The subject of this sketch was born in Thomaston, Knox County, Maine, June 18, 1810, where he was raised and educated.  He sailed from Boston, Massachusetts, in the ship “California Packet,” on March 4, 1850, came around Cape Horn, and landed in San Francisco on the following August 24.  He went to Woolf’s Creek, on the Yuba River, where he mined for a short time, and then returned to San Francisco, thence coming to this County and settling at Shaw’s Flat, in October, 1851.  Here he was engaged in mining until August, 1852, when he went to Springfield, and followed the same occupation. In 1856 he purchased his present farm, known as “The Evergreen Ranch,” situ­ated near Springfield.  It is a beautiful home, commanding a view of the surrounding country, which a lover of the beautiful can not help but enjoy.  Mr. Fales married Mary P. Morse, on July 25, 1835.  She was a native of Maine.  Her death occurred on July 16, 1876, when, having no children, he was left alone until the following Fall, when W. H. Harding and his wife (a niece of Mr. Fales) came from Nebraska and took up their residence with him, where they still remain.

“A History of Tuolumne County, California” B.F. Alley, 1882. Pg. 357.

Submitted by: Nancy Pratt Melton