Burt Researchers

Burt Researchers

The following people are researching the Burt surname and have contributed to this information:

Bill Adams, badams@tca.net
1207 Neal Pickett Drive, College Station, TX 77840-2612
Descendant of Richard Burt the elder through son Moody and grandson Mat(t)hew; from York County, VA to Edgefield County, SC.

Sandy Wilson Augusta, sandya@directcon.net

John K. Brown, jkbrown@mindspring.com
Descendant of Joseph Burt Jr. and Ann Reed (Halifax Co., NC) through their son James Creth Burt.

Suzy B. Burt, sas@sydcom.net
Researching husband's ancestor John Burt who married Margaret Brown, descendant of Joseph and Elizabeth Burt of Halifax Co., NC.

Barbara Goodson, begoodson@gmail.com
2051 Clearview Drive, Cookeville TN 38506
Descendant of Joseph Burt Jr. and Ann Reed (Halifax Co., NC) through their daughter Sarah Burt who married Henry Hunt (Autauga Co., AL).

Kenneth O. Merkel, merkelk@awanet.com

Sarah Sharpless, sarahs1924@aol.com
Descendant of Joseph Burt, Sr., through his daughter, Elizabeth Burt who married Stephen Marshall.

Bobbie Day Stehling, bday@SierraNet.Net
P O Box 334, Ahwahnee, CA 93601
Descendant of John Burt through his daughter Rebecca Burt who married John Marshall. Researching: Barrett, Burt, Cambron, Coley, Day, Marshall

Bruce Quinn and wife Ann (Dassat), bruce.quinn@sandiegoca.ncr.com
10878 New Salem Place, San Diego, CA 92126
619-271-7475 (Home - 7-10 PM)
Researching wife's ancestors in Burt (VA/KY/IN/MO/IL) line.
Other surnames being researched are: Bradford (IL), Patterson (KY), Spears (KY), Stout (KY), Threlkeld (KY), Mothershead (VA/KY), Green (VA)

Donna Warner Lehman, warnerlehman@sbcglobal.net
568 Vistamont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94708
Descendant of Richard Burt "the elder" through his grandson William Burt of Warren County, North Carolina.

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