2006 Events  

2006 Events


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Elizabeth Hill Mills Tent 88 helped "make history" at the

"Rededication of the GAR Abraham Lincoln Monument"
April 15, 2006, Lincoln Park, Long Beach, CA.

     The monument was conceived and financed through subscriptions by the Grand Army of the Republic Post in Long Beach starting in 1905.  An original monument "To Our Unknown Dead" was first conceptualized by the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War that would be topped by the statue of a Civil War era soldier.  The design was changed by the GAR to replace the soldier with a statue of Mr. Lincoln.
     The monument is composed of a three tiered, post and lintel stacked granite column pedestal.  The base is composed of four tiers.  The first two tiers are of smooth-finished white granite with inscriptions.  The third tier is high polished black granite with relief drawings carved by the Raymond Stone Company staff artist, Clyde Spear. 
     The cornerstone of the monument was sealed on June 29, 1915; and the Lincoln statue was put in place on July 2.  The unveiling and dedication of the completed monument took place during elaborate ceremonies conducted on July 3, 1915.  
     In 1973 the monument was taken to storage, and in 1977 it was installed in front of the Library without it's pedestal.  It was moved in its entirety to its current location in 1982 without a rededication.  This ceremony rights that omission, and the SUVCW plans to mark this date as an annual solemn observance. 
(The rededication program sites "Information about the sculpture came from 'A Survey of Important Sculptures in Los Angeles County' June 25, 1998, prepared by Sculpture Conservation Studio, Inc., and Glenn Wharton and Associates, Inc.  Other information comes from the Los Angeles Times of 1908 through 1916.")

More history was made at the

"Camp Latham Marker Unveiling"
November 12, 2006, Culver City, CA

Camp Latham, existed from 1861 - 1862 and was established by the 1st California Infantry, under Col. James H. Carleton, and the 1st California Calvery, under Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Davis.  Named for U. S. Senator Milton S. Latham who also served as California's sixth governor, this Union tent encampment was California's initial southern staging area for the Civil War.  This camp was located near Jefferson and Overland Blvd. on La Ballona Creek.  (Culver City Historical Society, "Unveiling of the Marker", program)


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Christmas at the Drum Barracks, Wilmington, CA

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Elizabeth Hill Mills Tent 88 hosted a display table.  Pictured above on the left is Past Tent President Joann Knowles.

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DUV members attended a ladies tea in the library.

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Past Tent President and Founder Judith "Judy" Weaver