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Family of Jesse Burt and Martha Burt

Jesse Burt, son of Joseph Burt and Elizabeth [-?-], married Martha Burt, the daughter of William Burt Sr. of Halifax County, North Carolina.

If the order of children listed in Joseph Burt's will is reflective of birth order, Jesse was probably born about 1777. Jesse was listed in his brother Stephen Burt's will in 1793.

The first appearance of Jesse Burt in Halifax County deed records is found in 1798, when he witnessed a transaction from Sterling Marshall to William Burt (probably his brother):

Book 18, p. 365, 20 Jun 1798
Starling Marshall to William Burt, both of Halifax Co., for 700 Spanish milled dollars, lots 70 and 87 in town of Halifax, purchased by Marshall and Burt from Thomas Peele adm of Samuel Peele.
Signed: Starling Marshall
Wit: Jesse Burt Jr., presented Nov 1798 Ct.

It is not clear why he was referred to as Jesse Burt Jr., as no older Jesse Burt has been found in Halifax County at this time.

Jesse Burt next appeared in Halifax County deeds as follows:

Book 18, p. 432, 4 Feb 1799
William Burt of Halifax Co. to Jesse Burt for 90 pounds Virginia money, one negro woman and child, to wit called by name of Judy and child named Oliver aged 17 years.
Signed: Wm Burt
Wit: John Burt, John Burt Sr., presented Feb 1799 Ct.

The 1800 census of Halifax County, North Carolina listed the household of Jesse Burt on p. 290 [4]:

Jesse Burt 2m <10, 1m 16-26, 1f <10, 1f 16-26, 6 slaves

The following land transactions took place in 1804:

Book 19, p. 336, 28 Feb 1804
Simon Scott to Jesse Burt, both of Halifax Co., for 319 dollars and 50 cents, 91 acres lying in the fork of Beech and Beaverdam Swamp bounded by Little Swamp, Reedy Branch.
Signed: Simon Scott
Wit: Guilford D. Jones, Wm Burt, May Ct 1804.

Book 19, p. 352, 24 Apr 1804 Joseph Spears of Edgecombe Co., NC to Joseph Burt of Halifax Co., NC, for 300 dollars, 150 acres, land in Halifax Co. on west side of Rocky Swamp, bounded by Green's Branch, Joseph Burt, Hayne's Branch, Pippin Branch.
Signed: Joseph Spears
Wit: Guildford D. Jones, Jesse Burt, Aug. Ct. 1804

Book 23, p. 399, 8 Jan 1806
Jesse Burt to Frederick Threwets, both of Halifax Co., for 550 dollars, land in Halifax Co., bounded by Miry Branch, Henry Jones, Moore and Broom's corner, Peebles, [Parham], 275 acres.
Signed: Jesse Burt
Wit: John Sturdivant, Mariott Davis, Nov Ct. 1816

Jesse Burt also served as a witness to a deed between William Burt Sr. and Mat C. Whitaker in 1808 (Book 22, p. 323) and one between John Burt and Archibald Gunter in 1811 (Book 23, p. 158).

In 1810, the family was also found in Halifax County (p. 6):

Jesse Burt 4m <10, 1m 10-16, 2m 26-45, 1f 10-16, 1f 26-45 (note: very faint & hard to read)

Further deeds include:

Book 21, p. 495, 10 Feb 1810
Jesse Rhymes to Jesse Burt, both of Halifax Co., for 436 dollars, 109 acres on main run of Reedy Branch bounded by line surveyed in deed given by Richard Burt to A. Scott, Little Swamp, mouth of Ready branch.
Signed: J. Rhymes
Wit: Thos. Hall, Willie Burt, [May?] Ct. 1810

Book 21, p. 487, 29 May 1810
William Burt to my daughter wife of Jesse Burt, both of Halifax Co., for natural love and affection, gift of 119 acres on the fork of Bear dam Swamp, bounded by Little Swamp, McDaniell, Mire branch.
Signed: William Burt
Wit: Willie Burt, Nov Ct 1810

Book 22, p. 341, 3 Nov 1813
Jesse Burt to Jeremiah Light, both of Halifax Co., for 250 dollars, land in Halifax Co. at mouth of Beaverdam Swamp, corner between McDaniel and Wootten, John Alston, 160 acres.
Signed: Jesse Burt
Wit: Jesse Rhymes, Nov Ct 1813.

Book 23, p. 88, 15 Dec 1814
State of North Carolina to Jesse Burt, for fifty shillings for every hundred acres, 50 acres in Halifax Co. between heirs of William Brinkley and John Marshall.

Book 23, p. 89, 15 Dec 1814
State of North Carolina to Jesse Burt, eleven and a half acres in Halifax Co. between the lines of John Carlen, Mrs. Thrower, Wm. Christy and the heirs of Wm. Brinkley.

On 1 May 1812, Jesse Burt and his brothers and sisters and mother sold the land they had inherited from Joseph Burt Sr. to Thomas Coleman (Book 23, p. 288).

Although Jesse Burt was not listed in the 1820 census of Halifax County, NC, the following deed was found there:

Book 25, p. 457, 14 [Dec?] 1820
Jesse Burt, wife Martha, and William Burt Sr. to Patrick McDaniel, all of Halifax Co., for 1063 dollars, land in Halifax Co., bounded by north prong of New Branch, Patrick McDaniel, Mary McDaniel, ... Wm. Burt Sr., 319 acres.
Signed: Jesse Burt, Martha Burt, Wm. Burt Senr.
Wit: James Batchilor, James McDaniel, John Burt.

He was still owning land in Halifax County in 1821:

Book 25, p. 303, 12 Feb 1821
William Burt Senr to his son William C. Burt Junr, both of Halifax Co., after my death the following tract of land adjoining Mr. Jesse Burt and others, beginning at Mr. Whitaker's corner, Marsh swamp, ... 413 acres.
Signed: Wm. Burt Senr.
Wit: Wm. Burt Senr., 19 Jul 1821.

By 1825, he was living in Putnam County, Georgia, when he and his wife Martha, along with others, gave power of attorney to James G. Burt to represent them in the estate proceedings of William Burt Sr., Martha's father.

On 11 Aug 1826, in Putnam County, Georgia, the will of Jesse Burt was written, abstracted as follows [1]:

Georgia, Putnam Co. ... "I will that all my children have a good English education and the expenses be paid out of my estate... all my stock... household and kitchen furniture all my plantation implements and ... crop be sold, negroes to be hired out for two years... money to be divided as follows:

Executors were son James G. Burt and Hyram Reid.
Signed 11 Aug 1826.
Witnesses: Richard Burt, Zacheus Burt

Below this was written:

  James G. Burt: to Jesse Burt [Sr.?]. To amt of sale of a horse $57.25
  Henry H. Burt: to Jesse Burt % 1 Horse $62.50 1 bed and furniture $30
  Harriet [M?] Bigbee: to Jesse Burt 1 negro woman named Vilet  $4 50
                       1 gig and harness  1 bed and furniture      90
                                                                 5.40 [sic]

 "The above are the accounts mentioned within."

From this will, it can be inferred that Martha Burt was already deceased.


  1. Henry H. Burt
  2. Harriet Burt
    m. James Bigbee 11 Feb 1825 Putnam Co., GA [3]
  3. James G. Burt
    m. Lucy Pace 14 Nov 1828 Putnam Co., GA [2]
  4. Mary E. Burt
    m. Thomas McClary 23 Nov 1830 Putnam Co., GA
  5. Martha A. Burt
    m. [? Richard I. Wright 4 Apr 1833 Putnam Co., GA?] [2]
  6. Nancy Hurt Burt
    m. Elkanah Pace 29 Oct 1835 [5]
  7. William W. Burt


  1. Will of Jesse Burt, Putnam Co., GA Will Book B, p. 84, abstracted by Barbara Goodson, June 1997.
  2. 37,000 Early Georgia Marriages by Joseph T. Maddox and Mary Carter. Regarding the marriage of James G. Burt: There was also another James G. Burt during this time period in Putnam County, the son of James and Mary Burt. In light of the fact that Lucy Pace's brother Elkanah married Nancy Hurt Burt, it seems highly likely that James G. Burt who married Lucy Pace was the son of Jesse, not the one who was son of James. Another marriage record lists James Burt to Polly Rogers 6 Sept 1825 in Putnam Co.; this is believed to be either James G. Burt son of James Burt OR James Burt Sr. after the death of his wife Rebecca Burt.
  3. There were apparently no children from this marriage, as James Bigbee's will, written 23 August 1826 in Putnam County, names only his wife, her brothers and sisters, and mentions but does not name his brothers and sisters.
  4. On the same page were John Burt and Joseph Burt; on p. 292 were William Burt, William Burt Inspr. and John Burt. Since all entries were alphabetized, not much can be made of possible relationships, although Joseph Burt in this census was certainly his brother.
  5. William Pace Bible in NC/SC Bible Records by Jeanette Holland Austin, and DAR application of ???, descendant of Jesse Burt. According to the Bible record, Elkanah Pace was a brother of Lucy Pace who married James Burt, Lucy was 22 yrs 28 days at her marriage and Elkanah was 20 yrs 9 months 27 days old.

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