Appendix A

Appendix A

Pictorial Essay of Memoirs - Book I

    The following photographs were taken, and the notes compiled, by author Ken Breakey on 17 April 2003 during his visit to the Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast, NI.



Index Pages

A bound manuscript notebook.

    Title page - "This book written by Thomas Breakey of Drumskelt contains a word of the Breakeys* - how and when they came to Ireland with a lot of useful knowledge known to few of the present day."

    In the book was a letter from James Dixon, Dublin, enquiring of his grandfather born 1787 - Robert died 23 April 1828.  Book contained 253 pages including index pages 243 - 253.

    * 'Breakeys' is crossed out in blue ink [with what would appear to be a ball point pen]  and is followed by the word 'Breakies' in another's handwriting.