William Burt + Salumith Ballard

Family of William Burt and Salumith Ballard

William Burt was born about 1754 [12] and lived on the Warren/Halifax County border. One source [4] gives his birthdate as 1754 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia. [5] He was the son of William Burt who died in Greensville Co., Virginia in 1783/4 [11] and a grandson of Richard Burt "the elder" of York Co., Virginia.

William Burt's wife was Salumith Ballard. [6]

The following deed recorded in Halifax County deed books appears to be the first record we have of William Burt in Warren County:

Book 17, p. 442, 11 Jun 1778 (1788? see [10])
Jonas Wilkins of Halifax Co., NC to William Burt of Warren Co., NC, parcel of land bounded by William Richardson, Dean, Samuel Marshall, John Harvey.
Signed: Jonas Wilkins (his mark)
Witnesses: Devereavi[ix?] Ballard, Mary Ballard, presented to Aug Ct 1792.

William Burt's name does not appear in the 1779 and 1784 Warren Co. tax lists [9], nor in the state census taken in 1786 [8].

The 1790 census of Warren County listed the following household in Halifax District:

William Burt: 2 WM > 16, 2 WM < 16, 3 WF, 20 S.

While there were a number of different William Burts found in Halifax County deed records, the following transactions can reasonably be attributed to William Burt of Warren County:

Book 18, p. 183, 11 June 1794
Caty Gibbs adm of Thomas Gibbs decd of Halifax Co. to William Burt of Warren Co., for 17 pounds current money a tract of land lying in Halifax and Warren Cos., 40 acres, along Green's Branch, Jones, county line, Amos Harris, Elisha Harrison, Joel [Kearissey?].
Signed: Caty Gibbs
Wit: Edmond Jones, Lawrence Gibbons Jr., presented Aug 1797 Ct.
Book 18, p. 539, 14 Feb 1799
Meredith Nelms to William Burt both of the state of North Carolina, for one hundred pounds current money, 300 acres land on both prongs of Clay Branch along John Kearney, Marshall, John Blount, Davis, James Arrington.
Signed: Meredith Nelms (his mark)
Wit: Edw. Harrison, Furna Southall, Feb 1799 Ct.
Book 18, p. 884, 9 Mar 1801
William Burt of Warren Co. to O[rren?] Harris of Halifax Co., for ten shillings and divers other good causes was thereunto moving, 160 acres lying in Halifax and Warren Cos., along [Green?] Branch, Willis and James Arrington, Davis, county line, Harris branch, Green Branch.
Signed: William Burt
Wit: Edwd. Jones, Wm. Arrington, Feb Ct. 1802 (note "proved by Oath of Willis Arrington")
Book 20, p. 264, [2?]5 Jan 1805
James Evans of Halifax Co. to William Burt of Warren Co., for 30 pounds current money, 50 acres in Halifax Co., on the waters of Haw-tree, bounded by Nelm's corner near William Burt's corner, John Harvey.
Signed: James Evans
Wit: J[os.] J[no]. Williams, Jm Matthews, Feb Ct 1806.
Book 20, p. 378, 25 Jan 1805
James Evans of Halifax Co. to William Burt of Warren Co., for 50 pounds, 100 acres on the waters of Haw-tree Swamp, bounded by William Burt's corner, [Malone?], John Honey, James Arrington.
Signed: James Evans
Wit: Jos[eph] Jno. Williams, Jm. Matthews, Feb Ct. 1806

On 10 May 1823, William Burt Sr. made the following will, which was presented to the August 1823 Court (Will Book 25, p. 178), and abstracted as follows [1]:

Wife Salumith Burt - all my lands in Warren County where I now live, including the mansion house, for her lifetime, also Negro Cinder. Son William Burt - Negroes Daniel and Ralph now in his possession, also Negro Alfred at the death of my wife. Son Jno. A. Burt - all my lands in Warren County where I now live after the death or marriage of my wife. Daughter Salumith Sims - life estate in Negroes Ailsey, David, James, and Eda with reversion to her children. Sons Wm. Burt and Jno. A. Burt - in trust for my daughter Lucretia A. Garrett - Negroes Jesse, Henry, and Rosena already in her possession, with reversion to her children, each one to take a share as he comes of age. All remaining property to be kept together for the mutual interest and benefit of my wife and my three daughters Elizabeth, Ann, and Harriet D. Burt and my son Jno. A. Burt as they come of age. All my lands in Halifax County are to be sold and proceeds divided among my five daughters. Ex. sons William and Jno. Wit. Henry G. Williams, John Brodie

William Burt died in Warren County on 8 July 1823. [12]

On 23 April 1840, Salumith Burt made the following will, which was proved in 1848:

State of North Carolina
Warren County
In the name of God Amen I Salumith Burt being of sound mind and memory (blessed by God) do this Twenty Third day of April in the year of Our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty do make this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form as follows
First - I commit my soul to God and my body to the Earth from whence it came and as to my worldly goods that the Lord hath blessed me with I dispose of as follows To Wit
Item - I give and bequeath to my son John A Burt all my right title and Interest that I have in the Tract of Land whereon I now live also one Bed and furnatur now in his possession my Cotton Gin with the aparattus thereto belonging and my youngest Yoak of Oxen one Bay Horse Colt two year old the first day of this month April (Called Black [Wawyer?]) to him and his heirs forever
Item - I give and bequeath to two of my Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt the following Negroes (to Wit) Rachel Cinder and her five children namedly Solmon Sam Lucinda Cuffy and William Plinty together with their increase And my will and desire is that if Either of my Daughters Elizabeth or Ann Burt should die without a will that the surviving one should heir the above named negroes say Rachel Cinder Solmon Sam Lucinda Cuffy and William Plinty and their increase to them and their heirs forever.
Item - I also give and bequeath to my two Daughters Elizabeth and Ann Burt one Bed And Furnature each my Carriage Horse my Carriage and Harness one Dozen Windsor Chairs My Side Board one sett China one Tea Tray one sett Knives and forks to them and their heirs forever Item - I also give to my two Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt one Negro Man named Ellick
My Further will and Desire is that my two Daughters Elizabeth and Ann Burt pay to my son William Burt one Hundred Dollars Each to be paid Twelve months after my death
Item - I give and bequeath to my Daughter Lucretia C Garrett Ten Dollars
Item - I give and bequeath to my GrandDaughter Harrit William Ballard Sims Ninety three Dollars Which is to be paid or Raised out of the perishable Estate that is now on the Plantation
Item - I give and bequeath to my Grand son Samuel Brown Garrett one Bed and furniture
Item - After paying all of my just debts I give Three fourths of my part of the crop that may be on hand at my death to two of my Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt and the remaining one fourth I give to three of my Grand Children namely Leonard S Sims Sarah E Bu[nn?] and Harriet William Ballard Sims
Item - I give and bequeath to two of my Daughters Elizabeth and Ann Burt Three fourths of my stock of all kinds and the residue of my property not before disposed of And the [one?] other remaining fourth I give and bequeath to three of my Grand Children namely Leonard S Sims Sarah Eliza Bu[nn?] and Harrit Wiliam Ballard Sims
And I do hereby nominate and appoint my Son John A Burt Executor and my two Daughters Elizabeth Burt and Ann Burt Execut[rix?] to this my last will and Testament Revoking all Other by me heretofore maid
Signed Sealed and delivered in the
presents of
James Arrington
Littleton Arrington Jurat
Signed: Salumith Burt


  1. William Burt
    b. 11 Nov 1782 Warren Co., NC
    m. Susan Sims 3 Nov 1812 Mecklenburg Co., VA
    d. 31 Dec 1848 Winchester Springs, TN
  2. Salumith ("Sally") Burt
    m. Henry Sims 29 Nov 1813 Warren Co., NC
  3. Lucretia A. Burt
    m. Martin R. Garrett 25 Jan. 1820 Warren Co., NC [3]
  4. Elizabeth Burt
    m. prob. never married
    d. ca 1852 Nash Co., NC
  5. Ann Burt
    d. after 1852
  6. Harriet D. Burt
    b. ca 1797
    m. never married
    d. 24 Sep 1823 Warren Co., NC [14]
  7. John A. Burt
    b. 1 Jun 1800 [6]
    m. Emily M. Cheek 9 Oct 1830 Warren Co., NC [2]
    d. 27 Mar 1845 [6]


  1. "Warren County Wills with References to Halifax County", abstracted by David Gammon, August 1995 newsletter of the Halifax County Genealogical Society.
  2. Emily M. Burt 9 Mar 1894 Jan Ct 1896 51/417 Son John A. Burt - 400 acres of land, to include my dwelling house. Daughter Mary Alston Exum - 400 acres of land for her lifetime with reversion to her daughters Bettie E. Edmonson and Annie E. Snow. Granddaughter Emily Burt Harris - 400 acres of land, but if she leaves no issue, this land will revert to the other heirs of my estate. Grandson John Burgess - 150 acres of land for his lifetime with reversion to his children. Grandson Robert Burgess - 150 acres of land, but if he dies without issue, this shall go in fee simple to the children of John Burgess. Great-granddaughter Emily Thomas Burgess (daughter of Thomas Burgess)- 100 acres of land, but if she leaves no issue, this shall go in fee simple to the children of John Burgess. Great-granddaughters Hattie C., Emily M. Claud J., and Bettie Burgess - $50 each. I bequeath the balance of my property to my son JOHN, remembering the service he has rendered to me for the past twenty years without charge. The lands devised in this will are included in the tract of land where I now live, located in Halifax and Warren Counties.
    Ex. son John
    Wit. B.G. Alston, George W. Davis
  3. Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina, Newspapers 1820-1829 compiled by Lois Smathers Neal, 1979: M. In Warren County, on the 25th inst., Mr. Martin R. Garrett, of Bertie County, to Miss Lucretia A. Burt, of Warren. RaNCSw 4 Feb 1820 3:3.
    Marriage Bond: Warren County Martin R. Garrett and Lucretia A. Burt H(enry) Sims, bondsman.
  4. Revolutionary War Records Mecklenburg County, Virginia by Katherine B. Elliott, 1964. Elliott's source is "Va. DAR Register, p.445"; it gives William's death date as 8 July 1823 Warren Co., NC. In another of Elliott's books, Early Settlers Mecklenburg County, Virginia, vol. 1, a list of "Some Mecklenburg People Who Went To Other States" gives William Burt going to Warren County, N.C. (source not given). (N.B. the list also states William Ballard went to Halifax Co., NC).
  5. Other Burts in Mecklenburg Co., VA included Moody Burt and Matthew Burt. Matthew Burt served as a grand juror there in 1777 and 1778 (Rev. War Records Mecklenburg County, VA by Katherine B. Elliott) and the estate of Matthew Burt Jr. was appraised there 30 July 1778 (Early Wills 1765-1799 Mecklenburg County, Virginia compiled by Katherine B. Elliott). Moody Burt served in the private milita: the first source cited herein states he was born in "York Co., VA - Res. Meck. Co. 1779 - Enlisted on 17 March 1779 for eighteen months. Carpenter - 5ft 9in brown hair, gray eyes, dark complexion. Moved to Georgia." Matthew and Moody were descendants of Richard Burt "the elder" of York Co., VA.
  6. See, for example: The Allstons and Alstons of North and South Carolina by Joseph Groves. Definite proof of Salumith's maiden name has not yet been established, but much indirect evidence exists. The middle name "Ballard" was given to at least one grandchild, and Salumith Ballard, daughter of William Sorrell Ballard and Elizabeth [Clopton?], is found in Halifax County, North Carolina records [13] as follows:
    Halifax County Will #215 pg.5 William Ballard 10 Sept. 1774 , Feb Ct. 1775. Daughters Mary Allen, Joyce Langley, Elizabeth Freeman, Martha Finch, and Nancey Lenoir negroes each. Son Walter Clopton Ballard,lands in this county and 1 slave. Son Devereaux Ballard slaves, horse and gun; daughter Salumith Ballard negro and her increase, bed, furniture, etc. ; son William Sorrell Ballard negro boy, etc.; granddaughters Elizabeth Ballard slave and her increase and a debt due me with interest from John Hyde and should she die before age 21, the said slave to go to my daughter Salumith Ballard and the sd. Debt due to be divided as follows: 25 pounds to the sd. Hyde and 25 pounds to my daughter Martha Finch. Wife Elizabeth Ballard 1 negro and the loan of all the rest on my estate and at her death everything she had on loan to be equally divided among my children first letting my sons Devereaux and William take their choice of a negro apiece, son Walter C. Ballard to give to son William S. Ballard (when he comes of age) 1 horse
    Wit: William Lenoir, Edward Finch, John Hyde
    Extrs: wife Elizabeth Ballard, Walter C. Ballard and John Faulcon
    1782 - Halifax Co., NC
    Will #283, pg 29 Benjamin Bradley (will date not given) Feb Ct. 1782 child my wife is now pregnant with if a boy all my land and if not a boy the sd. Land to be equally divided amongst all my surviving children (names not given) at wife's death or marriage. Wit: Salumith Ballard, May Castor x her mark, Benjamin Castor x his mark
    Extrs: Walter C. Ballard and my wife Sarah Bradley (1)
    Furthermore, Devereaux Ballard, a brother of the Salumith Ballard in William Ballard's will, was a witness to an early deed between Jonas Wilkins and William Burt in Warren County.
  7. (deleted)
  8. State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787 compiled by Alvaretta Kenan Register.
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  10. The date of this transaction is written out in longhand "...one thousand and seven hundred and seventy eight" even though it was filed in 1792. All other deeds in the book around it were transacted around 1792. Was this perhaps a mistake on the clerk's part and the real date 1788? The deed books of Halifax County are not originals - they were recopied near the turn of the 20th century (according to Stephen Bradley, who has abstracted many of the deed books). Of the neighbors listed in this deed, Dev. Ballord, Jas. Arrington and Saml. Marshel were listed adjacent to each other on the census list taken in 1786 by James Kearney in Capt. John Weather's District [8] None of them appear on the 1779 Warren County tax list (the year Warren County was created).
  11. The will of William Burt in Greensville Co., VA names son William Burt, dau Elizabeth Kelbie, and other children. Warren Co., North Carolina Will Book 8, page 20 (as found in Warren Co., NC Records Volume II Abstracts of Will books 1779-1814 by Mary Hinton Kerr) gives the noncuperative will of Mrs. Elizabeth Kilby in which she left the bulk of her property to her brother William Burt, with William Burt to serve as administrator.
  12. Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina Newspapers 1820-1829 comp. by Lois Smathers Neal: D. In Warren County, on the 8th inst., Mr. Wm. Burt, in the 68th year of his age... member of the Baptist Church... RRw Fri 18 July 1823 3:5./ RaNCSw Fri 18 July 1823.
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