St Stephen In Brannel



Postcard courtesy of Jessie Evans [click picture for larger image]

Photo courtesy of Rob Adams ( more )

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- A -

John Allen of Dowgas Who Died In Australia 1868
Also Of His Wife Elizabeth Allen Who Died At Coomb March 11, 1911 Aged 78 Years
-?- -?- Daughter -?- Allen
-?- F-?- 28? 19-?- [rest unreadable]

ANGILLEY, Thomas and Jane

Mary Arthur [ off site link ]

- B -

In Loving Memory of Edwin Ball the beloved husband of Ellen Phillippa who died Oct 20, 1904 aged 45 years
Lily May Ball who died Sept 7, 1972 aged 78 years

Scacred to the memory of Joseph Banneto of the -?- -?- The? departed -?- -?- November 30 18-?- And [rest unreadable]

John Bassett who departed this life July 24 A.D. 1858 aged 6[3?]
[photo by Annette O'Brien]

Sacred to the memory of Joseph Basset of the parish of Ladock
who departed this life 30 Nov 1816 aged 46 years

Sacred to the memory of Joanna Best wife of John of this parish who departed this life Feb 9, 183[7?] aged 61 years
also of John her beloved husband who died Nov 3, 18[??] aged 21 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

BRENTON, Thomas and wife Thomasine, and his sister E[-?-]

Alexander Bone who died at Coombe St. Stephens, Sep 16, 1896 aged 74 years His End Was Peace
George Crewes (Grave G 48 - picture and information by Myra Davey)
another picture taken by the Australian branch of the family

Grace Taylor BONE BUNNEY died April 29, 1891, aged 85 years of Coombe, widow
(Grave G 18 - no stone - information by Myra Davey)

Frances BUNNEY died July 4, 1911 widow of William
(Grave K 20, information by Myra Davey)

Mary Ann BUNNY died Nov 18, 1914 of Gwindra, spinster
(Grave K 21 - information by Myra Davey)

Jenefer Brewer [ off site link ]

- C -

CREWES see Alexander BONE

In memory of Eliza Cowling wife of Richard of Carloggas
in this parish who died Feb 3, 1868 aged 48 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

In memory of Elizabeth Crowle the wife of Samuel Crowl
of this parish who died June 6th 1866 aged 61 years
Also to the memory of Samuel Crowle who died October 15th 1876 aged 74 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

Charles Cundy of Carpella
who died Feb. 26, 1905 aged 72 years
Also Matilda his beloved wife
who died Jan. 26, 1914 aged 75 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

In memory of Elizabeth Cundy wife of John Cundy
of Hensabraen in this parish who died February 21 1873 aged 51 years

In Memory of John Cundy who died at Hensabraen
of this parish Feb 2nd 1902 aged 82 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

CURTIS, Gertrude wife of Bernard and d/o J & E Carhart

- D -

Scared to the Memory of Mary (Pollie)
Beloved wife of Harry Dawe
Loving mother of Prunie Passed away at High Street
March 12th, 1938 aged 88? years
Also Harry her beloved husband
passed away at High Street
June 15th 19?? aged 82 years
with their daughter Prudence Hannah
died 31st October 1982 aged 81 year
(picture by Rob Adams)

In memory of Stanley Dingle died 18 Apr 1976 aged 72
beloved husband of Blanche loving dad of Albert, Gladys & Rose
also of Rosina Blanche died 20 May 1976 aged 68
beloved wife & mum
(photo by Rob Adams)

Thomas DINGLE of High Street
who died April 12, 1919, aged 82 years
Also of Susan Hannah, his beloved wife
who died May 8, 1887, aged 50 years
Also their sons
William Henry died Dec 20, 1889, aged 25 years
Charles died March 16, 1874, age 3 years
Peace, Perfect Peace
(photo by Rob Adams)

- E -

In Loving Memory of Josephus D. Emmett
who died Dec 24th, 1897 aged 18 years
Also James, father of the above
who died Nov 5th, 1912 aged 61 years
Also Mary, his reloved wife
who died April 15th, 1916 aged 67 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

- F -

  • vacant

- G -

In memory of Ellen Giles the beloved wife of Thomas
who departed this life May 23d 1876 aged 19 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

In Loving Memory of George Rowsland
the dearly beloved son of J. & C. Geer
who died at Coombe Feb 8th 1889 aged 17
Also of Richard Goldsworthy our beloved son who died
March 22nd 1890 aged 20
Also Lucy born [rest unreadable
(photo by Rob Adams)

- H -

In memory of Blanche, daughter of Robert and Mary Elizabeth Hicks
Died Aug 10th 1864 Aged 20 years
Also Elizabeth, her sister died June 22nd 1845 Aged 6 years
close up (photos by Mark Jose)

Pictures and information provided by
David and Julie Payne

Front of gravestone

In loving memory
James Hocking of this parish
who died Sept 19, 1883, aged 68
Also of Thirza
Daughter of the above
29 Oct 1872, In the 17th year of her age
"so he giveth his beloved sleep"
Also of Elizabeth Hocking
wife of the above
who died May 12 1891, Aged 89 years

Rear of gravestone

Also in memory of Salome
Youngest daughter of
James & Elizabeth HOCKING
and dear wife of Arthur FIFIELD
Who died at Coulsdon, Surrey,
April 10, 1927
Of Silas Kitto, Third son,
who died at  Highgate, London
Sept 15, 1935, in his 86th year
Of Joseph, youngest son,
who died at St. Ives
March 4, 1937, in his 77th Year
and of Mahala Mary,
eldest daughter,
who died at Hornsea, London,
Sept 18, 1939 in her 87th year
Jabez, eldest son, died in California
Simeon, second son, died in Canada
Hocking closeup

Joseph HOCKING 7 Nov 1861?
God Called Him March 4, 1937
And Annie his wife April 1?, 1933?/1935?

William James and Hilda Hore
(picture by Rob Adams)

HORE, Lancelot, Eliza Kate Dyer, and Samuel

HOREGeorge died at Terras Mills 3 Jan 1927 age 65 years
Salena his wife died 11 Aug 1929 aged 60 years

HORE Stanley died 3 Mar 1961 aged 67 yrs husband of Ethel
Stanley John their son died 23 Nov 1961 aged 45 yrs

- I -

  • vacant

- J -

In memory of Albert James died March 18, 1867
aged 18 years (photo by Annette O'Brien '08)

Catherine Bone JAMES,
died 27 Aug 1885, aged 71
(Grave E 100, no tombstone located,
information by Myra Davey)

William James, died 1890, aged 31
of Little Treviscoe, carpenter
(Grave C104, no tombstone found
information by Myra Davey)

In Loving Memory, Samuel JAMES of Trethosa,
Entered Into Rest Sep 27, 1910,
Aged 69 years - - - Also of
Susan Ann, his wife,
Entered Into Rest July 20, 1923,
Aged 83 years
And their Sons
Albert, Nov 13, 1890, aged 11 months
Arthur, March 8, 1895, aged 5 years
Samuel, March 17, 1895, aged 26 years
(Grave A 36 - farmer
information by Myra Davey)
Walter, May 26, 1916, aged 47 years
Richard, July 17, 1918, aged 33 years
Tom, Nov 2, 1952, 37 years
Henry JAMES March 30th, 1955, aged 83
Charles JAMES April 13, 1964, aged 80
Elizabeth West, Sept 24th, 1968?, aged 87
Fred JAMES, March 27th, 1971, aged 2?(3? or 5?)
(Grave M 36 B - pictures by Myra Davey

In Memory of  Ann Jory  (a sincere christian)
wife of William Jory of the parish who departed this life
on the 18th day of May A.D. 1851, aged 33 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)
[  off site link Ann Jory ]

In loving memory of William Arthur Johns
died 12th April 1994 aged 83 years
beloved husband of Kathleen Mary
loving father of Jennifer
(photo by Rob Adams)

In loving memory of our dear parents
Ernest Melville Julian died 2nd march 1993 aged 75
Also his beloved wife Ethel Beatrice Maud
died 4th feb 1954 aged 76
At Rest
(picture by Rob Abams)

- K -

In Loving Memory of Hart Knight
,died Aug 30th 1938, aged 82 years
also Lavinia his beloved wife
died Feb 20th 1936 aged 77 years
Until We Meet Again
(picture by Rob Adams)

In Memory of Theodora Margaret Knight
who died May 2nd 1959 aged 52 years
Also her sister Elizabeth Marion Phyllis Knight
died 6th April 1983 aged 85 years
(picture by Rob Adams)

- L -

Emma Elizabeth Lillicrap daughter of Emma & Richard
who died July 6th, 1887 aged 13 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

Mary Lobb 17 Apr 1881 - 9 Dec 196[?]
d/o Ann and Thomas Lobb of Cocan, St. Columb
(photo by Rob Adams)

- M -

Frederick Martyn
off site link ]

In Loving Memory of William Albert Matthews
beloved husband of Grace Harvey Chellew
died 6th Aug. 1953 aged 84 years
Also of their son William Albert Chellew
died 29th March 1965 aged 42 years
Also of Grace Harvey Chellew Matthews
died 14th May 1885 aged [?]8 years wife of W.A. Matthews
Mother of Albert and John
Mother in law of Margaret
and [mother?] of Elizabeth and Hellen
(photo by Rob Adams)

In Treasured Memory of Clara Annie
the wife of James Matta and dear mother of all her children
who fell asleep 26th Aug. 1961 aged 72 yrs
James her beloved husband who died 27th [rest unreadable]
(photo by Rob Adams)

In Loving Memory of Reginald James Matta beloved husband of Doris
and a dear father & grandfather
died 31st Dec 197(6?) aged 61
Also Doris May died 24th Sept 2006 aged 92
(photo by Rob Adams)

In Loving Memory of Ellen Medland who died at Downderry Coombe
Dec 17, 1929 aged 80 years
Also of Samuel her beloved husband
who died March 6th 1934, aged 73 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

In memory of Agness Merifield wife of Benj Merifield of this parish
who departed this life in the full triumph of faith
November the 10th 1820 aged 49 years
Also in Memory of Ann Benny Merifield daughter of the above Benj and Agness
(rest unreadable) (top portion photo by Annette O'Brien '08)
who departed this life December 1, 1802 aged one year and eleven months
( bottom portion photo also by Annette O'Brien)
And thou my partner who surveys my doom, Since heaven in mercy has prolong of thy breath
May this sad warning from thy partners tomb, Calm thy last moment in the pangs of death.

John Mellow
off site link ]

- N -

NANCARROW, Peter and wife Jemima, son William John

- O -

Beneath this stone lies all that is mortal of William Olver
late of this parish who died Oct 31 AD 1866 aged [86?] years
Also of Ann his wife who departed this life
on the 22 day of April 1858 aged [??] years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

F. W. Osborne

In loving memory of Irvine Harold Osborne the darling child of Luther Garfield and Kate
who fell asleep Jan 2, 1932 aged [2] months
also Kate w/o Luther J. and mother of the above
died Aug 25, 1965 aged 70 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

- P -


[Churchyard picture and information by Mark Jose.
The inscription on the left reads:]

Sacred to the memory of
George Pinch of this Churchtown,
who departed this life on the 9th February, 1840
in the 75th year of his life

[The inscription on the right reads:]

Sacred to the memory of Mary, the daughter of
Rd Cory of Plymswood, Jacobstow, Gent
and wife of George Pinch
(Innkeeper in this Churchtown)
who died in the 61st year of her age on Saturday
the 11th of October 18(26?)
and was interned here on the Thursday following

Sacred in memory of George Trethewey Pinch
the son of George and Mary Pinch of this Parish
who departed this life on Shrove Tuesday
the 26th of February 1811, Aged 10 months
Also George Cory Pinch, son of the above,
entered his eternal rest on Shrove Tuesday
the 2nd of March 1813 Aged 5 months

In memory of Samuel Pinch of this Parish
who died Jan 27th 1845 Aged XL years
Also John Arthur Pinch (his son)
who died April 16th 1832 aged four months
"Reader, prepare to meet thy God"

Also his two granddaughters Mary [Phillips] 22 Feb 1858 aged 5
Jane 29 April 1859 aged 8

Samuel Phillips
off site link ]

- Q -

  • vacant

- R -


(four sides, pictures and
information by Myra Davey)

In Affectionate Remembrance of
William Richards
of Trethosa Cottage, St. Stephen
Who Departed This Life
July 24th 1873 aged 72 years
Also His Beloved Wife Sarah Dickens
Who Departed This Life
August 4th 1890 aged 71
Mourned by 10 Sons

In loving memory of Samuel Rundle
died March 17, 1891 aged 67 years
also of Mary Ann his wife
died April 19, 1888 aged 63 years
and Ellen their daughter
died March 16, 1916 aged 63 years

Morley Truscott
Died of Wounds at Etaples
October 20, 1916 aged 28
William George
Who Was Killed in Action
With the Balkan Force
November 17, 1916 aged 27 years
Second and Third Sons of
G.S. and E.A. Richards
Avondale, St. Stephen

This Monument Was Erected By Their
Fourth Son Albert John AD 1907
Who Was Born January 28, 1844
and Departed This Life
August 21, 1907 aged 63 years

Loving Memory of Grenville Surcombe
Beloved Husband of Edna Richards
Who Died at Newquay
April 3, 1924 aged 68 years
Also Edna Ann His Beloved Wife
Who Entered Into Rest October 29, 1929
aged 75 years

Abraham Richards
off site link ]

RICKARD - Emma Jane, and Walter of Rose Villa

Henry beloved husband of Isabella Robins
died May 4, 1922 aged 72 years
Also of Isabella his beloved wife
died Aug 4, 1925 aged 75 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

Laura and Edwin Robins
(photo by Rob Adams)

Rullboork grave
off site link ]

- S -

Grenville SURCOMBE see Edna RICHARDS

Emily and Edwin Smith
(picture by Rob Adams)

In memory of Kitty Smith of this parish who departed this life
December 25th 1857 aged 29 years (picture by Annette O'Brien)

STRONGMAN - Sarah, James, Mary, George, and Alice


[Churchyard picture and information
by Mark Jose]

In memory of Mary Jane, only daughter
of the late Thomas Stribley of Probus,
who died in this Parish
December 19th 1877 Aged 24 years.
"her end was peace"

James Stephens
off site link ]

Kitty Smith
off site link ]

Thomas Salter
off site link ]

- T -

In Memory of John Thomas of this Parish who departed this life Aug 1837 aged 58 years

Laura Catherine Thomas
Loving Memory of Laura Catherine
The Beloved Wife of Alfred John Thomas
Who Died At Harvose, St. Stephens
Feb 22 1911 Aged 32 Years
At Rest
And Alfred John Her Beloved Husband
Who died At [-?-] Tonwyn
October 20th 1963
Aged 87 Years
(photo by Rob Adams)

In memory of Betsey Trethuey wife of Tho.
who died the 26 day of Nov 1829 aged 36 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

In Loving Memory of Jacob the beloved husband of
Elizabeth Trudgian of Lanjeth who died Aug. 2(6?)th 1915 aged 56 years
Also of his children Edwin, [Hannah?], Clifford and [Rose?] died in infancy
also of Elizabeth his beloved wife
who died March 20, 1927 aged 82 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

James Truscott of Nanpean who died July 9th 1866 aged 77 years
also Grace his wife died Oct 9th 185[7?] aged 70 years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

In Loving Memory of Horace beloved son of
Edwin and Lavinia Truscott of Trethosa who died June 8th 1912 aged 26 years
Also of their sons Glyde who died Aug 27th 1961 aged 70 years
and Glenn who died in U.S.A.
(photo by Rob Adams)

William Truscott of Trelion
died Sept 5th 1899 aged 92
his wife Issy Salter
died Sept 3rd 1873 aged 63
[ picture by Simon Truscott
simon [dot] truscott [at] tiscali [dot] co [dot] uk ]

Ann Truscott the wife of [Trethewey?]
William Truscott [Trethewey?]
of this parish who departed
this life on the 22? day of June
1812 in the 67 year of her age
[Here?] [beneath?] lies the body of Ann
[?] Trethewey [?] [?]
departed this life on the 24 day of
April 1814 in the 32nd year of age
[picture by Simon]

Sacred to the memory of
Belinda Truscott
[?] [?] [?] Truscott
[?] [?] 12 Dec
[aged?] 27 [years?]
[picture by Simon]

1791 AGED -6 YEARS

[picture by Simon]
[another picture by Stu, also stone read by same]

George Truscott of Court born [?] 15, 179[9?] died Feb 12, 1876
also of Catherine his wife born Dec [?] 1812 died June 12, 1887
(photograph by Annette O'Brien)

Sacred to the memory of John Truscott of this parish who departed this life June 22th in the year of our Lord 1844 aged 68 years
also in memory of George Truscott son of John and Philippa Truscott of this parish who departed his life September 12th 18[16?] aged 2[?] years
(photo by Annette O'Brien)

Memory of George Truscott of Tregascoe
who died Feb 7th 1839 aged 69
also of Christine his wife
who died Aug 28, 1852 aged 75
[picture by Simon]  [photo by Rob Adams]

In memory of Susan the wife of Henry Truscott
of this parish, who died July 4th 1848
aged 51 years
[picture by Simon]

Sacred to the memory of Ambrose Truscott
(of Hay) in this parish who died
April the 6th 1844 aged 24 years
also to the momory of Ambrose Truscott
his son who died August the 12th 1844 age 4 days
[picture by Simon]

In memory of Kitty daughter of James & Ann Truscott
who died 19 Aug 1843 aged 8 years
Mary Jane daughter of James & Ann Truscott
who died 19 Aug 1843 aged 2 years
William son of James & Ann Truscott
who died 22 Aug 1843 aged 11 months
William Truscott son of James & Ann Truscott
[note: rest of stone below ground and not readable]
[picture by Simon]

[Sacred?] to the memory of Henry Truscott
(of Hay) in this parish who died
January 1st 1843 aged 47 years
also Ann his daughter [?]
died January 31st 1829 aged 4 years & 4 months
[?]wine Susan his daughter [?]
died March 20th 1842 aged 8 years & 4 months
[picture by Simon]

In loving memory of Frances
daughter of Henry and Susan Truscott, of Hay,
in this parish, who died 18 Sep 18th 1891, aged 68
[picture by Simon] [photograph by Annetta O'Brien]

Jane Truscott, died March 22nd, 1889, aged 68 years
[picture by Simon]

William Hicks Truscott, died Feb 8th, 1901, aged 89 years.
[picture by Simon]

In loving memory of Emily A. Truscott
daughter of Nicholas & Ann Truscott, of this parish,
who died Feb 13th 1892 aged 39 years
[?] by her brother William
[picture by Simon]

In memory of Ann
the beloved wife of James Truscott
of Trewithen in this parish
who died July 8th 1888, aged 82 years
also of the above named James Truscott
who died at Poolelose, Stephens
Oct 11th 1891, aged 83 years
[picture by Simon]

In Memoriam
William youngest son of the late Thomas Truscott, of Creakavose
St Stephens, died Dec 19, 1900, aged 68 years
In loving memory of Mary Truscott
wife of George Truscott of Creakavose
who died Feb 11, 1905 aged 77 years
[picture by Simon

Harold Simeon Truscott died 25 April 1981 aged 67
joined by wife Patricia May Ellen died 1 September 2007 aged 85
[photograph by Annetta O'Brien]

Joseph Truscott fourth son of the late George Truscott of Court
who passed from earth to heaven 19 Dec 1905 aged 80 years
[photograph by Annetta O'Brien]

In loving memory of Henry Truscott
of Meledor Mill, St Stephens
who died May 15th 1894, aged 81
[picture by Simon]

Loving Memory of Alfred James Truscott
Died at Pothole March 5, 1938,
aged 91 years
Jane his wife,
Died Aug 2, 1894, aged 40
Mary Ann Truscott,
Died Jan 1, 1953, aged 72
(Grave P 17, Pothole Sticker, farmer
picture by Myra Davey)

Ambose Truscott
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Susan Truscott
off site link ]

- U -

  • vacant

- V -

  • vacant

- W -

Sacred to the memory of John Williams of Tolgarrick in this parish who departed this life 2nd July 1839 aged 74 years
and Margaret his wife, she died 6th December 1843 aged 81 years

Walter WILLIAMS, died June 3, 1886 (china clay labourer, grave E 68, no tombstone located (information by Myra Davey)

Ann Webber
off site link ]

- X -

  • vacant

- Y -

YELLAND (off site link)

In memory of John Yelland of Little [?]scoe in this parish who died March 30? 1865, aged 88? year

Mary Yelland (1)
off site line ]

Mary Yelland (2)
off site link ]

YELLAND, Richard and Lavinia

In Loving Memory of William Yelland
of High Street in this parish
who died June 7th, 1896 aged 58
Also Mary Annie daughter of William and Edna Yelland
who died September 4th, 1884 aged 5 years
Also Anna his beloved wife
who died December 28, 1922 aged 74 years
(photo by Rob Adams)

- Z -

  • vacant