Ship Passenger and Immigration Lists

South Street seaport, NYC 1855

The Brig Tornado

from Bermuda to the Port of New York, 1854
District of New York- Port of New York
"I, O McCarty, do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the following list or manifest subscribed with my name ... a just and true account of all the passengers taken on board the Brig Tornado whereof I am master from Bermuda. Sworn... 1 Sep 1854 ...

Listed below are name, age, occupation, country belonging, country in which they intend to become inhabitants.

Mm Hanley, age 48 F lady, Turk's Islands, USA
Daniel Hunt, age 30 M merchant, Bermuda USA
Mm Hunt, age 23, F, lady, Bermuda, USA
A J Hunt, age 8 months, M, child, Bermuda, USA
Alfred Northern, age 38, M, merchant, Bermuda, USA
Heneor? McCall, age 36, M, merchant, Bermuda, USA
A E D Mims (or Mems), age 34, M, merchant, Bermuda, USA
Chas H Gibert, age 30, M, merchant, Bermuda, USA
Saml S Inghore (?Ingham?), age 36, M, merchant, Bermuda, USA
Martha McGall, age 40, F, ---, USA, USA
Hr Joseph McGall, age 11, M, ---, USA, USA
Wm Jos McGall, age 9, M, ---, USA, USA
Mary M McGall, age 8, F, ---, USA, USA
Elizabeth McGall, age 6, F, ---, USA, USA
Quintino McGall, age 4, M, ---, USA, USA
Johanna ?emp (Hemp 0r Kemp?), age 18, F, seamstress, Ireland, USA
Sein Deuismite (?), age 2 yrs 3 mo, M, child, USA, USA
John Naynier, age 43, M, shipwright, England, USA
Charlotte Fraysuer (or Fraysier), age 19, F, dressmaker, England, USA
Louis Clark, age 28, M, engineer, England, USA
Margaret McCartney, age 26, F, seamstress, USA, USA
Thomas W McCartney, age 10, M, child, USA, USA (James?)
Elizabeth McCartney, age 2, F, child, USA, USA
Thomas W McCartney, age 9 mo, M, child, USA, USA

Source: FHC film #0175501 record #1176
This material made available through the generous permission of the Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild and the transcriber Meg Sibbersen