.), 1847, mr of the Edward. v. 577. B. (Peter), 1834, Engl. carpenter working for Kinlock at Mont. B. (Robert S.), 1832, Amer. who joined the comp. extranjera at Mont., iii. 221, 408, and whose name appears on Larkin's books to '36, getting a lot in '35. 

Barmore, 1848, mr of the Sagadahoc. v. 580. Barnard, 1846, mr of the Abigail. v. 576. B. ('Major'), 1846, doubtful mention. v. 111. Barnes (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518), who deserted; also named as a laborer at Mont., and ment. by Sherman. Mem. i. 31. Barnes, 1822, mr of Orion, ii. 474. 

Barnett (Elias), 1841, Amer. immig. of the Bartleson party. iv. 270, 275, 279. Lived with Yount till '43, then settled in Pope Valley, marrying the widow of Wm Pope. Napa Co. Hist., 55-6. Had a house in the Sac. Valley '46, acc. to Bryant and Lancey; also seems to have signed a doc. at L. Ang. in June '46. Dept. St. Pap., vii. 65. Served in Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); and had a 'Cal. claim' (v. 462) of $135. Returning to his Napa rancho, he spent the rest of his life there, dying shortly before '50. B. (E. P.), 1848, from Or. in May on the Mary Ann, and after good luck in the mines went back for his family. Barney (Walter), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). 

Barnum, 1843, in the Hastings party from Or. iv. 390. Prob. went back soon. B. (Edgar M.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died at Mont. '47. B. (Geo.), 1845, mr of a vessel at Mont. and S. F. 

Barona (Jos‚), 1798, Span. friar at S. Diego and S. Juan Cap., where he died in 1831. See biog. iii. 625; mention i. 577, 654-5; ii. 107, 110, 159, 345, 348, 394, 553, 555, 655; iii. 96, 310, 351. Barque (Oscar de Grande), 1845-53, doubtful record. iv. 587. 

Barragan (BMex. soldier age 28, murdered at Mont. '36. iii. 675. B. (Manuel), settler at the Colorado pueblo, killed by Ind. 1780-1. i. 359-62. Barrena (Jos‚), juez de campo S. Dieguito '41. iv. 628. B. (Tadeo), ditto. Barreneche (Juan Ant.), 1779-80, Franciscan missionary of the Quer‚taro college, killed at the Colorado River missions. i. 357-63. Barreras (Jos‚ M.), killed at Los Ang. '45. iv. 492. B. (Juan), resid. of Los Ang. '46. 

Barrett, 1845, immig. fr. Or. in McMahon-Clyman party, who prob. went back in '46. iv. 572, 587, 526. Perhaps James B. B. (Francis H.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol., at S. F. '48. B. (James), 1846, claimant for supplies to Fr‚mont, and owner of S. F. lot '47. v. 676. B. (Wm J.), 1847, accidentally killed at Sac. '80; said to have come with Stevenson's reg. Sac. Bee. Barreto (Fabian), 1827, grantee of Pescadero '36; a Mex. resid. of Mont., age 26, wife CGarcˇa, child. Manuel Fructuoso and Marˇa Juliana. The widow had a 'Cal. claim' of $2,582 in '46-7. v. 462. 

Barron (A.), 1845, contractor at Mont.; in '58 pass. fr. Honolulu. B. (Charles), 1846, Co. H, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Barroso (Leonardo Diez), 1830, Mex. lieut sent to Cal. and promoted to capt. iii. 54; employed in an investigation at Los Ang. '31. iii. 196; in com. at Paso de Bartolo and Los Ang. '32. iii. 227; departed for Mex. '33. iii. 365. 

Barrowman (John), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); tried by court-martial for sleeping on guard at S. Diego; a Utah farmer in '81. Barrus (Ruel), 1847, lieut Co. B, Morm. Bat., also of the re‚nlisted co.; in com. at S. Luis Rey; sentenced by court-martial to 5 years (red. by gov. to 1 year) of hard labor for passing counterfeit coin. v. 477, 495, 610, 625. A Utah farmer in '81. 

Barry (Benj.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). B. (F. E.), 1841, acting mr of the U. S. St Louis. B. (Richard), 1828-9, mr of the Vulture. iii. 141-2, 149. B. (W. D.), 1845 (?), immig. from Mo. at Sutter's fort. iv. 578, 587; at Sta Clara '50-76. 

Bartel (Wm), 1845, Amer. immig. fr. Or. in McMahon-Clyman party. iv. 572, 587; served '46-7 in the Cal. Bat.; still in Cal. '49. Bartels (Lewis), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Batthelow (J. M.), 1848, doubtful record. Barthote, 1846, at L. Ang., doubtful record. Barthrop (Edward), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol.; resid. of S. F. '74-85; asst sup. of the Industrial school; nat. of London; miner in Tuolumne to '61; soldier in 2d Cal. cavalry during the war of '61-5; 4 children in '85. 

Bartleson (John), 1841, capt. of the 1st regular immig. party that crossed the Sierra to Cal. He returned to Mo., where he died. iv. 267-76, 342, 684. 

Bartlett (A.), 1848, arr. at Honolulu on the Julian fr. S. F. B. (Chas H.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499), died at S. F. '81; a Boston man. B. (J.), 1848, passp. fr. Honolulu. B. (John A.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol.; nat. of Mass., b. in '28; at Sonoma and S.F. after his disch.; went to Nic. with Walker; in Boston '58-61; a vol. in the war of '61-5; at Cambridgeport, Mass., in '85. 

Bartlett (Washington Allen), 1845, lieut on the U. S. Portsmouth '45-8; alcalde of S. F. in '46-7; captured by the Californians while out on a raid for cattle. He performed the routine duties of his position in a satisfactory manner, having the advantage of a knowledge of Spanish. See mention iv. 587; v. 126, 128-9, 137, 295, 379-80, 383, 539, 644-5, 648, 654, 659, 686. Later he commanded a vessel in coast survey service in the Pacific; was sent to Europe on a mission connected with lighthouses; and while serving on the African coast in '55 had his name stricken from the rolls of the navy by the retiring board. In Carroll's Star of the West, 278-344, is an elaborate defence and eulogy with favorable testimony from many naval officers, also a portrait. His daughter was the heroine of the famous 'diamond wedding' of the Cuban Oviedo. Bartlett died I think between '70 and '80. 

Barton (James R. or H.), 1845, at L. Ang., serving in the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 495. Lieut in the Cal. Bat. '46-7, serving under Stockton. v. 265, 360, 435. Later a resid. of L. Ang.; killed in '57 by the 'Manilas' while acting as sheriff in their pursuit. B. (Wm), 1839, Amer. sailor on the California; one of the exiles of '40 to S. Blas, but returned with a claim for damages; at Sta Cruz '43. iv. 18, 21, 33, 119, 356. Bartow, 1842, chaplain with Com. Jones. iv. 310. Bartram (Wm), 1843, Scotchman who worked at the N. Almaden mine in '46; a witness in later litigation; testifying that he was at S. F. in '43, and at Sonoma in '36-7. I met him near S. Luis Ob. in '74. iv. 399. Bartusee (Zama), 1847, Co. F, 3d artill. (v. 518). 

Basadre y Vega (Vicente), 1786, Span. commissioner for estab. a fur-trade between Cal. and China. i. 438-42. Basilio, 1824, mr of the Rurik. ii. 519. Basilio, 1847, in Sutter's employ. Bassett (Nathaniel S.), 1831, mr of the Marcus. iii. 383. 

Bassham (Wm R.), 1845, Kentuckian immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party, age 23. iv. 578, 587. He was a clerk at L. Ang. for Dalton in '46; and for Leidesdorff and later Howard & Mellus at S. F. in '47-9, being also the owner of several town lots; a member of the Cal. senate in '49-50; later a resid. of S. Jos‚ and in business with Belden. In '55-6 he was a witness in the Santillan case, but I find no later record of him. Bastian (James), 1848, Englishman fr. Honolulu who died at S. F. in Oct. Basualdo (Francisco), 1828, Mex. artilleryman, later sergt at Sta B. and S. Diego; killed by the Ind. at Pauma '46. iii. 78, 615, 617. Batan (D‚sir‚), 1845, mr of the Espadon. iv. 565. Batchelor (Geo.), 1847, drum-major N.Y. Vol. v. 503; died before '82. 

Bateman (E. B.), 1847, Amer. immig. fr. Mo.; member of the 1st legislature '49-50; a physician at Stockton '75, and perhaps later. B. (Lorenzo), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons at Mont. (v. 232-47). Baten (Wm), doubtful name in a Brancif. list of '45; Amer., age 37. Bates, 1840, purser of the St Louis. Bates (Dr), 1846, had an acct with Larkin; in '47-8 often ment. at N. Helv., sometimes as a physician, oftener on the sick-list, and finally prospecting for gold and quicksilver. Possibly same as E. B. 'Bateman,' q.v. B. (Asher B), 1848, New Yorker who came round the Horn; d. at S. F. '73, age 63. B. (Frank), 1848; alcalde at Sac.; vice-pres. of a public meeting in Jan. '49; ment. by Colton as owner of Vernon. Perhaps same as the 'doctor.' B. (Manuel), 1826; mr of the Sta Apolonia. iii. 148. Bathgate (Geo.), 1848, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. 

Baugh (Theodore E.), 1845, of firm Sweeny & B., who built an observatory on Telegraph Hill in '45 (?), and in '52 opened the 1st telegraph. A Pennsylvanian, who died at S.F. in '81, age 58. S. Jos‚ Pion.; iv. 587. Baum (John), 1848, overl. immig. fr. Ohio to Or. '47; and to the Cal. mines '48; returning to Or. in '50. Bausford (John), 1829, Irish sawyer at S. F. '40, age 36; came [p.53]by sea in '29; alias 'Solis.' Dwinelle. Bautista (Juan), 1846, Mexican survivor of the Donner party, said to be still living in '80. v. 531, 535, 541. Perhaps he was of French blood, and named 'Baptiste,' q.v. Bauz(Felipe), 1791, scientist of Malaspina's exped. i. 490. 

Bawden (J.), 1848, commission merchant at S. F.; advert. in Star. Baxter (J. G.), 1845 (?), Mass. farmer in Sta Clara '74-6. iv. 587. Baxter (Wm Owen), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); of Engl. birth; 30 years in the mines; living at Sta M˘nica '85, age 58, with wife and 4 children. Bay, 1848, named in the Californian as a member of the Sonoma council. Bayley, 1848, (?), at Coloma. El Dorado Co. Hist., 177. Bazard, 1847-8, at Sta Clara. 

Beale (Edward F.), 1846, passed mid. and acting master of the U.S. Congress, serving in Stockton's battalion. With Gillespie's party sent in Dec. to meet Kearny, and sent back to S. D. with despatches after the fight of S. Pascual. v. 340, 350, 402. In Feb. '47 he was sent east with despatches. v. 430, 436; and at the end of the year was a witness in the Fr‚mont court-martial. v. 456. Returned to Cal. in time to start east again in July '48 with despatches respecting the gold discovery. Soon left the navy, and in '52-4 was supt of Ind. affairs in Cal., and subsequently surveyor-general of the state. Becoming the owner of large Californian estates, in later years Gen. Beale became a resident of Washington, where he still lives in '85. He was at one time U.S. minister to Austria. B. (Thos W.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons. (v. 534.) B. (Wm), 1845, overl. immig. of the Swasey-Todd party. iv. 576. At N. Helv. '46. 

Bean (Archi), 1816, sail-maker on the Lydia at Sta B. ii. 275. B. (Robert or Wm), trapper with Dye and Nidever in '30; not clear that he came to Cal. Beard (E. L.), 1846-7 (?), settler in S. Jos‚ valley. Beardsley (Amos F.), 1848, New Yorker who came by sea; died at S.F. '69, age 49. B. (F.), 1848, came from Honolulu on the SS in Jan., and ret. on the Julian in Nov.; possibly same as preceding. 

Beasley (Jesse), 1843, perhaps an immig. of the Chiles-Walker party. iv. 393; member of the Sonoma town council '47. v. 668. In comp. with Cooper '48; had a Sonoma rancho '49; living '71 at Stony Creek, Colusa Co. Beattie (Belden), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at S.F. '49. Beaulien (Olivier), 1844, Canad. of Fr‚mont's 1st exped., left in Cal. iv. 437, 439, 453. He lived at Sonoma '45-7, being occasionally ment. at N. Helv.; apparently claimant in '53 for the Cabeza de Sta Rosa rancho; still living near S. Jos‚ in '81 acc. to S. J. Pion., March 19, '81. Becerra, soldier at Mont. '28. ii. 615. B. (Pilar), 1824, Mex. convict liberated in '35. 

Becher (Fred. G.), 1835, German assoc. in business with Virmond of Mex., supercargo of the Catalina and Leonor, who spent most of his time in Cal. fr. '35 to '37. A young man of many accomplishments, linguistic, commercial, diplomatic, and equestrian. Very popular, but in trouble with Alvarado's govt on account of his Mex. interests and sympathies. His name appears in mission accounts of '39-40. Vischer tells us that B. became head of a firm at Mazatlan, and died there at the age of 37. Ment. in iii. 288, 381, 383, 413, 429, 459, 512; iv. 102. Becker (John), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at N. Helv. fr. S. Joaquin '48. Beckstead (Gordon S.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nlisted; living in Utah '81. B. (Orin M.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat.; re‚nlisted. Beckwith (Seth Lee), 1848, nat. of Conn., who came from Honolulu on the Kamehameha and went to the Amador and Calaveras mines; from '50, as before '48, a traveller in many parts of the world, but regarding S.F. as his home, where he still lives in '85, at the age of 64, with a son and daughter. 

Beckwourth (James P.), 1844, mulatto of Va, who became in the great west a famous hunter, guide, Indian-fighter, chief of the Crows, and horsethief. No r‚sum‚ can do justice to his adventures, nor can the slightest faith be put in his statements. See Bonner's Life of Beckwourth. He came to Cal. from N. Mex. '44. iv. 453, 495; and was one of the mountaineers serving against Micheltorena, at the 'battle of Cahuenga' in '45 (v. 494, 503), of which he gives an absurdly false account. Before the troubles of '46 he left Cal. with a large drove of stolen horses to continue his career in N. Mex. [p.54]and on the plains. Returning after '48 to take part in no end of stirring events in the flush times, he discovered the pass that bears his name, opening in '52 a hotel and trading-post in Beckwourth Valley. Therein he dictated to Bonner the events of his life as published in '58. But Jim was accused of divers unlawful acts, and besides was unable to content himself long in one place; so he returned to his old life of trapper and trader on the plains, and died in the North Platte country in '67, age about 70. Bedibey (Frank), 1841, of the Workman-Rowland party from N. Mex.; did not remain in Cal. iv. 278. 

Bedwell (Franklin), 1840 (?), Tennesseean who went to Mo. with his parents in '19; for many years a trapper in the Rocky Mts and great basin, from the Yellowstone to Sta F‚, with the usual adventures of his class. iv. 117, 120. Acc. to the Sonoma Co. History, with portraits, he came to Cal. in '40-1; continued his trapper life for several years, occasionally visiting the settlements, and working a while in the Sta Clara redwoods; but about '43 settled on a Russ. River rancho bought of Cyrus Alexander (?); joined the Bears in '46, being apparently with Ford at Olompali; went south with Fr‚mont, being with Gillespie's garrison at L. Ang., and later one of Stockton's army; returned to his rancho after the peace; went to the mines in '48-9; and finally settled permanently in his Russ. River home. All this may be accurate, though it seems strange that of so early a man, taking part in so many events, I find no original or contemporary mention before '48. In '48 or '49 he seems to have met in Cal. his mother and brother, from whom he had been separated many years. In '58 he married Selina McMinn of Tenn., but had no children. Bedwell was still living in '83, and probably in '85, hale and hearty, though over 70 years of age. 

Bce (Henry Jubilee), 1830, Engl. sailor and blacksmith who left the Dryad at Mont. iii. 180; joined the comp. extranjera in '31. iii. 221; and perhaps went to S. Jos‚ as early as '33, though his home for some years seems to have been near Mont., and his occupation that of guiding strangers about the country; baptized as Enrique Ascension, and married in '38 to Clara Moreno. His name appears on Larkin's books and various other records nearly every year. In '36-7 Bee was one of Graham's 'riflemen.' iii. 461, 525; and in Alvarado's service performed more than one feat of valor, if we credit his own version. In '40 he was arrested but not exiled. iv. 9, 17, 23; moving soon to Sta Cruz; and living in '43 at Yerba Buena, where he got a lot, iv. 669, and another later. In '46 he carried despatches from Sloat to Fr‚mont, v. 247, as appears from his receipt of July 12th, for $160, including the value of two horses killed in the service, in Mont. Consul. Arch., though there has been some newspaper controversy on the subject. He subsequently served under Watmough at S. Jos‚; was constable at the pueblo in '47; went to the mines in '48; served as clerk in a store till '50; raised potatoes for a few years; and worked as carpenter till '60. He lost his wife in '53, his son in '60, and at the same time a leg in an encounter with the desperado Felipe Hernandez. In '77 he dictated his Recollections for my use; and has furnished many reminiscences for the Pioneer and other papers. Harry is inclined to draw some-what heavily on his imagination for historical details; but there is generally a substratum of fact underlying his yarns. Living in '83, and I think in '85. 

Beebe (J. W.), 1847, named as the 1st Amer. magistrate at S. Buenaventura. Signal. Perhaps same as the following. B. (Wm L.), 1847, nat. of N. Y.; one of the 1st supervisors at S. Luis Ob.; later county judge; still living in '83. S. Luis Ob. Co. Hist. Beechay, 1840, doubtful name in Farnham's list of arrested foreigners. Beechey (Fred. Wm), 1826, com. of the Brit. exploring vessel Blossom, and author of a Narratire of the exploration. iii. 120-5, 110, 146; i. 432; ii. 588, 590, 592, 599-600, 603, 610, 614-16. B. (Richard B.), 1826, mid. on the Blossom. iii. 121. Beener (John S.), 1847, advertises loss of a pocket-book between S. Joaq. and S.F. in Star; still at S.F. in '54. Beere (Wm), 1848, cabinet-maker at S.F. v. 682. Beers (Wm), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Beeson (Henry), 1846, claimant for supplies to Fr‚mont (v. 462). Perhaps this was 'Bee,' q.v. 

Beggs (Peter), 1847, negro servant of Capt. A. J. Smith, accused of robbery [p.55]at Los Ang. Behn (John), 1841 (?), native of Baden, accredited by Wilson to the Workman party fr. N. Mex.; but not in Rowland's list, and not remembered by Given. iv. 278-9. Appears in the records fr. '44 as otter-hunter and trader at Los Ang. He quit business in '53, and died '68, leaving several children. B‚jar, see 'V‚jar.' 

Belcher, 1848, mr of the Mary at S.F. fr. Columbia Riv. B. (Edward), 1826, lieut on the Blossom in Beechey's exped. iii. 121; in '37-9, com. of the Sulphur, and author of a Narrative of the expedition. iii. 614, 670, 699; iv. 93, 106, 142-6. B. (Lewis F.), 1847, at Mont. in company with Aram; in the gold mines '48; about '50 a large dealer in cattle. An eccentric character, native of N.Y., who acquired a large property. Murdered at Mont. in '56. 

Belden (Josiah), 1841, nat. of Conn., b. in '15, who after a varied commercial experience in N.Y., La, and Miss., came to Cal. in the 1st immig. party under Capt. Bartleson. iv. 267, 270, 275, 279. Going to Mont., he took charge for Larkin of a branch store and lumber business at Sta Cruz in '42-4, taking part in the raising of the U.S. flag at the time of the Com. Jones affair. iv. 312, 340, 651, 662-4. I have many of his original letters of these and later years. In '44 he obtained naturalization papers, and a grant of the Barranca Colorada rancho in the Sac. Valley. iv. 670. The firm of B. & Chard appears at Mont. in '44-5; B. took some part in preserving order during Gov. Micheltorena's absence; and in Dec. '45 went up to his rancho, returning in March '46. N. Helv. Diary, 22, 37. For some months in '46 B. took charge of a store for Capt. Paty at S.F., v. 682, and later in '46-7 worked as clerk and collector for Wm H. Davis, obtaining lots at S.F. and Benicia. v. 672, 676; also interested in a quicksilver mine. Larkin's Doc., v. 361. In '48 he opened at S. Jos‚ a branch store of Mellus & Howard, but soon followed his customers to the mines for a few weeks, leaving the store in charge of Branham. In '49 he closed up the business, and married Miss Sarah M. Jones, a pioneer of '46. In '50 he was the 1st mayor of S. Jos‚, being later member of the council, and in '76 a delegate to the republican national convention. Fortunate purchases and judicious management of S.F. real estate made Belden a capitalist. He continued to reside at S. Jos‚ with his wife, two sons, and three daughters until about '81, when he changed his residence to New York, where he still lives in '85. A good sketch of his life, with portrait, is found in the Contemp. Biog., i. 246; and in '78 he dictated for my use his Historical Statement, a MS. of 70 pp., just such a narrative as might be expected from a clear-headed man of business. 

Bell (Alex.), 1842, nat. of Pa, who since '23 had lived in Mex. provinces, becoming a citizen. He came from Sonora on the Esmeralda, iv. 341, settling at Los Ang., where he married Nieves Guirado in '44, and engaged in trade for many years. He was prominent in '45 among the foreigners who opposed Mieheltorena and Sutter. iv. 495; in '46-7, being sˇndico at L. Ang., v. 625, served as capt. in the Cal. Bat., v. 360, apparently quitting the town with Gillespie and returning with Stockton; and he had 'Cal. claims' of about $3,500 (v. 462). In '49 Bell built a warehouse at S. Pedro; and in later years was prominent among the vigilantes. He seems to have retired from trade about '54, but continued to reside at Los Ang. till his death in '71, age 70. B. (Geo. W.), 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig.; perhaps went to Or. iv. 578. B. (John H.), 1831, mr of the Whalehound, said to have discov. oysters in S.F. bay. iii. 699. B. (Richard H.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. v. 519. B. (Wm), 1843, named at Los Ang., perhaps by error. 

Bellomy (Geo. W.), 1843, Virginian fr. Or. in the Hastings party, wounded by Ind. on the way. iv. 390-1, 399. In '44 he got a carta de seguridad, and next year had a shop at S. Jos‚, where he complained of being robbed, and signed the call to foreigners in March. iv. 599. He does not seem to have served in the Cal. Bat. '46, but had a claim of $42, which was paid; in '47 was imprisoned for disobedience to decrees of Judge Burton's court; in '48 owner of the Sta Clara House, still in legal troubles. His wife from '45 was Marˇa de Jesus Bernal, later wife of J. T. Perez. Bellomy-or Bellamy-died in '62. Bellow (J. Mitch.), 1846, said to have come in the navy; nat. of La, who was long a policeman at S. Jos‚, and died in '79. S. J. Pion. 

Belt (Geo. Gordon), 1847, Q. M. sergt N.Y. Vol. v. 503; alcalde at Stockton '49; became a rich trader, and was murdered at Stockton by Wm Dennis in '69. Beltran (Nicolcorporal 1776-81, killed on the Colorado. i. 304, 363. Belty (Wm), 1841, German immig. from Mo. in the Bartleson party. iv. 270, 275, 279. Some say he went back and died in the east; but a man of the same name served in Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); is named on Larkin's books at Mont. in '47-8; and acc. to Dally, who helped to bury him, was killed by a fall from his horse in the mines in '48. 

Ben, 1846, negro servant with Gillespie. v. 24. Benavides (Elias), 1847, at N. Helv. B. (Jos‚), soldier at S. F. '44; grantee of a lot '46. v. 680. B. (Jos‚ M.), settler at S. F. 1791-1800, prob. father of the preceding. i. 716. B. (Marˇa), 1847, had bonnets for sale at S. F. Star. B. (Miguel), soldier at S. F. '27-31; in '41 living at S. Jos‚, age 29; wife Josefa Garcˇa; child., Patricio, Jos‚ Ant., Concepcion, Antonia, Nanita, Trinidad. Benedict (C. L.), 1847, owner of a house at Benicia. v. 672. Bengachea (Jos‚ Ign.), settler at the Colorado Riv. pueblos 1780-1. i. 359, 362. Benitez (Jos‚ M.), 1803-7, surgeon of the forces at Mont. ii. 140. Benito, neoph. rebel at Sta B. '24-6. ii. 532, 537. 

Benitz (Wm), 1841-2, German in Sutter's employ. Arrived Oct. '42 acc. to rolls of the Soc. Cal. Pion.; but in applying for naturalization in '44 he claimed to have come in '41. iv. 341. After being for a time in charge of Hock farm, in '43 he took charge of the Ross estate for Sutter, succeeding Bidwell. iv. 186, 679. In '44 grantee of the Briesgau rancho in Shasta co. iv. 670; in '45 he rented the Ross rancho from Sutter, and later bought a part of it; bondsman for some of the Grigsby-Ide immig. iv. 679, 544, 581. Benitz is said to have been the man who was swindled to the extent of $6.000 by the Sutter-Muldrow claim. Helived at Ross till '67; then moved to Oakland; and in '74 went to the Argentine Republic, where he had a brother. He died there in '76, at the age of 62, leaving a family. Benjamin (Fordyce J.), 1846, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); alcalde at N. Helv. '48; at Sonoma '74. 

Bennett (A. B.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat., enlisting at S. Juan Oct. (v. 358). B. (Charles), 1847, at Sutter's Fort fr. Or.; at the Coloma mill in '48 when gold was found; said to have been killed by Ind. in Or. about '55. B. (Dennis), 1843, prob. son of Vardamon, fr. Or. in the Hastings party. iv. 390, 399. Named in a S. F. padron of '44 as an Amer. carpenter, age 19. B. (Jackson), 1843, brother of Dennis, age 17 in '44, said to have been slightly wounded at the 'battle' of Sta Clara in '47. iv. 390, 400; v. 381. B. (Narciso), grantee of land at Sta Clara in '45; perhaps another son of Vardamon, who came in '43. iv. 587, 673. B. (Thomas), 1816, sailor on the Lydia. ii. 275. B. (Titus), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Bennett (Vardamon), 1843, nat. of Ga, who went to Ark. '30, crossed the plains to Or. '42, and came to Cal. in the Hastings party with a large family. iv. 390, 399. After a brief stay in the Sac. Valley B. went to S. F., where he appears in the padron of '44 as an Amer. carpenter, age 40; where he appears in other records of '45-7, including a petition for naturalization in '46; and where he kept a grog-shop, bowling alley, etc. v. 685; being also owner of a Benicia lot. v. 672. He died at S. F. in '49. His wife, Mary, was a good woman, but one of masculine attributes, who had a 'mind of her own,' and body also, in many respects head of the family. In '45 she asked for a separation, complaining to the authorities of her husband's failure to provide for herself and 8 children. In '46 she and some of the children were living at S. Jos‚, having a 'Cal. claim' (v. 462). She married Harry Love, and died near Watsonville in '68, age 66. B. (Wm), 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig. iv. 578. B. (Wm), 1844, immig. fr. Or. in the Kelsey party. iv. 444, 453. Seems to have settled near S. Jos‚, where acc. to Hittell he was a wealthy man in '60; perhaps same as Wm H. on the rolls of the Soc. Cal. Pion., as having arr. March '44. 

Bennett (Winston), 1843, son of Vardamon, whom he accomp. to Cal. in the Hastings party. iv. 390, 400. He is named in the S.F. padron of '44 as 25 years of age; but he did not remain long at S.F. or in any other place; roaming [p.57]from the Sac. Valley to Marin Co., Yerba Buena, Sta Clara, and Sta-Cruz, and taking some slight part in the troubles with Micheltorena in '45. iv. 486-7. In '46 he enlisted in Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), took part in the fight at Natividad, and went to L. Ang. with Fr‚mont. In '48-9 he had an adventurous career in many places as miner and trader; lived at Sta Clara and Sta Cruz in '50-3, being constable and deputy sheriff part of the time; on a rancho at Pescadero '53-65; at Sta Clara with his mother '65-72; and again on his rancho fr. '72, having married Marˇa J. Perez in '71. His Pioneer of '43, a narrative of his overland trip and experiences in Cal., was printed in the S. Jos‚ Pioneer of '77, containing many interesting details. He seems to have been a very unlucky man in respect of accidents, the breaking of a leg or arm being by no means a rare occurrence; and it appears that this luck with his old propensity to roam is still retained; for as I write, in '85, the papers announce the accidental breaking of his leg at Silver City, N. Mex. 

Benschoten (John W.), 1848, New Yorker who served in the Mex. war, coming to Cal. prob. with Graham's dragoons (v. 522); worked in the mines, and finally settled in S. Joaquin, where he married Jessie McKay in '66. Benson (Christian), 1847, perhaps one of the N.Y. Vol. under another name. B. (Geo.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). B. (John), 1840, Amer. sailor of the Morse at S.F., to be shipped on the Don Quixote. Bent (Silas), 1848, mr of the Preble. Bentley (John), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 544). Benton, 1848, firm of Ross, B. & Co. at S. F. 

Bercier (Francis), 1847, Engl. at N. Helv. Berdle (John), 1836, arms in his possess. seized at L. Ang. Berenback (Antoine), 1847, Co. F, 3d artill. (v. 518). Berier, 1847, at N. Helv.; prob. same as 'Bercier.' Beristain, 1847-8, mr of the Concepcion. v. 577. B. (M1829, at S. Diego. iii. 141. Beritzhoff (Alex.), 1847, named in a newspaper as mate of the J˘ven Guipuzcoana. iv. 587; went from N.Y. to Valparaiso on ship Zenobia. From Val. to Mont. on brig Thos H. Benton in '47. Owner of Stockton Independent '65-75. Later U.S. storekeeper int. rev. at S.F. 

Bermudez (Antonio, Atansio, Dolores), at L. Ang. '46. B. (Domingo), 1832, at Sta B. B. (Francisco), 1832, soldier at Sta B., wife Concepcion Pico, 2 child. B. (Jos‚), at L. Ang. '15-28. ii. 349, 354, 560; two or three of the name at S. Bernardino and S. Gabriel '46. B. (Jos‚), at rancho nacional, Mont., '36, age 28, wife Ana M. Martinez, child. Jos‚ and Martiana. Bernab‚, 1824, rebel neoph. at Sta B. ii. 532, 537. Bernaci (Juan), 1791, lieut in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. 

Bernal, 1826, majordomo of S. Jos‚. ii. 599. I am unable to trace definitely the dif. branches of the Bernal family in Cal., but name many individuals. See list of those in Cal. before 1800 in i. 734. B. (Agustin), soldier at S. F. '19-27; in '37 lieut of militia at S. Jos‚. iii. 732; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 39; wife Marˇa Juana Higuera; child. Jos‚ b. '25, Guadalupe '29, Presentacion '32, Abelino '34, Nicol'37, Juana '39; in '46 juez de campo. v. 662; '53 claimant of Sta Teresa rancho. iii. 713; prob. son of Joaquin. B. (Agustin, Jr), son of the preceding, b. '48; mar. Francisca Soto in Alameda Co. '78. B. (Ana Maria), mar. 1784 to Gabriel Moraga. ii. 571. B. (Antonio), soldier at S. F. '41-3. iv. 667; still at S. Jos‚ '50. B. (Apolinario), born in Cal. 1780-90; regidor at S. Jos‚ 1802; killed by Ind. '13. ii. 134, 339. B. (Basilio), grantee of Sta Clara embarcadero '45-8; also claimant in '53. iv. 373; v. 665. B. (Bruno), in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 39 (prob. older); wife Átonia Ortega; children, Antonio b. in '25, Dolores '27, Francisco '31, Pedro '33, Jos‚ and Gertrudis '35, Guadalupe '36, Rufina '37, Luis '39; Cal. claim of $10,000 in '46; claimant for Alisal, Mont. Co. iii. 676. B. (Jesus), juez de campo at S. Jos‚ '41. iv. 684. B. (Joaquin), soldier of S. F. at Sta Cruz 1795. i. 496; inv'19-32; grantee of Sta Teresa rancho '34, being then 94 years old. iii. 713. B. (Jos‚), soldier at S. F. '19-30. B. (Jos‚ 2d), soldier at S. F. '19-24. B. (Jos‚), born at S. Jos‚ in '23; married Alta Gracia Higuera in '55; 10 children; living in Alameda Co. in '80. B. (Jos‚ Ant.), soldier at S. F. '29-'42. B. (Jos‚ Ant.), farmer at S. Jos‚ '41, age 25; wife Guadalape Butron; children, Juan and Trinidad. B. (Jos‚ Cornelio), regidor [p.58]of S. Jos‚ '28. ii. 605; grantee of land at Mission Dolores '34; elector and militiaman at S. F. '37. iii. 705; grantee of Rincon de Salinas, etc., and Rincon de Ballena '39. iii. 678, 712; in '42 at S. F., age 46, wife CCibrian, son Jos‚ de Jesus b. '29; still living '53-4. His widow lived at the mission until after '67. i. 293. B. (Jos‚ Dionisio), soldier of the Soledad escolta 1791-1800. i. 499. B. (Jos‚ Jesus), grantee in '39 of the Ca¤ada de Pala rancho. iii. 711; in '41 farmer at S. Jos‚, age 31; wife Marˇa Ant. Higuera; children, Jos‚ Gabriel b. '34, Jesus M. '35, Jos‚ Jesus '37, Dionisio '37. B. (Juan), cattle-owners in S. F. district 1793. i. 707. B. (Juan), soldier at S. F. '20-30; elector and militiaman at S.F. '37. iii. 705; grantee of Laguna de Palos Col. in the contra costa '35-41. iii. 712; iv. 671; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 38; wife Encarnacion Soto (who as a widow was owner of S. F. lots fr. '44. iv. 669; v. 685); children, Guadalupe b. '31, Nicol'35, Apolinario '37, Juan '40. B. (Juan), farmer at S. Jos‚ '41, age 31; wife Rafaela F‚lix; child., Francisco b. '35, Juan '38, Guadalupe '39, Refugio '40; juez de campo '44. iv. 685. B. (Juan), son of Joaquin, at S. Jos‚ in '77, age 67, who gave me his Memoria of several old-time occurrences; perhaps same as preceding. B. (Juan). deseribed by Larkin in '45 as a man of some wealth and local influence at Sta Cruz. B. (Marˇa D. Castro de), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 52; children, Juan b. '20, Gregorio and Francisco '27, Ramon '30. 

Bernier (Baptiste), 1844, one of Fr‚mont's men. iv. 437. 

Berreyesa (Antonio), son of Nicolwho in '77 at S. Jos‚ gave me his Relacion of the murder of his uncle by Fr‚mont's men in '46 (v. 171), and of the troubles of his father's family with the squatters and land lawyers. B. (F‚lix), soldier at S. F. and musician '34-42. B. (Francisco), soldier at S. F. '37; sergt '39; grantee in '46 of Ca¤ada de Capay and Rincon de Musulacon. v. 669, 675; claimant for Rincon de Esteros '53. iii. 712. B. (Jos‚ Ign.), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 34; children, Jesus Marˇa, Jos‚ Jesus, Adelaida, Marˇa Los Angeles, and Gabriela; grantee of Chiniles rancho '46. v. 669. B. (Jos‚ Jesus), soldier at S. F. '32-3; sentenced for stealing horses at Mont. '35. iii. 674; at Sonoma, age 28, in '44; grantee of Las Putas '43, and Yacuy '46. iv. 672; v. 669. B. (Jos‚ de los Reyes), nat. of Cal., son of Nicolb. about 1787; sold. at S. F. '19-29, sergt from '30; also employed as a teacher at S. F. in '23. ii. 591, 584; iii. 111, 701; in '31-5 sec. of ayunt. at S. Jos‚. iii. 729-30; in '41 at S. Jos‚; wife Marˇa S. Bernal; children, Domingo b. '22, Francisco '26, Fernando '28, Encarnacion '30, Demesio '33, Madelina '34, but there were several others older; in '42 grantee of S. Vicente rancho. iv. 673. In June '46 while on his way to visit his son at Sonoma the old man was murdered at S. Rafael by Fr‚mont's men. v. 171-4. B. (Jos‚ de los Santos), son of Jos‚ Reyes; sergt S. F. comp. at Sonoma '40-2. iii. 702; iv. 678; grantee of Malacomes rancho '43. iv. 671-3; in '46 alcalde at Sonoma. v. 124, 154, 159, 668; in '55 a witness in the Santillan case. B. (Marˇa de la Luz), mar. to Joaq. Soto 1803, the 1st marriage at S. Jos‚. ii. 138. B. (Martin), sold. at Sonoma '42. B. (Nasario), corporal at S. F. '19-24. B. (Nicolsettler at S. F. 1777-1800. i. 297, 716; wife Gertrudis Peralta, children Gabriela, Marˇa de la Luz, Jos‚ de los Reyes, Nasario, NicolJuan Jos‚, acc. to S. Jos‚ padron of 1793. B. (Nicolson of preceding; sold. at S. F. '19-30; grantce of Milpitas '34. iii. 712; regidor at S. Jos‚ '36-7, iii. 730; at S. Jos‚ '41. age 51, wife Gracia Padilla, children, Jos‚ b. '18, Nicol'22, Francisco '26, Jos‚ '28, Antonio '31, Mariano '34, Agustin '36. The murder of his brother Reyes and the plundering of his cattle by the battalion in '46, the later lynching of his brother Demesio, the continued struggle with squatters and land lawyers, in which all his property was stripped from him, drove the old man to madness; and several of his sons also became insane. He died in '63. B. (Rudesindo), ment. in '42. iv. 240. B. (Santiago), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 37; wife Marˇa Rosario Valencia, child Marˇa Josefa. B. (Sixto), soldier in S.F. comp. '38-42; grantee of Las Putas '43. iv. 672. 

Berry, 1848, from Or., one of the 1st miners at Grass Valley. Nev. Co. Hist., 52, 64. B. (Daniel K.), 1846, overl. immig. from Mo. with his family. [p.59]v. 529; served in Co. C, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); fr. '48 one of the 1st settlers of Suisun Valley, where he still lived in '60. B. (James Richard), 1836, Irishman who had lived long in Span. provinces, a great traveller and a man of many accomplishments; grantee of Punta de Reyes in '36. iii. 712; iv. 118; owner of lots at S.F. '41-4. iv. 669; v. 679; at Sonoma in '44, aged 52. I find no later record of him. Bertodano (Cosme), 1794-6, Span. com. of the Vald‚s, Activa, Aranzazu. i. 523-4, 540. Bertran (Luis), Mex. at Mont. '36, age 40, wife Tomasa Carrillo. Bertrand (Emile), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Beston (Thos), 1847, at N. Helv., with family; apparently an immig. v. 556. Bestor (Norman S.), 1846, assistant to Lieut Emory with Kearny's force. v. 337; at Mont. Feb. '48; had a store at Coloma '48-9. Sherman. Beuseman (Chris. M.), 1817, Prussian in the Russ. service, noble of the 4th class; mr of the Chirikof, and Baikal, '11-12, '25-8. ii. 298, 312, 648; iii. 146. Beverley (MeKenzie), 1847, owner of S.F. lot; murderer of D˘rnte; later a desperado at large. v. 586, 646, 663, 676, 684. 

Bianchi (Nicholas), 1834-5, mr of the Rosa. iii. 384. Bicholl (John), 1843, Amer. in charge of Sutter's cattle at Hock; naturalized '44. iv. 400; name written 'Bignol' and also 'Rignoll.' Bickmore (Gilbert), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Biddle (James), 1847-8, com. of the Pac. squadron U. S. N. on the Columbus. v. 437-8, 450, 577. Bideler (Thos), 1836, Amer., doubtful name at Los. Ang. Bidilton (John), 1828-9, Engl. catholic at Mont. 

Bidwell (John), 1841, nat. of N. Y., born in 1819, who went with his parents to Penn. and Ohio; a school-teacher in Ohio and Iowa; an immig. from Mo. to Cal. in the Bartleson party. For an account of this party, including much about Bidwell personally, and about his diary sent east and published as A Journey to California, now of great rarity, see iv. 266-76, 279, 346-7. I have the original bond signed by Thos G. Bowen in B.'s favor on Nov. 18, '41. He entered Sutter's employ, and in '42-3 was in charge of the Ross estate at Bodega. iv. 186, 233, 665, 679; in '43-4 at Hock farm. I have much of his original corresp. of these and later years. In '44, visiting Mont. with a recommend. from Sutter to the gov., he obtained naturalization papers and a grant of the Ulpinos rancho. iv. 674. In return Bidwell was active in support of Micheltorena, going south with Sutter's army, being taken prisoner at the 'battle' of Cahuenga, and even having something to say 40 years later in defence of that most unwise movement of the foreigners. iv. 366, 479-83, 485-6, 508. Returning to N. Helvetia, he continued in Sutter's service as agent and elerk, being the writer of portions of the N. Helv. Diary, and his movements from day to day being recorded in other portions; also grantee of the Colus rancho in '45. iv. 516, 671. His travels in the valley and foothills were extensive, and he had many narrow escapes from making the grand discovery of gold. Early in '46 he made arrangements to open a school at Mont., Larkin's Doc., iv. 54; but circumstances occurred to prevent this. He did not at first take an active part in the settlers' revolt, being a Mex. citizen and apparently not warmly in sympathy with this most senseless filibusterism; but he was at one time in charge of the prisoners at the fort, and in July was sec. at the formal organization at Sonoma. v. 100, 125, 128, 179. He went south with Fr‚mont; was put in com. of S. Luis Rey in Aug., and made a perilous trip by sea from S. Diego to S. Pedro for supplies during the Flores revolt; ranking as capt. in the Cal. Bat., and serving as quartermaster with rank of major under Stockton in '46-7. v. 286, 317-18, 324-5, 361, 385, 420, 620-2. Returning to the Sacramento, Bidwell continued his labors as Sutter's agent and surveyor in different parts of the valley until the discovery of gold, when he became the pioneer miner on Feather River, where Bidwell's Bar was named for him. Of his mining experience, as of his official career in later years, I shall have occasion to say something in vol. vi.-vii. of this work. Becoming owner of the Arroyo Chico ranchos granted to Dickey and Farwell, he made here his permanent home, site of the town of Chico from '60, becoming a man of great wealth, and one of the most prominent agriculturists of the state. He was chosen as a member of the constit. convention of '49, though not serving; a senator in the 1st legislature of '49-50; a delegate to the national democratic [p.60]convention of '60 at Charleston; appointed brigadier-gen. of militia in '63 by Gov. Stanford; delegate to the national union convention in '64; and a member of congress '64-7, being in '75 a defeated, non-partisan, anti-monopoly candidate for gov. of Cal. But it is to the agricultural and industrial development of his county and state that he has given his chief attention, and it is his success in this direction that has evidently given him most satisfaction. His record is in all respects that of an honorable as well as successful man, one of the chief testimonials in his favor being the flimsy nature of the inevitable charges made against him as a candidate for office. His position as the leading representative of his class, that of immigrant farmers, will be questioned, as his success will be be begrudged, by none. His California in '41-8, a MS. of 233 pages, was dictated for my use in '77, and is regarded as one of the most valuable volumes in my collection of pioneer reminiscences. He has also in later correspondence furnished many useful items for this register. In '68 he married Miss Annie Kennedy of Washington, D.C.; has no children; still residing at Chico in '85. 

Biggerton (Susan), 1845, illegally married at Sac., so wrote Leidesdorff. iv. 587. 'Big Jim,' 1830, Irish trapper of Young's party, killed by Higgins. iii. 174. Biggs (Matthew H.), 1848, mining man from Valparaiso with letters from Atherton; named also by Brooks at Mormon diggings. 

Bigler (Henry W.), 1847, Virginian of Co. B, Morm. Bat. v. 478, 493, 495. His father was formerly a Methodist preacher, moving to Mo. in '38. After the mustering-out of the bat., B. entered Sutter's employ, and was one of the men working at the Coloma mill when gold was found. His Diary of a Mormon, copied by himself in '72, is not only an excellent narrative of the march of the battalion-one of Tyler's chief authorities-but is one of the best authorities extant on details of the gold discovery. Soon after the mining excitement began Bigler returned to Utah, where he still lived at St George in '81. Bigley (John), 1847, owner of a S. F. lot; witness in a lawsuit of '65. 

Bihler (Wm), 1848, German butcher from Baltimore round the Horn; following his trade at S. F. '48-50; on a Sonoma rancho '51-9; on a Lakeville rancho '59-80, being a large land-owner, giving particular attention to the breeding of blood stock. Sonoma Co. Hist. 

Bill, several men known only by this name, most of whom cannot be identified, and none of the others requiring notice. Billings (Orson), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). 'Billy the Cooper,' 1845, Engl. sailor from a whaler at Mont.; killed at the Natividad fight in Nov. '46. iv. 587; v. 371. Acc. to Swan, his full name was never known in Cal. 

Bines (Robert), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons. (v. 232-47.) Bingham (Erastus), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). B. (George), 1842, somewhat doubtfully recorded as a boy on one of Com. Jones' vessels at Mont.; returning to Cal. in '49; policeman, miner, saloon-keeper, and soldier to '79, when he lived at Vallejo. Solano Co. Hist., 332-3; iv. 341. B. (Thos), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. Binley (John), 1847, Mormon of Kearny's return escort. v. 453, 492. 

Bird (David T.), 1844, overl. immig. of the Kelsey party from Or. iv. 444-5, 453. Also called David S. and David F. In '45 one of Sutter's men in the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 486; perhaps the Burt arrested by Castro at S. Jos‚ in July '46. v. 136; later lieat of Co. E, Cal. Bat., enlisting at Sonoma in Oct. v. 361. He settled in Yolo Co., and was still at Woodland in '79. B. (Wm), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in '81 at Paris, Id. Birnie (James), 1837, Scotch officer of the H. B. Co. at Vancouver, who came on the Llama to buy cattle. iv. 85-6, 90. In '47 his name appears in a S. F. list of uncalled-for letters. B. (Robert), 1832, Amer. who got a passport in Aug. 

Birnie (Robert), 1841, son of James, born in Or. '24; came on the Cowlilz as clerk for Rae. iv. 217, 279; left the vessel and H. B. Co. at Honolulu in '42, but returned and worked as clerk at Sta B. and S. F., and supercargo of the Juan Jos‚ till '45; his part in the capture of Sutter's gun '44. iv. 483; in Or. '45-7, returning to Cal. '48; clerk for Forbes at N. Almaden '49-50. After engaging in mining, farming, and various other occupations, Birnie became a real estate agent at Oakland, where he still lived in '72 with his wife and three [p.61]daughters. He gave me a narrative of his Personal Adventures. Bishop (Stephen A.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons. (v. 336). Bissie, 1848, named as a Frenchman hanged at Hangtown in Jan. '49 for robbery on the Stanislaus in '48. Black, 1827, named as one of the Jed. Smith party. iii. 160. B. (David), 1847, with the Morm. Bat. (v. 469); a step-son of Capt. Brown. B. (James), 1847, Co. I, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of lots at S.F., or this may have been the following. 

Black (James), 1832, Scotch sailor left sick at Mont. in Jan., age about 25. v. 408. Other accounts represent him as having deserted at S.F. In applying for naturalization in Sept. '43 he claimed 10 years' residence. For a year or two he hunted otter with McIntosh, being named in Larkin's books from '34. A witness at Sonoma in '36; met by Edwards near S. Rafael in '37. iv. 86. About'40 he perhaps settled on the Jonive rancho, which after his naturalization and marriage in '43 was formally granted him in '45. iv. 117, 671; named in a Sonoma list of '44 as 34 years old; 2d alcalde of S. Rafael in '45. iv. 677. B. seems to have taken no part in the political troubles of '45-6. About '48 he exchanged his Jonive estate for that of Nicasio, where he spent the rest of his life. He was a judge in '50, and assessor in '52-3; evidently a man of industrious habits and good character for one of his class, though a hard drinker in the later years. Died in '70, leaving a large estate about which there was much litigation resulting from an attempt to break his will. His first wife was Agustina Sais, who died in '64, leaving a daughter, Mrs Burdell, who was living in '80. In '65 he married the widow Pacheco, who survived him. Black (Joseph), 1845, hatter at N. Helv. '45-7; often named in the Diary. iv. 587; lot owner at S. F.; on the 1st jury at S. Jos‚ '48; perhaps his name was 'Block;' or there may have been another Block. B. (Wm), 1814, com. of the Raccoon. ii. 272, 304, 373. 

Blackburn (Wm), 1845, Virginian cabinet-maker born in 1814; overl. immig. in the Swasey-Todd party. iv. 576, 587. He went to work at Sta Cruz as a lumberman, being a witness at the trial of Williams for killing Naile in April '46. v. 671; but after serving a while in Fauntleroy's dragoons, he joined the Cal. Bat. and was made 2d lieut of Co. A, artillery. v. 361, 435. Returning to Sta Cruz, but also obtaining a lot at S. F., B. opened a store; and served '47-9 as alcalde by the governor's appointment. v. 641-2; being also county judge in '50 after a brief experience in the mines. The decisions of his court are famous for their originality; but if technically somewhat irregular, they were always in accord with common sense and justice. He is said to have built a schooner at Sta Cruz in '48. v. 581; and was chosen a member of the convention of '49, though not serving; claimant of the Arastradero rancho. iv. 655. Blackburn was an intelligent, shrewd fellow; honest and straightforward in his dealings; always jovial and popular whether drunk or sober; in a small way a leader among his companions. After '51 he gave up politics and gave his attention to agriculture, first to raising potatoes, for which he got a premium at the N. Y. fair, and later to fruit culture, his orchard being for many years one of the chief attractions of Sta Cruz. He died in '67, leaving a widow. Several of his brothers came to Cal. after '48. 

Blair (Chas D.), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). B. (Nicholas), 1847, ditto; d. at Los Ang. '55. B. (Wm), 1836, doubtful name in Taylor's list, from N. Mex. Blaisdle, 1837, doubtful name at Pt Reyes. 

Blake (B.), 1828, agent of a Manila firm at Mont. B. (Geo. C.), 1846, com. of H. B. M. S. Juno. v. 579. B. (Homer C.), 1847, officer on the U. S. Preble; commodore '79; died '80. B. (Wm), 1832, doubtful record of a carpenter in Solano Co. '69-77. iii. 408. 

Blanca (J.), 1841, mr of the Ayacucho. iv. 563. Blanchard. 1848, at S. F. from Honolulu in Nov. on the Currency Lass. B. (Ira), 1848, in the mines; furnished gold specimens to Gov. Mason; corporal of S. F. guards. B. (Wm), 1811, mr of the Catherine. ii. 96, 267. Blanco, at S. D. and Los Ang. '36-46. B. (Juan), 1798. i. 606. B. (Miguel), at S. Gabriel '46. B. (Thos), grantee of land, Mont. '44. iv. 656. Blanks, see 'Banks.' 

Blasdell (Lewis), 1848, passp. from Honolulu. B. (Wm), 1842, German [p.62]at Mont. on the California from Honolulu; permitted to land; a blacksmith age 39. Blast (Thomas), 1845, doubtful name of a trader. 

Blea (Rafael), 1846, at Los Ang. and S. Bernardino. Blecksmith, (Leopold), 1847, Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Blevins (Alex.), 1843, doubtful newspaper mention. 

'Blind Tom,' 1833, Engl. sailor at S. Jos‚. Sta Clara Co. Hist. Blindenberg (L. B.), 1832-3, mr of the Friend. iii. 382. Blinn (John), 1836, mr of the Loriot '36-7. iv. 105; mr of the Clementina '39 and pass. on the Alciope. iv. 100, 102; mr of the Maryland '41, in which year he died. iv. 207, 567. Blirkin (Wm), 1840, doubtful name in Farnham's list of arrested foreigners. Bliss (Robert S.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Block, see 'Black.' 

Bloomfield (Wm), 1840, one of the exiled foreigners. iv. 18. Blossom (J. W.), 1848, at S. F. from Honolulu on the Sagadahoc. 'Blue Jacket,' 1846, nickname of one of the guard at Sutter's Fort. v. 125. 

Blume (Fred. Gustavus), 1842, German surgeon of the whaleship Alex. Barclay at Sauzalito Dec. '42-March '43. iv. 341. Late in '46 he came back to Cal. on the Currency Lass from Honolulu with a stock of goods sold at S. F.; and again in April '47 on the Gen. Kearny, this time to stay, opening a store at Sonoma with M. J. Haan. In '48 he moved to a rancho in the Bodega region, near Freestone and Bloomfield-the latter named for him-where in '49 he married the widow Marˇa Ant. Cde Dawson. Both were living in '80 without children. Dr B. held several local offices, and is postmaster at Freestone in '85. His portrait is found in Sonoma Co. Hist., 280. Blury (Arthur de), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232-47). 

Boardman (John), 1843, overl. immig. of the Chiles-Walker party. iv. 392, 400; witness to a doc. at Sonoma '47. 'Bob,' or Juan Crist˘bal, 1816, the pioneer negro, left by Capt. Smith of the Albatross. ii. 248, 277, 393. 'Bob,' Irish servant of Colton at Mont. '48, who made his fortune in the mines. 'Bob,' a tattooed Marquesan in the mines, ment. by Buffum. Bobo, (Zarah), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons. (v. 336). Bocalon (Agustin), 1808, com. of the Concepcion. ii. 87. Bochon (Procopi), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Bode (Nicholas F.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). 

Bodega y Cuadra (Juan Francisco), 1775, Span. lieut in com. of the exploring vessel Sonora, discovering and naming Bodega bay. i. 241-3, 518; ii. 81; in 1779 com. of the Favorita. i. 329; in 1792-3, com. of the S. Blas naval establishment, and commissioner to settle the Nootka troubles with England, visiting Cal., and dying in '93. i. 506, 509-12, 519-20, 522-4, 539, 682. See also Hist. N. W. Coast, i. Bodie (Waterman S.), vaguely alluded to as having come in '48. Bogart (Henry), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Boggs (Albert G.), 1846, son of Lilburn W., and overl. immig. with his father and brothers (v. 526); later a prominent citizen of Napa, and county treasurer; still living in '81. B. (Guadalupe Vallejo), son of Wm M., born at Petaluma Jan. 4, '47, often named incorrectly as the 1st child of Amer. parents born in Cal. B. (Lilburn W.), 1846, Kentuckian, b. in 1798; overl. immig. with wife and 8 children. v. 528. He lived many years in Mo., where he was a very prominent man, as pioneer, trader, and public officer, being elected gov. of the state in '36. He took a prominent part in the expulsion of the Mormons, to whose vengeance is attributed a later attempt to murder him which was very nearly successful. Spending the winter at Petaluma and settling at Sonoma he engaged in trade with Scott, and was appointed alcalde to succeed Nash from '47. v. 433, 609-10, 668-9, 681; holding the office till '49, and being elected a member of the constitutional convention, though not serving. In '52 he moved to Napa, where he died in '61. His first wife was a daughter of Silas Bent, and the second, who accompanied him to Cal., a granddaughter of Daniel Boone, dying in Napa in '80 at the age of '97. A good sketch of Ex-gov. Boggs' life is found in the Napa Co. Hist., 373; and a portrait in Menefee's Sketchbook, 264. Many of his descendants still live in Cal., but respecting most of them I have no definite information. 

Boggs (Wm M.), 1846, son of Lilburn W., b. in Mo. '26; member of the same immigrant party, of which he was captain during part of the journey-his [p.63]bridal tour, he having married Sonora Hicklin just before the start. He took some slight part in the final campaign of the war against Sanchez in '46-7. v. 383; and after an adventurous career in the mines settled at Napa, where in '72 he wrote for me his Reminiscences of early life in Mo., his father's life, the trip to Cal., and his experiences in '46-8. His Trip across the Plains, in the newspapers, covers nearly the same ground. He has occupied several official positions, and has raised a family of five sons-Guadalupe V., Lilburn W., Jr., Angus, Jefferson, and Wm, and a daughter, to whose education special care has been devoted, several of them being teachers. Bohorques, see 'Bojorges.' 

Boinger (Fred.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Bois (Juan), 1828, mr of the Wilmantic. iii. 149. Boiss‚ (Gabriel), 1798, Boston sailor at S. Diego. i. 645, 654. Bojorges-more properly written Bohorques-(Angel), at S.F. '37-9; at Sonoma '44, age 33. B. (Bartolo), soldier at S.F. '19; inv'22-41; regidor at S. Jos‚ '24-5; elector at S.F. '35. ii. 605; iii. 704; grantee of Laguna de S. Antonio '45, and claimant '54. iv. 673. B. (Gerardo), at S.F. '37. B. (Hermenegildo), soldier of the S. Jos‚ escolta 1797-1800. i. 556. B. (Ignacio), soldier of the S.F. comp. '35-42; at Sonoma '44, age 26. B. (Jos‚ Ramon), corporal of the Sta Clara escolta 1776-7; invat S. Jos‚, 1790-1821. i. 296-7, 306, 478; his wife was Francisca Romero; died '22. B. (Juan), soldier of S.F. comp. '23-31; at Sonoma '44, age 35. iv. 363. In '77 at Sta Clara he gave me his Recuerdos of Ind. campaigns. B. (Pedro), settler at S. F. 1791-1800; regidor at S. Jos‚ 1810. i. 716; ii. 134. B. (Pedro), at S. F. '37; at Sonoma '44, age 24. 

Bolan (A. J.), 1845, at Sutter's '45-6, acc. to the N. Helv. Diary; iv. 578. Bola¤os (Francisco), 1595, one of Cerme¤on's men at Pt Reyes; also with Vizcaino in 1602. i. 96, 98. Bolbeda (Louis), 1826, French trapper of Jed. Smith's party, who rem. in Cal. iii. 160, 176. 

Bolcof (Jos‚ Antonio), 1815, the earliest Russian settler; native of Kamchatka, who left his vessel at Mont., age about 20. ii. 274, 393. In '17 he was baptized at Soledad, or at least had his Greek church baptism 'ratified;' in '22 married to CCastro, and perhaps made a trip to Mex. ii. 479; in '24 arrcsted for smuggling, and from that time often named in local records of Branciforte and Sta Cruz. ii. 519, 522, 627; iv. 117, 544; in '29 named as a shoemaker of good conduct; in '31 obtained lands; naturalized in '33; alcalde at Brancif. '34, also '39-42, '45-6. iii. 695-7; iv. 662-4; v. 57, 641-2; being also in charge of the ex-mission from '39; grantee of the Refugio rancho '41. iv. 655. In the Brancif. padron of '45 B. is named with his wife and 11 children as follows: Amadeo b. '25, Francisco '27, Juan '29, Encarnacion '32, Guadalupe '36, Josefa '39, C'37, Jos‚ Ramon '40; Jos‚ Dolores '41, Marˇa Ant. '42, and Marˇa de los Angeles '44. He took no part in the political troubles of '45-7, but in '48 engaged in mining with his sons, being very successful; but not content to let well enough alone, and imbibing somewhat too freely the new spirit of progress, the old nian fell a victim to sharpers, gradually lost his lands and money, and died in poverty in '66. I have no record of his sons after '45. 

Boles, see 'Bowles.' Bollon (Jos‚ Marˇa), 1834, Portuguese at Mont. Bolton (James R.), 1847, trader at Mazatlan, having some commercial relations with Cal., which country he visited for the first time in June '47 on the Laliy Shaw Stewart. In later years he became known as the principal claimant for the Mission Dolores estate in the famous Santillan case; in '85 a capitalist residing at S. F. 

Bon (John), 1829, mr of the Wilmington. iii. 149. 'Bonaparte,' 1836, Frenchman with Yount in Napa Val. Bond (Thos), 1833, named as one of Walker's party. iii. 391. B. (Wm), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499.) Bonechu (Louis), 1824, French vineyardist at L. Ang. '40, age 57, claiming to have been 16 years in Cal. Bones (John), 1821, Irish carpenter at S. Miguel '29-30, 31 years old, and 9 years in Cal. ii. 444; possibly 'Burns.' 

Bonifacio (Juan B.), 1822, Italian or Austrian who landed from the John Begg with the governor's permission and was employed by Hartnell as stevedore. ii. 478; an illiterate, honest fellow about 24 years old, who married CPinto in '27; naturalized in '29; 2d in com. of the comp. extranjera '32. iii. 221, 223, 225; died about '34, leaving a widow and 3 children. 

Bonilla (Jos‚ Mariano), 1834, Mex. lawyer and teacher, who came with the H. & P. colony; implicated in the Apalrevolt, but not sent away. iii. 263, 286. A man of the same name was member of the Cal. junta in Mex. '25-7. iii. 3. A young man of 27 on his arrival, well educated at the Colegio Nacional; teacher at Sta B. '35. iii. 657; clerk and sec. in dif. public offices '36-40. iii. 463, 605, 685; admin. of S. Luis Ob., and auxiliary juez '42. iv. 331, 657-8; grantee of Huerhuero, or Huerfano, rancho in '42-4. iv. 655-6; partisan of Micheltorena in '45; sec. and appointed fiscal of the tribunal superior. iv. 532; juez and alcalde at S. Luis '46-8, being at one time arrested by Fr‚mont. v. 638-9, 375; sub-prefect '49; later county judge, district attorney, and supervisor. Bonilla was a man who always commanded respect, though not always in sympathy with the Californians, and one whose advice, by reason of his superior education, was always in demand. In '37 he married Dolores, daughter of Inocente Garcˇa, who in '78 gave me the Bonilla collection of Doc. Hist. Cal. He died in '78. B. (Patricio), at Los Ang. '46. 

Bonnet, 1844, mr of the Lion '44-5. iv. 567; iii. 382-3; also in '46; possibly in '35. Bonney (Jarvis), 1845, Amer. immig. of Grigsby-Ide party, with his family. iv. 578, 580; v. 526. He buried two children at N. Helv. March '46, and in April went to Or., where he was in June. B. (Truman), 1845, prob. a brother of Jarvis, whom he accomp. to Cal. and to Or. with his family. v. 578. He also lost a son at N. Helv.; and his daughter was married in Feb. '46 to A. Sanders. Next year a man named Bonny, very likely one of this family, was met on his way alone from Or. to the states. Bryant, 137. Bonnycastle (John C.), 1847, lieut and adj. N. Y. Vol. v. 503; later lieut of 4th U. S. infantry '48-61; at Louisville, Ky, '82. Bons (Wm), 1840, arrested at Branciforte, having no carta. Bonsall-or Bonsell-(Jacob), 1848, owner of a ferry on the S. Joaquin with Doak. 

Booker (Henry), 1844, Amer. named in Larkin's accounts '44-5 at Mont.; living on the Sac. '46. Tustin. Joining the Bears, he was the messenger who carried Ide's proclamation to Mont. Later in the year he went south with Fr‚mont; was probably one of Gillespie's garrison at L. Ang.; with Mervine's force defeated at S. Pedro; one of Stockton's men at S. Diego; one of the party sent to re‚nforce Kearny; and finally killed at S. Pascual. iv. 453; v. 110, 159, 346. Perhaps no other man in Cal. had so varied an experience in this most eventful year.