Research Entries

Research Entries

[Editor's Note:  In some of Ken's research, particularly those results  from LDS, it is noted at the top of  such  pages  that during the search for the 'Breakey' surname, "exact spelling off "  is recorded,   resulting in search results with  surname variants.   However,  I feel all  should be included in this article as minor surname differences  appear even in one family.  (See  4 June 1672   for  Midlothian marriage of William Breaky & Janet Duncan and  the 1674  birth of a daughter, Janet, in Midlothian to parents  William Breakie and Janet Duncan.  See also  8 April 1677  East Lothian birth of son, James, to parents William Brekie and Jannet Duncan.).    Because these minor spelling differences, as well as  being phonetically similar,   may well provide insight   to   the origin of the Breakey surname in Ireland,   the following names are included and written as they appear in, or on, documents. They  are not to be taken as   typographical errors.

That being said, I would recommend to the reader two online sources that may well justify my decision to include all surname variations.  Scottish Handwriting is a source that provides a basic one-hour tutorial with an entry on phonetic spelling.  (See ).  The National Archives of the UK also discusses spelling and other letter configurations for reading old handwriting.  That online source may be found at ; click on 'where to start' to locate the entries on spelling.

An example pursuant to the above can be found in the listing  for County Fife with an entry date of 11 January 1627.

And lastly I need to mention a source notation that will be noted below, that of 'GD.'  In 2004 Ken sent me a packet of twenty-three pages of printed material, inclusive of data for  Scotland, Ireland and England, with each page having approximately 22-23  individual entries.  The pages  were facsimiles of  typeset pages from a book, but with no identification other than 'Genealogical Data' inscribed at the top of each page. I treated the pages with some suspicion for I found many of the entries confusing, particularly those that used the word 'alias' after an individual's name.  However, I did find the birth of  my great grandfather's sister as an entry, a correct birth date but with  parents unknown, in addition to many names with which I was familiar.  Since commencing this article I did a bit of online research and for further insight into the use of 'alias,' I would recommend and 

An example pursuant to the above can be found in the listing for County Angus with an entry date of 27 June 1643.]

Notations utilized for source references:

            AC - Ancestry dot com; research funded by author, M J Breakey

            LDS – Courtesy of Church of Latter Day Saints via  

            GD - Genealogical Data

            OPR – Extracted from  Old   Parochial Registers of Banns & Marriages

            OPRIB&C - Old Parochial Register Index Births & Christenings 1553-1854

            OPRIM - Old Parochial Register Index  Marriages 1553-1854

            SP - Scotlands People

            SRIB&C - Statutory Register Index Births & Christenings 1855-1902

            SRID -Statutory Register Index Deaths 1855-1952

            SRIM - Statutory Register Index Marriages 1855-1928

Addendum:  Since including  this article in The Breakey Collection I have found in my files documentation for the above notations and wish to include them here.

LDS notations may be for  individual records or household records per pertinent census records,  all of which are taken from the International Genealogical Index.

SRIB&C, OPRIM,   SRID, SRIM,   & entries from census registers    are from above mentioned sources per Scotland's People,  the official government source of genealogical data for Scotland.

OPR notations  are  ...given under the Seal of the General Register Office, New Register House, Edinburgh via Scotland's People.

Extracts from entries in death registers are given under the Seal of the General Register Office, New Register House, Edinburgh.

Following the guidelines of Scotland's People, data pertinent to their records has been, out of respect to those living, limited to birth records over 100 years old, marriage records over 75 years, and death records over 50 years. The following research entries will comply with those guidelines.

For more information on Scotland's People, the reader may wish to link to > >.


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Aberdeen (aka Aberdeenshire)

21 June 1838. New Deer: George Brakie married Elspet Massie [LDS].

1851.  Elizabeth Breckie, age 39,  is enumerated in the 1851 Census for the District of Old Deer, Aberdeen County.  She is listed as a general servant in the household of Keith Hutchison and family; her birth place is given as Strichen, Aberdeenshire. [Ed: The village of Strichen  was founded in 1764 by the Fraser family and  they  where the "Lairds of Strichen" [ ];  in 1840 the population   of Strichen was 681 inhabitants [op. cit].

2 September 1862. William Reason Cruickshank, son of Mary Jane Breakey (alias Cruickshank) (father not known) born in Ellon, Aberdeen on Tuesday September 2, 1862 [GD, page 6]. 

20 November 1869.  Jeanie Cooper McKenzie, daughter of William McKenzie and Mary Jane Breakey (alias Cruickshank), born in Aberdeen on Saturday November 20, 1869 {GD, page 7].


27 June 1643. Catherin Brobat (alias Breakey), daughter of Thoma Brobat (alias Breakey) and Christan Black, born in Brechin, Angus on Saturday June 27, 1643 [GD, page5].

25 February1861.  Dundee First District: Samuel Francey married Elizabeth Brakey [SRIM & LDS]

Ayr County (aka Ayrshire)

13 December 1698. Kilmarnock: Archibald Brakie married Jennet Tannahill [LDS].

27 March 1835.  District of Maybole. Marriage of James Brakey to Catherine McGee [LDS].

21 July 1854. Maybole: Jane Brakie married John Wallace [LDS].

1 June 1856. District of Maybole: Sarah Breakey born to parents James Breakey & Catherine McGee [LDS]; also [SRIB&C].

3 June 1856. District of Maybole: Death of Katherine Breakey at 5 AM, age 42, daughter of  John McGee, deceased,  & Helen Gemmell McGee, deceased, and wife of James Breakey. Cause of death [illegible, but from the beginning three letters it appears to have been bleeding for three days (Ed.)]. Buried in  Church Yard of Maybole [original register document].

6 July 1856. District of Maybole: Death of Sarah Breakey, age 5 weeks, 2 days, daughter of James Breakey and Katherine McGee Breakey, deceased.  Cause of death - Asphyxia for 3 days.  Buried in Church yard of Maybole [original register document]. 

1896. District of Ayr: John Brakey married Mary McCallum [SRIM].

Banff County aka Banffshire

6 December 1754. Charles Breakey (alias Sim) son of George Brekie and Isabel Sim, born in Boyndie, Banff on Friday December 6, 1754 [GD, page 5].

1858. John Breaky. Birthplace Scotland. Residing in New Jersey. [1880 US Census - LDS].

Caithness County

2 April 1807.  Thurso:   William Breakey (alias Miller)  son of Donald Broake and Catharine Miller born in Thurso, Caithness on Thursday 2 April 1807. 

East Lothian

8 April 1677. Tranent: Christening of James Brekie to parents William Brekie and Jannet Duncan [LDS].

13 January 1682. North Berwick: Christening of Bessie Brecke to parent Adam Brecke [LDS]. 

7 November 1817. Saltoun: Janet Brakie married David Ritchie [LDS].

Fife Country

11 January 1627. Dauid (sic) Breakey, son of George Breakey (mother not known), born in Abdie, Fife on Monday January 11, 1627 [GD, page 5].

13 November 1713. James Breakey married to Janet Brown in Largo, Fife on Monday November 13, 1713 [GD, page 5].

1851 Census Returns.  Margaret Gombol, age 38 in District of St. Andrews & St. Leonards [SP].

18 July 1873. District of Kirkcaldy.  Joseph Brakey married Elizabeth Wilson [LDS]. 1873. District of Kirkcaldy: Joseph Brakey and  Elizabeth Wilson  [SRIM].

Inverness County (aka Inverness-shire)

29 July 1821.  Dugald Grant, son of Donald Grant and Mary Breakey (alias Mac Donell) born in Kilmonivaig, Inverness on Sunday July 29, 1821 [GD, page 6].

April 2000 - See "Pipes  Honour" under heading of Miscellaneous.

Lanark  County (aka Lanarkshire)

20  December 1682. Glasgow. James Brakie born to James Brakie and Marion Urie [OPRIB&C].

13 December 1824. Parish of Glasgow –  James Breakey, weaver, and Mary Ann Cook, residing there, married 13 December 1824 by Mr. John Barr, Relief Minister in Glasgow. [OPRIM].

[Editor's note:  On 28 June 1987, Neil Hamilton-Smith, descendant of James Breakey and Mary Ann Cook, contacted me with an extensive lineage for this family. The following data are taken from that letter as well as a letter  dated 16 August 1987].

James Breakey and Mary Ann Cook had the following children:

Ellen Breakey born  1825; William Breakey baptised 4 August1828; Mary Ann Breakey baptised 24 February 1833; Matilda Breakey born 1834; Catherine Breakey born 1 January 1838; Jane Breakey baptised 14 June 1840; James Isaiah Breakey born 16 July 1843.

[Editor's Note continued:  Jane Breakey baptised  14 June 1840 is listed in [OPRIB&C] as Jane Breakie. According to Neil,   William Breakey who was  baptised 4 August 1828, married and had children, all of whom  carry the surname 'Breakie.'  A complete lineage of this family will be forthcoming in The Breakey Collection.   [See "From the Editor's Desk: James Breakey  and Mary Ann Cook of Scotland.''].

4 August 1828. Parish of Glasgow - Birth of William to parents James Breakey & Mary Ann Cook [OPRIB&C].

9 March 1836. Parish of Glasgow - Birth of Matilda Margaret to parents James Breakey & Mary Ann Cook [ OPRIB&C].

13 April 1841. Parish of Gorbals – Andrew Breakey & Agnes McGown both of this Parish.  Married by the Rev’d Norm I. McFarlane 13th April 1841 [OPRIM & LDS].

27 September 1846. Parish of Glasgow –  John Breaky labourer in Glasgow – Ann Culrevie residing there.      (Warrant not delivered). [OPR & OPRIM & LDS]. [Ed. note:  it appears the marriage did not take place].

28 December 1862.  New Monkland.  Birth of Nancy Brakey James Brakey and Mary McMurray [LDS].

1866. District of Partick: John Brakey married Catherine Mclintock [SRIM].

1 January 1867. Govan.  Jane Breakey married William Horn [LDS].

1867. District of Hutchesontown - Birth of William John Breakey [SRIB&C]. For further information see:  entry  for '1867 - Hutchesontown'  under  heading of miscellaneous.

5 December 1867. Anderston, Glasgow.  Birth of Catherine Lower Brakey to John Brakey and Catherine Mclintock [LDS]. 

6 April 1869. Govan: Birth of John Breckie to John Breckie and Catherine Mclintock [LDS]. 

23 April  1871. Govan. Birth of Peter Brakey to John Brakey and Catherine Mclintock {LDS].

8 August 1873. Govan. Margaret Brakey born to John Brakey and Catherine McClintock [LDS].

1875. District of Dennistoun - Birth of William James Breakey [ SRIB&C].

1888. District of Dennistoun: Mary Ann Brakey married Charles Calder Jones [SRIM].

1898. District of Partick:  Peter  Brakey married Mary Ann McFayden [SRIM].

1902. District of Partick: Janet Brakey married Thomas Millar [SRIM].

1902. District of Partick: Mary Brakey married William Wilkinson [SRIM].

1909. District of Partick: Margaret Brakey married Daniel Bailey [SRIM].

1914. District of Partick: Catherine McLin [remaining letters omitted] Brakey married Alexander Cunningham [SRIM].

1925. District of Blythswood: Susan Brown Brakey married Archibald McKin [remaining letters omitted] Mactaggart

1935. District of Bothwell: Death of Elizabeth Breaky [SRID].

Midlothian  County

28 November 1655. Parish of Lasswade: Marriage of Williame Brakie to Bessie Ramsey [LDS].

8 May 1656: Canongate, Edinburgh: Marriage of Johne Brachie to Jonet Mairtene [LDS]

4 June 1672.   Parish of Lasswade: Married -  William Breaky & Janet Duncan [OPR & OPRIM].

29 November 1730. Edinburgh: Born Robert More, son of William More and Christian Janet Brekey (alias Hoode), born in Edinburgh, Midlothian on Wednesday November 29, 1730.

9 March 1673.  Parish of Lasswade: Birth or Christening of John Breakie to parents William Breakie and Janet Duncan [OPRIB&C]. [Ed: Also see entry of 8 April 1677 in East Lothian]

1 November 1674. Lasswade: Birth of Janet Breakie to parents William Breakie and Janet Duncan [OPRIB&C].

23 May 1704. Inveresk with Musselburgh: James Brakie married Bessie Cockburne [LDS[.

27 March 1835: Maybole: James Brakey married  Catharine McGee [OPRIM].

18 January 1847. Carrington:  Marriage of Jean Breckey to Robert Bathgate {LDS].

1882.  District of Canongate: Death of Patrick Breaky [SRID].

1894.  District of St. George. Marriage of Thomas Breaky and Betsy Kennedy [SRIM].

1895.  District of St. George: Birth of William Breakey [SRIB&C].


13 June 1673.  St. Andrews: Marriage of William Breckie to Janet Tulloch [LDS].

Peebles County (aka) Peebles-shire

7 September 1853. Peebles: Birth  of Marion Brackey to parents William Brackey and Elizabeth Hamilton [LDS].

Renfrew County (aka) Renfrewshire

22 November 1834. John Brackey married to Mary Flanagan [LDS].

27 August 1854. Greenock East:  Margaret Brakey married James Divine [OPRIM].

6 February 1857. Middle or New Parish, Greenock: Birth of Mary Breckie to James Breckie and Catherine Morrison [LDS].

1861.  John Brakey,  seaman,  Port -Glasgow, died intestate, at Port -Glasgow on 23 May 1861.   Wills & Testament Search Returns indicate Court shown as  Greenock Sheriff Court Inventories, Ref SC53/41/7 [SP].

14 November 1859, Middle or New Parish. Marriage of Catherine Brackey to William Lower [LDS].

29 October 1865. District of Port Glasgow. John Brakey born to Catherine Brakey. Father not listed [LDS].

1882. Greenock Old or West: John Brakey married Maggie Cook [SRIM].

1889. District of Neilston:  Birth of William Breakey [SRIB&C].

Ross and Cromarty

20 June 1718. Break, son of Breakey (alias Mckenzie) (mother not known), born in Urquhart And Logie Wester, Ross and Cromarty on Monday June 20, 1718 [GD, page 5].

22 September 1762.  Kiltearn:  Hector Bain, son of Donald Bain (alias Breakey) (mother not known), born in Kiltearn, Ross and Cromarty on Wednesday September 22, 1762 [GD, page 5].

Roxburgh County (aka Roxburghshire)

29 November 1631. Ashkirk: William Brakie married Issobell Lauder [LDS].

21 May 1852. Jedburgh: Catharine Brakie married James Rutherford [LDS].

Wigtown County (aka Wigtownshire)

[Note:  Inasmuch as Newton Stewart is a burgh in Wigtown, (formerly the county of Wigtownshire) Dumfries and Galloway, all entries for Newton will be listed under the county of Wigtown].

7 May 1698. Newton: Barbra Brakie christened; daughter of William Brakie & Elizabeth Montgumrie [LDS].

5 September 1825. Portpatrick:   Elizabeth Breaky -  daughter of parents Andrew Breaky & Helinor Breaky [OPRIB&C & LDS].


c. 1824.  Richard Brackey, age 57, birthplace Scotland, Army Pensioner. Eliza Brackey, wife, age 62, born Chale, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England. Frank Brackey, son, age 26, born Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, ship sail maker (out of employ). Margaret Scovell, niece, age 23, born Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, shoe trimmer (Boot). Dwelling: St. John's Rd. Forest Villa, Carisbrooke, Hampshire, England [1881 British Census - LDS].


Boston Passenger Lists, 1891-1943.  Source:  Boston passenger Lists, 1891-1943 [database online]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005.  Original data:  Boston, Massachusetts. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, Massachusetts, 1891-1943. Micropublication T843. RG085. Rolls #1-454, National Archives, Washington, D.C. [AC]

Data for each entry  will be given in this order: name; arrival date; age; estimated birth year; gender; ethnic background; port of departure; ship name; port of arrival;  friend's name; last residence; birthplace and  microfilm roll number.

Mary Brakey; 20 July 1909; 32 years; 1877;  female; Scotch; Glasgow, Scotland; Numidian; Boston, Massachusetts;  Peter Brakey; Scotland; Partick Scotland & #136.

Margaret Brakey; 20 July 1909; 2 years; 1907; female; Scotch; Glasgow, Scotland; Numidian; Boston, Massachusetts; Peter Brakey; Scotland; Whiteinch, Scotland & #136.

Peter Brakey; 20 July 1909; 4 years; 1905;  male; Scotch; Glasgow, Scotland; Numidian; Boston, Massachusetts; Peter Brakey; Scotland; Whiteinch, Scotland & # 136.

John Brakey; 20 July 1909; 6 years; 1903;  male; Scotch; Glasgow, Scotland; Numidian; Boston, Massachusetts; Peter Brakey; Scotland;  Leith, Scotland, & #136.

Mary Brakey; 20 July 1909; 8 years; 1901; female; Scotch; Glasgow, Scotland; Numidian; Boston, Massachusetts; Peter Brakey; Scotland; Leith, Scotland & # 136.

Dorothy F. Brakey; arrival date 21 August 1936; estimated birth year 0; Port of departure Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; ship name Evangeline.

Nestor Brakey; arrival date 23 March 1910; estimate birth year 1888; male, port of departure Liverpool, England; last residence Belgium; ship name Megantic.


[I have chosen to include the following census results (SP - census results for 1881) here  for I believe it has some connection to 'friend - Peter Brakey' in the previous passenger entries. Data for each entry will be given in this order: census place; road, street, address &c; given name; surname; condition as to marriage; age; sex; relation to head;  and birthplace].

Govan, Lanark, Scotland; Dwelling 70 Stable Land; Catherine; Brakey; married; age 33; F; Head; & Partick, Lanark, Scotland.

Ditto; ditto; Janet; Brakey; NA; age 6; F; Daughter; Whiteinch, Lanark, Scotland.

Ditto; ditto; John; Brakey; NA; age 12; M; Son; Partick, Lanark, Scotland.

Ditto; ditto; Margaret; Brakey; NA; age 8; F; Daughter; Whiteinch, Lanark, Scotland.

Ditto; ditto; Mary; Brakey; NA; age 4; F; Daughter; Whiteinch, Lanark, Scotland.

Ditto; ditto; Peter; Brakey; NA; age 10; M; Son; Partick, Lanark, Scotland.

Ditto; ditto; Susan; Brakey; NA; age 1; F; Daughter; Whiteinch, Lanark, Scotland.

[For further possible  information, I would recommend a cross-reference to the children of John Brakey (Breckie) and Catherine McLintock found listed under entries for Lanark County].


1867 - Hutchesontown

3 June 1867. William John Breakey was born in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanark Scotland to parents William Breakey and Agnes Miller. On the same date and place  was born James Breakey to parents William Breakey and Agnes Miller [LDS].

1881 British Census  lists   Andrew Breakey born 1868 and William Jo Breakey born 1868 in the following household census.  Data for each entry will be given in the following order: name, relationship, marital status, gender, age, birthplace, occupation. [LDS]

William Breakey; head; M; male; 44; Ireland; hatter

Agnes Breakey; wife; M; female; 42; Ireland

Samuel Breakey; son; U; male; 19; Ireland; porter

Isabella Breakey; daughter; U; female; 17; Ireland; spinner cotton

Andrew Breakey; son; X; male; 13;  Scotland; Scholar

William Jo Breakey; son X; male; 13;  Scotland; Scholar

Agnes Breakey; daughter; X; female; 11; Manchester, Lancashire, England; Scholar

Joseph Breakey; son; X; male; 9; Manchester, Lancashire, England; Scholar

James Breakey; son; X; male; 4; Manchester, Lancashire, England; Scholar

The family dwelling was at 36 Kilshaw Lane, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England.

[Note:  it would appear that the twin named  James may have had the  middle name of Andrew, and later went by that name when the last son was born].


 "Pipes Honour."   Nessie's Loch Ness Times - The Friendliest Newspaper on the WWW. Established 3 December 1996. Issue No. 174, Saturday 8 April 2000.

"A World War II veteran who flew hazardous bombing missions was recently honoured on his 90th birthday.  Former Squadron Leader Jim Breakey received an accolade called the March of the Royal British Legion (Scotland) which was played by piper Finlay MacKenzie at his home in Inverness. The celebration was prompted by senior members of the Royal British Legion in Inverness, who decided to prepare the surprise 90th birthday party.  Mr. Breakey, who was awarded the Distinguish Flying Cross for his acts of outstanding bravery flying Lancaster bombers during the war, was also heavily involved in the Boys Brigade movement."