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Barbados Public Records
Association Oath Rolls 1696 Land Holdings 1630-1644 Inhabitants 1679: Christ Church
Inhabitants 1679: St. George Inhabitants 1679: St. James Inhabitants 1679: St. Michael
Census 1680: A-H Census 1680: I-Q Census 1680: R-Z
Census 1680: Christ Church Census 1680: St. George Census 1680: St. James
Census 1680: St. John Census 1680: St. Joseph Census 1680: St. Lucy
Census 1680: St. Michael Census 1680: St. Peter All Saints Census 1680: St. Phillip
Census 1680: St. Thomas Bristol Servants: A-F Bristol Servants: G-L
Bristol Servants: M-Z Regiment of Dragoons - 1672 Eminent Planters - 1673