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Reference Shelf

Nonfiction resources:

  • Bermuda Historical Quarterly

May, June, July 1944: letters of Gov Wm Browne; claim to Turk's Islands; early literary socieety

July, August, September 1944: letters of Gov Wm Browne; claim to Turk's Islands; War of 1812,; current events

October, November, December 1944: letters of Gov Wm Brown; claim to Turk's Islands; Sir Peter Parker, HMS Menelaus 1814; cameos of old Bermuda

April, May, June 1945: Gov, council & assembly during the 1st half 18th Century; Diary of Rev James Holliday (1746-1747); Narratives of the prize court (the brig "Young Syndey"; letters of Samuel Brownlow Gray

April, May, June 1946: Tucker letters; journal of John Harvey Darrell; survey of Bermuda pt I

July, August, September 1946: Portuguese in Bermuda; Tucker Letters; Narrative of a prize court; Journal of John Harvey Darrell; survey of Bermuda part II

October, November, December 1946; Tuckers Letters; Journal of John Harvey Darrell; Prize essay; survey of Bermuda part III

April, May, June 1949: Portrait of John Green; Incomplete story of John Green; John Donne and Bermuda; Tucker Papers; Forbes Letters; Imprisoned for blockade running; growth of steam communication after the sixties

January, February, March 1952: Servants on Horseback by Wm Golding

October, November, December 1952: Tucker Papers; sloop Welcom Return; Darrell Family

Autumn 1953: British military and admiralty lands

Summer 1955: Repercussions of the gunpowder theft 1775

Spring 1956: The early life of William Browne, Governor 1782-1788

Spring 1957: Hurricane of 1813

Winter 1959: Bermuda and the French Revolution Part II

Summer 1960: Bermuda and the French Revolution Part IV

Autumn 1960: Outline of history of courts in Bermuda

Spring 1961: Shipwrecked Spaniards in 1639

Summer 1961: Bermuda-built Royal Naval ships

Spring 1962: American consular records, Civil War period

Summer 1962: Spanish Rock, Portuguese epigraphy in Bermuda 1543; Bulwark of the empire

Winter 1962: Sir Edwin Sandys 1561-1629

Spring 1964: Bermuda maritime protests

Summer 1964: Maritime protests

Autumn 1964: Witchcraft in the Somers Isles

Summer 1967: Verdmont, a history of the property

Spring 1968: Bermuda homes and American connections

Summer 1968: Reports on Bermuda by 2 18th Century Governors

Spring 1969: Civil Letters

Autumn 1969: Milton Manor near Gravesend

Spring 1971: The Bridge House, St George's

Summer 1971: Bermuda military forces 1687-1815

Spring 1973: Henry Corbusier and his times 1718-1764

Summer 1974: Story of St Anne's Church, Southampton Parish

Autumn 1976: Loyalist Governor, William Browne 1782-1788


  • LDS Microfilm:  British film area
    Bermuda Police records: 

St George's Gaol 1839-1897     #1909506 3-5;  199507-510

Hamilton Gaol 1846-1898        #1909511-515 item 1

Court records:                           #1909498 item 1-7;  #109499 item 1, 3-7;    #1909478-                                                     480;   #1909497 item 1-3

Land & Property:                       1857078-079;  1909427-434;  1909468-477

Baptisms, burial                        (ADM 6/434)  1826 - 1848     film #1818341 items 5-7,9

Baptisms Confirmations          (ADM 6/435)  1847 - 1946; 1849 - 1900   film #1818341

Burials                                        (ADM 6/436)  1848 - 1946    film #1818341

Baptisms at Boaz Garrison      (ADM 6/439)  1903 - 1911, 1918     film #1818341

  • The 'Bermuda Royal Gazette' newspaper available on microfilm from:
    Preservation Resources
    9 South Commerce Way
    Bethlehem, PA 18017
    telephone: (610) 758-87

The microfilm can only be provided after permission has been granted by the Bermuda National Library (as specified by Preservation Resources agreement with the Bermuda National Library) who owns the collection currently in storage there.  Please contact: C. Joanne Brangman,  Head Librarian,  Bermuda National Library, “Par-la-Ville”, 13 Queen Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda         Telephone: (441) 295-1313      Email.

  • "Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Bermuda, 1818-1906" [Microfilm ID T262, Record Group RG059, 11 reels]. These despatches contain information about shipwrecks on the Bermuda coastline, and U.S. Government aid to American seamen stranded in Bermuda, and are available on microfilm from the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration.
    National Archives Trust Fund
    Cashier (NAT)
    8601 Adelphi Road, Room 5100
    College Park, MD 20740-6001

    National Archives Trust Fund
    P.O. Box 100793
    Atlanta, GA 30384-0793  Archives II Customer Services Center by telephone: 1-800-234-8861.
    2002 prices are $34 per reel for domestic orders and $39 per reel for foreign orders (shipping is included).

  • Public Records Office
    CO 23 Colonial Office – Bahamas Original Correspondence
    1-127 covers 1717-1847
    File 1548 has Returns of the Sale of Slaves in Montserrat, Bermuda, Bahamas, Tobago, St Vincent
    File 1617 has compensation for Guiana, Montserrat, Bermuda, Bahamas, Tobago

  • Church of England Records (St Thomas’ Parish Records) Turks Islands
    Register of Births and Baptism 1792-1818 11/16 and 12/16
    Births and Baptisms 1792-1818 5/16 (Record of John Lorimer)
    Baptisms, 1822-1835 4/18 (records Baptisms at Wades Green Estate)
    Baptisms, 1822-1835 15/18 (Free Slaves and Apprentices, 1834, Slaves 1833-4)
    Baptisms, 1822-1835 16/18 (Slaves 1831-1833)
    Baptisms, 1822-1835 17/18 (Black and coloured, Slaves and Free 1827-1830)
    Baptisms, 1822-1835 18/18 (Black and coloured, Slaves and Free 1825-1827)

  • UNESCO/WTO joint Caribbean Programme of Cultural Tourism On the Slave Route Project. started 2000
    This research project involves Caribbean nations, including Bahamas, Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands who are not geographically in the Caribbean Sea but fall within the economic and socio-political development of the region.