Surname Studies of Bermuda Families

The following are descendant  lines and reference data for Bermudians or those with Bermudian connections. They are offered as guides for further research and are not to be taken as proven lines. There may be errors or suppositions which may not be supported by the records. The original records should always be consulted. (Note: surnames are listed in alphabetical order)



Adcock, William  (c1799 - 1864)
Adderly, Abraham  (c1650-1688)
Albuoy (1600"s)
Arnold, Benedict: notes (son was stationed in Bermuda)
Astwood, (c1600)
Astwood, John  (c1770)


Ballard, John  (c1610-c1659)
Bell, Boaz  (c1740-c1810)
Bell, John  (d bef 1606)
Bell, William H  (bc1820)
Brangman, Stephen Judkin (c1820-1880)
Bristow(e), John  (?-1677)
Browne, Robert  (c1622-1660)
Brown, Robert  (1814-1890)
Browne, Simon (c1500) (desc Wm Browne was Gov of Bermuda)
Brownlow, John (died c1776)

Burchall, Elisha (c1740)
Burchall, Robert (c1780)
Burgess, Thomas (d abt 1663)


Caron, William  (c1630-1705)
Clements, William (c1730- ?)
Conyers,? (c1750)
Conyers,? (c1750)
Conyers, Jonathan  (c1700-bef 1778)
Cooper, John Francis (1818-1903)
Cooper, Thomas  (c1630-1689)
Copeland, Patrick (c1572-c1648)


Dando, Marmaduke  (1610-1668)
Darrell, John  (1540 - 1617)
DeClare & Dukes of Normandy  (c900)
Dill, Joseph  (died c1776)
Downing, Patrick  (c1630-aft 1714/5)
Dunkley, Thomas  (1810-1855)
Dunscombe ()
Durham, William  (1558- ?)
Durnford, Andrew  (1744-1798)


Egan, Stephen   (1776-1817)
Eveson, Elias John   (c1757-1811)


Fitt, Thomas  (died c1755)
Foggo, Alfred  (c1860)
Forster (c1560?)
Fox, Charles Edwin (c1850)
Fox, Copeland (c1810)
Frith, William (died 1771)


Gaudier (Goodier), John (c1750-?)
Gauntlett, John (c1750- bef 1819)
Gauntlett, William (c1800-?)
George, Richard William (1794-1856)
Gilbert, Ephraim (died 1769)
Gilbert, Thomas (died 1767)
Godet, Theodore (1740-1809)
Goodrich, John (c1788; VA to Bermuda)
Gorham, Richard (1840-1889)
Gosling Ambrose (1787-1857)

Gray, Benjamin Charles Thomas (c1795)

Griffiths,James (1831-1885)
Grimsditch (Grymesditch), John (c1550-?)
Guppy, William (1475-1527)


Hallett, Henry (1817-1901)
Hamilton, James Henry (1827-1869)
Harvey, John (? -1757)
Hayward, Nicholas (c1775-1853)
Hayward, John (c1720-?)
Heath, John (c1820-1868)
Higinbotham, Ralph ()
Higgs, Samuel (c1730- ?)
Hill, John (c1660- ?)
Hollis, John (c1750)
Hinson (c1600 - ?)
Hinson, Cornelius (died aft 1786)
Hubbard, George (1619- aft 1686)
Hubbard, John (c1630-aft 1685)
Hunt, Thomas (1579- ?)
Hyland, Christopher (died 1817)


Ingham, Edward  (c1740-1815)


Jackson, Mary Frances  (1805-1865) & Francis Peniston
Jadwyn, William  (1526-?)
Jauncey, John  (?-aft 1731)
Jennings, Richard  (1559-1669)
Jenour, Anthony  (c1628-c1675)

Joell, Richard  (? - 1688)
Jones, Francis (died aft 1637)
Jones, John  (c1725-1800)


Ketchum, Stephen (1729-1821)
Karkeek Kirkham, George(1815-1868)
Knapton, John (died aft 1662)
Knowles, Damon (1608-1669)


Lea, Philip (c1625-1689)
Leacraft, Richard  (c1600-c1672)
Lee, Robert (c1770-c1853)
Lightbourn, Joseph (c1770-1814)
Loblein, John Henry (Johann Heinrich Loeblein) (1772 - 1843)


Mallory, Anketil (c1350-?)
McCartney, James (1803 - 1863)
Mercer, William (b late 1600"s)
Minors, Jacob (1791-1875))
Munroe, John Henry (1817-1860)
Musson, William (c1690-c1743)


Norwood, Roger (c1530-1593)


Outerbridge, Charles  (c1550-?)


James Patterson (c1600) Scotland to Bermuda
Paul Paynter (died 1784/86)
Stephen Paynter (late 1500's-aft 1659)
Pearman : references in Bermuda records 1600-1800's
John Pearman (d 1770)
Updated Peniston Pedigree (contributed by Linda Stanton)
Anthony Peniston (? - 1559)
Jean Perot (c1600's)
John Philpott (1815-1881)
John Alexander Philpott (1840-1902)
Edward Plummer (?-aft1693)
Nathaniel Prudden (c1630-c1685)



Rankin, ()
Ratteray, Charles Roach(1800-1872)
Rees (c1850-?)
William Reynolds (c1595 - ?)
Reynolds Family Genealogy 1570 - 1800's
Robert Rich (1496 - 1568)
Rich, Sir Robert (contributed by Duncan Stewart, 2003)
William Riddell (c1700-c1754)
Righton, Stephen (c1635-aft 1677)
Roberts, Henry (1777-1859)


John Savage (b c1550)   
Sayle, William (d aft 1669)
Sherlock, Edward (c1615 - 1683)
Simmons, William (c1620-?)
Simons, William B(enjamin?) (1807-1867)
Sims, George (c1790-bef 1853)
Smith, Christopher (c1601 - 1677)
Smith, Francis Fox (1835-1901)
Smith, Samuel ("Collector")(c1660-1730)
Smith, Rev Thomas (1812 - 1874)
Smith, William (died 1796)
Somersall, John (1600's-c1671)
Somersall, John (died aft 1704)
Spencer, Nicholas (?-1729)
John Spurling (c1615 - ?)
Stafford, Richard (c1600)

Steed, Benjamin (born c1830)
Steed, William Thomas (1800-1853)
Stone, Benjamin Newbold (1790-1855)
Stone, ___ (c1620)
Stone, Henry (c1775)
John Stowe (1610-1684)
Stubbs, Wade (bef 1800)


Nathaniel Tatem (c1580-1660)
Todd (c1600)
Jonathan Trimingham (c1600)
Perient Trott (d aft 1670)
William Tucker (c1495-c1543)
John Tunbridge (1842-1909)
Jonathan Turner (1627-aft1705)
Thomas Tuzo (1753-1815)
Tynes (c1620)



George Vallis (1830-1908)
Hubbard Vesey (1763 - 18??)


Benjamin Wainwright (c1770-1824)
William Watlington (?-aft 1652)
Edward Wanton (1629-1716)- desc Ruth Wanton,  wife of Gov Wm Browne of Bermuda
Thomas Wells (c1600 - aft 1673)
Joseph Williams (c1700 - c1743)
Daniel Wingood (1778-1858)
Jacob Field Winser (1781-1835)
Thomas Wood (?-aft 1676)
Samuel Wood (c1756-1833)


John Zuill (1760-1813)