1066 - Present


Colonel Wm. Corbusier



            Gleanings concerning the family of Peniston by William Henry Corbusier, Colonel, United States Army, retired honorary member of the Bermuda Historical Society, etc.

            In the records the name is also spelled Penygeston, Peningstone, Penison, Pennystone, Penystone, Penistone and Penn is ton. Penn (Welsh) signifies a head or promontory of land, ton or tun (Gaelic) an enclosure or estate. The early Penistons were Britons and the name was of repute in the year 959.





            1. Sir Thomas Peniston of Trewro (house or castle on the Uro in Cornwall, Wales, in the time of the conquest, 1066.




i. Thomas, 2;

ii. Sir John, 3;

iii. William, 4.





            2. Sir John Peniston, son of 1.




i. Sir William, 5.





            5. Sir William Peniston, Knt., son of 2 ii.




i. Sir George, 6.




            6. i. Sir George Peniston, son of 5.i.




i. Sir Thomas, 7.





            7. i. Sir Thomas Peniston of Trewro (Truro), son of 6.i., married….. Ilderton whose arms were: Argent, three water bougets sable.




i. Sir Giles, 8.





            8. i. Sir Giles Peniston of Trewro, son of 7.i. knt., and Lord of Peniston in Yorkshire, which he built in the time of R.I., J & H. 111.1189-1272. Married firstly Isabella, Countess of Cornwall.  Married secondly Matilda, daughter of Richard De Harcourt of Stanton, Harcourt. Ellenhall, etc., Co, Oxon., whose arms were:  Gules, two bars or and who died in 1258. His wife was Alice daughter of Sir Thomas Noel of Ellenhall, and they had a son William deHarcourt who married Arabella de Quincey. TheHarcourtswere descended from Bernard of the royal blood of Saxony, Lord of Harcourt in 876. Alliances with the Earls of Newberg, De Warwickde Beauchamp etc.


Issue by Isabella:


i. Anne, 9, o.s.p.


Issue by Matilda:


ii. Sir Geoffrey, 10;

iii. Matilda, 11;





            10. ii. Sir Geoffrey de Peniston, Knt., co. York son of 8.i. Married Grace daughter of Sir Edmund d'Eyncourt of Blankeney, second son of Lord d'eyncourt whose arms were: Azure, a fess dancette or between twelve billets or.




i. Thomas, 12.





            12. i. Thomas de Peniston, Knt., son of 10. ii, married Katherine daughter of Hartley, whose arms were: Or, a bend cotised sable.




i. Edmond, 13;

ii. Katherine, 14 married to Sir William Norris.





            13. i. Edmond de Peniston, Esq Lord of Beckhamefield, co Buck and of Eastborne in right of his wife, son of 12 i. Married, Beatrice daughter, and heir of Sir Gregory Farconbridge, Knt., the second son of Walter, Lord Fawconbridge and Agnes Brue, whose arms were: Argent, a lion rampant, (Azure), a border Azure, or the following: or, afesse azure, in chief three pallets gules.




i. Sir Walter, 15.





            15. i. Sir Walter de Peniston, Knt., Lord of Beckhamefeld, co. Bucks., son of 13.i., married Dorothy, daughter of Humfry Ingleby whose arms were: Sable, a star A..




i. Sir George, 16;

ii. Ursula married to Sir Stephen Chenduyt; 17 had Richard and Anne.





            16. i. Sir George Peniston, Knt Lord of Beckhamefield, son of 15.i., married Margaret, daughter and heir to Sir William ……Harpenden, Knt., 43 E Ill, 1370 and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir Ralph Hosterly Knt., Arms of Harpenden: Argent, a mullet of six points gules persed or. Arms of Hosterly Barry of six argent and sable.




i. Sir Thomas, knot., 18;

ii. Elizabeth, 19; Married to Sir Philip La Vache, knt., of the garter, 12 R II, 1389;

iii. Matilda, 20, married firstly to Greville, married secondly to Thomas Lord of Camoys, married thirdly to Sir William Throckmorton.





            18. i. Sir Thomas Peniston, knt. co, Bucks, benefactor of Missenden Abbey, son of 16.i., married Isabel who brought him the manor of Hawrudge and was one of the daughters.. And a co, heir of John Lord Beawchampe, knt., Baron of Holt and Lord of Hawrudge (Hawridge) co. Worcester 19 E III 1346 and his wife Mary daughter and heir of Sir Richard Mowbray knt. son and heir of Ralfe Mowbray who was the second son of William Lord Mowbray which; Sir John Beawchampe was son and heir of William Lord Beawchamp and of Maude his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of the Lord Vfflet; which William Lord Beawchamp was son and heir of John Lord Beawchamp was third son of William de Beawchamp, Baron of Elmley, co. Worcester and Earl of Warwick (will January 2nd, 1268/69) in the right of Isabel his wife, the sister (daughter?) and heir of William Mauduit, Baron of Hempslap and Earl of Warwick in the right of his wife Alice (Living in 1246, died before 1263), daughter of Waleran de Newburgh (Beawmont), which William de Beawchamp Earl of Warwick was heir to Vrossois of Abbot, Earl of Worcester. Arms of Beauchampe: Gules a fess between six billets or, which were the ancient arms before the six crosses were added.




i. Sir John, 21;

ii. Ann, 22., married to Sir John Molyns; -

iii. Eleanor, 23 married firstly to Sir Edmond Wideon, married secondly to Sir John Denton;

iv. Mary, 24, married firstly to Sir John Mortimer of Gryndon and had Joan, married secondly        to…… Hawtrly, married thirdly to Sir Humfry Stafford.





            21. i. Sir John Peniston knt., Lord of Hawrudge 11 H IV, 1410, son of 18.i. died about 1416. Married Elianor daughter of John Chesham Esq., Lord of Chesham Boys, co Buck., Lord of Weldonhill in Co. Buck who died 5 H VI 1427. Elanor was married secondly to Sir John Cheney Arms of Chesham Az., on an inescutch. argent a bucks head cabossed rampant Arms of Sir John Bruse of Skelton: Azure (Arg.) a Lion rampant (Az.) semy of cross-crosslets or crowned gules.




[i]. Sir Richard, 25;

ii. Joyce, 26, married firstly to Sir William Fyenles, married secondly to Sir Ralph Dormer;

[iii].Beatrix, 27, married to Sir John Hampden of Hampden, co. Bucks.





            25. i. Sir Richard Peniston, knt., 35 H. VI., 1457 son of 21.i. married Margaret daughter and sole heir of Sir Philip Heries of Harris, knt who was the heir to Hammes, Willcots, or Wilcotes of Tew, Arderburgh or Arderboughe of Tew Pursell of Tew, Co. Oxon and of pratell of Tew, and of Mary his wife (Sir Philip's) daughter and sole heir of Sir John Mareschal, Knt of Barcomstead (Berkhampstead) in the Co. of Herts, which Sir John was heir to Stephen Knapton Knt. and heir to Sir Stephen Gonsell, and heir to Sir Giles Hawteville, knt., Arms of Harries: Az., a chevron ermine between three boars or.




i. sir Thomas S 28;

ii. Susan, 29, married firstly to Sir Richard Verney, married secondly to Sir William Packington.


Margaret was married secondly to Robert Bulstrode and had by him Sir William Bustrode.





            28. i. Sir Thomas Peniston (Pennystone), son of 25.i., 5 E IV, 1466. Lord of Hawridge (Hawrudge) and Marshall Co. Bucks Esq., Married Alice daughter of Richard Bulstrode: Sable a Stage head cabussed A. attired or. a cross pattee ficchee between the antlers and an arrow untinctured in its mouth fessways.




i. Thomas of Deane, 30;

ii. Jane, 31, married to John Hastings of Delford. Co. Oxon Esq; iii. Lettice or Leticia, 32. married firstly to Robert Knowles, armiger of Nether Winchedon, Co.  Bucks Esq.,  (Rotherfield,

Grays Oxford ..., a widow in 1521 she was married secondly to Sir Robert Lee, knt., of Burston (Quarrendon) Co. Bucks 1529, whose will was made October 8, 1537. proved May 10th 1539 died Feb. 23,1538/39. She was his second wife. Her will was made June 28, 1557. proved June 11, 1558. (The Heradl and Genealogist, London, 1874. pg. 292).





            30. i. Thomas Peniston (Pennystone), Esq of Deane in Co. Oxford son of 28.i. died January 8, 1556, will proved 1556, Married Annie daughter of Richard (Fox (Ffox) of Barford (Burford) Co Oxford, married secondly Agnes daughter of John Neville in the middle of the cell of Spe1lsburg Church on a brass tablet is this inscription On yr charitie pray for the soules of Thomas Peniston, Esq. of Dene and Agnes his wife which Thomas deceased the VIII day of January, An MDLVI and the said Agnes VII November MDLVI, on whose Soules Jesus have mercy Amen (Visit of Oxford, 1566, _4& 1634, pg. 153.)


Issue by Annie Foxe:


i. Anthony, Lord of Hawbridge, Esq. 33;

ii. Walter of Spillesburg, Co Oxford and London, 34;

iii.Wynefred 35, married to Sir Thomas Puleston, Pullison or Pullysone, Sheriff of London. Mayor, and had Alice, Elizabeth, Priden, Michael and Edward;

iv. Mychael of Hampton, Esq 36;

v. Anne, 37 married to Robert Lytlier (Lytlaw) of Cheshire;

vi. Dorothy, 38 married to George Whitton of Woodstock Park, gent., Arms Ffox Gules, Chevron Ermine between three lions - heads rased A. and a chief Ermine.


Issue by Agnes Neville ??:


[i) ? 39;

[ii]? 40;




            33. Anthony Peniston, Lord of Hawrudge, Esq., son of 30.i.. died May 20, 1559, married Jane daughter of Robert Newport of Rushock Co. Wighorne, by the daughter and heir of Talbot of Crafton. (Visit of Buckinghampshire, 1634, pg. 98).




i. Thomas of Deane, 41;

ii. Anthony of Saphorne, 42;

iii. Arthur, 43;

iv. Michael of London, 44;


Anthony 33.i. is said by Burke to have borne the arms: Gules three Leopards heads reversed argent, jessant de lis sable. Norfolk families pg. 662; visit Oxford, Harlein Soc., pg. 219) Jane married secondly to Cathrop of Norfolk and heir to Sir Philip Arms Checkey O. and  A. a fess Ermine.Arms of Newport: Gules. on a canton A afleur de lys sable.


            34. ii. Walter Peniston of Spillesburg, Co. Oxford and London son of 30.i., bur. May 6, 1573.




[i) ? 45;

[ii]? 46;


            36. iv. Kychae1 Peniston of Hampton, Co. Oxford, Esq., or of Havely, Co. Norfolk, gent or Shilton Co. Burks son of 30.i. married Anne, daughter of James Cathrop (Calthorpe) of Cockthorpe or Carthorpe, Co. Norfolk Esq., and heir to Sir Philip, whose arms were: Checky o. and A. fess ermine. Michael's will, October 12, 1597, to be buried in the church of st. John Baptist Gloucester, administration, June 1617. (Probate of Registry of Leicester) Arms: Arms the same as those of Thomas Hawrudge.




i. John of Co. Norfolk, 47;

ii. Michael, 48;

[iii] Cisely, 47.(Visit of Buckingham 1634. pg. 98; visit of Norfolk, 1563, 1589, 1613, pg. 219; visit of Oxford 1566 pg. 53 in Publ. Harlein. Soc.).





            41. i. Thomas Peniston of Deane, Co. Oxford, son of 33.i., (pennystone) Lord of Hawrudge, Co. Buckingham, Esq., Born 1540, died 1603, bur. at Streton, Co. Hereford. He was 18 years and 9 months old at the time of his father's death and sold Hawrudge in 1572. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Humfry Ashfield of Heythorpe (Hethreppe), Co. Oxford -buried at Brilley, Co. Hereford. (Visit Oxford, pg. 171). 


Arms of Ashfield: Argent, a trefp 1 between three mullets.




i. Anne, 50, married to Thomas Hanslap of Thorpe, Co. Warwick (Stony thorpe) , heir, 1619. They [had] a son John who had 7 sons and 9 daughters;

ii. Thomas, Esq., 51;

iii. John 52, slain in a voyage to Portugal with the Earl of Essex at Fort Sainct in 1599;

iv. Dorothy, o.s.p., married to George Whitton, Comptroller of Woodstock Park, second son 53;

v. Ursula, 54. O.S.P..


            (Visit of Warwick Harl, Soc ..Vol. 12, pg. 257 & Berry general., pg. 387) Robert Cook, Esq., alias Clarencecieux, King at Arms, London February 8,1673/74 and in the 16th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, ratified and confirmed to Thomas Peniston, Lord of Hawridge, Esq., the twenty five coats depicted below: 1. For Peniston. Argent, three Cornish Choffes Proper (Choughs sable), (Legged and beaked gules); 2. For sir Geoffrey Gregory Fanconbridge of Fauconberg, Argent, a lion rampant (azure) a border Azure. 3.  For william Harpenden. Argent, a mullet of six points gules persed or. For Ingleby Argent, and estoile gules, pierced of the field. 4. For Sir Ralphe Hosterley. Barry of six argent and sable. 5. For John Lord Beauchamp, gules, a fess between six billets or., the ancient arms before the six erosses were added.   6. For Vrosoiers

Earl of Worcester. (D'Abitot of Crome Per paly or and gules three roundels counterchanged).7.For Maudit Earl of Warwick. Argent two Barres gules. 8. For Beumont Earl of Warwick (Novoburgo). Lozenge (Paly-lozengy) or and azure a border of gules platie (Fretty within a burdure roundelly). (.For the Lord Ufflett. Argent, on a fess azure three Fleur-de-lys Or. 10. For Sir Richard Mowbray. Gules, - a lion rampant argent (differenced with) a crescent sable. 11. For Chesham. Vert, on an inescutcheon argent a hart's head cabossed gules. 12. For Sir John Bruse of Skelton, Azure (Arg)., a lion rampant (Az.) Semy of cross-crosslets or crowned gules. 13. Sir Philip Heries. Azure. a chevron ermine between three heresies (hedgehogs) passant or. 14. For Hammes. Sable, a fess or between three cincquefoils ermine. 15. For Wilcotts. Azure, an eagle displayed argent beaked and membered sable. 16. For Arderburgh.  Argent a chevron engrailed between three escallops sable. 17. For pursoil. Vairee argent and gules on a bend sable three boars heads argent tusked or, (couped of the first). 18. For Sir William Shershall (Shareshull). Argent, three bends of azure on a canton a lion passant or. 19. For Pratell, or three chevrons interlaced (in base) sable, on a chief gules three plates bazantes. 20. For Sir John Marshall. Gules a bend of fuzeley or (Lozeney or). 21. For Stephen Knapton, knt., Or upon a fess azure three escallops (cincquefoils) argent. 22. For Sir Henry Gonsell (Gonshill), Knt..  Or three bars of azure a canton ermine. 23. Daynton (Deynton). Per bend indented or and sable. 24. For Crossell. Or a cross fermy vert. 25. For Sir Giles Hawteville. Argent, a lion rampant (sable) impaling) semee of cross-crosslets fitchee sable,


            Also besides a griffin passant valant sable which he may bear for Peniston, and a tegar or, which he may bear by Mareshall five other crests assigned unto him by William Hardy (Harvey) Esq., July 8, 1564, are confirmed to him 1 for Sir Philip Hosterley, An Eagle displayed silver in a crown of gold. 2. For Chessham. A falcon volant proper color. 3. For Sir Philip Heries. A dragon passant or. 4. For Wilcots. A demy eagle displays silver beaked sable. 5. For Sir Hanry Goswell, an unicorn passant or (The Genealogist, London Vol I 1877, pg. I  etc.) Arms of Peniston granted Mar 12th, 1564:  Argent three Cornish choughs proper, Crest A Griffin passant sable armed or. Motto: virtus Vincit Vigit. (Visit of Essex. 1634. pg. 468).


            42. ii. Anthony Peniston of Saphorne, Walden Co. Essex, son of 33.i. married Alice, daughter of John Graves or Grove Lord Mayor of York. 1570.




i. Winifred, 55;

ii. Elizabeth, 56, married Feb. 15, 1603/4. George Smith Grocer,of st. Bennet Grace Church Lond., Bachr, 28. m., Elizabeth Penniston of st. Martins Orgar, maiden 22 daughter of Anthony

Pennyston, Gent., of Saffron, Walden Essex, who consents. at Saffron, Walden aforesaid (Mar. Lic. by Bishop of Lond., Vol.25. pg. 283, Harlein Soc., Mr. George smith was one of the Adventurers of the Bermuda Co. in 1615 and in 1622 he owned 4 shares No. 14 in Smiths Tribe in Bda., 4 shares in Pembroke ...Tribe No. 1-5 in Warwick Tribe Nos. 11,12,13,14,15- and 2, in Sandy's Tribe-No.9.

iii. Alice 57  Married to…… Hitchcock who with her brother Anthony Peniston the Goldsmith in their general last will left their nephew Anthony Peniston of Sidney Colledge in Cambridge two shares of land in Smiths Tribe, Bda.;

iv. Catherine, 58;

v. James of Walden, 59;

vi. Anthony, the goldsmith, 60;

vii. William 61;

viii.George, 62.


            43. iii. Arthur Peniston, son of 33.i.




(i]   ? 63;

(ii]  ? 64;

(iii] ? 65;


            44. iv. Michael Pennistone, son of 33.i. citizen and draper of London, bur st. Martin Orgar, will proved, October 20 1603. inwhich are mentioned Anthony his eldest son, Thomas to whom he leaves £350. and his brothers Anthony eight children, Viz.,Winifred, Elizabeth, Alice, Catherine, James of Walden, Anthony, The Goldsmith) William, and George. (Prerog. Court Canterbury, pg. 322 Brit Record Soc., Vol. XXV, Somerset House London, Bolein 86) married Elizabeth who died of the plague, September 4, 1603.




i.  Anthony, probably the haberdasher of London, 66;

ii. Thomas, who went to Bermuda, 67;

iii. Nathaniel bpt., April 24, 1598 died September 2, 1603 of the plague, 68;

iv. Margaret, 69, bpt. April 1, 1599, died Aug. 30th 1603 of the plague;

v. Anne, 70 bpt. April 11, 1602 and supposed Michael, 71, a man child, died of the plague Aug. 20,1603 (St. Michael, Cornhill register, Earl Soc., Vol. 7 pgs. 101, 103, 212, etc.).


            47. i. John Peniston of Co. Norfolk son of 36.iv.




[i] ? 72;

[ii]? 73;

[iii]? 74;


            48. ii. Michael Peniston, son of 36.iv. A Michael Peniston and Joan Maitte, Married 1594. (Leicest. Parish Reg., Vol 4 Phillmore, pg. 94).




[i] ? 75;

[ii]? 76;

[iii]? 77;





            51. ii. Thomas Peniston, son of 41.i. of Deane, Co. Oxford, of st. Margarett's near the city of Rochester Kent and Leigh Barnegrange., Sussex will proved August 28th 1601 (58 Woodhull Prerogative Court cant.), bur. Cathedral Church, Rochester. Names in his will his wife Mary, his father Thomas Peniston Esq his sister Ursula, sons Thomas and John, daughter Elizabeth and uncles Thomas Pagett and Thomas Ferrar and cousin Webbury, Married Maria

(Mary) daughter and coheir of Ridge. Mary was mar. secondly to Sir Alexander Temple Knt., Arms of Sommers: Vert a fess dancette Ermine.




i. Sir Thomas, knt , 78;

ii. Mary 79, ob 1648, married firstly Thomas Whalley in 1614, Kirton (Screaton) and Willoughby Co. Notts, who was aged 14 in 1614 and ob 1628., She was married secondly to Richard Draper of Flintham Notts., aged 73 in 1672 she had issue both[.]

iii. Elizabeth, 80 married, 1627 to James second son of Sir William Ayloffe, Bart., Meidreth Co. Cambridge.

iv. John ob 1626 aey 26, 81.


            59. v. James Peniston of Walden, son of 42.ii. probably the James who was foreman of the Jury at St. Georges Bermuda, May 16th 1617 & Feb. 16th 17th 1718 (Lefroy, Vol. 1, pgs, 127, 129) He seems to have been the first Peniston to arrive in Bermuda.




i. Anthony of Sidney College. 82;

[ii]? 83;

[iii]? 84;


                60. v. Anthony Peniston gent., goldsmith of London, son of 42.ii. one of the adventurers in the Bermuda Co. in 1618/19 and held five share in Devonshire tribe (no. 1 of 2 share in Hamilton Tribe in 1622) he was chosen treasurer of the Company, July 27, 1647 and was still a member in 1657. Arthur Jones Hamilton Tribe had three shares bought of Hugh Noden, Merchant Tailor of London one in Hamilton Tribe, Aug. 30, 1674 in occupation of Thomas Collins which had belonged to Anthony Peniston, citizen and goldsmith of London and by him sold to Richard Allen, his widow and Richard his son, Jan 16th 1662 and two other shares, 28 acres in Sandys Tribe, etc. May 16th 1677 (Rec Bda., Vol. 9, pg.1). He and his sister Alice Hitchcock, late of Barbadoes in their general and last will dated July 8th 1654 June 20, 1658 leave to their nephew Anthony Peniston of Sidney Coledge? Cambridge, Eng 2 shares of land 25 acres each, in smith's Parish Bda. part of No.7 of 1618 and 1622 which was No. 14 of 1663 (Colonial Records of Bermuda, Deeds, 1662-76, Vol. V-A pg. 92.) In his late will dated July 8th, 1654 and proved, June 20th 1658 he left 200 in trust to the Walden church to purchase land at a yearly value of £1, out of which one four penny loaf and 4 pence of money to each of 6 poor men and women in the parish church every Lords day.


Issue by Martha Berrett:


i. John 85;

ii. Samuel 86;

iii. William 87;

iv. George, 88;


Arms: Three Cornish Choughs Proper, a crescent for difference, (Hist of Audley, Co. Essex Eng).


            61. vii. William Peniston, son of 42.ii.


            62. vii. George Peniston, son of 42.ii.


            66. i. Anthony Peniston, son of 44.iv. probably the haberdasher of St. Antholin's Lond., who married Elizabeth, daughter of Baldwin Derehem, mercer of Christ Church, Lond., Spinster, January 1, 1607/08 (Lond. Mar. Lic., Vo., 25, Harlein Soc., pg. 302).




[i] ? 89;

[ii]? 90;


            67. ii. Thomas Penniston, son of Michael, draper of Lond., 44.iv. and was left by his father's will £350, one of the earliest settlers of Bermuda where he died in 1655 or 56. Councillor for smith's Tribe, Bda., at the General Assembly Ii 1623. (Memorial of Bermuda Lefroy, Vol. I pg. 317) overseer, Smith's Tribe. 1623-1626.  (lb., pg. 317 & 384) a planter of tobacco in 1626 (Ib 384), Member of the Assembly, 1626 (lb. pg. 435), Inspector of Tobacco, in Smith Tribe 1650-1656 (Calender States Paper, Ba., pg. 370) Col. Rec. Ba., Vol. III, Rec. Assizes, 1647-61 & Mem. Ba. Lefroy, Vol. I pg. 671 & Vol. II pgs. 56, 624, 627). In 1639, Nicholas Judsby sued him

for 98 lbs. tobacco. He at one time before Sept 4th 1654, occupied a part of a share 18. Married Dorothy who outlived him.  On January 31 1650, she and her husband gave to their son Thomas a share of land in Smith's Tribe in occupation of Thomas Benham of No. I ( 223). On June 27, 1655 her son Anthony, bound for Barbadoes on his ship "Blessing" gave her a negro boy named Wam and Thomas, her husband, then Counciller, was a witness (lb. pg. 249) and on Nov 25, 1656, she gave a negro named William to her son Richard, (lb. p. 266) November 25th 1656, she conveyed, 25 acres of land in smith's Tribe -part of no. 1 of 1663 to her son William (Col. Rec. Ba., Vol. II, Indentures etc. pg. 265 and also a negress Francess. She died after 1672).




i. Anthony, 100 of Smith's Parish and Hamilton Parish;

ii. William 101, Chief Justice and Colonel, Smith's Tribe;

iii. Thomas 102, merchant of St. Michael, Barbadoes;

iv. Richard 103, Judge, Captain, etc.;

v. (supposed) Stephen, a planter in Guanaboa, Jamaica, 104: Share No. I was deeded by Thomas Swift George Sands of James Co. Va., unto Stephen Parker and Justine his wife who conveyed it

to the Penistons.





            78. i. Sir Thomas Peniston, knt and Baronet of Leigh, Co. Sussex & Halstead in Kent, son of 51, ii, entered Oxford, December 1, 1581 aged 13 years, was a barrister at law, Innter Temple 1595, as of Deane, Oxon, Junior, son of Thomas of Beaconfield B Bucks., Created Knight, June 11, 1603 and Baronet June 29th 1611, buried at Cornwall Co. Oxford married firstly Martha, fourth daughter of Sir Thomas Temple of Stowe, Co. Bucks (ob. Jan. 21, 1619) (Visit. Buck 1634,  pg. 115) Guillim's Heraldry, pg. 427).


Issue by Martha:


i. Hester, 105, died in infancy, August 1612 only child by her.


Married secondly Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas Watson, knt of Halstede, Co. Kent, and widow of Sir William Pope, eldest son of the Earl of Downe, his third wife. He bears the coat of Arms on Inescutcheon: Argent a fess gules, in chief three crosses botone gules, Arms of Peniston: Ar. three Cornish choughs Proper Crest: On a ducan coronet or, an eagle displayed sable.


Issue by Elizabeth:


ii. Sir Thomas, 106, of Cornwall, Co. Ox.;

iii. Elizabeth, 107, bur at Cogges Court, 1629, married to John Hastings of Yelford, Co, Oxand Daleford, Co Worcester and had Penyston, Honor and Elizabeth; She became the second wife of

James Ayloffe of Meldreth, Co. Cambridge;

iv. John, 108, bur. Cogges Court, of 1631;

v. Mary, 109, born. Cogges Court 1632, married to Sir James Astry (Visit Buckinghamshire, 1634, pgs 98 & 115). Married thirdly, Ann fourth daughter of Sir William Stonehouse of Radley,

Bart., and widow of Windsor. A son, 110 by her died in infancy.


            82. i. Anthony Peniston, son of 59.v., of Sidney College in Cambridge, England, gentleman, April 16th 1659, acquits and discharges William Peniston, son of Thomas Peniston for £72.10.0 for two shares of land, 25 acres each in Smiths tribe, Ba. part of No.7 of 1618-22 which was no 14 of 1663 land received by said Anthony Peniston from Anthony Peniston the goldsmith of London, his uncle and Alice Hitchcock, his late aunt, late of Barbadoes by their general last will of June 30th 1658 (Col Rec Bda., Deeds 1662-76, Vol V-A pg. 92).


Issue possible:


i. Elizabeth, 111, daughter and coheir of Anthony Peniston, Clerk (Rev.) by Alice his wife mar firstly to Henry Middlemore of Lusby Co. Lincoln, Esq., January 30, 1654/55 in st Benet, Paul's Wharf. (Register, Vol 40, pg 293). He was bapt., at Killingholme, Co Lincoln, March 24, 1630/31 bur. at Lusby, Nov. 4, 1667. She was married secondly to Thomas Booth of East Razin, Co. Lincoln, gent., Nov 23rd 1676. He was born Oct. 3, bapt. 4 1637. (Visit Notes of Eng & Wales, Crisp, Vol 8, pg 30 and Harl. Soc., Vol 5, pg 675) possibly ii. Anne 112, daughter and coheir of Anthony Peniston of London she was bur. at Killinghome May 1668 and was the first wife of Boothhof Harpswell, who was born Feb 23, bapt., Killinghome, March 3, 1634/35 and had issue (harl. Soc. Vol 5, 1902 pg 137).


            100. i. Anthony Peniston, son of 67, ii on Jan 10, 1655/56 made an agreement concerning the sale of the ship "Blessing" with John Burkland, (Col Rec. Bda., & Lefroy Vol. pg. 725) one half of which ship was sold by John Hubbard and Elizabeth Burkland June 12, 1656, and Edward Stowe of Bds. sells to him one-ninth of the same ship of 60 tone Jan 3 1659. (Vol G-H). In 1657 & 65 he sent tobacco to the Bermuda Co. for rent, bound for the Barbadoes, June 27th 1655, on the ship "Blessing" he conveys to his mother Dorothy his negro boy, (Indentures, etc., Vol 11, pg. 249) who was returned to him in June 1656, one of the six Arbitrators chosen to put an end to the differences made by the rising in 1649 No 20th 1655 (Lefroy Vol II pg. 67). Whereas Mrs. Dorothy Peniston, wife of Thomas Peniston of Bermuda, deceased did give unto my wife Frances Parker, a negro woman, I Stephen Parker of Jamaica resign to Anthony Peniston of Bda. all the title, April 11,1658. (Indentures pg. 338, Vol. II). He sells to Richard Richardson part of the vessell "Bahama Figgott" for £25.0.0, Nov 15, 1658. (Indentures Vol. II, pg. 300). There was a partnership in this vessel and Anthony Peniston, Richard Richardson and Mrs. Richardson acquits Anthony Peniston and Walter (Nailer?) Nov. 15, 1658. (Ib pg. 301). Thomas Griffin Jan 5th 1659, relinquishes allright to a negro Anthony which A.P. hath of late brought from England and also another Negro in lieu of the great charge he hath been at and about the recovery and transportation of the aforesaid Negro (Lefroy Vol II pgs. 126, 130). Arian Aryenson, carpenter, being at Cheyamans, June last aboard Mr. Anthony Peniston bark. etc. June 29 1659 (Ib pg. 321). He and John Bristowe Sr., of Somer Islands, for £400.0.0 to be paid to the order of the Honble, Co., which payment is to be made to them to be employed in carrying inhabitants and commodities of these Islands dates Sept 2nd 1659 & Feb 9th 1663, 16 Chase II and Liaft. William Peniston engages himself in behalf of aforesaid brother Anthony Peniston for the full performance under penalty of £30.0.0 (Deeds V.A.96). On coming to England, he petitions that seven negro slaves he apprehended, Sept, 7 1659. The Council of 15 state directs their apprehension. (Calandar state Papers, America and West Indies, pg 476 & Lefroy, Vol II, pg  126, 130). The Court in London on Aug 30th 1661 as also the order of Oct., 111659, made for sending back the six negroes in recovery of whom 123 11 s 3p and proportioning £20.12.0 to be paid for each negro. Mr. Griffin to pay A.P. £20.0.0 on the arrival of the magazen ship. (Lefroy Vol II pg 153) John Wentworth, mariner indebted to him, a merchant £68.10.0 Oct. 13, 1659 (Deeds Vol V-A. pg 96). Mr. Anthony Peniston did not buy any tobacco for Capt. Thomas James, but he did send a small quantity in Capt. James' ships 1659. 

            Mr. William Peniston doth not acknowledge that he did carry / home 500 lbs of tobacco in Capt. James ship 1659. (rec. Axxizes, Vol III, 1647-61). The General Levy, 1660 Dr. to him for sawing timber for Southampton fort (Lefroy Vol II pg. 144). August 22, 1661, he shall have for furnishing the carpenters work 3001 lbs of tobacco thereof at the next general division, and to keep the bridge in good repair 40 lbs, tobacco per annum out of the general levy. (Vol. V-B 1661, pg. 6). John Wright engages to serve him, owner of the vessel Vermoodian Adventure, 2 years and to receive £5.0.0 and two full suits of apparel, one for working, the other for Sabbath, Feb 18th 1663 (Ib). On Jan 21, 1669, at the house known as the sign of the coach and horses in Bishopgate st., London, he and other tenders to Mr. Thomas Holgate £80 by order of Richard Langdon, Bermuda June 27 1670. He made oath and signed etc., also Thos. Richards (Vol V-A, pg. 362). He sold to Francis Tucker one negro Frank now with his mother Mistress Dorathie Peniston, for £10.0.0 Nov 29, 1669, (Vol V-A, pg. 362). Nov 30th 1669, he appoints his wife sole executrix of his estate. (Vol. V-A, pg. 330). May 21 1674, a mariner, he request of Go., Hoyden, liberty to build a storehouse at st. Georges near the seaside where he might raise a wharf for the convenience of his ships. Granted to build where he pleased provided he shingle said house with slate and pay 2s. ..(Vol. V-A pg. 468). He receives from Leonard White £36 in Mexico and pillard money at $5. a piece for shallop, "The Mary" named after his wife sold by Jonathan late of Jamaica upon account of Mr. Anthony Peniston and also £9.0.0 (?) like money by bill, etc., June 13th 1674. (Vol V-A, pg. 469). Of Hamilton Tribe he released Samuel Trott for an account due him for building the yatch "Tyrall", May 30th 1676. (Vol V-A, pg. 512). Jan 12th 1674/75 everyone that hath a horse, mare or gelding should give the said Peniston a piece of eight for every particular animal, to keep the bridge in repair for horse and foot with his yearly revenue of £40.0.0 of tobacco per annum. (Lefroy Vol I, pg.194). William Peniston swears that after his brother Anthony bought a parcel of common land, the deponant being at Capt. Somersall's house, heard Capt. Somersall say his brother Anthony was trifling and had neglected his own business for he had bought common land and paid for it and neglected to come and take the deed 1676, (Vol. V-B. pg. 312). In 1681, he was arrested for killing a whale (Vol VII, pg. 98) John Steward, parish of st. Michaels, Barbadoes, makes his trusty friends Richard Jennings and Anthony Peniston of Bermuda, merchants, his attorneys, June 28th 1687, (Vol VIII. 16 '... Warrants, Indentures, Bonds, etc., 1677-92, pg. 86). Feb 1667 & Oct. 1 1667, he then a shipright, leased for 40s. for 99 years of Richard Woolrich, a chirurgeon, one acre and a half cornmon land lying on the side of Flatts Bridge in Hamilton Tribe, next unto Smith's Tribe W. by the cornmon lands, north on one half acre of Mr. Perrent Trott now in possession of John Yates. Michael Burrows and John Place on April 10, 1691 make oath that they saw Anthony Peniston sign the paper. (Vol VIII, pg. 376). He was a juror, July 1665 (Vol V-B, pg. 67) juror 1673, '74, (b. pgs 246, 275), again in 1677 & 1678 (Vol G-H). He was a member of the Grand Inquest, 1681 (Vol VII, pg. 106). He died ante 1691, Mar supposed Elizabeth possibly a second wife who was at the Flatts in 1711. The Council and Judges held meetings at her house Feb 22, 1722/23 and paid her £14.18.0 Proclamation regarding piracy posted there June 9th 1725; She was also paid in 1720/21/23/24, and July 5, 1725.  Granny Peniston four bills for the judges £8.0.0. Oct 15 1729.  (Records of Council, pg. 155) and 31,32). His wife in 1664 was Mary.


Issue (supposed):


i. Anthony marine, Smiths Tribe, 113;


            101. ii. William Peniston, son of 67. ii born say about 1635; will made smiths Tribe Bda, August 10th, 1716, proved May 14, 1720 and April 14th 1730, his wife Sarah, to have during her life the use of two shares of land and houses in smiths parish and all of this personal estate; his son Anthony and his male heirs the share of land in smith's tribe that Anthony now dwells on. If Anthony should die before his Anthony's wife she may have the share of land during her widowhood only, she to pay his son William £5.0.0 yearly and for want of male heirs from Anthony the share to go to his son Thomas deceased and Samuel son of his son Samuel deceased; for want of male heirs of his grandsons William and Samuel, he gives the land to his two sons John and William at age of 21 which they are to tender for sale to each other before offering it for sale to strangers; to his grandsons William and Samuel he gives £5.0.0 at the age of 21; to his son John after he wife decease his dwelling and share of land the northmost half or moiety of eastermost share of his estate, also chairs, furniture, silver hilted rapier, two sailboats, negro Jack, etc.; John dying without male issue, then these are to go to William; to William not of age, after his wife decease one-half share of land purchased of James Halsey where John now lives and the South one half of the east share of the two shares where I now dwell, negroes, John, Joe, and Will, Silverheaded cane and books; if either die without male heirs, his share to go to the other; articles of personal property to his daughter, Dorothy Attwood, Negro girl Beck, bed, etc., and Mary Peniston the latter to receive his silver tankard, and negro girls Moll and Sarah; to John and William the £66.0.0 due him from the estate of William Mallagan; as for his daughters Elizabeth

17 - Harvey, Martha Gilbert, Mary Tatem and Elizabeth Woolrich, they have had sufficient; the residue, after his wife's death, to his five children therewith named; Ruth Vickers, Ann Taylor, Dorothy Attwood, Mary Peniston and William Peniston Executors: his wife Sarah and his sons Anthony, John and William Peniston. witnesses:  John Place, Nathaniel Yeates, Thos. Packwood, and Thos. Bostock.  (Wills 6, pg. 28). 

            On Nov. 25, 1656, his mother Dorothy, a widow, freely gives to him her right to the deed of sale for a share of land, 25 acres, part of No.1. of 1663, Smith’s Tribe Bermuda abutting north on the South which was in his possession at the time. (Colonial Rec, Ba., Vol II Indentures, 1636-61, pg. 265). This was land conveyed by Thomas Swift and George Sandys of James Colony Va., to Stephen Parker and his wife; his mother also on Nov. 25, 1656, gives him a negro; a juror in 1657; in 1658 he and his brother Anthony were 2 of 40 passengers for London on the ship "Hopeful Adventure" Capt Wm. James, Nov 19, (Vol. G-H, Sec 54); he arrived from London in Bermuda Feb 24,1659 on the ship "William" Thomas Sayle, commander, (Vol. G-H, Sec 86). April 16, 1659, Anthony Peniston of Sidney College, in Cambridge, England, gent., acquits and discharges his a planter for £72.10.0 for two shares of land, 25 acres each, Smiths Tribe, Bermuda, part of No.7 of 1618 [1718?] -'22 and No. 14 of 1663 -now in occupation of John Killingly and John Robotham, tenants, abutting east on land of Chauncey Sandys on west land in occupation of John Vaughn, South by Thomas Griffin and North upon the little sound, land received by Anthony Peniston merchant, William's second cousin, from his late uncle Anthony Peniston merchant, (goldsmith) of London and his late aunt Alice Hitchcock, late of Barbadoes, by their general and last will, provo June 20th 1658. (Col Rec. Ba. deeds 1662 -76, pg. 92); an ensign in 1660 and a member of the Grand Inquest (Vol. III, Rec. Assizes, 1647-61):  Aug. 21,1661 one of the appraisers of timber in Hamilton Tribe for repairing Flatts Bridge and for the mount at st. Georges (Vol V-B pg. 6); member of the General Assembly Jan 27 1662/63 and of the Council for smith's Parish June 13 1662 and Dec 4, 1663. (Lefroy Vol II, pgs. 195 & 210 & Vol G.H. & Vol iv, pg 52). On Feb 6th 1663, engaged Samuel Stone £75.4.5. Nov 14 next for the latters interest in the vessel "Bermoodians Adventure", riding anchor in the Town and Harbor of Somer Islands, and Aug 24, 1664, Stone acknowledges the receipt of £20.0.0 part of the aforesaid. On April 17th 1667, Samuel Stone was satisfied. (Vol V-A, Deeds, pg. 94); On Feb 8th 1663, Anthony Peniston, Hamilton Tribe owner of three entire parts of the "Bermoodian Adventure" for the natural affection he bears his brother, Lieut. William Peniston of Smiths Tribe, gives to his nephew Anthony, son of his brother William, one of the aforesaid entire parts (Vol. V-A, deeds pg. 94). This ship was partly owned by John Bristowe, Senior, Provost Marshall of Bda., and on Feb 9th 1663 was bound for Leeward Islands for Salt and Turtle, the seamen to have one half the Owners, the other half.  (ib. pg. 96). This ship was built in Shellie Bay by Mr. Anthony Peniston, Samuel Stone and Henry Durham sailed out of the town and harbor under Thomas Shaw, Feb 20, 1663, (Col Rec. Ba., G-H, Sec 18, 167). In 1663, he held a tenement and two shares of land, 49 acres, No.1 Smiths Tribe, in possession of his mother, (Mem Ba Lefroy, Vol II pgs 664 & 666). He also had the eastermost two acres of Common land at Flatts, one half acre belonging to each share. A Lieutenant of a Trained Band and member of the Council for Hamilton and smiths Tribe, April 19th 1664, (Vol V-B, pg. 41); at a Court Martial in Hamilton Tribe, July 5, 1666, when preparations were made to prevent invasion of the Islands. There were then 20 soldiers in each company (Col. Rec. Bda. Deeds Vol V- A, pg. 171 & Lefroy Vol II, pg. 242). Nov 28, 1666, Capt. Richard Jennys was appointed councillor in his place. (Rec. Ba. Vol IV, pg. 69). In 1668, he and James Farmer, who was master of the ship "Providence", petitioned the Bermuda Co. respecting the duties on tobacco which they landed in Ireland and in 1675 the same ship was carried by storm out of its course to London and forced to land its cargo of 25,000 or 30,000 lbs. of tobacco in Ireland. (Lefroy Vol.  II, pgs. 270, 409 & 416). He was surveyor of tobacco in Smith's Tribe in 1671. (Rec. Ba. Vol. IV, pg. 106). In 1670 he and his brother Anthony were Adventures in whale fishing and in 1676 were ordered to cease fishing for whale and to make restitution to the Bermuda Co. for whales killed. (Ib. Vol. VII, pg. 189). In 1687, they were permitted by the New Governor to kill four whales and employ 2 boats (Ib Vol. VII, pg. 189 and Lefroy, Vol. II, pgs. 437 & 568). They had always claimed the right to fish for whales as freeholders and owners of the land, the deeds of which were confirmed to them under the company's seal. still a Lieut. 1669-72-73; member of the council, 1671 to '81, he and Thomas Wood audited the Country's Accounts, Nov. 10, 1673 (Vol. V-A, pg. 456); Captain of the Trained Band of Smith's and Hamilton Tribes in 1676.  (Col Rec Ba, Vol. IV, pg. 162), member of the Council of War, May 14, 1678 (Lefroy Vol II, pg. 462); Justice of the Peace 1677 and for many years thereafter. (Rec. Ba. Vol. IV, pg. 162). On April 11, 1678, he purchased of James Halsey for £160.0.0 one share of land, 25 acres Smith's Tribe Ba, part of five shares formerly Capt. Henry Sandys, No.8 of 1663 (Vol. IX, pg. 8). In 1696, 1709 & 1718, he also owned Trunk Island, 3 acres, in Harrington Sound.  (Jour. Assem. Vol. I, pg. 4). On March 8, 1680/81 he was discharged of all his offices and employment under the Bermuda Co., for endeavouring to create disturbance in the island and the Company appointed Mr. Francis Tucker to be Councillor of Capital Smith's Tribe and captain of Smith's and Hamilton Tribe in his stead. (Lefroy, Vol. II, pg. 500). One of the inspectors of the Bermuda Company's books, records, etc., Nov. 23rd, 1683 to take copies for His Majesty's service in order for the better prosecution of the Quo Warrento brought against the Charter of the Company. (Col. Rec. Ba., Vol. VII, pg. 129 & Lefroy, Vol. II, pg. 525). A captain in December 1684, when the Assembly wished to depose the then Governor and install him, but he declined this honour. (Lefroy, Vol. 11, pg. 542). One of those who in 1684 requested the Governor to permit the country to send their tobacco to Barbados and elsewhere to buy arms and ammunition for the Militia. (Lefroy, Vol. 11, pg. 560). In 1687 the Militia 19 I consisted of 778 men divided into 6 companies, whereof a 197 were wanting of arms. Smith's Fort situated at the mouth of a fair and secure harbour, called the Town Harbour, furnished with 8 guns, great and small, four musquets, one shott of powder, 42 round of shots and 20 fine barr shott. One of the discontented party June 4th 1685, and Oct. 8th 1685, with the administration of affairs by Gov. Coney, when he, Anthony White, Thomas Outerbridge and others met at the Crow Lane Church to represent their grievances to James ii, just ascended. (Rec. Ba. Vol. VII, pg. 163 & 165). The Gov. complained to the Lords of the Council in England that the faction gave him not one moment of quiet. (Rec. Bermuda Vol. VII, pg. 165 & Lefroy Vol. II, pgs. 551, 559, & 560). Captain and Councillor,  1685 & '88. (Rec. Ba. Vol. VII, pg. 141). Member of the Assembly for Smith's Tribe May 12, 1687. (lb. pg. 191). Justice of the Quorum, smith's Tribe May 12, 1687 and '88; Colonel & Councillor 1688 & '88 & '90 & '94, (Deeds IV. pt. 3 pg. 112 & Bonds & Bills, No.1 pg. 138). Appointed Assistant to the Chief Justice Sept. 12th 1687, (Rec. Ba. Vol. VII, pg. 202). He was a Colonel in 1696 and Judge of the Courts of Assizes King's Bench of Common Pleas, Jan. 22nd 1696, (Deeds 3 pt. 1, pgs. 126 & 133). Chief Justice in 1697. He was very sick and advanced in years Oct. 10th, when he requested the Gov. to have his accounts relating to the management of the estate of William Mallagan, deceased, and the children, James & Charles, inspected and a balance of £66.10.8 was found due him. (Col. Ba. Vol. 9 pg. 134). Married three times, (Miriam?), daughter of Edward Smith. She was married to William Mallagan who was born in 16~5 and had issue: James, William, Elizabeth, Charles. ii. Anthony, 115, born say 1665; iii. John, 116; iv. Thomas, 117; v. Samuel, 118; vi. William, 119; vii. Ruth, 120, married to John Vickers who died 1685 (Deeds, 13, pt. 1, pg. 324); viii. Ann, 121, married to Taylor; ix. Dorothy, 122, married to Attwood; x. Mary, 123; xi. Elizabeth, 124, married to Harvey; xii. Martha, 125, married to John Gilbert who died 1705.  In 1709/10 she sued Dr. Swingle for rent in smith's Tribe. (Action Book, 1700). She was still living in 1714. Had issue; John, William, Mary, bpt., March 28, 1697, Thomas & Elizabeth. xiii. Mary, 126, married to Tatem; xiv. Elizabeth, 127, married to Woolrich (Richard, the Chirurgeon ?). All except the first two probably issue by Elizabeth. 


            102. iii. Thomas Peniston, a merchant of St. Michael, Barbados; will, Sept. 28,1673. (Wills, E. pg. 277), son of 67. ii, sick he bequeaths to his son Thomas, one negro man Bryan; to his son Samuel Bess and her children, George, Mingo and Robin; to his daughter Elizabeth Peniston, one negro woman Jane and her child Mary and a silver cup, a silver porringer, two silver spoons, viz., a great spoon with a knob on it and one small plain spoon and the remainder of the plate, being one silver sarloup, one ...cup, large spoon, some shoe buckles and a set of silver buttons and what shall remain of the like nature. The rest of his visible estate to be appraised; to son Samuel, etc., by Major John Hallett, John Smith, merchant, and Samuel Osborne of the town of  St. Michael.  Mrs. Persis, Oxberry guardian until his children come of age. His boats to be divided among his children. His X mark. witnesses:  Gregory Hallett, Benjamin L & Robt. Carwell. (Col. Rec. Ba., 1648- '85).




i. Thomas, 128;

ii. Samuel, 129;

iii. Elizabeth, 130.


            103. iv. Richard Peniston, son of 67.ii, born 1640, will Smith's Tribe Sept. 16, 1706, proved, Dec. 12, 1706. Leaves all to his wife Miriam for life; to son Richard his now dwelling in

Smith's Tribe with one half of two and one half shares of land (No. 5 & 6 of 1663) lying between Mrs. Mary Knapton & his brother Col. William Peniston; to son Samuel the other one half of these shares; to son John L 5; to his two sons William & Jerry the land in Smith's Tribe which he bought of his brother Thomas; to his daughter Miriam Baily, now out of these islands L 25; and to his daughter Elizabeth Peniston. (Wills, 3. pg. 156). June 18, 1669, he bought of Arthur Jones of London, Cooper, for £128, two shares 50 acres of land- only one acre of common land excepted- in Smith's Tribe, Nos. 5 & 6 of 1663, delivered Aug. 4, 1669. (Col. Rec. Ba., Vol. V-A, pg. 463). June 20, 1672, Thomas Peniston, his brother, merchant of st. Michael's Parish, island of Barbados, conveys to him, after the decease of their dear and tender mother 25 acres of land in Smith's Tribe in the tenure of their beloved mother Dorothy Peniston- the west half of No. 1- bounded east by share of land in tender of Richard peniston- the east half of No.1, of 1622 and No. 11 of 1663. (lb. pg. 464). On Nov. 15, 1656, his mother Dorothy gave him a negro boy named Francis.  Member of the Assembly Aug. 23, 1673. (Our Early Emmigrants & Ancestors, John Camden Hotten, pg. 304). Then there was no Assembly until 1684 when he was again a member. (Mem. of Ba. Lefroy, Vol.11, pg. 538). And Ensign in 1678; Commissioned Leftenant of Smith & Hamilton Tribe Company, Aug. 12, 1686, aged about 46 years. (Col. Rec. Ba., Vol. VII, pgs. 53, 156, & 170).  Member of the council, 1687 to 1692. (lb. Vol. VII, pgs. 190,191, & 218, & Vol. XIII, pg. 370). A captain in 1688 & Justice of the Quorum, Judge of Barron of their Majesties Court of Exchequer, Ba., March 13,1692/93, (lb. Vol. VIII, pg. 407). Brought treasure from the wreck on Banks of Ambrosia, L54 in 1688. Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, Aug. 30, 1691. (Rec. Ba. Vol. VIII, pg. 370). April 21 1719, Miriam, his widow, received from Elizabeth Wingate £5.0.0 for a quit claim of Whimore's point about one and half acres, Smith's Tribe near the Sound side which was given among other lands to Samuel Peniston, cordwainerm by his father Capt. Richard Peniston and which Samuel sold to Elizabeth Wingood, spinster, for £50 Mar. 5, 1717/18. (lb. pg. 306).




i. Richard, 131;

ii. Samuel, 132;

iii. John, 133;

iv. William, 134;

v. Jeremiah, 135;

vi. Miriam, 136; born 1678, mar. firstly, Sept. 1, 1685, to Samuel, son of John Hubbard: (Rec. Ba. Vol. viii, pg. 397). Mar. secondly to John Bailey and went to Pennsylvania. ante 1706. (Wills, 4 pg. 35);

vii. Elizabeth, 137;


            1O4. v. Stephen Peniston, supposed son of 67. ii, a planter in Guanaboa, Jamaica, in 1673, mar. Dorothy Wright, May 5, 1660, whose will was registered in Jamaica ante 1700 (Carribeana, pg. 108 liber 4, commencing 1683, Add. Mss. Brit. Musuem). 





            1O6. ii. sir Thomas Peniston of Cornwall County Oxon. son of 78. i, Knt., Bart., Aug. 1647 by Charles Rex. Thomas Peniston of Kent, arm., fil. Queen's College. Matric. Married 13, 1606/7 age 15, B.A. from st. Edmund's Hall. supd. June 15, 1609 of Leigh, Sussex, student Inner Temple, 1609, as of Rochester, Gent., S. Thomas, knighted and created a Baronet Nov. 25, 1612. M.P., Westbury, Apr. -May, 1640; died about 1644. Possibly the Sir Thomas Peniston of Oxfordshire created knight of the Royal Oak by Charles ii in 1660 to many to perpetuate the loyalty of the Royal Adherents but ordered afterwards abandoned. His estate was valued at £600 per annum. Married in 1647 Elizabeth sole daughter of Sir Cornelius Fairmedow whose arms were: S on a chev. wavey between three fleur de lis A., quatter foil Az. 



i. Sir Thomas, 141;

ii. Sir Fairmedow, 142;

iii. Charles, 143;

iv. Letitia, 144; married to Thomas Hale gent., and died Nov. 3, 1700 age 32 years.


            113. i. Anthony Peniston supposed son of 100. i mariner Smith's Tribe, no will, Richard Peniston, carpenter, administrator Oct. 2, 1761. Inventory, Sept 24th and Oct 2nd 1761. £262.11.10.  six slaves Viz., Ben, Jacob, Kate, Jane, Beck, Rachel. Articles in the hall North chamber, South Chamber, outlet, buttery, kitchen, and out of doors, sgd., by William Wingood, John Pearman and Thomas Tatem, (Wills, 8, pgs. 256, 257).

            Anthony Peniston, Sr. was assessed 0.7.4 1750; 0.8.0. in '51; £0.9.4. in '54; £0.8.0 in '55; £0.9.4. in '56, and '57, '58; £0.6.8. in '60 overseer in 1750, director of highways 1751, '59; assessor 1757/58: served in the Assizes 1756; possibly Anthony director of Highways 1750/53 and 1756-'59; churchwarden. His wife could have been Mrs. Martha Peniston, assessed 6/- in 1761; 2/8 in '62; 2/- in '63; 1/4 in '64, '65; d.8 in '68 and 2/8 in '74. 




[i] ? 145;

[ii]? 146;

[iii]? 147;


            115. ii. Anthony White William Peniston, son of 101.ii, born say about 1665, received a share of land in Smith's Tribe from his father in 1713; Master of the ship Ann & Mary 1691/92 and sloop Elizabeth in 1697 (Vol. VIII, pg. 370). Member of the Assembly 1696, '97 & 1707; married before 1713, Martha ; both died intestate, and John Harvey and Richard Somersall adminis., Mar. 20, 1753, (Wills 12 -new 8- pg. 146).




i. Ruth, 148, married to Richard Somersall and had Richard, Anthony, Isreal, Samuel, John, Martha, & Mary. His will Hamilton Tribe Nov. 4, 1738, proved Sept. 17, 1738. (Wills H to Z, pg. 86) (Deeds 3, pt. 1, pg. 168).  116. iii. John Peniston, son of 101, ii. Smith's Tribe, mariner, received a share and a half of land from his father; will, Dec. 3, 1719, proved, Feb. 18, 1719/20. (Wills 6, pg. 26).  Married Catherine, daughter of Elizabeth and Charles Walker on or about Nov. 11, 1713.




i. Charles Walker, 149, at New Providence in 1719. He or John Parsons receives £44.5s from and promises to account to the owners of the sloop Elizabeth. (Protests, Deeds, Grants, pg. 24) .


            117. iv. Thomas Peniston, son of 101,ii; will in Devonshire at Brackish Pond, May 25, 1702, recorded, Oct. 19, 1703, weak of body, etc., bequeaths to his wife Esther one half of his personal estate and the other half to his sons Thomas & George; his wife executrix; witnesses: John Peniston, John House & John Argent. 23 (Wills 2 or 5, pg. 240).




i. Thomas, 150;

ii. George, 151;


            118. v. Samuel Peniston, son of 101,ii; time out in the Mayflower, April 5, 1679, ticket for Providence, Edward Hubbert, commander. (Hotten, pg. 394); died ante 1716. 




i. Samuel, 152;

[ii]? 153;


            119. vi. William Peniston, son of 101, ii; under age in 1717; of Smith & Hamilton Tribes in 1722, mariner, merchant, assessed in Smith's tribe, 0.4.0 in 1750 -'52; 0.4.8 in '53 and about the same until '62 and then 0.2.8 to 0.3.0 to '65, and then for 225; in '68 0.4.0 for £325 and £100 for house 0.3., Senior appears until 1777 £350 -£400. Constable at Easter, but no longer capable of performing his duties as Warden, etc., 1758.

            Elizabeth Peniston, widow, Hamilton Tribe, Va. William Peniston, smith's mariner for 40 s in 1722. William Peniston, junior, Hamilton Tribe Vs. Stephen Newbold, mariner, for £200 Apr. 19, 1765. Planter, Hamilton Tribe, juror, 1756.




i. William, 154.


            128. i. Thomas Penestone, son of 102, iii, married Elizabeth Lyster by license in New York City, sept. 17, 1700. (N.Y. Gen. & Biog. Rec. 1872/73, pg. 94), may have married secondly (Thomas Pennistone) Alice Wooderope, N.Y. City, Oct. 13, 1705, by license, bound to sea on the "Revenge" (Gen. & Biog. Rec., N.Y., Vol. 2, Pg. 28). will of Thomas Peniston, New York City, Dec. 24, 1705, proved, Oct. 21, 1706, inventory, Feb. 11, 1706/07. Wife Alice and son william. (N.Y. HIst. Soc., 1892 pg. 430).




i. William, 155.


129. ii. Samuel peniston, son of 102. iii.


[i] ? 156;

[ii]? 157;

[iii]? 158;


            131. i. Richard Peniston, son of 103, iv. married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis & Elizabeth  Tucker. She was bpt. Aug. 6, 1694, Southampton Tribe, and was buried Jan. 20, 1747. will,of himself and wife, dated, smith's Tribe Dec. 15, 1724, proved June 11,1730.  Their estate real and personal to Elizabeth his now wife. To their son Anthony, after her decease, the share of land and house where they then dwelt that belonged to their father and mother Francis and Elizabeth Tucker, except six acres on the north end, and also to Anthony negro boy Ben, a silver hilted sword and ivory headed cane and their father Peniston's gold seal ring; the six acres of land to their daughter Miriam Leak and negro girls Beck and Sarah; to their son Francis, one-third of the 30 acres where their father Capt. Richard Peniston formerly dwelt, the north and next the sound (part of Nos. 5 & 6 of 1663) and negro boy Jack; to their youngest sons Thomas and Mansfield, under age, the remainder of the 30 acres to be divided north & south to Francis the £20 that their cousin Scott late of Gt. Britain, deceased, gave him; to Thomas negroes Philip and Moll, a handgun, a sword and the £20 left him by cousin Scott; to Mansfield, negro Joe and girl Esther, a new gun and £20 left him by cousin Scott; personality to their five children.  Executors: his wife, his kinsman Major Henry Tucker of Devonshire (in 1721), son Anthony and, when of age, his son, Francis (Wills 6, pg. 203). 

            He was a lieft. in Smith's Tribe in 1707, a captain in 1711, & 1715 of the company of the regiment of which William Tucker was the Colonel (Commissions, pg. 351); many times juror and grand juror; Member of the Assembly in 1707 and to 1716 and probably longer, but the records are incomplete. (Ancient Journals of the House of Assembly of Bermuda, Vol. 1, pgs. 127, 154, 178 & 182 & Vol. iv. pg. 75 & 122). 

            Master of the sloop "Dolphin" bound for North Carolina on Saturday July 16, 1709, when at three p.m. in Lat. 35. 20., about 60 leagues west, they were chased by a large French ship of 7 or 8 guns flying English colors which fired a great gun at them and stood for them until midnight when there was a calm. About 7 a.m. the next day, a wind springing up, the ship again gave chase, but after an hour left them to chase and take up another and smaller ship. The next day she stood for them again and they stood south and, after firing a broadside upon them, she struck her English colors and after hoisting the French colors, fired several broadsides and many great guns. They made several tacks and each time the ship poured a broadside into them, several shots going beyond them. They then cut away their awning and flung their boat overboard to put the sloop in trim for sailing and this gave them great way. The ship chased them until 3 p.m. of the 23rd, and then firing one gun, stood away to the south. They arrived at Castle Harbour at 8 p.m., Tuesday, July 26, 1709. (Ba. Records, Vol. Ix, pg. 99).

He sold to his brother Jeremiah a house and land extending from the north side sea southerly to he path leading from Thos. Pitt's line to the land of Capt. Richard Somerall where Mr. James Hilton dwells.




i. Anthony, 159;

ii. Miriam, 160; married to Jerrom Leak and had Jerrom and Richard;

iii. Francis, 161;

iv. Thomas, 162;

v. Mansfield, 163.


            132. ii. Samuel Peniston, son of 103, iv, Smith's Tribe, cordwainer, will Feb. 15, 1717/18, wife Miriam, left one and a quarter shares of land to rear his children, will proved, May 7, 1726. (Wills 6, pg. 27). Whitmore Point was given among other land to Samuel by his father Capt. Richard Peniston, bounded on the east by the sea side,. called the sound side, and land given to Capt. Richard Peniston, brother of said Samuel, north on the sound sea, west the same sea in part and on land of John Peniston and highway toward the south. (Deeds, pg. 205).




i. Richard, 164;

ii. Miriam, 165;

iii. Sarah, 166;

iv. Samuel, 167;

v. Knapton, 168.


            133. iii. John Peniston, son of 103, iv, Elizabeth Wingood vs. John Peniston, mariner, 1715, possibly this John. (Deeds, pg. 358) .




[i] ? 169;

[ii]? 170;


            134. iv. William Peniston, son of 103. iv.




[i] ? 171;

[ii]? 172;

[iii]? 173;


            135. v. Jeremiah Peniston, son of 103, iv, will May 13, 1768, proved, Nov. 12, 1771, (Wills 9, pg. 1), leaves all to his wife Miriam for life and after her death to his eldest son William the house and land where he then dwelt, purchased from his brother Richard, from the north side sea and southerly to the path leading from Thos. Pitt's line to the land of Capt. Richard Somersall where Mr. James Hilton then dwelt, codicil, May 16, 1769. 

            Ensign, Oct., 1716, (Commissions, pg. 364); Lieft., May 9, 1772 (Ib. pg. 10), smith's Tribe, Member Assembly, 1721/24, '27 -'36. Captain of Newton's Bay Fort, June 16, 1742 (Ib. pg. 286); Justice of the Peace, 1756; overseet, 1750. March 22, 1722 he and Edward smith and others to be taken into custody by the Provost Marshal for a misdemeanor. (Rec. of the council, pg. 5). 

            Assessed Smith's Tribe, £0.10.0 in 1750 and a little more each year until 1756 and then £0.16.8 and £0.8.0 in '60; for his son Samuel's land £0.9.0 & £0.12.0 in '61, '62, for son £0.10.4 in '63 for Richard Jennings Peniston's land £0.1.8 for £125 in '64; £0.7.4 for £550 in '64 & '66, the highest £0.17.8 in '68 & '69. 

            Mary Jones, widow, Jeremiah Peniston, Senior and Josiah Smith, executors of will of late Charles Jones, 1740. (ACTION BOOK).

            He married Miriam, daughter of Samuel and Miriam Smith of Pembroke who were married May 10, 1688 by Mr. William Edwards.  Samuel Smith's will March 25, 1729, proved June 29, 1731. (Wills 6, pg. 231). He left to his daughter Miriam property at St. George's which at her death was to go to her Samuel or Jeremiah, or Richard, or John; also property in Hamilton Tribe, purchased of Thomas Hall, mariner; and at her death to her daughter Miriam or

Mary or Martha or Elizabeth.

            Miriam was assessed £0.10.0 in 1769, £0.6.0 in '70, for £450, £0.15.0 in '71 for £225 in '72, £0.3.0 for £100, £0.1.4 for her part of the house and for £75, £0.1.0 in 1778. She was bur. Nov. 19, '78. (Rec. St. Peter's Church). 

            Samuel Smith, father of Miriam, was a Major, 1706, Lt. Col., 1714/15, Member of the Council, Feb. 23, 1721/22, Secretary of the Council 1723 to 1726, Provost Marshall 1723 to 1726, Council & Memb. Assembly, April 4, 1728 & 1733/34. (Rec. of the Min. of the Council in Assembly from Aug. 27, 1722, pg. 75). He was suspended for overawing the proceedings against his son John Lewis who lately murdered Capt. John Landy. £50 offered to apprehend John Lewis.

March 26, 1722. Mr. Seth Smith, Mr. Jery Peniston, Rev. Joseph Horton and Mr. John (Jud...?), executors of the will of late Samuel Smith, Esq., Pembroke, petition about Powder Money Tax in 1728.  Nov. 6, 1733. (Pg. 226).


Issue of Jeremiah and Miriam:


i. William, 174;

ii. Samuel, 175;

iii. Jeremiah, 176;

iv. Richard, 177;

v. John, 178;

vi. Anthony, 179;

vii. Miriam, 180, married to Samuel Spencer, senior whose will was made Aug. 9, 1810 & proved. Feb. 23, 1819, (Wills 14, pg. 243), and had, Jeremiah Peniston, Anthony, Samuel Gilbert,

Eliza Patsy, Mary Caroline, Nicholas, Thomas Alexander, and Millicent Peniston: witnesses: H.W. Richardson, Richard G. Spencer and Benj. F. Spencer, Richard Jennings Peniston, Jerry's Grandson, leaves Miriam by his will proved March 5, 1812, £50 and Rebecca, his widow, leaves her £50 by her will proved July 23, 1816;

viii.Mary, 181, married to Heasom and a widow in 1768 and had five children;

ix. Thomas, 182;

x. Martha, 183;

[xi] Elizabeth, 184.


            138. i. John Peniston, son of 104. v.




[i] ? 185;

[ii]? 186;

[iii]? 187;





            141. i. Sir Thomas Peniston of Cornwall, Co. Oxford, Bart., son of 106, ii. entered Oriel College, March 3, 1664/65, aged 16, Student of Gray's Inn, June 1666, died 1674, o.s.p.


            142. ii. Sir Fairmedow, Bart., son of 106, ii, married firstly Elizabeth, daughter of Mary and Sir Compton Reid, of Shipton, Co. Oxford, married secondly, Dec. 17, 1687, when was aged about 32, Mary, daughter of John Powney of Old windsor, Co. Berks., and relict of Sir william Paul of Bray, Co. Berks., ob. Jan. 10,1714, aged 66 (Vol. 57, Harlein Soc.). On a tablet in the chancel of the little church at Cornwell Manor, Co. Oxford, is the following: "In memory of Sir Fairmeadow Peniston, Bart., the last of the male line of that ancient family, who died Dec. 24, 1705 in his 50th year".  The family vault under the old church was sealed up when full in 1873.


            143. iii. Charles Peniston of Cornwell, Co. Oxford, son of 106, ii, entered Magdalen College, Feb. 18, 1674/75, aged 14, B.A. 1680, M.A. 1683, Fellow, 1686-1705; died August 24, 1705, administration at Oxford, October 11, 1705, o.s.p., Vicar, Rector Daylesford, Co. Worcester, 1690-1701.


            145. i.                         son of 113. i. ?


Issue: ?


John Francis Partridge, Rector of Heveningham, Co. Suffolk, assumed the name of Peniston in lieu of his patronymic of Partridge, by Royal licence in 1873. He married July 30, 1858, Catherine Mary, daughter of Rev. Thomas John Blofeld of Hoveton House, Norfolk. He died June 7,1893, o.s.p. In the Corwell Manor churchyard is a grave with a marble headstone with the inscription:  "To the memory or John Francis Penyston, born May 29, 1827, died June 7, 1893". He was succeeded by his nephew, Anthony Francis Partridge, born Feb. 22, 1879, who also by Royal licence assumed the name of Peniston at Cornwell Manor or Chipping Norton, Co. Oxford, formerly Partridge: Ar. three Cornish choughs ppr. and for distinction in the centre chief point a crosslet gules. Crest a gryphon statant sable, charged for distinction with a cross-crosslet argent. Motto: virtus invicta Vigit. (Burkes Landed Gentry, Gt. Britain and Ireland, Vol. II, Eighth Edition pg. 1595 and edition following).


            149. i. Charles Walker Peniston, son of 116, iii, John Peniston, Smith's Tribe will Dec. 3, 1719, proved Feb. 18, 1719/20 leaves estate to Catherine his wife for life, and to keep his son

Charles Walker Peniston then at New Providence, to age of 21.  Mentions his brother William, brother-in-law, Charles Walker and kinsman Richard Somersall. (Wills, 6, pg. 261).


            150. i. Thomas Peniston, son of 117, iv. The will of Thomas Peniston, Devonshire Tribe, mentions his wife, his son Thomas, to whom he bequeaths his sword, pair of pistols and carpenters tools, to his wife the remainder of his estate to maintain her and children; some of them to children each under the age £5 at age of 21: his brother-in-law Samuel Wingood, March 14, 1746/47, proved Nov. 18, 1747, (Wills H-Z, Executors: son Thomas, his friend John Tucker, Jr., William Morris and brother-in-law Samuel Wingood.  (pg .13 0) .

            Lieft., May 25, 1740.

            To be Captain of Devonshire Fort, Jan. 3, 1743/44 (pg. 314).  Captain and Memb. Assembly, 1747. (C.O. 40,6, Records in London).  Juror 1734 & 1740, Junior Juror 1736, '38, '41. Thomas Peniston, Devonshire, carpenter Vs. Daniel Durham, Southampton, 1724. Mary Cox; spinster, vs. Thomas Peniston, Hamilton, L 90 Feb. 21, 1723.  Thomas Peniston, both senior and junior jurors in 1700. (Rec. Devonshire Church).




i. Thomas, 188;

[ii]? 189;

[iii]? 190;

[iv]? 191;

[v] ? 192 ;

[vi]? 193;


            151. ii. George Peniston, son of 117, iv.




i. ? 194;

[ii]? 195;


            152. Samuel Peniston son of 118, v, senior, Devonshire Tribe, mariner, no will, married Elizabeth who administered, Nov. 21, 1758, Inventory L 136.14.6 (Wills, 12 new 8, pgs. 212 & 213).




i. John, 196;

[ii]? 197;

[iii]? 198;


            154. i. William Peniston son of 119, vi, of Hamilton and Smith's Tribes, mariner, married Sarah Somersall, Aug. 6, 1748, who was a widow in 1804, and on March 25, she releases 7 acres one rood and 37 perches to Richard F. Peniston and on Oct. 25 same year released 6 acres, 2 roods which her daughter conveyed to Richard F. Peniston, Oct. 23, 1804, and on April 31, 1804 surrenders 10 acres and 3 acres to her daughters Ann Sweeny and Susan B. Gilbert, and on March 10, 1806 she released 2 acres and 2 roods to Richard F. Peniston in Smith's.  Mrs. Sarah Peniston was assessed in Smith's £0.2.8 for £200 in 1767, for £150 in '68 -'70, and for £100 until '81. From 1769 was assessed for two houses £1.9.0 in '91 for £400, £1.9.4, and in '92 & '93, for £450.




i. Ann, 199, married to Sweeny, a widow in 1804; Oct. 23;

ii. Susan, 200, married to Gilbert, a widow in Oct. 23,1804.


            155. i. William Peniston, son of 128, i. under age on Dec. 24, 1705. 




[i] ? 201;

[ii]? 202;


            159. i. Anthony Peniston, son of 131. i. probably the Justice buried at Harris's Bay July 20 (Aug.11), 1776 by Alexander Richardson. Juror in 1728 and frequently to 1756, Senior, mariner.  There was a senior and junior in 1754. Assessed £0.8.0 in 1751 - '55, £0.9.4 in '56.




i. Probably i. Francis, 203;

ii. Anthony Collins, 204.


            161. iii. Francis Peniston, son of 131,i, mariner, under age in 1724; administration of his estate by his widow Feb. 22, 1748, (Wills, 12 new 8, pg. 84); married Frances Dickinson, whose estate was administered by Richard Peniston, Esq., Nov. 14, 1786.  (Administrations 2, pg. 62).

            He was assessed £0.6.0 in 1750. Frances, his widow assessed £0.6.8 in '51; £0.8.0 in '54; £0.3.4 in '57; £0.2.8 in '60 & '61; £0.2.0 for £50 '63 -'69; for £200 '72 -'74; and for £100 £0.1.4,

'75 -'79; included with her son Francis in '81.




i. Francis, 205;

ii. Richard, 206;

iii. Jennet, 207;


            162. iv. Thomas Peniston, son of 131, i, under age in 1724, A Thomas Peniston in N.Y., master of the sloop "Eagle" May 8,1738.  (Calendar N.Y. Hist. Mss., pg. 534) and one of the same name of Cork st., Lond., Eng., witness of a will, July 8, 1767. (Hist. Antigua, Vol. ii, pg. 260).




[i] ? 208;

[ii]? 209;


            163. v. Mansfield Peniston, son of 131, i, under age in 1724.





[i] ? 210;

[ii]? 211;


            164. i. Richard Peniston, son of 132, ii, joyner, Smith's Tribe, purchased two acres for £20 of Frances Peniston, widow of Francis, Oct. 7, 1763. He was probably Senior assessed from 1751, £0.2.8 to £0.7.0 and £0.1.4 for his own, £0.2.0 for Leak's and £0.2.0 for Hill's, £0.2.0 for £100 in '65, £0.1.4 in '66, £1.7.5 in '67, '69 in 1760; later £0.15.0 for £500 in '74, '75; and £2.2.1

for £573 in '91, the highest amount.




[i] ? 212;

[ii]? 213;

[iii]? 214;


            167. iv. Samuel Peniston, son of 132, ii, will Hamilton Tribe, July 29, 1777, proved Feb. 9, 1784, (Wills 10, pg. 99); Member Assembly 1745; captain, 1749; Justice of the Peace, 1762.




i. Samuel, 215;

ii. Thomas, 216;

iii. Nathaniel, 217;

iv. John, 218;

v. Dorothy, 219, married to Samuel stovel;

vi. Elizabeth, 220, married to Samuel Newbold;

vii. Love, 221, married to Cary.


            168. v. Knapton peniston, son of 132, ii.




[i] ? 222;

[ii]? 223;


            169. i.             son of 133, ii, supposed ancestor of John Vesey Peniston of Baltimore.




[i] ? 224;

[ii]? 225;


            174. i. William Peniston, son of 135, v, died probably 1777.  Married Mary, daughter of Stephen Paynter. Juror, 1734, '39, '40, '50, '57, '58, Senior in '56, constable in 1757 when John Ball takes his place, pound keeper in '80. He may have been the William assessed in Smith's Tribe from 1750 -'77 £0.5.0 for £375. John Spencer, senior, Richard Ball, and Mr. William Peniston for seat 23 in church £1.8.0 in 1775. 

            Mrs. Mary Peniston assessed £0.4.0 for £300 in 1778, £350 in '79, '80. Richard Ball and Mary Peniston £2.16.0 for 2 years.  Probably seat in church. She and son William £1.8.4 in '89; £1.8.2 for £383 in '91 and £1.5.6 in '93. 




i. William, 226;

ii. Jeremiah, 237;

iii. Supposed, Catherine, 228, married to Harvey;

iv. John, 229;

v. Hugh, 230;

vi. Mary, 231, married Nov. 2, 1795 to Richard Ball and had no issue;

vii. Martha, 232, married to Daniel Place, Nov. 3, 1802, by Alex. Ewing. No issue.


            175. ii. Samuel Peniston, son of 135, v, mariner, married firstly, Mary, daughter of Richard Jennings of Smith's and his wife Mary, daughter of Patrick Downing who were married July 31, 1697.  Mary was born and died ante 1740. Samuel married secondly Sarah, daughter of Thomas Downing. Inventory of his estate by his widow, Sarah, August 27, 1748, Smith's (Wills large 12, pg. 88). Her will Nov. 27, 1748, Hamilton Parish, proved April 5, 1749. (Wills H-Z, pg. 133). Sick she leaves to her son Thomas, one-half share of land and house in Hamilton Tribe of my late father Thomas Downing, deceased, in possession of his uncle Edward Pearman. My brother Richard Downing to be paid by my kinsman Joseph Jennings.  His sister Ann Walker and my kinswoman Sarah (Harford?) Pearman. Son-in-law Richard Jennings Peniston. Mrs. Ann Gilbert to care for her children. Father-in-law, Jeremiah Peniston, Esq. and Joseph Jennings my kinsman. Executors. (Wills, H-Z, Pg. 133). Jeremiah Peniston, her father-in-law, made guardian of her children May 2, 1749. (Wills 10, pg. 90 & Large 12, pg. 90). 


Issue by Mary:


i. Richard Jennings, 233;


Issue by Sarah:


ii. Thomas, under age in 1749, 234;

iii. Samuel, 235, under age in 1749.


            176. iii. Jeremiah Peniston, son of 135, v, assessed £0.8.0 for £600 in 1771; had been a lunatic for nine years, Oct. 15, 1778 when Hon. John Harvey and John Esten were to manage his estate.  (Wills 9, pg. 306). Married Mary Ann, daughter of Mary Moore, daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Trott Moore whose first husband was Samuel Spoffard who lived at Spanish Point, and third husband was Thomas Bostook.




i. Mary Moore, 236, who in her will at st. Georges leaves property to her cousin, her unfortunate father is amply provided for. Her property from her mother Mary Ann (Spoffard) Peniston. (Will, March 1, 1790, proved Aug. 9, 1791). (Wills 10, pg. 412).


            177. iv. Richard Peniston, son of 135, v.




i.? Possibly Richard, 237;


            178. v. John Peniston, son of 135, v, joiner Devonshire Parish, will Nov. 16, 1784, (Wills 10, pg. 204), Adminis. by Joseph Dill, other admin. Dec. 20, 1797. (Admins. 3, pg. 95). May 26, 1798 John Peniston's estate, Brackish Pond, admin. by John Bristow and Benj. Robinson. John and children under age. Again John Peniston's estate Sandy's admins. by Robert Tucker. Assessed, Smith's £0.2.0 in 1760. Married Mary Spencer to whom Rebecca, widow of Richard Peniston leaves £50 by her will proved July 23, 1816.




i. John, 238;

ii. Thomas, 239, died in infancy;

iii. Thomas, 240;

iv. George, 241, died in infancy;

v. Joseph, 242, died in infancy;

vi. Henry, 243, died in infancy;

vii. Benjamin, 244, died in infancy;

viii.Hester, 245;

ix. Martha, 246, married Nov. 11, 1792, to Benjamin Robinson and had issue.


            179. vi. Anthony Peniston, son of 135, v. Left. Nov. 11, 1742, Newton Bay Port, Captain, Member Assembly 1761, Justice of the Peace. Juror, 1762 and paid for five days £0.13.4. Mariner, assessor in '63 and for some years. Assessed £0.5.4 for £400 for house and paid for timber. Bought six trees from the graveyard in 1765. Church warden in '67, to the Assembly '68, '69, pound keeper. Assessed £0.18.8 for £1200 in '71, also assessed for Mrs. Westcott's land £0.4.8 in '75, for seat No. 16 in church in '75, £1.0.0 for Westcott's house £0.2.0 for £150., and Capt. Vickers £250, £0.3.4 '77, '79 when he was assessed £0.16.8 for £1250 and then still member Assembly. To Anthony Peniston, Smith's a water lot at Flatts from east of bridge running east south east along the public road 256 feet north to south into the Flatt's sea or below high water mark, north on said Anthony's and east by Capt. Thomas Hilton for one pepper corn (Deeds and Grants, July 23, 1772).  Departing for the West Indies. will Jan. 6, 1778, proved Nov. 21, 1780 (Wills 10, pg. 276). Mrs. Elizabeth Peniston, widow, assessed in 1780 £0.19.0 for £1425, £0.3.4 for £250 on Esten, for £150 on Westcoll, £8.19.7 in '89 on £2233 in '91 £2730 in '92 and £2850 in '93. Married Elizabeth Gilbert Sept. 6, 1755 by J.M. Elizabeth dying, Samuel Peniston adminis. Anthony's estate. April 5, 1800, (Adm. 3, pg. 169).




i. Thomas, 247;

ii. Anthony, 248, [born May 25, 1759, bpt. May 27?];

iii. Jeremiah, 249;

iv. Ann, 250, born Nov. 13, 1760, bpt. March 20, 1761 by J.F. married to Paynter Musson;

v. Samuel Smith, 251;

vi. Joseph Jones, 252;

vii. Miriam, 253, married April 21, 1793 to Robert Spencer Musson mariner by A.E., She received from her grandfather Jeremiah 6 silver teaspoons and gold buttons and from her father Monticello;

viii. Frances Mary, 254, married Aug. 19, 1795 to John Burgess Hill, shipright, his first wife;

ix. Richard, 255, went to Philadelphia ante 1811 and later lost at sea ante, 1814, married Miriam who was married 2nd to Reynolds;

x. Elizabeth, 256, not married in 1813;

xi. Catherine, 257, born March 12th, 1771, married Jan. 25, 1800 to Hon. Samuel Trott of Walsingham who was bpt. Feb. 12, 1749 and whose mother was Miriam, daughter of Col. Henry Corbusier of Bermuda. They were the grandparents of the Misses Gertrude Trott of Tuckerstown. Elizabeth Musson was Samuel's first wife;


            [182]. ix. Thomas Peniston, son of 135, v. mariner, Devonshire, will administered by his widow Anne and her husband Joseph Hill, inventory: 9 slaves etc. value £311.2.4 (Wills New 8, pgs. 400 & 413). She was married to Joseph Hill. 




[i]. William, 258.





            188. i. Thomas Peniston, son of 150, i, Devonshire, no will, his widow to administer 1761 Nov. 18th. (Wills 12, New 8, pg. 283)




i. John... 259;

[ii]? 260;


            196. i. John Peniston, son of 152. i.




[i] ? 262;

[ii]? 263;


            201. i.               Peniston, son of 155. i.




[i] ? 264;

[ii]? 265;


            203. i. Francis Peniston, son of 159, i, probably born say about 1734, smith's Parish, died probably 1774, usually £0.2.0 until '65 and after that £0.4.0, for £300 to '72 and afterward £250.0.0 until 1775; due him as warden £2.3.8 in 1758, married Alice, daughter of John Gilbert about 1759 born say about 1738 and she is assessed for the first time April 11 1775/76; their father died intestate; on March 22,1798, she sold to Richard F. Peniston a piece of land at the sea, 60 feet along the highroad for £6.0.0 and one peppercorn at the end of the year she also sold on 3/4 of land south of the middle road to John Mounts who sold it Dec. 5th and 6th, 1810, to Richard F. Peniston; she received the North side of the land and one half of the house in which the two sisters lived. She died seized of a dwelling and 15 acres of land; died April 24th 1809, buried Apr. 25, 1809 in smith's Parish Grave Yard. 

            Bermuda Alias Somer's Islands, in the name of God Amen, I Alice Peniston of smith's Parish in the Islands aforesaid widow being in bad health of body but of sound mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament in manor and form following this is to say -First, I give bequeath Soul to God who gave it in hopes of his acceptance thereof and glorious Resurrection through the Merits and mediation of My Blessed Saviour and Redeemer. Secondly,

it is my will and desire as soon after my decease as decency will permit, that my funeral Expenses and all just debts be ascertained and paid by the sale of any Timber or any part of my land which my Executor and Executrixes herein after named may think proper and sufficient. Thirdly. -I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Frances Peniston during the time she may remain unmarried, the entire use and occupation of my House and also the sole use and benefit of the residue of my Land which may remain unsold by my Executor and executrixes for the purpose before named. Fourthly.-

            It is my will and desire in case my said Daughter Francis should be married (or at her death) that then the Whole of my property both real and personal be equally divided (to share and share alike) between my three daughters namely Alice Corbusiere, Sarah Mounts and the said Frances Peniston or the heirs of the said Alice Corbusiere or the said Sarah Mounts lastly. -I do hereby nominate and appoint my friend Nathaniel Bascome as executor and my two daughters Alice Corbusiere and Frances Peniston Executrixes of this my last will and testament hereby Annulling and revoking all former wills and deeds whatsoever by me at any time heretofore made in witness of the foregoing I have hereunto sat my hand and affixed my seal this 12th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine. 

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the within Testatrix to be her last will and Testament in presence of us who subscribe our Names in the presence of said Testatix and of each other.  (Signed: Spofforth Bascome                      Alice Peniston (L.S.)

George W.T. Bascome.

Bermuda Alias        By his Excellency Brigadier General John Hodg-

Somers Islands        son Governor Commander in Chief, Vice Admiral

                                and ordinary of these Islands, &c, &c.,

            I do hereby certify that this fourth day of June, 1810, before me the Governor and Ordinary aforesaid, personally appeared Mr. George W.T. Bascome one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Instrument of Writing, who solemnly make oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that he saw (the Testatrix) Alice Peniston late of Smith's Parish in these Islands, deceased, sign, seal and duly execute the same as and for her last will and  Testament, and that at the time of said Execution, she the said Testatrix was of Sound and disposing Mind, Memory and Understanding, according to the best of his, the Deponet's Judgement, and that he also saw Mr. Spofforth Bascome subscribe his Name and witness thereto.

            In Testimony whereof I the Governor and Ordinary aforesaid, have hereunto set my Hand and Seal at Arms the day and year above mentioned.

                                                                        By His Excellency's Command.

                                                                        Signed Samuel Adams. Dy. Secty.

(Book of wills 13, pgs. 197 & 198, Hamilton, Bermuda).

            Her estate was assessed 2/6 for £250 in 1812 & '14. The ruins of the Gilbert House may be seen on Gilbert Hill in 1920.



i. Elizabeth, 266, born March 18, bpt. June 1, 1760 by Rev. John Feveryear, Smith's Parish, Bda., died August 7, 1761;

ii. Alice, 267, born 1767, died March 29t 1821 in the old Bascome house, the home of her son-in-law Nathaniel Bascome, Parish of st. Georges, aged 55 years, buried st. Peters Church Cemetery by J. Lough, Rector. She was mar. Feb. 2, 1782 to Thomas Pullein Corbusier by Alexander Richardson the Rector recorded in st. George's parish Church. Thomas was born Oct.

17, 1761 Harris's Bay, bpt. May 2, 1762 by Rev. John Feveryear, buried Jan. 10, 1796, Smith's by Alex. Ewing. They were the parents of James Henry Corbusier who in 1805 came to the united states and who married there Eleanor Catherine, daughter of Alexander Sloat who were the parents of William Morrison Corbusier who with his Mahala Myers were the parents of Col. william Corbusier the compiler of these records. The latter is also descended from Col. William Peniston, 101, ii, through his daughter Miriam who was married to William Mallagan and whose son James married Frances, daughter of Anthony White and had a daughter Miriam who was first wife of Col. Henry Corbusier and had a son James who married Ann, daughter of Thomas outerbridge who were the parents of Thomas Pullein Corbusier, the husband of Alice Peniston. He also traces his descent to Col. william Peniston through his daughter Martha who was married to John Gilbert of Devonshire and later of smith's who died in 1705. Their son John Gilbert born 1691 married Sarah and had a son John who married Elizabeth and were the parents of Alice and Sarah Gilbert, 203, i.

iii. Sarah, 268, married to John Mounts, May 16, 1801, smith's Parish. Their eldest son, Francis Lightbourne Peniston Mounts, Grand Key, Turk's Island, sold 3 acres of land in Smith's to Francis Peniston for £155, June 12, 1828. They also had a son Henry who married Christina Vervent.

iv. Frances (Fanny), 269, who died before Dec. 9, 1823.


            201. i. William Peniston, son of 155, i.




[i) ? 264;


            204. ii. Anthony Collins Peniston, son of 159, i, probably. He and Francis were brothers. He was born say about 1739; assessed junior, £0.2.0 in 1753 -'66 or £0.3.0 in smith's, 0.1.4 from 1761-'63, 0.4.0 for £400 in '64, also 0.2.1 and 0.1.4, and after that for £350 until 1769; juror, joyner, church warden, constable; removed to Hamilton Tribe sept. 4, 1762 and Mr. William Davis chosen constable for the remainder of the year; member of the Assembly from smith's 1766-'67; married about 1760 Sarah, daughter of John Gilbert and sister of Alice, the wife of his brother Francis. On Feb. 1, 1765 Francis Peniston, mariner, and Alice his wife for the sum of £1.0.0, love and affection they bore to their sister, other valuable considerations and to better divide and settle the estate, release to Anthony Collins Peniston, joiner, and Sarah, his wife, 16 acres of land, houses, etc. in smith's Tribe, the south half of the John Gilbert estate where they then both dwelt. Anthony, merchant in Prince George Co. Va., where he made his will. After his death Sarah his widow was married secondly to Thomas Morgan, Prince George Court House, Va., and after his death on Feb. 8, 1796, she conveyed 16 (12 1/2) acres of land, house, etc., on Gilbert Hill, now "Mosquito Hill" -Harris's Bay, to her son John Gilbert Peniston for the yearly sum of £3, she to have the use of a chamber closet and liberty to cultivate land for herself and private family. He sold the property March 15,1797 to Richard F. Peniston for £133.6.8 and an armored arm holding a spear or axe was on seal of the indenture, -the Gilbert crest. 



i. John Gilbert, 270, born smith's Tribe, bpt. Oct. 4, 1761.

ii. Albert, twin with John Gilbert, 271, she died probably ante May 10, 1799.


            205. i. Francis Peniston, son of 161, iii, often called "Junior" born about 1730, goldsmith, assessed 0.2.8 in 1755, 0.6.8 in '58, for £600 in '68, juror, assessor '65, '73, to the Assembly in '73, church warden, Oct. 22, 1771, gave bond to Richard Fowle, Esq., Sandies Tribe for three negroes, Sue, Dinah and Hester for £25 current money with interest at 10%. £25 @ 35 paid yearly Oct. 22, 1784. 13 years interest due £22.15.0 assessed for Capt. Spencer's land in '70, formerly Skinner's, besides his own land £450 and £125 to '78. Capt. Francis Peniston and other £475 in '80, and for Spencer's land £25, total £1.16.0 also in '81.  Married Ann……. His estate Adminis. Sept. 12, 1785. Smith's by Richard Peniston the younger.



i. Elizabeth, 272, born Jan. 28, 1759, bpt. May 27,  Smith's.

ii. Frances, 273, married to Goodyear.

iii. Richard F., 274, only son;

iv. Ann, 275, married? and had a son Augustus Peniston of the Flatts;

v. Martha, 276, (Patty);

vi. Mary, 277.


            206. ii. Richard Peniston, son of 161, iii, junior and afterward senior, ship carpenter, Smith's administered his mother Frances estate in 1786, will May 6, 1795, proved July 7, 1803 (Wills 12, pg. 153) died April 6, 1803, bur. by Alex. Ewing.  Assessed at the Flatts for £800 in 1800. Married Frances His land was east by Wright Westcott west by lands formerly of William Pearman of Thomas Spencer and Nathaniel Tynes. Lands formerly of Richard Peniston, Senior and lately of Richard Tucker Peniston and Jane Styles, land formerly of Richard Ball.




i. Jennet (Jane) 278, bpt. Dec. 18, 1748, died about 1833, married to ...Stiles, an officer of the Royal Navy who was killed in the War of 1812 with the u.S. and she received a pension from Lord stiles. Had Frances who was to Darrel of Tirk's Island, and Jenny who died in infancy;

ii. Martha, 279, married to Peniston? ;

iii. Frances, 280, may have been the Miss Frankey Peniston buried May 15, 1837, aged 83; Rich. Jennings Peniston leaves by his will, proved March 5, 1812, to Frances Peniston and Jane Stiles daughters of Richard Peniston, Senior of Smith's ship carpenter, deceased, £25 each;

iv. Mansfield, 281, married and had issue at Tower Hill, London;

v. Richard, 282, of Breeze Hall.


            208. i.                         son of 162. iv.




[i] ? 283;

[ii]? 284;


            210. v.                         son of 163, v.



[i] ? 285;

[ii]? 286;


            212. i.                          son of 164, i.



[i] ? 287;

[ii]? 288;


            215. i. Samuel Peniston, son of 167, iv. cabinet maker, married Deborah White, 1759; in Southampton in 1763, in Sandy's Parish 1779; April 17,1779 they sell to Henry Tucker 25 acres land for £400. (B. 236, Bonds, pg. 102). Indenture August 31, 1779 to Henry Tucker by both land in Sandy's, 50 acres for £800. (Bonds No. 15, pg. 107).


Issue: -


i. ? Samuel, 289;

[ii]? 290;


            216. ii. Thomas Peniston, son of 167, iv.




[i] ? 291;

[ii]? 292;


            217. iii. Nathaniel Peniston, son of 167, iv, in 1781 assessed £5.7.4 for two years and Langdon, adminis. of his estate by his wife Thankful (Tatum), Sept. 29, 1787. (Adminis. 2, pg. 118).




[i] ? 293;

[ii]? 294;


            218. iv. John Peniston, son of 167, iv.



[i] ? 295;

[ii]? 296;


            226. i. William Peniston, son of 174, i, died Dec. 1821; Mary, his mother, and he were assessed £1.3.0 on £383. William Junior was assessed in smith's Parish from 1769 to '75, usually for £50; Juror many times, church warden in '75, due him £4.0.0 and in '79 £2.13.4. He received from his grand father Jeremiah, after his father and mother's decease the remainder of the share of land from the south side sea to the path above the garden which Jeremiah purchased from his brother Richard as appeared by deed. 




[i] ? 297;

[ii]? 298;


            227. ii. Jeremiah Peniston, son of 174. i. died in the West Indies ante May 16, 1796; Lieft. smith's April 29, 1782; married Rachel Paynter, a widow in 1801; daughter of Samuel and Mary Paynter born July 15, 1762, and died Oct. 3, 1817; No will; His estate was adminis. by John Paynter and Rachel Peniston, June 10, 1791. He purchased Dec. 22, 1786, 2 rd. 20 perches, blacksmith shop, dwelling, kitchen, etc., North on the division line of smith's and Hamilton, east by Peter Gallagher, Anthony Vine and Ann Sweeny; west by John Wells, from Benj. Harvey and Samuel Trott, - executors of Daniel Gibbons, Hamilton Parish, ~or £161; Junior Smith's he mortgages of Joseph Jennings, Samuel Trott and Josephus Darrell, attorneys of Richard Downing Jennings, Esq., now of St. Eustatius £200 as security to them for 2 roods and 20 perches lately purchased of Daniel Gibbons, Jan. 9, 1787, to pay £150 and interest before Jan. 9, 1788. Judgment £300.4. ½  1836 and Feb. 23, 1837.




i. Mary Ann Tucker, 321, born 1781 and died about 1849, married to Edward B. Seon and had a child that died young. (Adminis. 3, pg. 173). Her mother was her guardian, May 16, 1800.



            229. iv. John Peniston, son of 174.i. married firstly July 13, 1780 (or could this have been the son of John Peniston and Mary Outerbridge); married secondly, Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Trott and daughter of John Hubbard. She died, Jan. 17, 1838 aged 79 years. Mr. John Peniston or John Junior assessed in smith's £0.2.0 for £150 in 1771, '72, '73, 1/4 on £100 in '74, 1/8 for £125 '75-'77, 2/8 for £200 in '78, '79; seat in church £1.17.4 in '79, for £250 in '80, for Fitt's house, no date, £1.4.0 for £200 & £400 and again £1.1.1 for £526, for Benjamin Hill's land 4/8 and Fitt's 18/4 in '89, 17/0 in '90, for £100, due him in '90, £1.0.0, assessed 14/8 for £200 in '91, 6/8 in '92, 11/4 for £200 in '93, Juror many times, constable and due him £1.6.8 and £2.13.4 in '75.




i. John Hubbard, 300;

ii. william Hugh, 301;

iii. Martha Pickering, 302, married Hamilton Parish, 1805, to Joseph Young Spencer and had a. John William who married Rachel Paynter who had Ella and Emma. b. Rupert, not married.

c. Alexander who died in Russia.

iv. Rachel Paynter, 303 married to Wm. C. McCallan and had Nicholas who married Clements and had issue.

v. Mary Peach, 304;

vi. Margaret 305;


            230. v. Hugh Peniston, son of 174. i. mariner, lost at sea or died in Charlestown, S.C. Assessed 2/0 in 1769 and for £800 in 1772.




[i] ? 306;

[ii]? 307;


            233. i. Richard Jennings Peniston, son of 175, ii, under age on May 2, 1749, his grandfather Jeremiah was appointed his guardian, (Wills 8, pg. 90) and left him a seal ring. Married his first cousin Rebecca, third daughter of Joseph and Catherine Jennings, born Oct. 20, 1739. He was bur. Oct. 6, 1810 by A.E.  He was assessed 0.9.0 in 1771, 0.10.8 for '72, for £800 in '75 and for £1000 in '74 & '75. capt. in 1777. His will, Montpelier, Devonshire Parish, Ba., bequeaths to his wife Rebecca, the whole of his estate and after his death if she makes no will, to his friends and relatives Joseph and Richard Darrell (sons of Mary Jennings and George Darrell) of Devonshire, Legacies to Martha Spencer, who now lives with him, daughter of Jeremiah Spencer, deceased, £1000; to Miriam Spencer, his aunt (daughter of 135.v.), wife of Samuel Spencer £50; to Mary Peniston widow of John Peniston £100; (178.v.); to Catherine Dismount, widow of Dennis Dismount, £100; to Henrietta Williams (his wife's sister) £700; to Samuel Peniston (251.v.) Ann Musson, Miriam Musson, Frances Hill, Elizabeth Peniston and Catherine Trott, children of the late Anthony Peniston ( each £50; to Richard F. Peniston (274.iii.) £400; to Catherine Harvey (his wife's sister), wife of John Harvey, £100; to Catherine Trimmingham, (daughter of George Darrell and Mary Jennings) of Devonshire, £50; to William Peniston, Mary Ball, Martha Place, children of William and Mary Peniston (174.i) of smith's decsd, £25 each; to Frances Peniston and Jane stiles, daughters of Richard Peniston, Senior of Smith's, ship carpenter, decsd., (206.ii) £50 each; to Mary Tudor now or late of st. Kitts, widow of Samuel Tudor, Senior, £50; to Benjamin John Williams, son of Cornelius and Catherine Williams £400 at age of 21 years. If he dies, then to Rebecca williams, daughter of Henrietta Williams and the two children of Joseph and Catherine T. Williams; to smith's Parish Church, £30.6.8 for the poor, etc.; to Andrew Peniston of Pembroke. Feb. 19, 1801, cocidil, Aug. 29,  1808, proved, March 5, 1812. (Wills 13, pg. 324).

            Will of Rebecca Peniston, Devonshire Parish, widow of Richard Jennings Peniston, bequeaths to her two nephews Joseph Darrell and Richard Darrell (sons of her sister Mary, who was born, Jan. 4, 1732), all her lands, etc., to Martha Spencer, Mary Spencer, wife of John Peniston each £50; to Catherine Dismount widow of Dennis Dismount, Samuel S. Peniston, Ann Musson, Miriam Musson, Frances Hall, Elizabeth Peniston and Catherine Trott, children of the late Anthony Peniston; to Rebecca Williams, Henry Jennings Williams and Henrietta Catherine Williams; to Catherine Harvey, William Peniston, Mary Ball and Martha Place, children of William and Mary Peniston of Smith's Parish, to Frances Peniston and Jane Stiles, daughters of Richard Peniston of smith's Parish, ship carpenter; to Mary Tudor, widow of Samuel Tudor; to Richard F. Peniston; to Benjamin John Williams, son of Cornelius and Catherine Williams; to the children of Joseph and Catherine Williams. Property she received from the estate of Richard Downing Jennings (her brother, born' June 2, 1737 and died past the age of 81) to Catherine Trimingham; to Henry I. Trimingham; to Richard Jennings Peniston Darrell; to Ann Hall, daughter of William D. Hall; to Catherine and Frances Hall, daughters of James and Catherine Hall; to Smith's Parish for the poor; a slave to Mrs. Dorcas D. Hinson; to the single daughters of Josephus Darrell and Richard Darrell; her nephews and Mary Trimingham to be considered. Executors: Josephus Darrell and Richard Darrell. Witnesses: William D. Hall, Thomas Hall and William D. Perot. January 22, 1813, proved, July 23, 1816. (Wills 14, pg. 160).

Richard was assessed £1.11.2, 1789- '93, for £425.






            234.ii. Thomas Peniston, son of 175.ii, under age May 2, 1749.




[i] ? 308;

[ii]? 309;


            235. iii. Samuel Peniston, son of 175,ii, under age May 2, 1749. Samuel's will Oct. 20, 1756, his uncle Anthony Executor.  To his honored parents Jeremiah and Miriam all of his estate for life; to his brother, Richard Jennings Peniston, a half share of land. If he die, then to his kinsman Richard Spencer (first cousin) land in possession Edward Pearman to his uncle Anthony

Peniston (179,vii) a half share of land in possession of David Gillard; at his uncle's death to his son Samuel smith; at the death of his grandparents all of his personal estate to his two aunts Spencer (180) and Heasom (181). (Wills 10, pg. 90).



            237.i. Possibly Richard Peniston, son of 177, iv. (or son of 175,ii, senior), mariner, "Ruffle Shirt Dick", master and part owner of the good ship "Jane", "La Tettley", the "Charlotte", a packet of 70 tons Sept. 25th 1778, the Charlotte now the Bermuda Packet in the river Thames, guns, gunpowder, ammunition and small arms purchased by him and others Sept. 25th, 1778, of William Paxton of Jamaica, for £385. Capt. Richard Peniston of the ship Trial held up Oct. 9th, 1795, at Cape Francois. (protests 7, pg. 44. 169) .




i. Frances A., 310, married to Richard F. Peniston (274.iii);

ii. Mary Downing, 311, married to Thomas Phelan of Smiths, Oct. 17th, 1792, by Alex E. and had eight children, one of the daughters married to Captain Nell Brymer and had one son.


            238. i. John I. Peniston, son of 178,v, under age in 1784, of age in 1797, mariner, Devonshire; will May 16, 1806, proved Feb. 20, 1810. (Wills 13, pg. 170). To his son George Hubbard his entailed estate that came from his father, wife Susannah (Morris) to be his guardian, timber and rents of lands to maintain his wife and educate all of his children; wife to use all of the remainder of his estate that is personal during her widowhood, but if she remarry then he gives her one-third and the other two-thirds to his daughters Sarah Frances and Susannah Morris, and to daughters at her death the house in which he then lived with the kitchen and land to south side sea, and if there is another child, they are to share alike. If son and all die without disposing of the same then it is to go to sister Martha Robinson's children and Sarah Peniston Dill, daughter of Richard Gilbert Dill, each to have equal part. Wife executrix and trusty friend Richard Gilbert Dill, Esq., Capt. William Morris and William Perot, Esq., executors. witnesses: John Place, Robert S. Wainwright and Benjamin Robinson; Married 1797, Susanna Morris;




i. George Hubbard, 312;

ii. Sarah Frances, 313, married to Hugh Wamsley, no issue;

iii. Susanna, 314, married to Morris;

iv. Mary Louise, 315, born after 1806, not married.


            240. iii. Thomas Peniston, son of 178.v. will, Devonshire, August 24, 1815, proved Feb. 22, 1819 (Wills 14, pg. 241), married Susanna T. Newbold in 1807. She died Devonshire, Oct. 24, 1849, aged 67 years.




i. Susanna Hester, 316, under age Feb. 22, 1819.


            247. i. Thomas Peniston, son of 179, vi.




[i] ? 317;

[ii]? 318;


            248. ii. Anthony Peniston, son of 179, vi, born Dec. 8, 1757, bpt. May 27, 1759, Smith's.




[i) ? 319;

[ii]? 320;


            249. ii. Jeremiah Peniston, son of 179, vi, whose records are on pg. 43, but should be placed here and the number o£ his daughter Mary Ann Tucker, should be 321.


            251. v. Samuel Smith Peniston, son of 179, vi, born Oct. 17, 1764, died Apr. 28, 1821, aged 57 years; Hamilton Parish, merchant, Lieft., Smith's, May 28, 1788; Capt. Hamilton Fort, July 19, 1806; Memb. Assembly, 1800; Justice of the Peace, 1801; married Oct. 8, 1789, Sarah Louisa, daughter of James Musson. She was born June, 1771, died July 5, 1859, aged 88 years; A cedar chest table and silver porringer were left by his grandfather Jeremiah; will Dec. 31, 1820, proved Jan. 21, 1822. 




i. Samuel smith, 322, buried Feb. 11, 1792;

ii. Sarah Louisa, 323, bpt. May 26, i793, Smith's, died March 16, 1852, aged 60 years, not married;

iii. Samuel Smith, 324;

iv. Anthony James, 325;

v. William Frederick, 326;

vi. William Richard, 327;

vii. John Frederick, 328;

vii. Maryann Gilbert, 329, married to Francis Peniston, 349, iv;

ix. Susan Eliza, 330, went to N.Y., died May 16, 1869, aged 57, not married.

x. Emily Catherine (Clara) 331, died April 12, 1845, aged 53;

xi. Jeremiah Alfred, 332, born Feb. 16, 1806, died 1879, of Hamilton Parish, merchant.


            252. vi. Joseph Jones Peniston, son of 179, vi. born March 10, 1763, bpt. July 10, Smith's By J.F. , buried Oct. 24, 1792.   Mrs. Peniston was bur. June 23, 1799. 




[i) ? 333;

[ii]? 334;


            255. ix. Richard Peniston, son of 179, vi, merchant, went to Philadelphia, lost at sea; married Miriam who was married secondly to Reynolds. Mr. Richard Peniston, Jr., assessed for land £25 in 1780; 7/4 in '89; 3/0 in '90; 1/9 in '92 for £75 and £50 in '93.




[i] Richard Albouy, only child, in Phila. in 1817, died when a young man of Yellow fever, 335.


            258. i. William Peniston, son of 182, ix.




[i] ? 336;

[i] ? 337;

[iii]? 339;





            259. i. John Peniston, son of 188, i, joiner, Devonshire.




[i] ? 340;

[ii]? 341;

[iii]? 342;


            270. i. John Gilbert Peniston, son of 204, i, born Sept. 8, 1761, bpt., Oct. 4, by J.F., smith's Parish, merchant, Prince George's Co., Va., in 1797. He sold the property on Gilbert (now Mosquito) Hill to Richard F. Peniston for £133.6.8 on March 15, .1797.




[i] ? 343;

[ii]? 344;

[iii]? 345;


            271. ii. Albert Peniston, son of 204, i, twin with John Gilbert, born Oct. 4, 1761, probably died young.


            274. iii. Richard F. Peniston, son of 205, i, only son, born Oct. 6, 1760, bpt., May 10, 1761, Smith's Parish, by J.F., will Oct. 20, 1826, proved, Dec. 21, 1826, died Oct. 22, merchant,

leaves to his wife Frances dwelling and land adjoining, furniture, cows, female servants and interest of all monies in American funds; to daughter Frances Walker life interest of $8,400 from my American funds, and if she dies a widow then to dispose as she thinks fit; if not a widow, then the principal to be equally divided among her children. This and what she has received being $9,000; to daughter Amelia Coster $7,000 out of Amer. funds at the death or marriage of my wife and further £300 out of monies in Ba., or cedar, all this in addition of the house and land I purchased for her; to daughter Almira Taff $8,000 from American funds at death or marriage of my wife and £300 money in Ba., or cedar; to daughter Eliza $9,000 from American funds at death of my wife and £300 money in Ba., or cedar; to daughter Matilda $9,000 American funds and £300 Ba. money or cedar; his wife may at any time pay the legacies to his daughters Amelia, Almira, Eliza and Matilda; his son Richard has received $9,000 which is more than his sons Francis and Nicholas have and they are to receive enough to make $9,000; his sister Martha Peniston, for life, the house she lives in and liberty to keep two cows on the land also to have negro woman Dorcas and her children and £12 a year; to his sister Ann £50; to such of my daughters as shall be unmarried at the death or marriage of my wife, the furniture and female slaves which I have given her during her widowhood.   Executors: wife Frances and sons Francis,

I Richard and Nicholas. Appraised March 3, 1827. Total £1295.13.4, six slaves, 12 ½  acres at smith's £700; 1 ½  acre £130; 2 acres £140; plot at Flatts & smith's with building £188. 

            He purchased Samuel Spencer for £1.1.0 land formerly of Robert Adams afterward of John A. Wood bounded east by land formerly of Francis Peniston, formerly of his maternal grandfather Richard Peniston west by land formerly of Robert Adams and afterward of John A. Wood.

            Indenture tripartite, Nov. 6, 1795, William Gumbs Peniston (son of ) of the island of Anguilla, planter of the first part, John Davenport of Saint George, merchant, of the second part,

and William Burch Todd, Saint George, etc., for 37 acres, 2 roods in smith's Parish, bounded north by the Little Sound, east by Nathan Times and 'Josiah Smith, decsd., south Sarah Peniston, widow, and Charles Webb, west Anthony Peniston, Esq., decsd. and William Davis. By his attorneys Benjamin Bascome and Richard Basden, sells to William Burch Todd, 37 acres, 2 roods, Release of W.G.P. to Richard F. Peniston for £700. Feb. 19, 1796, the 37 acres, etc. (Lolly's) .

            There is a tradition that his wealth was due to the purchase of a quantity of coffee on the advice of a stranger whom he had fed and clothed and who told him some sacks bearing special marks contained considerable gold money which during a revolution in the country that the man came from a wealthy merchant had placed in the sacks and shipped to a foreign port. Whether this story be true or not, he increased his holdings by judicious investments and left what was considered a large fortune in those days.




i. Frances Ann, 346, bpt, Hamilton Parish, June 30, 1793, by A.E., married July 23, 1812 to John Walker by A.E., and had 3 sons and 5 daughters, Smith's Parish;

ii. Amelia, 347, bpt. Oct. 15, 1795 by A.E., married Rev. Nathaniel Allen Coster, after her death he married secondly Sophie, a daughter of James Ratchford;

iii. Elizabeth Mary, 348, bpt., Mar. 30, 1800, by A.E., married Nov 16,1831, to a widower, James Ratchford, Jr., of Nova Scotia, but no issue except by his first wife;

iv. Francis, 349;

v. Richard, 350;

vi. Almira, 351, bpt. May 19,1805, married to John Taff, Nov. 16, 1831, married secondly to William smith, on April 25, 1847, she was at Marlboro Place;

viii.Matilda, 353, bpt. April 15, 1810, married Nov. 16, 1831 to William Joseph Starr, of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


            Richard F. married Frances, daughter of Richard Peniston of i Hamilton Parish. She died in Quebec, Sept. 18, 1829.


            275. iv. Ann Peniston, daughter of 205. i. married?




i. Augustus, 354.


            281. iv. Mansfield Peniston, son of 206; ii. married Mary , who was a widow in 1815; had issue living at Tower Hill, London.




i. ? 355;

[ii]? 356;

[iii]? 357;


            282. v. Richard Peniston, son of 206, ii, of Breeze Hall and to distinguish him from other Richard was familiarly called "Great Breeze Dick"; lived to a great old age; married Mary, daughter of Joseph Vesey of South Carolina.




i. Mary Catherine, 358, married to Capt. John Place, who was drowned, had one son and two daughters;

ii. Rheoboth, 359, married to Capt Harvey, and had two sons in Antigua;

iii. Richard Tucker, 360.

            April 22, 1791, Elias Tynes shipwright and his wife of Devonshire sell to Richard Peniston Jr. of Hamilton Parish, mariner, for £100, 15 acres in smith's bounded by ocean, west by lands of Richard Peniston and Samuel Spencer, Jr. north by lands of said Richard Peniston and east by Joseph Walker, decsd. (Deeds 3, pgs. 11-18).


            289. i. Possibly Samuel Peniston, son of 215, i, who married Areana Renaud in Baltimore, Md. Aug. 28, 1798 by license by Rev. Hargrow.




i. Thomas, 360A. b., died in New Orleans, La., married and had issue. Relatives lived in Ba.;

ii. Ellen, 360B, born Annapolis, Md., married to Dr. Ira Ellis Smith, and had Andrew Jackson who married Elizabeth Tench and had a daughter Marion smith in Washington in 1920.

iii. John Peniston, 360C;

iv. Anthony Peniston, 360D.


            300. i. John Hubbard Peniston, son of 229, iv. born 1786, will Oct. 26, 1821, proved Aug. 21, 1844, (Wills 17, pg. 179), shipwright, Hamilton Parish, died Nov. 1838, aged 52, bur. Trinity Church, Hamilton Parish. He received the estate of his father and mother formerly that of Anthony Peniston, his grandfather; married Adriana Burrows McCallan who died March 25, 1884, aged 93 years, born May 11. 




[i] Eliza Margaret, 361, born June 17, 1812, died April 18, 1857, married to John W. Pearman and had (a) Anna Elizabeth, born 1840, married 1863 to Edward, son of Augustus Peniston and

went to Chicago, Ill; (b) William who died aged about 9 years; (c) Louisa Margaret, married to Thaddeus Trott, March 26, 1863; (d) Jeremiah Scott, born, bapt, April 30, 1848; (e) Mariana Catherine; and (f) Mary Eleanor, born Dec. 1850, married to Thomas Heber, son of Benjamin Outerbridge, D.D.S.

ii. Sarah Hayes, 362, died about 1902, aged 86, not married.

iii. Robert Thompson, 363;

iv. Mary Peach Lattimore 364, born 1821, married firstly to Capt. Mason Hollis and had Henry, married secondly to Oscar Wilkinson ante 1857 and had (a) Edith, (b) Arthur, (c) and William Oscar.

v. Lucy, 365, born April 1, 1823, married to T.W. Mercer, Dec. 22, 1853, Hamilton Parish, and had (a) Emiline, (b) A. Reid, and (v) Eliza Estelle.

vi. Jeremiah William, the second, 366, born 1825, planter, Hamilton Parish, married firstly Amelia Hayward of Hamilton Parish, married secondly a cousin Mary McCallan, will proved August 8, 1884 (Wills 25, pg. 222), drowned, no issue.

vii. Alice, 367, born 1829, married to Edwin Zuill and had (a) William, (b) John Gilbert, (c) Claude McCallan, (d) Park Vivian, (e) Jerry Peniston, (f) Adriana Malvina, (g) Eliza, (h) Ernistine, (i) Robert Austin.

viii. William Stephen Outerbridge, 368.


            301. ii. William Hugh Peniston, son of 229, iv., born Smith's Parish, Nov. 12, 1796, bpt. March 5, 1797 by A.E. died intestate; married Elizabeth Frances, daughter of Christianata Smith, died Hamilton Parish Jan. 17, 1838 aged 79, and Hugh Paynter who died 1869, son of John Paynter and Margaret Evens.




i. Rachel, 369, married to J.W. Spencer and had (a) Ella, married to James Alfred (Luyser ?), (b) Emma, married to Stafford Joel;

ii. Elizabeth, 370, married to W.E. Newman, no issue;

iii. William Hubbard, 371;

iv. Frances Susan, 372, not married;

v. Anna Louisa, 373, married to Mortimer Outerbridge and had William Franklin and Charles Mortimer.


            312. i. George Hubbard Peniston, son of 238, i, Devonshire.  Under age May 16, 1806; registered slaves for his mother Susannah about 1834, received from his father the entailed estate of his grandfather. John left Ba., after 1834 and has not been heard from since.



[i] ? 374;

[ii]? 375;

[iii]? 376;


            324. iii. Samuel Smith Peniston, son of 251, v, bpt. Mar. 29, 1795, Smith's, died Sept. 20, 1809 ?




[i] ? 377;

[ii]? 378;

[iii]? 379;


            325. iv. Anthony James Peniston, son of 251, v, bpt. July 18, 1797. Smith's, merchant, married firstly Eliza, daughter of James Musson, married secondly in N.Y. about 1838, Maria Shaw Young.


Issue bv Eliza:


i. James, 380, died in infancy in Ba.


Issue bv Maria:


ii. Sarah Christina, 381, born in N.Y. Oct. 30, 1839, married firstly to Dr. Thomas Miles 'Hill, in 1866, and had (a) Harold Peniston who died aged 2~ years, married secondly to John J. Thompson in 1874, and had (b) Helen Thompson, married to William G. Yates, 1896, who live in N.Y.; (c) Caroline Louise, married to Morton W. Lee; (d) Mary Ethel, married to John Jardine; (e) William Peniston, died in infancy;

iii. Caroline Louisa, 382, born march 31, 1841, living in N.Y. in 1920, has a gold seal ring bearing the smith arms which had belonged to 251, v.;

iv. Maria Frances, 383, died young;

v. Eliza Musson, 384, died in infancy;

vi. James Young, 385, born Jan. 30, 1946, not married;

vii. Anthon¥ James, 386, died 1907, not married.


            326. v. William Frederick, son of 251, v. bpt. July 5, 1798, Smith's.




[i] ? 387;

[ii]? 388;

[iii]? 389;


            327. vi. William Richard Peniston, son of 251, v, born June 4, bpt. July 22, 1804, smith's; died July 12, 1891; married Oct. 14, 1841, Felicia, third daughter of Cornelius G.G. Hinson. She was born Aug. 12, 1822 and died Apr. 2, 1913, aged 91.




i. John Ruthven, 391, born Aug. 11, bpt. Oct. 14, 1842, not married, died Aug. 14, 1898;

ii. Frederick william, 391;

iii. Alonzo, 392;

iv. Emily Clara, 393, born Nov. 11, bpt., Devonshire Church, died Port Royal Nov. 24, 1869, aged 22;

v. Anna Frederica, 394, born Aug. 16, 1850 bpt. April 6, 1851, died Nov. 8, 1916. unmarried.


            328. vii. John Frederick Peniston, son of 251, v, born Aug. 16, bpt. Dec. 4, 1808, Smith's died Sept. 21, 1866, married Anna Price Simmons of Philadelphia, at St. Simmons of Phila, at St. Thomas, W.I., Jan. 10, 1838. She died of Cholera, Rose Valley, Phila., Sept. 18, 1877, aged 64.




i. Margaret, C.S. 395, born Oct. 6, 1839, St. Thomas, unmarried;

ii. Samuel Smith, 396, born Dec. 18, 1841, St. Thomas, married Dec. 21, 1871, Hester L. Ash, no issue;

iii. Edward Simmons, 397, born Mar. 30, 1845, St. Thomas" died there in Sept. 10, 1845;

iv. John Frederick, 398, born, June 25, 1846, died June 29, 1847, St. Thos.;

v. Edward Gillingham, 399, born June 23,1847, St. Thomas., went to Phil., unmarried.

vi. Elizabeth Howell, 400, born June 11, 1849, Phil., unmarried, living in 1920;

vii. Sarah Louise, 401. born Phil., Oct, 30, 1851, married Phil. Aug. 5, 1880, to her cousin, 392, iv.







            349. iv. Francis Peniston, son of 274. iii, Smith's merchant.  Will, Nov. 15, 1853, proved Dec. 29, 1854 (Wills 19, pg. 347).  Justice of the Peace, married firstly Eliza Mary Trott, half sister of A.S. Trott, and daughter of Thomas S.J. Trott, married secondly Mary Ann Gilbert, daughter of Samuel Smith Peniston, 329, viii.  He is credited with having been the father of twenty children.


Issue by Eliza:


i. Edwin, 402;

ii. Frances, 403, bpt. April 15, 1809, Smith's, bur. Aug. 31, 1811;

iii. Richard, 404;

iv. Louisa, 405, bur. Sept. 17, 1809;

v. George Francis, 406;

vi. Charles, 407;

vii. Harriett Amelia, married to Edwin Jones, Smith's, Feb. 15th, 1848, Edwin son of Francis John and Betsy Hunt Jones, who was born July 25th 1820 and died in 1897, and had Francis John B., 1849, died 1915, unmarried and Norman Marriott born Oct. 5th, 1850, and died in March 1, 1920, 408;

viii.Fannie, 409, married to John Skinner;

ix. Louisa, 410, unmarried.


Issue by Mary Ann:


x. Eliza born 1829, died June 20,1901, married June 19,1853 to Chase Jones, born Feb. 17, 1827, died 1902;

xi. Matilda, 412, died Jan. 28, 1903;

xii. Laura, 413, married to Melville, son of Wm. James Trott, two daughters Carrie & Leila;

xiii. Adelaide, married to Harley Trott and had a son, Dr. Dudley Trott, 414;

xiv. Ida, 415, unmarried;

xv. Ormand, 416, unmarried;

vi. [?] 417;

xvii. Anna Maria, 418, unmarried;

xviii. (Annie?) 419, unmarried;

[xix]? 420;

[xx] ? 421;


Will of Mary Ann Gilbert, widow of Francis Peniston between 20 & 30 acres of land, Feb. 19, 1876, proved Oct. 2, 1884. (Wills 25, pg .2 3 6).


            350. v. Richard Peniston, son of 274. iii, bpt. July 10, 1803, went to Quebec, married June 9th, 1827, Amelia McCallum.




i. Richard, 422, died young;

ii. William Charles, 423;

iii. a daughter 424;


Mrs. W.S. Peniston of Miller, Natrona Co. Wyo. is the widow possibly of one of these sons. 


            352. vii. Nicholas Peniston, son of 274. iii, bpt. June 14, 1807, born Jan. 12, married March 29, 1827, in Somerset, Ann Harvey, daughter of John Harvey Tucker of Sommerville, Smith Parish. They lived at Breeze Hall. He was drowned in the Sound. She was born Aug. 8, 1808, and died Jan. 1869, her will 22, pg. 343.




i. William Browne, 425;

ii. Frances Almira, 426;

iii. Henry Mortin, 427;

iv. Louisa, 428;

v. Anna Maria, married to Capt. Henry Joseph Watlington;

vi. Cather1ne Browne, 430;

vii. Edgar Ravenswood, 431;

viii.Helen Thomas, 432;

ix. Mary Browne, 433;

x. Somers, 434;

xi. Winthrop, 435.


            354. i. Auqustus Peniston, son of 275. iv. will Nov. 21,1872, recorded July 23rd 1877, married Anne Maria.




[i] Edward, 435 ¼ ;

ii. Cordova Lewis [435 ½ ];

iii. Ameria Ann, 435 ¾ , married to Thomas Joseph Pearman (Wills 24, pg. 67).


            360. iii. Richard Tucker Peniston, son of 282 v. "Little Breeze Dick", born Crow Lane, died in New Orleans in 1830, aged 55 years, bur. there. Went to the U.S. at the age of 25-30 and was master of a sailing vessel running between New Orleans and Liverpool and elsewhere. Later was Captain of the Mississippi River Steamer. His ship was captured in the war of 1812 and he was a prisoner of war. Married Aug. 4, 1803, at Knapton, Mary Percival, daughter of Margaret smith and Joseph Walker who were married Sept. 26th 1779, Smith's, and had John and Mary Percival.  Margaret was married secondly to Capt. John Albouy, widower of her sister Mary, who had been married, Sept. 14th, 1780. Mary Percival was assessed for £800.0.0 in Smith's in 1800. She died in Baltimore, Feb. 3rd, 1868, aged 79 years.




i. Joseph Vesey, 436;

ii. Richard Mansfield, 437;

iii. Miriam Caroline, 438, born Dec. 25th, 1826, married Dec. 23, 1844, to Compton Spencer near Paynters Vale. She had a home on Greenwood Lake, near Warwick, N.J. with nine acres of land which she claimed that Abram and Harriet Terhune, of Franklin Fort, took from her by trickery. She died in Bda. at Verdmont after 1910.


            360A. i. Thomas married and had issue 360C iii, John; 360D iv. Anthony.


            363. iii. Robert Thompson Peniston, son of 300, i, born 1816, died about 1875, married firstly Elizabeth Basden and had issue, all dying, married secondly, America curling. 




i. Eliza, 439, married to…… Scholts;

ii. Eva, 440, unmarried, aged 70;

iii. John Thompson, 441, unmarried, died 1920;

iv. Irving, 442, unmarried, in hospital;

vi. Amelia, 444, born 1866; [v?] Emiline, 443, married to William Doe, died 1920, had five sons

and one daughter;

vii. Annie Louise Norwood, 445, born about 1866, married Duncan  Doe, died, had one daughter Anita.


            368. viii. William Stephen Outerbridge Peniston, son of 300i, of Harrington House, born, May 11th, 1831, died Aug. 19th, 1818, married July 6,1861, Elizabeth Frances Somerville, daughter of M. Benjamin Outerbridge and a sister of Thomas Heber Outerbridge, mother, a Curling.




[i] Kate Somerville, 446, born Nov. 4th, 1861, married to Dr. Harry E. Matthews, of Orange N.J.;

ii. Maude Louise, 447, New Windsor Hotel, Hamilton, Bda.;

iii. Frederick William Evans, born 3 Feb. 1866, 448;

iv. Laura Josephine, 449, born Nov. 11th, 1868, married to Thomas Stowe Tuzo, Nov. 5th, 1905;

v. Thomas Heber, 450, in the U.S., 450;

vi. Jessy, 451, died in infancy;

vii. Benjamin John Hubbard, 451, A., born June 21st, 1872, New Windsor Hotel, Hamilton, unmarried.


            371. William Hubbard Peniston, son of 301, ii, born Dec. 1st, 1829, at Paynters Vale, Hamilton Parish, died Dec. 8th, 1917. A sea captain, married [Mar.?] 24, 1864, Mary Cottam in St. Mary's Church, Bishophill, York, Eng. She was born Nov. 20th, 1844, York, England living in 1920.




i. Alice Elizabeth Paynter Peniston, 452, born March 22, 1866, York, Eng., died Marblehead, Mass., June 27th, 1904, married Nov. 20th, 1902, to Capt. John Morrison Barr, Brooklyn, N.Y.;

ii. Lillian Eliza Paynter, 453, born May 14th, 1869, Williamsburg, L.I. N.Y., bpt. there Calvary Church, died Feb. 3rd, 1890;

iii. William Hugh Cottom, 454;

iv. Ada Emaline Newman, 455, born July 19th, 1873, died Nov. 21st, 1873, Smith's;

v. Harker Napier, 456;

vi. Jerry Burton Holderness, 457, born June 20th, 1877, Smith's, bpt. Hamilton Parish, enlisted in the Hosp. Corps, U.S. Army and was in the Philippines about 1904. After his discharge, he was purchasing rubber for Hong Kong and has not been heard of since then;

vii. Nicholas McCallan Brunt, 458;

viii.Lucy Mercer Duckitt, 459, born Dec. 15th, 1881, Smith's, bpt. Hamilton Parish, died Nov. 7th, 1906.


            391. ii. Frederick William Peniston, son of 327 vi. born Dec. 9, 1844, bpt. May 18th, 1845, died July 18th, 1915, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Davis. '




i. William Cornelius, farmer in Warwick, born Feb. 13th, 1873, married July 21st, 1897, Irene Blowne at Baileys Bay Methodist Church, no issue, 460;

ii. Clarence, 461, 15, 1875, married to Edward T. Davids and has issue;

iii. Edgar, 462, died in infancy.


            392. iii. Alonzo, son of 327 vi. born March 29th, bpt. Nov. 13, 1856, married Aug. 5th, 1880, Phila., his cousin Sarah Louisa, 401. vii. living at the Flatts. 


No issue, but they have adopted Roy Greyson, born near Atlanta, Ga., March 25, 1869, 563.





            402. i. Edwin Peniston, son of 349 iv., will proved July 12, 1879 (wills 24, pg. 241), died Jan. 9th, 1879. His father left him 30 acres for which his grandfather Richard F. paid £2000 April 25, 1806, bounded North by the little Sound, south by the Ocean, east by lands of John Walker, west by Samuel Spencer, John and James Canton and said Richard F. Peniston, all houses, etc. witnesses:  James Tatem and Frances A. Peniston, the entail of which he had forborne to dock. His father also left him £100 and house and lot purchased out of the estate of my Mother's father, Richard Peniston decd., born 1819, died Jan. 9th, 1879, married Eliza Mary Trott in 1847, only daughter of Thos. Saml. Trott, Nov. 9th, 1847, Hamilton Parish. She was born in 1820 and died Feb. 14th, 1900.




[i] Sidney Louisa, 464, born April 10, 1852, unmarried her father gave her 31 (30) acres of land Oct. 26th, 1877, which is the next land East of Breeze Hall, Smith's Parish.


            404. iii. Richard Peniston, son of 349 iv. born Ba. Feb. 28th, 1824, a merchant in Liverpool England in 1855, removed with his family to the U.S. in 1865, died Sept. 1887, aged 63, married Lydia Simmonds who was born on the Island of st. Thomas, 1832, and died in 1867.




i. Edward, 465;

ii. John Frederick, 466;

iii. Annie Taylor, 467, born June 1st, 1861, died Feb. 1891, unmarried.

iv. Richard, 468.


            406. George Francis, son of 349, iv. born in Ba. 1826, was in New York, N.Y. Oct. 13th, 1865, married Harriett Hearn, 1852.




i. Aline Saltus, 469, born May 6th, 1852, died about 1900, unmarried;

ii. George Hearn, 470;

iii. Anna De Haven, married to Ch. C. Walden, 471;

iv. Eugene A., 472;

v. Louis, 473, died in infancy;

vi. Albert E. 474;

vii. Mary Arnold, 475, married to C.C. Galbraith;

viii. Florence, 476" died in infancy.


            416. xv. Ormand Peniston, son of 349, iv.




[i] ? 477;

[ii]? 478;

[iii]? 479;


            417. xvi. Clarence Peniston, son of 349, iv. born March 22, 1840, Smith's Parish, died at Seaview, Smith's, August 13, 1908, member of the Assembly, Provost Marshall, married Sarah Almina, eldest daughter of William M. Conyers and Sarah Eliza, married Dec. 10, 1863, Christ Church, Devonshire.




i. Helena Isabel, 480, born Sept. 11, 1864, married Dec. 2,1890, to Edmund Gosling, smith's Church, have issue;

ii. Adelaide Tonish, 481, born June 12, 1866, died Aug. 9, 1873;

iii. Adele, 482, born August 13, 1868, married Alfred Hedley Cotton, July 22, 1890, Smith's Church, live in New Zealand;

iv. Francis William, 483, born Sept. 28, 1870, died March 1,1873;

v. Clarence Stuart, 484, born Oct. 4,1872, married Feb. 9,1899, Ernestine Elise Walker, Pembroke Church;

vi. Clara Middleton (Dolly), 485, born May 28, 1875, married to Charles Phillips, R.G.A., June 2, 1900, Smith's Church;

vii. Clifford Conyers, 486, born Dec. 26th, 1877, married Lois Inman Selwood, Jan. 1912, no issue;

viii.Francis William, 487, born May 24, 1879, married first, Agnus Mary Harte, 1913, who died Nov. 12, 1916, married 2nd Josephine , no issue, live in South Africa;

ix. Edith Almina, 488, born Nov. 7th, 1881, married to Lieut. George Lennox Hay, Eng. Army, June 1, 1904, Smith's Church.


            423. ii. William Charles Peniston, son of 350. v. of Quebec.




[i] ? 489;

[ii]? 490;

[iii]? 491;


            425. i. William Browne Peniston, son of 352, vii, born Jan. 29, 1828, died, a physician of Devonshire, married Emily Mary Spencer Lightbourne, daughter of Rev. Joseph Francis Lightbourn, Rector of Devonshire and Pembroke for many years, after his death, she taught school in Hamilton.




i. Frederick, 492, has not been heard from since he was a young man, some 50 years ago;

ii. Emma, 493, married to Rev. Frederick Skinner, curate of Trinity Church, Hamilton;

iii. Constance, 494, married to Lieut. Frank wiley, R.N. She died about 1900.


            427. iii. Henry Morton Peniston, son of 352. vii. married Mary Jane, daughter of Joseph and Kate Hinson.




i. Henry Morton, 495, who died young;

ii. Herbert Albuoy, 496;

iii. Ada Winthrop, 497;

iv. William Brown, 498;

v. Alice Beatrice, 499.


            450. v. Thomas Heber Peniston, son of 368, viii, married Sept. 22, 1892, Charlotte Kelshaw in N.J., live in the U.S.




i. Heber Kelshaw, 515;

ii. Donald William, 516, died in infancy (choked on a marble at one year, one week of age);

ii. May Lois, born Dec. 20, 1898, liv(ed) with Mrs. Matthews, Orange, N.J., 517;

iv. Elizabeth, born Oct. 25, 1902, 518, liv(ed) with Mrs. Matthews.


            454. iii. William Hugh Cottom Peniston, son of 371, iii, born March 26, 1871, Hamilton Parish.




[i] ?


            456. v. Harkort Napier Peniston, son of 371, iii, born Sept. 28, 1874, Smith's, married Feb. 11, 1902, Florence only daughter of Albert Johnston of Brooklyn, N.Y., no issue.


            458. vii. Nicholas McCallan Brunt (Lueewin) Peniston, son of 371, iii, born Feb. 24, 1880, Smith's, married Lilian Rees Outerbridge who was born Ireland Dock Yard, Nov. 13, 1890, bpt. Smith's, married Oct. 27, 1909, Smith's.




i. Algernon Hugh, born Aug. 4, 1910, Hamilton, 520;

ii. Lucy Deab, 521, born Nov. 7, 1911, Hamilton;

iii. Enith Paynter, 522, born April 4, 1913, Hamilton Parish;

iv. Elsie Lueewin, 523, born Feb. 20, 1915, smith's.


            463. i. Roy Greyson Peniston, adopted son of 392, iii.


            465. i. Edwar Peniston, son of 404, iii, born in Eng. Oct. 5,  1857, died March, 1892 in N.J., married 1880, Ella Hatt, East Orange, N.J.




i. Edith Lydia, 524, born June 17, 1881, died Oct 8, 1915;

ii. John Frederick, 525;

iii. ? 526;


            466. ii. John Frederick, son of 404, iii, born, Birkenhead, Eng. July 19, 1859, Postmaster, Cranford, N.J. in 1920, married firstly, Feb. 12, 1883, Eva Barber who died, Nov. 6th, 1883, no issue. Married secondly April 20, 1893, Lottie Marsh Denman at Cranford, N.J. She was born, Married 3rd, 1859.




i. Denman, born April 1897, 527; -

ii. John Frederick, mr. born Nov. 11, 1897, 528;

iii.? 529;


            468. iv. Richard, son of 404, iii, born Orange, N.J. Oct. 5th, 1872, married Viola Everett.




i. Everett, 530;

ii. Helen, died young, 531;

iii. Richard, 532;

iv. Howell, 533;

v. Madge, 534.


            470. ii. George Hearn Peniston, son of 406, v., born N.Y. City, June 22, 1855, married Rome Ga. Sept. 25, 1883, Georgia Corinne Branham. In the Postal Service in Washington, D.C. in 1920.




i. Joel B., 535, born Brooklyn, N.Y., July, 1884, married no issue, living in Des Moines, Ia;

ii. Georgette Harriet, 536, born Roselle, N.J., 1885, married 1916 i to Lucien Garner, Wash. D.C. living;

iii. Nellie Groves, 537, born 1887, Birminghan, Ala. married in Virginia about 1908 to Albert Hobey-King;

iv. George, Jr., 538, born Birmingham, Ala. Sept. 25, 1890, married Vaughn, live at Bloomfield, N.J. and have a daughter Helen;

v. Emily Cooper, 539, born 1891, died in infancy.


            472. Eugene A., son of 406, v.




[i] ? 540;

[ii]? 541;

[iii]? 542;


            473.  iv.  Albert Edward Peniston,  son of 406, v.;  born Brooklyn, New York, Apr 2, 1863; married Laura C. Meeker (b. Nov 21, 1869, Elizabeth, New Jersey) on Dec 12, 1888.  He was a printer, 46 West Street, New York City.




i.  Ella Barr, 543; born Brooklyn, NY; died 1890, aged two years;

ii. Helen Meeker; born Brooklyn, NY, May 24, 1895;

iv. Ruth, 546; born Brooklyn, NY Oct 15, 1901;

v. Darthea,  547; born Ridgewood, NJ, Apr 1, 1904.


            484. v. Clarence Stuart Peniston, son of 417, xvi; born Oct 4, 1872; married Ernestine Elise Walker,  Feb 9, 1899,  Pembroke Church.




i. Clarence Stuart, 548; born Nov 4, 1899, Smith’s Parish;

ii. Gerald Charles, 549; born Oct 11, 1900, Smith’s;

iii. Dorothy Olivia, 550; born Nov 7, 1904, Pembroke;

iv. Eric Walker, 551; born Feb 29, 1908, Pembroke;

v. Francis Stuart, 552; Born Aug 20, 1912;

vi. John Franklin, 553; born July 12, 1915.


            496.  ii.  Herbert Albouy Peniston, son of 427, iii; born Apr 4, 1858, Smith’s Parish; married Blanche Imogene, daughter of Charles and Eadova Cooper, on Feb 16, 1882.




i. Ethel Almina Perot, 554; born Nov. 16, 1882, Smith’s, married to Thomas William, son of Reid and Julia E. Mercer of Smith’s, on Sept. 5, 1911;

ii. Muriel Kathleen, 555; born May 4, 1885, Smith’s;

iii. Hilda Annette, 556; born Aug. 4, 1888, Smith’s, married to Edward S., son of Rolin and Sarah Tucker, St. George’s Parish, on May 26, 1909.

iv. Marion Adele, 557; born May 27, 1890, baptized Paget Church by Rev Lough;

v. Harold Linnel, 558; born Apr. 9, 1895, Smith’s; joined the first contingent B.V.R. and left Bermuda May 1, 1915; returned May 17, 1919;

vi. Byron Ivan, 559; born June 9, 1901, Smith’s; died Apr. 20, 1910;

vii. Hugh Percival, 560; born Feb. 20, 1904, Smith’s.


            497. iii. Ada Winthrop Peniston, daughter of 427, iii; born Apr 18, 1861, Smith’s; married Captain Nathaniel Vesey, who had a store in Devonshire, on Feb. 1, 1898.  His mother was Augusta Kenton, related to the Penistons.


            498.  iv.  William Brown Peniston, son of 427, iii; born Sept 11, 1864, Smith’s; married firstly Clara...., married secondly Blanche....., both Americans.


Issue by Clara:


i. George, 564;                           

ii. Helen, 565;

iii. Ada Evelyn, 566;


Issue by Blanche:


(i.)  ?, 568;

(ii.) ?, 569.


            499. v. Alice Beatrice Peniston, daughter of 427, iii; born June 30, 1868, Smith’s; married William Rogers, of Ashland, Oregon, on Dec 31, 1917.


            515.  i.  Heber Kelshaw Peniston, son of 450, v; born May 22, 1893, Bermuda; married Miriam Jocelyn Waller (b. Apr 11, 1896; d. May 9, 1984) on May 22, 191?; moved to California in 1930 because of William’s illness; died Mar 4, 1974, at age 81. 




i.  Donald Hugh, 561;

ii. William Heber, 562.


            516. ii. Donald William Peniston, son of 450, v; born Sept 22, 1895 Bermuda; died Sept 29, 1896, by choking on a marble.


            517. iii. Mae Lois Peniston, daughter of 450, v; born Dec 20, 1898, Hillside Avenue, West Orange, NJ; married Edward Selliez Kain (b. Jan. 20, 1897; d. Feb 5, 1986) on Apr. 26, 1922.  She and Edward bought a house at 925 Wilhelm Road, Harrisburg PA, in 1944, and restored and remodeled it; both lived there until their deaths.  Lois was a cartographer during the 1910s and 20s for the CS Hammond map company in New York City.  During the Second World War, after she and her family moved to Harrisburg, she was hired to work with the Admiral at the Mechanicsburg Naval Depot.  Her job was to place the warships’ locations on a map, keeping it updated.  She was one of the few with immediate access to the Admiral because of this.  She was an avid knitter, making sweaters and afghans for family and, in later years, lap blankets for the elderly, of which she didn’t seem to realize she was one.  During the First World War, as she traveled to the map company from her New Jersey home, she knitted socks for the sailors, and she knitted continuously after that until her final hospitalization.  She died Sept 29, 1995, at age 96 yrs, 9 mos, 9 days.




i. Elizabeth, 573;

ii. Donald Edward, 574;

iii. Barbara, 575.


            518. iv. Elizabeth Peniston, daughter of 450, v; born Oct 25, 1902, West Orange, NJ; married John Forsyth Kelsey (b. Feb 3, 1893; d. Apr 15, 1939).  Died June 22 or 23, 1956.




i. John Forsyth Kelsey, jr, 576;

ii. Lois Peniston Kelsey, 577.



                                                             GENERATION XXVIII        


            524.  i.  Edith Lydia Peniston, daughter of 465, i; born June 17, 1881; died Oct. 8, 1915


            525. ii. John Frederick Peniston, son of 465, i; born Mar 26, 1884; married Ethel Snow, Hamilton, lived in New Jersey.




i. Dorothy Alvine, 570; born Dec 20, 1910;

ii. John Frederick, jr, 571; born Nov 24, 1914; died Mar 29, 1915;

iii. Edith Lydie, 572; born Aug 12, 1916; lived in NJ.


            561. i. Donald Hugh Peniston,  son of 515, i;  born Aug 26, 1919; married Phrynette Alois Waldvogel (d. July 13, 1997) on Dec 8, 1946.  Presbyterian minister in Cottage Crove, Oregon.  Married Joan, a friend of 51 years, Spring 1998.  Has been instrumental in gathering family history.




i. Gary Heber, 605;

ii. Brian Joseph, 606;

iii. David Hugh, 607;

iv. William Anthony, 608;

v. Sarah Adrianna, 609.


            562. ii. William Heber Peniston, son of 515, i; born Nov 5, 1921; married Frances Bogan on Sept 9, 1950.  Was diagnosed (perhaps wrongly) with tuberculosis as a child, causing father to move family from New Jersey to California.  Became a doctor.




i. Claire Lynn, 610;

ii. Sally Louise, 611;

iii. Lyle William, 612.


            573. i. Elizabeth Kain,  daughter of 517, iii; born Nov 9, 1923; Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (PA); married Jack Oldham June 1, 1948; divorced 1952.  Married William Frank Stanton (b. Oct 16, 1918; d. Dec 31, 1996) in 1958.  William was a freelance writer of fiction and had been a WWII glider pilot.  Elizabeth (Betty) worked as a registered nurse at a Cleveland hospital and, later, did private duty nursing in Maryland, where she and her family moved in 1968.  She was an avid gardener, growing plants in her yard and vegetable garden, and also in her ever-enlarging greenhouse.  She, in her 70s, owned and operated her own gas-powered log splitter, with which she prepared wood for her own and customers’ woodstoves and fireplaces.   She and William moved to her parents’ Wilhelm Road house in 1985, after living four years in Connecticut, so that Betty could care for her father, whose health was failing.  She took ownership of the house with William after Edward’s death, and, after William’s death, with sons Tim and Bart.


Issue by Jack:


i. Edward Lindsay, 613;

ii. Donald Milton, 614;

iii. Linda Elizabeth, 615;


Issue by William:


iv. Timothy Mark, 616;

v. Tobias Shawn, 617;

vi. Bartholomew William, 618;

vii. Benjamin Louis, 619.


            574. ii. Donald Edward Kain, son of 517, iii; born Jan 28, 1925, Upper Darby, PA; married Audrey Poorman; divorced.  Married Kathy Bast.  Entered US Marines on Jan 7, 1942.  Worked as salesman for Burpee Seed Company.  Died of cancer on Apr, 19, 1996.




i. Doris Peniston, 620;

ii. Donna Elizabeth, 621;

iii. Gretchen Ann, 622.


            575. iii. Barbara Kain, daughter of 517, iii; born July 21, 1926, Upper Darby, PA; married John Carver Brown; converted from Episcopalian to Catholic.  Worked as personal secretary for governors of PA.  Moved to Florida in 1998. 




i. Deborah Kain, 623;

ii. Kathleen, 624;

iii. David Reed, 625;

iv. Kimberly, 626;                                       

v. Michael James, 627.


            576. i. John Forsyth Kelsey, jr, son of 518, iv; born Aug 23, 1924; married Elsie Luddecke (b. Aug 23, 1924; d. Nov 19, 1997).  Died August 27, 2004.




i.  John Forsyth Kelsey III,  628;

ii. Bruce Crane, 629.


            577. ii. Lois Peniston Kelsey, daughter of 518, iv; born May 12, 1926; married Walter Michael Giblin, jr (b. Apr 10, 1926); divorced.  Died January 25, 2003.




i. Walter Michael Giblin  III, 630.



last updated July 2005- later living generations have been withheld

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