Burt Timeline

Burts in Virginia 1617-1700

Anthony Burt

Elizabeth City
Anthonie Burt, age 18. Elizabeth Cittie, beyond Hampton River. William Tilers' muster. [8]

Edward Burt

Near Jamestown
Edward Burt arrives as headright of William Stone. [1, p. 28]

George Burt

Charles River Co. [now Gloucester Co.]
George Burt (or Bart) arrives as headright of Marke Foster on Mockjack Bay. [1, p. 386]

James Burt

James Burfe [Burte?] arrives as headright of Henry Harte. [1, p. 31]

Jane Burt

Jane Burtt listed in home of Gov. Sir Francis Wyatt and his wife, Lady Margaret Wyatt. [Jane does not appear in the 1624 census. Lady Margaret had returned to England "heavy with child" to have her baby in a more "civilized" environment. Jane probably returned with her. From Records of Virginia Colony - jkb]. [2]

Rappahanock Co.
Jane Burt arrives as headright of John DeYoung. [1, p. 514]

John Burt

John Burt due wages of 2 p on the "Increase" Richard Ell, master, on her late voyage from Virginia, 2 July 1635. [Comment by Bill Adams: The way I interpret this is that John Burt was NOT living in Virginia at the time of this record.] [9]

Westmoreland Co.
27 Apr 1664, John Burt subpoenaed as a witness on behalf of Richard Smith against John Boococke. [13]

Westmoreland Co.
12 Oct 1666, Jno Burt participated in a lease. [21]

England? or Virginia?
John Burt Merchant. [Comment by Bill Adams: I am not sure whether John Burt was importing into his operation IN England or whether he was exporting TO England from Virginia.] [12, p.15,22]

Westmoreland Co.
7 March 1673/4, Will of Jno. Burt of Mattox, planter, in Washington Parish, names wife Sarah Burt. Will proved 28 Oct 1674. [21]

Westmoreland Co.
2 Dec 1674 Will of Wm. Davis leaves "unto Jno: Burt sonne of Sarah Burt one two year old heifer to be delivered to the guardian of Jno: Burt when he shall arrive to the adge of 5 years . . ." Will proved 28 Apr 1675. [21]

before April 1675
Westmoreland Co.
Two person confessed judgement to John Foxhall, attorney for Sarah Burt, for 1000 pounds of tobacco. [22]

Westmoreland Co.
25 Jul 1677 It is ordered that the estate of Tho: Hindmasse be liable to make good to the estate of Jno: Burt, he marrying the relictt of Burt and since deceased. [22]

Westmoreland Co.
26 Sept 1677 Rand. Kirke haveing intermarried with Sarah the relict of Jno: Burt did in Court assume to mark two yong cowes and calfes in March next for the use and behalfe of the two children of Jno: Burt. [22]

Westmoreland Co.
25 Nov 1677 Jno: Burt ordered to be exempted from levy for the future. [22]

Westmoreland Co.
Prob 1682 (Note from Bill Adams: Exact date on a prior page that I forgot to copy.) Two cows and calfs ordered to be excepted out of the inventory and appropriated for the use of the children. [23]

Westmoreland Co.
Prob 1683 (Note from Bill Adams: My same failure as above) Sarah Kirke praying her quietus and the Court beinge informed that ther is 1000 pounds of tobacco due to the children of her former husband Burt. [23]

Northampton Co.
John Burt an appraiser of the estate of Thomas Ryding. [20]

Northampton Co.
John Burt Sr. will recorded:
BURT, John, Sr. - 12 Jan 1690/28 Aug 1691 - To my loving wife Frances BURT all my land obtained by my own purchase and my right of land obtained by marriage to my wife Frances. To my son John Burt one mare called Fancy. Wife resid. legatee and extrx. Witt: Obedience Johnson, Thomas Simes, Thomas Phillips - p.129
Also: HUGBIN, John 19 Dec 1687/28 May 1688 To Susanna Carpenter 100 A. called Forked Neck to be kept in the hands of Mrs. Frances BURT until 16. To the said Frances BURT a black horse running at the plantation she lives on. To John BURT, Jr. my gun, chest, clothes. Remaining estate to John BURT, Sr. and his wife to dispose of as they see fit and to oversee. Witt: Thos. Bell, John Scamell p.368 [20]

Gloucester Co.?
approx. date of birth of John Burtt who married Grace.
Source: Based on 1714 date of birth of eldest daughter, Elizbeth.

Westmoreland Co.
23 Feb 1698/9 Upon a scire facias brought by Simon Robins Gent., against Susanna Burt, relict of John Burt. [22]

Richard Burt

Warwick River Co.
Richard Burte named a "Viewer of Tobacco Crop" for the parish of Mulberry Island of Keths Creek. [3, p.120], [11, v.4, p.23]

Charles River Co. [now Gloucester Co.]
Nicholas Stillwell land patent "on Frostbury Creek, a branch of Severne River, near Richard Burtes land, 2 acres of which is allowed for a path." [1, p. 135],[5, p.71]

Charles River Co.
Francis Willis land patent "towards head of the Eastermost branch of Severne River at point where that branch divides itself into two branches and measuring from the point unto marked trees that divides this from land of Richard Burt." [1, p. 188]

York Co.
Richard Burt "the elder" who married Elizabeth Moody born about 1665. [6]

Westmoreland Co.
23 Feb 1675/6
Rich: Burts appounts Mr. Wellington his attorney.
Rich: Burts vs. Jno: Foxhall. Idem. Mr. Jno. Foxhall for 659 pounds of tobacco either in goods or cattle. (Note: see John Burt, 1675). [22]

Westmoreland Co.
16 Sept 1677
Rich: Burt appoynts Mr. Clemt: Spilman is atorney. [22]

Westmoreland Co.
27 Feb 1677/8
Rich. Burt vs. Robt. Whitroe[?]. Idem ut supra. [22]

York Co.
Richard Burt "the elder" marries Elizabeth Hansford ca 1688: 24 Sept 1688, Richard Burt petitioned the court that, having married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Hansford deceased, he should obtain possesssion of her estate now in the possession of Mr. Charles Hansford. [18]

York Co.
Approximate birth year of Richard Burt, Jr.. Court records include: Elizabeth Burt "laid her young child on a bed" in the home of Elizabeth Buce. Context of the entry: Elizabeth Burt was arrested and charged with assault of Mary Peters, wife of Francis Peters, on 18 Jul 1692. [19]

Robert Burt

Robert Burte servant of Richard Kingsmill for transportation on ship Edwin, possibly located at "Neck of Land Living." [7, V 21, p. 286]

William Burt

Hogg Island, Jamestown Colony
William Burt arrives aboard the "Bonny Besse" as a headright of Ensign John Utye. [1, p. 3]
Note from Records of the Virginia Company, Vol. IV, p. 165: Bonnie Besse "built at the Cowes in the Isle of Wight being a new ship of fourscore and ten tunnes [70 tons] , or thereabouts, full fraught with all kind of provision for two years, as also with 45 brave gallant Gentlemen, and some of them their Wyues and children with them, richlie set forward for to plant in Virginia."

Near Jamestown
William Burt listed in census living on mainland. [2]

Jamestown Colony
William Burt listed as servant [employee] of John Uty on Hogg Island [located across James River and about a mile downstream from Jamestown]. [2, p. 90]

William Burt. Received license to sell tobacco, at a cost of 6 pounds, 13 shillings, 4 pence, in Winchester, Southampton. [Comment by Bill Adams: It is my belief that this record pertains to a William Burt in England.] [10]
Westmoreland Co.
William Burt and Richard Coleman arrive as headrights of Mrs. Margaret Brent on Hunting Creek near "freshes" of Potomac River. [1, p. 291]

Unnamed Burt

Gloucester Co.
Robert Coleman land patent "on main branches of Burts Creek adjoining his own land and Daniel Clark and Richard Foster." [5]


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