This estimable gentleman is a native of Poland, his birth occurring on August 14, 1814. Coming to the United States in 1840, he enlisted six years later in Quitman’s Division and fought through the war with Mexico, return­ing at its close to Pennsylvania. Still unsettled in mind, he embarked at the end of the same year---1848---on the ship 0sceola, and came in her to this State to enter upon mining, which he followed for three or four years in Calaveras and Mariposa Counties, and then in the vicinity of Sonora, until he found more acceptable occupation as a member at the firm of Miller & Co. Afterwards becoming agent for Adams & Co.’s  Express line, he held that office until the company’s dissolution.  In 1857, he received a similar appointment from Messrs. Wells, Fargo & Co., which he has retained until the present time. During these years Mr. Solinsky has also engaged in several mining operations; nor is this all that is within the scope of his business activity. One of the best appointed and well managed hotels in the foothills has been under his proprietorship for a number of years.

The Solinsky family includes three children, Frank, now a promising young lawyer of San Andreas; Wm H. Solin­sky and Margaret F. Solinsky.

“A History of Tuolumne County, California” Published by B.F. Alley, 1882.

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