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"American Marriages Before 1699." Edited and compiled by William Montgomery Clemens, Editor of Genealogy Magazine, first printing 1926. Information includes Names of husband and wife/Date/Place. Also a short history of early colonies, very interesting (only states that were part of the original 13 colonies are included in this work). PP1

"The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania." Frederick Lewis Weis, Clearfield Company (reprinted from the Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1978) reprint date 1995. An Alphabetical listing of hundreds of early members of the Clergy. Very helpful if a person is trying to trace the "footsteps" of a circuit rider or early minister. List by years each church served as well a location. The people in this book are from the years 1628-1776. In many cases it list the parents names and date/place of birth as well as date and place of death. All of the churches that this minister was associated with are listed by the year. There is no mention of a wife and family however. SW5

"Women and Children of the Mills: An Annotated Guide to Nineteenth-Century American Twxtile Factory Literature." by Judith Ranta, Greenwood Press, 1999. Has much info on 19th-century U.S. textile mill workers, particularly in New England, New York State, and Pennsylvania. Includes some names and some biographical information on workers. JAR