William Burt Sr. + Elizabeth Hurt

Family of William Burt and Elizabeth Hurt

William Burt, possibly the son of Richard Burt and Rebecca Stephens, was born before 1765 [1], and was known in Halifax County, North Carolina records as William Burt Sr.

William Burt Sr's wife was Elizabeth Hurt, a daughter of Joel Hurt. [5]

William Burt Sr. appears in various Halifax County census records and tax lists as follows:

11 Feb. 1786
Halifax Co. (Dist. 2)
A William Burt is shown with:
1 WM 21-60, 1 WM < 21 > 60, 7 WF, 10 B. [11]

Halifax Dist., Halifax Co.
A William Burt, Senr is shown with: 1 WM > 16, 1 WM < 16, 8 WF, 12 S.

There are a large number of deeds involving William Burt(s) in Halifax County. While it is difficult to determine which William Burts were involved, the following deeds explicitly refer to a William Burt Sr.:

Book 17, p. 66, 7 Nov 1788
William Burt Senr. to Debby Harlow daughter of Debby Harlow both of Halifax Co. 24 acres on [Nuchet?] Swamp.
Signed: William Burt
Witnesses: Joseph Winter, Goodman Nevile, presented Nov Ct 1788
Book 17, pp. 110, nd. 1788
William Burt to Thos. Harlow both of Halifax Co. 25 acres on Thickett Swamp along James Carstaphins line.
Signed: William Burt (his mark)
Witnesses: Matthew Killingsworth, Joseph Winter, present May 1789 Ct.
Book 22, p. 323, 28 Sept 1808
William Burt [Sr.] to Mat C. Whitaker, both of Halifax Co., for 200 pounds currency of the state, land in Halifax Co. bounded by west side of the main run of the Marsh Swamp, Matt C. Whitaker's corner, Small Branch, 100 acres.
Signed: William Burt
Wit: James M. Long, Jesse Burt, Aug. Ct. 1813.
Book 25, p. 170 [3]
William Burt Sr. of Halifax Co to his daughter Sally Nevill of same. 12 Oct 1819. Deed of gift and 5 shillings. Negroes Rindy daughter of Nannie, Matily daughter of Patty, and Jordan son of Nelly. Wit: Jesse Dupree. Proved 10 Dec 1819 before J. J. Daniel JSL.
Book 25, p. 170 [3]
William Burt Sr. of Halifax Co to his daughter Nancey Kimball of Warren Co. 12 Oct 1819. Deed of gift and 5 shillings. Negroes Aggy daughter of Nelly, Cisaa..ry daughter of sd Nelly, Perciller daughter of Patty. Wit: Jesse Dupree. Proved 10 Dec 1819 before J. J. Daniel JSC.
Book 25, p. 457, 14 [Dec?] 1820
Jesse Burt, wife Martha , and William Burt Sr. to Patrick McDaniel, all of Halifax Co., for 1063 dollars, land in Halifax Co., bounded by north prong of New Branch, Patrick McDaniel, Mary McDaniel, ... Wm. Burt Sr., 319 acres.
Signed: Jesse Burt, Martha Burt, Wm. Burt Senr.
Wit: James Batchilor, James McDaniel, John Burt.
Book 27, p. 124, 30 May 1826
William C. Burt, Osmond J. Neville and Henry Garrett executors of the LWT of the late William Burt Sr. of Halifax Co. to John W. Southall of Halifax Co., for 412 dollars and 12 1/2 cents, land in Halifax Co. along Reedy Branch, Southall's corner, 164 3/4 acres.
Signed: W. C. Burt, O. J. Neville, Henry Garrett
Wit: W. C. Harriss Jr, A. Harriss, Aug. Ct. 1826

Research is currently in progress to map the boundaries of the various William Burt properties in hopes of linking him to the son of Richard Burt.

William Burt Sr. wrote his will 26 Jan 1824, which was presented during the February 1824 court in Halifax County. In his will he named his son William C. Burt, daughters Rebeccah Burt, Elizabeth Burt, Martha Burt, Margaret Burt, and Nancy Kimball, granddaughter Sophia W. Carstaphane, and son-in-law Osmond J. Nevill [2].

Children [4]:

  1. William C. Burt
    m. Rebecca Finney 16 Feb 1820 Halifax Co., NC [9]
  2. Rebecca Burt
    m. James Burt 6 Aug 1803 Warren Co., GA
    d. [ca 1825 Putnam Co., GA?]
  3. Elizabeth Burt
    b. ca 1779 NC
    m. Zacheus Burt
    d. 16 June 1851 Talbot Co., GA
  4. Martha Burt
    m. Jesse Burt
    d. after 1812 prob. Putnam Co., GA
  5. Margaret Burt
    m. Richard Burt
  6. Nancy Burt
    b. 24 Oct 1785 Halifax Co., NC [7]
    m. James Kimball [6]
    d. 4 Jan 1855 [7]
    b. Kimbell Cemetery, Morgan Co., AL
    Lived in Warren Co., NC in 1819 and Morgan Co., AL by 1825.
  7. Sally Burt
    m. Osmond J. Neville
    d. between 1819 and 1824 possibly Morgan Co., AL [10]
  8. a daughter?
    m. [-?-] Carstaphane
    d. before 1824
    Daughter Sophia W. Carstaphane.


  1. He was at least 21 years old when the state census of Halifax County was taken in 1786.
  2. Halifax County, NC Will Abstracts 1758-1824 by Margaret Hofman, 1970.
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  5. The Early Hurt Family in Virginia by Oscar H. Hurt states that Elizabeth Hurt, born about 1763 and a daughter of Joel Hurt, married William Burt. At least three of his children gave the middle name of Hurt to their children, one of them being named Joel Hurt Burt. Furthermore, Joel Hurt of Hancock County, Georgia deeded property to his "beloved son-in-law William Burt of Halifax County, North Carolina": "Deed Book C, p. 307 I, Joel Hurt, Senr. of Hancock County, Georgia, for the love and affection I have unto my beloved son-in-law William Burt of Halifax County, North Carolina, the following property, to wit, Plymouth and Nan, Judy, Jucy and Betty and their increase, six leather buttom chairs, one pair of steelyards, one featherbed and furniture and one pot This 4th May 1798. Wit: M. Greene, JP and Henry Hurt. Reg: 4th February 1800" (from Land Deed Genealogy of Hancock County, Georgia 1794-1802 by Helen and Tim Marsh, Southern Historical Press, 1997).
  6. Halifax Co., NC deed ca 1825: James Kimball of Morgan Co.,AL granted James T. Kimball Jr. power of attorney to recover inheritance of his wife Nancy Kimball from estate of William Burt Sr. dec'd of Halifax County. 1850 census of Morgan County, AL lists: Nancy Kimbell b ca 1787 NC, Sarah b ca 1824 AL, Edwin b ca 1829 AL and Eliza R. b ca 1829 [this information from Ruth Charles].
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  8. Nancy's husband James Kimbell and several of their children are also buried there:
    James Kimbell 3 May 1781 8 Apr 1841 born in Warren Co, NC
    Their children:
    James Hurt Kimbell 22 Nov 1819 22 Aug 1825
    Mary Burt Kimbell 1 Sep 1817 10 Sep 1826
    Sarah A. Kimbell McDaniel 28 Feb 1829 7 Apr 1890 married to T J McDaniel 21 Jul 1863
    Edwin N. G. Kimbell 26 Sep 1826 14 Nov 1887
    Eliza Rebecca Kimbell Wilson No Dates married to Wm. B. Wilson 29 Aug 1855
    There was also a Sally B. Kimbell beside Nancy but not mentioned as her child. 23 Feb 1810 31 Aug 1831
  9. This is assuming that William C. Burt who married Rebecca Finney in Halifax County was the same as the William C. Burt son of William Burt Sr. Evidence to support this is the fact that Thomas B. Burt d. 16 Sept 1835 aged 8 mo. 23 days, son of W. C. and Rebeccah Burt was buried in Minor Cemetery, Morgan Co., Alabama. In this same cemetery is buried O. J. Neville who was a son-in-law of William Burt Sr.; in other cemeteries in the same area were Nancy Kimbell, daughter of William Burt Sr. and her family.
  10. In Kimbell Cemetery, Morgan Co., AL: William B. Nevill b 16 Apr 1817 d 12 Sep 1831 son of Osmund J. and Sally Nevill; in Minor Cemetery, Morgan Co., AL: O. J. Nevill b 8 Feb 1796 d 21 Mar 1852 born Halifax Co., NC, Rebecca Nevill d. 24 Feb 1840 aged 61 years.
  11. State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787, Second Edition, transcribed and indexed by Mrs. Alvaretta Kenan Register.

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