association oath rolls

Association Oath Rolls : British Plantations, 1696
Bermuda als Somer Islands in America

Whereas....... wee the Governor, Councill and Assembly and the rest of the Inhabitants of these islands....
J. Goddard, Governor.

Capn of the Ferry Fort: Samuel Stone

Justices of Assize, Common Pleas, etc:

Justices of Exchequer:

Justices of Admiralty:

Justices of the Peace:


Sheriffe: Stephen Crow

William Peniston

Wm Peniston

Wm Outerbridge

Wm Peniston

Cornelius Hinson

Secty & Attorney Genl: Nicholas Trott

Gilbert Nelson

Gilb. Nelson

Tho. Brooke

Gilb Nelson

Jno Tucker

Lieut of the Castle: William Jones

Sam' Trott

Darrell, Joseph

Wm Outerbridge

Francis Jones

Captn of Southton Fort: Samuel Brangman

Joseph Darrell

Nicholas Trott

Joseph Darrell

Captn of the Queen's Fort: Daniel Johnson

Captn of Smith's Fort: Boaz Sharpe

Bermuda Roll, Loyal Address concluding.
Whereas itt is required of us that wee shall be true to King William; now King of England and of the English nation: Us say to all his just and lawfull commands wee can willingly bee subject unto, not for wrath but ever for contienc saeck: And all Commands which are otherwise wheather from him or any other wee shall willingly and patiently suffer under them what men shall be permitted to imposs upon us.
Wm. Wilkinson Senr
Nath' Low
Wm. Wilkinson
Tho Wilkinson
This 29th of the 7th mo'th 1696

Assembly & Council: representatives of tribes:


Peniston, Wm

Trott, Samuel

Outerbridge, Wm

Tucker, Jno

Peniston, Richard

Nelson, Gilbt

Minors, Charles


Pembrook Tribe:

Pagitts Tribe:

Warwick Tribe:

Southampton Tribe:

Sandys Tribe

Hamilton Tribe:

Smith's Tribe:

Devonshire Tribe:

Town of St George

Hinson, Cornelius

Pruddun, Nathaniel

Tucker, Hen

Dickenson, John

Tucker, Jonathan

Peasley, John

Harvey, Samuel

Sherlock, Samuel

Gilbert, John (Speaker)

Hauger, Richard

Darrell, James

Wainwright, Benj

Burges, Daniel

Hubbard, Samuel

Knapthorn, Moses

Stow, Benjamin

Johnson, Daniel

Whitney, David

Daffye, Sam

Basden, William

Meratt, Nathaniel

Cox, Joseph

Tucker, Daniel

Richardson, John

Keele, Daniel

Burch, Thomas

Greatbatch, Rowland

Stone, Samuel

Trott, Nicholas

Enrollment by Tribe:


Cox, William

Allen, Joseph

Hubbard, Daniel

Downscombe, Jadwin

Tucker, John

Peniston, William, Coll

Seare, John

Hamond, John

Newbold, Stephen Jun

Outerbridge, Thomas

White, Anthony, Lt Coll

Prudden, Sam

Trott, John

Yate, Nathaniel

Willis, John

Burrows, Mich, Captn

Wilders, James

Trott, Samll

Griffin, William

Greatbatch, Rowland

Hubbard, Samuel, Lieut

Cox, Joseph

Turner, Walter

North, Edward

Davis, Daniel

Stone, William, Ensign

Low, Benjamin

Outerbridge, John

Greatbatch, Daniel

Davis, Isaac Sen

Pindar, Timothy, Sergt

Smith, William

More, Joshua

Cox, John

Hall, Simon

Hall, Malachi, Sergt

Mallory, Edmd

Burges, Jeremiah

Outerbridge, William

Burrowes, Michael

Harford, Thomas, Genl

Wells, John

Packwood, Joseph

Dunscombe, Edward

Outerbridge, William

Hall, Thomas

Davis, Isaac

Fiklin, Jeremiah

Dunscombe, Nathaniel

Stafford, Richard, Genl

Jones, Daniel

Somersall, John

Stone, Freeman

Stone, Edwin

Hawkes, John

Newbold, Stephen

Peasly, John


Peniston, Richard

Righton, John

Wells, William

Wingood, Samuel

Davis, William

Graysborough, Edward

Trott, Perient

Strogham., Daniel

Smith, George

Graysbury, Thomas

Knapthon, Moses

Righton, John

Bostock, Thomas

Peniston, John

Smith, Anthony

Poell, George

Walker, Charles

Place, Seth

Potter, Samson

Wells, Samuel

Dickinson, John

Gibbins, William

Johnson, Richard

Peniston, Richard

Smith, Thomas

Argent, George

Newton, Jeremiah

Jenyns, Richard

Gilbert, John

Howell, Elias

Collins, Thomas

Smith, Seth

Gilbert, Peter Sen

Powell, Thomas

Righton, Thomas

Wingood, John

Wingood, John

Smith, Daniel

Wells, Daniel

Attwood, Thomas

Newton, Samuel

Harvey, Benjamin

Place, Seath

Harvey, Samuel Jun

Harvey, Samuel

Mallagar, William

Burt, John

Davis, John igs

Smith, Thomas

Somersalls, John Sr

Knapton, Moses

Skinner, Robert

Gilbert, Malachi

Smith, Jeremiah

Tongue, Rowland

Somersett, Samuel

Peniston, Samuel

Davis, William

Smith, Michael

Smith, Josias


Seymour, William

Rivers, Joseph

Burch, Tho

Hill, Jonathan

Borch, Jonathan

Hermer, James

Seymour, Hor

Hinson, Joseph

Burch, Jonathan

Priestley, Joh

Burch, Jeremiah

Wells, John

Johnson, David

Young, Benj

Whitney, David

Place, William

Harmon, William

Kins, Samuel

Burch, Thomas

Young, William

Forster, Thomas

Meritt, William

Burrows, Painter

Rivers, Nehemiah

Mallory, Edmond

Evans, Mich.

Ball, George

Hinson, Daniel Jun

Hinson, Benjamin

Claxter, John

Boulton, Peter

Tucker, Jonathan

Burrows, Shechariah

Burt, Joseph

Watson, George

Harloe, Tho.

Spencer, Nicholas

Ward, John

Meratt, Nath.

Pindar, Nathaniel

Ward, Aron

Merrit, Edward

Pder, John

Bowe, Senior

Duryes, Aaron

Young, Tho.

Evans, Robert

Forster, John

Tatem, Josias

Conyers, Nathaniel

Verchild, James

Vadell, Tho.

Mathlin, Horatio

Young, George

Pijos, Florans

Watson, Tho.

Agle, Joseph

Burges, Daniel

Applebe, Benj.

Burrow, Tho.


Dickenson, John, Capt.

Dickinson, Robert

Darrell, John

Hutchins, Joseph

Chapplin, Benjamin

Dickinson, George

Dickenson, Francis, Lieut.

Cooper, Francis

Cooper, William

Nelme, William

Evans, Charles

Wetherley, Thomas

Newbould, Samuel, Ens.

Gibbs, John

Todd, Joseph

Hunt, Thomas

Styles, Daniel

Darrell, George, Sergt.

Painter, Stephen

Darrell, Samuell

Geell, John

Rivers, John

Bryan, William, Sergt.

Jackson, Thomas

Prudden, Joseph

Morgan, Henry

Leaycroft, William

Evan, Edmund

Jackson, Onesimus

Bullock, Stephen

Mitchell, Cornelius

Evans, John

Morgan, Charles

Todd, Benjamin

Smith, Benj

Dickinson, Samuel

Nelme, Daniel

King, John

Dando, Marmaduke

Beak, John

King, Coleman

Durham, Joseph

Perengif, John

Prudden, Nathaniel

Lightburn, Joseph

Todd, John

Jackson, Joseph

Jenings, John

Morgan, Daniel

Wainwright, William

Caron, Daniel

Cooper, Thomas

Tucker, George

Conyers, Daniel

Tucker, John

Evans, Benjamin

Gibbs, Thomas

Vaughan, John

___, Robert

Durham, Daniel

Richards, Nicholas

Leaycroft, Thomas


Tucker, William, Capt.

Barry, Oliver

Attwood, Samuel

Wells, Thomas

Frith, Lazarus

Bennett, Joseph

Wainwright, Benjamin, Lt.

Nelmes, Jonathan

Gibbs, John Senr

Harriott, Joseph

Wentworth, John

Besey, Robert

Harvey, John, Ens.

Wainwright, Samuel

Besey, John

Conyers, Ezekiel

Besey, Thomas

Mallagan, James

Prudden, Christopher, St.

Wells, Samuel

Frith, Nathanll

___, Nath:

Tayler, Michael

Basd, William

Tucker, Henry

Nash, Joshuah Jun

Harris, Joseph

Frith, Daniel

Chapplin, Joseph

Harvy, Samuel

Harvey, Henry

Gilbert, Thomas

White, Nathaniel

Dunscombe, Phil

Harvey, Seth

Wainwright, John Sen

Frith. Lazarus

Conyers, William

Ward, Moses

Pasolus, Benjamin

Ashley, Phineas

Frith, Saml

Lushier, Daniel

Wainwright, John

Nelme, Samuel

Harvey, William

Tucker, George

Besey, Charles

Catlyn, Henry

Astwood, Daniel

Nash, Joshua

Wentworth, Samuel

Nelmes, Daniel

Underwood, Benjamin

Cooper, John

Brightman, John

Beasy, Robert

Hall, John

Tucker, William

Sales, Michael

Roberts, George

Tatem, William

Tale, Thomas

Gibbs, Daniel

Tucker, George


Jones, Francis, Captn.

Trimingham, John

Burch, David

Goode, Samuel

Gilchrist, James

Grenway, Aron

Prudden, Peter, Lt

Darrell, James

Keele, Daniel

Tynes, Nathaniel

Sherlock, Joseph

Seares, John

Prudden, Nathaniel, En?

Bascome, John

Astwood, Nathaniel

Smith, Thomas

Casson, Peter

Waterman, Nathaniel

Daffye, Sam

Burch, Joseph

Smith, Christopher

Arthur, John

Thornton, John

Butterfield, Nathaniel

Middleton, Lewis

Rose, Tho:

Thornton, Benjamin

White, Robert

Burch, John

Hutchins, Stephen

After, Benjamin

Tines, Step

Downing, Patrick

Butterfield, William

Parker, Tho

Herig, John

Ross, Daniel

Smith, Christopher

Burch, Benjn

Wells, John

Duncombe, Nehemiah

Ross, Daniel


Hinson, Cornelius, Cap.

Robinson, George

Robinson, Joseph

Barnett, John

Hinson, Edward

Morris, John

Richardson, John, Lt.

Gauntlett, Thomas

Seares, Charles

Harvey, Joseph

Mayner, John

Saunders, John

Wood, Thomas, Ens.

Johnson, Samuel

Johnston, Lewis

Ingham, Stephen

Dobson, Humphrey

Powell, John

Stamers, Richard, Sergt.

Eve, Abraham

Dunscombe, Thomas

Richardson, William

___, Edward

Johnstone, John

Sears, Edward, Sergt.

Wod., Benjamin

Hinson, Richard

Hutchins, Jos

Stowe, Joseph

Pitt, Christopher

Whitney, David

Ingham, John

Burges, Thomas

Richardson, Joseph

Saltus, Bartholomew

Amey, George

Beake, Abielk

Edwards, Willm

Bethell, Natha:

Seares, Tho

Blay, Joseph

Dunscombe, Thomas

Pitt, Christopher

Williams, Joseph

Newman, Josiah

White, William

Dutch, John

Allen, Christopher

Norwood, Richard

Hanger, Richard

Dunscomb, Samuel

Adderly, Isaac

Coverley, Tho:

Stammers, John

Watkins, David

Joel, Richard

Adderly, Abraham

Smith, Sam

Morris, Richard


Morris, John, Captaine

Wood, Richard

Read, Joseph

Argent, John

Hopkins, Hen

Garraway, William

Sherlock, Samuel, Lieutt.

Somersall, John

Burrows, John

Estlack, Thomas

Turner, Paul

Turner, Aaron

Cox, Fflo', Ensigne

Potter, Thomas

Stone, George

Eastlacke, Tho.

Harriott, John

Place, John

Burrowes, John, Sergt.

Morris, George

Darrell, John

Bowen, Benjamin

Harriott, Joseph

Vickars, Thomas

Watkins, Jonathan

Tyans, Stephen

Sherke, Edward

Watkins, Tho

Plumer, Benj

Hawkes, Richard

Burton, Tho:

Wells, Richard

Estlack, John

Apowen, Thomas

Dill, Samuel

Albouy, Peter

Watlington, William

Cumber, Daniel

Watkins, Ephraim

Magott, Tho

Righton, William

Dill, Joseph

Morris, John

Williams, William

Newbold, Paul

Amey, Roger

Williams, Anthony

Smith, John


Skinner, Samuel

Burchall, James

Hubburt, Edward

Forster, Will

Dew, George

Croskeys, William

Wright, Joseph

Apowen, John

Cornish, John

Jordan, William

Sharpe, Saml

Stone, Samuel

Jones, Daniel

Jones, John

Harris, Francis

Piccker, Elias

Allen, James

Jones, Zachariah

Tucker, John

Briggs, John

Laffing, William

Askew, John

Garmaer, William, drummer

Bell, Samuel

Johnson, Daniel Jun

Stringer, John

Fox, Experience

Smith, Henry

Mote, Neheniah

Johnson, Zachariah, drummer

Tucker, Henry

Burchall, Robert

Phillips, Thomas

Ming, David

Mills, Nathaniel

Apowen, Samuel

Stow, John

Sharp, Asser

Cornish, John

Smith, Alexander

Browne, Roger

Robberds, Nathaniel

Cowper, Joseph

Finney, Edward

Askew, John

Harloe, John

Welsh, John

Jordan, Samuel

Wright, Stephen

Croskey, James

Vaughan, Paul

Addams, William

Davis, John

Rice, James

Ming, Joseph

Brangman, Joseph

Higgs, John

Fox, Benj:

Stowe, Thomas

Ming, Joseph

North, Joseph

Mings, Mathew

Evans, William

Wood, Thomas

Harlow, John

Apowen, Charles

North, Edward

Lightbow, John

Bell, Boaz

Whiteing, Samuel

Newman, William

Levens, Cornelius

Wood, Joseph

Addams, Willm

Bett, Boaz

Wood, Samuel

Burchall, James

Hilton, John

Newman, William

Davis, William

Fox, John

Tucker, John, Captaine

Higgs, John

Wright, Ephraim

Wharton, Thomas

Stokes, Thomas

Jones, Francis

Tucker, Daniel, Lieutent

Middleton, John

Burchall, John

Hurt, John

Wright, Phineas

Askew, Joseph

White, Leonard, Ensigne

Middleton, Edward Sen

Mills, Samuel

Higgs, Charles

Stirrup, John

Briggs, Sam'

Wright, James, 1st Sergeant

Cooper, Thomas

Burchall, James

Cornish, William

Judkin, Thomas

Phillips, Benj

Burchall, Humphrey, 2nd Sergeant

Rallins, John

Ming, Jonathan

Burchall, James

Jones, Saml

Sturrup, Thomas

Bellinger, John, 3rd Sergeant

Briggs, Zachariah

Tucker, George

(reference: P.B. Assoc. O.R. 471 in Association Oath Rolls: British Plantations, 1696 (DA 461 .5 G3) pp 48-60)