William Burt + Elizabeth [-?-]

Family of William Burt and Elizabeth [-?-]

William Burt of Halifax County, North Carolina wrote his will [1], dated 20 Nov 1804. It was presented to the November 1805 Court in Halifax County, bequeathing land to his wife Elizabeth Burt for the remainder of her life. At her decease the land was to be equally divided between sons Richard Burt, Willie Burt, Squire Burt; daughters Nancy Crab, Patsey Burt, and Betsey Burt were to recieve a bed and furniture each. Witnesses to the will were Benjamin Nevill and Robert Hogg.

Halifax County census records and tax lists during the late 18th century indicate the presence of two different William Burts in District #2 of Halifax County. [4] One of these was William Burt Sr.; the other, presumably the subject of this document, as follows:

11 Feb 1786
Halifax Co. (Dist. 2)
A William Burt is shown with: 1 WM 21-60, 5 WM < 21 > 60, 2 WF [3]

Halifax Dist., Halifax Co.
A William Burt is shown with: 2 WM > 16, 3 WM < 16, 4 WF.

The following deed was recorded in 1808:

Book 21, p. 184, 17 Mar 1808
Richard, Willie and Esquire Burt, and Elizabeth Burt to George Green, all of Halifax Co., for forty dollars current money, 20 acres in Halifax Co. on south side of Chappell Branch bounded by sd. Green.
Signed: Richd Burt, Willie Burt (his mark), Elizabeth Burt (her mark), Esquire Burt (his mark).
Wit: no witnesses listed, except at court Joseph Gee listed, May Ct. 1808.


  1. Richard Burt
    1810 Halifax Co. census: Richard Burt 3m <10, 1m 26-45, 1f <10, 1f 26-45
  2. Willie Burt
    m. Harriett Partin 31 Mar 1827 Halifax Co., NC
    1810 Halifax Co. census: Willie Burt 1m <10, 1m 16-26, 2f <10
  3. Squire Burt
    b. ca 1790 Halifax Co., NC [2]
    m. Margarett Hale 24 May 1823 Halifax Co., NC
  4. Nancy Burt
    m. [-?-] Crab
  5. Patsey Burt
  6. Betsey Burt


  1. Genealogical Abstracts of Wills 1758 through 1824, Halifax County, NC by Margaret Hoffman.
  2. 1830 Federal Census Halifax County, North Carolina by Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.:
    Squire Burt FW: 2m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 40-50, 1f 0-5, 1f 20-30
    (between William Dicken Jr. and Joseph Holt)

    1840 Federal Census, Halifax County, North Carolina by David B. Gammon:
    p. 8
    Squire Burt 2m 10-15 1m 15-20 1m 50-60 1f 0-5
    1f 5-10 1f 10-15 1f 30-40 4AG
    (between Robert Partin and James Partin)

    1850 Federal Census, Halifax County, North Carolina by David Bryant Gammon, 1981:

      #715 (Airlie)
      Squire Burt      60
      Margaret         46
      Amason           21
      Isabella         23
      Leonard          20
      Martha           17
      Margaret         11
      William          10
      Sarah             8
      Nancy             6
      John              3
    (all born Halifax Co.)
  3. State Census of North Carolina, 1784-1787, Second Edition, transcribed and indexed by Mrs. Alvaretta Kenan Register.
  4. A third William Burt, living in the town of Halifax (District 9), appears a bit later.

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