2009 Transcription of Dublin Pioneer Cemetery by Emily J Bailey

Dublin Pioneer Cemetery - Dublin Heritage Center - Dublin, CA

The Dublin Pioneer Cemetery is located in Dublin, Alameda County, California. Founded in 1859, the cemetery is now part of the Dublin Heritage Center, which includes Old St Raymond's Church and the Old Murray Schoolhouse. There are signs placed in the cemetery that give information about several of the Dublin pioneer families. The cemetery is currently maintained by the City of Dublin and is located a short distance from I-580. There is parking at the Heritage Center as well as parking available on the street.

This cemetery was transcribed in 1935 and again in 1989. Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society (L-AGS) has a transcription from the L-AGS book, "Cemeteries of Pleasanton and Dublin, California” available on their website: http://www.l-ags.org . In the transcription, done in 1989, burials are listed by section and row in the cemetery making in easier to determine possible links to families buried together. Section and row designations are not included in my transcription because the City of Dublin is in the process of altering the section and row designations. In August, 2009, I walked the cemetery using this 1989 transcription to update, add more recent internments, and photograph the cemetery. This work is presented below.

The vital statistics recorded during this survey are presented in three different formats:
  1. dublin_pioneer_cemetery_transcription.pdf - An Adobe Acrobat® format version of vital statistics including "notes" taken from headstone.
  2. dublin_pioneer_cemetery_transcription.txt - A space delimited text file of the vital statistics without "notes".
  3. A series of web (htm) pages with all vital statistics and hyperlinks to headstone photographs, organized on the first letter of the last name.
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The cemetery has been vandalized in the past. Several of the older markers have been broken and when possible, repaired. During this survey, I found four "bases" of older headstones that contain no information.

In 1989, the author of the above mentioned book listed the following headstones as transcribed in the 1935 survey but not found in 1989.
-Conway Plot
..Conway........Anna -- Oct 20 1870-Feb 7 1878
..Conway........Nellie -- Jul 27 1872-Dec 26 1877
Devereaux.......Margaret Jane -- Feb 18 1869-Aug 18 1871
Holm............Chester Neilson -- Mar 24 1893-Aug 22 1896
Lehman..........Mary Ann -- died Dec 8 1895, 76y - native of England
Letta...........[stone broken]
McMee...........John -- died Aug 29 1879, 30y - native of Co. Donegal, Parish of Donemore, Ireland
-Rasmussen Plot
..Madsen........Magrete K. -- died Jul 14 1904, 4m 10d - "name not certain"
..Senkenberg......Dagny Johanne -- Nov 21 1897-Jul 1 1898
-Wells Plot

A more recent transcription was done in 2006 by Fred Kemmerle and available online at http://www.interment.net/data/us/ca/alameda/pioneer/index.htm.

Found in 1989 in the Thomas Hart plot but not found in 2006 was Cecelia Donohue-Nov 7 1905 - "Baby" . Found in the the 2006 transcription but not found in August 2009 was Mary E. Martin -- 1858 - 1948. Other notes for this transcription include: A marker with "Marie - Jack" is in the Thomas Wells plot. No last names or dates are given. Also note a marker for Mary J. Norris --Aug 15, 1809 - Apr 8, 1852. This stone is difficult to read but the 1989 transcription, if correct, would indicate a death prior to the first burial at Dublin Pioneer Cemetery.  Perhaps this is a memorial only stone or the remains were later moved to this cemetery. 

Old St Raymonds Church

Dublin Pioneer Cemetery Entrance

Murray Schoolhouse

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