Date of Death Surname First Name Middle Name Age Race Sex Marital Status Nativity Miscellaneous
Years Months Days
30-Jun-1892 AARK James C. 44 5 28 White M M Missouri
23-Jun-1891 ABBOT Emma 4 White F S Dakota
18-Jul-1898 ACKLEY Mary F. 4 White F S California
20-Jan-1894 ADAMS Edwin 70 White M M New York
29-Oct-1874 ADERSLEY Annie 2 F California
26-Oct-1890 ADKING Lela 1 8 16 White F Yuba Co., California
17-Jun-1900 AGUILAR Thomas 70 MEXI M Mexico
24-Feb-1900 AH Ane 52 CHIN M S China
25-Aug-1896 AH Chain 45 YELL M S China
31-Oct-1894 AH Chun 48 YELL M S China
 5-Sep-1899 AH Chung 53 CHIN M China
17-Jun-1891 AH Dock 42 M S China
22-Jan-1891 AH Fat 35 M China
19-Jul-1892 AH Fong 40 CHIN M S China
29-Dec-1891 AH Fuk 30 M S China
16-Jun-1900 AH Gee Coy 52 CHIN M China
18-Sep-1899 AH Geo Olk 45 CHIN M China
30-Apr-1894 AH Gin 31 CHIN M S China
 8-Dec-1899 AH Goy 50 CHIN F M China
18-Jan-1894 AH Han 33 CHIN M S China
18-Jan-1897 AH Hand 70 YELL M S China
12-Sep-1894 AH Jack 23 YELL M M China
29-Jan-1899 AH Jack CHIN M
22-Jun-1895 AH Jha Fook 67 CHIN M S China
24-May-1898 AH Joe 45 CHIN M S China
24-Aug-1896 AH Kane 50 CHIN M S China
25-Apr-1897 AH Kong 47 CHIN M M China
 2-Nov-1892 AH Loy 42 CHIN M S China
22-Aug-1894 AH Luck 38 YELL M S China
13-Jul-1901 AH Mau 67 YELL M China
 9-Jul-1894 AH May 48 YELL M S China
11-Jul-1893 AH Mow 40 CHIN M M China
19-Feb-1897 AH Mow 59 YELL M M China
15-Jul-1889 AH Nung M China
25-Mar-1896 AH Sam 45 JAPN M S Japan
29-Jan-1894 AH See 64 CHIN M M China
12-Nov-1895 AH Sevi 52 YELL M S China
12-Aug-1894 AH Show 48 YELL M S China
23-Apr-1900 AH Shue 63 CHIN M China
14-Mar-1891 AH Sin 53 M S China
29-Apr-1895 AH Sing 56 YELL M S China
19-Sep-1899 AH Tan Chow 45 CHIN M China
29-Jan-1891 AH Tovn 65 M S China
22-Oct-1900 AH Tuck 50 YELL M China
27-Feb-1890 AH Tue 40 M S China
 8-Apr-1895 AH Wing 46 CHIN M S China
 2-Mar-1897 AH Wong Mook 66 YELL M S China
26-Jan-1900 AH Wong Joe 51 CHIN M S China
27-Apr-1890 AH Yen 30 CHIN M S China
12-Mar-1899 AH Young 67 CHIN M M China
10-Feb-1892 AH 55 CHIN M M China
 4-Nov-1902 AHLSKOG John William 21 White M California
30-Jan-1902 AHN E. G. 72 White W Sweden
 1-Dec-1901 AID Elizabeth 59 White F
26-Apr-1901 AISTHROP Ella R. 37 11 10 White F
5-Nov-1901 AISTHROP Ellen Maud 8 White F
 7-Sep-1894 ALBERS Paul 69 9 1 White M M Germany
16-Nov-1898 ALBIN George 81 White M S Ohio
20-Apr-1895 ALBRIGHT James C. 41 6 White M S Canada
17-Feb-1898 ALBRIGHT Lewis C. 1 2 6 White M California
 4-Dec-1891 ALDERSLEY John 82 8 White M M England
27-Nov-1898 ALDRIDGE Sarah J. 15 White F S California
 2-Nov-1892 ALL Hof 42 CHIN M S China
30-May-1901 ALLDRIDGE Mary Jane 17 8 2 White F
20-Apr-1895 ALLEN Alzena Ann 36 2 8 White F M Ohio
15-Oct-1889 ALLEN Ella 4 F California
22-Nov-1890 ALLEN Everett L. 1 1 M California
10-Jun-1895 ALLEN George Gelette 4 3 3 White M S California
27-Dec-1894 ALLEN Hazel Bell 2 8 9 White F M California
30-Nov-1891 ALLEN James 75 White M M Scotland
 5-Oct-1898 ALLEN James 73 White M S England
19-May-1892 ALLEN William Alex 69 5 26 White M M New Jersey
 1-Jul-1896 ALLENGER Grace Edith 3 White F S California
10-Apr-1891 ALLEY W. D. 55 White M S Kentucky
28-Aug-1898 ALLMAN Fred 72 White M S America
13-Apr-1902 ALLOWARDT John C. 19 6 White M
 4-Feb-1900 ALVERSON Minnie 1 14 White F California
20-May-1892 AM Mun 32 CHIN M S China
 2-Feb-1892 AMADOR Jesus 60 MEXI M S Mexico
 2-Apr-1894 ANDERSON Dora 24 White F S California
26-Jul-1891 ANDERSON Frank 17 White M S California
28-Apr-1899 ANDERSON George 71 White M S Denmark
11-May-1900 ANDERSON John 77 White M M Holland
 1-Apr-1890 ANDERSON Jonathan F. 34 White M W Nevada
21-Jan-1896 ANDERSON Mary E. 80 White F S Virginia
23-Dec-1898 ANDERSON Neils 59 9 11 White M M Denmark
11-Jun-1902 ANDERSON Nellie 38 White F M Connecticut
 1-Aut-1895 ANDERSON Peter A. 55 White M S Virginia
23-Feb-1895 ANDERSON Ruby 1 6 White F S California
21-Aug-1891 ANDERSON W. C. 55 White M S Missouri
28-Aug-1896 ANDERSON W. C. 33 M
 5-Sep-1900 ANDERSON A. 52 White M
21-Jan-1891 ANDREWS James 78 4 White M M Ireland
11-Dec-1897 ANDREWS M. L. 78 White M W Michigan
 7-Jan-1892 APRICO Jose 90 MEXI M S Mexico
18-Jun-1897 ARBUCKLE J. M. 75 White M W Vermont
29-Sep-1892 ARBUCKLE Mary A. C. 76 6 White F M Virginia
 5-Sep-1891 ARBUCKLE White S California Infant
 8-Jan-1900 ARCHER Sidney A. 9 White M S California
17-Nov-1890 ARENTA Ann M. 61 1 14 White F M New York
16-Nov-1890 ARENTS Ann M. 64 1 14 White F M New York City, New York
22-Jul-1890 ARENTS Hiram 73 9 White M M New York
22-Apr-1903 ARIZAGA Ramon 84 White M S Mexico
 9-Apr-1895 ARLINGTON Maud 24 White F S Wisconsin
10-Sep-1893 ARMSTRONG Juanitta 22 White F M Arkansas
 9-Aug-1896 ARMSTRONG 1 15 White M S California
11-Mar-1894 ARNOLD Henry 68 White M S Georgia
3-Nov-1893 ASHER Irvin A. 5 11 White F California
 9-Aug-1900 ASHLEY White F California Twins
 6-Jul-1891 ASHMORE 7 White F S California
12-Jul-1892 ASHMORE White F S California Infant
17-Mar-1898 ATBERY 10 White M California
 1-Nov -1893 ATCHISON Laura A. 31 5 5 White F M California
 7-Mar-1901 ATHERTON Flora 20 5 21 White F M California
7-Mar-1901 ATHERTON Florence 20 5 21 White F M California
29-Nov-1898 ATHERTON Robert 76 White M S Massachusetts
17-Apr-1899 ATKINS David 60 White M S Scotland
 7-Mar-1894 ATKINS Elna Irene 8 White F S California
21-Jan-1897 ATKINS George H. 68 White M M Vermont
23-Apr-1890 AUGUSTMAN John 75 White M S Bavaria
21-Jun-1900 AUTRAN Alfred 2 27 White M California
9-Jan-1900 AUTRAN Amelia 70 White F W New Orleans
 6-May-1899 AVERY Russell White M S California Infant of
24-Jul-1889 AZEREDO Rosa G. 21 F California
17-Sep-1901 BABCOCK Charles W. 44 6 White M
29-Nov-1894 BABCOCK Nancy L. 101 7 21 White F M Virginia
 9-Oct-1890 BACHELOR Jesse 10 White F S California
20-Jan-1891 BACON J. S. 65 White M M Ohio
26-Jun-1896 BADER Elizabeth 63 5 14 White F W Prussia
11-Jul-1898 BADER John 70 11 White M S Prussia
Mar-1890 BAINES 6 White M California
 1-May-1890 BAKER Ann 75 15 White F M Virginia
21-Feb-1893 BAKER Bob Bill 69 2 White M Massachusetts
 5-Feb-1897 BAKER Inez Gertrude 9 27 White F S California
6-Mar-1899 BAKER Isaac 90 White M W Missouri
27-Apr-1891 BAKER J. H. C. 61 White M S Maine
12-Oct-1901 BAKER Joseph 1 1 M
28-May-1899 BAKER Monroe 28 7 White M M Massachusetts
14-Jan-1897 BAKER Willis Eugene 2 White M S California
29-Jul-1891 BALDWIN Edward 57 White M Ireland
 3-Apr-1893 BALL Frank White Infant of
15-Dec-1895 BALLEW Frank 35 White M M California
10-Dec-1893 BANULO J. 67 White M M Mexico
 1-Sep-1898 BARBER Samuel 69 White M S New York
 3-Nov-1901 BARE John 65 White M Pennsylvania
17-Jan-1890 BARLEY Annie M. 26 White F M California
13-Mar-1890 BARLEY Robert Lee 9 10 White M California
19-Jul-1891 BARNES Elinora 7 10 White F California
21-Feb-1896 BARNES James Edward 66 White M M Kentucky
13-Oct-1900 BARNES Michael 85 10 4 White M
 8-Dec-1898 BARNES Sarah M. 71 White F M Ohio
17-Jan-1890 BARNES Thomas L. 44 White M M California
26-Nov-1890 BARRING George 60 White M S Germany
21-Nov-1890 BARTLOW Jacob 67 White M M Ohio
16-Sep-1898 BASFORD Edward Newton 66 White M S Massachusetts
 6-Jan-1877 BATCHELDER Viola J. 5 White F Indiana Child
 3-Jan-1892 BATCO Murietta 50 White F M Indiana
13-Feb-1893 BATIN Mary 78 8 White F W Iowa
28-Jan-1890 BATTER George Washington 31 19 White M M Kentucky
 7-Jan-1897 BAUCHER David 24 White M S California
14-Apr-1900 BAUER Frederick Paul 53 11 28 White M M Germany
 7-Nov-1897 BAUMAN Charles H. 84 White M S Germany
 1-Jul-1899 BAXALL C. M. 74 White M W England
28-Jan-1897 BAXLEY Isaac 68 White M S Illinois
 9-Aug-1890 BAXTER John Henry 16 3 10 White M S California
 5-Jun-1897 BAY Karmen 74 6 White M M American
10-Jul-1889 BAYLESS Daisy 7 AMER F S California
12-Jul-1891 BAYLEY Mary E. 61 White F New York
17-Aug-1896 BEAMER William Smith 63 White M M Canada
14-Mar-1897 BEAN Augustus 60 White M M Maine
 4-Apr-1894 BEARDEN Charles A. 3 7 21 White M S California
 8-Mar-1891 BEARSE Ida 2 7 White F S California
27-Oct-1894 BEARSE Iris 3 White F S California
26-Dec-1894 BEARSE Leuvis 1 6 White M S California
23-Mar-1891 BEARSE Minnie 8 White F S California
31-Dec-1892 BEARSE W. O. 1 12 White F S California
30-Jul-1904 BEATTIE Joseph White M S Ireland
13-Jul-1892 BEAVERS Alfred L. 25 8 White M S California
12-Nov-1890 BECK John 15 White M S Oregon
20-Jan-1898 BECK Mary Louisa 3 28 White F California
 8-Oct-1897 BECK Nora E. 23 9 13 White F M Illinois Mrs. 
18-Mar-1891 BECKMAN Hattie 46 White F W Missouri
 5-Aug-1859 BEEVER D. White F S California Child of
29-Apr-1890 BEGGS John 52 1 4 White M S New Jersey
 5-Jun-1894 BEHM Dorithea E. 11 6 White F S California
27-Feb-1900 BEIK George 31 White M M California
18-Sep-1898 BELL J. Lucy 63 White F W Missouri
25-Jun-1890 BELL John 62 White M S
24-Aug-1859 BENEDICT Maria Louise 35 F M New York City, New York
11-Apr-1893 BENJAMAN R. P. 76 White M
12-Jul-1892 BENJAMAN Roy 3 6 21 White M S California
30-Dec-1898 BENJAMIN Elizabeth 70 White F M England
 4-May-1894 BENJAMIN William 30 White M M California
28-Jul-1892 BENNET Eistrella Emma 10 White F S California
 6-Jun-1890 BENNET Thomas 37 White M New Jersey
10-Apr-1894 BENNETT Charles 64 6 White M S England
10-Sep-1899 BENNETT Lucinda 102 7 1 BLCK F W New York
23-Jun-1902 BENNETT Presley Ward 2 2 24 White M Butte County, California
 9-Sep-1897 BENNINGTON Thomas R. 45 White M M Illinois
30-Mar-1903 BENTLEY William H. C. 40 White M M California
 1-Oct-1900 BENTON Mary Ellen 2 3 15 White F S Indian Territory
26-Mar-1891 BERDAN D. B. 80 White M M Canada
   Aug-1891 BERNES J. F. White M Son of Marie
12-Dec-1897 BERRY William K. 69 9 White M M Texas
 5-May-1892 BEST L. M. 73 White F W Illinois Mrs. 
   Jul-1891 BESUE Frank 10 White M California Infant of
18-Dec-1899 BEVAN Clara T. 41 6 20 White F M California
 9-Feb-1890 BEXBEE Charles 18 White M S Iowa
19-May-1891 BICKUDL Truman 60 White M M Maine
 9-Dec-1893 BIDWELL Abram 60 7 22 White M W New York
29-Sep-1892 BIDWELL Elizabeth 62 1 15 White F S California
 5-Apr-1900 BIDWELL John 80 8 M M
 1-Jul-1892 BIDWELL Thomas 41 White M M Oregon
26-Dec-1892 BILL Charles H. 31 White M S Indiana
25-Sep-1890 BIRA Jonathan William 3 7 White M California
13-May-1898 BIRCH Edward O. 16 3 White M S Missouri
10-Oct-1898 BIRD William 60 White M S Wisconsin
 8-Dec-1891 BISHOFF William John 7 White M S California
26-Jan-1896 BISHOP Charles 14 8 2 White M S California
 9-Dec-1904 BISHOP Frank S. 23 11 White M California
11-Jan-1895 BISMORE Frank 3 White M S California
24-Jun-1891 BLACK 10 White M S California
27-Jul-1899 BLACKFORD Frances 17 White F S California
28-Feb-1902 BLACKFORD Frances C. 34 White F M
14-Jan-1901 BLACKWELL Baleyetta 1 7 28 BLCK F California
 3-Jul-1892 BLAINE Arthur 1 13 White M S California
24-Nov-1898 BLAIR Carrie E. 17 8 White F M California
 8-Aug-1894 BLAIR James 32 White M S California
19-Feb-1900 BLAKSLEY Chancey B. 52 White
2-Aug-1894 BLANCHARD James 2 4 White M S California
17-Jun-1895 BLAUK Lawrence 66 White M S Germany
29-Apr-1901 BLEDSOE James G. 12 White M
30-Dec-1893 BLISS W. Y. 73 White M S Massachusetts
29-Dec-1891 BLODGET Hiram Dana 3 10 White M S California
 2-Jan-1893 BLOOD Amos F. 59 9 22 White M M New York
17-Dec-1890 BLUME John V. 64 White M M Prussia
 2-Jul-1890 BOALT Eben 9 24 White M California
21-May-1892 BOBO Charles Duncan 73 White M W South Carolina
22-Jun-1901 BOBUS Antone 49 M Austria
13-Jan-1893 BODINE Charles 18 White M S California
 7-May-1898 BOLIER John D. 55 White M S Ohio
 5-Jan-1901 BOLLES Harvey 6 Hrs. White M California
15-Nov-1900 BOND Nancy 62 8 2 White F
24-Feb-1892 BONSLETT Sarah 2 11 4 White F S California
 6-Mar-1899 BONVIN Louisa 80 White M S France
 7-Sep-1890 BOON Hugh 4 White M California
10-Mar-1893 BOREING Ray Wilbur 1 8 25 White M California
24-Jan-1897 BORWICK Alfred 62 White M M England
  7-Jan-1896 BOWDEN James Frederick 63 White M M England
 8-Oct-1901 BOWERS Harriet May 31 3 13 White F
18-Nov-1899 BOWERS John W. 72 White M M West Virginia
 5-Feb 1891 BOWN Albert T. 45 White M M Michigan
21-Dec-1893 BOYCE J. D. 62 White M S Canada
 2-Apr-1898 BOYDE Jennie Alice 30 White F M Missouri
20-Dec-1894 BOYDSTRON Lauren T. 11 19 White M S California
13-Feb-1891 BOYDSTRON S. A. 2 7 White M California
 5-Jul-1898 BOYDSTRUM Sarah M. 82 2 23 White F W Alabama
20-Oct-1897 BOYDSTUM Sarah E. 2 9 14 White F S Butte Co., California
18-Sep-1895 BOYDSTUN James K. P. 39 White M M Missouri
28-Mar-1895 BOYDSTUN Louisa F. 44 6 20 White F M Missouri
11-Jan-1897 BOYDSTUN Robert LaFayette 3 10 7 White M S California
31-May-1892 BOYER Washington 52 White M S Illinois
12-Oct-1895 BOYLES George 60 White M W Missouri
18-Nov-1893 BRACELAND Thomas 61 White M S Ireland
11-Jul-1892 BRADEN James White M S California Infant of
 2-Aug-1897 BRADEN James M. 72 11 12 White M W Philadelphia, Penn.
 9-Dec-1890 BRADFORD James P. 58 White M M
20-Nov-1890 BRADLEY Mary 68 2 6 White F M Ireland
   Jul-1895 BRALT Stephen 70 2 1 White M M Ohio
30-Jan-1894 BRAMBY Martin V. 56 White M M New York
14-Sep-1890 BRARD Frank 20 White M S England
20-Jan-1892 BRAUNNAGUN Mat 60 White M S Ireland
 7-Feb-1901 BRAYLES Daniel 72 White M Indiana
 3-Apr-1898 BRAZELTON Jane Leone 38 6 White F M Iowa
 7-Feb-1899 BREDIMUS Mary M. 9 5 22 White F S California
14-Feb-1899 BREDIMUS Mary 47 3 2 White F M Germany Mrs. 
29-Aug-1894 BREMHAN Thomas 35 White M S Ireland
20-Apr-1901 BRESLIN Cornelius 55 White M Pennsylvania
 9-Jan-1891 BRESSMAN Michial 62 White M M Ireland
 8-May-1901 BRIDGES O. L. 61 M Missouri
 6-Mar-1901 BRIGGS White M California Infant
27-Aug-1891 BRINES  H. J. 1 White California
21-Feb-1894 BRITTAN William 60 White M S
19-Aug-1897 BROCK John 63 White M Kentucky
26-Jun-1891 BROCKWAY Crissey Bell 1 3 White F S California
18-Jun-1893 BROCKWAY Frank 40 White M S Ohio
28-Oct-1890 BROINER Maude 20 White F M Missouri
 6-Mar-1894 BROION Joseph 73 White M S
28-Apr-1900 BROMLEY Anna E. 60 White F W Ohio
13-Apr-1901 BROOKS Baker 34 INDN M M California
20-Jun-1898 BROOKS George W. 85 8 23 White M W Ohio
13-Apr-1900 BROOKS George G. 27 M M California
29-Jul-1891 BROOKS V. White M California Infant of
21-Dec-1892 BROUNLEE James 63 White M M New York
29-May-1895 BROWN Anson 78 8 White M M Canada
16-Dec-1895 BROWN Arthur J. 40 White M W Missouri
14-Jun-1893 BROWN Daniel 56 White M M Missouri
19-Feb-1897 BROWN E. J. 69 White F S California
10-Nov-1900 BROWN Earl 11 White M
13-Dec-1892 BROWN Emma E. 23 1 11 White F M Illinois
18-Mar-1894 BROWN Harriet 21 6 White F S California
27-Jul-1903 BROWN Horace H. 65 White M M Maine
24-Dec-1891 BROWN James G. 25 6 26 White M S Arkansas
 7-Mar-1901 BROWN Jo 40 INDN M California
24-Dec-1898 BROWN John 81 White M S Pennsylvania
13-Aug-1898 BROWN Leonard 70 White M M England
 6-Nov-1891 BROWN Louisa 44 White F M Missouri
 6-Jul-1899 BROWN M. W. 63 White M S Massachusetts
27-Jan-1890 BROWN Major Thomas 35 White M M Pennsylvania
25-Oct-1890 BROWN Mary E. 67 1 5 White F M New York
 9-Oct-1902 BROWN Sadie Elizabeth 26 2 White F M Butte County, California
13-Jun-1899 BROWN William F. 26 2 28 White M S California
16-May-1891 BROYLES Franklin K. 7 White M S Oregon
 9-Sep-1891 BROYLES M. A. 1 10 White M S California
 5-Apr-1894 BRUCE John Urdou 44 White M M Scotland
 1-May-1901 BRUCE Michal 10 11 12 White M
17-Nov-1898 BRUDEN Mrs. Romeo 50 White F M California
 2-May-1893 BRUNER Maria M. 87 White F W Switzerland
22-Feb-1895 BRYANT Cornelius Morrison 62 1 16 White M S Illinois
 2-Dec-1889 BRYANT Sarah Ann 49 4 6 White F M Illinois
14-Jun-1889 BRYSON Mabel 5 F S California
30-Jul-1891 BSUDEN A. E. 1 7 White F California
10-Mar-1892 BUCHER James 32 White M S Ireland
26-Dec-1891 BUCKLEY Mary A. 63 4 20 White F M Maine
18-Apr-1898 BUCKMAN Jack 35 White M California
 5-Dec-1894 BUDS J. F. 72 White M M New York
26-Aug-1889 BULLARD Margard L. 18 AMER M S California
25-Aug-1893 BULLING Henry 81 White M
11-Oct-1891 BULLON Elmer 7 White M S California
14-Sep-1889 BULTER John 69 2 White M M Ireland
 2-Sep-1898 BUMMEL Sarah E. 60 White F M Indiana
14-Jan-1892 BUNHEN Emelie 73 White F M Germany
12-Feb-1890 BUNNELL A. W. 67 White M M Ohio
 5-Jan-1896 BUNNELL Mrs. C. W. 33 3 9 White F M California
 2-Sep-1895 BUNNELL William 50 White M S Germany
18-Dec-1889 BUNSELMIRE Fred William 33 White M S California
26-Jul-1889 BURCI Day 16 9 AMER F S England
12-Nov-1893 BURDICK George A. 7 5 White M S California
24-Jun-1897 BURDRAGEN Roy V. 19 White M S Indiana
20-Apr-1894 BURK Annie June 52 White F W Tennessee
10-Jul-1896 BURK Ethel 5 White F
 4-Apr-1891 BURK William 57 White M M New York
13-Apr-1895 BURKE James Grover 2 3 White M S California
10-Jun-1900 BURNETT Matilda 71 M M
 6-Feb-1896 BURNHAM S. B. 62 White M S Canada
 4-Jan-1901 BURRILL Watson G. 75 White
19-May-1891 BURROUGHS Mary A. 66 6 White F M New York
 1-Mar-1891 BURROWS Larry 20 White M S Tennessee
 6-May-1891 BURRSOP Lucinda 64 White F M Vermont
26-Feb-1904 BURT John D. 64 White M S America
18-Jan-1894 BURWILL Lewis 63 White M S Virginia
18-Jan-1898 BUSNER Elizabeth 73 White F S Ohio
26-Jun-1900 BUSSEY Bennett 93 M M Maryland
16-Aug-1901 BUTCHER Elizabeth E. 27 White F California
23-Mar-1899 BUTLER Catherine 75 10 29 White F W Maine
23-Mar-1899 BUTLER Catherine 75 10 29 White F W Maine
27-Sep-1895 BUTLER Charles 76 White M M Maine
27-Apr-1900 BUTLER Charles F. 58 White M M Canada
10-Jul-1894 BUTTERFIELD Georgia 18 1 10 White F S California
22-Nov-1900 BUTTERFIELD John H. 77 10 23 White M W New York
 4-Jun-1897 BYRNES Walter 64 White M S Ireland
 5-Oct-1896 BYRUE Thomas 71 White M M Ireland
3-Dec-1897 CABLE Andrew 65 White M M Pennsylvania
27-Dec-1899 CABLE Franklin L. 45 White M M
27-Jan-1901 CABLE George E. 2 10 White M
22-Aug-1889 CABLE Samuel 83 3 White M M Pennsylvania
2-Sep-1892 CAHILL Mary E. 20 14 White F S California
16-Jun-1901 CAINE Bertha R. 17 9 1 White F
2-Nov-1900 CAINE Joseph J. 67 White M Kentucky
9-Mar-1893 CAINE O. H. 36 White M M Maine
29-Nov-1895 CALDROW Thomas 75 White M S Chile
31-Dec-1891 CALFLIN Henry 65 2 White M M New York
25-Mar-1893 CALKINS Eugene 34 White M M Ohio
6-Jun-1895 CALLING Simon Isaac 69 1 28 White M M England
11-Nov-1895 CAMPBELL Charles 62 White M M Michigan
6-Feb-1897 CAMPBELL Clarence L. 2 White M S
10-Jan-1892 CAMPBELL Ellen 72 White F S Michigan
28-Apr-1895 CAMPBELL Matilda 80 11 23 White F M New Hampshire
29-Sep-1898 CAMPBELL Thomas C. 20 White M S California
24-Jan-1898 CAMPBELL William 66 White M M Ireland
22-Mar-1895 CANALL Angelo 63 White M M New York
11-Oct-1900 CANORI George R. 60 White M
20-Sep-1895 CAOFRER Lena 36 White F M Oregon
18-Aug-1898 CARLISLE B. L. 76 White M S Missouri
31-Jul-1899 CARLISLE William B. 72 5 26 White M S Missouri
12-Mar-1891 CARMEN Albert E. 41 White M M Canada
25-Dec-1895 CARNER J. S. 74 White M
5-May-1898 CARNES Frank 65 White M S Mexico
16-Aug-1895 CARNETT Lydia L. 56 White F M Massachusetts
16-Jan-1901 CARNY Edward 64 White M
21-Dec-1891 CARPENTER C. F. 32 White M S Massachusetts
30-Apr-1897 CARRIDAN George 78 White M S England
3-Aug-1894 CARRIDAN Regina 69 White F M Germany
18-Nov-1900 CARRINGTON Charles J. 34 White M England
31-Dec-1901 CARSON Ida Way 58 4 3 F
20-Apr-1892 CARTER Amos A. 38 White M M California
11-Jul-1892 CARTER George A. 6 White M S California
14-Mar-1894 CARTER Jonus 63 White M S Ohio
12-Jan-1901 CARTER Julia 73 22 White F W New York
15-Oct-1891 CARTER Robert E. 66 White M S Missouri
19-Aug-1898 CARTWRIGHT James 64 White M S Tennessee
11-Jun-1897 CARUS Mary L. 43 3 White F M California
23-Feb-1902 CARZALIS John 44 M
18-Jul-1889 CASEY James 54 White M S Pennsylvania
4-Mar-1891 CASTA Manuel 29 11 7 White M S Azore Islands
6-Sep-1899 CASTENA Francisca 64 White F W Portugal
19-May-1896 CASTILLO Christinia 60 INDN F S Mexico
9-Sep-1894 CATNISSIA Steven 78 White M S Mexico
2-Feb-1891 CATON Eliss 73 White F W Indiana
12-Dec-1894 CAUEFA Francisco 6 White M S Mexico
6-Mar-1896 CAWFER Emma 31 9 White F M California
21-Sep-1895 CAYOU Joseph 64 White M S France
26-Jun-1895 CHAFRNNAU Walter H. 4 20 White M S California
23-Nov-1895 CHALMERS Elizabeth 67 14 White F M Scotland
15-Apr-1889 CHAMBERLIN Orlando 59 White M M New York
28-Mar-1898 CHAMBERS Theodore 80 White M S Greece
19-Aug-1900 CHAMPENOIS James 71 White M W New York
13-Sep-1893 CHANCY Mary J. 55 8 6 White F S Ireland
24-Nov-1898 CHANEY Ann 98 White F W Pennsylvania
9-Oct-1889 CHANEY Frank 26 White M S California
9-Apr-1897 CHANOW Francisco 38 10 White M M New York
17-Sep-1893 CHAPLIN H. C. White M California Infant of
26-Nov-1898 CHAPMAN Charles 80 White M S
12-Aug-1897 CHAPMAN Ivy 4 White F S California
4-Jun1891 CHAPMAN Winthrop W. 15 8 18 White M S California
13-Jul-1891 CHAPPELL C. C. 77 2 2 White F M New York
15-Mar-1898 CHAPPELL William H. 65 M
22-Jan-1897 CHEE Chung Oie 58 CHIN M M China
7-Oct-1896 CHESHERI Robert 67 8 13 White M M Kentucky
10-Feb-1897 CHESHIRE Catherine Isabella 12 8 8 White F S Dakota
3-Jul-1901 CHESHIRE Jessie 2 2 White F California
21-Jul-1896 CHILDERS H. H. 38 6 White M M California
3-Dec-1901 CHINCHILLA Manuel C. 85 5 9 CHIL M M Chile
19-Nov-1893 CHING Loun Gec 36 CHIN China
2-Jan-1895 CHING Wand 37 CHIN M S China
24-Mar-1892 CHIVELL Bertha 4 9 13 White F California
25-Mar-1892 CHIVELL Jane 23 6 28 White F California
13-Mar-1892 CHIVELL John 17 10 White M S California
20-Mar-1892 CHIVELL Katie 8 5 1 White F California
18-Mar-1892 CHIVELL Lizzie 20 19 White F S California
20-Aug-1893 CHIVGEMSKI Helen Grew 11 10 White F S California
31-Dec-1891 CHRISTMAN William Henry 65 9 White M M New York
23-Apr-1901 CHRISTY Clarence M. 6 White M
30-Jul-1895 CHUNG Jack 58 4 CHIN M M China
8-Jun-1893 CHUNG Jake 33 CHIN M S China
6-Sep-1895 CHURCHWARD William S. 32 White M S England
25-Jan-1899 CLAMPET R. H. 2 White M Biggs, Colorado
15-Dec-1899 CLAMPITT James H. 63 10 White M M
27-Aug-1895 CLANCY Patrick 43 White M S Ireland
14-Apr-1902 CLANSON Nancy A. 71 F S
22-Aug-1894 CLARK Charles 45 2 White M M Canada
24-Nov-1892 CLARK Dilla F. 29 White F M California
4-Feb-1895 CLARK Donieda 75 White F M Kentucky
12-Dec-1893 CLARK Elgin George 35 White M S New Jersey
23-Oct-1889 CLARK James Franklin 62 White M M Ohio
6-Nov-1892 CLARK James Albert 4 White M S California
22-Oct-1897 CLARK James Thomas 75 White M M Kentucky
16-Sep-1901 CLARK James 85 White M New York
13-Aug-1889 CLARK Lewis F. 52 M M Vermont
19-Mar-1897 CLARK Lizzie A. 25 White F
5-Jan-1901 CLARK Mary E. 59 F M
23-Mar-1892 CLARK Nancy 89 White F W Pennsylvania
15-Mar-1901 CLARK Richard 22 White M S California
22-Nov-1898 CLARK Rotta 25 White F M California
2-Mar-1893 CLARK Samuel 30 White M
17-Jan-1890 CLARK William H. 22 White M S Illinois
9-Aug-1897 CLARK 9 White M S California Child of Ed
19-Aug-1900 CLARKE Herman 30 6 4 White M M California
22-Feb-1901 CLEALE Albert 72 White M W Massachusetts
22-Mar-1897 CLELAND Enos 76 9 6 White M M New York
29-Nov-1896 CLEMENTS Irving A. 70 White M M Georgia
21-May-1892 CLEVELAND Frank V. 10 1 White M S California Infant son of
4-Oct-1896 CLEVELAND H. R. 50 White M W Canada
14-Jul-1891 CLEVELAND Mary M. 21 White F S Arkansas
5-Mar-1893 CLEVIS Charles 67 White M S Denmark
8-Oct-1895 CLINDENIN Mrs. R. A. 59 4 18 White F M New York
30-Aug-1889 CLINDININ E. A. 27 8 White M S Thompson's Flat
30-Jan-1901 CLINE Martha E. 48 White F M
18-Feb-1892 CLUCKSKEY Mary E. 52 1 18 White F M Missouri
26-Nov-1901 COATES R. W. 64 White M Alabama
25-Mar-1889 COCHRAN John H. 73 White M M Ohio
15-Nov-1889 COEN James H. 55 White M S Michigan
22-Feb-1902 COLE Eliza 45 11 5 F California
29-Apr-1902 COLE Margaret 89 1 F S
3-Nov-1893 COLGATE Mary 57 BLCK F M California
31-Dec-1891 COLGATE Rosa BLCK California Infant of
9-Aug-1901 COLIN John 69 2 27 White M M
22-Aug-1893 COLLINS David 63 White M S Ireland
25-Jan-1892 COLLINS Edward 62 White M M Ireland
4-Apr-1891 COLLINS Margeret 79 White F W Maryland
13-Dec-1894 COLLINS Robert B. 13 White M S California
4-Oct-1898 COLLOMORE Peleg 68 White M S Maine
31-Jan-1905 COMPTON H. Hans 2 M S California
11-Jun-1892 COMPTON Lottie 1 3 White F S California
28-Jan-1894 COMSTOCK Barbara 66 White F M New York
8-Jun-1897 COMSTOCK David B. 2 10 11 White M S California
24-Jun-1895 COMSTOCK Floy E. 3 White F S California
9-Sep-1897 COMSTOCK William J. 2 1 18 White M S California
24-Jul-1893 CON Chue 24 CHIN M S China
3-Jun-1903 CONDRA J. S. 62 F Illinois
3-Mar-1890 CONKLE Sarah 64 1 13 White F M Ohio
28-Mar-1895 CONNELLEY Gilbert S. 2 11 White M S California
20-Jul-1893 CONNERS John 65 White M S Ireland
2-Oct-1889 CONNICK Carrie B. 25 1 7 White F S California
5-Sep-1891 CONVERLY Muliteler W. 64 White F M Pennsylvania
8-Oct-1889 CONWAY William 2 INDN M California
4-Apr-1894 COOK Cheerkis White California Infant son of wife
15-Jul-1898 COOK John W. 60 White M M Ohio
24-Feb-1894 COOK Thomas 65 White M
3-Jan-1893 COON Elizabeth 73 White F M Ohio
25-Aug-1896 COON John 88 White M S
25-Nov-1898 COON William 79 White M W Ohio
16-Oct-1893 COOPER A. A. 64 White F W Sweden Mrs. 
3-Mar-1898 COOPER Barney 64 White M M Maryland
28-Dec-1891 COOPER Fanny 39 White F W California
12-Jun-1894 COOPER Kate 48 BLCK F
4-Aug-1900 CORBALEY James J. 69 6 2 White M M Indiana
2-Feb-1891 CORBALEY W. S. 28 White M S Indiana
20-Sep-1894 CORELY Elizabeth A. 60 White F M Germany
20-Jul-1893 CORELY, JR. George H. 12 9 White M S California
12-May-1897 CORKLE Thomas 69 White M
20-Feb-1901 CORWIN Rosina 37 2 7 White F M Canada
8-Oct-1891 CORY Archie H. 26 White M California
21-Oct-1889 CORY Ellis Marion 7 12 White M Morris Station
18-Apr-1891 CORY G. W. 42 White M M Indiana
31-Oct-1897 COSTA August 3 PORT M S California
4-Mar-1891 COSTA Manuel 29 White M S Azore Islands
17-Nov-1898 COTLETT L.  53 White M S Kentucky
23-Jul-1889 COUGHLIN Michael 70 White M Ireland
27-Mar-1892 COULTER Jacob 75 White M M New Jersey
14-Feb-1900 COVALT Abram 85 White M S Virginia
24-Apr-1892 COVERT J. Westley 60 White M S Missouri
13-Oct-1898 COVERT Susan V. 61 7 White F M Kentucky
4-Jun-1901 COVEY Nancy W. 53 2 13 White F M Texas
3-Aug-1899 COVEY Roxie Viola 16 6 19 White F S Arkansas
12-Dec-1892 COVEY V. B. 11 6 25 White F Arkansas
24-Jul-1893 COW Chue 24 CHIN China
13-May-1895 COWLES H. Bradley 72 White M S Connecticut
11-Feb-1892 COWNIN Patrick 64 White M S Ireland
18-May-1903 COX Alice Margaret 8 4 18 F S Palermo, Butte Co., CA
2-Nov-1890 COX Ela Amelia 3 2 19 White F S California
6-Mar-1893 COX Henry 35 M S
16-Mar-1897 COX J. A. 53 White M S Illinois
26-Nov-1889 COX Mary Ellen 23 White F M Arkansas
27-Nov-1889 COX Mary Alta 7 12 White F California
6-Aug-1896 CRABB James W. 69 White M S Pennsylvania
7-Aug-1896 CRAFTS John Henry 67 11 30 White M M Massachusetts
9-Mar-1893 CRAFTS May 10 7 10 White F California
24-May-1889 CRAIG John 51 White M New York
23-Aug-1895 CRANDALL George W. 39 White M M New York
24-Sep-1894 CRANDALL Teddy 15 9 White M S California
24-Sep-1894 CRANDALL Zelda 1 3 19 White F S California
2-Apr-1898 CRAWFORD Julia A. 68 4 7 White F S Maine
14-Jan-1894 CRAWFORD 14 White M California Infant
7-Jul-1901 CREEKMORE Robert H. 57 White M Missouri
1-Nov-1893 CRESGO Ella 21 4 4 White F S California
6-May-1893 CRESS Harvie White Infant of Mrs. S. C. Crew
17-Jun-1901 CRESS J. T. 57 10 3 White M M Indiana
14-Feb-1891 CREW Susan H. 45 White F M Australia
21-Nov-1897 CROCK Rebecca 85 White F W Pennsylvania
11-Aug-1895 CROUCH Harrison 78 White M Virginia
30-Dec-1895 CROWDER Godfrey C. 82 White M W North Carolina
6-Apr-1892 CROWDER Margaret E. 71 White F M North Carolina
21-Aug-1891 CROWDER Rex 1 6 White M S California
12-Sep-1889 CROWDER Walter Allen 12 White M Chico, California
22-Mar-1898 CROWLEY Timothy 68 White M S Ireland
18-Feb-1893 CRUFO Dr. G. W. 46 White M Ohio
1-Aug-1894 CRUM C. H. 41 White M S Michigan
29-Mar-1897 CRUM Elmo 1 22 White M S
3-May-1895 CRUM Lora B. 10 White F S California
21-Nov-1898 CRUZER William 79 White M S New Jersey
14-Feb-1891 CULVER George S. 62 White M M New York
13-May-1891 CUMMINGS John P. 43 White M M Iowa
16-Oct-1891 CUMMINGS Thomas 37 White M S Canada
2-Jan-1895 CUMMONS Abbie E. 77 White F S New Hampshire
15-Jan-1894 CUNNINGHAM John 62 White M S Kentucky
14-Mar-1895 CURREN Michael L. 27 1 4 White M S California
23-Feb-1894 CURRY Margaret 58 White F M Ireland
21-Feb-1893 CURRY Sadie L. 9 2 2 White F Nevada
2-Aug-1898 CUSICK Susan D. 49 White F W Minnesota
6-Apr-1891 DAFOUR Zoe 59 White F W France
5-Mar-1898 DALEY E. W. 19 9 BLCK M M California Halfbreed
14-Jan-1900 DALEY John 87 White M S England
22-Nov-1892 DALLOSHIDE Lucene 73 White F M Indiana
18-Jan-1898 DALY Bessie E. 10 25 White F S California
21-Jun-1895 DALY Celia A. 34 White F M California
14-Jul-1902 DALY Eliza M. 72 5 28 White F W California
23-Oct-1898 DALY Henry P. 27 1 19 White M S Missouri
21-Jul-1890 DALY John Timond 68 6 27 White M M Missouri
3-Apr-1902 DALY Susan Frances White F M New York
7-Aug-1900 DAMON Major Laveren 1 9 28 White M California
31-Dec-1891 DANFORTH William 70 White M M Vermont
1-Nov-1899 DANIELS David R. 60 White M N Wales
27-Sep-1899 DANIELS Hila J. 69 1 7 White F W Arkansas
3-Feb-1900 DANIELS Isabell H. 57 White F
6-Apr-1902 DANS Lida M. 43 4 White F
11-Jul-1896 DARBY B. C. White M California Infant of
9-Oct-1894 DARBY Stella Elizabeth 4 8 White F S California
13-Aug-1891 DARBY Thomas R. 57 White M M England
11-Oct-1893 DAUGHERTY Catherine 50 11 27 White F M Pennsylvania
16-Feb-1891 DAUGHERTY Emma 32 White F M California
3-Mar-1892 DAUGHERTY Jessie 3 White F S California
30-Apr-1895 DAUSG Annie S. 28 White F M Norway
31-Mar-1903 DAVID Addie Alma 8 6 4 White F California
3-May-1890 DAVIDSON Emma Eva 43 White F M Waterloo, Missouri
18-Jan-1894 DAVIES Thomas J. 49 5 22 White M M Wales
18-Feb-1893 DAVIS Allice 45 3 27 White F W Alabama
3-Jan-1900 DAVIS Florence Mable 14 10 White F S California
15-Oct-1900 DAVIS Frances A. 64 White M Ohio
5-Sep-1897 DAVIS Harriet A. 38 White F M California
15-Dec-1898 DAVIS Hattie 21 2 29 White F M California
31-May-1898 DAVIS Jessie 1 10 13 White F California
3-Nov-1900 DAVIS Joseph 71 White M Pennsylvania
17-Aug-1899 DAVIS Michael 20 White M S
1-Oct-1900 DAVIS Thomas 49 White M California
15-Jan-1894 DAVIS William W. 73 White M W Virginia
21-Dec-1897 DAVISON James 70 White M S Ireland
8-Sep-1894 DAY Charles 16 White M S California
7-Mar-1894 DAY D. C. 69 3 10 White M M Ohio
29-Aug-1895 DAY Ira 28 White M S Maine
22-Feb-1898 DAY Maggie 26 1 22 White F M Sierra Co., California Mrs. 
7-Jan-1899 DEALEY Marguerite 1 6 White F S California
6-Jun-1859 DEAMER Martha May 13 5 White F California
19-Apr-1896 DEAN Lulu A. 21 5 White F M California
12-Feb-1897 DeBUCK Campbell 59 White M S Belgium
23-Jan-1893 DECHAER Hazel B. 3 23 White F California
10-Sep-1900 DECKER Abram 77 White M S Massachusetts
27-Jul-1891 DECKER Mary E. 49 6 27 White F M Pennsylvania
9-Oct-1893 DEDNALTOS White Infant of
10-Oct-1897 DEEON Thomas 60 White M S Ireland
25-Jan-1903 DeKRUZE Rudolph 76 6 10 White M M Germany
Sep-1889 DeLANCIA Martha A. 34 1 29 White F M Illinois
4-Jun-1891 DeLANCIA Olive H. 4 2 6 White F S California
5-Oct-1901 DELERAN Willie 25 White M S California
3-Jun-1899 DeLURY Edith A. 10 10 16 White F S California
26-Jul-1860 DeMOTT J. 35 White M New York
30-Apr-1890 DENNISON Thomas 28 11 White M M Ontario
24-Mar-1902 DENNY Smiley 81 2 White M M Kentucky
15-Sep-1900 DePARRN 40 White M Italy
21-Oct-1901 DESMOND Jeremiah 71 White M Ireland
18-Mar-1892 DEUNSING E. M. 11 6 20 White F S California
19-Sep-1892 DEUNSING Henry 8 5 White M S California
22-Mar-1894 DEUNSING Rubie 5 2 22 White F S California
28-Nov-1893 DEVENEY John 32 White M M California
3-Dec-1897 DEVENY Oliver P. 3 5 White M S California
28-May-1899 DeVIL Peter 87 White M France
14-Jun-1892 DEVOLL William F. 1 6 White M S California
27-Mar-1899 DI Ah Dus 48 CHIN M China
2-Dec-1899 DILLON Clara 18 5 White F S California
4-Dec-1900 DISE Maude Leona 18 1 3 White F S Michigan
7-Mar-1893 DISKIN Mary 82 White F England
28-Oct-1894 DISNEY Jesse G. 11 3 White M S California
11-Sep-1902 DISQUE Margaret Mable 1 11 13 F
30-Jul-1898 DOAN John 82 3 27 White M S
18-Sep-1894 DOAN 1 White California Infant
13-Jun-1893 DOCK Shaw 60 CHIN M China
7-Oct-1895 DODSON Thomas H. 56 White M S Tennessee
14-Jun-1893 DOG Chow 60 CHIN M M China
29-May-1891 DOOLEY Gladys Adelade 2 White F S California
2-Mar-1890 DOOM Viola I. 26 3 21 White F S Sierra Co., California
30-Jul-1893 DOON Michael 52 White M M Vermont
4-May-1891 DORN G. W. 56 White M M Ohio
27-Oct-1899 DORSER J. V. 1 2 White M California Infant of
3-Jun-1891 DOUGHERTY H. C. 46 White M S Arkansas
22-Jun-1874 DOUGLASS Margaret H. 1 White F Illinois
11-May-1894 DOWEING Lizzie 36 White F M
9-Jul-1902 DOWELL Ellen Elizabeth 36 9 17 White F M California
11-Feb-1893 DOWNING Annie 68 White F W Ireland
20-Feb-1901 DOWNING James
14-Jul-1891 DOYLE Agnes 11 White F California
17-Jul-1891 DOYLE Alice 15 White F California
30-Apr-1890 DRAPER Kenneth 8 White M California
13-Oct-1889 DRAPER Sarah Ella 29 10 White F M Maryland
8-Oct-1893 DRECHER Bernard C. 39 White M S Germany
8-Jan-1894 DREGASKI Edward 67 White M S Wisconsin
31-Jul-1890 DREW John B. 23 White M S Gridley, Butte Co., CA
18-Aug-1859 DRUGGEN  John White M Maine
3-Sep-1893 DRYMAN Robert 77 White M
14-Nov-1898 DUBUQUE J. 68 White M S France
10-May-1899 DUC Joy 78 CHIN M China
5-Apr-1901 DUFFIELD Louisa F. 37 11 24 White F
11-Oct-1892 DUFFIELD Valina M. 1 7 White F S California
4-Jul-1892 DUFFOLD Vida Lea 2 1 10 White F S California
25-Dec-1891 DUFFY John 37 White M S California
4-Aug-1900 DUFFY Joseph F. 32 White M S California
5-Feb-1899 DUFOUR Frank 63 White M M Missouri
5-Dec-1890 DUGAN  A. Mable 12 White F S California
5-Feb-1890 DUGAN  J. W. 30 1 White M M Ohio
6-Jun-1859 DUGAN  Peter 37 White M S Ireland
27-Jun-1890 DUGAS Claresa 84 White F W Mississippi Mrs. 
26-Mar-1892 DUGGAR Laura A. 44 White F M Tennessee
19-Mar-1892 DUHEM Virginia 31 9 19 White F M California
29-Oct-1896 DUKER F. 69 White M W New York
28-Mar-1902 DULEY Arthur DeForrest 12 White M California
24-Sep-1890 DUNCAN James 21 18 White M S California
29-Apr-1891 DUNN Anna E. 19 10 6 White F M Australia
15-Jul-1897 DUNN John F. 79 White M M
30-Dec-1891 DUNN Mary Jane 67 6 13 White F M North Carolina
30-Apr-1891 DUNN Rodley O. 2 1 White M S California
8-Feb-1891 DUNN White M California Infant son of
18-Sep-1900 DUNSTON Ben M. 48 1 22 White M M England
19-Sep-1900 DURBAN Charles Launder 80 4 24 White M M England
2-Feb-1895 DURHAM W. W. 3 1 15 White F M Indiana Mrs. 
23-Jun-1891 DURLING Stephen D. 2 BLCK M S California
8-Jan-1901 DUVAL William 71 White M Kentucky
17-Feb-1890 DUZER Martin Van 42 3 White M S California
7-Jul-1891 DYER Carl M. 11 White M S California
7-Jul-1891 DYER Ernest 2 White M S California
3-Jul-1891 DYER Ethel 5 6 White F S California
28-Aug-1892 DYER Nancy 32 White F Missouri
15-Apr-1903 EAGLE Hunter 73 CHIN M Arkansas
11-Jul-1893 EALIN Gerald F. 11 25 White M S California
26-Jun-1899 EAMES Harriet 10 White F S California
1-Jan-1896 EAMES Jeylpha A. 5 16 White F S California
20-May-1898 EAMINDS Jane 71 2 2 White F Mrs. 
7-Oct-1900 EARL James David 70 White M Maine
28-Dec-1895 EARLEY A. H. 95 White M New York
12-Jul-1891 EARLS Mary 5 White F S California
17-Jan-1897 EATON Jessie Patun 42 1 5 White F S Scotland
22-Jun-1893 EBERT Gladis G. 4 1 3 White F S California
3-May-1891 ECKERT Lyda E. 63 11 White F M New York
15-Nov-1898 EDDY Joseph 70 White M S England
13-Sep-1895 EDDY Laura 63 9 13 White F M Canada
24-Mar-1898 EDMUNDS Jane 71 White F W Illinois
4-Nov-1900 EDWARDS Adeline T, 59 11 White F W Massachusetts
26-May-1891 EDWARDS James 56 White M M Illinois
27-May-1902 EDWARDS John 69 White M M Ireland
6-Nov-1900 EDWARDS Mabel S. 18 3 25 White F
4-May-1893 EDWARDS Sarah A. 10 White F S California
16-Dec-1898 EGERT Christian 78 White M S Prussia
8-Jun-1903 EICHER Mrs. Mary 81 2 11 White F M Pennsylvania
18-Jan-1900 EICHER Samuel N. 83 5 13 White M W Pennsylvania
28-Jun-1903 EICHER William 75 White M M Pennsylvania
17-Jan-1901 EIELIER William O. 20 11 White M S California
24-Oct-1873 EIVER Harriet 59 White F M Ohio Mrs. 
3-Oct-1902 ELDRIDGE Samuel 81 White M At Sea
18-Jun-1892 ELIOTT John 35 White M M Missouri
26-May-1900 ELKINS Mary E. 21 White F M
29-Jan-1892 ELLIOT Harriet J. 53 White F M Wisconsin
24-Jun-1859 ELLIOT Ruth 73 White F S Maine
4-Jan-1892 ELLIOT William 20 White M S California
17-Nov-1898 ELLIOTT Amanda W. 38 4 10 White F M Kansas
2-Mar-1891 ELLIOTT Edna L. 5 White F
24-Jul-1902 ELLIOTT Mary Virginia 53 3 1 White F M Kentucky
7-Jun-1889 ELLSWORTH Charles E. 36 White M M Connecticut
18-Aug-1892 ELUNDY Mary 2 3 White F S California
24-Mar-1896 ENBTER Joseph F. 10 White M S California
1-Nov-1894 ENCENSIS Rosa 4 2 3 White F S California
3-Nof-1890 ENCINAS Manuel 40 MEXI M M Mexico
9-Dec-1893 ENOS Antone 48 9 White M M Azore Islands
14-Oct-1900 ENOS Ron 2 16 White Calfironia Infant of
5-Nov-1898 ENSLOW Thomson S. 77 9 3 White M M Ohio
22-Jan-1892 EPPERSON Marium 19 White F M
22-Mar-1895 EPPERSON Nancy 81 White F S Kentucky
24-Oct-1892 ERWIN Thomas L. 32 22 White M
9-Jan-1902 ESSARY David E. 80 White M Tennessee
28-Jun-1903 EVANS Benjamin 69 White M S Wales
24-Oct-1859 EVANS John White M S Ohio
27-Feb-1902 EVANS John 55 White M
29-Dec-1899 EVERS Heemg 62 2 1 White M M America
23-Apr-1860 EWN Frank 2 4 11 White M S California
28-Jun-1897 EYLER Louis Napoleon 73 4 White M M Ohio
4-Jan-1890 FADLER Marvin 29 White M S Missouri
7-Apr-1893 FAMES Ralph 7 8 White M S California
15-Mar-1896 FARD H. P. 76 White M S Ohio
28-Sep-1894 FARLEY Mathew 84 White M S Ireland
15-Dec-1899 FARLEY William M. 72 White M Ohio
21-Aug-1902 FARNHAM Lillie 37 9 22 White F M California
8-Jun-1899 FARRENS Maria L. 76 3 4 White F W
6-Oct-1893 FARRES Jennie 86 White F M Mexico Mrs. 
29-Mar-1894 FARWELL Patrick H. 11 8 White M S California
16-Jun-1903 FAULKNER A. J. 79 White M M Tennessee
12-May-1892 FAULKNER Alice Irene 2 6 6 White F S California
25-Feb-1891 FAULKNER Francis J. 22 White M S California
24-May-1893 FAULKNER Thomas 67 White M S Ireland
25-Sep-1893 FAY Eugene C. 30 White M S Sandwich Island
9-Feb-1893 FAY William 66 White M Ireland
9-Apr-1899 FEATHERSTONE William 69 White M S England
2-Jul-1893 FEE John 76 White M Ireland
11-May-1900 FENTON Lee Abey 6 8 White M S California
30-Nov-1898 FERGUSON F. W. 11 1 21 White M S California
26-Mar-1898 FERGUSON Precilla 62 White F W Tennessee
6-Dec-1892 FETHRO John Adam 3 3 White M California
18-Sep-1896 FETTERMAN Jacob 57 White M S Germany
11-Dec-1892 FETTERS Ora G. 6 8 4 White F California
17-Oct-1898 FIELD Thomas West 84 White M S New York
2-Feb-1893 FIESS Alice 39 White F M New York
29-Jan-1895 FILLMOREOFF Theodore 71 White M S Russia
8-Dec-1891 FIMPLE Ellen C. 65 White F M Maryland
17-Mar-1898 FIMPLE Rufus R. 68 10 17 White M M Virginia
30-Mar-1892 FINDERSEN Johanna 77 White F W Germany
2-Jun-1902 FINDLEY Elias 78 11 White
9-Jul-1895 FINEGAN Mike 55 White M Ireland
27-Jul-1890 FINUEL Manuel 17 White M Portugal
27-Oct-1899 FIRKINS William 74 White M Illinois
22-Nov-1898 FISCHER Dora 29 1 21 White F S California
16-Jan-1898 FISCHER Theodore 72 2 6 White M M Germany
16-May-1895 FISH J. Alfred 24 White M S Illinois
6-Jun-1889 FISHER C. E. 25 EURO F M
2-May-1891 FISHER Elmer B. 7 White M S Kansas
4-Aug-1889 FISHER Mary Jane 53 8 White F M New York
30-Dec-1897 FISHER Mary C. 58 White F M Illinois
16-Nov-1890 FISHER Milton O. 8 White M California
25-Apr-1891 FISHER Morton E. 5 White M S Indiana
17-Feb-1893 FISHER Ray Eldridge 7 5 12 White M Michigan
1-Aug-1895 FISHER Robert 58 3 White M M England
10-Aug-1891 FISHER Rodman 22 4 White M M California
11-Jun-1893 FISHER Thomas L. 57 11 White M W Pennsylvania
18-Dec-1859 FLEMING 35 White M S New Hampshire
12-Jun-1894 FLORENCE Mabel A. 13 4 23 White F S California
29-Jun-1889 FLYNN Ann 63 White F M Ireland Mrs. 
5-Jun-1897 FLYNN Mrs. Joel 75 White F M
3-Feb-1893 FOLCK Abraham 73 2 20 White M W Illinois
18-Feb-1892 FOLLIS Sophia 21 6 White F M California
24-Mar-1892 FONG Fun Hing 54 CHIN M M China
17-Mar-1897 FONG Lee 52 CHIN M M China
5-Jun-1901 FONG Leu 68 CHIN China
13-Mar-1893 FONG Wing 5 CHIN M China
4-Apr-1893 FONG Wo 46 CHIN M S China
12-Jul-1895 FONK Frank 40 White M
23-Jul-1894 FOO Gay 61 CHIN M S China
27-Mar-1894 FOO Mency 45 CHIN M S China
5-Jun-1891 FORBES James E. 31 White M S California
28-Sep-1897 FORBES James D. 74 8 25 White M M Pennsylvania
13-Jul-1894 FORBES Rova Clein 1 White F California
5-Nov-1904 FORD Jerry Myer 69 White F
16-Oct-1892 FOREMAN H. W. 2 White M S California
16-Apr-1895 FOREST David 66 White M S New York
10-May-1894 FOSEN Addie B. 14 White F S Maine
8-Aug-1898 FOSTEN Peter Charles 82 4 19 White M S Holland
18-Jan-1890 FOSTER Elizabeth 75 6 White F M Ohio
30-Dec-1898 FOSTER Frank 20 1 White F M California Mrs. 
8-Jan-1897 FOSTER N. M. 56 White M M Missouri
22-Sep-1900 FOSTER Ransoner 69 White M S South Carolina
2-Jul-1892 FOSTER Winston 41 White M M Oregon
12-Sep-1890 FOX Rhoda 83 11 23 White F M Ohio
26-Feb-1891 FRANCIS James 52 White M S
8-May-1894 FRANCISCO Cetamio 44 MEXI M Mexico
2-Nov-1889 FRANEY Joseph Francis 38 White M M Boston, Massachusetts
4-Apr-1890 FRANGO Elphino 18 INDN F M California
5-Sep-1889 FRANKS Jennie 48 White F M California
1-Sep-1894 FRAZIER Henry 73 White M England
21-May-1898 FREDERICK John 83 White M S Denmark
6-Mar-1892 FREEMAN B. 25 White F M Georgia
24-Apr-1895 FREEMAN Earnest 17 BLCK M S Kansas
7-May-1859 FREEMAN John 35 White M S Georgia
23-Dec-1894 FREER Louis 32 White M M California
2-Sep-1892 FREESE Thomas E. 82 White M S Germany
2-Jul-1891 FREICHS Dosulta 46 White F W Germany
21-Nov-1890 FRERICHS D. C. 57 18 White M M Germany
24-Jan-1892 FRERICHS William R. 25 White M S California
16-Mar-1895 FRESHOUR Thomas 76 White M M Missouri
10-Apr-1892 FREW Samuel 65 8 7 White M S Pennsylvania
18-Jan-1896 FRIEDELL Henry 82 2 White M S Germany
9-Nov-1902 FRISCHOLTIZ George Michael 74 White M M Germany
8-Jul-1890 FRITTER Isaac William 16 5 3 White M California
1-Dec-1891 FRITZ Jacob 74 6 White M M Germany
6-Dec-1891 FRITZJERALD John M. 28 White M California
31-Dec-1892 FROST William H. 19 White M S California
4-Feb-1891 FRUSELBEN Sarah 68 White F W Bohemia
20-Oct-1897 FULLER Alfred 67 White M M
14-Apr-1895 FUR PUERRO Martin 80 White M S Mexico
4-Dec-1891 FURGESON Horatio B. 40 White M S Indiana
26-Aug-1891 CHIN F M China

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