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November 5, 2015. This database will no longer be updated. Corrections, additions and requests to include a lineage on the Y-DNA page will no longer be accepted. Thank you, and Good luck with your research.

March 2, 2015. Update to the Databse. There are now 896 individuals in the database. This update includes additions to descedants of Nicholas Brewer of Brunswick Co., Virginia (d. abt. 1792). A new lineage chart has been added to the DNA Analysis Page. The earliest known ancestor in this chart is Solomon Brewer (b. ca. 1785, NC, d. 1866, Wayne Co., TN). If you are, or represent, a Y-DNA tested descendant of George Brewer and would like your lineage and test date added to the DNA Analysis Page, please contact me via the e-mail link found on the Brewer DNA Project About Page. In your e-mail please include a pedigree from the tested participant to the earliest known provable ancestor. For guidence please see the December 26, 2014 post at Brouwer Genealogy. You may also wish to check your pedigree at the Brewer/Lanier Pedigrees Page to see if it needs to be updated or corrected. Submited pedigrees will be added to this site with the periodic updates.

February 5, 2015. Update to the Database. There is a correction to the Y-DNA Test Results Chart found on the Brewer-Lanier DNA Analysis Page. For kit #367860, the value at marker GATA-H4 has been corrected to 10 (from 9). This follows the correction made by FTDNA who had initially reported the value of 9 for this marker. The site now includes 673 individuals.

January 20, 2015. The Brewer-Lanier Database is created as a companion to the Brewer DNA Project. It is to be used as an aid for identifying and archiving correct lineages for those participants in the Brewer DNA Project who are, or are believed to be descendants of George Brewer of Brunswick County, Virginia. All lineages (or pedigrees) entered into this database must be verifiable through the use of primary records. This database is not intended to be a complete genealogy of the descendants of George Brewer, and many unprovable lines will not be included. The objective is to create a database that includes as many proved lineages (pedigrees) from the progenitor, George Brewer, as possible so as to create a Y-DNA profile for the progenitor, and hopefully for each of his sons.

The database will be updated periodically. Each update will be recorded on this page.