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Sven Danielsson

Artist, writer, genealogist, archivist, and webmaster Sven Danielsson from Nässjö, Sweden, was guest speaker and guest of honor at Baltic's Scandinavian Fair on April 22, 2006. He showed a selection of beautiful photographs from Småland. The slide show was accompanied by a presentation in Swedish, compentently translated by Dianne Carlsson-Cook.

Sven was recently honored as the Bodafors Person of the Year for his efforts and achievements in Sandsjö Hembygdsförening.

Click here to view a picture and read a newspaper article (in Swedish, with a brief summary in English).

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A collection of Sven's beautiful photos from Småland have recently been published in a book edited by Dianne Carlson-Cook

Interior från Wallintorpet, photo by Sven Danielsson

Both in Sweden and America, Sven Danielsson is admired for his projects and diligent, generous work in many areas of art and genealogical history and research in Nässjö Kommun in höglandet, the highlands of Småland. In 1897, church records burned in a fire making it difficult for persons to search for ancestors in Norra Sandsjö. But he has made it possible by photographing and transcribing hundreds of pages of church documents and other resources. For countless persons in Sweden, America, and throughout the world, he finds ways to trace and find lost ancestors. And he does all of this so well out of his kindheartedness, keen interest, and generosity. He has traced his own ancestors back thirteen generations. But there is much more.

Danielsson produces the Fotokalender each year for Sandsjö Hembygdsförening illustrated with historical photos from the rich collection at the archives in Bodafors.

Danielsson invites visitors to experience first hand important sites in Norra Sandsjö and Nässjö Kommun: the church and graveyard, the rune stone, the archives and Ekomuseum, the old marketplace, the spring, ancestral farms, klapphus where women washed, the jail, and Hembygdsparken with museums of the tavern, soldiers' house, and a little farmhouse furnished as in older times. He willingly drives visitors to nearby parishes to show other important sites such as the five mills at Komstad and the courthouse where in former times criminals were executed.

Most of his life, Danielsson has carried a camera and thus in beautiful images for future generations, he has recorded the history, culture, and natural beauty of Norra Sandsjö, Bodafors, and Nässjö. With the eyes of an artist and the camera lens, he captures the rich and varying beauty of the seasons in Småland, the faces of the folks and the places. In his district and in America, including at Swenson Center at Augustana College, he is known for his frequently published and exhibited photographs and is sought-after in the parish and surrounding areas to exhibit his luminous work. A published portfolio of his photographs is forthcoming.


Danielsson's photo of Klapphus near the archives in Bodafors.

It is said that Danielsson is the heartbeat of the archives. From a photo dealer in Bodafors, he recently obtained not less than three carloads of glass plate negatives dated from the 1920s. At his home, Danielsson photographs each plate with his digital camera to make a negative which he then inverts on his computer to a positive image. For more than two decades, he has restored and organized thousands of donated and collected photographs, one of his ongoing projects to preserve, identify, copy, and store the photo history for researchers, writers, and future generations. For ten years, single-handedly he worked to copy and archive the clerical records for Norra Sandjsö, and more recently he recorded the names, dates, and other information for every known emigrant from Norra Sandsjö. This work is included on the data base for emigration, a project that involves archivists across Sweden.

Danielsson at work at

the archive in Bodafors

In addition to all this, Danielsson is webmaster for two excellent homepages, Sandsjö Hembygdsförening and Nässjö Genealogiska Förening where he encourages inquiries and posts information, links, many photographs, and news and information useful to researchers and those that wish to see the beauty and faces of folks that live in Småland. The Verksamhetsberättelse År 2005 praises Danielsson's work: Föreningens hemsida på Internet fick ny adress under året:  och är alltså vårt ansikte ut mot stora världen. Genom hemsidan har vi fått flera nya medlemmar i Sverige och vi vet att den läses i bl.a. USA. Där finns det mesta som hänt och kommer att hända i föreningen. Där finns också f v d från flera socknar i Nässjö kommun, en avdelning för efterlysningar, bilder från föreningens möten och andra händelser i bygden.Vi i styrelsen är glada och tacksamma att ha en så bra webbmaster som Sven Danielsson. Också Sven Danielsson och Carina Bergström har utgjort Datorgrupp. Till dessa två kan medlemmar vända sig med frågor som gäller datorstöd i släktforskning.

This touches on only a part of Sven Danielsson's talent and ongoing efforts. He welcomes visitors to his hembygd and wishes to make everything open and available at the archives for study. And he carries that generous, openhanded attitude to us. We welcome Sven Danielsson among us to talk about his work and show his glorious photographs, and we are eager for the inspiration, beauty, and the light of knowledge he brings to us from Sweden.









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