This page contains a list of books about California history. This is by no means a complete list but rather some of the many volumes that exist on the subject. Suggestions for other books to be included here is encouraged! Although I have endeavored to emphasize history, a few of the books listed have more to do with *genealogy. I attempted to list ONLY the books having to do with a portion or all of the state rather than a specific county.

California - A History Andrew F. Rolle, Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1963
A Companion to California James D. Hart, Univ. of California Press, 1987
California - An Illustrated History T.H. Watkins, American West Publishing, 1973
California Historical Landmarks California State Parks, 1996
The California Register Social Blue Book of California, 1962 *
Who's Who on the Pacific Coast The A. N. Marquis Co. 1951*
Historic Spots in California (revised) Douglas E. Kyle, Stanford Univ. Press, 1932-1990
Discover Historic California George and Jan Roberts, Gem Guides Book Co, 1999
Pictoral History of California Paul C. Johnson, Bonanza Books, 1970?
Historical Atlas of California Beck and Haase, Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1974.
Southern California Country Carey McWilliams, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1946
California's Story Bolton & Adams, Allyn & Bacon, 1922
The Story of California Henry K. Norton, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1929
California Pioneer Register & Index (Extracted from History of Ca. Bancroft), Clearfield Co. 1964*
Roadside History of California Ruth Pittman, Mountain Press Publishing 1995
One Eye Closed the Other Red (The California Bootlegging Years) Clifford James Walker, Back Door Publishing, 1999. This book is available at the BOOK DEN, 826 E. Williams St., Barstow, Ca. 92311 760-255-4040.


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