Wills:   A Sampling of Early Bermuda Wills

The following are transcriptions of wills from microfilm records stored at the Bermuda Archives. They are only a sampling. They often provide  information about the testator, family and neighbors, and the times in which they lived. Please contact cpolnaszek4666@Charter.net  if you would like to send documents for inclusion on this page, or need assistance in interpreting any document. A special thanks to those who have contributed!



Albuoy, Bernard
Albuoy, John
Albuoy, Margaret
Albuoy, Miriam
Archer, Edward
Arthur, Christopher
Astwood, Deborah
Astwood, Nathaniel
Astwood, Nathaniel (2)
Atwood, Thomas


Ball, Richard
Ballard, John
Beek, John
Beek, Sarah
Blackburn, Edward
Blackburn, Richard, brother of Edward Blackburn of Bermuda
Browne, Abell (of Maryland)
Brownlow, Fridesweed (nee Smith)
Brownlow, Hannah
Brownlow, Israel
Brownlow, Joseph
Burch, David
Burchall, Peter
Burrows, Jerome (administration of estate to widow Elizabeth)


Cary, Lucius (1828), deceased, sale of estate
Chaddock, Thomas (Captain)
Cooper (Cowper), Martha
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cuttrie, Elizabeth (divorce)
Cuttrie, Elizabeth


Darell, Anne (Horne) of Little Chart, Kent, England (1622)
Darell, James of London; sons emigrated to Bermuda c 1643
Darrel, James Sr
Darrel, John of Little Chart, Kent (1645)
Darrell, John
Darrell, John
Darrell, John (guardianship)
Darrell, Joseph (letters of administration)
Darrell, Mary (wife of Moore)
Darrell, Moore
Darrel, Sir Robert of Calehill House, Little Chart, Kent, England (1646)
Dean, James
Dickinson, Edward
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, Mary (estate)
Dickinson, Samuel
Dill, Joseph
Dill, Lawrence
Downing, Patrick
Downing, Thomas
Dunscomb, Benjamin
Dunscomb, Benjamin & Mather deed
Dunscomb, Benjamin & Mather deed
Dunscomb, Christian (1729) widow of Edward
Dunscomb, Edward (1733)
Dunscomb, Edward (1790)
Dunscomb, Edward (1880) Bermuda to Nashville, TN
Dunscomb, John (1777)
Dunscomb, Phillip
Dunscomb, Samuel (1705)
Dunscomb, Samuel (1705, deposition/affidavit)
Dunscomb, Samuel (1797)
Dunscomb, Thomas
Dunscomb, Thomas
Durnford, Andrew , Major (will 1798)
Durnford, Elizabeth , alias Lucas, mistress of Andrew (will 1840)
Dutarque, Lewis(dec'd- deed SC)
Dutarque, Lewis(dec'd- deed #2 SC)


Evans, Edward
Evans, Sarah
Eve, Abraham
Eve, Abraham
Eveson, Elias John
Eveson, John


Frith, Joseph Henry Smith
Frith, Josiah Hutchings
Frith, Lazarus
Frith, Lazarus Sr.
Frith, Solomon
Frith, Susan Caroline Stamers
Frith, William, estate settlement


Gilbert, John (will & inventory)
Gilbert, Mary
Gilbert, Thomas
Gilbert, Thomas (inventory)
Gilbert, Thomas (admin & inventory)
Graisbury, Joseph (Captain)
Green, Mary
Green, William
Griffin, John
Guppy, Alice Mary Lechmere (obituary)


Hallett, Henry
Harriott, John
Harvey, John
Harvey, Sir John
Hayward, John
Hill, Joshua (elder)
Hinson, Joseph
Hinson, Joseph
Hollis, John Nelson
Hunt, Angelina
Hunt, Richard
Hutchings, Judith
Hyland, Wm Christopher John (obituary)



Jadwyn, Thomas
Mary Jennings (deed SC)
Daniel Jennings (SC)
Joell, Richard.
Joell, Sarah.
Joell, Solomon Sr.
Joell, Thomas.
Joell, Thomas (South Carolina)
Joell, William.
Joell, William.
Jones, Edmund Thomas
Jones, Frances Elizabeth
Jones, Francis John
Jones, George
Jones, George
Jones, George Albert


Keele, Mary
Keele, William Sr
Kettletas, Gerritt (NY) father of Aletta Kettletas, wife of Richard Jennings
Knapton, Anna
Knapton, John
Knapton, Mary
Knapton, Mary
Knapton, Moses
Knapton, Moses (inventory)
Knapton, Moses


Lea, Copeland
Lea, Philip (estate)
Lightbourn, Benjamin
Lightbourn, Joseph
Lightbourn, Samuel
Lindie, William


Moore, Dorothy
Moore, Henry


Newbold, Rebecca
Nugent, Thomas Michael


Outerbridge, Capt Thomas, inventory of estate


Paynter, Paul Sir, of Middlesex, England
Paynter, Stephen
Pearman, Daniel Greatbatch
Pearman, John
Pearman, John the elder
Pearman, William
Peniston, Ann Harvey
Peniston, Eliza, wife of Francis R Peniston: obituary
Peniston, Francis (estate)
Peniston, Jeremiah
Peniston, Mary Jane
Peniston, Richard Sr
Peniston, Richard Sr
Peniston, Richard and Elizabeth
Peniston, Richard F
Peniston, Samuel
Peniston, Sarah
Peniston, Thomas
Pitt, Christopher
Pitt, Elizabeth (spouse John)
Pitt, Elizabeth (nee Joell)
Place, John & Mary
Poulton, Paynter, estate settlement
Potter, Margery (1st marriage to Pearman)
Prudden, Nathaniel Sr



Randolph, Edward of Va, names Gilbert Nelson & Samuel Spofforth of Bermuda
Reynolds, William
Richardson, William


Saltus, Francis
Sherlock, Edward
Sherlock, Edward (estate)

Sherlock, Samuel
Sherlock, Sarah (nee Stafford, also widow of Joell)
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Christopher
Smith, Henry Archibald
Smith, Honora
Smith, Isaac
Smith, John
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Thomas Edward
Smith, Thomas Webb
Somers, Sir George
Stiles, Copeland, late Comptroller of Turks Is
Stone, William of SC
Stowe, Joseph Sr


Thomas, Sarah
Thompson, Robert (1642)
Todd, John Sr.
Trimingham, James Harvey - obituary
Trott, Perient
Trott, Samuel  Esq., estate
Tucker, George (1622)
Tucker, George (1639)
Tucker, James
Tucker, John Sr
Tucker, John Harvey
Tucker, Mary
Tynes, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs)
Tynes, Nathaniel



Vardell, Thomas(of Charleston, SC)
Vesey, Abraham
Vesey, Abraham Sr.
Vesey, Ada Winthrop (nee Peniston)
Vesey, Benjamin
Vesey, Catherine
Vesey, Catherine (estate)
Vesey, Charles
Vesey, Charles
Vesey, Charles
Vesey, John (Besea)
Vesey, Joseph
Vesey, Maria (wife of Capt. Joseph Vesey of Charleston)
Vesey, Mary (Dunscomb)
Vesey, Nathaniel (Besey)
Vesey, Nathaniel
Vesey, Nathaniel
Vesey, Robert
Vesey, Sarah
Vesey, Solomon (estate)
Vickers, John


Watlington, Francis Sr.
Watlington, Francis (administration of estate to widow Elizabeth)
Wells, John
Wharton, Thomas
White, Anthony
White, Sarah
Whitney, Mary
Wilkinson, John (Southampton, VA)
Wiseman, John
Samuel Wood, manumission of Julius: 26 Feb 1827
Wright, Richard


Yates, Nathaniel