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John Burt Sr. was apparently living in Chatham County when it was formed from Orange County in 1770, since he is found on many deeds there during this time period [3,4]. (Note: Maps place the land in these deeds near the intersection of present-day Wake/Chatham/Harnett County borders. Nearby is a tiny community named Burt, which is a few miles southwest of Holly Springs in Wake County, North Carolina).

Deed Book A, p. 71 - 4 Feb. 1772 - John Burt, Junr. to John Burt, Senr. - 55 pds. - 200 a. on the Upper side of Buckhorn Creek on the North side of Cape Fair River - joins Enoch Lewis.
Signed: John Burt, Jr
Wit: Richd. Cheek, Malichi Fike
Deed Book A, p. 250 - 7 Jan 1774 - Wm Hill of Edgcomb Co. to Frederick Cobb of Chatham Co. - 66 pds. - 208 a.
Signed: William (H) Hill
Wit: John Burt Senr., John Burt Junr.
Deed Book B, p. 7 - 14 Feb 1775 - William Cheek to Richard Cheek Junr. - 10 pds. - 630 a. on White Oak Creek and Buckhorn Creek.
Signed: William Cheek
Wit: John Burt Senr., Richard Burt
p. 379 - 10 July 1780 - Frederick Cobb to John Burt - 200 pds. procklemation money the old way - 280 a. - beginning at a sweet gum by the river side -- to a sweet gum on an island of the river.
Signed: Fedrick Cobb
Wit: Richard Worthen, John Wommack
p. 394 - 10 Aug 1780 - John Burt Senr. to Richard Burt, his son - I the said John Burt Senr. do give unto Richard Burt after my dest. a certain tract of land containing 210 a. on Buck Horn and Cape Fear River - being part of a larger survey - joins Griffises line, Raglands - through the Plantation between the dwelling House and Kitchen.
Signed: John Burt Senr.
Wit: Richard Worthen, James Avent
p. 398 - 30 March 1780 - State of North Carolina to Richard Worthan - 50 sh. for every 100 a. - 300 a. on the North side of Cape Fear River - joins John Burt and Frederick Cobb.
Signed: Rd. Caswell
J. Glasgow, Sec.
p. 410 - 10 Aug. 1780 - John Burt Senr. to his son Joseph Burt - Good causes and considerations - 250 a. on Buck Horn Creek - joins Richard Burt.
Signed: John Burt Sen.
Wit: Richard Warthen, James Avent

John Burt's parents are not known, although there is speculation (based on several pieces of evidence) that he could have been John Burt born in 1716 in Gloucester County, Virginia, who was the son of John and Grace Burt. This is suggested in part from similar naming patterns: John Burt of Chatham County had sons John, Richard, and Joseph Burt, as did John and Grace Burt and their son Joseph Burt. Secondly, the sons of John and Grace Burt - John, Richard and Joseph - arrived in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, in the 1740s. John Burt sold most or all of his land in Edgecombe and moved to Granville County. There he bought and sold land and appears to have established an ordinary house (tavern). (See John Burt in the North Carolina Burt timeline for details and references). During the 1750s, a John Burt (probably the same man) appears in Orange County records and sells land in Granville County. Since Chatham County was formed from Orange County in 1770, it is therefore plausible that John Burt originally in Edgecombe was in Chatham County by 1772. Thirdly, a grandson of John Burt of Chatham County (John Burt who married Delia Lane) was found in Morgan County, Alabama by 1830, along with children of William Burt Sr. (believed to be the son of Richard Burt of Halifax County).

John Burt made his will on 12 October 1780 [1]. In it he named his wife [Franciana?] [5], his four sons John, Richard, Joseph and Young Burt, and his daughter Elizabeth [Ollifor?]. He appointed James Johnson and John Burt as his executors. The will was proved at the November 1780 Court in Chatham County:

  In the name of God amen I John Burt of the County of Chatham and State
  of North Carolina being Weak in body but of Sound and disponding mind
  and Memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner
  and form Following to Wit
  Item I Give and bequeath unto my Loving wife [Franciana?] Burt 1 horse
  at &   
  price in the old way 3 Cows and Calves 3 Yews 2 Sowe and all
  household property she brought with her on provisen her sons gives her
  one negro Wench or Fellow during her Life. If they refuse to Comply my
  will and desire is that the above given property may be divided Equally
  Among my Children also 1 Cotten wheal I also Send her 1 negro named
  Hannah I give her 12 Barrels of Corn 600 of [potatoes?]
  Also the Land whearon I Live during her Life or widowhood and after her
  Deth or marrage to be Equally divided Among my Children.
  Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Richard Burt 1 negro boy named Gabe
  to him his heirs and assigns forEver.
  Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Jos [the s was superscripted] Burt
  1 negro Girl named Cloe to him his heirs and Assigns ForEver.
  Item I Give and bequeath unto my daughter Elisabeth Ollif one negro
  Wench named R[uth?] To her her heirs and assigns ForEver
  Item I Give and beqqueath unto my son John Burt 1 Waggon to him his
  heirs and assigns forever
  Item I Give and bequeath unto my Four sons John Burt Richard Burt Jos.
  Burt and Young Burt and Elizabeth Ollif to them Their heirs and assigns
  ForEver all the Whole of my Property that I am Posset of that I Have not
  bequeath Already.
  I Do hearby Nominate Constitute And appoint James Johnson and John Burt
  Executors to This my Last Will and Testament in Writing whear[of] I have
  hearunto set my hand and Affi[xed?] my seal This Twelfth Day of Oct 1780 
  Sign Sealed and 
  Delvord in Presnce
  Major Till[is?]
  Daniel Barfield
                                           John Burt

  Chatham Novem. Court 1780
  Proved in open court by oath of Daniel Barfield and or[dered?] to be
  recorded.  Alin [Alex.?] Clark CC


  1. Richard Burt
    m. Mourning [-?-]
    d. 1791 or 1792 [presumably] Chatham Co., NC [2]
  2. Elizabeth Burt
    m. James Olive Jr. [6] before 1780
  3. John Burt
    b. before 1752
    m. Priscilla Senter 1779 [7]
    d. 1823 or 1834 Wake Co., NC
  4. Joseph Burt
    m. Polly Holt
    d. after 1790 but before 1805 Cumberland County, NC
  5. Young Burt
    m. Mason Battle
    d. Sept 1847 Buckhorn, Cumberland Co., NC


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  2. Will of Richard Burt, 1791, Chatham Co., NC. In this will, Richard Burt named his wife Morening; executors his brother Young Burt and Mr. Peter Quales: (transcribed by Barbara Goodson, July 1997 from will in NC state archives)
    "In The Name of God amen November in the year 1791 This being my Last will and 
    Testement I Do Hear By Lend to My Be Lovid Wife Morening Burt All I perssess 
    in During Her Life or Widdowhood But My Negroe Jack and him to Be Sold By my 
    Exct'r Mr. Peter Quales and my Brother Young Burt and The money put to Intrest.
    Wit: John Dillard
    Benjeman Drummose (his mark) Jurat
    Richard Burt
    Chatham County  February Sessions 1792
    This will was duly proved in Open Court by the oath of Benjamin Drummond and 
    ordered to be R[ecorded?]
    [?] John Ramsey  CC
    Although none were mentioned in his will, there were children listed in his household when the 1790 census was taken in Chatham County:
    Burt, Richard - 3 FWM<16, 2 FWM>16, 4 FWF, 5 Others (slaves and free)
  3. Chatham County, North Carolina Deeds 1771-1782 by Marilyn Poe Laird and Vivian Poe Jackson.
  4. Chatham County, North Carolina Deeds 1775-1783 by Marilyn Poe Laird and Vivian Poe Jackson.
  5. Her first name, as it appears in the will, is indecipherable (at least to us at the present time).
  6. Source?
  7. This information from two DAR applications and not otherwise verified:
    (1) DAR Vol. CXXVI 1917 - Printed 1934
    Miss Annie Laurie Burt #135134, Born in Wake Co., NC, Descendant of John Burt as follows:
    daughter of Alfred C. Burt (b. 1855) m. 1881 Mary Alice Adams (b. 1853)
    g-dau of Wm. Hardy Burt (b. 1828) m. 1852 Mary Winifred Adams (1831-1912)
    gr-g-dau of Alfred C. Burt (1792-1859) m. 1822 Eliz. Simmons (1807-1887) gr-gr-g-dau of John Burt m. Priscilla Senter (1760-1820)
    John Burt (1756-1826) served as private in the NC militia. He was born in VA, died in Wake Co., NC.
    (2) DAR Application, Christian Families 1959 [need complete source]
    Mabel V. Baer, pp. 128, 124
    John Burt m. Priscilla Sentor, child:
    Hardy b. 1789 m. Martha Patsy Lane 12 Mar 1811 in Wake Co.
    John m. Delia
    Sarah ("Sally") m. (Speight) Hunter
    Alfred C. Burt b. 8-13-1792 m. Elizabeth Simmons 6-22-1822
    Mary Polly Burt m. Mark Christian
    Eliz m. Joel or George Nash.

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