The Breakey Collection


            When I began researching the family of Breakey, little did I realize that my pursuit would span a score of years and include two mediums of expression:  the written word and the World Wide Web.  Little did I also realize that a return to graduate school in mid-life, in addition to developing an interest in long distance hiking, would create what others in the family might refer to as “her interminable hiatus in the research.”


            Retirement now provides me the opportunity to commence the task I originally set for myself, that of presenting the research for other members of the Breakey family whereby each individual’s own search would be facilitated.  However, following in this vein, I must caution the reader that due to the time span over which the research occurred I have found it necessary to include comments that might contradict the documented research as presented.  I have done so in the form of “transcriber’s notes’ that will appear as an addendum to the original research, which otherwise has not been edited.


            As it is planned, The Breakey Collection will consist in manuscript form of prior research, reconstructed charts, the lineage of families gleaned from extensive correspondence and existing sources, the name of Breakey as it appears in place names and other items of interest, historical narratives of regional interest, and possibly an album of photographs pertinent to the research.


            Inasmuch as Dr. Edward P Breakey’s research was the inspiration for The Breakey Collection, I would like to share with the reader a letter from Ed and his wife just prior to Ed’s death in April of 1979:


26 March 1979


Dear Marilyn,


How very exciting it has been for us to receive your three letters during the past three months!  Each one has been read and re-read with much excitement.  Howe wonderful to learn that another Breakey is continuing the Breakey genealogical research at the point where it became necessary for my husband to give up his search any further …  Furthermore, the presentation of this Breakey saga would be a fulfillment of my husband’s dreams – a dream which he has been unable to realize.  He has hoped to put it on permanent record somewhere so that future generations could have access to it.  We  give you our blessings in your hopes to present it to the Genealogical Society.



(Mrs. Ed)




The Breakey Collection




To All Family Members


Who Have Ever Researched Our Family History



                                                                                                Marilyn J. Breakey

                                                                                              Harrington House

Baldwinsville, NY