A Survey of the Inhabitants of Bermuda

A Survey of the Inhabitants of Bermuda

Taken sometime between 1783 and 1808 (probably 1789)


This undated document is now housed in the Bermuda Archives. It was first in possession of John Harvey Tucker of Somerville. The cover page conatined an inscription "… given to me shortly after my return from Nova Scotia…" He returned in 1813. It is not known why the document was compiled but it includes both the owners and the inhabitants for this period as well as the valuation of land, property, and timber. The earliest date of 1783 was determined as a listed inhabitant, Robert Dalziel was known to arrive in this year. The document is though to be the work of a select committee of the House of Assembly or of a Joint Committee of the House and the Council. As Sepaker of the House, James Tucker of Bellevue, Paget would logically have come into possession. James Tucker was father of John Harvey Tucker of Somerville, named above. His daughter Louisa Bryan Tucker gave the document to Mr H J Tucker. (reference: Bermuda Historical Quarterly, Vol 3, no. 2-4, 1946).

The Survey begins with the following: "The Committee appointed to make a estimate of the real estate of the inhabitants of these Islands distinguishing the parishes and the freeholders in each parish with the names of the several owners or possessors – the quanitty of acres and value of timber, houses or other improvements to be made to the best of their ability on principles of equity and justice – having perfected the business beg leave to offer their report to the consideration of the House, viz….."

For a listing of the contents of each parish, CLICK ON THE PARISH NAME below:

St George’s
Pembroke - Part 1
Pembroke - Part 2
Warwick - Part 1
Warwick - Part 2
Southampton - Part 1
Southampton - Part 2
Sandy’s - Part 1
Sandy’s - Part 2