New Jersey

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See also these surnames: Allen, Barclay, Barr, Bayles, Harris, Leek, Potter, Randolph Family, Sears, Stiles, Talmadge.

"The 1693 Census of the Swedes On The Delaware." Author: Peter Stebbins Craig. Publisher: SAG Publications. Date: 1993. Family histories of the Swedish Lutheran Church members residing in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West New Jersey and Cecil County, MD. 1638-1693. CBC, SR1

"American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796." Murtie June Clark, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1990. Lists many frontier era militia, although not exhaustive. It will provide locations for further research for any names discovered. Please submit first and last name of individual you are seeking. Limit your requests to three. Specific to these states: Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. M16

"The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania." Frederick Lewis Weis, Clearfield Company (reprinted from the Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1978) reprint date 1995. An Alphabetical listing of hundreds of early members of the Clergy. Very helpful if a person is trying to trace the "footsteps" of a circuit rider or early minister. List by years each church served as well a location. The people in this book are from the years 1628-1776. In many cases it list the parents names and date/place of birth as well as date and place of death. All of the churches that this minister was associated with are listed by the year. There is no mention of a wife and family however. SW5

"The Day is Ours." William M Dwyer. November 1776 to Janurary 1777. An inside view of the battles of Trenton and Princeton. How a Ragged Rebel Army stood the storm. WRK

"Early Germans of NJ," Chambers, 1895. ML

"The Elwell Family." 17th and 18th Centuries, Southern New Jersey. Elmer Garfield Van Name 1963. SW5

"Historical Collections of the State of NJ," Barber & Howe, 1845. ML

"The Historical and Pictorial Review of the N.J.National Guard, 1940." Staff, State of NJ, National Guard. This book contains the pictures and some description of units of the NJ National Guard, about two years before WWII. Pictures were taken at drill night at the respective armories. Some pictures of facilities. All pictures include names of individuals. It is not indexed, the request should include the town or unit. GHF

"A History of Baptists in New Jersey." Thomas S. Griffiths. Hightstown, N.J.: Barr Press Pub. Co., 1904. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archive.]

"A Hundred Years A Hundred Miles New Jersey's Morris Canal." Barbara N. Kalata, Morris County Historical Society, 1983. History of the Morris Canal and Banking Company, includes a name index. CJ3

"Narratives of Early PA, West NJ, and Delaware 1630-1707," Myers, 1912. ML

"Patents and Deeds and other early records of New Jersey 1664-1703." Edited by William Nelson; Clearfield Publishers; reprinted 1997. Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, vol. 21; Calendar of Records in the Office of the Secretary of State, 1664-1703. SS5

"Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses & Families in Northern New Jersey & Southern New York." Rosalie Fellows Bailey, Dover Publ, 1968 Reprint of 1936 edition by The Holland Society. Brief genealogical notes on early Dutch families incl Ackerman, Banta, Blauvelt, Bogart, Brinkerhoff, Couwenhoven, Kip, Lott, Luyster, Wyckoff, others. CID

Princeton University The Second Fifteen, Class of Princeton,1921, thirty years later: third fifteen, forty five years later 1951 and 1966. Biographies and pictures of students from the class of 1921. MF1

"The Sharp family of Southern New Jersey ... 300 years (1682-1981). Albert Stirling Adams 1981, revised 1982. SW5

"The Story of an Old Farm." Andrew D. Mellick, The Unionist-Gazette, Somerville, NJ 1889. NJ Revolutionary War History. Melick, Mellick and related families genealogy appendix. Detailed history of the Bedminster and New Germantown areas of New Jersey. K1

"William Bowne of Yorkshire, England and His Descendants." Miller K. Reading, M.D.; Deats; 1903. Some of the descendants of William Bowne who was born in Yorkshire, England about 1600 and his wife Ann. CLR

Bergen Co.

"Dumont Heritage: Old Schraalenburgh New Jersey". H. Jeanne Altshuler, 1969. BB5

"On High Ground." The Friends of the Wyckoff Library, The Donning Company, 2000. History of the township of Wyckoff. Map from the late 1800's. Most information starts in the early 1900's. C11

"Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York." Bailey, Rosalie Fellow; Dover Publications, Inc.; 1968. Republication of 1936 original by William Morrow & Co. Publishers Descriptions of pre-revolutionary Dutch Colonial houses with some information given for the families who built and inhabited each of them. Covers Brooklyn, Queens,Staten Island, and ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY; as well as BERGEN, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, Essex, Pasaic, Hunterdon, Morris, Sussex, Warren Counties, NJ. Contains excellent index of surnames for lookups. ARL

Camden Co.

"History of Camden County, NJ." George Prowell, Higgins Publishers, originally printed in 1886 - reprinted by Higgins. Detailed history of Camden County, NJ as researched and published by George Prowell. Detailed information on municipalities, churches, schools, and other aspects of the county history. Many individuals are referenced who lived in the county from 1844 through 1886. TI

Cape May Co.

"Cape May County Marriages." H. Stanley Craig & Julius Way, M.D. Reprinted 1978. KB4

"The Divine Covenant in Pious Households from 1711 - 1891." Rev. Danial Lawrence Hughes, Rev. J.L. Landis, pub, 1891. 160-page family history written by my maternal great-great-great uncle which covers 150-years of family history in and around Cape May, N.J. Major allied families coverd: Hughes, Lawrences, Eldredges, and Fosters. Also, many of their descendants. Much vital statistics, photos, and some biographical info on the major personalities. Author used about 80% primary sources when compiling this publication. Copies of the "DC" are currently microfilmed in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. in their genealogical Holdings. One can find it via their catalogue using either title or publisher. Two remaing physical copies remain in the families of two of the author's decendants. AC2

"The History of Cape May County New Jersey 1638-1897." Lewis Townsend Stevens. Compilation of many families of the Cape May area. DS9

"Mayflower Decendants in Cape May Co." Listings of all the Mayflower Decendants who migrated to Cape May County, New Jersey. CEM

Cumberland Co.

"Cumberland County Genealogical Data." H. Stanley Craig. Records pertaining to persons residing in Cumberland Co. prior to 1800. PLC

"Cumberland County NJ Marriages." H. Stanley Craig. Originally published in 1932. PLC

"Cumberland Co. Wills." H. Stanley Craig. Abstracts of wills from 1748 to 1861. PLC

"Early Records of Cumberland County." Charlotte Meldrum, Family Line Publications, 1998. Includes many church records, i.e. German Presbyterian, Cohansey, Moravian Missionaries 1742-1762, Baptist Church, Dividing Creek. Majority of entries are from the 1700s. PLC

"Historic Days in Cumberland County, New Jersey 1855-1865: Political and War Time Reminiscences." Isaac T. Nichols, no publisher given, 1907. Information about people and regiments, as well as photographs of identified Cumberland County, New Jersey residents involved in the Civil War. LAF

"History of Early Settlement and Progress of Cumberland Co., NJ." Lucius Q.C.Elmer, George F. Nixon, Pub., 1869. BA1

"South Jersey church Records." Compiled by Jeanne M. Hammell, Typed and indexed by Ruthie Baker. Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths 1750-1900. PLC

"United States Census, Millville Township, Cumberland Co., NJ." Compiled by Joseph E. Sherry, 1975. Covers the Federal census years, 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860. PLC

Essex Co.

"Essex County Marriage Records." The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, vol. 9, pages 109-117. Contains marriage records from 1802 to 1807. CH2

Seton Hall College Yearbook of 1941 - "1941 White and Blue." This yearbook belonged to my uncle who was a member of the class of 1941. LL3

Gloucester Co.

"Bible Records & Place Names." Gloucester County Historical Society Publications, 1964. SW5

"Early Settlements on or near the Raccoon." S.H. Richards, GCHS reprint from 1925. SW5

"The Eastlack Family." John William Eastlack, Sr, 1971. SW5

"Gloucester County, NJ Residents 1850." published by G & F Gibson, 1975; reprinted 1996 Gloucester Cnty Hist. Society. PLC

"Gloucester County, NJ Surname Index File D." Patricia Hensinger and Barbara L Turner 1998. The current name and address, plus other important information, of many,many people researching many surnames. SW5

"Gloucester County, NJ Wills 1818-1836." by Doris Cole Rogers, Published by the GCHS, Woodbury NJ 1988. SW5

"LIPPINCOTT - 5 generations of the descendants of Richard and Abigail Lippincott." Judith M. Olsen, GCHS, Woodbury, NJ 1982. SW5

"The Pastor in The Valley." by Edith M. Davis Locke, published by the GCHS, Woodbury, NJ 1986. Descendants of The Reverend Larrs Karlsson Lock (1604-1688). SW5

"Saint Peters Episcopal Church at Berkeley and Clarksboro, NJ." Edited by Paul Minotty for the GCHS, Woodbury, NJ 1974. History and Records 1765-1846 by Hazel B Simpson. History and Records 1846-1973 by Publication Committee. SW5

"The Wood Family of Lancashire England and Gloucester Co NJ." Gladys Coupe and F. Lewis Orrell, Jr GCHS, Woodbury NJ, 1985. SW5

Hudson Co.

"History Hudson County Genealogies of Prominent Families 1917." Compiled by Robert Feldra, Michel & Rank Publishers, Town of Union, New Jersey, 1917. Approximately 200 pages of biographical information on families and individuals of Hudson County. LH6

Hunterdon Co.

"The History of The First English Presbyterian Church in Amwell." Rev John Backer Kugler, A.M. , The Union Gazette Association Somerville N.J. , 1912. This book gives the history of the church and many of the people that attended. WRK

"Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, NJ, Heirs to Estates 1809-1904," Brown, 1986. ML

Mercer Co.

"Early settlers of Trenton and Ewing, Old Hunterdon County, NJ." E.F. Cooley, W.S. Sharp Printing Co, Trenton, NJ, 1883. Biographies of prominent citizens. Indexed. L29

"A Review of the Department of Police, Trenton, NJ." Published 1899 by the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of Trenton, NJ. Photographs of every officer employed in 1899, with brief biographies. MC

Middlesex Co.

"The History of Woodbridge, New Jersey." Ruth Wolk // no publisher listed // 1970. A history of Woodbridge, New Jersey published for its tricentennial (1969). Quite a few references to its inhabitants, but not as many as in the Dally book. TRV

"Woodbridge and Vicinity: The Story of a New Jersey Township." Rev. Joseph W. Dally // A.E. Gordon // 1873. A history of Woodbridge, New Jersey with many references to its inhabitants. Also, many vital records listed. A must for genealogists researching family in Woodbridge. TRV

Monmouth Co.

"History of Ocean and Monmouth Counties, NJ." Edwin Salter, E. Gardner and Son, Bayonne, NJ, 1890. Contains historical events and some biographies. Not indexed. GHF, L29, RT2

"History of Old Tennent Church." Rev. Frank R. Symmes, 1904. Selected baptism and burial records for the church in Manalapan, NJ, as well as genealogical notes on selected area families. JS22

Morris Co.

"Colonial and Revolutionary Morris County." Theodore Thayer, The Morris County Heritage Commission, 1975. Narrative of the early history of Morris County from the beginning through the Revolutionary War. Includes a name index, a list of freeholders as of August 31, 1752, a poll list as of 1776, and a list of revolutionary soldiers in the Continental army and militia. CJ3

"The descendants of John Mills Smith as of January 22, 1952, with certain additional data about his ancestors, which may be of interest to those descendants." Compiled with the help of said descendants [by] Ethel Crandall Smith Cady. This Smith family is of Morris County, NJ and Green Bay, WI. JM

"History of Morris County New Jersey 1739-1882." Author not listed, Re-Published by Morris County Historical Society, original publisher W.W. Munsell &Co, NY 1882. (from the Table of Contents): Outline History of New Jersey; History of Morris County; City and Township Histories; Villages; Biographical Sketches; Portraits. Contains many lists of citizens involved in civic activites, establishment of churches, etc. Biographical sketches are very short, but list several generations of the families portrayed. BB7

"Men From Morris County New Jersey Who Served in the American Revolution." Barbara Hoskins, Published by the friends of the joint free public library of Morristown and Morris Township, Morristown, NJ 1979. Alphabetical listing of names with brief descriptions of war service. Sometimes contains dates of birth, death, spouse, DAR reference, etc. CJ3

Ocean Co.

"History of Ocean and Monmouth Counties, NJ." Edwin Salter, E. Gardner and Son, Bayonne, NJ, 1890. Contains historical events and some biographies. Not indexed. GHF, L29, RT2

Salem Co.

"The Bassett Family ..... Lynn, Mass to Salem County, NJ 1624-1964." Catherine Soleman Chandler 1964. SW5

"Dr Bodo Otto and the Medical Background of the American Revolution." James E. Gibson 1937. SW5

"Early Settlements on or near the Raccoon." S.H. Richards, GCHS reprint from 1925. SW5

"Saint Peters Episcopal Church at Berkeley and Clarksboro, NJ." Edited by Paul Minotty for the GCHS, Woodbury, NJ 1974. History and Records 1765-1846 by Hazel B Simpson. History and Records 1846-1973 by Publication Committee. SW5

"Salem County Marriage Records 1687-1893." by H. Stanley Craig, H.S. Craig Publisher, 1928, reprinted 1977. JLG, SW5

"Salem County Willls 1804-1830." H. Stanley Craig. Wills in a given period, in a given place. BA1

"Salem more than a century ago." Frank H. Stewart, GCHS, 1935, reprinted from the Salem Standard and Jerseyman 1935. Contains extracts from the Salem Messenger from Sept 1819 to Dec 1822. SW5

"Salem a Century Ago." Frank H Stewart, GCHS, Woodbury, NJ 1935. Items taken from the files of the "AMERICAN STATESMAN AND LITERARY JOURNAL", PUBLISHED IN SALEM FROM 1830 TO 1834. SW5

"The Salem Tenth." H. Stanley Craig. Genealogical Data in West Jersey. PLC

"Sharptown, Salem County, NJ." Frank H. Stewart, GCHS, Woodbury, NJ 1931-1932. The pages contain a series of articles by Mr. Stewart of the History of Sharptown, together with many personal Reminiscences, which were published in the SALEM STANDARSD AND JERSEYMAN IN THE ISSUES OF dECEMBER 3,10,17 AND 24, 1931; AND JANUARY 21, 1932. SW5

"Sketches of Salem, NJ and Vicinity in the years 1823-26." Frank H Stewart, GCHS, Woodbury NJ 1933. SW5

Somerset Co.

"Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, NJ, Heirs to Estates 1809-1904," Brown, 1986. ML

South Jersey

"South Jersey Marriages." H. Stanley Craig GCHS. KB4

Sussex Co.

"Abstracts of Division of Warren and Sussex County Estates Filed at Sussex County Courthouse, Newton, NJ 1789-1918," Brown, 1978. ML

"History of Sussex and Warren Counties, NJ," Snell, 1881. ML

"The Kennedy Chronicle." Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy, self published, 1891. History of the family of Rev. Samuel Kennedy, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Baskingridge, NJ and his son, Dr. Samuel Kennedy of Hardwick, NJ. Links to the Earl of Cassillis, Scotland. K1

"Shaver, Schaeffer and Shafer Families Memoirs and Reminiscences together with Sketches of the Early History of Sussex County, New Jersey." Rev. Casper Schaeffer, M.D., Privately printed Hackensack, N.J. 1907. History of the Shaver, Shafer and Schaeffer families. Early settlers of Stillwater, Sussex County, NJ. K1

Union Co.

"History of Elizabeth, New Jersey, Including Early History of Union County. Rev. Edwin F. Hatfield, D.D. 1868, Carlton and Lanahan, Publishers. L29

Warren Co.

See also the Kennedy Chronicles under Sussex Co., NJ.

"Abstracts of Division of Warren and Sussex County Estates Filed at Sussex County Courthouse, Newton, NJ 1789-1918," Brown, 1978. ML

"History of Sussex and Warren Counties, NJ," Snell, 1881. ML

"Warren County NJ Abstracts of Division and Partitions Filed at the Courthouse Belvidere, NJ 1825-1946," Brown, 1978. ML