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Welcome to BrazilGenWeb!

We have just started to translate our pages into English. Sorry for just a couple of pages are done so far, thus sometimes you may be redirected to a Portuguese language one. On the other hand, probably you will be able to guess what we are talking about, as mostly we have names dates and places, and, as experienced genealogist you are, we hope you will try manage the information you find here, while the translation process is not ended. For aditional help, try the Online Translator of AltaVista, it is pretty good. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have meanwhile.

1 of July - We updated the page of The Family Sites Project. Now it lists over 250 surnames and tens of cities.

27 of June - We added the first clues of our Little Manual of Genealogy.

23 of June - As you noticed, our site suffered a large rebuilding, showing lighter design and better organization.

18 of June - Visit the new page of Rio Grande do Sul State, totaly rebuilt and now more complete. We also included the provisory pages for the state's counties.

2 of June - Now you can submit a link to your personal genealogy site to our Family Sites Project, and your wanted ancestors to our Ancestor Project as well.

  • To submit a personal site click here.
  • To submit an ancestor click here.
  • 5 of May - We started the BrazilGenWeb Project, and placed online our first page.

    Here you find links for the state pages. The sites of the states are the starting point to initiate your research. At the state sites you it will find links for each one of its counties and cities. In the municipal pages it is that it will be the more detailed information than we possess. There are two ways to access the sites:

  • Through our Clickable Map.
  • Through the States Table.

  • We started the following projects so far: Ancestors and Missing Links; Personal Family Sites; Biographies; Brazilian Cemeteries; Ship's Arrivals; and Historic Maps. Here you will find their description and their links. This is also the place to submit your data, personal sites and list the people you are searching.

  • List and links to The BrazilGenWeb Projets.

  • Here we gathered the maximum of information on links of Genealogy and History of Brazil, as well as many other valuable features that can assist you researching in Brazil. Links for state information whose sites still are not functioning also can be found here.

  • The page of Links and Resourses.

  • Case you are initiating or wanting to know more about how to research your genealogy, this is the place to learn. Many tips about where to start, you will also find links to some great sites on this subject, that can assist you even more.

  • Index of The Little Manual of Genealogy in Brazil.

  • If you interest for general topics of genealogy and history of Brazil, we sugest you subscribe our general mailing list. Do learn how to participate and subscribe at:

  • Info about General Brazilian Mailing List.

  • We also keep a queries board where you can publish specific questions and ancestral doubts and reading the messages of the others. These messages can be posted either at the surname boards or at the ones of localities, and they are never removed, thus, if one day somebody will be looking the same information that you, or will have the reply for your query, sure will find it. Case you do not find the surname or place that you are looking for, do request that a new board to this topic is initiated.

  • Informações sobre o Painel de Mensagens.

  • Here you will find info about BrazilGenWeb Project, who we are, how we started and what are our goals.

  • Know more about BrazilGenWeb Project.

  • If you like our sites and want to help us to make them even better, here you will learn how to.

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