JUDGE 0.P. Gale Biography


This pioneer settler of California and Tuolumne County was born in Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. He received his primary education at the common schools, and his academic learning at the Academy at Westfield. He first moved to Wayne County, N. Y.; thence to Picka­way County, Ohio; thence to Hampton, Mo., and finally to the States of Texas and Louisiana, coming from the latter place to California, and arriving in Monterey in June, 1849. He at once came to this county and settled at Jamestown, where he arrived in July of that year. He mined at that place and on the Tuolumne River, and at Angel’s Camp until 1850, when he settled on his present place near Tuttletown. In March, 1853, he came into possession by purchase of the Jackson Flat Ditch, and the letting of water to miners has been his principal business. Mr. Gale has, however, quite a large vineyard and wine cellar, the latter being well filled with a vintage of his own growing.

“A History of Tuolumne County, California” Published by B.F. Alley, 1882. Pg. 328-329. 

Submitted by: Nancy Pratt Melton