McKenney's District Directory Contra Costa County of 1879

The following pages are a listing of residents and their occupations in CCC in 1879 as recorded in McKenney's District Directory. Most farmers just had the numbers of acres owned listed. There are a few listings with no occupation or acreages listed. The county and city descriptions, if any, are taken from the directory.

"Of the choice locations for shipping and commerce this county has among the most favorable in the State, her entire northern and western borders being traversed by a line of the C.P. Rail-railroad, along which the overland trains to and from San Francisco pass, while the waters of San Francisco Bay and the San Joaquin River that wash her shores afford access to all manner of shipping, from a fishing boat up to the largest ocean vessel

Fruits and cereals, of all kinds known to California climate, florish here. Many large dairies are carried on in the hills, from which great quantities of milk are shipped every morning to San Francisco. There are also three extensive coal mines in active operation, from which many thousand tons of coal of good quality are annually taken.

Contra Costa has many pieces of picturesque and beautiful scenery. She can also boast of the most conspicuous mountain peak in the State - Mt Diablo - to the summit of which there is a good wagon road.

Martinez is the county seat, beautifully situated on the straits of Carquinez."

Black Diamond
Byron (see Point of Timber)
Point of Timber
San Pablo
San Ramon
Walnut Creek

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