Descendants of James & Jane

Descendants of James & Jane (Breakey) Hall


Durham & Grey Counties, Ontario, Canada

John W. Hall, Ph.D.



    Both James Hall (ca. 1816 - ca. 1885) and Jane Breakey (ca. 1817 - 1895) were born in Ireland but we know nothing of their parents.  James birthplace may have been County Armagh, a distinction which was later erroneously claimed for his son Samuel.  Jane, family tradition has always affirmed, came from Ballybay in County Monaghan, where Breakeys had lived for a century.  We do not know when either emigrated to Canada although they are both said to have come "at a young age."  When there were married in Port Hope, Ontario  in 1835, James was just twenty and Jane barely eighteen.

    The couple may have spent their first years together in the United States where their daughter Mary Ann was born.  By 1840 they were back in Canada, in Cavan Township, Durham, north of Port Hope. James leased a clergy reserve to farm there though their resources were meagre.  During the 1840s they did not have either oxen or horses to work the farm with.  All the remaining children were born in Durham were James and Jane continued to farm, slowly improving their circumstances, until 1867 or 1868 when the family moved to St. Vincent Township in Grey.  In 1867 their son William, who had previously been a teacher, became a Methodist minister in nearby Owen Sound.  James Jr. was also farming in Grey in 1868 but we do not know whether he left home before of after the rest of the family moved.  By the time of the move Mary Ann and Frances were married and had left home.  Elizabeth also remained behind after her marriage in May 1868.  All three daughters and their families eventually moved to Grey.

    Over the years, the remaining sons left home one by one, most to become farmers although Thomas became a Methodist minister, Norton a carpenter and Robert a teacher.  By the time of the 1881 census only James and Jane's youngest son Henry was still on the farm with them in Collingwood Township.  Robert was teaching nearby.  James may have died late in the decade as both Robert and Henry moved to British Columbia about 1890.  In the 1891 census, Jane, then a widow, was living with her daughter Elizabeth.  Jane's name has not been found in the 1901 census and she is presumed to have died in the previous decade.

    In all, James and Jane had fourteen children, twelve of whom live to adulthood, and sixty-six known grandchildren,  some of whom were born after 1901.

The First Two Generations of Descendants of

James and Jane (Breakey) Hall

 1. James1 Hall was born ca. 1816 in Ireland; died ca. 1885 in Grey Co., ON, Canada. He married 1 Jan 1835 at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Port Hope, ON, Canada Jane Breakey.  Jane was born ca. 1817 in Ireland; died ca. 1895, Grey Co. ON. 


            2.            i.            Mary Ann2, b. 23 Mar 1836 in the United States

            3.            ii.            Elizabeth3, b. 11 Jun 1840 Cavan Twp., ON

            4.            iii.            Frances4, b. 1842 Cavan Twp., ON

            5.            iv.            William5, b. 25 Nov 1844 Cavan Twp., ON

            6.            v.            James6, b. 28 Aug 1845 Cavan Twp., ON

            7.            vi.            Thomas7 Wellington, b. 28 May 1847 Cavan Twp., ON

            8.            vii.            Joseph8, b. 12 Feb 1849 Cavan Twp., ON

                           viii.            Isaiah, b. 1851 Cavan Twp., ON

             9.             ix.            Samuel9, b. 21 May 1853 Cavan Twp., ON

            10.            x.            Robert10 John, b. Mar 1858 Cavan Twp., ON

            11.            xi.            Norton11 Wesley, b. 5 Jul 1861 Cavan Twp., ON

            12.            xii.            Henry12 Roland, b. 5 May 1862 Cavan Twp., ON

                             xiii.             Andrew

                             xiv.            Susan

2. Mary Ann (James1) Hall was born 23 Mar 1836 in the United States; she died 10 Dec 1904 in Sydenham Twp., ON. She married John Douglass ca. 1856 in Cavan Twp., ON. John was born 1828 in Durham Co., ON; he died 18 Dec 1904 in Sydenham Twp. ON.


                             i.            James, b. 8 Feb 1857 Cavan Twp., ON

            13.            ii.             Elizabeth Ann, b. 7 Oct 1859 Cavan Twp., ON

                             iii.            John Wesley, b. 1865 Durham Co., ON

            14.            iv.            William, b. 5 Sep 1867 Omemee, ON

            15.            v.            Jane, b. 14 Mar 1871 Manvers Twp., ON

            16.            vi.            Thomas H., b. 16 Oct 1876 ON

                             vii.            Norton, b. 16 Dec 1879 ON

3. Elizabeth (James1) Hall was born 11 Jun 1840 in Cavan Twp., ON; she died 20 Jan 1914 in St. Vincent Twp., ON. She married 11 May 1868 John Thornton, the son of John and Esther Thornton, farmer. John Jr., was born 25 Dec 1824 in Emily Twp., ON; he died 22 May 1913 in St. Vincent Twp. ON.


                             i.            Elizabeth Jane, b. 28 Feb 1869 Emily Twp., ON; d. 19 Sep 1891 St. Vincent Twp., ON.

            17.            ii.            Tryphena, b. Apr 1870 Emily Twp., ON

            18.            iii.            Mary Margaret, b. 17 Mar 1872 Emily Twp., ON

            19.            iv.            Thomas H. N., b. 29 Sep 1873 Otonabee Twp., ON

            20.            v.            Edith Frances, b. 20 Jan 1876 Otonabee Twp., ON

                            vi.            John Spurgeon, b. 20 Oct. 1878 St. Vincent Twp., ON; d. 8 Jan 1891 St. Vincent Twp., ON

                            vii.            Ethelbert H., b. 1 Mar. 1881 St. Vincent Twp., ON; d. 20 Dec 1890 St. Vincent Twp., ON

4. Frances (James1) Hall was born 1842 in Cavan Twp., ON; she died 7 Jul 1893 in Euphrasia Twp., ON. She married 4 Dec 1862 in Cavan Twp. George Pentland the son of James and Ann Pentland. George was born 15 Nov. 1838 in Kingston (Barriesfield), ON; he died 3 Aug 1912 in Collingwood, ON.


            21.            i.            Edward James, b. 28 Sep 1863 Manvers Twp., ON

            22.            ii.            Jane Etta, b. 24 Aug 1865 Durham Co., ON

                             iii.            William George, b. 16 Dec 1867 ON; d. Mar 1868 ON

            23.            iv.            Emma Lavina, b. 20 Sep 1869 Euphrasia Twp., ON

                             v.            Ida Tryphena, b. 11 Aug 1871 Euphrasia Twp., ON; d. 18 Jan 1889 Euphrasia    Twp., ON

            24.            vi.            William Hamilton, b. 31 Aug 1873 Euphrasia Twp., ON

            25.            vii.            George Wesley, b. 14 Mar 1876 Euphrasia Twp., ON

            26.            viii.            Marion Beatrice, b. 10 Sep 1878 Euphrasia Twp., ON

                             ix.            Ada Maud, b. 14 Sep 1880 Euphrasia Twp., ON; d. 30 Jun 1891 Euphrasia Twp. ON

            27.            x.            Gertrude Amelia, b. 15 Sep 1883 Euphrasia Twp. ON

5. William (James1) Hall was born 25 Nov 1844 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died 16 Feb. 1910 in Weston, ON. He married Jun 1871 in Owen Sound ON, Sarah Amelia Cathcart the daughter of William and Sarah Cathcart, carpenter. Sarah Amelia was born 29 Sep 1847 in ON.


                            i.            Bertha Eva Florana Amelia, b. 8 Aug 1873 Berkeley, Holland Twp., ON

                            ii.            Ida Ethel May, b. 27 Aug 1876 Manitowaning, ON

                            iii.            Sarah Louisa Teressia Jane (Lulu), b. 15 May 1879 Wiarton, ON; d. 8 Feb 1898 Brampton, ON

            28.           iv.            William Harold Cathcart, b. 23 Sep 1882 McKellar, ON

6. James (James1) Hall was born 28 Aug 1845 in Cavan Twp., ON; died 10 Sep 1929 Euphrasia Twp., ON. He married 7 Oct 1868 in Grey Co., ON, Sarah Jane Fawcett the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Ruthledge) Fawcett, farmer. Sarah Jane was born 2 Apr 1849 Grey Co., ON; she died 20 Jun 1927 in Euphrasia Twp., ON.


            29.             i.            Elizabeth Jane, b. 15 Jul 1869, Euphrasia Twp.., ON

            30.            ii.            Wilfred Wellington, b. 1 Jan 1871 Euphrasia Twp.., ON

            31.            iii.            Robert Wesley, b. 27 Sep 1873 Euphrasia Twp., ON

            32.            iv.            James Norton, b. 5 Oct 1875 Thornbury, Collingwood Twp., ON

                             v.            Ephraim Ashton Hall, b. 13 Oct 1880 Thornbury, Collingwood Twp., ON; d. 1888 Grey Co., ON

            33.            vi.            Earl Washington, b. 17 Dec 1887 Thornbury, Collingwood Twp. ON

7. Thomas Wellington (James1) Hall was born 28 May 1847 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died 20 Nov 1911 in Sardis, BC. He married 20 Jun 1872 in Owen Sound, ON, Mary Jane Cole the daughter of William and Alice Cole, merchant. Mary Jane was born 11 Dec 1849 in Manchester, England; she died 25 Dec 1915 in Sardis, BC.


                              i.            Ernest Spurgeon, b. 8 Aug 1873 Chatsworth, ON; d. 9 Nov 1876 Spence, ON

            34.            ii.            Jessie Jane, b. 6 Mar 1876 Huntsville, ON

            35.            iii.            James Wesley, b. 15 Feb 1878 Spence, ON

                             iv.            Thomas Wilbur, b. 6 Aug 1879 Huntsville, ON; d. 3 May 1881, Milford, MB

            36.            v.            Frederick Milford, b. 18 Dec 1880 Milford, MB

            37.            vi.            Ernest Wilbur, b. 11 Oct. 1882 Souris, MB

            38.            vii.            Albert Clinton, b. 1 Sep 1885 Clinton, BC

    viii.            Harry Eccles, b. 2 Jul 1891 Kamloops, BC; d. 14 Jun 1894 New Westminster, BC

8. Joseph (James1) Hall was born 12 Feb 1849 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died 16 Apr 1923 in St. Vincent Twp., ON. He married 18 Mar 1874 in Meaford, ON, Mary Taylor the daughter of William and Margaret Taylor, farmer. Mary was born 21 Apr 1847 in Albion Twp., ON; she died 1 Jul 1931 in ON.


                            i.            Mary Edith, b. Jun 1875 St. Vincent Twp.; d. Sep 1875 St. Vincent Twp.

            39.            ii.            Ada Margaret, b. 8 Dec 1876 St. Vincent Twp., ON

                             iii.            Isabella J., b. 18 Jul 1880 Euphrasia Twp., ON; md. William Dean

9.  Samuel (James1) Hall was born 21 May 1853 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died 7 Feb 1908 in Collingwood Twp., ON. He married 9 Nov 1882 in Eastnor Twp., ON, Anne Waugh the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Ann (Schermerhorn) Waugh, farmer. Anne was born 13 Dec 1862 in Wallace Twp., ON and died 1940 in ON.


            40.            i.            George Wesley, b. 24 Aug 1883 Grey Co., ON

            41.            ii.            Henry Herbert, b. 27 Mar 1885 Thornbury, Collingwood Twp., ON

            42.            iii.            Thomas James Elvin, b. 30 Sep 1887 Collingwood Twp., ON

            43.            iv.            Hanna Arvilla, b. 27 Jul 1889 Lions Head, Eastnor Twp., ON

            44.            v.            Pearl I., b. 3 Jun 1891 Grey Co., ON

            45.            vi.            Elizabeth Alma, b. 4 Feb 1893 Thornbury, Collingwood Twp., ON

                            vii.            J. William, b. 28 Jan 1895 ON; md. Freda Huffman

            46.            viii.            John, b. 22 May 1899 ON

            47.            ix.            Gladys Eveline, b. 1901 Collingwood Twp. ON

                             x.            Francis, md. Harvey Pinkerton

                            xi.            Samuel Robert, b. Apr 1907 Collingwood Twp., ON; d. 19 Aug 1908 Collingwood Twp., ON

10. Robert John (James1) Hall was born Mar 1858 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died 23 Mar 1906 in New Westminster, BC. He married 5 Jan 1885 in Collingwood, ON Janet Gaudin the daughter of Francis Gaudin, farmer. Janet was born 13 Jan 1859 in New Brunswick; she died ca. 1928.


                        i.            Arvilla E., b. 30 Sep 1887 ON

                        ii.            Marjorie Drew, b. 24 Mar 1898 New Westminster, BC; md. Harold Marsh

11. Norton Wesley (James1) Hall was born 5 Jul 1861 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died ca. 1938. He married 4 Apr. 1890 in Toronto, ON, Martha Clegg the daughter of Wilman and Elizabeth (Secher) Clegg, weaver. Martha was born 3 Jul 1869 Streetsville, ON and died ca. 1942.


            48.            i.            Clifford Norton, b. 7 May 1891 Cleveland OH

            49.            ii.            Wilman Wesley, b. 21 Oct 1893 Toronto Twp. ON

            50.            iii.            Harry Roland, b. 22 Nov. 1896 Streetsville, ON

                             iv.            Bertha Emma, b. 1 Apr. 1900 Toronto Twp. ON

                            v.            Roosevelt, b. 23 Aug 1902 Toronto Twp., ON

                            vi.            Gordon Floyd, b. 26 Oct 1905 Toronto Twp., ON, md. Lillian Tease

                            vii.            Burnett

            51.            viii.            Edward John, b. 8 Sep 1909 Streetsville, ON

12. Henry Roland (James1) Hall was born 5 May 1862 in Cavan Twp., ON; he died 8 Sep 1924 in Collingwood Twp., ON. He married 12 Dec 1907 at Heathcote, Euphrasia Twp., ON, Rhoda L. Dean daughter of James and Ellen (Molholland) Dean, farmer. Rhoda was born 17 Nov 1871 in Melancthon Twp., ON; she died 1937 in Collingwood Twp., ON. No children.

13. Elizabeth Ann (Mary Ann2, James1) Douglass was born 7 Oct 1859 in Cavan Twp., ON. She married 18 Jun 1878 in Owen Sound, ON, Richard Dealy the son of Michael and Ann (Webb) Dealy, farmer. Richard was born 29 Sep 1852 ON.

14. William (Mary Ann2, James1) Douglass was born 5 Sep 1867 at Omemee, ON; he died 28 May 1919 in Owen Sound, ON. He married 4 Nov 1891 in Holland Twp., ON, Sarah McCauley the daughter of George and Jane McCauley, farmer. Sarah was born 27 Nov 1864 in Holland Twp., ON; she died in 1933.

15. Jane (Mary Ann2, James1) Douglass was born 14 Mar 1871 in Manvers Twp., ON; she died 1944 in ON. Jane married 7 Jun 1893 at Walters Falls, Holland Twp., ON, John Wardell the son of Joseph and Mary Wardell, farmer. John was born 3 Feb 1865 in Albion Twp., ON; he died 1945.

16. Thomas H. (Mary Ann2, James1) Douglass was born 16 Oct. 1876 in ON; he died 1940 in Sydenham Twp., ON. Thomas married 30 Sep 1909 in Sydenham Twp., ON, Maggie E. Johnson the daughter of William and Lettie Ann (Sherman) Johnson, farmer. Maggie was born 7 May 1886 in ON; She died 1969 in ON.

17. Tryphena (Elizabeth3, James1) Thornton was born Apr 1870 in Emily Twp., ON. She married 16 Jan 1890 at Meaford, ON, Daniel Robert Law, the son of John and Mary Law. Daniel was born 1861 in Rainham Twp., ON.

18. Mary Margaret (Elizabeth3, James1) Thornton was born 17 Mar 1872 in Emily Twp., ON; she died 1932 in Grey Co., ON. She married 7 Nov 1900 in St. Vincent Twp., ON Reuben Arthur Petch, the son of Ruben and Julia (Saunders) Petch, farmer. Arthur was born 30 Jan 1875 in St. Vincent Twp., ON; he died 30 Jan 1953 in Grey Co., ON.

19. Thomas H. N. (Elizabeth3, James1) Thornton was born 29 Sep 1873 in Otonabee Twp., ON; he died 1944 in St. Vincent Twp., ON. He married 12 Jul 1920 in Owen Sound, ON, Bernice E. Scott, the daughter of William and Ellen (Snell) Scott. Bernice was born 26 Nov 1895 in Euphrasia Twp., ON

20. Edith Frances (Elizabeth3, James1) Thornton was born 20 Jan 1876 in Otonabee Twp., ON; she died Sep 1953 in Grey Co., ON. She married 29 Oct 1902 in St. Vincent Twp., ON Fred Ernest Abercrombie, the son of Robert and Isabella Abercrombie, farmer. Fred was born 27 Feb 1876 St. Vincent Twp., ON; he died 1966 Grey Co., ON.

21. Edward James (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 28 Sep 1863 in Manvers Twp., ON; he died 11 Jan 1932 in Surrey, BC. He married 22 Jun 1887 in Euphrasia Twp., Isabella Jane Clark the daughter of George and Agnes Clark. Isabella Jane was born 28 Sep 1865 in ON; she died 22 Dec 1958 in White Rock, BC.

22. Jane Etta (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 24 Aug 1865 in Durham Co., ON; She died 17 Oct 1932 in Carman, MB. She married 5 Sep 1888 in Euphrasia Twp., Thomas William Burns the son of Arthur and Jane Burns, farmer. Thomas was born 1862 in Grey Co., ON; he died 21 Jan 1923 in Carman MB.

23. Emma Lavina (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 20 Sep 1869 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; she died 30 May 1931 in Carman, MB.  She married 21 Feb 1894 in Collingwood Twp., ON, George Thompson Burns, the son of Arthur and Jane Burns, farmer. George was born 2 Sep 1868 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; he died 25 Jan 1929 in Carman MB.

24. William Hamilton (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 31 Aug 1873 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; he died 21 Apr 1938 Collingwood, ON. He married 27 Jun 1899 in Nottawasaga Twp., ON Jane A. Buckingham the daughter of John and Elizabeth Buckingham, farmer. Jane was born 10 Sep 1873 in ON; she died in 1954 in ON.

25. George Wesley (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 14 Mar 1876 in Euphrasia Twp., ON. He married 19 Mar 1902 in Collingwood Twp., ON, Kathleen Mary Dawson the daughter of Frederick and Mary Anne (Bloomfield) Dawson. Kathleen was born 7 Oct 1878 in Alysham, England.

26. Marion Beatrice (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 10 Sep 1878 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; she died 1950 in Collingwood, ON. She married 24 Oct 1901 in Collingwood Twp., ON Ernest B. Dawson the son of Frederick and Mary Anne (Bloomfield) Dawson. Ernest was born 3 Nov 1876 in England; he died 7 Apr 1945 in Collingwood, ON.

27. Gertrude Amelia (Frances4, James1) Pentland was born 15 Sep 1883 in Euphrasia Twp., ON. She married 2 Mar 1904 in Collingwood Twp., ON, Albert Dawson, the son of Frederick and Mary Anne (Bloomfield) Dawson. Albert was born 8 Jan 1882 in England.

28. William Harold Cathcart (William5, James1) Hall was born 23 Sep 1882 in McKellar, ON. He married 18 Oct 1913 in Hamilton, ON, Mona Victoria Mills, the daughter of Charles and Cynthia (Allen) Mills, architect. Mona was born 14 Nov 1889 in Hamilton, ON.

29. Elizabeth Jane (James6, James1) Hall was born 15 Jul 1869 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; she died ca. 1908 in MI. She married 15 Feb 1893 Tom Brown Hamill.

30. Wilfred Wellington (James6, James1) Hall was born 1 Jan 1871 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; he died 20 Jul 1948 in Collingwood, ON. He married first, 17 Aug. 1898 in St. Vincent Twp., Margaret Ellen Todd the daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Ellen (Guy) Todd, grocer. Margaret was born 17 Jun 1872 in Dromore Parish, Co. Tyrone, Ireland; she died 15 Nov 1929 in Euphrasia Twp., ON. He married second, Mar 1931 in Euphrasia Twp., ON, Sarah Jane Doney (nee Bole) the daughter of Francis and Mary Bole. Sarah Jane was born 14 Apr 1877; she died 12 Apr 1955 in Meaford, ON.

31. Robert Wesley (James6, James1) Hall was born 27 Sep 1873 in Euphrasia Twp., ON; he died 19 Oct 1951 in St. Louis, MO. He married 18 Aug 1906 in the U.S.A., Margaret Grant Rathell.

32. James Norton (James6, James1) Hall was born 5 Oct 1875 at Thornbury, ON; he died 20 Jan 1968 in Toronto, ON. He married 10 Mar 1913 in Toronto, ON, Ethel May Scott (nee Manning) the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Tribble) Manning. Ethel was born 23 Feb 1884 at Shelburne, ON; she died 18 Apr 1980 in Toronto, ON.

33. Earl Washington (James6, James1) Hall was born 17 Dec 1887 in Thornbury, ON; he died 10 Nov 1968 at Buffalo, NY. He married 8 Jan 1913 in Collingwood, ON,  Maude Galbraith the daughter of John C. and Charlotte (Scott) Galbraith, farmer. Maude was born 22 Oct 1892 in Collingwood, ON; she died 29 Sep 1992 at Buffalo, NY.

34. Jessie Jane (Thomas7, James1) Hall was born 6 Mar 1876 at Huntsville, ON; she died 13 Jan 1961 in Chilliwack, BC. She married 1 Jun 1904 in Sardis, BC, Albert Shelton Knight. Albert was born 24 Sep 1873 in Artemesia Twp., ON.; he died 6 Apr 1964 in Chilliwack, BC.

35. James Wesley (Thomas7, James1) Hall was born 15 Feb 1878 in Spence, ON; he died 20 Nov 1965 at Kamloops BC. He married 21 Jun 1904 at Kamloops, BC, Janet Winnifred McLean. Janet was born 20 Aug 1887 in New Westminster, BC; she died 9 Jan 1978 in Kamloops, BC.

36. Frederick Milford (Thomas7, James1) Hall was born 18 Dec 1880 in Milford, MB; he died 25 May 1950 in Terrace, BC. He married 12 Feb 1920 in Vancouver, BC, Cassie May Bailey. Cassie was born 7 Mar 1897 in Chilliwack, BC; she died 1 Dec 1958 in Terrrace, BC.

37. Ernest Wilbur (Thomas7, James1) Hall was born 11 Oct 1882 in Souris, MB; he died 1919 in Canada. He married 25 Dec 1902 in Chilliwack, BC, Grace Alice Frances Read. They divorced in 1909. Grace was born 10 Apr 1885 in Chilliwack, BC.

38. Albert Clinton (Thomas7, James1) Hall was born 1 Sep 1885 in Clinton, BC; he died 8 Apr 1937 in Sardis, BC. He married Minnie Barbara McKenzie. Barbara died in 1946.

39. Ada Margaret (Joseph8, James1) Hall was born 8 Dec 1876 in St. Vincent Twp., ON; she died 1963 at Clarksburg, ON. She married 15 Nov 1898 at Griersville, St. Vincent Twp., ON, Samuel Warnock Guy, the son of Robert and Maria (Johnson) Guy, farmer. Samuel was born 15 Jul 1868 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland; he died 23 Mar 1935 at Clarksburg, ON.

40. George Wesley (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 24 Aug 1883 in Grey Co., ON; he died 10 Mar 1972 in Kamloops, BC. He married first, in AB, Lillian Fennell, the daughter of James and Rebecca (Rowe) Fennell, farmer. Lillian was born 23 Jul 1892 in Dufferin Co., ON; she died 31 Oct 1950 in Kamloops, BC. He married second, Margaret May McCoy. Margaret was born 18 Nov 1893 in ON; she died 5 Nov 1977 in Kamloops, BC.

41. Henry Herbert (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 27 Mar 1885 at Thornbury, ON. He married 15 Dec 1909 in Collingwood, ON, Annie E. Horton (nee Jenkins), the daughter of John and Matilda (Smith) Jenkins. Annie was born 23 Oct 1878 in Alleston Twp., ON

42.Thomas James Elvin (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 30 Sep 1887 in Collingwood Twp., ON. He married 20 Oct 1912 in Collingwood, ON, Francis Taylor, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Armitage) Taylor. Francis was born in 1888 in Nottawasaga Twp., ON

43. Hanna Arvilla May (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 27 Jul 1889 in Lions Head, ON; she died in 1989. She married 19 May 1913 at Stayner, ON, Frederick S. Elyea, the son of Silas and Catherine (McIlroy) Elyea, farmer. Frederick was born 1 Jun 1891 in Collingwood Twp., ON; he died 24 Aug 1929 in Collingwood Twp., ON.

44. Pearl I. (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 3 Jun 1891 in ON; she died 1976. She married 23 Mar 1910 in Collingwood, ON, Edward Robert McCoy, the son of John and Lucinda (Kennedy) McCoy, farmer. Edward was born 20 Jun 1880 in Collingwood Twp., ON; he died in 1957.

45. Elizabeth Alma (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 4 Feb 1893 in Thornbury, ON; she died 1967. She married 8 Oct 1913 in Collingwood, ON, William Franklin Smith the son of William and Maggie (McClaren) Smith, farmer. William Franklin was born 8 Sep 1890 at Singhampton, Osprey Twp., ON; he died 25 Sep 1921 in Strong Twp., ON.

46. John (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 22 May 1899 in ON; he died 1978. He married Pearl Matilda Huffman or Hoffman, the daughter of Nicholas and Catherine (Gates) Huffman, farmer. Pearl Matilda was born 19 Sep 1904 in Lount Twp., ON; she died 1978. 

47. Gladys Eveline (Samuel9, James1) Hall was born 1901 in Collingwood Twp., ON; she died 1990. She married 11 May 1919 in Sundridge, ON, David Wesley Basso, the son of William and Elizabeth E. (Pinnell) Basso, farmer. David was born 13 Jun 1896 at Sundridge, ON; he died 3 Jul 1974.

48. Clifford Norton (Norton11, James1) Hall was born 7 May 1891 in Cleveland, OH; he died in 1970. He married 1 Jan 1915 in Galt, ON, Lenora May Wilkins, the daughter of Edward J. and Jane (Morley) Wilkins, clothing merchant. Lenora was born 17 May 1890 in Galt, ON; she died in 1976. 

49. Wilman Wesley (Norton11, James1) Hall was born 21 Oct 1893 in Toronto Twp., ON; he died 1974. He married Maria Wainright the daughter of Arthur Francis and Mary (Evans) Wainright, traveler. Maria was born 31 May 1896 in York Twp., ON; she died in 1974.

50. Harry Roland (Norton11, James1) Hall was born 22 Nov 1896 in Streetsville, ON; he died in 1970. He married 28 Jun 1915 in Toronto, ON, Cora Belle Tease, the daughter of Samuel Grant and Isabella (Blake) Tease, clothing manufacturer. Cora was born 21 Nov 1896 in Paris, ON.

51. Edward John (Norton11, James1) Hall was born 8 Sep 1909 in Streetsville, ON; he died 10 Nov 1993 in Toronto, ON. He married Johanna Cornelia Wisse (“Anja”). Johanna was born 17 Aug 1921 in The Netherlands.


Note: In the second generation, baptismal records exist only for: #7, Thomas Wellington, and #9,  Samuel.  All other birth dates in this generation are best estimates reconstructed from multiple and usually conflicting sources. Some inconsistencies remain.


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