Humphry Thomson Breakey

Humphry Thomson Breakey, County Monaghan



William Breakey of Drumskelt


James Breakey of Cormeen



Marilyn J. Breakey

Harrington House

- 2000 -

(c) 2000 - Marilyn J. Breakey


"The object of our search is present with us."

                                                                                                Horace: Epistolae I. xi.



    The culmination of any genealogical research is most often the work of many individuals.  This manuscript is no less so, and it is with my most sincere appreciation and gratitude that I wish to acknowledge the following:

    Sadie Mullen of Monaghan, Ireland, for nearly twenty years of "family" correspondence and friendship 'across the miles.'

    The family of Dr. Edward P. and Nettie C. Breakey for your parents enthusiasm for the search, diligence in recording, and willingness to further the search by sharing their wealth of family materials.

    Peadar Murnane of Ballybay, Ireland, for extending the hand of friendship and enthusiasm, and for sending me the original documents that may be found in Chapters 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7, those documents providing the very backbone of this endeavor.

    Loyd 'Jack' Breakey for  actively pursuing the Breakeys of Ireland, his weekly missives in 1984 with then current finds, his trip diary providing directions for Breakey points of interest, but above all, his friendship.

    Ken Breakey of Portadown, Northern Ireland, for his current, relentless search for Breakeys in County Monaghan, and for the supporting documents he so graciously shares with me.

    Colin Ferguson of Coarsegold, California, for his enthusiasm for 'the search,' and for his most welcome additions of family data that he sends on a regular basis.

    Sean Ruad (John, the Red), Project Director for the IreAtlas Project at  for replying to my inquiries about the Townland of Carricknaveagh with patience, and in a timely fashion.

    F. Lockwood Morris of Syracuse University for helping to reveal the identity of 'Daniel Dancer.'

    A heartfelt 'thank you' to each of you.




    At first glance, the reader may ask, "Why so much documentation?  Why the actual transcription of documents"?  I would answer, "Because not everyone involved in the search has access to the documents in my possession, and without such extensive documentation my research would have little value for those involved in 'the search.'  For indeed,  "This shall be written for the generation to come" (Psalms 102:18).  I beg the reader's indulgence.

    Further, due to its length and the included graphics, this manuscript will be added to The Breakey Collection chapter by chapter in order to minimize the 'download' time for the viewer.



Table of Contents



Chapter One:      Introduction

Chapter Two:      Fair Copy - Marriage Settlement - 1802

Chapter Three:    Conditional Bond - 11 April 1809

Chapter Four:      The Elusive Townland of Carricknaveagh

Chapter Five:       Statement of Title of William Johnston Esqre to the Land of Carricknaveagh in the

                           County of Monaghan

Chapter Six:         Miscellaneous Documents pertaining to the Townland of Carnaveagh, County 

                            Monaghan, Ireland  (Part I)

Chapter Seven:     Miscellaneous Documents pertaining to the Townland of Carnaveagh, County

                            Monaghan, Ireland (Part II)

Chapter Eight:       Marriage Document for Humphry Thomson Breakey

Chapter Nine:       An Expanded Lineage for "The Breakeys of Drumskelt"

Chapter Ten:         Conclusion


    A.    Monaghan Verse: An Exile Remembers

    B.    Theory of supposition for 'circa dates of birth'

    C.    Correspondence from Art H. Montgomery, Carnaveagh House

    D.    The Identity of 'Daniel Dancer'