Breakey Families of Prince Edwar

Breakey/Breaky/Brakey  Families of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Marilyn J. Breakey
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The following entries in no way represent a documented family lineage. They merely represent a collection of data found in my research files, research either funded by me, found in public records or via an Internet search. The reader may well find a repetition of surnames as I have made no attempt to link family lines in any particular chronological order. I have also provided what might appear to be repetition from various sources, but I have chosen to include that material as in some cases more information is provided. The Breakey surname as documented will appear as the variant spellings occur in my files, and I will designate such with (sic) to preclude the reader from the assumption that I made a typographical error. Any notes I wish to add regarding my files with be designated as “Author’s notes”.

Moidart Local History Group
[Comann Eachdraich Muideart] is a local group promoting the history and culture of the Scottish Highlands.

Strath Gartney Deaths

Old Breakey died last night (Nov 13, 1871)
[Retrieved 3/22/07  <  > but not available for retrieval as I write this.

Andrew Brakey (sic), year 1871, age 86, place Prince Edward Island.
Source Bibliography: Gallant, Peter. An Index of Irish Immigrants based on Obituaries and Death Notices in Prince Edward Island Newspapers and a Listing of Some Irish Immigrants Based on Tombstone Transcriptions from Various Cemeteries in Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown PEI. The Prince Edward Island, Genealogical Society, 1990. 81p.
Source Information: Gale Research. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s (database online). Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005. Original data: Filby, P. William, edit. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s. Farmington Hills, MI. Gail Research, 2003.

Strathgartney and Lot 30

“History of the Name”

“The official history of the geographic name Strathgartney (which can be somewhat technical, we admit): Churchill (Sett.) and Strathgartney (Sett.) were adopted in place Names of PEI, 1925 on Lot 30. Strathgartney disappears from view after this. Churchill (Sett.) was confirmed 12 December 1939 on 11L/3 at 45 13 – 63 21. Churchill (Sett.) moved to 46 13 63 20 in Lot 65 on 21 November 1966 on 11L/3 at 46 13 – 63 21. Status confirmed as Locality when it became part of the Community of New Haven-Riverdale in 1974. Named after Strathgartney, a valley in Perthshire, Scotland.” Information courtesy of Geomatics Canada at

[Author’s notes: The following data is no longer available on the Internet site from which I retrieved it in 2007.  I would suggest the reader become familiar  with all topics on the home page of the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society   for there are many suggested avenues of research.]

Community, Cultural Affairs and Labour

Results for the following three documents will be in columns designated as: Surname, Given Name, age. Religion & Lot number per the appropriate year of census.

Results for Document (year of) 1881 –

Brakey (sic), John, 0, C. Presbyterian, 30
Brakey (Sic), Robert, 2, C. Presbyterian, 30
Brakey (sic), Robert, 50, C. Presbyterian, 30
Brakey (sic), Mary Jane, 12, Calvin Baptist, 30
Brakey (sic), Jannett, 51, C. Presbyterian, 30
Brakey (sic), James, 45, English Church, 30
Brakey (sic), Isaiah, 23, C. Presbyterian, 30
Brakey (sic), Catherine, 28 C. Presbyterian, 30
Brakey (sic), Elizabeth, 30, Calvin Baptist, 30

Results for Document (year of) 1891 –

Breaky (sic), Robert, 61, English Church, 30 H1
Breaky (sic), Mary Jane, 19, Baptist, 30 H1
Breaky (sic), Jysah (sic), 33, Presbyterian, 30 H2
Breaky (sic), James, 60, English Church, 30 H1
Breaky (sic), Ethel, 12, Presbyterian, 30 H2
Breaky (sic), Betsey, 42, Baptist, 30 H1
Breaky (sic) Cathrine (sic), 33, Presbyterian, 30 H2

Results for Document (year of) 1901 –

Breakey, James, 69, Ch. of England, farmer, 30 K2
Breakey, Isaish (sic) 43, Presbyterian, farmer, 30 K2
Breakey, Robert, 71, Presbyterian, 30 K2
Breakey, Ethel, 22, Presbyterian, 30 K2
Breakey, Catherine, 45, Presbyterian, 30 K2
Breakey, Betsy, 55, Baptist, 30 K2
Breakey, Mary E., 28 Baptist, 30 K2

The following entries are taken from the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society (PEIGS) website available at  >  <   utilizing the CMNI [Computerized Master Name Index].

Omitted from the previous “results for document (year of) 1881” is the following:
Andrew Brakey, West River, 1871, age 86. Source: From Ireland to PEI. PEIGS Publication

In addition to the previous “results for document (year of) 1891” is the following:
Two given names are provided for Cathrine: Catherine (Cathrine)

I am including the following entries from PEIGS even though they are somewhat similar to the previous “results for document (year of) 1901” because it will perhaps provide more research links for descendants of those named. For those individuals found in the 1901 census, the age given is that at the time of the census. As for the cemetery transcriptions, the individual’s age at the time of death will be noted.

1901 Census Entries:

Betsy Breakey, Lot 30, 1901, age 55, Baptist

Catherine Breakey, Lot 30, 1901, age 45, Presbyterian

Ethel Breakey, Lot 30, 1901, age 22 Presbyterian

Isaish (sic) Breakey, Lot 30, 1901, age 43, Presbyterian

James Breakey, Lot 30, 1901, age 69, Church of England

Mary E. Breakey, Lot 30, age 28, Baptist

Robert Breakey, Lot 30, 1901, age 71, Presbyterian


Entries from Cemetery Transcriptions Publication:

 Andrew Breakey, Location: Bonshaw, Lot 30, PEI, 1877, age 0

Catherine Breakey, Location:  Bonshaw, Lot 30, PEI, 1904, age51

Ethel Breakey, Location: Appin Road, Lot 30, PEI, 1955, age 77, United

Harry R. Breakey, Location:  Bonshaw, Lot 30, PEI, 1893, age 1

Isaiah Breakey, Location:  Bonshaw, Lot 30, PEI, 1945, age 88

Janet C. Breakey, Location: Milton, PEI, 1915, age 87, Anglican

[A second entry – Janet C. Breakey, Location:  Milton, Lot 32, PEI, 1915, age 87, Anglican]

John Breakey, Location: Bonshaw, Lot 30, PEI, 1881, age 0

Robert Breakey, Location: Bonshaw, Lot 30, PEI, 1882, age 3

The following  baptismal entries were found on the PEIGS website link at > <

Isaiah Breakey, born 10 August 1857; baptismal date 26 October 1857

    Mother's Name: Mary

    Father's Name: Robert Breakey

    Birth Place: Lot 30

Robert Breakey, born 20 April 1879; baptismal date 29 June 1880

    Mother's Name: Catherine

    Father's Name: Isaiah Breakey

    Birth Place: Lot 30

The following entries are household records taken from the 1881 Canadian Census courtesy of > > The columns are designated name, marital status, gender, ethnic origin, age, birthplace, occupation, religion.

Household No. 1:   

Robert Brakey, W, M, Irish, 50 Ireland, farmer, C. Presbyterian

Household No. 2:   

James Brakey, M, M, Irish, 45, Ireland, farmer, Church of England

 Elizabeth Brakey, M, F, Scottish, 30, Nova Scotia, -, C. Baptist

 Mary Jane Brakey, -. F, Scottish, 12, PEI, Going to School, C. Baptist

Household No. 3:   

Isaiah Brakey, W, M, Irish, 23, PEI, farmer, C. Presbyterian

Catherine Brakey, M. F, Scottish, 28, PEI, -, C. Presbyterian

Robert Brakey, -, M, Scottish, 2 PEI,-, C. Presbyterian

John Brakey, -, M, Scottish, < 1 year; born Mar, -, C. Presbyterian

Janett Brakey, M, F, Irish, 51, Ireland, -, C. Presbyterian

Ewen McCarter -, M, Scottish, 21, PEI, labourer, C. Presbyterian

Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Province Prince Edward Island, J H Meacham and Co., 1880 – Index of Lot 30 property holders, with acreages. < atlasb.html > [Submitted by Gary Carroll] (Retrieved 4/25/2010)

Robert Brakey (sic) 79 ˝

Jas. Brakey 30

Jas. Brakey 30

 The Descendants of James Houston and Janet Miller
Submitted by Gary Carroll at >  < (Retrieved 4/19/2010).
[Author’s notes: See No. 13 of Generation No. 3].

Martha Brakey, wife of James Houston, born 1842 in Ireland; died 1925, buried Peoples Cemetery, Charlottetown, PEI.
[Author’s note: Martha Brakey obviously immigrated to PEI prior to her marriage to James Houston in Charlottetown PEI and the birth of their first child on October 04, 1865. Their second child was named Isaiah Breakey Houston, born December 04, 1866. Based on Irish naming customs, one might assume that the father of Martha Brakey was an Isaiah Breakey.]

The following passenger and immigration entries will appear and be documented as they do in my research files:

Database: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
James Breakey; Year: 1847-1901; age 69; Place of Arrival: Prince Edward Island
Robert Breakey; Year: 1847-1901; age 71; Place of Arrival: Prince Edward Island